Ashley Graham on Kendall Jenner being selective about modeling: ‘Lucky for her’

Ashley Graham presents the new campaign by 'Violeta By Mango'
Ashley Graham was a guest on Thursday’s episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, which is where celebrities spill the tea. A caller asked about the comments model Kendall Jenner made toLove Magazine in August, where she said she found it “overwhelming” to have “a million jobs” modeling and “needed to take a step back.” She later clarified her comments in a tweet insisting she was “misrepresented,” but the damage had been done and other models were not amused. Naomi Campbell, when asked about Kendall’s comments on an earlier episode of WWHL simply replied, “Next question,” but Ashley elaborated a bit more.

The 30-year old model snapped, “Well, lucky for her,” adding, “‘Cause I’ve never been—that’s so lucky. These t*ts and a** have just had to fight through and break down barriers everyday.” Sick burn, Ashley.

Ashley spread a little positivity in another segment. When asked about her fellow models, she had sweet sentiments to share. Of Gabrelle Union, Ashley said she was “an awesome mom and wife,” Chrissy Teigen was described (quite aptly) as “truly your drinking friend” and Kim Kardashian was called a “braless mogul.” When Kendall’s name came up, Ashley may have added a touch of shade to her comment, stating, “She’s in demand, honey!”

I dig Ashley, She;s a gorgeous model who is working hard to change perceptions of beauty and I admire her for it. The fact that she’s shady toward Kendall is just icing on the cake.

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13 Responses to “Ashley Graham on Kendall Jenner being selective about modeling: ‘Lucky for her’”

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  1. Harryg says:

    I cannot stand Jenner’s frog-face.

  2. huckle says:

    Ashley Graham is gorgeous.

    • Esmom says:

      She is, just stunning. And how depressing about KJ. I hate everything right now.

    • raincoaster says:

      She honestly is. I’m fat too, and I wish I had a jawline like that, but nooo, I get one that looks like a turtle’s.

  3. Lynne says:

    Ashley’s great!

  4. megs283 says:

    She is so gorgeous!! I’m surprised she’s only 30? But I often have that reaction when there’s someone super successful and famous and younger than me. LOL.

  5. minx says:

    Ashley is a goddess, seriously.

  6. diana says:

    She is stunning and so well spoken. Also her style has improved tremendously.

  7. Nancy says:

    That Andy Cohen. He loves to stir the pot. This woman and Kendall would never be auditioning for the same jobs. Also, Kim isn’t a model, Ashley. Of all the Kardashian/Jenner women, Kendall seems the least “Kardashian.” I think she’s pretty and her name, while revered by some of this country, younger girls I’m guessing, is hated by a huge percentage.

  8. Tw says:

    Oh the shade 🙌

  9. Suze says:

    Ashley Graham is the best part of the rebooted ANTM. (Crossing my fingers for another season!!!)

  10. raincoaster says:

    She’s Canadian, isn’t she? We are the most passive-aggressive nation on Earth. Glad to see her representing us so well.