Ben Affleck: I felt “suffocated, miserable and gross” as Bennifer (update)

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Remember the Ben Affleck of yore? Ben Affleck, post-Gwyneth, circa 2002. When he was one of People Magazine’s Hottest Bachelors, when he was drinking (and probably drugging too) and gambling up a storm. And when he was romancing a string of interchangeable girl-women, preferably picked up at some random bar. And then he began work on a little film called Gigli. And that’s when the magic happened. “The Magic” being “when Ben Affleck crawled into a crazed, tabloid hole filled with J.Lo Glow, tanning lotion, liquor, strippers and career suicide”. Those were the days, eh?

After Bennifer 1.0 died (circa January 2004, if memory serves), Ben Affleck spent several years trying to get the magic back. He settled down with a more People Magazine-readership-friendly Jennifer, this one by the name of Garner (otherwise known as Bennifer 2.0). He got sober (I hope). He took some time off from trying to be Mr. Hollywood. He became a husband and father. He started focusing on doing some “quiet, important” film work. And after a few years, he began talking some smack about Jennifer Lopez. He’s done it before – in the past few years he’s admitted that J.Lo was “bad for his career”. Now he’s going even further and saying in a new interview that during the whole J.Lo incident he felt “suffocated, miserable and gross.” What a charmer:

Ben Affleck has spoken out about his high-profile relationship with former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez – insisting it was bad for his movie career.

The actor began dating the singer in 2002 after starring in Gigli with her, and the pair later became engaged before splitting up shortly before their scheduled wedding in 2004.

Affleck is adamant he should never have got involved in the first place – because the publicity surrounding their romance tainted his career.

He says, “I was no longer in control of my life. I thought I wanted certain things, but I didn’t. I got lost. I felt suffocated, miserable and gross. I should never have gone down that route or got sucked in to all the publicity.”

“I was typecast as myself. Too many people weren’t getting past what they read about me. That was damaging. I can tell from experience it’s bad for you, and bad for your career. So I took a break, went away for a while and let things calm down.”

And he admits he is much happier with his wife Jennifer Garner and their two daughters, three-year-old Violet and six-month-old Seraphina to look after.

He adds, “Work has taken a back seat. My job is not as important as it was. Saying that having a family changed my life is a cliche. But it’s true – it re-arranged my life and made me see clearly.”

[From Contact Music]

I realize Ben is trying to take responsibility for a rough patch in his life, but he comes across as really rude (in my opinion). Look, I’m not a member of Jennifer Lopez’s fan club or anything, but I don’t hate the woman. I give Jennifer a lot of credit for the way she conducted herself post-Bennifer. She just up and married Marc Anthony, and they seem really happy (“happy” meaning he does whatever she tells him, but I’m sure it works for them). As far as I know, Lopez has never bad-mouthed Ben, and she’s never gone even half-way as far as this in talking about what happened between them.

I guess I just think Ben would have been better served if sometime in the months following the break-up, he had just said “Look, I loved her, and it didn’t work out. It was complicated, and we were both at fault. I own my part of the responsibility, but I’m not going to make jokes or talk smack about her. The end.” Part of the long-term career damage he did to himself post-breakup, simply because Ben seemed so ashamed that he was even with Lopez for a short time. I don’t care how horrendous Gigli was, no woman likes to hear her ex-fiancé describe their time together as “gross”.

Update by Celebitchy: There is no source for this quote, and Contact Music doesn’t say they interviewed Affleck, nor do they conduct interviews. I cannot find a source at all other than Contact Music, and all they do is use other sources without attributing them. Affleck has not appeared on a talkshow for quite a while and has no major interviews coming out in magazines that I can tell. He’s also not promoting anything as far as I can tell. So where are these quotes from? I really doubt that he said this recently, and think these are being rehashed and reworded from earlier quotes. Until I see a more solid source I don’t think it’s fair to bash him at all for saying this.


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  1. HEB says:

    Who’s the jennifer in Bennifer 1.0?

  2. What a moron. He shouldn’t even be talking about this. THIS is bad for his career.

  3. Cinderella says:

    I’m not a J-Lo fan either, but this is tasteless on his part. He needs to just shut it.

  4. Anons says:

    He keeps talking about this like its the only important thing that ever happened in his life. I appreciate that journalists may ask him about it but it is up to him how he answers. He really should learn to take the high road.

  5. Diana says:

    He looks miserable in the picture. Too bad he chose to act out, instead of behaving with honor.

    Jennifer is high spirited, so a part of her culture.

  6. eszter says:

    no dear, your career went down the drain cos of YOU…
    + agree w Christina Bledsoe

  7. Aspen says:

    I think it’s utterly classless of him to bash an ex-girlfriend like that years after the fact.

    What did she do to him that justifies his being so hurtful?

  8. wow says:


    He didn’t say SHE made him feel those things, he said the publicity machine made him feel those things. That the way things were going with his career made him feel all that. Sheesh, where’s the slam against j-lo?

    And if he says he’s happier with his WIFE and the mother of his two children, that’s great, isn’t it? That’s not rude. I hope J-lo would say the same about her husband and kids.

  9. ElizabethM says:

    Maybe I’m just too much of a Benfan but I think he was saying the intense publicity/media scrutiny and his leap into fame whoredom made him feel gross and ruined his career. Not his relationship with Jennifer, the First….

  10. javelin says:

    “Boo hoo, I’m Ben Affleck and no one likes me anymore… I just want to sit around doing nothing and be worshiped for it.. please pretend I have talent.. Damn you, J.Lo, for exposing me as a loser!”

  11. Jess says:

    I feel that way just watching her in movies.

    • Dredz says:

      I watched “Maid in Manhattan” and felt sorry for Ralph Fiennes, really. From “English Patient” to that?

  12. Jeane says:

    I agree, that’s pretty low.
    The way he talks about J.Lo says more about him than it does about her.

    It’s such a turn-off for me when guys badmouth their exes. Your past relationships say a lot about who you are now and to dismiss them as “gross” means you’re in denial.

  13. Iggles says:

    He is such an a*****!

    I am not a fan of JLO but this is disgusting and uncalled for. How can you talk so ill of someone YOU asked to MARRY YOU??? It shows a lot about his character.

    Jen Garner is no prize. She very average looking and is a cheater who treated her ex-husband (Scott Foley) and the guy she left him for (Michael Vaughn) HORRIBLY.

    They seriously deserve each other, but its more likely they’re gonna screw each other over at some point.

  14. Ev says:

    I don’t see where he said anything about J.Lo and I think it’s pretty sexist to assume that if he was ever unhappy it must have been because of a woman.

  15. yadira says:

    J.Lo was part of the Bennifer 1.0.

    I agree Jess, I feel gross too watching her “act” in those horrible movies

  16. Cheyenne says:

    Hold up, Kaiser.

    You read this wrong.

    Affleck said he felt “suffocated, miserable and gross”. He did NOT say Lopez made him feel like that. It sounds more as if the constant tabloid publicity made him feel that way.

    Your thread title is unfair to Affleck and to Lopez.

  17. orion70 says:

    I think it’s tacky when people who move on to happier times, or “the love of their life” and go out of their way to then publicly talk about how “those years” or the time with certain people was the most miserable, or how they were not “the one” etc.

    I do think he is talking a LITTLE more about the media, as opposed to specific people, but I think he also made his little dig, and i’m sure he’s smart enough to know that.

  18. Cletus says:

    Jennifer Lopez makes me feel miserable and gross, too- so I can’t say as I blame him really. Of course Ben makes me want to vomit, on account of the fact that he’s smarmy and he looks like this horrid ex-boyfriend of mine.

    I will say this for Jennifer Lopez- her guest appearance on South Park was INCREDIBLE! I wanna see more of THAT J. Lo.

  19. omondieu says:

    While he may not be talking smack about Jennifer Lopez HERSELF, he’s saying that their whole relationship was damaging for him. But wouldn’t that imply that J-Lo and the duo’s subsequent activities together were damaging? Isn’t he basically saying that if they had never gotten together, he would not have gone through that rough patch in his career?

    Ipso facto, isn’t he indirectly blaming Jennifer Lopez?

    I agree with Kaiser. Rather than whining and making long excuses for why he got involved with flops like Daredevil and Gigli, he should have been short and stated that it was a moment in time, and that it didn’t work out. That’s it. There’s nothing more pathetic than a person with a martyr complex.

  20. Kaiser says:

    Actually, I think he’s talking about both J.Lo and the media/tabloid stuff, the whole situation:

    ***Affleck is adamant he should never have got involved in the first place – because the publicity surrounding their romance tainted his career.

    He says, “I was no longer in control of my life. I thought I wanted certain things, but I didn’t. I got lost. I felt suffocated, miserable and gross. I should never have gone down that route or got sucked in to all the publicity.” ***

    I interpreted it as he felt “miserable, etc” … WITH J.LO. Because of her, the situation, everything.

    Edit: Yes, Omondieu. Thank you.

  21. H.Girl says:

    Whoa, people…Slow down and READ what he says. I am not a fan of either of these people but let’s be fair here. Now where does Ben Affleck say Jennifer Lopez made him feel suffocated, miserable, and gross. What he actually says is, “I got lost. I felt suffocated, miserable and gross.”

    HE felt certain emotions during a certain time in his life…That’s okay. He doesn’t actually say SHE made him feel that way…

  22. jmoy says:

    Kaiser, re: “I give Jennifer a lot of credit for the way she conducted herself post-Bennifer. She just up and married Marc Anthony . . . ”

    Wasn’t Mark still married to Dayanara Torres when J-Lo hooked up with him? Post-Bennifer 1.0, J-Lo went after him and he dumped Dayanara for her.

  23. Enonymous says:

    I never understood why or how Ben Affleck became so big, except from hooking up with J.LO when she was at the high of her career at that time, he is and was nothing at all special in order to ever become this great movie star. He simple is and always been so boring to me, looks and ‘talent’ wise. Before J.LO, I never really knew who he was. J.LO put him on the map and he was simply just not good enough of an actor to be separated and respected for his movies alone. So it is about time he stopped blaming everything that did not go his way to Jennifer Lopez. And yes, although he did not directly blamed it on J.LO, that’s what he was trying to imply without coming of like too much of a jerk.

  24. Krystle says:

    Ummm, I’m confused. He’s not bad mouthing Jennifer Lopez in this article, he’s bad mouthing the media attention to that relationship. It amazes me how people can read things that aren’t even there and then create a headline about it. I think Ben was saying that the media attention to his relationship made him feel suffocated, miserable and gross. Also, Bennifer WAS bad for his career and kudos to him for having that balls to say it. I don’t understand how that is bad mouthing JLo tho. Color me confused I guess.

  25. Ned says:

    I can’t believe it’s 2009 and Ben is still blaming Lopez for… I’m not sure for what.

    I don’t know any adult man that 8 years later, is still thinking and talking about their ex.

    Ben looks like a movie star and has some talent, but he lacks charisma and it hurts his career.
    He is great on paper, but when you watch him go, it’s rather disappointing.

    Take State of Play. He wasn’t even the lead, and he couldn’t pull it off.

    He can’t carry a film on his own, even when the part is completely tailored for him (a handsome up and coming politician…).

    Unless Lopez was the one who told him to do silly films (a blind superhero?! yea, that sounds like a great idea, Ben)
    he is out of line.

    I think it’s easier for him to blame other people for bad choices he made with the projects he chose.
    His reputation was hurting also from the string of women, the drinking and love of gambling and strippers.

    Actually Lopez helped him in that respect, because she made him seem more wholesome than he was.

    Back then, he looked like a movie star. IF you hear what people say about how he looks now, and how miserable he looks now…

  26. Ned says:

    and if Ben is really averse to publicity and a wife who is using their private family life as publicity props, then he married the wrong women.

    Both in interviews and by setting up photo ops, I don’t remember Lopez talking about her relationship with him, while Garner didn’t and doesn’t stop using her association with him and their children, and their family life.

  27. Ally says:

    I’m with those who interpret him referring to how the high-profile thing made him feel.

    However, what he should he feel gross about is those strippers he hooked up with that broke up the engagement to J.Lo.

  28. pixiegirl says:

    Kind of suspect that he is STILL talking about J lo. That is red flag territory and J Garn better take note…

  29. fizXgirl314 says:

    what a total dickwad… why is this necessary? unless the woman raped and abused him, this is TOTALLY uncalled for… how mean and rude… i feel sorry for lopez and i never thought i’d say that :/

  30. Bella says:

    I’m no fan of Jenifaa Yopez, but, seriously Ben, you told all about the romantic candlelit proposal in your childhood home of your own accord, so, have the cojones to own your actions wouldya!

    You showed your true colors by opting out of that overly-publicized engagement by being busted going down on a low-rent stripper in Vancouver…That shoulda made you feel GROSS!!

    I’d say you and Jennifer Garner are a great match based on the way you have both treated your (in)significant others…

  31. Whoever says:

    You mean SHE do everything He want! He is on something and seems to be demanding and in control!

  32. OXA says:

    I do not think he was talking crap about J-Lo, I think he was talking about the publicity machine that he was caught up in at the time.

  33. Granger says:

    I think he meant the situation made him feel gross — but I also think he’s indirectly blaming her for the fact that he lost control of his life. He’s basically saying, “I let J-Lo tell me what I wanted, and eventually I lost myself in HER, in HER life, in HER very public world, and it ruined my career.” In other words, he was a wimp who didn’t know himself at all and let his partner mold him into what SHE wanted. Loser. The guy’s a crappy actor who doesn’t deserve all the attention anyway.

  34. Honeypie says:

    I honestly don’t think he’s trashing J.Lo and talking about their relationship specifically; I think he’s referring to the media storm AROUND their relationship and how that affected them.

    Granted he could have been MUCH clearer about it, but to be fair to the guy he’s kept quiet for a while in an industry where trashing exes is expected pretty much straight after your breakup.

    Eh. This is nothing. Wait for an autobiography.

  35. whatever says:

    Like Garner is even better. I am not a huge fan of JLO, but unlike Garner, JLO did not trap Affleck into a marriage by getting knocked up on purpose. In a few years when his marriage to his current skank is over, Affleck will be bashing her too. The only reason he is saying crap about JLO is probably because her marriage is better than his. At least JLO did not get knocked up by Marc to get a marriage, unlike Garner.

  36. fizXgirl314 says:

    come on, he’s referring to that period of his life in which he was in a relationship with JLO as gross… if you were that girl in the period of his life which made him feel gross, wouldn’t you be offended? whether or not he said YOU’RE gross directly…

  37. AsiaA says:

    Is he still talking about this???

    It’s disrespectful not only to JLo (of who was the mega star and came with the baggage of the media…therefore he IS trying to talk smack about her on the slick) but to his wife, Jennifer.

    It’s in bad taste especially since both parties have remarried and had kids.

    JLo is with someone who is her own speed. Her and Marc tour together. Made a movie that didn’t suck.

    Ben is with someone his own speed. Jen Garner is simple, and low-key career-wise.

    So MOVE on Ben. Why are you even talking about this?

    That’s like Billy Bob talking about why he ditched Angelina because she went out and bought Maddox.

    Let that sh*t go!

  38. Rx says:

    In terms of his “career” he’s being honest. As a man though? First of all, she’s ultra Hollywood, what did he expect? But he wouldn’t have made Hollwoodland had he still been the same dude. So he got humbled, good.

  39. lisa says:

    He damaged his career by being a crap actor. He always comes across as an arrogant jerk and here is another example. I can’t stand him.

  40. nelly says:

    Why this guy is still talking about JLO? Garner should open her eyes cause this is not a good sign. For me, it seems like he wants to feel gross, suffocated and miserable again. Just saying!

  41. BlueSkies says:

    Joe Blow needs to stuff it. JLo may have a big ego but she is such a self-made woman who is dynamic. She had her hand in everything and even though she wasn’t that great of an actress her clothing line was quality. Especially the lingerie. Best bra I’ve ever owned is from her collection. He dated Paltrow and Garner, women who are not self made in the least. I’ve always believed that the real problem he had with her is that she is a Latina. I believe, could be wrong that he didn’t want to marry and let alone have kids with a PR. He thought he was better or got pressure from his family, I think. Mr. Middle of the Road who people think is hotter than he is cause he wears a suit well. Blah.

  42. N.D. says:

    he’s not talking about JLo, doesn’t even mention her name or their relationships in direct quotes. He only talks about carier and publicity. He was unhappy at that period of his life why isn’t he allowed to at least mention it? You gays are being too prim and proper.

    And this whole “at least JLo didn’t get knocked up” is laughable. Of course she didn’t, she had to go to IVF to get pregnant with Mark babies.

    And giving JLO high fives for how “She just up and married Marc Anthony”? What’s so great about that? That she cared so little about Ben that it took her only a couple of weeks to hook up with another man and marry that man 5 months later? Not even mentioning the fact that that man was still married with kids at the moment.

  43. Cheyenne says:

    Kaiser: “He says, “I was no longer in control of my life. I thought I wanted certain things, but I didn’t. I got lost. I felt suffocated, miserable and gross. I should never have gone down that route or got sucked in to all the publicity.””

    Then that is a choice HE made and he should be man enough to own up to it. He’s whining like he was some kind of victim. The guy’s a douche.

  44. not so fast says:

    Shut up Ben, enjoy your own life and quit riding on J.Lo and Marks coattails.

  45. sickofit says:

    whoa jlo seems to pay a helluvalot for her publicists to post comments for such a low profile interview with ben affleck.
    i think she is still not over him right?

  46. anonymous says:

    HILARIOUS. I love Ben. And it’s so true – EVERYBODY not only thinks it but knows it…. Oh, ben. love.

  47. Ned says:

    This is for the people defending him by saying he was referring to the “publicity” and what surrounded the relationship-

    So, say the media is not easy on you, or that other external factors are not as pleasant, so the logical thing is to dump the woman you love?

    In Ben’s delusions, Lopez in responsible to him doing a bad job and him picking wrong projects. Fine.

    So, what you are saying is basically, that if a woman is not contributing enough to your career, you should get rid of her and regret ever being with her?

    He sure doesn’t seem happy now, and he sure be the one talking about the relationship with Lopez.

    His own wife, Garner is constantly talking about him, and their relationship, and their children and setting up photo ops, so what does he want from Lopez?

    If he has problem with using his private life for publicity, he should take issue with Garner, not his fiancee from 8 years ago.

  48. wow says:

    It’s always funny to read how celebrities realize family and children are now important to them…once the movie roles stop coming in.

    I remember Bennifer 1.0. They BOTH were annoying. Does anyone remember JLo announcing their engagement on the Diane Sawyer interview? Sappy stuff, right there.

  49. Giz says:

    Talking smack sells papers and mags, however, it won’t help acting abilities that don’t exist. You either can or can’t. Afflack is impressive as a write and has the potential to become a great director; however, acting, pre or post JLo, is not his strong point.

    Don’t blame JLo for your bad career choices. Be a man and take responsibility for your choices.

  50. RobN says:

    Doesn’t matter how you want to interpret what he said, he shouldn’t be talking about it at all. I don’t like any of them but JLo at least can keep her mouth shut and that puts her one up on him in my book.

  51. maritza says:

    I totally agree with RobN!

  52. Kevin says:

    HMMM,,all those posts and not one mention of that shiny statue he earned sitting on his mantle. Boy definitely has SOME talent.
    Anyways, I’m not here to defend the dildo, I’m here to pile on!!!! WWEEEEEE!!!! SO, here goes, how do you go from being engaged to arguably the hottest singer, actress (both her film and album was number one at the same time) to being engaged to Alfred E Nuemans’s sister?

  53. db says:

    #8 I agree with you. I think you posted as “wow” (eyes are tired). If only more people were educated and could read things correctly. Ah well.

  54. Giz says:

    Ben and JLo lached on to each as they thought of the coupling as being good for their respective careers. It’s done all the time!

    Regardless of how it was said and who did or didn’t say it. Ben lacks maturity and dignity. This might explain is why Mr. Damon is eons ahead of him in several departments.

  55. loldongs says:

    I never liked J-ho anyhow.

  56. Hello!! says:

    Jennifer Gardner setting up photo ops??? Are you guys kidding?? Dropping off and picking your child up at school in sweats or torn jeans and a t shirt with NO MAKEUP is not a photo op.

  57. Aspie says:

    @ BlueSkies: Good point!!

    Ben’s comment was very rude and he is a douche for indirectly blaming Jen for his stalled career.

    I also think people give Jennifer a harder time (maybe it’s because she’s Latina??) but she deserves more recognition as a self-made woman. What did Ben ever do, except for one successful film with Matt Damon and then starring in a bunch of mostly forgettable but yet very profitable movies? J. Lo mainly put him on the map and yet people have a mainly dim or negative view of her.

    I’ll tell ya this: She’s a heck of alot better and more accomplished entertainer (dancer, singer, actress, fashion designer and producer) than boring Jennifer Garner.

  58. Cookie says:

    I think he is saying the media made him feel gross…and to say that “Jennifer Lopez deserves credit for the way she moved on”…WTF? was I the only one that noticed that Marc Anthony was MARRIED when she went immediately back to him after getting dumped…little detail like a “WIFE”…I guess got lost in the mix….

  59. Raina says:

    He did not slam J-Lo at all! The publicity that came with the relationship is what he is talking about. He was a star but not like J-Lo and the 2 of them together were catnip for the media and they played it up too. He wasn’t used to it like J-Lo (remember her with Puffy) and it wasn’t good for him.

    They both live their private lives in private now and I’d say it’s pretty evident that they are both happier now. Nothing personal was said against J-Lo.

  60. BlueSkies says:

    Can I just say that I think that Affleck & Lopez give outstanding guest performances on shows like SNL and others.

    Thank You Aspie for recognizing the Latina aspect and JLo’s diverse talents.

  61. nj says:

    There are no angels among these two couples. Ben might be the most innocent of the four. That said, if my husband ever conducted himself in such a way I would kick his ass. If you’re married you DO NOT talk about your exes-good OR bad. If you talk about them, that means you are thinking about them. To do so in a public forum? Big Huge Red Flag…

  62. Magsy says:

    Never cared for either one, and what a mismatched couple from the start. He can’t blame J-Lo for the bad hairpiece he wears though.

  63. daisyfly says:

    Sheesh, you’d think JLo was in here posting with the vitriol thrown out at Ben and Jennifer Garner. Context is everything here…or nothing, as the comments go.

    The first line that’s quoted “Ben Affleck has spoken out about his high-profile relationship with former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez – insisting it was bad for his movie career.” clearly indicates that this is about the relationship and not the person. Hell, how many of us have been in bad relationships with good people? He didn’t state that JLo made him feel gross. The entity that was “Bennifer” did. Hell, the term itself made just about everyone feel gross.

    And to call Jennnifer Garner a skank? Really? Why, because got pregnant? So every girl who gets pregnant is automatically a skank? Why not focus on JLo’s rebound relationship with Marc Anthony, who was married with two sons when he got himself a quickie divorce only to marry JLo a week or so later?

    Good grief, this entire sordid affair was played out when it began years ago when all of their careers were relevant. Now it’s just trite.

  64. teehee says:

    I dont take it as him talking like a victim or whning but more his expression of regret of his personal choices/actions and his own confusion/susceptibility to be mislead.
    He says *I*.. alot and not she or we or it, he is eronally responsible and ust regretting things.
    And this ISSS old stuff being re-hashed; I was immediately surprised ot see it as a headline since this was said a long time ago.

  65. ogechi says:

    Ben should be happy that JLO even allowed him to touch her,nonesense.

  66. Miss Wanderlust says:

    The fact that so many people respond to this post says a lot about how everybody feels about mister Affleck ant the whole Bennifer affair years later !!! Maybe he didn’t say that(or the words aren’t directly to JLO and their so-called relationship)but you know what really grossed me out ? The fact that he hooked up with JLO when she was just married to Chriss Judd, he paid $20.000,- for ads in Variety & Hollywood Reporter to praise his “Gigli” co-star to say how much he loved working with her and how he was ashamed of his notions beforehand that she’d be a diva, couldn’t he say that to her in person ? Kissing JLO’s ass in a musicvideo when she was still married…CLASSY DUDE. He needed the media to make that point and sell his crappy “Gigli” movie and now he is still whining to the same media about the mediafrenzy at that time in his life ??? Just admit you where p*ssywhipped at that time in youre life, guess it’s embarassing when people keep reminding you of that huh ? This is the proof that Karma is a bitch, what you give to others you will receive it back in a big way….guess mister Judd has the last laugh now right ?

    Stop blaming the media for your crappy career Ben, Sean Penn was married to the biggest popstar ever and he has two Academy awards because of his talent even though his private life is still a mess…just be glad you have a talented friend Matt who is the reason you have one Oscar before everyone figured out that you lack talent in a big way and
    stop embarrassing your wife & kids…Such a big head and so little brains ? Hypocrite with a capital H people !

    This is also the second ex-lover who dissed JLO….P.Diddy gave an interview to Essence magazine in december 2006 with his baby momma Kim Porter claiming that he was still in love with Kim while he was with Jennifer and that their relationship was fake ???
    A few months later Diddy & Kim where over because he impregnated another woman the same time Kim was pregnant with his twins and he was photographed sneeking with Sienna Miller & Cassie !!!

    Not a big fan of her but it makes me wonder about JLO and her love choices….does she pay her exes to make her(marriage)look good ? Because Marc Anthony looks like a saint next to them, everybody knows he isn’t…LOL
    If she plays her cards right she definitely could make a successful comeback !!!

  67. pumak says:

    i guess brad pit can sympathize with ben’ s situation

  68. Rosy J says:

    Thank God, Ben found himself and overcame this unfortunate incident in his life and for his newfound love in a “made in heaven” match with a very loving and understanding wife. (Jen G.) Together, I hope they weather the storm a lot people are trying to forecast. Ben should thank Lopez for how it all turned out. Everybody is happy now right? Most of all, I wish the media would stop rehashing this old news. Almost as bad as the Aniston/Pitt/Jolie saga. Let’s have new stories not the same old sh!t over and over again.

  69. Ned says:

    What “unfortunate incident” are you talking about?

    What did Lopez ever do to him that he is still blaming her?
    Can someone please specify what in Ben’s delusions was it that Lopez did to him?

    Did she get pregnant and forced him to marry her without any friends and family?

    Did she talk endlessly about him as a father and as a husband and let her PR people know when they will go to the park or restaurants together?

    Did she train his daughter to become this PR prop to the cameras?

    Lopez helped his image, since we all know his love of gambling, drinking and strippers is not exactly that A list wholesome image he got when he was with her.

    He should thank her for helping him seem a much more attractive, confident and happy guy than he is obviously now.

  70. Rosanna says:

    Ben Affleck is GROSS. He has no right to trash JLo, especially because she doesn’t trash him. And – to say it like it is – I don’t think his present woman is better than JLo, quite the contrary… another controlling freak, who isn’t nearly as beautiful and talented as JLo (and no, I’m not her fan).

  71. NJMDPS says:

    Ben Affleck……no talent. Would be a never was if it were not for his relationship with Matt Damon (who had all the talent in their collaboration). Those of you who noted Ben’s “sucking up” to J Lo in the early part of their relationship were absolutely correct. He couldn’t get enough of her. And I totally agree his white bread Bostonian attitude (not to mention friends) contributed to the demise of their relationship.

    As far as acting, he stinks.

    His personal life, a mess. Rehab. Drinking. Gambling. Womanizing (why, I’ll never know).

    And then he finds “true love” with Garner via a shotgun wedding. Yeah, that spells long lasting and deeped rooted love.

    By the fact that he is still babbling about this one speaks volumes. He is unhappy in his current stranglehold of a relationship. Garner is a definite bore. He misses his freedom and wild days of gambling and partying.

    I predict, not far off. I feel sorry for Garner……..she thought this was the real deal. Ben, apparently, bores easily but then she has the ability to move on quickly, too.

  72. Nev says:

    Ben A the actor is sorry and always been a sorry actor. It’s so pathetic the way he wants to blame any one or any thing for his no acting abilities. All he has going for him self is looks. He should shut the HE!! up and go model clothes. I never want to see him in a movie before or after JLO.
    The only reason he is married to that puppy dog now is because she got knocked. Every since he has been married to puppy dog he looks down in the face. I agree that puppy dog pimps him and the children out to the media every chance she can. Ben should shut up and say no comment.

  73. Jazz says:

    Didn’t Ben date Famke Janssen at one point? I remember reading that she dumped him because he was boring!
    The Jenny From The Block video still makes me cringe and I never saw Gigli.

  74. nnn says:

    He got a lot of nerve to blame his time with JLO considering that he stole that married woman to Chris Judd and played the media game to its extreme.

    At that time, it suited him.

  75. kim says:

    She was married he wasn’t he didn’t break his vows she did

  76. dawne says:

    absolutely agree….THIS bad reporting now against an old lover j.lo is bad for his career…(n.g. mr.afleck…come now guy, ain’t you too busy with family and directing, and all?)…an hey, if this IS a bogus quote as indicated by above blogger W.G.A.S…then the heck with this lame comment…and, have a good day!

  77. fizXgirl314 says:

    one thing is for sure… jennifer garner looks soo unsexy to me…

  78. raven says:

    I read this as him saying the excess publicity was bad for his career. I suspect these quotes were edited solely for the purpose of trying to incite some kind of public fight between him and Lopez. He should have just refused to speak with them at all.

    His wife learned a really hard lesson in this regard with her relationships and publicity. She avoids being seen with him as much as possible and other than vague comments about being happy, says nothing. She’s drawn a very clear line in the sand between her public and private life although the paps still won’t give her poor children a moment’s peace.

  79. NYC says:

    I clearly remember Ben participating in her music videos kissing her ass on a boat. Plus there was the full on interview from Diane Sawyer after they got engaged.

    Even if these are not new quotes, he still threw her under the bus on SNL after they split with dumb skits.

  80. Ned says:

    Garner doesn’t stop blabbing about how he is as a father and how he is as a husband.

    She has nothing else to sell, and he is her meal ticket and claim to fame these days.

    Ever since they got together he has this awful expression. Especially after she told him she got pregnant and he found out he was stuck with a horse.

    To his credit, it was more of her exploiting his personal sesitivity of issues with fatherhood.

    He even talked about it publicially and said he would do whatever he could to be the father of his children, once he will have them, because of his own childhood.

    Garner saw it and knew he would be very averse to leaving a woman who would carry his child.
    So she hot pregnant.

    By the way, Garner was also in a serious relationship when she hooked up with Ben, and was married when she first made an effort to get close to him (to her first husband).

    So from a self made woman, he moved to a woman who is using her relationships to climb up the Hollywood ladder.

    Now that he is married to one of Hollywood’s ugliest women, with prolly the worst body, I guess I can understand why he might be bitter.

    Though to his credit, no one deserves to be forced to be a father without his consent in such a calculating manner.

    His bitterness should be addressed to the one who trapped him, and it wasn’t Lopez.

  81. PJ says:

    Raven, I totally agree: He was saying that the excess publicity was bad for his career.

    That’s true, it was bad for his career. His career went on the back burner, and all anyone could think of was him and JLo, and whether they would get married or not. Thank God they didn’t.

    During this period he went from having the lead in a blockbuster like “Pearl Harbor” to having no roles at all.

  82. Chilly says:

    He LOOKED gross & greasy (just like J LO) when he was with her….

  83. Ne1a says:

    Bottom line is he should stir clear away from this subject when interviews bring this up. I don’t remember JLo saying any thing about him. She seem to taking the high road and not talk about the past. A man should never talk about a ex at all. It makes them a sorry wimpy girly man.

  84. Ben Fan says:


    That was very nice of you to do an update on this post that has certainly received way too much attention, unfortunately the damage has been done, most of these posts are very unfair to Ben. I hope you learn from this and verify sources before you start posting an article and making a bunch of random people feel so much hate for someone they know nothing about.

  85. teehee says:

    Well its their choice if they wan to go off being judgmental and hateful, especially when its clear that they misunderstood his words themselves. Prolly because they wanted to. Which is why they visit these sites/read such magazines, anyway.

  86. Mich says:

    I’m verry sad he felt that way. JLo always speek really kind of him. I’ll said this: I think he steel in Love with her.

  87. NJMDPS says:

    All I can read into this ongoing saga (and now it is playing on AOL) is that no career Ben is looking to keep his name in the tabloids even if it means at the expense of someone he so boldly and loudly proclaimed, at one time, he loved and adored. He is a skank. Don’t blame J Lo for your lack of career. He wholeheartedly jumped into the limelight until his “lust” and his buddies (and mommy) got to him.

    You don’t get ahead in this world by berating others. This will come back and haunt him for certain. Karma is a bitch.

    Jennifer has class. Wether you like her or not she displays a lot of class by never commenting on her past loves and Ben either is still hung up on her and/or miserable in his own life today he has to wallow in what was at another time in his life. JERK.

  88. neet says:

    I think Ben is crazy.He needs to watch his movies. He is not a good actor. He dosen’t have any emotion. He cannot do comdey and then switch to a thriller movie. He has the same acting style in each movie. He sucked before J-lo. He no is no Mat Damon after all. For the relationship with J-lo to be “gross” is interesting discription. When I first seen them together I thought it was a mis-match he seems a litle trailor and she is very city. He should go to work at his local fast food resturant his movie career lasted as long as it was supose to.

  89. not so fast says:

    Why is Ben so hung up on JLo? He certainly seems like an ungrateful jerk to his present wife and family bringing up JLo all the time. Ben you really need to give your wife a better allowance so she doesn’t have to wear ripped panties.

  90. Renee says:

    Really Ben you felt so gross meanwhile it has been quite some time since you wre dating Jennifer Lopez why is it you feel compelled to continue to speak about her? She obviously has so much more class than you. She is gorgeous compared to your new Jen and I think you are just mad you could not satisfy the right Jen.

  91. Enonymous says:

    To the people on this thread that defended Ben Affleck and wondered if the rest of us have misunderstood him or the article that Kaiser wrote, well, even if this article is not entirely accurate or misrepresented, I have read and seen quite of few interviews that Ben Affleck did in the past (and not too long ago) were he expressed these exact bitter feelings and sense of resentment towards his relationship with J.LO and in those interviews he came very close to pointing the finger or just flat out blame Jennifer Lopez for everything that went wrong with his career. The only thing stopping him from doing that, I presume, was his publicist and the fact that he would look like a complete jerk in front of everyone.

    So taking into account the other very real and accurate interviews that he gave about J.LO, this recent one is not surprising or hard to believe.

  92. B.W. says:

    I’m not too crazy about Ben Assfleck myself. Yeah true, he shouldn’t be talkin about his ex that way. But then again, she was an ass too. Ass + Ass = fat ass!!!

  93. hoo doggie says:

    Say What!!! Are there any real men in Hollywood? JLo enhanced what little career you have today. Let’s see what your next excuse will be. Maybe it will be your kids next. Candyass punk.

    You will never be totally satisfied, fulFILLED until you and Matt Damon can CUM together as one.

    Here’s an idea for your next role. You can greenlight a biopic on BOZO.

  94. Barton Fink says:

    The Puffster said similar things about dating her — I think he said “I never loved her” as well.

  95. MarsdenStar says:

    Sounds like Ben is making excuses for his inability to produce… typical male!

  96. cee says:

    He is not a very good actor, he is not all that attractive, he continues to try and ride on other peoples coat tails etc, etc…. Oh right! It is JLo’s fault his career is in the toilet. Give me a break. Take responsibility.

  97. whoo doggie says:

    Hey Ben, not easy watching the wife bringing home that bacon, now is it? You not the breadwinner now. What happened, boy? You spend up all the Nanny money, can hardly leave the house any more? Aww…

    That’s what is truly miserable for you, isn’t it? So much so that you now want to revisit your less miserable times with JLo.

    Oh, aren’t you just longing for the days when you could just reach out and touch, caress, and gently kiss that ample, sweet latin badonk. Oh bootylicious!

    Maybe you and Gov. Sanford can get together soon, take a hike on down to Argentina. Be sure to get permission from Matt first!

    You are Mr. Mom now, deal with it. Stay focused, CHUMP. Otherwise you will lose the only role that really matters.

  98. LILBYTE2 says:



  99. Jo says:

    She is not the one to blame for his stalled career. His lack of talent is to blame. She seems to be doing just fine in her career. She should be the one who feels “gross and icky” What a no talent jerk.

  100. Mary says:

    I am not crazy about J-Lo but I think it’s real low on Ben to talk now… I remember hearing that it was because his mommie that he did not marry J-Lo. He’s a big mama’s boy and perhaps she did not approve of the relationship. He was not man enough to break it off so now he is trying to show the man side of him or not. He needs to grow up, he is now a husband and father. Act and play your part now. Maybe now you can get an academy award……..

  101. babymonsta says:

    OK Ben you really need to stop. You have a life and so does JLO, she is beautiful and has not said sh** to you. Or about you, you jerk. For one you are a bad actor all your movies suck! In Gigli JLO was the better one, you sucked!! I guess you werent or couldnt be yourself when you were with her cause you dont know how to be faithful. So you had to go out and screw HOOKERS you nasty ass. Your the one whos GROSS AND NASTY, you buttfreak. And going down on hookers? Ok you should feel GROSS. I think your just mad and hurt cause she didnt go running to your dumb ass for advice when things were going bad with her and Mark. She went to a real man. You had it made with Jennifer Lopez, shes just too much woman for you to handle so you had to settle for less. You WELFARE QUEEN. What comes around goes around. Look out cause your new woman might cheat on you !!!!! OH and by the way JLO if your reading this I love You and you are way better off without Ben the slut chaser!!!!

  102. whoo doggie says:

    You know what? People really loved BOZO, and they keep fun, cherished childhood memories of him.

    They don’t need for you to fuck that up too. Why don’t you try something Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway, Pier. You can called it the “The Fish and Me…”, with Matt’s approval of course.

  103. M.C. Pearson says:

    No talent, Matt Damon hanger on Ben Affleck, became a household word because of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. the only way he’s ever noticed is when he’s hanging on to someone else’s coat tails. I’m not a fan of either Affleck or Lopez, really, but as soon as I read the headline, a Spanish phrase came to mind. Men like Affleck who speak as he has of a woman with whom he was previously involved are rightly called, “Poco Hombre!” Look it up Ben, it fits you to a T!

  104. Tony says:

    Forgeddaboudid! Is this news Benny Boy, grow up and be a man.

  105. raul says:

    a typical white man behavior always trying to find some one to blame for their stupidity. be a man not a coward talking about your pass dates, a real man doesnt talk about ladies he dated, be a gentleman you fool.

  106. karen smith says:

    he’s a clown. when you do not like something get out. both of them are living new lives. Be happy with the one your with. Peace and blessings to all!

  107. LatinFromManhattan says:

    Ben Affleck is so darn, f**kin stupid. He’s trying to get his “15 mins” of fame because he doesn’t have “fame” any longer! As a matter of fact he’s never really had any and that’s why he went with Jennifer. He has never been a good actor, never will be and is trying to get some attention! Ben, you have your Jenny… now leave ours alone!!!

  108. LatinFromManhattan says:

    Oh and one more thing… If he didn’t say whats been written, than an apology is in order as I don’t like to judge without it being a reality… but if it’s true than my words are here to stay and He needs to keep his mouth shut!!!!

  109. p guus says:






    BOTH ARE SO YUK !!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Missy says:

    I’ve always believed that Jennifer Garner was Ben’s repound marriage. Notice how it is usually her with the kids in pictures and how misreable he looks.

    She is thrilled, but not thim. He has little talent. He made it by hanging with Matt Damon, his much more talented friend and J.Lo made him cool. Don’t see J.Lo talking about Ben. She’s moved on and so should he. Can you imagine being J.Garner and having her hubby talk about his ex? That means he’s not over her.

  111. Di says:

    I’m not a JLo fan either, but this is about as low as one can get. Affleck is a total jerk.

  112. Chazz says:

    .Lo was first married to restaurant worker Ojani Noa, and then to dancer Cris Judd. She was also engaged to Hollywood star Ben Affleck and dated rapper P Diddy. She married singer Marc Anthony in a secret ceremony in June 2004.

    For Ben Affleck, sloppy thirds. Jay Lo is a wise Latina woman much like affirmative action Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor. You can take them out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of them. Marc Antony gave up Miss Universe for a big butt.
    Imagine where his head is at!

  113. Iliana says:

    Talk about below the belt. I don’t ever remember Tom Cruise saying anything bad about Nicole Kidman or Brad Pitt ever saying anything bad about Jennifer Aniston. I’ve don’t remember J Lo ever saying anything about an ex, much less something bad and I really do think it says something about his character. I think it’s alot of jealousy. His wife is no prize and her own personal life before him is less than desirable. I think J-Lo is very talented and well connected outside of Hollywood with other career endeavors to fall back on and all he has is acting. Shame on you Ben Affleck carry yourself with some dignity you were the one with the strippers when she was on TV tell the world how much she loved you. Shame on you. You go Boricua do your thing and live your life.

  114. PJ says:

    People here have misunderstood what Ben said. His point was that media overexposure hurt his acting career.

    This is what happens when an actor becomes too famous for what’s going on in his/her personal life. Audiences start seeing the actor as himself, not the character he’s playing: It’s like “Oh, there’s Brad Pitt dressed up like a cowboy,” not “this is Jesse James.” The audience can’t get into the story because they can’t forget who the actor is in real life–they know he’s just pretending to be the character he’s portraying.

    Affleck complained that he got “typecast as me.” Jennifer Aniston played this to her advantage, though. She’s too famous for being herself, so she ran with it and worked in The Breakup, He’s Just Not That Into You, etc.

  115. Eva says:

    Ben Affleck’s remarks about JLO, is uncalled for. I am not a JLO fan,to be honest, I cannot stand her. But for a man to speak about his ex whom he showered with love and affection a while back.

    To make matters worst, JLO was married to Chris Judd at thetime, when Ben Affleck pursued her. It was tasteless on Ben’s part and Chris Judd is keeping quiet.

    He should just kept his scorned feelings to himself. Perhaps, Ben could not handle a woman with “spice” rack.

  116. Lorraine says:

    If Ben Affleck made these statements I can only caution him that he is about to travel down the same road of box office poison that tomcat cruise did in the way he treated his ex-wife and the statements he made about Brooke on an ailment he has no first hand information. JL did not put a gun to his head. Man up and take responsibility for your own actions.

    Negativity brings negativity. Watch what you invite to yourself.

  117. Georgia says:

    Jennifer Lopez is an opportunist. She has always done things her way and if using some celebrity male was offered to her she took it. Look at the mess she got into with P Ditty. She almost got arrested when someone got shot. When she met Ben Afflact he was very popular and very handsome. Their relationship did a lot more for her career than for his. I am glad they broke up. Even their families were against them. Let’s face it. It was a sexual thing for him. Maybe her to. Anyway it did ruin his career. He made a bad choise and also many bad choise’s of B rated movies. He had the potential to be a BIG movie star but blew it. He should pick some serious movies and give it another try. I’ve missed him. He also has a beautiful family. If you notice Jen Garner is not doing a lot of movies either. I think they are building their future. Now if you look at that clown J-Lo married you will gag. How can she climb out of Ben’s bed and into Marc Anthony’s still amazes me. She is a terrible mother and admits it. That would not have worked with Ben.

  118. Enza says:

    We knew that this blue-collar loser had no upbringing; now, we know he has not acquired an ounce of polish. What a crass jackass he is! As we say in Italy, “Revolted after he ate the whole cake”? I’m no fan of JLo, but Mr. Loser was no good for her career either, while she gave him a lot of publicity — that he, obviously, wouldn’t have accomplished by himself. If he was so uncomfortable, why the tacky, gigantic pink diamond? And how about the Bentley? Even now, he’s still trying to get mileage out of that relationship. Why talk about her? Because, otherwise, he wouldn’t be getting any press! Low-class jerk is what he is!

  119. Thanks Blueskies says:

    Thanks BlueSkies, you are not alone with that thought. I too think it was because she was Latina. We all know how ultra conservative folks can be where he and his family is from and being with a PR was not a part of his families long term plan for him.

  120. Max says:

    He jumped the shark when he appeared in her “Jenny From the Block” music video, who could take him seriously as an actor after that?

  121. Chicago says:

    He felt “gross” with Jennifer? What a laugh. How did he feel when he busted her marriage to Judd by jumping in bed with JLo and posting a full-page ad telling the world how wonderful JLo was? What an ass. How do you think Jlo felt when he refused to go through with the marriage. She was hurt and humiliated. I felt sorry for her. (but he did her a favor. She is better off without him). Now he’s doing it all over again – dragging her through the mud. What a cad. In a number of years he will drop Gardner for someone else. It’s his pattern. He’s cold, with no heart. What a cad. Ughhh!!!

  122. Michie1971 says:

    I think that talking about ladies isn’t in anyway nice of a guy. Ben was nobody and not even in his own house until he met Lopez. I give Lopez a lot of credit for all that she has worked for all she has. She has earned every penny she has. Ben is a loser just for talking trash.

  123. laura says:

    Shut the F— up Ben

  124. holly says:

    oh please i though he was a loser, but this is too much. I think he can´t get over her. who was ben before he dated jennifer lopez?He only took advantage of matt damon´s talent, he was only an uncoming actor who had to prove everything. It´s very easy to say jlo ruined my career instead of “i´m an average actor”. Loser

  125. teehee says:

    Its funny to me how others will say things like ‘negativity will come back and get you’ and ‘you dont get ahead in the world berating others’ and ‘what a scum for talking smack’ when all the while they are slamming the sh&t out of Ben.


  126. focanadiense says:

    Jlo ruined his career?What about Jlo´s career??When he broke her marriage(we have to remember jlo was with cris judd and affleck didn´t mind)she was 1# in music and cinema(it wasn´t the case of ben).

  127. Iggles says:

    Wow, Ben is such a LOSER!!! I don’t think for a second that Ben and Jen 2.0 have a happy marriage…

  128. morgs says:

    their relationship seemed to mark the true beginning of celebrity and gossip hypermania. It was a relief when they broke up…then the next golden couple was annointed and took the most overexposed and annoying title away from them. I wonder what couple will be next?

  129. Ned says:

    I would be bitter too, had I was the one stuck with horsey- face- Garner.

    Ben is stuck with the ugliest woman in Hollywood.
    She forced fatherhood on him, and is milking every bit of PR of their “family”.

    Anyone found it odd that Matt copies everything Ben does?

    Ben got trapped by a Garner, Matt ran off and got his beard pregnant.

    Ben gets married (without friends and family, Garner style of shotgun), Matt does the same.

    I think Matt had a lot to do with making sure Ben doesn’t marry anyone, and badmouthed any girlfriend he had.

    Garner understood what she was up against, pretended to be “nice” to Matt and made sure that Ben doesn’t have a choice, plus she was smart enough distance them from Matt, at least for the wedding and the first year.

  130. Ggirl says:

    My G*d! We all got over this SEVERAL years ago…Why can’t he?
    Next time someone asks Benny about this he should say “no comment”. What a silly thing to blame his career mishaps on. Has he ever heard of personal responsibility and not discussing his personal feelings in public? Everytime he even goes near this topic he comes across like an ass. Let.It.Go.

  131. nelly says:

    “Update by Celebitchy: There is no source for this quote, and Contact Music doesn’t say they interviewed Affleck, nor do they conduct interviews. I cannot find a source at all other than Contact Music, and all they do is use other sources without attributing them. Affleck has not appeared on a talkshow for quite a while and has no major interviews coming out in magazines that I can tell. He’s also not promoting anything as far as I can tell. So where are these quotes from? I really doubt that he said this recently, and think these are being rehashed and reworded from earlier quotes. Until I see a more solid source I don’t think it’s fair to bash him at all for saying this.”

    With that being said, why people still comment about this topic?

  132. mary says:

    With that being said, why people still comment about this topic?
    Because it´s not the first time, ben has been talking about jlo in many interviews since they broke up trying to ruin her, the last time was in april when he was promoting a movie

  133. Pat says:

    Ben is not only a bad actor but also he’s a poor excuse of a man who took advantage of J LO and Matt Damon to get famous. I’ve never liked his acting and as a person I think he’s cold, degrading and arrogant.

  134. wow says:

    nice update to the article: TOO LATE!!

    christ the bile from this MIS-INTERPRETED NON-STORY has seeped into other threads as well…

    How about a NEW story recanting this rubbish?

    BTW I couldn’t care less about Affleck, this was just WRONG.

  135. Kara says:

    She’s disgusting and she deserves to get a little slapping. She always buys or pays people off but she couldnt pay him off. She deserves all the bad rep she gets. She’s a horrible person using people to her advantage.

  136. archiepelago says:

    This all seems a bit out of left field… From the quote, I don’t think he is bashing her personally… I think he is saying that HE himself was a jerk back then and was trying to buy into fame and ‘Hollywood’ and it backfired when they as a couple courted the media in the tacky way that they did. Let’s face it, the guy must know that most people think he is a less than stellar actor and it must be hard to be up there as a ‘movie star’ without the goods to back it up. He probably needed his ego stroked back then. Now he’s doing the family thing and is low key.

    Like you said, there is no evidence to back any of this up anyway.

  137. nelly says:

    I think people are taking this tooooooooo seriously. Sometimes tabloids take old stories to make new stories, and this statement could have been said several years ago or never said at all. What i was trying to say is that Celebitchy shouldn’t post this article without a strong source and then make a update saying that … maybe this isn’t true.
    Ps- I noticed that JLO has a lot of fans out there, but when you say Ben is a terrible actor, just remember JLO is not that good either. I still have nightmares everytime i remember Maid in Manhattan and Shall we Dance. But i have to agree she’s a very good singer, dancer and designer.

  138. yadira says:

    Man, this is worst than a Brangelina/Aniston article!!!

    Everyone put down your pitch forks, take a breather and a couple of your happy pills.

    J.LO sucks! I am latina too but that dont mean she instantly becomes my idol. I can’t stand her music, her cheap clothing line, her arrogance about how much better and how many rocks the b*tch has or her fugly face!

    I agree Ben, she does make me feel gross and dirty and wanting to shoot myself. Thought I would add a little bit of my own in there 😉

  139. Lauram says:

    If you can’t verify the source, remove the article, don’t just add a weak disclaimer.

    Take some resposibility for this sensationalistic piece of journaism and do the right thing- most people only read the headline anyway.

    Have you learned nothing from perez?

  140. adamantia claus says:

    If you read that quote carefully it doesnt SOUND like something a GROWN man would say. I doubt greatly he said this, Affleck directed a well regarded movie, does alot of work in Darfur and I cannot see him hashing up some OLD ASS crap about a woman who is fairly irrelevant as a celebrity as this time.
    I dont see him taking the risk. I’ve always liked Ben even though he can see his head from space (unless George Lopez is standing near) but he seems to have a good sense of humor and is self deprecating after his fling with being a box office douche and tabloid fodder when he hooked up with jlo.
    I seriously doubt he’d take the time to dredge up this old crap.
    Dang dude, usually you’re better at this.

  141. BlueSkies says:

    OK, fine. This post was a sham and a damned good one. Kudos to Kaiser because it proved one thing. It proved that no matter how diva-like JLo can be she still is supported by many women who were quick to jump to her defense. Recognizing a self-made woman is not for naught. The show of support and the # of post, by women, for a woman, is heartwarming.

  142. Snoopchew says:

    Ben Affleck is an arrogant jerk. He has no talent worth recognizing but his mother probably still loves him.

  143. Zecharia says:

    I think he said what we all were thinking. The nation momentarily got into this “hot latin” phase and she was touted as the one but it turns out those are a dime a dozen and that was so 2003. I think even Ben took advantage of her quick rise fame which I’m still confused by to this day.

  144. kristi says:

    JLo was so-so overrated not that hot and her ass was no big deal and there are really like alot other “hot latinas” that if sh IS hot, not really and there’s too many that try to be hot that JLo is not. GET OVER HER!!!!!!!

  145. carmengirl says:

    OMG! She can barely sing, dance OR act and she used to jump up on this in Living Color and her gut got in the way!! She was famous on a fluke when P. Diddy sexed her. Now he’s pulling/pushing Cassie, the other “cute” no-talent. JLo needed street cred then an upgrade and wanted to be everything to everyone and that’s blond dye. Now she’s back to being “spanish” again and married to a bug. Then again she’s plain and her hips will spread if she eats.

  146. Andrea says:

    If he did make that statement, he has no class. Who really knows what goes on between two people, but she always looked happy. When it ended, she did what he should do: keep quiet about it.

  147. Abraxus says:

    I don’t get Ben bashing J-Lo from this – he is saying he made a huge mistake and he couldn’t deal with all the tabloid publicity that came with the relationship – he didn’t mention J-Lo in the quote. And for a TOTAL FACT J-Lo has suffocated Mark Anthony’s career, and musically that man could do great things if it weren’t for J-Lo being the career hog in the family. Plus, J-Lo broke up Mark and his previous wife. Why is anyone defending J-Lo. Affleck simply said he made a mistake and it wasn’t good for his career – take a look at Mark Anthony’s career lately – seems he has taken the same route being attached to J-lo too!

  148. Abraxus says:

    BTW, some idiot on here said Ben took advantage of Matt Damon to get famous – well, they have been best friends since grade school, so Ben must have started planning the taking advantage part pretty darned early in his life, in fact before he was really even that into acting at all. And FYI, BEN and MATT wrote Good WIll Hunting TOGETHER and won an Oscar TOGETHER. I am not saying that Ben has always made the best acting choices, but neither has J-Lo either – both have their own good and bad points. When it comes to how they are perceived publicly lately though, I’d say Ben is winning hands down because J-Lo still likes to ride the publicity wagon!

  149. Susan says:

    He really needs to grow up…He dated her because he wanted no, no one forced him!!! I used to think he was so hot, then he dated J-Lo and I got a bit turned off, but now to read how is talking about her is a disgrace.. Ben, you have daughters, how would you like some talking about them the way you talked about your Ex-Fiance!!!!

  150. dana says:

    I can’t believe he is still bringing this up he probably wants her back so bashing her or their relationship in his pathethic reverse psychology attempt. Clearly J Lo is over him, because I don’t hear her mentioning him. I used to like Ben, but now I see he can’t take ownership of his problems, if she controlled him then he is a wus bag for allowing it. I think his post was mindless ridicule, which insulted himself and his wife more than J Lo. What’s gross is him!

  151. ross says:

    He was never a big deal. He had a 1 or 2 shot career. Speaking against J-lo is WAY-lo. He is gross & age isnt being kind to him so far. He is ordinary looking & sure no brad pitt

  152. rubastank says:

    How silly of a grown man whos a so-called happier self since having kids sound so enraged..still! To sound off on ONE bad relationship which he helped draw out in front of the media and now that he has nothing else to spit at; he wants to whip it to his ex jLo. Hes trying to make himself look better now that we all see hes really a bore with never as much talent as matt!! ben was and is still a camera puss who wants fame so bad he will get it anyway he can..if he thought he felt gross then..he has no idea how more disgusting it is too talk crap bout someone that u used to love and knowing that u were going to be “quoted” on it for evryone to see even ur ex! Thats no man..thats a shame!

  153. Digger says:

    I thought Ben had more class than that saying what he said . Maybe it was the bozz or what ever that grossed him out .
    What a lame duck you are Ben .

  154. India says:

    True JLo is not Jodie Foster but, Ben Affleck’s movie career is doing well at the moment. He directed a movie with his own cash and it did very well at Sundance and Oscars(his kid Brother got nominated). He is in some decent movies this year too, so bringing up JLo is a bad mistake and he is digging himself a hole that he might not get out off. He should just talk about his movie and his amazing family. He should NEVER discuss ex-girlfriends to the press. That is GROSS. I heard this story before but I am not sure from where. I hope for his sake he just focusses on bringing great movies out. I am a Jlo and an Affleck fan especially his comedies/and his early work. However, I think he is really sleazy, he has the sleazy vib about him. Anyway, he could end up having a better career then Matt D. I never liked Matt and I get pi$$ed of that Hollywood keeps selling Matt as good looking. Matt has never been handsome he looks like Shrek.Fact

  155. lgahr says:

    why are so many people bashing Ben Afleck? Geez, he screwed up with his high-profile wild and crazy relationship with J-lo — didn’t that seem obvious???? now leave him alone. Ben has always been the guy on the next bar stool or at the poker table type, just a regular guy, never claimed he was anyone special and J-lo is who she is. Life happens….move on. I hope they both are happy. Ben is not blaming anyone but himself…
    leave him to his regrets — hopefully he has become a better man…..the boy in him learned his leasson the hard way.

  156. Sandra says:

    This is what you call a country hick. You can take the man outta the country but you can’t take the country outta the man. He was always a sucky actor. That’s why he doesn’t have a career.Lopez was so above this pos that he wasn’t worth getting her seconds.We see who the respectable one is in this past duo. She is. Any man that would talk like this is crap. He is trying to keep Jenn #2 pregnant all the time so she won’t outshine him.He’s a dud pure and simple..He couldn’t act himself out of a paper bag…

  157. Ann says:

    what’s wrong with you people? Do you believe all the slimy crap the tabloids print? use your heads and don’t be so quick to judge!!!! Don’t you know they make up crap like this just to sell magazines. Perez Hilton is the worst piece of slime in today’s market. Wonder how he sleeps at night – as are the other rags that like to destroy people. We need a little kindness in today’s world. Let’s start here.

  158. Joycielou says:

    Could Ben’s bad boy behavior have been a subconcious(or concious) way for that joke of an engagement to end? Just wondering!

  159. Luvalatina says:

    If this is true, Ben should be thanking Jennifer Lopez for cleaning him up and giving him some “class.” He never looked better until he was with her. He probably couldnt handle all the publicity and limelight he was in. If he did say these comments, it says alot for his character.

  160. Ms Lady says:

    Well not only does this “article” not attribute any source and it doesn’t sound like him but it is being interpreted incorrectly it sounds like to me. It sounds like he was speaking ill of the media/tabloids not her, he keeps mentioning regretting getting into the publicity of it all “being typecast as himself” and that’s what put a damper on his career and that’s what made him feel suffocated, miserable and gross, and that’s what made it so he was no longer in control of his life, the media was. It so happens that it surrounded their relationship. No need to bash him so harshly, especially if you’ve read the last part (where it mentions that there are no sources for this “interview” and may very well be false.

  161. Teresa says:

    If you look at all the pics of Benifer…. Ben looks like he is going to throw up. His lips are drawn, his face is tight… he looks p- whipped. Miserable doesnt even remotely describe what he must have been feeling. He let himself get caught up in the bad girl, sexual image of Jenifer and never knew her. He went on to marry little miss innocent. She went on to be a couple called Beauty and the Beast and now they have two of the mose UN-cute kids I have ever seen in my life. Best of luck to all 🙂

  162. Ghimmio says:

    JLo is not a hot “fatina” she’s ordinary and Ben the Fleck has Giganta-face. Casey is cuter.

  163. kelly says:

    Actually, If you read the whole article the author admits he cant verify that Ben Afflect even made those remarks. And if he did, as others have pointed out, he didnt trash Jennifer Lopez, He trashed the relationship. It didnt work out. He nevers says she is a bad person.

  164. notafan says:

    As I read it, Ben is not trashing Jennifer. He is critical of the whole media attention to anyone trying to have a relationship in a glass house. I think he meant it was a bad time in his career to have so much publicity on every negative thing he did (although I think he did a LOT!)He admits in the quote that the PUBLICITY was what he was unhappy with. In this quote he does not blame jennifer Lopez.

  165. Ghimmio says:

    I heard it was another woman, Gigli. He watched it while JLo slept and he looked over at her sleeping, with his fist clenched to his mouth and whispered, “It’s so over Jenni.”

  166. NJMDPS says:

    As far as the “update” goes, he still sucks.

  167. Jennie says:

    Ben ~ like what have you done lately! Like your “career” is something to talk about now, get a grip your toupee is a bigger show then you.

  168. Tom says:

    oh.. and of course I meant wears in my last post, not where’s.

  169. Tom says:

    I also just noticed that many of the harsh comments come from women. Hey, Ladies… this is not a representation of your last failed relationship. Get off you butt and stop reading this trash and maybe you’ll find yourself a happier life and this tabloid crap will not matter.

    And it is painfully obvious none of you know anything about any of these celebrities. Ben’s career is better now… as a director. Jennifer Garner has been in a few good movies the past 4 years, but focuses more on the kids. Oh, and they both could stop right now and still would have accomplished more than any of you.

  170. michelle says:

    are you kidding me???? hes talking about the publicity that made him feel that way, due to the relationship. i dont see where he said jen made him feel that way…he said..the publicity…good god anything to snap judgement..breath and relax..quit twisting and turning to get drama!!!

  171. Oh how infantile and distasteful can this man be???!!! Does Ben actually believe that by making these remarks it will rank him any higher on the scale of actors/human beings? No Ben, like everyone else, you’ve always been in control of your life. You got to the “curb” on your own.

  172. mary says:

    Ben is a cry baby. He was done before he dated J-Lo. Who cares all these years later…

  173. PopstarrUps says:

    Actually since both JLo and BenAffleck are not relevant past 2004 they should reunite as a couple and create a blockbuster, say, “Gigli: II: We’re Baaaaack”.

  174. Maritza says:

    For the record a man that goes public and talks unkind things of an ex to me is not a man. The truth of the matter is that Ben was never a good actor, meanwhile Jennifer had it all including more money then him. First his drugs and all that partying that he did when he was with Jennifer Lopez is ok but when you are with a woman who does not party or use drugs like Jennifer Lopez then it becomes a problem. For him to say all those unking things about Jennifer Lopez puts a bad taste in anyone’s mouth. I didn’t see him complaining when they were on the red carpet and they wanted to talk to Jennifer Lopez and he was right there holding her thru her waist. I remember him complaining when he did the video with her. The woman has it all and the best thing that she did was to let him go. She put up with his crap and never did she have a interview where she spoke unkind things about Ben. She has too much class for that. As for her being a controling person the reason for that is that she didn’t want him doing drugs and why doesn’t he just act like a man and just shut up. First Jennifer Lopez’s name shouldn’t be in his mouth for respect for his wife which is not a grand prize either. What she did to her ex husband was so horrible. She got pregnant right away so that Ben could marry her meanwhile Jennifer Lopez just returned to the love of her life which is Marc Anthony. I think that people forget that they were an item before their careers started and Marc went and got married on Jennifer. She now has what she always wanted a family with kids and keeping a low profile on her private life. She looks wonderful after having her babies and the woman could dress. She married someone who is a awesome singer and they are happy. So Ben just go on with his life and be a man about the whole thing. Give Jennifer Lopez and his wife the respect that they both deserved.

  175. leelee says:

    Ben’s true color…White######. Matt is married to a latin woman who was ounce married to a openly gay broker. Aniston’s last movie made pennies, maybe Ben is the one who ruins other’s careers. Hope Aniston does well. Ben, I couldn’t care if your next movie is with Pitt or Jolie, because most of us will nevr care to see you again. Get lost, loser. Be a man for ounce and wash those kids, please.

  176. BB says:

    Who cares about has beens!

  177. Rosie says:

    I loved Ben, but now I say “what a BIG JERK! He should be more repectful of his previous relationships. Or maybe he just still has the hots for J Lo (who knows). But one thing is certain, Affleck is certainly NOT A GENTLEMEN. Just think Jennifer #2 one day he may bad mouth you too!

  178. Dan Lighty says:

    He may not have bashed her out-right but he coincedently was at the lowest point of his life when he was with HER he drank, (drugged?), gambled and did the suckiest movies, not writing, ALL while with JLo she definitely changed him for the worst but I still think it got cold when JLo became JWho I’m thinking the info. was part of an interview, with a question like, “Ben WTF happened to you in 2003?

  179. Richard says:

    Ben the rat just needs to Man Up

    What a pathetic excuse for a man

  180. leelee says:

    This guy has no life in him. He walks around like a zumbie, and obviously needs his coffee, but not strong enough. Ben is married to his alcohol and gambling and no good for any woman. J Lo is lucky to have escaped this bore, self centered ego maniac who thinks he is better. He is not. Never was, maybe briefly when he dated this girl. I’m no fan of JLo, no reason, not a fan of many other actors, but now I actualy feel she was robbed and hope she has a great come back. Hope she knows how luck she is. If she didn’t, she should now…Boston must be really proud, and he wants to go into politics….AH AH AH, now that is funny. Boring.

  181. Dan Lighty says:

    Yes Ben manned up and got himself a real woman Jennifer Garner.

  182. Nelda says:

    I’m so glad he likes his new role. Stay home dad with a wife that can go out and make the money. I guess this is a better career move for him because now we don’t have to see him. Anyway when you cant stop talking about a past relationship then your really not over it. J. Lo has gone on with her life and Im sure has better things to do then to remember this fool much less take the time and comment about a ghost she is so much better than that.

  183. maria says:

    he should,nt be talking about her because he was in love and they split but he has to come out with other Jenifer thatshe dont know get dress up and nothing malfuntions so get over it she has a boy and a girl and ben want to have a boy because he knows that benifer was the only one he reall love. so shut up

  184. leelee says:

    I can’t believe she dated him to begin with. Why on earth, did she? Did she have a career death wish? She was so popular and after lost it all because of a drunk, no good, boring jerk. he stinks and he knows it, but needs to take spot light from her ounce again. Feel bad for Gardner as she is sort of too good for him also. Guy is a dirt bag. What a nerve. By the way, latin people are very proud of their heritage and don’t walk around as if others owe them something, unlike this jerk who feels others owe him something. They should stick to their own race because boys like Ben will take away any luster you have. Not latin, but admire them a lot more than I do my own race because most man I know, even successful ones, are dull and don’t know how to live. They just exist and take up space and not woth the headache.

  185. Dave says:

    JLo also became a ghost when she married the singer. How’s that working out for her? She’s trying to come back as the ghost of Victoria Beckham but no one even cares. She’s back on the block.

  186. YTMT says:

    I find it interesting that he spent not one, but TWO years with Lopez and yet I’m sure he didn’t think about feeling “gross” when he was humping her! I feel for Garner… she could have done a hell of a lot better, than settling for that shit stain! WHAT A JERK!!!

  187. leelee says:

    He looks drugged out all the time. So boring and lifeless…

  188. Mariko says:

    Truly believe it’s all made up.

    No solid proof. It’s a shame people have such a boring life they have to bash!!!

    Ben Affleck is an awesome actor and husband and father.

  189. truefacts says:

    What a low-life. I though he had more class. I think he may be a f*g. You never talk down on an ex.; you just remain friends or keep on moving with your life. She appears very happy now. i still say it it hime with the problem. i don’t see or hear her talking about him.. J. lopez, you do have more class.

  190. Esther says:

    I think that Ben is an idiot, I thought that breaking up with Jennifer and not apologizing was really bad for his imagine. I think that if he really said these comments, he is more of a low life than I could even imagine. I like him even less, and I am sure that the comments did not improve his acting. There is nothing like blaming someone else for his lack of artistic abilities. Why is he staying at home so much if he is such a great actor I certainly don’t see him in the big screen all that much.

  191. Deirdre says:

    Honestly, Ben Affleck needs a reality check. He got himself into some messes and now he wants others to take the blame for it. GROW up already. They were
    not meant to be. even all of us from the Cambridge, MA area saw it. He’s take her to a Sox game and she’s act so bored that it was pathetic. Am sure she was wishing she had her nails done.So, Ben get over it. Move on and be a mature
    adult. We’ll all respect you for it.

  192. Dave says:

    Actually they were both only interesting when they dated each other because of the different race. Both 1/4 a talent to make one 1/2 that can’t get arrested for the love of mary.

  193. Do any of you actually read? Read the comment update by Celebitchy. “People need to open there eyes a bit more and let there ears hit the floor” (Myself 🙂 Stop believing every false, scrambled, and miss leading quote you read. Is this on a video interview with Ben somewhere? NO! Did he actually tell you to your face in those exact words and context. NO! You don’t even know him or J-Lo. Hell you couldn’t even get next to one of there dumps if you made it your life long goal. SO STOP BEING SO GULLIBLE!!!

  194. leelee says:

    all you need to do is go to starbucks if you want to get close to Ben. who would want to, anyway. maybe bee jay. not everyone is amused with actors. I’m replying because he proves the point, that hollywood needs to vent out the low lives and get some real talent. it costs people money to be entertained and he’s just not worth anyones’s seven dollars. he’s a poor excuse for man and bashing a woman is not ok, when no one forced him. in fact, i hate people like him and would rather read a good book, or even do homework, than listen to this bore who feels others owe him something. he’s the one that owes us quality entertainment, but lacks in all departments.

  195. RoniRoca says:

    His tackiness is just using her (J-Lo)to gain popularity again. Everyone has moved on now this! He must have been in love with her because he just can’t get over it. Maybe he is bored with the second Jennifer!

  196. nclovely1 says:

    If you read what Ben said, it was the publicity and associated goings-on surrounding his time with JLo that made him feel suffocated, miserable and gross. He did not say that JLo made him feel that way. He did not say anything against JLo at all — just about their highly publicized affair. People need to read more carefully and critically — then masybe they won’t join the media muckrakers in making people feel suffocated, miserable, and gross.

  197. put it on a t shirt says:

    Ben wasn’t talking about has-been Jennifer Lopez, he was talking about being in the media spotlight as a larger than life couple. What he says makes perfect sense. He’s a good actor and seems like a good guy. Just leave him be, he’s entitled to his opinion about the nightmare that was.

  198. leelee says:

    He’s a phonie and should stay away from Darfur. No one needs his type. He’s lifeless and that’s the last thing Darfur needs.

  199. yossy says:

    Ben, I just want to tell you that JLO is the best. She is too much for you. Look at JLO please, she is a complete woman and professional. Please be a gentleman.


  201. Angelab says:

    Neither one JHo or Ben are a prize. Better to just leave thing alone.

  202. Lisa says:

    Hey Ben..weren’t you the one who took out a whole page in the trade papers confessing your admiration and love for Jennifer Lopez? Yeah that was you buddy. Look you obviously haven’t got over her or you wouldn’t be bringing her up or blaming her for your lame career. You in my opinion were never talented or that great of an actor. You must have been at the right place at the right time. Look, the honest truth is you were lucky to be graced by the presence of Jennifer Lopez and I thought you never looked so good. But be quiet and go back to your so-so wife and be quiet Ben. Bad publicity dude!!

  203. camille says:

    what an idiot… both moved on,,,,,,is this just another ploy to bring attention to yourself? you’re lucky j-lo even gave you the right time of day……you are no prize,.what she ever saw in you is a big mystery to me,,….whoever called you a matinee idol needs to have their glasses changed.i wouldn’t look at you once never mind twice…you are no gentleman!!!!!!!!

  204. Toni says:

    Well, I didn’t take it as his being rude to J.Lo as much as his referring to the paparazzi and general chaos surrounding her. Not sure that that is unfair.

  205. Lisa says:

    Hey Ben…weren’t you the one who took out a whole page in the trade paper confessing your admiration and respect for Jennifer Lopez? Yeah that was you loser!! Look the truth is you seem not to be over her since you can’t stop blaming her for your lame career. In my opinion you are a so-so actor who must have been at the right place at the right time because I don’t see your talent. You were lucky to be seen on the arm of Jennifer because I don’t know what she saw in you. You never looked so good there Ben. But now your just a sour mug who can’t do anything but blame Jennifer for your slacking career. Boo Hoo!! Bad publicity Ben!!

  206. New Orleans says:

    What a put it politely…
    He made that obvious in the TV presentation of them both in the house they shared…
    They were in the Kitchen ..
    Jennifer was cooking…
    and being interviewed..
    You knew by the look on her face that
    IT WAS OVER…!!!
    She carried on bravely, but she was devastated his nastiness towards
    her on camera…
    He deserves to be forgotten…
    Celebrity comes with a BIG PRICE…
    for all those BIG DOLLARS earned..
    you have to use SOME OF IT to
    “GIVE BACK” in some way…
    not spend it on drink, drugs and babes…
    and think that the public will continue
    support you…!!!

  207. Migdalia Reyes says:

    To those of you who were “grossed out” by watching her movies, Question: WHY THEN WERE YOU WATCHING HER MOVIES TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!!! Hmmmmmm??

  208. Mercedes says:

    Rule number one, never talk trash about your ex. Is bad karma and it
    shows that you have no class.

  209. kassie says:

    This comment by the writer of the article: “…I give Jennifer a lot of credit for the way she conducted herself post-Bennifer. She just up and married Marc Anthony…” confuses me. You admire JLo for breaking up a family but dis Ben for talking about his time with JLo? Marc Anthony was a married man with young children when JLo went after him. I see nothing to give her any credit for. I thought Ben always looked unhappy with her and it didn’t surprise me at all that he backed out of the wedding. I also think that it’s unfair to print these comments when at the end of the article you have an update saying that no true source of these comments by Ben can be verified. So don’t put them on the Internet, already!

  210. leelee says:

    she’s not the one that grossed people out, it’s been him all along. he was a nobody before her, nor will he ever be because he ruined her career and ounce again is trying to rob whatever is left of hers. NOT THIS TIME BUSTER. We all know he has said these things, and those sticking up for him must be like him. let her resume what’s left of her career and get your horse face, knocked up wife to get you the attention you desperatly seek. I don’t answer to blogs, but this one has touched a nerve. J Lo is way better than this guy could ever be. She had a great career, then he came along and took it away and now things he’ll do the same AGAIN. Guess what jerk, I’ll see any movie she’s in now and you can continue doing your kimmel skids because that’s the only memorable work you have ever done. Even the good will hunting movie was about Matt and Robin Williams and you should be greatfull for the exposure you took away from this girl. Live your own pathetic life and leave her alone. go to starbuscks and get some life into you, bitch…your face touches your belly, and you look like a bum, and sorry, your wife is no innocent babe. she got knocked out and looks identical to Maria Shriver, who i find, sorry, not good looking. Letterman made her look good, but that’s because he’s a pervert and will glee over anyone he thinks he can get away with. Losers…LEAVE JEN ALONE. She has had enough of you and made that clear when she dumped you. Get over it.

  211. LSBF says:

    Nowhere in the quote does he mention Lopez’ name, it’s all “I” statements – which he is certainly allowed to make. He doesn’t blame her for anything, so I’m not getting what the fuss is all about. More BS, I think.

  212. Redtopp says:

    I never thought they were all that as a couple in the first place; i think the Gigli thing got carried away and they didn’t know how to stop that trainwreck. She’s always been about HER and HER career — as for the settling down part…well we see now who she was really waiting for…

  213. Vivian says:

    What a gentleman!! Affleck is either short of cash or promoting a new gig. He keeps telling tabloids that he “has never been happier’, but still is obsessed with J.Lo. She might not be the greatest movie actress, but she certainly has great musical talents and a beautiful voice. Shame of Ben for being such a poor loser.

  214. Thompson says:

    You are an ass-hole from day one. You knew what you were doing when you were dating her. I am sick of you rich ass people who just don’t know the real meaining of love. One minute you are saying you are engaged and the next minute you have gone to someone else. I try not to promote too many of you all because you all need to get your act together. I just can’t spend my money fooling with a lot of nonsense. I don’t
    see any of you all a role models.
    Get a life and display good morals for the world.

  215. Grace says:

    Ben Affleck has decided to take the low road for explaing his lack of popularity. I think J-Lo should really be regretting the poor choice she had when she fell for Ben. A man who has an ex and declared his love for her for all who hear and years later after being married to someone else, he trashes his relationship with the ex is absolutely pitiful. I think he now thinks of himself as superior than JLo, but he is showing the contrary. What he just did is elevate JLo to a woman of character for respecting and keeping her side of the story private while his very own comments defines him as a coward. What he needs to realize is that he got a great chance with someone who truly loved him and he blew it due to his weak character. Now his character has deteriorated from weak to pitiful. For those who claim he is referring to the media, give me a break, he is clearly talking about his relationship with JLo and not the relationship he had with the media at that time. He is selfish by uttering these hurtful comments. Grow up Ben, be a man and don’t trash your ex to the media. What a cheap shot.I agree with others, Jennifer Garnes take note.

  216. isa says:

    why doesn’t he just shut up if anyone is nasty and gross is him. Jelousy is evil so BEN, dont blame jenny for your career it was going no where then and its going no where now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. terry says:

    I’m no fan of Ben’s but I don’t see where he’s bad-mouthing HER. He’s just saying that the relationship with J-Lo affected his career in a negative fashion. Which it probably did. Now, is that the only reason his career didn’t take off – No. But I think he’s too self-absorbed to blame himself. But none-the-less, I don’t think he’s blaming her personally.

  218. Smiley says:

    Yes, I agree with all your post that Ben blaming Jennifer for his shortcomings does make him less of a man. With regards to Jennifer she might have had a problem finding her true love but he was always there, she just refused to accept it. For those that don’t know the story, Jennifer and Marc Anthony dated back even before she was married to Ohani. She was on his video way back when her career started taking off (Selena). They have always been in each other lives behind the public eye. He has always been in love with her way before he knew or married Dayonnara. Her family wanted her to be with him back then but she had other ideas. Sometimes we refuse to accept what’s in front of us until we’ve been through the blender. Ms. Day was always second choice to him and she knew this when she married him and has stated so herself. Jennifer was always planted in Marc’s life and that was never going to change because Jennifer was who he really wanted, even if at the time he could only have her as a friend. Ms. Day was sadly mistaken to think that Marc would forget about the woman he truly loved and wanted. A man never forgets the woman he loves, especially if he keeps her in his life. Marc knew it would only be a matter of time before Jennifer would see that they should be together and when the time came he made sure that Jennifer would not get away from him once again, thus the quickie divorce. Everyone involved knew they were unhappy, espcecially Dayonnara and Marc. That’s why there was no long drawn out divorce drama. Everyone knew it was time to move on. Marc and Jennifer have come to terms with their short comings, their failures and those that have been hurt in the process. Now they chose to just live their lives as best they could with as little scrutiny as possible, so let’s let them be. As for Ben, as soon as he grows up. He’ll be a better place than he is now.

  219. liza says:

    Ben you need to find a better excuse for you’re falling career this goes back way before J.lo..You never had a career are you that desperate that you need to use her name.I’m not a fan of hers,but you need to move on and try something else.

  220. NJMDPS says:

    This J Lo/Ben thing has taken on a life of its own. I find this fascinating.

    Love or hate either Jen or Ben, the response on this one speaks volumes.

    No one respects or likes anything Ben Affleck has to say regarding the put down of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

    He really needs to focus on letting this go and finding himself a job in the real world since he has already wasted his limited exposure in Hollywood.

  221. Matt says:

    Poor Ben. He feels others rained on his parade, poor thing. She had been around for a while and was on her way to bigger things until this piece of work came along and made people sick. She’s the one who msut have regreted knowing him, and she’s the one who should feel he’s gross. He can’t smell that good after the alcohol drull. Yuck. I feel bad she had to endure him, which cost her career and now this loser comes back for more because he can’t do it himself. Oh my god. This is so shamefull and a slap in the face for all women. I bet the latin world hated it when she went with him, as they don’t admire certain characteristics like gambling, drinking, sleeping around with both genders, drugs and so forth. At least not the majority of them. Anyway, she’s married to a great partner and good fit and should just ignore this leach who can’t seem to forget her and wants more. We’ll defend you jen. You should not have to put up with him for another minute, so try to ignore this leach and be happy he’s married to his good fit. His wife obviously doesn’t mind his passing out and stink.

  222. kack43 says:

    she ruined his career?? that is too funny. i am SOOOO not a jlo fan, i am probably the total opposite, i can’t stand her. but there is no need for him to trash her years later. his pathetic choices HIS choices are what ruined his career. he picked crappy movies and was out drinking and gambling all the time. but it shows what a “real man” he is, can’t own up to his shortcomings so he needs to blame someone else. what i think really ended up ruining that relationship was his “mommy didn’t approve of her!!” but like i said i can’t stand jlo so it’s not like i feel sorry for ANY of them. movie stars are a rare WEIRD breed anyhow. their lifestyle choices are so f**ked up to regular people. so i guess that was just parr for the course.

  223. Grace says:

    My understanding is that Marc Anthony was already in process of divorcing his ex prior to JLo and Ben braking up. It sounds to me that after the break up, JLo found a shoulder to cry on with Marc A. and he just speed up the divorce to marry JLo. NOw they seem very happy while Ben is crying foul. Pathetic comments from Ben. Ben concentrate in your own life, and don’t focus on degrading others.

  224. Teri says:

    Ben sounds pretty pathetic blaming someone else for the failure that his his career. He should blame his acting abilities for that. At the time he used the media for his own publicity gain. He probably could not handle the fact that she was the bigger draw even then. As for Puffy or Piddy what ever he is calling himself every one knows JLo was devastated when Marc Anthony married Ms.Torres and she was dating PD at the time he was just trying to save fave. But I can see why Ms. Lopez has no need to mention Affleck or Combs they are pretty forgetable.

  225. Matt says:


  226. Matt says:

    I’m confused. Why would Ben’s mom think he’s too good for Jen, when he was a drug user, alcoholic, gambler, filthy person. You can’t have a son like that and think he deserves a good woman. Jen was way too good for him then, and now. Why Gardner would ever marry such a thing is her business, but please don’t tell me he was a good catch. No way in hell will anyone convince me to date or marry such tragedy.

  227. Lynn says:

    He’s so dull everyone takes the spot light away from him. Matt in good will hunting and some other guy in pearl harbor and the only person he stole the lime light from was Jen, because he needed a woman to use and abuse, and continues to redicule. Loser

  228. El says:

    Ben just admit it, her star shined and yours dimmed.

  229. Casey says:

    I have no idea why you people believe everything you read! And, really who cares about any of these spoiled actors / actresses. They have too much money and too much time on their hands.

  230. Lynn says:

    Jen should sue him for destroying her ounce great career. He showed up, destroys her marriage, uses her for fame, than bad mouths her to this day. UNBELIVABLE, little boy. I bet he sucks in bed as most alcoholics do. I bet he peed in a closed thinking it was the toilet. He seems that type. Poor kids. Don’t feel sorry for his wife because she also gained fame because of J Lo. Her own people sort of abandoned her because she strayed with a pig, and they were all right all along. Ben hides behing woman’s skirts than yells foul when he doesn’t get his way. Still shocked to know his mother taugh he deserved something great. WOW. Was she blind? Ben is nothing great, sorry to burst your bubble, Mrs affect. You can have him and so can his boring, dull wife.

  231. Sue Steele says:

    Shut up, Ben……shut up NOW!!!

  232. anne says:

    Jewishprince…J Lo wanted nothing to do with him at the end. She’s the one who dumped him and married the love of her life. Ben was available to marry whomever he chose and i don’t think he would have married her if not for her being pregnant, so sure I agree he married the right Jen because she was going to have a child. You don’t hear J LO talk about him, so why is he talikng about her. Get your head straight. She’s not the attacker here, Ben is, and your defense is weak. I bet you pee in the closet and reason your defended this spicable being.

  233. ohiomoon says:

    Hey, did y’all see those paparazi photos they took of the two on the boat, with Ben’s face buried in JayLo’s butt? Now, that should be at least one happy memory…

  234. Vivian says:

    Man, if he really said this about their relationship, then he is an ass. And you can understand why his career (movie choices) are in the “shitter.” He can blame JLo all he wants but the reality is that his has never been, and could never be as good of an actor as his buddy Matt Damen.

  235. duh says:

    This interview was made up

  236. teri says:

    I remember Ben looked really sharp when he was with Lopez…even though that wasn’t really his style after all.

    I don’t hate the guy but I think his film choices and acting ability are all his own and they weren’t very good. He’s cute and I am glad he’s happy with his role as a husband and father…keep it up.

  237. obama says:

    Grow up Ben. When is your next movie? Oh, forgot, you take another walk to starbucks. After your movie with Aniston, you ruined her chances for management which made pennies. Your the one who ruins careers. No more movies from Ben, his wife, and maybe Matt, from now on. White house needs a window cleaner.

  238. carl says:

    What next, Darfur makes you feel gross. Get a grip sunny boy.

  239. Kenny says:

    Ben, my man. Shut the F…up, and grow up.

  240. Lisa says:

    He loves starbucks and they would hire him for his fame. Feel bad for Ben, but he asked for it. He has said this before on air, but it is now sinking in that he is crazy. This guy lives in a bubble. Too bad, he feels others owe him and not ounce has he acknowledged that he effected Jen’s career. Crappy stuff and insensitive, absurd and just plain wrong.

  241. Nana says:

    The dog ate my homework. Not my fault.

  242. Miss Wanderlust says:

    Oh wow….never expected so many posts ?
    Mr. Affleck & Miss Lopez created the whole Bennifer-monster-media-hype themselves by the public ads in Variety & Hollywoodreporter, there video appearance in “Jenny from the Block”, multiple personal interviews with different reporters(Diane Sawyer,Pat O’Brien, Barbara Walters, Oprah)telling intimate & private details about there proposal + personal life, the song “Dear Ben” that JLO put on her album, giving lovetips in the Instyle interview how to have a succesfull relationship….and the list goes on and on ?
    Lopez and Affleck have made a spectacle of themselves all over the entertainment world and neither of them thought about how devastating Chris Judd was…they could only think about themselves at that time !!!
    If anybody should have felt miserable or gross it should have been mister Judd but he never said anything bad about his ex-wife….even when she broke up with Affleck he wished her all the best….now that is a true gentleman

    There have been other actors who have dated high profile celebs like….Matt Dillon(Cameron Diaz), Benjamin Bratt(Julia Roberts), Matthew McConaughey(Sandra Bullock, Penelope Cruz), Johnny Depp(Kate Moss, Winona Ryder), Ryan Gosling(Rachel McAdams)and the list goes on and on who haven’t talked about there exes or if they did talked only about them (or that period in their live)in a gracious way….Mister Affleck could learn something from that, if you don’t have anything nice to say…..say nothing at all !!!

  243. Bev says:

    WOW bunch of Ben Haters on here. I don’t see that he is dogging out JoLo as much as he is dogging out the relationship. Remember that he is married and has two daughters. They seem happy and hopefully his career will grow. I can totally understand what he is saying and I don’t think it is aimed at JoLo. JUST THE MADNESS THAT WAS BENIFER!! Did probably hurt his career. I just hope that he and Jen Garner are happy and they are left alone to raise their two beautiful daughters.

  244. Alberto says:

    He would make a great politician since he blames others for his own lack of substance. At least jen showered him, something he forgot how to do.
    JLo, count your blessings. You must be really happy that his true colors emerged. Lucky girl.

  245. Tina says:

    If he is happy, why does he always look so miserable. He has no expression and actors need to have some diverse reaction. H’s just plain simple, dull and now even duller. Moron

  246. Tina says:

    Bev, remember that she also has a husband and two children and you haven’t heard her bad mouth him. Defend him, if you wish. Hypocrosy has become the norm for so many, unfortunatly. You don’t attack someone than expect people to kiss your butt because your married and have kids. SO DOES SHE, insensitive Bev.

  247. Beamer says:

    WOW…he should know better.

  248. Tom says:

    This guy was ok, now he’s toast. Idiot

  249. wow says:

    ..after all these years, marriages, and kids, and this immature man decides to bad mouth J-Lo –means he couldn’t get over the fact that she didn’t need him. Every picture he took with her, it was like we wanted them to split up because he was not treating her correct then or now…guess it’s just his personality to act insecure…

  250. ROSE says:


  251. Chuck says:

    Yeah but I’ll bet she was one hellova lay

  252. jojos says:

    What a Pussy…

    Well Jennifer may be bad singer, great dancer and and very acceptable actress…

    To speak about a woman he dated 2 years ago, mm think he may not forget that

    Now to Blame her for his NO now success that is Sick…


  253. YoYo says:

    Come on Ben! The only reason you cheated on JLo was because your friends and family were pressuring you not to marry a Puerto Rican (No matter how famous she was.). You were embarrassed! You are trying to justify your relationship and deep inside you miss her! Give me a break. I’m pretty sure it P***** you off that she quickly went on the rebound with Mark Anthony. She will stay with him for the kids because that’s what P.R. woman do. You are miserable with your bland new wife. You miss sexy JLo. She said in an interview that she was in love with you and it scared her. You know why? Because when Hispanics get involved with Caucasians there is a great chance that Caucasians are with them just for the sex. I know it’s stupid; a myth among Caucasians about Hispanic women passed on which should end. This is sad because Hispanic women can be loyal, caring wives and mothers as well as lovers. You had a good thing and messed up big time. You preferred to listen to others and not your heart. Stop talking cr** and move on!

  254. meme says:

    Why doesn’t anyone READ the Update by Celebitchy???? It sayd right there that there is NO PROOF that these things were said by Ben Afflack. That they are reporting what others are but since …Oh heck GO READ IT! Before you bash Ben into the ground, again, GO READ the update just below the Celebitchy story!! I HONESTLY think that people DO NOT read an article before they comment on it. I also consider that VERY STUPID considering people here are SUPPOSED to be adults. If you commented badly about Ben without reaading that update RIGHT below the story, then you never read the WHOLE thing and have no business commenting on what you have NO idea about!!

  255. Susan says:

    Once again, a “celeb comment” taken far out of proportion. People, he said “Bennifer” made him feel that way. That was a media tag on the two of them. How easy do you think it is for someone to have to live their private life in the spotlight? The media and the public have caused masses of breakups. I can’t say for sure if that’s what happened to the two of them, but I’m sure it didn’t help matters any. Point is, there isn’t anything wrong with what he said – he wasn’t publicly bashing her.

    I say good for him – he’s found love, happiness, and made a LIFE for himself now, not just a career. Kudos to you, Ben!

  256. deneicy says:

    J, below, is correct. Ben was not saying J-Lo was gross, etc. but rather that the surrounding media circus was not a positive experience for him. I suppose a firefighter can complain about the heat, but it looks ridiculous.

  257. J. says:

    I read it as he is speaking to the tabloid obsession and hyperbole around the relationship, “media” coverage like, well this…

    But that’s not a headline worthy spin is it.

  258. Keisha says:

    After all these years, he now wants to vent? I’m not a big fan of J-Lo but this guy has not class. His career was in the sewer before her, during her and after her. He SUCKS as an actor, maybe he is better at being a father and husband.

  259. Kimberly Moore says:

    Ben is a total jackass. He doesn’t have any class at all!! I wouldn’t pay to ever see another one of his movies. Ben, if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your big mouth shut!

  260. Creta says:

    People, People come on Ben was talking about the constant barrage of publicity making him feel smoothered and gross. That is what ruined his career. It was gross, he couldn’t step out the door without 50 papos with camers in his face. Just as they hunted and haunted Brit they did with Ben and Jlo and the taboids wrote all kinds of lies and half truths just as they continue to do. AND THEY LAUGH BECAUSE PEOPLE BELIEVE THE SLANTED TALES THEY WRITE! lIKE MOST OF YOU HERE ARE BELIEVING AND DOGGING BEN FOR THINGS HE DIDN’T SAY!

  261. I love the movies and movie stars. They entertain us and transport us to places far away from our mundane lives. I thought,at the time, that the Bennifer episode was highly romantic. I wanted them to get married and live happily ever after. But for some reason it never came to be. I think to this day, even though they are married to others, they still love each other. That is why Ben is so bitter about it. Maybe someday love will finally find its way and they will be together again! After all we are in Hollywood where people do “live happily ever after.”

  262. Miguel says:

    You commentators are a bunch of twits. He’s talking about Hollywood, the media, the publicity and the papparazzi…not about JLo…

  263. Kris says:

    I must have missed where Affleck says that J-Lo made him feel “suffocated, miserable, and gross.” The impression I get is that the out-of-control media blitz surrounding the relationship is what did a number on him.


  264. Dave says:

    Wow — It’s amazing that only a small handful of people here caught the fact that Affleck wasn’t talking about Lopez with his comment — he was talking about the publicity that surrounded his relationship with her.

    Come on people, try not to get sucked in by the media hype and the sensationalized headlines. Take a few minutes to READ the whole story and digest the facts. If you try thinking a little bit on your own, minus the media manipulation, you might find that you actually like it!

  265. george says:

    Are you an idiot? Did you really write what he should have said to please you? Hahahahahaha, well, there you go. Since you were with them every day, all day and night, I can see how what he “should have said” is better done by you, than his actual mouth. Is good you are there to help him say what he should have said. You’re a prince, or princess, not sure since yoou hide behind a one word name.

  266. Me says:

    I was about to get on here and complain about how “bitchy” the reporters were to Ben Affleck but I see some have beat me to the punch.

    It’s easier to make everyone think the celebrity is talking about someone else than it is to turn the finger around and realize the quote was about them. The media, et al wouldn’t want to believe that maybe THEY caused some problem for a celebrity. They are only there “reporting” every sneeze and bathroom break. How could that possibly be a problem???

    JLo had a HUGE papparazi following and Ben didn’t want to be part of that world. He wanted to have a real life, not one made up of pictures of his hand in front of the camera lens of the papparazi.

  267. sal says:

    I couldn’t figure out the Affleck-Lopez relationship. When he took her to meet his mother was she dressed in those revealing clothes and did she wear all that not so sweet make up? I bet his mother was shocked that her son would bring home someone so gross.
    Is she going to be in a movie again?

  268. Marie says:

    Maybe if she was white he would shut up already. This man knew what he was getting into further he is lying because the girl was already a success when he met her. What he is saying is just a dam shame on his part.

  269. NJMDPS says:

    No matter what this fool was talking about……..the press and/or Jennifer Lopez, he should have kept his big mouth shut. Now he knows all too well that people think he stinks. End of story.

  270. Junior says:

    Hey Ben. Sorry, but Jennifer made you what you were back then, famous. I didn’t know who you were until she discover you and put you out for the world to see. That’s when you became most popular. You should be thankful for that.


    Getting kinda racial up in here, latin ladies repping Jlo and looks like whites (male & female) are trashing Jlo and defending Ben…interesting. ☼

  272. Peanuts says:

    CASEY. The better Affleck. The cooler Affleck. The Affleck that lays low and keeps his mouth shut. The Affleck with the brains if not the oscar. Yet.

  273. M. Muniz says:

    Re: Ben Affleck’s comments about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez – I believe he was wrong just alluding to that time. He dated her and almost married her – she must have done something right – also a gentleman never talks about his past loves….it aint fitting….. it just aint fitting!!!

  274. Alicia says:

    I am surprise that Ben find it necessary to bad mouth Jennifer Lopez now. As far as I am concern Ben you are not a very nice man. I am no longer a fan of yours.
    Why would take about her now? It seems to me that you are the jerk.
    I am however a fan of your wife Jennifer. Jen be prepare to be treated the same if you should split. You have a real winner.

  275. Anabell says:

    look at jennifer garner… he has to make her feel good about herself some way!!!! So let’s talk Sh*t about jennifer lopez… I used to think affleck was a real man but he’s no better than (maybe even slightly below) the average

  276. YankeeDoodle says:

    What really must be “gross” to him is that he was replaced by a “weasel.”

  277. NAT says:

    I don’t think his comment was directed toward JLO. Only the media. But to bring the whole situation up again he must have a lot of regret or not be over JLO or something.

  278. Laney says:

    He isn’t blaming her. He’s blaming the madness that was her life and he was caught up in the storm of it. I feel for the guy. Why should he keep his mouth shut? Somebody asked him and he told the truth. So what if the truth happens to be that life with J-Lo was misery.

  279. hugo vargas says:

    Listen mister: If you think you are a real man, you dont talk like that of the woman that was with you because you wanted to be with her. She offered you her frienship, her love, her companion, her charm and was about to be your wife because you asked and you wanted too, you accepted, you show off yourself with her. If you made a bad decision, it was your fault, not hers. She was in love with you, sucker; you humilliated her. You better shut up and go take some lessons in how to become sensitive and respectfull and have some selfesteam and never, never blame others, especially the woman that gave you so much of her. You just did not deserve it. Face yourself first. Ashame on you to talk like that.

  280. ella says:

    He is still in love with her and pissed off that his friend Matt is married to a latin lady. Let’s be real and honest. Ben does not look happy with gardner, never did, and when he speaks about her there’s no feeling or emotion. He will eventually love her, but after she leaves him. He has peter pan syndrome written all over him. A boy, who doesn’t want to grow up, and doesn’t know what he likes or dislikes, just knows everyone owes him something. Too bad, because he had great potential, but the more we see him, the less interesting he seems. At least she gave him some pazzazz, and if his mother didn’t like JLO, than that’s to bad. She should have raised a man, not a boy, because Jen’s mother couldn’t have been too happy either knowing who he really was. She may have pretended for her daughters sake, but I know, because I worked in Miami at one point, that latin parents are privatly devastated when their sons or daughters marry a different race, regardless of race. So many of these people don’t marry their true loves so they don’t dissapoint their parents. Ben would be lucky to have her, if only they were honest with themselves and that he was no prize and not the kind of man a latina takes home to mamma. Some of you may think money is all, but to them, it’s family and commonality and much more. It’s not the same when an outsider goes in to the family. I think it’s easier for caucasians to bring home a different race, than it is for latins. It’s a well hidden secret, but because of my experience in having lots of friends when I commuted to Miami, I know that’s how they feel. The girl or boy has got to love you a bunch to consider. Now there are some who may not feel this way, but the majority, espeacially the well educated, which they don’t flaunt, by the way, will not go against their parents and will date, but not marry. I’m not a racacist but there’s one race that my father would desone me for if i ever married, which is sad, and hopefully some day people will change.Ben, she could not have gone thru with it, I don’t think. She was lost and blind, maybe, lust, whatever, but I think had you both married, changes are you would be divorced by now, so absolutly you married correctly and best wishes. Just doesn’t semm like a life full of fun and excitment. Gardner is cute, but that’s as far as it gets. Not much of a personality. JLo may not have the expressive intellect a lot of people have, but she had heart and guts and that doesn’t come by easy for a lot of woman. Anyway, I’m sure JLO couldn’t care less about what he thinks as she is happy and has her ups and down to deal with, a great family, loads of friends and who needs a drag anyway. Just shut up about her, or say nice things.

  281. LonelyBen says:

    Ben is such a dead beat, he’s trying to acquire attention by badmouthing J-LO and creating a media Zoo. This guy was a cero to the left before J-LO and is still a cero to the left. He should be thanking J-LO for putting him in the MAP! Ben be a man of honor and shut up!

  282. margie says:

    J-Lo i believe is a wonderful person, she has never done anything wrong in my book and as far as the jerk talking about her well he deserves everything that comes to him because if he never got involved with her in the first place then he wouldnt have anything to say…he is only making himself look bad NOT J-Lo . I hope his so called career goes down hill and he never acts again as far as i am concerned but as for J-Lo she is a lovely woman and does not deserved to be treated like a damn dog when she never even did anything wrong to him.Keep your head held high J-Lo you deserve better then him thats for damn sure!!

  283. ms Mega Queen B says:

    Well ladies we all know that there are only 10% of the men out there that are REAL men the rest are trash, so if you want trash then you will get trash!!!

  284. c kline says:

    Who is it that needs the most attention? Who keeps dredging this stuff up? Why attack the respective spouses for their previous relationships and behavior? Interesting that the JLo camp thinks Affleck is pathetic and the Affleck camp thinks she’s the one playing the victim. They’re not reading this stuff, but we are, and that keeps it alive.

  285. BENfag says:

    Ben, it couldn’t be that bad when after so many yrs, being married, having kids you’re still talking (sweating) about your relationship with J-LO. Dude, I’m no fan of J-LO but you could never stand next to her in any sense. She was always WAY out of your league. Your a BAD actor, Boyfriend and EX. I hope your not a bad husband as well. You did well to go with Jen G she more of your low profile quiet insignificant type.

  286. Kelly says:

    Stop making excuses for Ben. We have heard him say something similar to this before on the air. No wonder he doesn’t grow up, because people are covering up. Stand up and be a man, and those protecting him are only hurting him further. Let the boy take responsibility for his actions and stop pretending. This is not a movie and enough people have been hurt. No excuses. He said it, he was wrong, and now he will pay. Actually, he won’t have to pay. Good news. he was never that good and now won’t get the chance either and any producer who feels they want to risk hiring him, by all means. he uses people, than slams them when convenient and thinks nothing of it, and some of you say he has a wife and daughters and excuse him, blah, blah, blah. You all need to grow up and stop pretending. Your not helping yourselfs or him, and actually piss people off even more. By all means, defend the bum.

  287. mary says:

    He needs to grow up..He’s a has been and just trying to blame someone for his failed career…He needs to blame his lousy acting…He’s much better with a woman who cheated on her husband..right..They deserve each other they are both lousy actors..Like Brangelina…

  288. Lee says:

    This guy is a punk. Talk garbage this way. Be gone little,little boy…

  289. Sara Silva says:

    Mr. Afleck will all due respect you are the driver of your career. There is no blame on others but to blame yourself.

    In my opinion your wife does not look like she is a happily married woman nor do you.

    Winston Churchill said it best: “Sucess is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthuisiam.”

  290. Suzy says:

    Ben Aflec is a handsome guy that women might easily fall in love with, without really knowing his past hobbies from the past. JL took the wrong choice getting involved with him in the first place. It’s a blessing for JL to keep cool despite of their broken engagement. Now, whatever allegation he’s trying to let everybody know of the past is not good for his career. He is NOT A MAN for JL nor for his present wife. Let go of the past and zip your mouth. I like Ben’s wife. She’s working hard for the family. How about Ben?

  291. Suzy says:

    A man wo talks against a woman from the past is NOT A MAN at all.

    JL had a blessing for accepting to cancel your engagement with her. If you want to be back in your career, please be positive.

  292. victor says:

    For all you Ding Dongs stating that J-Lo is a Ho , Wake up and smell roses, The truth of that matter is Most actors and actresses in hollywood are sleeping around,
    Ben needs to let J-Lo go , I didnt even know who he was till J-Lo came into the Picture, Isnt he the one who they made a movie about (Brokeback Mountain)
    ben stop thinking of J Lo when your hitting it with Jen #2, Granted shes not as beautiful as J Lo, At least you dont have to call out another name when your reaching the firework stage,

  293. Jude says:

    He wasn’t bitchin’ when he was kissing her ass in her music videos.

  294. Esther says:

    What he is saying is meant to make her look bad..But intsead, It’s makeing him look bad for saying it…sheeesh, talk about kiss n tell…..

  295. renica says:

    OMG! I always liked Ben,I never loved Ben. Hes an ok actor,not a super actor. J.Lo is sassy,confident,and loves the spotlight. She’s a superstar,and thats something Ben nor his little Alias wife can understand. Goodwill hunting while excellent as it may be, has had speculation of how much Ben really had to do with it for years. For all his so-called grossness I seem to re-member a big pink diamond that went along with all that suffication. When men cant handle a hottie like J.Lo,Janet,Madonna,or Halle, they marry down,and thats what happened here. Sorry J-Alias,but J.Lo you aint. J.Lo put some sexy on Ben that J. Alias hasnt. Now hes just plane old Ben again. He should have at least kept the dress code J. Lo gave him.

  296. rogerik says:

    Didn’t anybody bother to read the last part of the article that said “I cannot find a source at all other than Contact Music, and all they do is use other sources without attributing them. Affleck has not appeared on a talkshow for quite a while and has no major interviews coming out in magazines”.

  297. Gemma says:

    OMG he proposed w/a huge pink diamond, took a page out saying how wonderful JLO was, starred in her music video, co-starred in a movie with her. Was seen on the red carpet with JLO & many other places too. LOL Ben is not over JLO no way. Gross really? This was long ago and he is not over it? This sounds like SOUR GRAPES. Sounds like JenG.really is Jen#2. Trainwreck people.

  298. Brunie says:

    Well Ben is one big baby. He had no career so why is he crying so much. He’s not even a man..real men don’t trash women and don’t kiss and tell. Bad, Bad, Bad Ben..She was married and he interfered in that marriage and now he’s complaining. Damn Ben you’re one big ASSHOLE. Let’s see if he trashes his wife when and if he divorces her!

  299. rachel says:

    Even if Ben is not talking specifically about Jlo it is inferred and he needs to be quiet and get over her. They both jumped into relationships way too soon but hey if they are happy,let them be. But geez Ben it really is in poor taste to talk about your exes, not gentlemanly at all.

  300. MCromey says:

    It’s really probably about a non-hispanic caucasian man’s family not wanting him to marry a puerto rican woman! Meaning Ben A.’s family not wanting him to marry JLO!

  301. sandra44 says:

    Really folks, get a life!! Does this matter. I think not


  302. R says:

    Jennfier Lopez made Ben Affleck skin glow and looks well groomed. Didn’t you notice that?

  303. Dusty says:

    I was ashamed and embarrassed for you Bro. what a skank

  304. Dee says:

    Ben didn’t say his time with Jlo was gross….he was referring to the publicity, etc., and said he FELT gross during that time. There’s a difference. BTW, if celebitchy says there’s no verifiable source for this quote in the first place, why WTF is it doing here in the first place? Celebitchy, you’re fueling rumors…..that’s crap “journalism”.

  305. lu says:

    what a jerk is right…. first of all you were a drunk blowing 100’s of thousands gambling..How dare you speak about her that way and why now?

  306. Sean says:

    This is a pro J-Lo site… Every time I write pro-Ben it takes my comment off. Hey people…! HE NEVER DID THE INTERVIEW! The end of the article says it’s a scam! Pink diamonds and all! All you haters got PUNKED!

  307. lu says:


  308. lu says:



  309. molina says:

    Relax, the whole Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez deal was dredged up and made up by a blogger who needed money.

  310. L says:

    Ewww! I don’t know how anyone would want to touch that….God knows how many different “things” she has had…..yuck! And she is GROSS!

  311. Nancy Rosenberg says:

    He should know by now that women stick together when one is trashed for no apperent reason, and regardless of race. I would be here defending Michelle Obama if her husband treated her like shit. This is not about race, as it is about protecting ourselves from jerks. It needs to end, especially when it was clear she was the popular one, and he takes the spot light away from her, than comes back years later for whatever is left of her. To me this is emotional rape and he is pathetic. You all know he’s made these comments before, but to continue on and on again, someone needs to tell him, enought. We get it. Your a loser and you need to take care of your own family and career, you ungratefull monkey, pig. People have feelings and best he learn this now for his daughters sake. He’s career is toast. She never ounce blamed him for hurting her career, not ounce, yet this poor excuse for a man feels he’s too good, when indeed he is an emotional rappist and continues to undermine this woman who’s only fault was loving him. NOT GOOD BUSTER. NOT GOOD. SHAME ON YOU.

  312. bitchyfox says:

    imo, it’s pretty obvious that he meant this for Jlo and the fact that he made it clear it was when he was with jen lopez that he felt miserable. after all he’s still enjoying and accommodating media/press by having this interview and making a statement. cool making a big fuzz about her past relationship with Jl? NOT!!!

    so ungentlemanly in any way you look at it.

    any woman who reads or hears his man or ex saying he was miserable in the time of their relationship, with or without media, would definitely break her heart…

  313. Roxanne says:

    Thank goodness he dumped JLo. She is a real piece of work. Ben is so much better off. He has a beautiful wife and little girls. Leave Lopez to her greasy headed hubby. She is an egotistical maniac and into an enormous material world. Her people magazine article when her children were born was sickening.

  314. Nancy Rosenberg says:

    The hatred and bigotry cames from the article that implies his time with her was gross, not the people who defend her. He’s the attacker. I’m not even a fan, liked some of her work, but this is wrong to blame someone for your own failures. If it was meant as a racial attack, than he needs to step back from Darfur, because he cannot be trusted and obviously wants that puplicity also. By the way, his best friend is married to a Lucy, who I beleieve is also from PR. This country is filled with diverse and culturaly mixed backgrounds and the industry he’s in entertains all races. If indeed this a racial bash against JLO, than he won’t have many people watching his movies.

  315. Eva says:

    If a man is speaking of his ex in a negative fashion, I hate to say, this, but he still has deep feelings for her. He probably felt alive with JLO.

    I am not a JLO fan, nor I wish to be. I just want to get my point across. If Ben Affleck has moved on, he will not be saying anything negative about his any of the women he has dated.

    Face it Ben, You might have the movie star looks,but Matt Damon is a better actor….

  316. Debbie says:

    Not everyone cares to marry a caucassian man. You see plenty of white woman run off with other races. What makes you think caucassian is so great. I’m white and don’t care who I fall in love with, but let’s face it. Lots and lots of women are marrying other cultures, so stop thinking caucassian men are all it, whatever your name is. Anyway, good night and hope Ben grows up for his own sake. Leave Jen alone, as she is trying to repair her own career. The one she had become he came along.

  317. Meg says:

    I think it is so low class of him. What a jerk. Must not have felt too miserable and gross because he bought the mother of all diamond rings for JLo…………….Who can forget that engagement ring? Rare pink 6 carat diamond, so much for feeling gross

  318. Brittanya says:

    Whether this article was true or not, I got the impression that J. Lo wore the pants (or at least, wanted to!) in her relationship with Ben Affleck. That did not sit well with him. J. Lo, while she’s an average actress and a mediocre singer, she does okay for herself, with all of the projects she’s got going for herself. I have to say though, thank goodness Ben did NOT marry that woman! She would have taken him for everything he had, including his soul! She’s been married so many times, and had so many relationships, she’s really known as J. Ho, in and around L.A. How much longer do you think she’ll be married to this guy, Marc Anthony – that poor guy! God bless his soul for being able to live everyday even though he is with Broomstick woman!

  319. Sheryl says:

    I think Ben Affleck has stepped to a new low by referring to his relationship with Jennifer lopez as gross. That comment was not necessary and maybe he needs to look at his wifes crossed toes then talk about something looking gross. You would think with all their money, she could have them uncrossed. I have always heard Jennifer Lopez thought she was better than anyone and this made them a perfect pair. However, I think she has always been respectful to him and he should do the same. Does he really think people will admire him if he degrades her in public? I liked him in Pearl harbor and after that, well….He is still playing the same character on every film.
    He is cocky and thinks he is above everyone. He isn’t even really acting, he is just being himself and getting parts for being a jerk.

  320. Rebs says:

    why does anyone care?

  321. MinnieC says:

    I’ll tell you what Ben, if J.Lo didn’t kill your career then, congratulations because you just finished off with your dumb ass comments.

  322. rose says:

    Did any of you really read this? what is being said is that at some point,long ago, some of these things were said by Ben,not all at one time,and not necessarily in this order and the writer of this has stated he can not verify this as something coming out in any magazine,nor does he know if Ben was even interviewed! What happened,between J.Lo & Ben Affleck is something of the past,move on..they did!

  323. Bboop says:

    Ben Affleck sucks major balls as an actor.

  324. mel says:

    I liked Gigli !! Parts of it were hillarious !!

  325. Chad says:

    Ben is just trying to revive his career after being spotted wearing a toupe’! He’s been hiding out seeing if he can make it back and hopes this talk will camouflage the real reason he has been laying low.

  326. Chad says:

    Nice toupe’ Ben! That’s the real reason you have been laying low, people saw you trying to cover up your head and you disappeared.

  327. scot says:


  328. victor says:

    Ben , your a HATER, J Lo put you on the map Bro , If she was gross , why did you get her that one of a kind ring , It should have been a hit and run, lets face it Bro , You miss that HOT , spicy latina, after all she is the most beatiful Jennifer in hollywood.

  329. Cyndie says:

    Funny how a man who gets no publicity now basically recalls the one point in his life when all he got the publicity ever in his career. Maybe bringing up JLO because he’s longing for that attention again and it’s all he can do to get it. Late’s face it his brother is more famous than he is. JLO didn’t bring your career down it’s cause your ICKY! Plain and simple using Jennifer Garner publicity to keep you in the spotlight still, lets say maybe another baby will bring you more attention. Come on be a real man-talking crap about a women wow, I thought you were o.k. before now I think I will never watch anything by you again!

  330. leah says:

    Ben quack quack needs to get a grip in discussing his relationship with JLO and he needs to focus on his marriage cause therapist marriage counselor 101 has to put him in check with his wife Jen Garner. It appears he is the problem….lol

    Ben took a ride on Matt Damons tail then hopped on the JLo train only to bounce into Daddywood and has serious problems now.

    I highly recommend he and Jennifer Aniston hook up and cry about it together. Both are poor actors.

  331. Don Mack says:

    I can’t stand Affleck to begin with, since he’s a Red Sucks fan, but he’s also one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen. Do any of you remember him in “Shakespeare In Love?” He was so out of place in that movie. What’s the big deal about him? He oughta be glad JLo ever went out with him. Ben Affleck = LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, LOSER!

  332. Mira says:

    he is so sad.. he needs to grow up and accept that they are not together anymore.. he is worst than a wife that nags so much.. Jennifer is a beautiful woman and with a class.. and very talented..

  333. nilpojsinaj says:

    I am confused. When he was with Jennifer Lopez, it was bad for his career. Now with Garner, his career takes a backseat to his family. Duh??? Why trash Lopez now? And Garner is angry with Lopez! Is there a connection? Gross is a word he should quickly drop. He is an emotional rapist. I have not heard Lopez criticize him. Garner/Afflect have just paid $18 million for their place. He will need a new career, maybe as a professional gambler because this was a bad move on his part. I bet his wife put him up to this.

  334. katie says:

    If there’s no source for this quote why is evryone taking it so seriously? Without a reliable source all the comments being made are about possible lies so it really makes those people seem rude.

  335. BETTY RODRIGUEZ says:


  336. Victoria says:

    Affleck is adamant he should never have got involved in the first place – because the publicity surrounding their romance tainted his career.

    He says, “I was no longer in control of my life. I thought I wanted certain things, but I didn’t. I got lost. I felt suffocated, miserable and gross. I should never have gone down that route or got sucked in to all the publicity.”

    It’s pretty clear that Affleck was speaking of
    the media. Not once did he mention that Jennifer Lopez was the cause of his tainted career.

  337. buddy says:

    what an asshole, I hope he never has another break, he needs to be working in some bar as a dealer

  338. lilly says:


  339. SPIKE says:


  340. Linda says:

    Yeah, Jennifer is a real class act. The selfish and superficial fur hag just “up and married Marc Anthony” who was already married and whose wife was pregnant with their second child. She deserved the trashing and worse.

  341. shelly says:

    Why, after all this time would he be commenting at all. Publicity? It’s not like the rest of the world has not had a relationship that didn’t work. Whatever…get over it!

  342. just_sue says:

    agree with wow
    no mentioning j-lo made him feel that way

  343. Judy says:

    Ben Affleck has made a career out of saying terrible things about other people. He has suffered because of his bad temperment. People just don’t like him. Jennifer Lopez on the other hand is a fine person and very likeable. As for talent, that all went to Casey and both Jens. Sorry Ben, you can’t create talent where there is none but you could vow to lead a life of honor instead of what you do.

  344. carol ann says:

    The people on this forum must really have nothing much to do? Is this really all that important?!??! They are not even sure that he said this….remember no one can actually find the quotes in an article for crying out loud!

  345. pantomas says:

    Ben is a jerk…it´s not the first time, he´s trashing jlo since 2004…please ben jlo was the most interesting thing you had in your life!No one cares about you anymore…NEXT!

  346. Tatty says:

    When Ben Affleck got together with Jennifer Lopez I wondered what he was doing with a person that clearly lacks in education and home nurturing judging by the way she speaks snd conducts herself. However, Ben loses my respect for complaining about his tme with Lopez in such a mean way.
    Now I wonder what Ben is doing with Jennifer Garner who IS smart but quite ugly. And, yes, thank God for his friend, Matt, who gives him tidbit parts in his own movies.

  347. marym says:

    I think it is tacky and reflects poorly on Affleck. He’s not confiding in a close pal in private, he’s talking to the press. Totally uncool to say anything that might be hurtful to the ex in such a public forum. It is/was a private matter. Also, seems very unmanly – like he is wimpering. It is history and if he can’t say anything good (and he will never convince me of that) then he should say nothing. If I was his current Jennifer, I would not like it either.

  348. Brando38111 says:

    Will this guy ever learn? Stop the trashing. It doesn’t make you a gentleman, a good actor, nor a good father. I guess if he has “boys”, this will be how he instills them to trash-talk past relationships! A real class act he is not. And don’t make excuses for making bad acting/career decisions. You just can’t act. Another example of too much, too soon. Go change the diapers and leave the acting to your wife.

  349. alicia torres-gustave says:

    I am shocked! I cannot believe what I am reading. Ben Affleck, the addict and womanizer bad mouthing JLO. He actually encouraged her to leave her husband. He wanted so much to share in her spotlight. He needed her to help his non-existant career at that thime. I cannot believe that he would stoop so low as to bad mouth JLO and thing that the world would agree with him She is a huge success (something that he is still trying to achieve). If I were Jenifer Garner, I would encourage him to shut up. He is truly petiful and an embarassment. It is all simply envy because she has found herself a man who seems to adore her and respect her and has moved on with her life. She is the lucky one. I am sure your life with Jennifer Garner is as boring as you both look whenever you are together.

  350. Shannon says:

    It’s funny that he feels “gross” about being in the limelight now that it is gone, but back then he couldn’t eat it up fast enough. I do think he is a handsome guy but that is all he has going for him. I have seen his movies (not because he was in it) and they were horrible. Well at least Jennifer Garner will be able to support him with her talent.

  351. andy says:

    He´s not over her. If anyone has doubts, google+jennifer lopez+ben affleck. You can see a lot of interviews saying how bad was jlo for his career. He´s trying to forget “those” days but he can´t stop talking about it. His last interview talking about bennifer days was in april(, you can check it).In my opinion he only was really famous when he dated Jlo, and he knows it. Everybody knows he was after her a lot of time, even when she was married. A lot of people that supported him realize he´s a total jerk

  352. Debbie says:

    He needed closure. Hope he has it now and everyone can move on. He must have loved her a lot to have so much resentment. I feel bad for Ben and understand he needed to blame someone in order to get out of his funk. It’s ok, Ben. I think we understand and I think Jen does also. Best wishes and just let this woman be. She loved you ounce and should not be penalized for it, just because of it. We now understand what this beautiful lady must have gone throught also, and hope she has a great comeback. She was gone becasuse of having kids, but also I think, hurt, even though she loves her husband. Hurt is hurt, regardless. I enjoed watching her movies, really did, and so what Gigli was bad. a lot of great actors make some bad movies, that’s the business. Hope she goes back to making the kind of movies that made her popular and maybe he can write, or produce or whatever he wishes. Feels good to have closure, doesn’t it, althought for them it may take a few extra days to let this all slide by. Next…

  353. Tina says:

    Too bad the business doesn’t have more ladies like her. No wonder they have their own industry to have some commonality with. Too many kids and too many cry babies in hollywood, and not enough substance.

  354. Tina says:

    Fell bad for Garner and apologize for the hurtfull remarks. She needs to understand this came as a shock and why people are bashing them, but will pass. Things happen for reasons and this may light the flame they all need to begin exuding some life and energy and in the end thay will all be better off. In a twisted way, Ben may be helping JLo with a stronger comeback.

  355. Tina says:

    Remember when Jolie bashed Aniston? It made people like her more and this will happen for Jlo. The good thing for Jolie is that she was more accomplished and was able to sustain the backlash, or not, because many now like Megan as the new Anjie. Anyway, i think all will be fine again. Ben, like many other men, made a mistake. If he apologizes I think he will be forgiven and people may even respect him more than before. I don’t think Jlo has anything to apologize for, and replying to this could hurt her as it would devide the bashing. Don’t do it Jen. Let him finish what he started. If he doesn’t he will only hurt his current family and maybe even Matt, although Matt is embedded already and has gained the respect he deserves. I admire Matt, love his face and movies and even Ben is handome. Don’t worry about the hair. Confident man are very sexy, Ben. Get some confidence and you blow us all away. Best wishes to all of you. Hollywood needs you all, since so much lacks within. Too many kids. If hilton can get offers at this stage, anyone can. Not comparing her to any of you, just saying hollywood and American people are forgiven when people show strenght and perseverance. Bye

  356. Ella says:

    Marc Anthony needs to make more great music. He is very talented and would like to hear more. He’s music cuts right throught the heart, just as Julio Iglesias did for the world. He must be hurting for his wife and stay strong for her again, you hear?

  357. andy says:

    April 2009 Ben promoting a new movie

    “There were a couple of movies that should have worked but didn’t, at all,” he admits. “And then I had a time where I was constantly in the tabloids, and that felt like a complete waste of time.” He is referring to the “Bennifer” years, in which his high-profile relationship with Jennifer Lopez first overshadowed his film work, then fizzled out in a blaze of flashbulbs and a torrent of damning reviews for their doomed joint-outing on screen, Gigli.

    “The media went crazy, our relationship was selling so many magazines, and we became the first couple to fall for this huge media appetite for taking two celebrities and fusing them together into one horrible, mutated entity with one name! That amount of press attention creates resentment, which was still rumbling when Gigli came out. That said, it was an awful movie. It was like a horse’s body with a cow’s head.”

    Is that interview false too?There´s no excuse, this man needs to stop talking about jlo/bennifer days, he´s obssesed and sounds really sad and resentful.He has the career he deserves. I think all his girlfriends were too much for him, he´s a moron and very full of himself

  358. Ben Affleck is too smart to make statements such as this …even though they are not together and it did not work out …Both of them have the highest respect for each other….and by the way I LOVE JENNIFER LOPEZ…rock on bronx……

  359. amanda says:

    Ben affleck sucks…Jennifer is more classy, she must be happy to be with a real man who really loved her always

  360. kelly says:

    Jolie was married to Billy Bob and that didn’t kill her career. In fact, she’s hotter than ever. Maybe it’s Gardner who obviouly takes the spotlight on this marriage.

  361. Tracy says:

    Matt is married to a latin lady and it hasn’t killed his carrer either. If anything, people admire him more now as he seems grounded and not the party boy. Ben made a huge mistake. He shows he is weak, and since he’s no match for a man, he needed to blame a woman for his lame self. Had he stayed with Jlo, i beleive he would have become a superstar, but he didn’t know how to handle it then, nor now. He blamed gigli and should have done what all other actors do, just keep plucking away, but he takes two steps forward, than three steps back and aon and on. Had he showed some confidence then, and had supported her like a man, he would have showed growth, but maybe his a racist. Latin people are also white and there’s nothing wrong with being with an asian, or european, or african american, unless you are a racist and this is the problem with him i think. He didn’t say he felt gross with Paltrow. I don’t know many men who find her attractive. Limp, ok, no charm, no pazzazz, just thin and tall. I could get a tree for that. Anyway, dude, grow up. If anyone should be ambarrasssed it’s her for giving you any credit and thinking your a man. Nothing wrong with being gay. You’ll never be happy until you take responsibilty for your own life and I hope to never know you as i wouldn’t want you to blame me for anything. Where’s that pink diamond?

  362. Nicole says:

    Marc Anthony may not be 6 feet tall, but he’s more of a man than Ben could ever be. Ben may be good for a one night stand, but he would make a woman crazy with his peetiness. Poor thing.This Gardner lady has got to be a strong woman to put up with him. I give this marriage a year, and that’s pushing it. Kids will force you to stay put, but he reminds me of someone I had to drop like a hot potato ounce i saw his true colors. It can take months, even years, for some woman to see these blood suckers. Good luck

  363. Art says:

    His next movie comes out in september. I will make a bet with anyone that it will stink. Don’t you dare blame it on Jen. Her movies after Gigli did well, the one with Fonda and the one with Gere. Had it not been for Afflect she would have done better, but he belittled her than, destroying her, and hopes to do it again. You need to get out of the business, mister. If i was an actress or actor i would be scared because the acting is blend. It’s like a woman with botox. Anyone can act like him. There’s no emotion, doesn’t seem real or genuiene. He’s like drinking tea with no sugar. I would rather see Shia a billion times verses this guy 1 minute. Don’t like the smirk look either. Fake confidence, as if he things he’s better, or great. Keep faking it, until it becomes real. Maybe then, things will change. Be real man.

  364. desesperateva says:

    What an idiot. HE RUINED HER CAREER. She was number one in the box office with maid in manhattan and 1 at Billboard with Jlo album at the time he started to persecute her. He is a poison for the box office:gigli with jlo, daredevil with garner, that film with paltrow, the romantic comedy with jennifer aniston…All the films failed. No one wants to see his cocky face and his bad acting. How he dare to think he is better than jennifer?Jennifer is better actress,she had box-office success after ben(shall we dance,monster in law was number one). But most important, she is better person than him. She never said a bad word about him. She only did a wrong thing:Respect someone that was so obviously inferior to her in everything. In my opinion, she made him look better that the scum he really is.He is a bloodsucker, that´s why he tried so hard to be with jlo when she was on top. He is always crying because no one recognizes his talent and his hard work. Oh please…this jerk is probably one of the worst persons in hollywood.He felt his “privacy” was violated. That´s why he still keeps talking about his private life those days. Anyone remember him talking about his wife? He was a nobody before jlo and paltrow and now is a nobody without jlo. She was too much for him. He is a second rate actor and deserves a second rate actress as jennifer garner. Lucky jennifer, you have got rid of him

  365. belle says:

    What an asshole. He seemed scared the whole time, but no one put a gun to his face to propose to the girl. He seemed to have changed by other people’s opinions about her and went with that. I dont respect him as an actor and now even less, she on the other hand was totally into the jerk.Regardless of his insecurity during their time together, it seems like his problem not hers. This story is what he tells his wife NOW to pretend hes still not into JLO. “dont worry honey i felt disgusting the whole time.” LOL what bullshit.

  366. Gabbi says:

    I have never been a fan of J-LO. She gives a yuck feeling in my stomach. I liked Ben in Pearl Harbor but haven’t seen any of his other movies. Anyway, if it’s in such bad taste for him to be negative about his time with the over rated J-lo, what does that say about the digs at Garner posted here? She wasn’t quoted as saying anything but got so much trash dumped on her. I don’t care for her either, but sheesh what did she do?

  367. Zorraaaaaa says:

    Gardner didn’t do anything, but since Ben feels it’s ok to trash her and those who love her, like her husband, than he deserves the same medicine he dished out. JLo was not the one trashing here, Ben Was, and if he wants to throw the word gross around, some may find he’s the gross one and unfortunatly his wife is part of his package, sort of speak. Maybe now he’ll understand he hurt Jlo’, her family, her friends and her fans. Don’t start unless you can take the heat. Gardner was average even before this happened. She comes across as a good girls, yet was pregnant, yada, yada. Just saying be real, that’s all. Don’t knock others unless your perfect or in self defense. Jlo looked amazing in New York today. Glad to see her regain her confidence and is well deserved and about time. Ben is malicious, vendictive, manipulative and narcissistic. Ugly on the inside, which translates to the outside. I myself would never attack someone, but in self defense for people that mean well, I’ll be a pitt bull. When your attacked you can either let it happen or fight back. In this case, I think it’s best for her fans to fight back on her behalf, even thought she doesn’t know us personally. Her responding to this may be what he really wants and not good for either of the Jen’s.

  368. Zorraaaaaa says:

    Some people cannot read between the lines, or put two and two together. If they could, they would see that this was a personal attack on Jlo, and not the media excuse. Not everyone is smart, including Ben. Talk about the profession, but no one has the right to attack someone’s character, unless they want theirs to be exposed. He subconsciously asked for this, and too bad he feels the need to remind his wife he loves her at someone else expense. Feel bad for both Jen’s.In doing this he’s hurting his own family, and boasting Jlo. Jerk. Really smart, NOT, but glad for Jlo, because this makes her look like the better one in this mess.

  369. Ben A says:

    Maybe in a strange way, he’s trying to give back to Jlo what he took away from her. Now, that’s tough love and he can’t deny it. Jlo is his true love and the guilt is killing him. So so romantic.

  370. Ben A says:

    So cute indeed. He’s in love with her still after all these years. Hollywood should make a movie called “endless love”. Ben couldn’t help it, he misses the sparks and the sweet kisses and the laughter and silliness. How romantic, indeed. ben is in love, nah , nah, nah, nahhhhh. Still soooooo romantic.

  371. Mark says:

    It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it.

  372. Flisbina Suckamaka says:

    I bet Ben still has that pink ring, and kisses it every night.

  373. Flisbina Suckamaka says:

    Mybe Ben should be the one to write the “endless love” story/script since he is the protagonist.

  374. Me says:

    What ruined his career is his bad acting.

  375. anonymous says:

    Oh please! Ben got all that free publicity and he came off looking like he was very sexy & desirable cause Jennifer Lopez was in love with him. Diddy had a thing going with Lopez before Ben & Diddy did not put J-Lo down but then, he is more of a class act anyway!

  376. HaydenPantyairs says:

    Look how F A K E DivaJLo’s boobs are in the movie poster for Gigli! They are attempting to point toward her neck, or toward Ben, and her butt is protruding. Her nose & eyes are so photoshopped.
    Ben looks gross, but that’s accurate/him.

  377. sandra says:

    Ben shame on you

  378. simone says:

    Listen just because of one US magizine donsn’t mean anything. JLo really has nothing to do with this. It’s her mother, read the fine print. Man the magizines really can make people say things. I don’t think JLo is doing anything wrong, except being pretty. And how do u guys know who she is slepping with she’s 42 and only has 2 kids. How could a 42 year old with 2 kids could be sleeping with men. Duh! You guys are so stupid, no offense but JLo is not a hoe just very attractive. She doesn’t deserve any of these put downs and i’m going to stand up for her. She didn’t do nothing to you guys, and it cearly stated that Jlo’s mom didn’t want her sleeping with the man she just wants him to help her and that is exactly what he did nothing else. There just rumors guys stop listening to them so much. Anyhow if jlo had hiv wouldn’t u think we would know. And i think that JLo would never sleep with a man that is already married. JLo has class, she would never degrade herself to that level. And i think it’s great that JLo got help from Ben. U should always be on good terms with ur exs. Well i think i’m done. Have A Good Life JLo. And Jennifer Garner is no where near as pretty as JLo u all sound like haters to me. And if h did find JLo dirty why would he date another girl named Jennifer. And you guys need to get all the facts before u can talk smack. He dumped her at the alter for some reason and we don’t know why that is none of our bussiness.

  379. Jayna says:

    Shannon, are you out to lunch? Ben’s career is thriving as a director. He’s getting major accolades. Both movies were terrific and he starred in the last one he directed which was a huge hit. He has even more offers now and has worked diligently rebuilding his career. He is being compared to Clint Eastwood as someone with the potential to be a great director.

  380. Myria says:

    What a douche. I am no fan of JLo, mostly because she is talented at absolutely nothing other than maybe doing the Roger Rabbit and self promotion. Maybe he is a little butt hurt because he got what he thought he wanted and now he lives in vanilla land. Me thinks he is a bit jlo-ous cause she is still pretty much still livin’ the glam life. I am in no way convinced anyone in Hollywood all of the sudden hates the lime light and attention, it’s validating to stars who tend to have low self esteem to start with.

  381. girl101 says:

    really after all these years hes still talking about it. he acts like it happend yesterday. even though the reporter asked the question he could of said no comment. its sad that he talks about just to bash jlo. obviously shes moved on