Alec Baldwin was arrested & charged with assaulting a man over a parking spot

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For years now, I’ve talked openly about my mixed feelings about Alec Baldwin. On one side, I’ll probably always have some residual warmth for him because of my love for 30 Rock. On the other side, he’s an angry, violent douchebag. He’s physically assaulted several people, he’s emotionally abused his oldest daughter Ireland, and he just seems like a generally unpleasant person and a casual bigot and homophobe. So the headlines on Friday weren’t a shock: Alec Baldwin arrested, yet again, for another case of assault.

Alec Baldwin was arrested Friday afternoon for allegedly punching a man over a parking dispute in New York City, PEOPLE confirms. The 30 Rock actor, 60, was arrested at around 1:30 p.m. Friday after he allegedly punched a man on East 10th Street between University Place and Broadway, a New York City Police Department spokesperson tells PEOPLE.

The alleged victim, a 49-year-old male, was struck on the left side of the face and was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital, the spokesperson says. No additional details of the incident were available.

[From People]

Baldwin was in police custody at the 6th Precinct, then he was released several hours later, after he was charged with assault and harassment, per the NYPD’s spokesperson. He returned to his Manhattan apartment. Shortly after he returned home on Friday, he tweeted this message:

Normally, I would not comment on something as egregiously misstated as today’s story. However, the assertion that I punched anyone over a parking spot is false. I wanted to go on the record stating as much. I realize that it has become a sport to tag people w as many negative negative charges and defaming allegations as possible for the purposes of clickbait entertainment. Fortunately, no matter how reverberating the echos, it doesn’t make the statements true.

[From Baldwin’s Twitter]

So, the NYPD is like “we charged him with assault and harassment” and Baldwin is like “FAKE NEWS, they’re all liars, I WOULD NEVER.” Except that he has assaulted multiple people over the years, as I said. He has a very specific disdain for photojournalists, paparazzi and all journalists, really. Much like Donald Trump has a very specific disdain for those people too. So I actually wondered if this guy was some kind of paparazzo, but no, he’s not. Page Six ended up identifying Baldwin’s victim, a man named Wojciech Cieszkowski, who is a marathon runner who survived the 2013 Boston Bombing. The guy didn’t really know who Baldwin was, and he told Page Six that his face feels “sore” but “I’ll be fine.”

Meanwhile, after Baldwin’s latest arrest, several female journalists commiserated with each other about how Baldwin has always been the worst:

At what point does Alec Baldwin just need to be completely canceled? His SNL-Trump grates my last nerve, no one needs to see Baldwin host a talk show or a game show, and if Alec were anyone other than a white dude, people would have already stopped working with him permanently. Let’s just cancel him?

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  1. Jane says:

    I could only imagine how he treats his wife and young children. They must be in fear of him on occasions. He has some pretty intense anger management issues if you ask me.

    • CariBean says:

      Exactly. Why isn’t he being canceled? There are eyewitness accounts as to what happened and they all say he was the aggressor (big shock). Maybe Hilaria stays pregnant bc he wouldn’t dare hit a pregnant woman? I sure as hell hope he would draw the line somewhere.

      • Ripley says:

        Sadly abuse frequency may intensify during pregnancy and often does. And a correlation has been shown between large families and domestic violence (4 kids and counting between he and his wife) per the World Health Organization.

        My dad recollects having to stop his alcoholic, abusive father from throwing his 7 month pregnant mom down the stairs.

      • Milla says:

        Everyone called Kim crazy. He was a class ahole then and nothing changed. Those kids are gonna be messed up just like Ireland Baldwin.

    • Westie45 says:

      He should not be allowed to keep going with his career when he’s been emotionally abusive to so many people. If he wants to continue working, he needs to apolgize and start his recovery of this out of control anger. Instead he never has any remorse or self awareness and continues to blame everyone else when these incidents occur.

      I feel sorry for all 5 of his kids and his first wife, Kim Basinger, because we didn’t know about him back then. But Hilaria knew that he was emotionally abusive to Ireland when she married him and still chose to have FOUR kids with him. He’s even said how honored he was that she chose him over other guys she was dating. But those guys probably didn’t have hundreds of millions of dollars in sitcom residuals.

      • Marley31 says:

        Somebody just needs to kick his a- – he’s a bully and sometimes bully’s need to be pushed back. Physical or mental abuse is never the answer but sometimes you do have to stand up for yourself. I hope the guy he hit , hits him back in his wallet.

    • MyBlackCat says:

      My abusive x got a yoga teacher wife during our custody hearings. She told the courts she was a “yoga therapist” and dumb arse judge misunderstood that she’d “help him manage his anger”- judge handed over custody for Beauty and the beast misogyny much? Fast forward five yrs, he has zero custody due to concerning anger she “helped” him with. Sound familiar Hilaria Kim & Alec??

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Yup. Alec Baldwin punched a guy. Quelle surprise. How many times did the media run pics of him shouting at and verbally abusing a shrinking-away and terrified Kim Basinger IN PUBLIC when they were married? And yeah, that awful audiotape of him calling his then-preteen daughter horrible names. Once an asshole, always an asshole. No matter how well he plays Donald Trump, I’m so over him. And btw, maybe there’s a REASON he’s so good at that Trump imitation—playing to type is easy.

  2. Chaine says:

    He’s dreadful and he puts himself forward as some kind of self appointed spokesperson of democracy just like Lena Dunham does. I wish they would both swiftly fade into obscurity.

    • SJhere says:

      Agreed! I wish people would stop paying attention to both of them.
      Go away. Live your lives out of the public eye.
      I personally gave up paying attention to Lena a few years ago.
      As for Baldwin..nasty. He has/had talent as an actor, in the correct parts.
      But he has shown himself to be a truly nasty, vile person IRL for many years.
      No one should speak to their child the way he did his daughter! Get a grip man, you are the parent.

  3. CharliePenn says:

    His Trump is incredibly one-note and I was tired of it pretty fast. There’s no redeeming qualities here. He is gross and needs to stop getting work. I do hope, for his children, that he can reach stability and stop being a rage monster.

  4. jessamine says:

    Definitely the guy to have a bazillion more kids with.

  5. Indiana Joanna says:

    Baldwin beat up a guy who took “his” parking space although it was empty as Baldwin drove around the block. He wasn’t even waiting there to park. I love him too from 30 Rock, but otherwise he’s entitled white male personified. And very angry.

    Also, just a story. I was at a nursery and as soon as I picked up a flowering plant I wanted some middle aged white guy with his daughter said “That’s my plant I left it there to get a basket.” I was so frustrated with these types thinking they can just come by and do what they want. The plant wasn’t heavy and he could have carried it away when he saw it. I let him have it (verbally) and asked him why he thought he could do that? His daughter looked rather embarrassed.

    • Harryg says:

      Good! It’s amazing how rude people can be.

    • MarcelMarcel says:

      I love him from 30 Rock too. Now I wonder if Jack was basically a more charming and sophisticated version of Alec. Since Jack is basically a cute, charming douchebag without unaddressed crippling anger issues.

      And good for you! Some men need to learn how to stop being sexist and how to start accommodating other people.

  6. Still_Sarah says:

    @ CariBean : I agree there is no “big shock” about any of this. That was my first reaction when i read the head line – I thought “who could possibly be surprised by this?”. He has always been an anger management problem waiting to happen since he was married to Kim Basinger.

  7. ...otaku fairy says:

    “I realize that it has become a sport to tag people w as many negative negative charges and defaming allegations as possible for the purposes of clickbait entertainment. ” Throwing shade at people coming forward about domestic violence or #MeToo stories isn’t the best way to convince people that you’re innocent. Looking at this story and his past behavior (some of which I either didn’t know about or forgot about), it’s easy to see why he’s been quick to jump on the “Witch Hunt!1!” bandwagon.

  8. Crowhood says:

    I like to share this story often here as a full picture view of all of them. Their mother lives near me in upstate NY and when I was 18 and a hostess at a new restaurant in a tourist town they seemed incapable of grasping the fact that there was a long wait and that they wouldn’t just be bumped to the front. I kept Saying sorry it’s at least an hour wait to an increasingly tomato faced Baldwin Boy Group. Stephen Baldwin finally says “don’t you know anything I’ve been in?!?” And his Little old lady who was waiting yells “REHAB?” It was far and away the funniest thing I have Ever seen.

    • Charfromdarock says:

      @crowhood, good for that little old lady!

      I can’t imagine the terror his wife and small kids live with never knowing when that rage is going to surface.

      Mark Critch of This Hour Has 22 Minutes’s impersonation if Drumph is far better than Baldwin’s.

  9. Crowhood says:

    I like to share this story often here as a full picture view of all of them. Their mother lives near me in upstate NY and when I was 18 and a hostess at a new restaurant in a tourist town they seemed incapable of grasping the fact that there was a long wait and that they wouldn’t just be bumped to the front. I kept Saying sorry it’s at least an hour wait to an increasingly tomato faced Baldwin Boy Group. Stephen Baldwin finally says “don’t you know anything I’ve been in?!?” And his Little old lady who was waiting yells “REHAB?” It was far and away the funniest thing I have Ever seen.

  10. French girl says:

    I thought that only in France, a person was able to assault another person for a parking place .For some reasons,i thought it was typical french .
    FTN he treated badly Kim Basinger and i remember how their divorce was nasty. Remember « little pig » message for his teen daughter

  11. Cupcake says:

    He’ll always be a thoughtless little pig to me.

  12. Bettyrose says:

    I never really got the Cluesless “total Baldwin.” Even in the 90s, the whole group of ’em reeked of frat bro. But Alec is in a douche class all his own.

    • Millenial says:

      She has a thing for Mel Gibson in that movie, too. Those aspects of the films really don’t age well.

  13. me says:

    With that bad temper (he’s had many angry outbursts) how the hell does he manage all those kids? Kids can get on your nerves. This is why I suspect he doesn’t spend much time with them (though I may be wrong). But damn this guy needs major anger management. The reason he’s good at playing an a$$hole on TV (Trump) is because he’s an a$$hole in real life !

  14. anp says:

    Stop supporting him on TV and films.

  15. Kerfuffle says:

    The dude punched a tourist in town for the marathon. Class act.

    Alec Baldwin is an awful human being. I can only imagine how he treated Kim Basinger in private, if this is how he behaves publicly. And his Trump is desperately un-funny.

  16. Snowflake says:

    Yes, Alec should be cancelled. He’s a liberal Trump imo. Same personality, just opposite political views. His victim should get a nice payout. I would take a punch from Alec for $$$$$.

  17. Karen says:

    Lived in my dorm in college. Always an entitled jerk but women threw themselves at him.

    • bettyrose says:

      Had to Google young Alec Baldwin to remind myself. Objectively, he was crazy hot back then, but his whole image drips entitled jerk. That preppy look was the rage in the 80s, though. I found it a huge turnoff, mostly because the guys I knew with that look (my h.s. was overrun with ’em) tended to be, well, entitled jerks. But yeah in high school plenty of girls swooned for that type.

    • kosmos says:

      ENTITLED is a good description–I actually support & love his anti-Trump antics and impersonations to the max !! I can also understand his disdain for photographers and in-your-face paps all the time, but there is a limit as to what is appropriate to say to people and how you deal with individual situations. However, as far as I know, it is NOT legal to “save” a space on the street for your friend to park. You can do so, and many people will undoubtedly comply & not park there, but then other people will just park anyway and it’s legal to do so. Yelling is one thing, but punching or slapping or touching another person is taking it to another level. Shame on Alec for letting his temper go this far–I’m wondering if he’s bipolar or has personality disorder issues. I doubt if he takes this kind of anger out on Hilaria, but I doubt she would stand for it.

  18. Ballerina says:

    Seems all that yoga isn’t helping?

    His wife (along with the others we gossip about on this site who have clearly married for money) think they’ve won the lottery. And yes indeed they have, but as we all know evidence shows winning the lottery rarely brings happiness.

  19. SJhere says:

    Yup, his young wife has made the classic mistake of “Marry for money and you will EARN every cent the hard way.” Can you imagine sharing day to day life with this guy? No thanks. And, Frat Boys perfectly describes all those Baldwin brothers.

    Btw, I’m sure back in his college age years lots of girls were interested in him because back then he was good looking/handsome. Over the years, once again the old saying “You get the face you’ve earned” is correct. Lordy, this guy is so much work. I will bet his current wife walks on egg shells all damn day around him. Exhausting!

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ SJhere : “marrying for money and you will earn every cent the hard way”. Barbara Marx Sinatra was a widow of one of the famed Marx brothers when she married Frank Sinatra. She was always a “classy broad” and dignified but I remember reading that people described her as having earned every one of her diamonds. Sinatra was not an easy man to live with.

  20. Julie Hoff says:

    Shortly after the “thoughtless little pig” debacle, Kim Basinger’s dad was quoted as saying, “Alec can be the kindest, most generous, thoughtful man. He’s also one of the angriest.”

    • Lilly says:

      Maybe that’s why I, like Kaiser, feel “residual warmth” for him, both 30 Rock and that sometimes feeling that he has good qualities. My big “however” is that by this time and maturity he should have actively figured out his anger, even if you don’t handle every situation as well as you could, you then have some humility imo. Apologize, don’t make excuses.

    • Aren says:

      All abusers are that way, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to abuse.
      Nobody would stay with a person if they were violent 24/7.
      Abuse comes and goes in cycles.

      • ms says:

        That’s exactly right. There are a lot of people who are wonderful when they aren’t being complete s***heads. It’s called having a personality disorder. I learned the hard way (from an old roommate) that it isn’t worth being in a relationship (friendship, family, or otherwise) with a person who is great to be around 99% of the time, but whenever they decide they don’t like you for some imagined slight, they turn on you. Never again will I let those people in my life. You show me an angry, assholic outburst where you treat other people like that, and we are done. It’s only a matter of time.

  21. Zeddy says:

    Those journalist stories really arent that bad. Like one of them admits to being a creep at his house and is surprised when he gets mad? Come on

    • Ange says:

      I thought the same! I don’t think I’d have warm words for someone literally staking out my house.

  22. Purplehazeforever says:

    I thought there was an update to this story that backs up Alec’s version? That it started off as a shoving match between the two & he didn’t actually punch the guy? Am I imagining this?

    • kosmos says:

      RIGHT, I’m kind of waiting for Alec’s side of the story to come out–saying that he never hit the other guy, huh? Okay, so the guy made that up or what? If the hospital shows that he sustained something to the left side of his face, I’m thinking there was a hit, or a slap, which is not as bad as a hit, but still striking someone, which is still pretty bad. So if Alec can clear his name and just narrow this down to a shouting match, then he will have somewhat redeemed himself, but about the parking spot issue, he’s clearly in the wrong since spots cannot be legally “saved” until you come around the block. First come, first served is the rule, correct?

  23. Fidget says:

    He was canceled the second he called his child a pig. He is nothing but a privileged rage monster.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Exactly. He’s talented in some ways, but let’s be clear — he’s a terrible human being and that’s been obvious for a very long time. Like you, I don’t know how anyone can think otherwise after that audio surfaced.

  24. Racer1 says:

    And he still has a job? He wasn’t always the “thoughtless little pig” to many of you on the other thread when you were backing the possibility of his wife having more children. Ok then.

  25. tw says:

    Why did this guy go to an ER at Lenox Hill when this happened downtown? As a NYer, that’s the strange part of this story. Alec Baldwin punching someone? Not so weird or unexpected.

  26. Vava says:

    I’ll be a dissenter here…………..I do acknowledge what you all have said about him and that he is a total jerk. But, I have enjoyed his Trump impersonations on Saturday Night Live. I hate Trump so much that I love the shade Alec Baldwin throws his way. And what I love the most is that it gets to Trump’s ego in a big way.

  27. Citresse says:

    You would think all that sex he obviously has with his wife plus the fact he’s aging, he’d be quite mellow by now.
    Alec, get some therapy.
    I’m guessing he has a lot of unresolved issues about his first marriage. He’s also the most successful Baldwin in terms of his acting career and that takes a toll.

    • Blonde555 says:

      Lol all that sex made 4 kids and his wife is saying something about having a 5th. I think that has a lot to do with his rage. It ain’t easy raising toddlers at his age.

  28. Jessica says:

    Yeah, this is definitely a guy who should be fathering even MORE kids. I thought I was taking crazy pills when I read some of the comments on the last Hilaria post. They have enough kids as it is. It doesn’t matter how much money they have; it’s about whether they have the time and emotional resources to give enough attention/love/care to each one of these children and whether they provide a safe, stable and healthy environment for them. I love Alec as an actor but as a person, he’s been a dumpster fire for years. He is a violent, angry asshole and there is ZERO chance he never brings that home to his wife and kids, considering how we know he treated Ireland.

    But live and let live I guess!

  29. Lala11_7 says:

    Alec Baldwin who?!?! (Cancelled YEARS AGO over his horrific treatment of my girl Kim…)

  30. Gridlock says:


  31. Bobafelty says:

    He’s a bigly loser. No wonder he does such a good job impersonating The Bigly Loser.

  32. Jay says:

    I take their point but I side eye the woman who said he said he hoped she choked to death when she was STAKING OUT HIS HOME. Like, I believe he’s an absolute jerk but that one, I can understand.