Jennifer Lopez vs. Amber Heard: who brought the bigger fashion drama to the AMAs?

2018 American Music Awards Arrivals

This post is sponsored by AMA FASHION DRAMA. When did the AMAs become an event where the most fashionable women in the world bring their A-game? Jennifer Lopez came to the AMAs in a bright pink Georges Chakra gown and she proceeded to work the sh-t out of that gown on the carpet like her life depended on it. Jennifer always gives the red carpet photographers something special, but this was extra even for her. I think she was just feeling herself – her body looks amazing, she’s in love, her makeup was on point and she loves a pink dress. The only change I would have made here? Maybe she needed a darker lip. MAYBE. But I can sort of see how the nude/pale pink lip works too.

2018 American Music Awards Arrivals

The woman going toe-to-toe with J.Lo for fashion drama of the AMAs? Amber Heard, wearing a stunning Ralph & Russo look. If she had saved this for the Golden Globes, it would have been amazing and she would have been one of the best-dressed women there. Which makes me wonder why she chose this for… the AMAs? Maybe she was worried that if she didn’t wear it immediately, someone else would wear it to some event soon and then it would be old news. Hm.

2018 American Music Awards - Arrivals

I actually love the way Dua Lipa looks, just in general, not specific to anything she’s wearing. I just think she’s a really pretty and interesting-looking young woman. But I don’t think she’s really figured out her style, yet? She shouldn’t come to awards shows, trying to do some kind of nouveau Marilyn Monroe look with a white gown and diamonds. That’s not your thing, Dua. This gown is Giambattista Valli and I’m not feeling it on Dua, for this event.

2018 American Music Awards

2018 American Music Awards

And then Amandla Stenberg came to the AMAs in my old jeans from 1991. The jeans are Levis, and the jacket is Ralph Lauren. She’s so pretty and I get what she was trying to do here, but I’m not sure she really pulled it off.

The America Music Awards 2018 Arrivals

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  1. cherry says:

    LOL, Jenny from the Block went full HOLA LOVERS!

  2. ByTheSea says:

    If Amandla had worn the pants to that tuxedo, she would have killed it.

    I wanna be JLo in my next life.

  3. GreenBunny says:

    Dua Lipa looks like a fancy wedding napkin

  4. Ben says:

    Dua Lipa is beautiful but the dress not so much.

  5. RspbryChelly says:

    I love jlo’s look. That shade of pink is so pretty & the cut is perfect. She always brings it, for me best look of the night for sure

  6. Mego says:

    It’s a weird situation in which a woman looks really amazing in spite of her dress being rather fug but Jlo looks amazing.

  7. My God JLo is a GODDESS!!!

  8. LadyT says:

    Amber is so beautiful yet so bland. JLo has the dynamic sparkle.

  9. Esmom says:

    JLo for the win for sure. She looks amazing and I think her lipstick works. I’m not loving Amber’s dress, it looks like a fancy gift bow and the bodice cut isn’t flattering.

    I like jeans/tux look although even though I also get what she was going for I think maybe skinny jeans would have looked better.

  10. Abby says:

    Jennifer Lopez just doesn’t age. She looks better and better.

    I do not like this return to mom jeans. AT ALL.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I’d like to know the names of JLo’s surgeons/cosmetic facial enhancers. They’ve done/do a sterling job on her. She’s had her lips pumped, but still overlines them. They don’t look better. They look more like a wind rash. Gak.

      Ooooooooh, Amber HEARD… I was looking for Amber ROSE. She looks great. Blank, but still beautiful.

  11. Beth says:

    JLo looks gorgeous. She never ages and is always glowing no matter what she wears

    Amandla didn’t pull off whatever the look she was trying for. The fit and color of the jeans looked bad with the rest of her outfit

  12. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Jlo reminds me of that middle-aged female character in movies always on the prowl for younger, fresher meat in entirely over-the-top, embarrassing and cringe-inducing ways lol.

  13. abbi says:

    JLo looks very Kardashian-esque to me. Those lips are like Khloe’s.

  14. Keira says:

    Amber Heard looks a lot like Melissa George to me.

  15. SM says:

    I love how Amber looks. Wrong event though

  16. JeanGrey says:

    J Lo wins. Amber is pretty but she’s always been bland to me. She’s just not exciting. Jenny brings the “oomph!” to her looks and slays the red carpet.

  17. BANANIE says:

    I think J Lo looks fantastic. I like that she amped it up as usual but went with a more relaxed fabric, less firm-fitting with a million cut outs. I know it’s still cut pretty low but I think by her standards it’s an effective example of less is more.

  18. Veronica S. says:

    JLo looks like her delightfully dramatic self. I want to know how the hell she’s getting better looking with age because that is not fair. (I am curious when she had the implants/lift done, though. Completely different shape than when she was younger.)

    Amber looks lovely. She really is just a beautiful woman all around. Her MUA went a little too heavy on the eyeliner, though. it’s making her eyes look smaller, which is a shame because she has the kind of blue eyes that really pop under lighting.

    Amandla’s jeans are basically just better fitted mom jeans. I can’t.

  19. Cupcake says:

    JLo wins!!!

  20. Pandy says:

    I like all of the outfits except Amber’s. It’s like “evening” funeral wear. Blech. LOVE anything hot pink, even with JLo’s ham hock poking out, per usual.

  21. DiegoInSF says:

    If you look up goddess in the dictionary, you’ll find this picture.

  22. Lilly says:

    JLo looks so amazing. It’s just incredible.

  23. Diana says:

    JLo is gorgeous m. But damn girl close your mouth!!

  24. Claire says:

    Jennifer looks good. Her boyfriend on the the other hand. Puke! His teeth look ridiculous.

  25. Anare says:

    The color of JLo’s dress hurts my eyes. It’s so bad!