Camila Cabello in black and white Armani Prive at the AMAs: boring or sleek?

I don’t get why Camila Cabello hit it big post Fifth Harmony. Maybe it was timing because she was the first one to bolt. She’s a decent singer and her music is catchy enough but even her big hit, “Havana,” is not a standout. She’s got powerful friends though I’ll give her that. Like at the VMAs, Camila took home a bunch of awards. She won in each of the four categories she was nominated including new artist, music collaboration, music video and favorite song. This is what Camila wore on the red carpet and for her performance, a forgettable Armani Prive pantsuit featuring a corset with tiny sequins, pants and platform heels. Also, her booty looked enhanced to me or maybe she was blessed that way.


Later, Camila changed into this giant black and white gown, also by Armani. It looks like it has the same bustier with a voluminous white skirt and a black satin overlay with a bow. This is rather boring, which seems fitting to me. At least it looks cute in motion and I do like the pleats on the skirt.



In case you missed it:

Normani Kordei, Camila’s former bandmate, was a presenter and I was really disappointed that the camera did not pan to Camila. She probably would have stuck her tongue out like she did every other time the camera was on her. Normani and Camila have bad blood and I doubt there is any love lost between them. Normani is launching a solo career too now that Fifth Harmony is dissolved. I hope she gets as much if not more attention than Camila.

Normani was in a blue Carolina Herrera spaghetti strap gown with a slight side train. This was a little boring on camera but in the still photographs she looks lovely.


I’m including a couple of other celebrities who were in color blocked looks. Leighton Meester was in Sonia Rykiel. I’m digging this, there’s something scifi about the diamond mesh-like piece at the waist. It’s simple but striking. Leighton actually had a music career at one point. She’s currently on the new ABC sitcom Single Parents, which I’ve heard is mediocre. Look at her amazing styling here.



Kelsea Ballerini was in Nicolas Jebran, in a yellow and black sequin mini dress featuring a diagonal tiger stripe belt and scalloping along the arms. This is fresh and fun, I really like this look. It’s got a retro feel too. Kelsea was nominated in the favorite female artist – country category, which went to Carrie Underwood.


I’m including Chloe x Halle here because I gasped when they came on stage in those amazing Valentino sack dresses. They’re opening on Beyonce and Jay-Z’s tour, which inexplicably lost best tour to Taylor Swift. They look like they could be twins but they’re actually two years apart. Chloe is 20 and Halle is just 18. Here are links to some of their music.
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  1. Becks1 says:

    Sometimes this site makes me feel really old/uncool/out of it lol. The only name here I recognize is Leighton Meester.

    • ByTheSea says:

      I started off the post thinking, “Harpo, who dese people?” LOL. I recognize Chloe x Halle from Grownish (they play twins there).

    • AnnaKist says:

      Becks1: I don’t know where that leaves me then, because I thought Camila was Kylie Jenner…

  2. Annie. says:

    Camila and Normani have “cleared” their “bad blood” lol. They’ve been photographed together before.
    Both of Camila’s outfits were boring, though I did like her performance

  3. Crumbs says:

    Didn’t Camila call Normani the n word? I think that’s why most fans hate Camilla. She has absolutely no talent at all to me, but she was smart to get attached to Taylor Swift.

    Leighton Meester is so dang pretty.

    • kim says:

      when she was younger she had several troll twitter accounts and would bully people.

      She also has a manager that pushed her career hardcore. I’ve seen so many vids of jer and she’s really an energy sucker that has to be center of attention. It’s kinda funny how before she said she hated being sexualized in 5H, but now she doesn’t mind it, so she can sell her music. To me she comes off as trashy and egotistical.

      • Saks says:

        Thats not true. You must have seen the fake facebook messages. There are plenty of proves those are fake, including the harmo who made those accepted it long time ago.

        Also its quite concerning you don’t understand the difference between a 16 year old girl not feeling comfortable of being forced to sing about rough sex and a 21 year old songwriter embracing her sexuality.

        I’ve seen these girls live in both with 5H and solo, and she is fire. Out of the five, only Normani and Camila have really strong stage presence, the others can’t hype a crowd to save their lives, specially Lauren

    • Saks says:

      She didn’t, the facebook messages are fake.
      For starters, the person who made those accepted it since 2016. If you want further proof, the name displayed in that convo is “Camila” but she started to go by that name after X Factor, her friends and family call her Karla (her first name) and that was the name of her real facebook account. Harmonizers made a whole hate-mythos around her, but all has been proved false over time

  4. Kinmy says:

    Why isn’t Leighton a bigger deal? She’s so much more than Blake Lively.

    • Milla says:

      She clearly doesn’t want to be. She is private person, i love that more than overexposure. Blake has whole team of people and her husband seems to enjoy the spotlight as well. Leighton and Brody are just not typical famous people.

  5. Ninks says:

    Normani is so pretty and much younger looking than I thought she was when she was in fifth harmony.

  6. RspbryChelly says:

    I can’t watch these award shows cause I find myself saying “WHO/WHY”??? The ENTIRE night. Ah well…politics

  7. Sam says:

    Camila is so boring.

  8. Jessica says:

    Camila – UGH! She’s boring inside and out. I have a feeling whoever is trying to make us believe that she’s Taylor Swift 2.0 (she’s not) is also behind her winning these awards. Someone is pushing for her, hard.

  9. Daisy says:

    This Camila girl is the definition of mediocre. Music wise, fashion wise, performance wise. And personality wise is the worst (yeah I’ll never forget her calling Normani the n word)

  10. Xi Tang says:

    This camilla person is so unpleasant looking. Add to that the fact that her music is the definition of mediocrity and wow! I can’t…

  11. Nikki says:

    I’m seriously asking y’all so I keep current: isn’t it awfully difficult to not “flash your biscuit” when you wear a dress as short as Kelsey Ballerini’s? I have wondered about this ever since I saw Kendall Jenner in a dress a millimeter below her crotch. How does one sit, or move, or bend over? Do people use double sided tape on the hem or something?

  12. Daisy says:

    Also Bey and her husband lost Best Tour because they didn’t bother to attend. Everyone knows it’s fixed and that the people who show up are the ones who win the awards. How else would Post Malone beat Ed Sheeran and Drake or Camila would win anything at all?

    • Saks says:

      It was fan voted and so these are now decided by fandoms. Taylornation went really hard for this awards and that account has like a million followers. Camila fans are an online voting force. The Beyhive aren’t really good online voters, same with the Sheeriors and Drake is huge with GP but he doesn’t really have a strong dedicated fandom

      • Daisy says:

        I absolutely agree Taylor was the most voted, but no way Post Malone has a bigger fandom than Drake or Ed Sheeran. Or Khalid, who somehow beat Bruno Mars and The Weeknd.
        But whatever, even if all the winners were well deserved, these award shows are not fun anymore. The performances got so disappointing

      • Saks says:

        Yeah, I was referring more to the case of Taylor, Camila and Cardi bc their fandoms went super hard for the AMA’s. I wholeheartedly agree with you on Khalid and Post Malone, but those two have been showing and performing in every open of an envelope so, I guess that’s why they gave them those awards

  13. Lex says:

    There’s NO WAY Camilla should have beaten Dua Lipa for best new artist! That’s actually crazy. Dua is tearing up the charts and Camilla is falling asleep singing the boring Havana song and nothing else I can name?