Julia Roberts: Hollywood ageism is ‘silly & I don’t think anybody buys into that’

Film Premiere Homecoming

I hope everyone realizes that the Julia Roberts Campaign has begun and we’re going to be hearing about Julia on a daily basis for several months now. Just imagine all of the goose-honking from here until February if she actually gets an Oscar nomination for Ben Is Back. So, settle in, because Auntie Julia has more stuff to say. In an interview with i newspaper, Julia talks about ageism and pay equality. Some quotes:

Ageism in Hollywood: “I think that’s made-up bulls–t that at a certain age, the bell is going to ring and you are done, go on back home. It’s silly and I don’t think anybody buys into that. I don’t think I am special. I’ve always been fortunate that I have always found the work I am looking for. I mean, 30 years is a long time and I am grateful and satisfied.”

Equal pay: “It’s an ongoing thing that we wish was more in the rear view. But every day… today I know the World Surfing League announced that they will have equal pay for their female surfers and male surfers. And Manchester United has a female team that started this year. I think there are places where people are really making those efforts in the right direction. So if it’s a little bit of time, then we have to take it and be happy for it.”

[From E! News]

Say what you will about Reese Witherspoon, but she’s been majorly educating herself on issues like pay equality over the past few years, and she’s been very proactive about these issues. She’s not just making vague statements about how she thinks it’s getting better and look on the bright side, lady surfers are making more money. It’s not that I think *every* woman in Hollywood had to go Full Reese, but I feel like Reese understands her position and her privilege more than Julia. Julia is one of the most famous women in the world, and she’s someone who has always fought for pay equality on a personal level, when it involves HER paycheck. She could do more. She should do more.

As for the ageism-in-Hollywood thing… well, I sort of feel like Julia is looking to become the Nu Meryl, as in the go-to over-50 actress for all of those over-50 roles.

Film Premiere Homecoming

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24 Responses to “Julia Roberts: Hollywood ageism is ‘silly & I don’t think anybody buys into that’”

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  1. Aerohead21 says:

    You know how she’s wrong? Until they stop making teeny boppers play wives to men her age it’ still exists. When more women play lead roles and can show that you aren’t just a sad woman who’s trying to reclaim her youth, she will be right.

    • DS9 says:

      So much this. Men Julia starred with back in the day and their contemporaries are out there playing the same characters over and over again while actresses in the same age bracket get less work and of a different type.

      She has always been delusional though so….

  2. Esmom says:

    I guess I’m willing to give her a pass on how much she stepped up for pay equality as she generally backed off for awhile from the business to focus on her family, didn’t she? Now that she seems to be back hopefully she can remedy that. I agree her comments were pretty lame.

    I’m watching Homecoming right now and she’s really good in it. And damn if she hasn’t aged well and seemingly pretty naturally.

    • SummerSky says:

      Julia may be problematic, but I agree with @Esmom about her performance in Homecoming. It’s a great series, and she’’s terrific in it. It may be the most layered performance she’s given. Gotta give her props.

  3. Lightpurple says:

    Oh, Julia, let’s hear from Joan Allen or Joan Cusack or Geena Davis or Holly Hunter or Mary Steenburgen any other women not named Julia Roberts on those issues

    • Carol says:

      I like Julia, but she has always been America’s sweetheart. Other actresses who may not have her looks but are better actresses still arent even considered for equal pay – even with male secondary characters. Glad Julia is grateful for all that she has

  4. minx says:

    I just cannot stand this woman.
    And her hair looks like a fried mess. I can’t believe she thinks it looks good.

  5. Enough S Enough says:

    She has no peripheral vision.

    All about herself.

  6. HS says:

    I think one of the main reasons why Reese is so “woke” now is because she wants to erase that highly embarrassing “don’t you know who I am?!?” drunk moment that REEKED of rich, white privilege. #neverforget

    • horseandhound says:

      why don’t you forget it? it’s been ages ago and she’s not who she was before. people change. I don’t know her and she might be a total hypocrite, but I don’t like that argument that if people make a mistake they can’t get rid of it for the rest of their lives.

      • DesertReal says:

        5 years isn’t forever ago. Unless you’re a kid.
        Oh my goodness, there are people on this site who vilify and cancel people right and left over semantics, or saying one thing you don’t agree with. But when it’s Reese Witherspoon you’re all like, “woah, woah, woah, pump the breaks, people make mistakes and can change!” Lol
        I’m 33. I’ve never had a moment like that in my life, and part of that is because it’s my job to phrase everything very clearly and carefully so they can make the best medical decision possible.
        A supposed professional adult that goes off the deep end like that…is pretty telling.

  7. J73c says:

    And the Man U women’s team wish they were getting paid 1% of what the men get

  8. D says:

    Except she needs people to buy her tickets and since she just alienated every single woman in the entire world over the age of 30 good luck with that because no one under that age is going to want to see her tickets because who is she to them? Oh right NOBODY.. so no will be the new anyone especially not MD- she’s just that dense old lady Julia starting right now…she’s going down in flames immediately mark my words Julie who?

  9. Meg says:

    Julia wants to be as likeable as possible to the most people, she’s not going to stand up for equal pay. and she is not as talented as meryl streep, and I do not have the warm, reliable, familiar response towards Julia as I do meryl.

  10. Mee says:

    Julia only cares about Julia. That hasn’t changed in 30 years. You won’t see her campaigning for WOC to get increase in pay or roles.

    • horseandhound says:

      and viola davis cares about julia? everybody cares primarily about themselves. and if they’re decent people then they want others to be treated right as well.

  11. Dot says:

    Ugh, cannot stand her. Even more annoyed that she’s moping her way through an adaptation of one of my favourite podcasts -in a roll that Catherine Keener played, and was awesome at, and should have gotten in the Amazon series.

    So much loathing for her.

  12. Meg says:

    Didnt julia just say shes too old to be in a rom com?

  13. Deeanna says:

    She sure looks a whole lot better with makeup than she does in Homecoming. No makeup and a bad hair cut on Julia in the series can’t substitute for a script that is lacking. The storyline goes from wretchedly slow to just nowhere, or didn’t anybody notice due to Julia’s fine performance?

  14. Flying fish says:

    Julia should just shut up. She screams nothing but self interest.

  15. Anare says:

    I’m not a fan so I’d be loathe to say anything positive about her. As per usual she gives me no reason to change my mind here. Her comments are tone deaf and she fails to look beyond the tip of her own nose which is her usual stance. I can’t tell you how good she is in any current role because I’d consider it torturous to watch her. And, because I feel cranky, I’ll just add that she looks too thin, her hair is an icky color and the style does nothing to enhance her features. She looks Botoxed and her pink outfit is fug.

  16. Raina says:

    I don’t know exactly what it is that triggers me about Julia Roberts but I have a hard time with this woman in general. I bet the only reason she is talking about ageism is the fact that it affects her now personally.
    Her life has been remarkably cushioned. She should enjoy it. Nothings forever.
    I remember how horrid she was, how selfish, how she’d say she was “drunk with joy” and ngaf.
    I don’t know why but I don’t like her. She’s a phoney. And I remember the shit her sister said, albeit, during strife, but it rubbed me the wrong way.

  17. FF says:

    She’s really going to say that when they just rebooted Charmed despite the fanbase wanting a continuation with the next generation that included the old cast because execs thought they were too old. Or when the same crap happened with the Twin Peaks revival and David Lynch quit for a bit in part because execs were saying dumb crap like no one wants to see an old Sherilyn Fenn, and pushing for younger actresses. All of which is extra annoying when you watched said shows in the first place because the cast weren’t teenagers.

    I’m tired of stars saying issues don’t exist because those issues don’t affect them personally. It makes them look unobservant at best, obnoxious at worst.