“The Women of Wakanda are EW’s Entertainers of the Year” links

The women of Black Panther are Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainers of the Year. Good call! (Cardi B was also named EOTY.) [LaineyGossip]
This lady is an absolute genius, and she got to meet Michael B. Jordan. [Dlisted]
Tom Hanks will go Full Geppetto. [Jezebel]
Justin Trudeau keeps on looking out for the LGBTQ+ peeps. [Towleroad]
Is Tyra Banks okay? This outfit, my lord. [Go Fug Yourself]
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gag reel! [Pajiba]
I mean, the OG Queer Eye guys made an impact in middle America too? [OMG Blog]
Lisa Vanderpump sure is making a lot of noise about leaving RHOBH. [Reality Tea]
Patricia Clarkson (yay!) in a Marchesa dress (boo!). [RCFA]

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  1. Annika says:

    YASSSSSSS 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🐱🐱🐱

  2. Snazzy says:

    I love this cover, and the ladies from CRA have one too!

  3. Lucy says:

    That MBJ story is the best thing ever. Pure goals!!!

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s awesome!
      I think it’s a spin off of another viral story where a woman was searching for a friend she’d made on vacation as a kid. I saw her MBJ post in that story after everyone on twitter found the woman in a few days.

      That EW cover is fantastic.

  4. Koneullee says:

    Love Angela Bassett

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      YES!! Exceptional women!! And Angela Bassett is stunningly beautiful and such a talented actor. She takes on her character and you find yourself seeing her as her character and not AB.!! Though I still adore Viola Davis and I wish she was on that cover as well. She is in preproduction staring as Harriet Tubman.

  5. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    I want to unreservedly love JT and I wish he’d put the same thought into treatment of the indigenous people of Canada. Their women, just as our Native women, experience high rates of murdered and/or missing while little thought or investigation is channeled that way, is just one example.

    • Tequilaearworm says:

      You all should listen to the podcast Thunder Bay. It is revelatory, extremely disturbing, and deeply necessary. I had no idea how bad it was. People talk about the mistreatment of indigenous in kind of abstract terms and it’s easy, as an American, to go “At least you didn’t murder them all.” But they kind of pretty much are now.

  6. minx says:

    Beautiful ladies.

  7. TQ says:

    Yes!!!! Love, love, love!!!!!

  8. ZGB says:

    This cover made my night. Such joy radiating from the cover, beautiful

  9. Wood Dragon says:

    I want my copy now! Probably won’t get it till next week.

  10. Murphy says:

    So glad they included Shuri in the one, she’s my fave.

  11. PGC says:

    I was very surprised that Black Panther/Wakanda outfits wasn’t the costume of the year in my south side Chicago neighborhood this Halloween. Are these kids recycling their Iron Man and Captain america stuff? Thought they grew too fast to re-wear Halloween costumes? Can anyone explain?

    • youbemom says:

      PGC – I was a bit surprised too in the LA area that that wasn’t the case.

      My daughter was the General, I had a hard time finding the costume at our local Target – I shopped early (after looking online at Target) and the person assigned to the department said that they were not carrying it. I finally found it behind a bunch of completely different superhero costumes . WTF people – I am trying to spend money, pay attention.

  12. DesertReal says:

    I love, love, love this cover! They all look so fiercely beautiful, and like they’re all genuinely are having a good time. Plus, their movie made history, so they absolutely should be the entertainers of the year.

  13. Amy says:

    I got the Crazy Rich Asians actresses EW cover version and it is GLORIOUS! YAS to both these covers!