Carole Radziwill speaks the truth about lingerie: ‘Men don’t care’

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Carole Radziwill is known to most people as a (now former) member of the Real Housewives of New York. Kennedy-watchers might also know her as the widow of Anthony Radziwill, who was Jackie Kennedy’s nephew (and Lee Radziwill’s son). Anyway, chica’s gotta eat, which is why she did RHONY and still does paid appearances at parties on behalf of home-shopping shows like Evine After Dark, for people who want to buy “adult” products. She chatted with Page Six at the party, and she ended up saying something interesting about lingerie. She’s over it.

Carole Radziwill would rather go naked than wear lingerie.

“Men don’t care. I used to have a big lingerie game, but men don’t care. They just want you to be naked, I think. I like a little outfit. I like a sexy bra or underwear. I used to wear stockings with suspenders and garters and they’re great. It wasn’t, like, for a sexy night or anything, but when you wear them you feel extra sassy because no one knows. It’s kind of a fun, sexy thing that you only know about.”

[From Page Six]

She’s right, you know. I mean, sure, there are men who like their ladies to wear lingerie, but in general, men are going to be turned on by whatever you’re wearing or not wearing. Men will get off on white cotton granny panties or your old pair of period panties with the worn out elastic. Mostly, I think men just care about how quickly that stuff can be taken off. It feels like this should be a bigger movement: rejecting the Lingerie Industrial Complex. Men don’t care.

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  1. Cupcake says:

    Ugh she’s so boring.

    She’s right about the lingerie though.

    • jwoolman says:

      Another little secret is how many men don’t really care about women wearing cosmetics or shaving their body hair (and how many prefer they didn’t but are too kind to say so). When you think about it, the species propagated quite successfully without such things or else none of us would be here to talk about it. If anything, fragrances in the relevant products can actually interfere with the natural pheromones.

      Follow the money to figure out why we are supposed to care about such things….

  2. Anniefannie says:

    Her book “ What remains” ( I think that’s the title) is amazing. She’s incredibly candid given the family she married into. I read it long before she was a Housewife and have always had a girl crush because of it….

    • Birdix says:

      I read it too, years ago, and then was surprised she became a Real Housewife. She had a career in news—where she met Anthony—and wrote about how gauche Lee and John’s sister found her because she grew up poor. Guess she doesn’t feel the need to live by the rules of people who never were going to accept her anyway…

      • Nikki says:

        I read that Jackie was a terrible snob who adored John’s girlfriend Sally Munro, because she came from the right background, but Jackie wouldn’t consider anyone who didn’t.

  3. Pandy says:

    Well, I think that after a while, you do need to dress up a little as it’s not “new lust” anymore. Having said that, I’m not into the show pony thing myself. But that’s men.

  4. Diana B says:

    I personally wear lingerie for ME. Men don’t care? It makes no difference for me.

    • Artemis says:

      Same. Lingerie is like outerwear to me, it’s part of your identity and what men or other people think about it, should not be 1st priority. I love oldschool satin gowns and nice lingerie. It’s so important as well to have good quality bras, I need support not just a piece of fabric covering my ‘modesty’. And if that piece of fabric is looking fabulous, I feel fabulous. But I also like cotton panties, it depends on my mood. If I want to feel good, it’s sexy lingerie though. The lingerie industry could never make me buy something to please men, that’s an awful reason.

    • Raina says:

      I dress for me, too. I think sexiness comes from within.
      I dated this guy once who, when I attempted to get lingerie, kept asking how much everything cost. I ended up telling him I’ll just use the money for pain relievers since he was officially going to give me a headache every night.
      Yeah, not the best boyfriend.

    • Yes Doubtful says:

      I agree, I know they don’t care about it, but I wear it so I feel good!

  5. Veronica S. says:

    I worked for years at Victoria Secret as a side job. It quickly became clear that for most women, the enjoyment in buying it was for themselves. They wanted something new to spice it up and make sex an event again, even just temporarily, instead of just a happy routine.

  6. Anilehcim says:

    Maybe I’m very selfish, but I’ve always chosen sexy bras or underwear bc they make ME feel sexy. I’m more into how I feel about myself than how anyone else feels about me. If a man thinks I’m sexy when I’m feeling sexy then that’s awesome. If not, oh well. We tend to be more confident about sex in general when we feel good about ourselves. That’s what is sexy to me. People are more likely to be uninhibited and free when they feel good about themselves.

  7. minx says:

    I think she’s right. They don’t care, they just want the clothes off.
    We should do pretty underwear for ourselves. I like nice undies but I refuse to spend a lot.

  8. Theodora says:

    IME, most men don’t care about lingerie, but the more sensual/ erotically inclined/ good lovers they are, the more they like it.

    • Myrtle says:

      Yes, my experience is that many, if not most men love it. Seeing you in sexy underthings for their eyes only (teddie, nightie, bra and panties, whatever) is a real turn on. If it’s a new outfit, it also makes you “new” in their eyes. Guys are visual and they like variety, so this is a way to create it for them, again and again, with the same person who they love. Best of both worlds.

  9. Sara Martin says:

    I’m not sure I’m interested in a blanket statement that covers all men. Though I’m fairly sure that a sexual partner is the one who wants to see you looking like a dessert and I’m extremely sure that women can, in general, not be bothered to strap in to a wirey lace net that remains on their body for less than 5 minutes unless it’s something the sexual partner wants to see.

  10. La says:

    So true. I asked my husband what I could get that he’d like and his response was “Don’t bother, you only wear it for 2 minutes anyway.” Lol.

    I wear cute bras and panties for myself and make a point to wear something cute when I think sexy time is going to happen, but it’s a relief to know my pj pants and old tank top works just as well for him!

    • Lyd says:

      I can totally relate.

    • jessamine says:

      THIS. Like, my SO “notices” lingerie but does he have the slightest interest whether it’s VS’s latest diamanté-detailed balconette with matching garter? LOL, no. He will maybe notice it is black and vaguely lacy. I wear whatever I want and his job is just to take it off.

  11. La says:

    So true. I asked my husband what he’d like and his response was “Don’t bother, you only wear it for 2 minutes anyway.” Lol.

    I wear cute bras and panties for myself and make a point to wear something cute when I think sexy time is going to happen, but it’s nice to know my pj pants and old tank top works just as well for him!

  12. Lyd says:

    My husband once told me “I don’t get it”, as we passed a Victoria Secret lingerie display. He likes sexy outfits and nice looking underwear but not typical lingerie such as teddies, garters etc. In some cases lingerie can make a woman feel sexy, which I’m all for. I’m glad hubby isn’t into it because I prefer comfort! I can’t even where a padded/push up bra without wanting to take it off asap. I can still buy bralettes that look hot regardless.

  13. Nikki says:

    I took my husband into a Victoria’s Secret store only ONCE. I turned around to see him chuckling, tucking a dollar bill into the mannequin’s undies as a joke. He really was not into picking something he’d like to see me in!

  14. themummy says:

    I dunno. My husband is OBSESSED with me wearing lingerie. I could take it or leave it…mostly leave it. My ex-husband, though, had no use for it at all. He wanted me to wear weird S&M outfits. I did that for him maybe twice in the five years we lasted. I hated that ish.

  15. Evangelicalifornia says:

    It just has to be very racy to get us interested (Key hole, fishnet, in a word….tacky – I guess) lol. The “pretty” matchy matchy stuff, that makes you feel sexy, is likely of little consequence to us. The heels and suspenders classic is hot AF. (Think trashy cliches sadly). But Who cares what we think right? No snark. I’m just a male voice of real ness. Listen or ignore as you please. Have a nice day.

  16. jay says:

    Yes, I felt sexy in lingerie for a time…but the WHY was a question I needed to reckon with for myself. That is all.

  17. Tiny Martian says:

    I don’t actually find lingerie to be “sexy” at all. It all looks sort of sad and silly to me, like a bad Halloween costume.

    I understand that lots of women enjoy wearing it and that’s fine, I’ve just seriously never understood what the attraction is in giftwrapping up your naughty bits, to me it looks awkward and funny!

    Then again, I’ve never understood the obsession with needing to “feel sexy”. What does that even mean? I feel sexy when I’m with someone I’m sexually attracted to, but I don’t walk around all day feeling sexy, nor would I want to. What would be the point? Why are women expected to advertise their sexuality to all and sundry when they’re just walking down the street?