Duchess Meghan & Duchess Kate’s ‘lack of familiarity’ is ‘slowly breeding contempt’


Yes, one week later and we’re still talking about the Cambridge-Sussex mess. I know some people believe that Prince Charles is perhaps the “ground zero” for all of these messy rumors about his sons and his sons’ wives. I think Charles and his people are probably the source for *some* of the rumors, especially the stories that end with “… and then Prince Charles stepped in and worked everything out/saved the day.” But the sheer volume of nastiness being thrown Meghan’s way from the press suggests that a lot more is happening besides “Charles trying to keep his sons in check.” It suggests an honest-to-God campaign against her.

People Magazine has stayed above the fray for the most part, even though they’ve historically been cloyingly saccharine about the Duchess of Cambridge (or “Princess Kate” as they call her). Still, Meghan is American and most of the American gossip outlets support her. So People Magazine tried to do some damage control on the War of Meg & Kate, with a source telling the magazine that while Kate and Meghan are not BFFs, they “really loved” spending time with each other last Christmas, and “I think the two women got on — they are definitely not best friends, but it was a really special time for them all to spend together.” Sounds nice, right? The problem is that Page Six/The Sun has a new story out too and it’s full of nastiness. Some highlights:

Everything is frosty & it’s all Meg’s fault: A growing friction between the two princes has been matched by an equally frosty relationship between their wives. And it is Markle who has found herself named as the instigator of what royal insiders claim is an “extraordinarily tense” time.

Harry & William fight too: “They have had quite a few arguments,” one royal source claims. “This is about Harry pulling away from his brother.”

The “lack of familiarity” between Kate & Meghan is “slowly breeding contempt”: As one source reveals: “They try their best to get along but they are two people from wildly different places, so it is perhaps inevitable that they will rub each other up the wrong way.” Kate toes the royal line, almost to a fault. She dresses demurely and hardly utters a word, apparently desperate never to put a foot wrong. Many people admire her for it. But critics have labeled her boring and say she performs the minimum of royal duties, never straying too far from home. Then along came Meghan: forceful, opinionated and go-getting — as one would expect from a woman making her way in the tough world of LA showbiz. Even before her position in the family was formalized, she was already undertaking public engagements, thirsty to meet the public and show just what an asset she could be to the House of Windsor.

Meghan is demanding: Some of those who have been around her say Meghan can be difficult and demanding. She is said to “snap” and to think nothing of bombarding staff with emails and calls as early as 5 a.m. Staff reportedly gossip about her and Harry, with some speculating the union could be over within five years. Meghan’s former personal assistant Melissa Touabti — who previously worked for pop star Robbie Williams — quit just six months after the wedding and has refused to say why.

[From Page Six]

LOL at “thirsty.” They’re painting her as, like, an Instagram girl trying to get followers. These uptight British people are just so UPSET that… Harry chose Meghan. That Harry knew right away. That Harry fell passionately in love with Meghan, and that he married her and now he… GASP… listens to her and takes her advice and stands up for her. “Forceful, opinionated and go-getting” are compliments in America. When used as a descriptors by a British royal reporter, they’re not meant as compliments. Meghan is The One. The Feather-Ruffler. The Agent of Change. This is going to be fun.

Princess Eugenie wedding

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  1. Annie. says:

    Fun? I am already bored. These royal reporters are recycling the same stories time and time again.
    Before this, a few years ago, it was “Kate bullies Beatrice and makes her cry”, “William bullies the Queen to get XYZ”, “The Middletons are keeping George away from Charles” etc. And before THAT it was “Diana made Sophie cry”, “Diana and Sarah are fighting” “Diana and Sarah are BFF” “The Queen prefers Sarah cause she is more natural” “Diana and Sarah haré each other”, etc. I swear they must have templates for those articles and just switch the names around.

    • Catherine says:

      You’re bored (I am too) because the real fight is between the brothers, not their wives. There’s nothing there, so the press has to keep churning out old fashioned sexism. Meghan and Kate can hardly defy their husbands and present a united front on their own. The press is protecting Diana’s boys at all costs, and it sucks that W and H are allowing it.

      • soanna says:

        I just don’t think Kate and Megan care about each other much and it’s weird other people think they do.
        Agreed that William and Harry don’t get along, but I don’t think that’s wife-related either. They’re very different people. They have different interests. And the ages they were when things were really rough between their parents, and then when Diana died, have hugely affected that relationship.

        William was a bit older, understood a bit more, and was by all accounts Diana’s favourite person to complain to about his father. Even if 90% of it wasn’t true, that’s going to affect someone.

      • RoyalSparkle says:


        WHINY Willnot middleton is not to be overshadowed and showed for his entitled laziness!
        How dare the Spare – Potential King Henry (his Duchess) be most popular – has a work ethics, is dedicated consistent AND CARE for the people less fortunate – about Royal Traditions The Monarchy POW….this must stop….

        See Willnot face in the DM photo as if he had a outburst, telling off Duchess Meghan – dolittle seem anxious, looking at Prince Henry shocked reaction

    • sage says:

      Everything Annie said! The public falls for it every time. It’s interesting the monarchy at the top of classist society sleeps with the gutter press. Legitimate media do not take them seriously. Page Six, TMZ, People mag, DM, The Sun, Mirror, all tabloids. That Is where they go to release their messages and promote their appearances.

      • Bella Bella says:

        I’ve said it before. Believe none of it. It’s all made up. I have worked for the U.S. version of royalty. None of what was written about them was true.

    • Alexis says:

      The ongoing cat-fight narrative is just sexist, and as you say, nothing new. Kate is being used as a tool for Meghan haters to attack Meghan under the guise of being Kate fans. Many of the meanest online Kate fans conveniently discovered their passion for Kate after Harry and Meghan got engaged. These obnoxious, “traditionalist” supposed Kate fans are in turn drawing more online hate towards Kate in online discussions of the BRF.

      I’ve followed Kate for a while because of her fashion, and that certainly didn’t make me into a rabid Meghan hater once Meghan came on the scene. I like them both. I like Kate’s fashion and relate to her introverted personality. I like Meghan because of her interesting story and good makeup and hair skills and relate to her being American and having worked. The public can easily like both and shame on the press for trying to gin up an unnecessary “Team Kate” vs “Team Meghan” dynamic.

    • Roux says:

      Yes and so much of the drama within the royal family is always made to be around the women rather than the men. It frustrates me so much that there is never any balance either in these stories. Kate supporters jump down your throat at the smallest criticism of her and Meghan supporters think she can’t put a foot wrong. Even this website and the above article paint Meghan as some sort of hard done by saviour and also comes across as very anti-British.

      Weren’t we hearing early on that Kate and Meghan were getting on really well and being supportive of each other? Now we are being lead to believe that was never the case? Why do we believe this more than we believe that they were getting along just fine?

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Honestly, I am so sick of this subject. Anyone would have known from the start that those two women have NOTHING in common! That doesn’t mean there’s all-out WAR between them.

      In my opinion, at the bottom of this BS is unspoken racism and overt hostility toward an upstart American actress who DARES to infiltrate the rarified air of the Royals.

      • secretary says:

        Emails at 5 in the morning doesn’t sound like somebody who has organizational skills.

      • soanna says:

        It’s always odd to find out, as a black woman that isn’t waving flags for Megan, that I must be a racist.

      • Lady D says:

        She did not email at five in the morning. You need to read the article more closely.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Soanna, I get what you’re saying, but I’m not saying that anyone who doesn’t like Meghan is racist. I’m talking about the blatantly racist comments from British readers of the the DM and the more subtle *She’s way outta her lane* BS in many of the DM’s articles. A lot of uptight people think Meghan had no right to marry into the BRF, and they say so. They also say some awful things about a mixed-race baby being born into the family.

      • Olenna says:

        @secretary, it’s been pointed out numerous times that the article stated she woke at 5 a.m., not “she woke at 5 a.m. and began sending emails”. It’s obvious you knew that, but good try.

      • jennifer says:

        why is this now the they “have nothing in common” storyline. Kate was always seen as a simple commoner marrying into a well to do family. Almost out of place.

  2. ElleBee says:

    I wish “Sources” would just say they don’t want an American woman of colour in the BRF so we could all move on with our lives. That’s the real issue isn’t it?

    • Belluga says:

      Mmhmm. Whoever Harry married would be pushed down (gotta protect the heir and spouse at the expense of the spare and spare), but this is a whole new disgusting level. Perhaps because Meghan has shown willingness to do the job and take it seriously, so they need to find some other angle to attack her.

      • ElleBee says:

        I agree. Even if Harry had married a blonde hair, blue eyed, porcelain Virgin Mary with a Made in the UK stamp on her neck she would’ve been criticised, but it hasn’t even been a year yet. The claws have been out from the second they said ‘I do’ and it’s bothersome.

      • Belluga says:

        They didn’t even let her get that far. This has been going on since it first emerged that they were dating and it’s only escalated.

      • Himmiefan says:

        Everyone knew there would be these stories regardless of whom Harry married.

      • elo320 says:

        I don’t think it’s that, they absolutely trashed Kate until Meghan came along, now she’s constantly praised and called a “credit to the Royal family” and a “true duchess” in an attempt to take a jab at Meghan whenever possible. They just need to let out their contempt for women SOMEWHERE. And of course a confident, feminist and successful WOC is gonna be the first choice.

      • Some chick says:

        I agree with all of this, and especially elo320.

    • Surely Wolfbeak says:

      The standard bearers of a racist, classist establishment are putting her in her place.

      • ElleBee says:

        Right? The audacity of these coloureds *eye roll*

      • TaniaOG says:

        That’s ok…because Meghan is a strong, independent woman who knows right from wrong. They won’t be able to gaslight her. She has a vision and determination (something no one else in the family actually has) and is going to be successful in helping those she wants to help. Is she going to ruffle feathers? Oh well. It’s like that whole story about how they expect Meghan to be quiet while Kate rolls out her kids mental health thing. Sorry but Kate is only doing that because Meghan is hard at work. Let’s not pretend that Kate hasn’t been sitting on her as$, only doing the bare minimum for the last 15 years of her life. They’re all scrambling now because Meghan is making them look bad. They are resentful of the fact that they will have to elevate their game in order to not look like lazy idiots. And this negative PR (which I am positive came from the WK camp) won’t work. She’s a hard worker? A go getter? Oh no! I would bet you that when Meghan has her baby she’ll be walking around meeting people with her baby strapped onto her. You know, like how most Moms do. What I will say is this. The fact that no one outside of H&M is coming to Meghan’s defense or providing a show of support is terrible. They need to support each other and these negative stories only make the sources (likely W&K) look like scheming, conniving people. It makes them look way worse than it makes Meghan look.

      • Claire Voyant says:

        You fail to realize these royals don’t and can’t operate in a bubble. None of Meghan’s qualities can save her if the palace and media both turn on her. This isn’t about pluck or determination. This is about Meghan’s well-being, mental and psychological health going forward and her ability to effectively live her best life. All of this is at risk. And why? Because the world is full of bitter, hateful trolls. I’m truly concerned where all of this may lead.

    • shady says:

      Let’s be serious though, she’s not “of colour”. She looks white but has the PR privilege of carrying a black/biracial label. I agree with your general point though and if she was truly of colour I highly doubt she’d even be there.

      • JustSayin' says:

        “PR privilege”? Oh my sides.

        And biracial isn’t a label. It’s what she is regardless of what she looks like.
        The gutter press aren’t attacking her and being racist because of her white side.
        Hell, they attacked her black mother first with a big headline that read ‘straight outta compton’ and all but called her a slave. So please spare me. Wasn’t born yesterday.

        Also, maybe you should tell Princess Angela of Liechtenstein and the marchioness Emma Weymouth that. Hell, Queen Charlotte was biracial just like Meghan so meg is not the first in the british royal family to be black biracial.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Oh good lord. Stop the nonsense. Whether you like it or not, she IS a WOC. She’s half-black and no amount of ignorant “she looks white” comments from you or anyone else is going to change the fact that she has faced subtle AND blatant racism since her relationship with Harry became public. You must be white and/or profoundly idiotic to call being black/biracial a “PR privilege label”.

      • Alexis says:

        I think Meghan looks both black and white, not just white, but even if she only visibly looked white (like Troian Bellisario or Halsey) it still wouldn’t be okay to erase her biracial heritage and experience just because of appearances. People like to bring up Meghan’s supposed white-passing status to try to avoid scrutiny for their own racially-motivated hating on Meghan. If she’s just another white woman but with “PR privilege” why are you so mad?

      • Jaded says:

        Shady, let’s be serious about your comment. Meghan is biracial and it doesn’t matter if she looks more white or black, it is a simple fact. Furthermore, she’s not using her biracial status as a PR stunt, she represents inclusivity at its best. We all knew the gutter press would go after her relentlessly but she appears to have the strength of character and focus to simply ignore it and get on with her work, her marriage and impending motherhood.

        Team Meghan all the way.

      • Tanya says:

        She’s a WOC, whether you like it or not. No, she doesn’t white. She looks biracial. Take your biases elsewhere.

      • guest3 says:

        Colourism in the black community is an actual thing. I wouldn’t call people ignorant when they say Meghan is white passing, because she is. She has very light skin and can pass for many different ethnicities, including Middle Eastern, Mediterranean. Jewish etc – this is not something Angela of Liechtenstein or Emma Weymouth can do. Meghan herself was proud that she looked Maltese. When POC say they think Meghan looks white or they think she can pass, this has nothing to do with the disgusting racist attacks made against her, mainly from whites. this is a separate issue..

      • Beach Dreams says:

        @guest3, except none of what you’re saying is what shady said at all…she literally said Meghan was “not of color”, which is false AND ignorant.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @Shady, what an ignorant comment! Im black and my daughter is mixed race, very much like Meghan a little lighter and doesn’t tan BUT she is still a person of colour being half black. Just because they can pass as white, as you put it, doesn’t lessen the colour within them!

      • Chrissy says:

        She is definitely a woman of color. She just is. It is fact. However to me she looks Maltese. There was a story In the dm about her Maltese heritage. Her grandma Mary was Maltese apparently. I am Maltese and I have always thought mm looks just like my cousin Lorraine. Now I know why. Despite all that as far as the royals are concerned I am sure she is thought of as a woc and experiences racism because if it. But also she is American an actress and a commoner so she has a lot of superficial things to criticize.

      • maddie says:

        a lot of people always go on and on about how she’s white passing, but the first time i saw her on suits, it was pretty obvious to me that she is a woc. i remember the episode where mike is surprised that her dad is black and she’s all “what? did you think this was a tan?” i was confused to as how he couldn’t see it.

      • Shady says:

        The royal family has used Meghan to portray an image of racial inclusivity. Look at the PR leading up to the wedding and even the black gospel choir and reverend at the royal wedding. It seems naïve to think that wasn’t meant for PR purposes. Despite her black heritage, they don’t deserve much credit for inclusivity when the person they accept looks for all intents and purposes just like them. She looks like a Middleton child with her skin color and European features so real progress hasn’t been made here. Her DNA aside, if one doesn’t look like a discriminated race then the underlying hurdles of racism can’t have said to been truly transcended.

        In regards to these stories, who knows what she’s like behind the scenes or what the motives are, but it’s interesting to see how she’s instantly defended by claims of racism. Perhaps she has more PR power than the royals now.

      • Shady says:

        The royal family has used Meghan to portray an image of racial inclusivity. Look at the PR leading up to the wedding and even the black gospel choir and reverend at the royal wedding. It seems naïve to think that wasn’t meant for PR purposes. Despite her black heritage, they don’t deserve much credit for inclusivity when the person they accept looks for all intents and purposes just like them. She looks like a Middleton child with her skin color and European features so real progress hasn’t been made here. Her DNA aside, if one doesn’t look like a discriminated race then the underlying hurdles of racism can’t have said to been truly transcended.

        In regards to these stories, who knows what she’s like behind the scenes or what the motives are, but it’s interesting to see how she’s instantly defended by claims of racism. Perhaps she has more PR power than the royals now.

      • Natalie S says:

        @Shady, Meghan is very obviously a WOC. Genuinely asking, are you? Your comments shock me so tell me if there’s some context here that I’m missing.

    • Megan says:

      I think being American is the thing the tabs most resent about Meghan, but when you add in that she is a WOC, divorcee, actress, and someone who had her own career and arrived with millions in her own money, it makes their heads explode.

      No narrative about her scandalous aristocratic ancestors, no embarrassing photos from the London club circuit, can’t call her a gold digger, not even a narrative about how Harry found a diamond in the rough because she arrived all shiny and polished.

      Of course they are going to attack her because they can’t write favorable stories about The American.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      There ya go, Ellebee, exactly right! This is all about Brit hostility toward an American woman of color who has dared to infiltrate the BRF and gets rewarded with a title while she’s at it.

  3. Loretta says:

    Meantime people are with Meghan while Royal reporters are receiving backlash LOL

    • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

      Good. I am interested to hear from people in Britain, but it seems to me that those reporters (or whoever is feeding them info) aren’t reading the public mood. People like Meghan BECAUSE she’s had a career, treats this new role like a JOB, and is a modernizing force to the BRF.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        I’m a Brit and have never seen these sort of attacks on ANY member of the royal family. I really do feel for Meghan and am so disgusted not only with the racist press but also the royals themselves for not protecting her and shutting some of this nonsense down. The royals aren’t progressive they are still racist af. I’m hoping we can get rid of them in the not too distant future. Didn’t really bother with them before but seeing the treatment of Meghan I’m all for a Republic. Its an outdated institution anyway, nobody is better than the next person just because of an accident of birth!

      • Anitas says:

        I think you have the racists and the fans as two smaller groups, then the majority of public who are neither impressed or unimpressed by Meghan or spend any time thinking about her, short of some big event like her wedding or when she gives birth.

      • Roux says:

        @Bohemian Angel – You’ve got a very good point. Why aren’t the Royals shutting this down? Considering how quick Harry was to make a statement when he and Meghan were dating, why hasn’t he done anything like that again? It makes it seem much more like this is coming from the inside.

        I’m sure Anita is right about there being the small group of racists and the small group of fans but the general population generally not caring. British people mostly don’t give a damn about the Royals unless they’re spending tax payers money on something unnecessary or theres some sort of big event.

        I love watching what they’re up to in terms of celebrity watching while winding down after work but they never come up when people are making general chit chat in the office or where ever, nobody ever mentions them. In fact I’d feel embarrassed to even let on that I knew much about them. I’d be interested to know whether many other Brits felt the same. It’s somehow more acceptable to bring up Kim Kardashian than the Royals.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Jobson (Charles’ biographer) is continuing to backtrack on his previous comments, funnily enough. He responded positively to a tweet calling out the nasty attitudes towards Meghan, while he’s been one of the reporters fostering that animosity to begin with.

    • Julia says:

      I don’t think you have been anywhere in Britain recently =) the recent spate of press releases is actually a method of the Palace to bringing misbehaving royals to heel. This has nothing to do with her being a woman of colour, it’s that the System likes things a certain way as they have done for hundreds of years. They have had hundreds of years of practice doing this, it doesn’t bode well for Harry and Meghan. The Americans don’t understand the subtext of all the press releases but the British public know well what they mean and it’s beginning to look like Edward and Wallis all over again. And no – the British public aren’t exactly giving the press backlash contrary to what you think =)

      • Elisa says:

        @Julia: that’s interesting and you are right, the Palace has been VERY quiet since the rumors started. So far I assumed that Charles / Clarence House is behind all this – so maybe it is sanctioned by the Palace?

  4. Becks1 says:

    Harry has got to be so pissed that all this is going down while he’s in Africa.

    • Violet says:

      No wonder he wants out of KP. If his brother is really selling him out like this (I can’t imagine anyone speaks to the press from inside camp Cambridge without his ultimate say so), then KP must feel like a viper’s nest to him.

      • Lily says:

        Imagine being married to somebody you love, expecting your first child and all of this is going on. Harry wants the freedom to make his own path, raise a family, protect his family and right now, that does not sound unreasonable. I mean look at how his pregnant wife has been attacked for the last two years. This isn’t just about making money, just look at these stories, headlines, opinion columns, so called sources, this is RACISM AND SHEER MALICE. Nobody in the royal family has been treated this way, it is horrific.

      • Megan says:

        The bit about staff gossiping .., makes me think a disgruntled staffer is making a few extra bucks on the side.

    • Zebracross says:

      What is Harry still doing in Africa, KP said it was only supposed to be a 2 day trip. Too busy sunning himself while rome burns.

      • Lily says:

        He was in Africa for OFFICIAL DUTIES when the first few stories hit – he’s home now with his pregnant wife

      • Sureday says:

        There’s been no official word that he has returned back to the UK. He’s probably busy catching up with Chelsy!

      • JustSayin' says:

        You mean Chelsy who lives in Chelsea, London? Chelsy btw, has a boyfriend and has moved on with her life.

    • Nancito says:

      Hmm. I have to wonder if these attacks were actually planned for when Prince Harry was away.

  5. Belluga says:

    You can tell this is bull because they’ve conflated two claims: that Meghan wakes up at 5am and that she texts her staff ideas. The original classic never said she texts her staff at 5am, but that’s how it’s being interpreted. A bit like jumping from ‘Kate cried at Charlotte’s dress fitting’ to ‘Meghan’s a bitch and made Kate cry’ (Was she even at the fitting? We don’t know!)

    I agree this is a full on campaign against her and whether the source is Charles, the Cambridges or the reporters’ own heads, it’s sickening.

    • Lily says:

      It was stated by numerous sources; she didn’t oversee the fitting of the List children and the Malroneys as well Harry’s godchildren. So why, with all the chaos that occurred in the final weeks, would she go to Charlotte’s fitting? – Completely false and the story only makes Kate look bad.
      The whole bridezilla image doesn’t exactly sense, in fact Claire Waight Keller confirmed that Meghan didn’t see the end result of the veil until the morning of the wedding. HER OWN VEIL.

      • Belluga says:

        I’d missed that detail. That makes the story weirder and more malicious and I really want to know who the source was. It’s clear who benefits, but does someone else have an agenda they want to use this to push?

        And frankly, Meghan was thinking about other things in the weeks running up to her wedding, namely her scummy father.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        Why does the story make Kate look bad? All she did was cry about something during Charlotte’s fitting. I’m not sure why that would make her look bad. There were no other details to explain why she cried.

      • Bluthfan says:

        So that leak about Kate crying was either completely made up or something the Cambridges were spinning to tear down Meghan. Interesting.

    • Kebbie says:

      The 5 am thing has always bothered me. The quotes never said that she contacts anyone at 5 am, just that she gets up that early. Then separately, that she sends her staff ideas.

      They were two different details and everybody just interpreted them like they were in conjunction.

      It was just cleverly written to make people think she was texting people at 5 am without actually saying that.

    • Himmiefan says:

      Part of it is the tabloids themselves so they can sell, sell, sell. The stories are almost pre-written, and all they have to do is fill in the blanks.

  6. Sue Denim says:

    I remember when Diana’s charisma and successes rattled Charles, like the public could have only so much love and adoration to give, a finite quantity, rather than something that could expand and reflect well on him too. I wonder if W&K feel that way now about Meghan, who seems to be such a natural at all of this… Or maybe this is all just made up to sell news…?

    • Annie. says:

      I would go with your last part. The press knows this sell. As a society, we still can’t move on from believing that two women have to be either BFFs or mortal enemies. Why is it so hard to understand that there are middle points?

    • Antstacyy says:

      William & Kate have no reason to be threatened. They are still very popular in the UK & when they go on overseas trips. Both of them ranked above Meghan in a recent UK poll which had Meghan in sixth place. Let’s also not forget that there will always be focus on the Cambridges because William is the heir & they will continue to grow in importance as well as their kids.

      • Loretta says:

        And they were much under Harry. Moreover Meghan is a royal only since 5 months so the sixth place in the poll is very good.

      • hieronymous says:

        I agree. As usual I just don’t buy that leaks are coming from the Cambridges/Charles camp. The idea that William is condoning or encouraging his staff to leak false or exaggerated stories about his brother is just tinhattery. But besides than that, I really can’t imagine Charles or the Cambridges leaking fabricated or exaggerated stories about Harry and Meghan. Even if they have separate houses and offices, they’re still working for the same “business”, the same goals. With Brexit in the spring and the question of whether the monarchy will last HM’s eventual passing, making an ass out of family members doesn’t seem like the best tactic for enduring change.

    • minx says:

      I’m going with “it’s all just made up to sell news.” Peace and harmony don’t sell.

    • Giddy says:

      “Meghan, who seems to be such a natural at all of this” That is her crime, plus the feared WOC thing. She is interested, cares, and the public loves her. Plus, she is making Kate up her game. Meghan has skill in linguistics, so suddenly today it is newsworthy that Kate said “Ciao”. So silly.

      • guest3 says:

        Skill in linguistics – Meghan speaks 1 language apart from English. Most people are multilingual or bilingual. I think because the bar has been set so low with Kate, everything Meghan has done so far seems so extraordinary for many people, but her work is right on par with other Princesses from around the world.

      • Roux says:

        I think there is so much that is lost in translation here between the Americans and the Brits.

        Americans think Meghan is super popular
        Most Brits don’t care enough to form an opinion
        Americans read any hate towards Meghan as being a race issue
        Many Brits who do care enough to form an opinion don’t like the fact that she’s American
        Americans can’t understand why Brits have a problem with a strong, opinionated woman
        Brits don’t have a problem with strong, opinionated women but haven’t seen any of that from Meghan because they’re not paying attention and she hasn’t really done very much yet.

        Lots of this supposed British opinion is based on nothing more than news articles created to make money. If you believe those papers then you will also believe that Brits had better start stockpiling food, zombie apocalypse style in readiness for a no-deal Brexit.

      • Lady D says:

        @guest3 “Most people are multilingual or bilingual.” Not true, ‘most people’ don’t even have access to an education, never mind the ability to speak two or more languages. Europeans have a much higher bilingual population than Americans or Canadians. The EU is around 53%, compared to the States at approximately 18% or us at 14%.

      • Sza says:


        You’d be surprised. Many people who live in underprivileged countries are bilingual or multilingual without access to education. Learning languages is more about immersing yourself in the culture and using the language frequently with native speakers. I grew up in a country with a low literacy rate and everyone at least spoke two languages even without going to school. Sometimes 3 or maybe even 4 depending on where they lived.

  7. Reese. says:

    It’s dreadful all of the negative stories about Meghan right now. Hopefully she is able to enjoy her pregnancy and the excitement of being a first time mum and ignore all the negative press around her.

  8. tmbg says:

    Geez, big deal if they’re not pals. Not everyone is close to their in-laws. They’ve lived very different lives and probably have zero in common.

    • Cindy says:

      This is why I’ve never been fond of royal dramas. Despite being a very unique family, everytime I see their dramas reported, it just sounds like a normal family drama. What’s interesting about two in-laws not hating each other?

    • minx says:

      There are no shades of gray, they have to either adore each other or they hate each other 🙄

  9. Becks1 says:

    As to the actual story – I actually think this is a good one, as in it rings just true enough in some aspects to make the whole thing seem true, so you’re left wondering how much friction there actually is.

    I agree with Kaiser that I think it makes sense that some stories are from Clarence House, but not all of these (its also possible that Charles’s biographer is the source of the leaks but that CH is not happy about it).

    Anyway to my first point – many of us have been saying here for a while that it makes sense that Meghan and Kate aren’t BFFs. They come from very different backgrounds and have had very different lives up until this point, and it seems they want to handle being members of the royal family in very different ways. Maybe they like each other and get along fine but nothing more than that. Not everyone has to be BFFs because they married brothers. So that’s the part of the story that rings true to me, because it just seems reasonable and makes sense.

    I can also see Kate very convinced that her way of being royal is the “right way” and I can see her being taken aback that Meghan is approaching it differently. I can also see Harry pulling away from William because of Meghan – not Meghan herself, but it was inevitable that whenever Harry got married there was going to be some pulling away.

    so I think “friction” is probably a good term to describe what I imagine is going on right now. I don’t think there is out and out fighting, I don’t think they hate each other, I think there are probably some growing pains as they navigate this next phase.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      All of these stories suddenly emerge after Charles biography & most of you are still can’t believe this is not coming from the royal courtiers from Clarence House? That Prince Charles is not jealous of the popularity of his two sons? That he wouldn’t pit the Cambridges against the Sussexes? The stories that have been leaked thus far all paint both William & Harry in a bad light, Meghan as demanding, Kate as weepy but Prince Charles as fabulous. Come on. He did this when Princess Diana was alive. However, neither of his sons are as press savvy as Princess Diana.

      • Becks1 says:

        Not all the stories paint Charles as anything, that’s the point several of us have been making. Is it such a stretch to think that some stories are from CH and some aren’t?

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        I find the timing suspect and I’m looking at the stories leaked: the tiara Meghan wanted, last year Christmas invite, the fitting for Charlotte, Meghan gets up at 5am & barrages her staff with emails & texts. As far as we know…no one has officially refuted these stories. And yes, I can see royal courtiers from Clarence House leaking these stories to pit Prince Harry against Prince William so Prince Charles can come in to soothe tensions…like he did last Christmas, like he did when he walked Meghan down the aisle. He got GREAT PRESS for that. So yes, who would benefit the most from Prince Harry & Prince William fighting?

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @Purple – the tiara story came from Andrew, if you look at the timing of that story. It came out after his daughters’ wedding and the subsequent baby announcement from the Sussex’s when they started their successful Aussie tour. There were reports about how Andrew and Fergie were both p!ssed that Eugenie’s wedding didn’t continue to nab the headlines, esp given it was a 3 day extravaganza. Royal brides are NEVER given an opportunity to pick whatever tiara they want – they get what TQ deems fit for them, although I think blood Princess’s get to pick.

        Andrew is a super pissy Princess who is obsessed with shoving it to Chuck and in the lead up to Eug’s wedding it was reported several times that he wanted her wedding to be bigger and better than Harry’s.

      • Claire Voyant says:

        Please don’t be upset with me but calling Andrew a pissy princess underlines harmful gender assignments.
        *slinks away*

      • guest3 says:

        *Royal brides are NEVER given an opportunity to pick whatever tiara they want – they get what TQ deems fit for them.*

        Are you saying Meghan and Harry lied when they talked about the picking of the tiara? That was the initial story – the Queen telling Harry “she gets what she’s given from me” because apparently Meghan was disappointed that she didn’t get her first pick. Harry threw a fit, the Queen told him off, Meghan must’ve turned a bit bridezilla for the Queen to have a word about her behaviour.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think the tiara story was almost absolutely Andrew and the Carole Middleton/VF story was definitely from the Cambridges/Middletons. I do think the Christmas invite story was from Charles.

        But the rest of these – they seem very personally aimed at taking down Meghan and while I know Charles could and would throw her under the bus to save his image – right now he doesnt need to save his image. Right now his relationship with Meghan IS one of the things saving his image. He’s not dumb.

      • guest3 says:

        The crying story though sounds so silly, I’m not sure if I believe that.

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        The tiara story came from the biographer…not Andrew.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      “its also possible that Charles’s biographer is the source of the leaks but that CH is not happy about it”

      As I mentioned in a different reply, Jobson’s been steadily backtracking on his negative stories/commenting about Meghan. Most recently he responded “well said” to a tweet calling out the backlash against Meghan…and several people called HIM out on it for obvious reasons.

    • Nic919 says:

      Well what a coincidence that the Telegraph has now published an interview with Carole Middleton. I am sure that was just a random occurrence. Also I look forward to everyone who freaked out about Doria possibly doing an interview with Oprah and thus sullying the royal family to attack this interview with the same fervour.

      I was prepared to believe these stories were solely due to Charles’s courtiers….

  10. BlueSky says:

    Forceful and opinionated are dog whistle terms used for black women. I’m so tired
    Of this narrative. They really cannot stand that a black woman is part of RF. She can’t win. If she sat around and did nothing she’s lazy. She’s out there making appearances and fulfilling royal duties and now she’s being painted as a demanding “b@tch”.

    • Belluga says:

      I’ve stg seen people (ok on twitter but still) say that she shouldn’t be working as much because it makes the others look bad.

      I wish people would just be honest and say they wanted Harry to marry a white woman. ‘Uppity’ and ‘demanding’ are the other dog foghorns that have been going around.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yup. I was just thinking as I was reading this post – can you imagine if Meghan had come in and done nothing? If she had done the royal tour and had only done one event a day, or had taken several days off throughout? If she had said that she was taking the first two years to “acclimate” to royal life (MALTA!)? People are pissed enough that she is working….imagine if she wasn’t.

    • TQ says:

      Totally agree @BlueSky. They’ve pulled out all the racist dog whistle tropes always used to put down black women. As Kaiser said the other day, am just waiting for them to call her a ‘welfare queen’.

      And @Becks1 — yep. We know that if she’d come in and been as work shy as Kate they would have labelled her ‘lazy’ as well.

      It makes me so angry.

    • Mich says:

      They are absolutely dog whistles against WOC. But they are also terms the Brits use to denigrate strong American women in general. I lived in a former British colony for 15 years and was surrounded by Brits. Those words were sneeringly used to describe me many times.

    • Stephanie Hawkins says:

      That needs some proof right there. Even a documentary states that Meghan and Harry got to choose a 👸 tiara

  11. Kittycat says:

    I just dont get it.

    Meghan is actually working and the press are mad enough to write negative fake stories about her.

    • Violet says:

      You’ve just pointed out the absurdity here (that the press is “mad” at her) without following it to its natural conclusion. The press isn’t “angry” at Meghan. They don’t care about her one way or another. They just want to print “interesting” stories. And right now, someone is leaking from inside KP or BP and trying to smear Meghan. So they’re printing it. That’s all.

      It’s not the press. It’s whoever is doing the leaking.

    • tmbg says:

      I guess vibrant personalities are too much for the British press to handle. Mustn’t have too much expression in your face, now!

      • guest3 says:

        I don’t believe the family were super welcoming, they sure didn’t close rank around Meghan. All of that seemed like the usual new bride PR.

    • Amelie says:

      They had to switch angles. I think they realized they had gone overboard giving Meghan’s family a platform. It only made Meghan look sympathetic and the public were tired of Samantha’s ranting. So they switched tack and focused instead on the BRF family dynamics and how Meghan doesn’t fit in (when before everyone was super welcoming and closing rank around Meghan).

    • Claire Voyant says:

      This is not the case, though. The press has had knives out for her since day one. The royal courtiers hadn’t even gained access to her yet.

  12. Violet says:

    Well supposing this is true, can you blame Meghan for feeling frosty towards her inlaws? She’s no idiot. She can work out where the leaks are coming from too, probably better than any other outsider can. Someone in the royal circle is selling her out and throwing her under the bus to make themselves look better in comparison! I’d be pissed and want to keep my distance too. “Frosty” indeed.

    You only have to look at who benefits from these stories to figure out who is putting them out there. Kate is the only figure who emerges unscathed. I know people don’t want to admit that she or her husband could be behind a smear campaign but who else? Really why would Charles or the Queen want to cut Meghan down like this? How would they benefit from that?

    • Marco says:

      If William and Kate are behind all this they’re disgusting.

      • Missy S. says:

        Whether it’s intentional or not, most of the leaks and sources point to Will and Kate. Just about every story paints the Cambridges in a positive light.

    • ElleBee says:

      Throwing Harry under the bus to protect William from criticism is nothing new. It seems it has now moved on to their wives. I don’t think W&K are the ones responsible for these stories but I do think that perhaps they will enjoy the benefits of being seen as better and more traditional royals.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes I agree with Kaiser’s point -the stories that end with “and then Charles swooped in and saved the day” are likely from Clarence House.

      The stories that paint Kate as the calm unflappable royal who dresses demurely and never puts a foot wrong and Meghan is TEXTING STAFF…..that’s not from Clarence House.

      I do kind of enjoy the shade in this one aimed at Kate though….”some might say she’s boring” lol.

    • Ellaus says:

      It seems to me that the only one that shines through is Prince Charles. Kate is made to look weak, boring, bland, always under Williams foot. Just a polar opposite of Meghan’s strength, strong willed…
      I think several of this leaks came from Clarence House to boost Charles image, but ended up messed up in the way. The press took the juicy parts and did a more dramátic take. There are nuggets of truth here and there (Meghan possibly is more open to change and proactive, Kate lacks the carisma and prefers to stay out of thE spotlight; William is more introvert and has to have is way; Harry seems more extrovert and sensitive) but I think the drama described is just made up by the press to sell newspapers. Happiness doesn’t bring money.

    • Nic919 says:

      I think the Carole Middleton interview in the telegraph today adds a new layer to all of this.

      • Bluthfan says:

        Yeah, it’s pretty clear the Cambridges and Middleton are behind the smear campaigns. I wonder if Charles or Harry goes on the offensive to stop these smears?

      • Ellaus says:

        I don’t know. I think the interview was done before all this shitstorm. The telegraph is just riding the wave and publishing what he has. The middletons in particular don’t seem to have any more to gain, and the cambridges don’t come out very well from this picture. Meghan is taking the blunt of everything, but even then what she is criticised for is for working hard, being a force of nature and a proactive change.
        I think Charles only likes his change, the one he sets the pace forma, and maybe this is the way to put his children firmly in his way. I think he is a good man and possibly the best Princesa of Wales ever, but he has a tendency to use the press to his benefit and not caring who ends scathed.

  13. Marco says:

    The racism is strong. I’m disgusted.

  14. Claire Voyant says:

    The media is clever in a diabolical way. With all of these stories the Duchesses will never be able to be seen together without it looking like a forced defensive move. Haven’t been seen together in weeks? Bitter feud. Doing the Christmas church walk together and smiling/chatting? Royal sources spill about forced gaiety. It all assures that Meghan gets painted into a corner. Disgusting.

  15. teehee says:

    Not only is this predictale baiting on the reporters behalves, but, I think the reason might be
    Kate is allegedly going to be the queen one day, if William becomes King.

    The press is on overdrive to spin teh PR in such a way, to make Meghan somehow a villain for the fact THAT she now outshines Kate.

    (Meghan has more allure, charm, eloquence, work ethic, style, passion etc etc etc and Harry is the more appealing of the two brothers too now)

    Its all just Palace PR bulls**t and I feel sorry for Meghan because we all expected this to happen, but wow its not nice to watch it actually happening anyway because at the end of this PR parade is a good couple with real feelings and this is just not appropriate or even humane (t crush a person under a system)

    Why not just leave it be— Kate sucks by comparison. People love Meghan. Who cares? Kate will be queen anyway. Why crush Meghan- it wont help, The palace has a way fo shooting itself in teh foot massively (like it did with basically every other royal) in its mislead intent to preserve itself somehow.You think after all these generations theyd be a bit smarter.
    With each generation they only speed up their own eventual demise with this behavior. The people arent that stupid!

    • Eliza says:

      Luckily when she has the baby all the bad-will should die down. For a bit. Motherhood tends to clean the slate with the royal mob.

      Luckily? I don’t think it’s truly lucky. When she got engaged I said I thought she was too good for this gilded cage. The goodwill of her baby will eventually die down sadly, and as the American, as the spare’s wife, as a woc she will always be the press scapegoat. It’s awful to think about!! I hope Harry is there to support her and helps build a strong support system in the palace to work against this crap.

      • Missy S. says:

        I agree. I also don’t think a baby is going to generate much good press or protection for Meghan. It seems like the media has received their orders: Harry and Meghan are bad, Will and Kate are good. What I do like is that people are fighting back and defending Meghan. I hate smear campaigns, especially when the person did nothing wrong.

      • jan90067 says:

        Ugh… the stories are already out about how Meghan is going to (gasp!!!) have a HOME BIRTH IN A BIRTHING POOL!! HOW GAUCHE!!! Never mind that Kate was talking about having a home birth for Louis for a while, never mind that before W & H all royal births had been home births, but how DARE MEGHAN even CONSIDER not going to Lido and come out on the steps like her betters before her! SMH…

        I really do NOT believe all this sh!t-stirring going on. While I do think Charles and his camp are behind just about all of this, (esp. his Gray Men, doing it on their own on *his* behalf), frankly, even if they all came out, surrounded Meg singing Kumbaya, you *know* people will still call it an act, and they *really* hate her. She just can’t win.

        I just hope she and Harry live their best lives, and tell them all to just go to hell.

        PS: I said this before in the past few days, but it would NOT surprise me in the least if Pedo Andy is behind this. I’d be sure he has his “spies” everywhere, and some big sh!t is coming out next week regarding Jeffrey Epstein, and Pedo Andy (among others *cough Dump, Clinton*cough) are being linked. This could be MAJOR DEFLECTING to steer attention away from that. JMO

      • notasugarhere says:

        No it won’t die down. We’ll get tabloid stories, and loads of pro-Kate fandom extremists, insisting Meghan is a bad mother because she works.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Unfortunately I’m not quite sure things will (temporarily) die down when Meghan gives birth. If the press is so comfortable doing these over the top attacks when she’s pregnant, I doubt they’ll bat an eye at continuing when she’s caring for a newborn.

      • Hikaru says:

        I sincerely doubt bringing a mixed race kid into the royal family will give her a break.

        She better pray her kid is not gonna end up a black boy because he’s going to grow up surrounded by upper class racists who profited off slavery treating him like a criminal his whole life.
        And to make it worse he won’t even have a single black male role figure in his life, only his racist white father and other racist white men.

      • Kebbie says:

        @Hikaru How is Harry a racist?

  16. RBC says:

    I have to wonder if the source of these rumours could be Prince Andrew or Sarah? Prince Charles has made it clear he wants to streamline the monarchy once he becomes King and that would affect Eugenie and Beatrice. Also the name Jeffrey Epstein has been in the news again and Prince Andrew has been linked to him. Could these rumours be a way of deflecting some embrassing information about to be made public?

    • Betsy says:

      It would be a good idea, but I don’t think either of them is really in a position to know this kind of gossip anymore, are they?

      • Becks1 says:

        @Betsy I guess it depends on whether we think the stories are actually true or not, and I feel like we (in the comments section ha) go back and forth depending on the actual story. If we accept generally that these stories are mostly false, then Andrew or Fergie being the source “could” make sense. I don’t think it’s them entirely, but nothing’s impossible.

        But if we accept these stories as generally true with some exaggeration – then you do need to look at who would know any of this. Andrew wouldn’t have any clue if Kate cried at Charlotte’s dress fitting.

        (well except that the royal staff does talk amongst themselves a great deal, I’m assuming.)

    • Ellaus says:

      I think that Airmiles Andy should just sit down and wait. The working royals like the Dukes of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, DoE are ver y old, and perform a lot of engagements on behalf of the Queen. Charles’ streamlined Royal Family will need more adults than Charles, Camilla, Cambridges and the Sussexes. I wouldn’t be surprised if down the road Beatrice and Eugenie are needed.
      Andrew’s attitude is really offputting and and a shoot in his foot.

      • Jaded says:

        Agreed. Andrew is a loose cannon with a very sleazy past that the BRF have tried to cover up as much as possible but with Trump’s relationship with Epstein coming to light, it will likely create some new press on Airmiles Andy’s dalliances with him.

    • whitecat says:

      You might be onto something. Epstein’s underage victims are going to testify next week – one of them has said that she was pimped out to Prince Andrew when she was 16/17. So there you go.

  17. Eliza says:

    I love that Harry wanted a strong, independent, intelligent woman.

    But the royal circle would never want this personality. They like puppets. They like to move the chess pieces not be dictated to. I think these sources are all grumpy old men who are lifetime palace playmakers.

    Hopefully this tension does not cause a rift between the Sussexs, right now it appears to be driving them closer together.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Sophie is strong, independent, and intelligent. So are Duchess of Kent and Gloucesters. The tabloids don’t attack them because they’re not high-profile enough for it to sell.

      • Eliza says:

        I believe Sophie was attacked for working a proper job while being a royal.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She was working a proper job because she and Edward weren’t supposed to be working royals, like Anne’s husbands have outside jobs and don’t work as royals. It was only after an entrapment scheme that E&S were pulled from their private jobs and made full-time royals.

        Even while she wasn’t an official working royal and was running her outside business? She did more engagements each year than Kate has ever done.

  18. Piper says:

    Totally agree Kaiser, it’s not all Clarence and Cambridge’s post Austraila claws are out.

    Thing I ask, there seems to be no concern from inside KP that Meghan is pregnant during their campaign – are they hoping she miscarries? Who pulls these ugly punches while she’s pregnant? No empathy? Stress enough with new role, new wife, degenerate family and new in-laws but this from his family, it makes W&K appear extraordinarily ugly, uncaring.

    I think these stories are exaggerated but it’s clear someone is intentionally leaking trash.

  19. Lily says:

    This is so ugly and disgusting to me. I hope the Duchess of Sussex has enough support at home and is taking of herself and her unborn.

    Also – This argument as to why Kate and Meghan may not get along is silly and does not hold up: Kate was not born royalty, she is a middle class daughter of an Air Hostess and Pilot from Berkshire. We have seen Meghan get on more than well with Charles(the heir), Anne(the princess), the Queen(The bloody Sovereign and Head of State). This coded language isn’t very coded.
    If William/Charles’ camps are behind this, it will only backfire on them because after all the monarchy is not Harry and Meghan’s lifeline; it is theirs. I don’t mean to sound cynical but because of our ageing Queen, if any evidence surfaces that suggests these attacks are coming from a member of the royal family’s office, this will mark the beginning of the end for the British Royal Family.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate’s “middle class” in that she isn’t an aristocrat. But she never lifted a finger to support herself in her life, and always climbed her way into aristo circles. Did nothing but be supported by her parents while chasing her prince. Simply through life experience, these two women have little in common.

      Charles gets too much positive attention from his relationship with Meghan. He wouldn’t be behind negative stories about her.

    • Becks1 says:

      @Nota – YES. That’s where I cant get behind the theory of Charles being the source of these stories. Some of them – sure. The story about the Christmas invite makes sense because Charles looks good and it wasnt really negative about Meghan.

      But not all of them. First – Charles may throw his children under the bus for many reasons, but I do not think he is going to complain about Meghan working. Second – Charles’s seemingly warm acceptance of Meghan has gone a long way towards softening his image and making him seem likeable. He’s not dumb. He knows that.

      Now maybe this is all a ploy so Charles can swoop in and comfort poor Meghan and Harry and protect them but that doesnt ring true to me considering that some of these stories are definitely NOT from Charles.

    • guest3 says:

      Oh, please, Meghan is as much of a social climber as Kate and I love it. Seriously, she needs to ghostwrite a book on climbing because she outsmarted Carole and Kate – It took Meghan a few years whereas the former had to wait around nearly a decade, ha! That must burn….
      Meghan smartly picked her social circle and interestingly they were all upper class/elite from Canada to the UK. She managed to befriend members of the British upper class pretty easily before Harry. She knew what she was doing just like Carole and Kate knew what they were doing. Shame it didn’t really work for Pippa… And I love the new Meghan Malta aristocrat pictures, she knew how to climb her way into certain circles, and I applaud her for it. I don’t like it when people “shame” climbers lol case they’re just trying to better their lives.

  20. spidee!!! says:

    Sorry but I think 95% of these stories are made up by lazy hacks who can’t do proper journalism.

    I stand to be shot down but I don’t think it is particularly a case of racism – they would try to bring down whoever it was – build ’em up to knock ’em down is a favourite trick of the UK press.

  21. Digital Unicorn says:

    TQ and her courtiers need to step in and put a stop to this – the level of nastiness is disgusting and while Kate got her share of it, it was never like this. Its racism and party because she’s a divorced American – if you look back in time Wallis Simpson was basically dragged by the press in a similar fashion. Wallis was not perfect but she was not the ‘monster’ that she was painted to be. The real ‘monster’ was David (former King Edward VII) who William is very much like in character.

    I think there is tension between the couples and as the articles states, its because Harry wants to be his own man. He has his own family now, he doesn’t need his brother any more and he doesn’t want to be the Cambridge fall guy any more either. And that’s why the Cambridge’s are likely behind this campaign, by damaging the Sussex’s like this it makes them look good. As i said previously, with the numerous negative stories about H&M there are also ‘positive’ stories about W&K and how they are stepping up and saving the children of ‘broken Britain’ by studying psychology. And of course Clarence House has put of a few stories, probably to combat any backlash aimed at Chuck for not stepping in to sort his sons out.

    The Cambridge’s were never going to react well to whoever Harry married as they were always going to lose their fail guy when that happened. This is all about William having one of his infamous tantrums.

    Meghan seems a tough cookie, she grew up with a dysfunctional family in LA. Working and surviving in HW takes a certain type of personality – that on top of Harry being willing and able to defend her they will be fine in the long run.

    As for the stories about staff gossiping that it wouldn’t last – we got those same stories about the Cambridges. Nothing new there.

    • Elisabeth says:

      Comparing William to a literal nazi seems a bit much.

      • Erinn says:

        Almost amusing given Harry’s costume choices of the past.

      • JustSayin' says:

        I can’t think of a better costume to wear on Halloween or a costume party where the theme is ‘tasteless costumes’.

      • Erinn says:

        Yeah, I mean – “tasteless costumes” isn’t exactly ‘Colonials and Natives’ (the actual theme )- but still, why not choose that costume to wear two weeks before the Queen hosts an event for the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

        I mean – how could someone who was 20 at the time and who grew up in the spotlight possibly have the foresight to realize that was a bad idea. It wasn’t one blip of questionable decisions – there was a period of time where he was making a lot of stupid choices and saying offensive things. Hopefully he’s moved on from that and genuinely realizes that what he did in the past was awful. But I suspect wealthy private school kids probably get away with a lot of bad behavior so it was never seen as a big deal to them.

      • whitecat says:

        If anybody in the Labour Party did this, we would all be screaming antisemitism and Nazism and so on, but if it’s a royal family – apparently that’s ok.

      • guest3 says:

        omg this @whitecat. I slightly disagree though – it’s just poor lad Harry, so it was okay.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Again. William picked out the costume and goaded Harry to wear it, as quoted by the shopkeeper. Dumb move Harry and horrible older brother William.

        I notice you’re all giving William a pass for going to that party dressed as an “African Native” down to wearing black tights. Also confirmed by shopkeeper.

      • Whitecat says:

        @Notaus – not me. I dislike William a lot, and I think they are ridiculous and tone deaf. Sill don’t get why both of them get any passes for that. The royal family’s racism has been whitewashed to death – and I’m not only talking about Harry – Prince Philip was in hitler youth and from his racist comments throughout the decades – it’s clear to me he picked up quite a lot during his time. Still, don’t get the whitewashing but at least my tax money is not going to supporting them anymore since I left the Uk.

  22. Lily says:

    Meghan is not this perfect woman, she has never claimed to be and I am certain it is safe to say she is a victim at the hands of the British Press in a way nobody in the royal family has been before.
    Some have had means things written about them, hurtful nicknames, the paparazzis hounding them but this…This is in a whole different league of abuse.

  23. Giddy says:

    All of these stories remind me of the Choose Your Own Adventure books. I think lazy and negative members of the press have their templates: ————disturbed/upset/distressed———— when he/she —————. Just keep your list of words available and the articles flow.

    “Meghan-Markle distressed TQ when she demanded the emerald tiara.” Meghan-Markle upset Kate when she made Harry move out of KP.”

    See? It’s easy,lazy supposed journalism and probably creates real problems. I hope the intended victims of these crimes in publishing ignore the articles. They are intended to increase readers but would probably delight the sadistic writers if they came true.

  24. Notanotherpostcard says:

    Everyone always says Henry doesn’t want this life. So what is keeping him from making his own life with his wife and child?

    Henry can get a real job just like the rest of us and be free of all of this horrible mess. He could move to a different country, travel, let his wife support them and stay at home with his baby.

    He chooses to stay and there are consequences to being in the royal family. They are always under a microscope. But he can walk away from it all in a heartbeat if he wanted.

    I don’t feel sorry for him. And I don’t feel sorry for Meghan, she knew exactly what she was getting into marrying into that family.

    • Missy S. says:

      I do agree that Harry should find something else outside of the Royal Family. Harry is too much of a free spirit to deal with the scrutiny, monotony, and strict protocol of royal life.

      I don’t agree about Meghan. I have a lot of sympathy for her because nothing prepares you for how harsh the tabloids and paparazzi can be towards public figures. Some of the toughest celebrities and politicians I know have all said how hard it is to deal with the scrutiny. Being rich and famous or a royal doesn’t mean that they aren’t human beings with emotions.

    • JustSayin' says:

      Everyone says William doesn’t want this life and has no interest in being King.

      William loves Africa too, even more than Harry.

      I don’t see why Harry should step down when he is doing his job and quite well at that. Sounds more like you want him to for whatever reason.
      Harry is very popular, still. Even more than William and Charles.
      Just because the gutter press hates anything non white and has its own agenda when it comes to Meghan, doesn’t mean Harry should give into their hatred.
      He’s a real man and defended his wife from the hate she received (well before the issued letter) and will always protect her and their children.

      • Erinn says:

        “I don’t see why Harry should step down when he is doing his job and quite well at that. ”

        You could argue that despite being good at the job, if he’s miserable, why bother? I mean, if he genuinely hates the microscope, hates the kind of life he has, it doesn’t matter if he’s good at it or bad at it – why bother. You can spend your life doing something that makes you unhappy, or you can give that up and go do whatever you enjoy. I don’t think that would be giving in to hatred at all. If he didn’t reference having a normal life so often, I’d agree that maybe he’d be folding. But it’s him who’s put it out there that he doesn’t want to live the typical royal life – so why keep doing it?

        It’s a difficult line to toe when it comes to defending your wife when you’re both public figures and are benefiting from that kind of life in so many ways. There’s no need for vile attacks from the media – but there’s a certain point where there will always be SOME criticism when you’re a public figure. If he really wanted to get away from it – get Meghan and the kid(s) away from that kind of awful lifestyle he could. He doesn’t HAVE to be a working royal – he could leave it all behind. They’d still have plenty of interest of course, but he would at least be a private citizen and there would be much less access to his family.

      • notasugarhere says:

        And they would be hounded, chased, and harassed with no protection. This isn’t Princess Margaret in the 50s. There is nowhere for them to hide from the paps and everybody with a cell phone recording their movements.

    • notasugarhere says:

      This is the same dog whistle argument from the racists on tumblr. She knew she was marrying a descendant of colonizers, therefore she deserve the racist treatment. What is wrong with people?

      Harry has a sense of duty that keeps him tied to the royal role, even when he wants out. Harry has used that sense of duty to build Invictus Games and Sentebale, both things that are outside of his official royal work. William stays for the perks and eventual payday, and has built nothing of his own either within or outside the royal fishbowl.

      As the years go by, I think we’ll Harry and Meghan build more things outside of the royal role while gaining international attention. Do their royal duties, but put loads of energy into outside projects in their personal time.

      Ultimately if the whole royal thing ended tomorrow, Harry and Meghan would survive. W&K would end up in Carole’s garage apartment.

      • Claire Voyant says:

        William and Kate in a garage? Lol okay.

      • guest3 says:

        *She knew she was marrying a descendant of colonizers, therefore she deserve the racist treatment.* I don’t agree with this but I have seen some poc saying this as well.

  25. hezzer19 says:

    Sure Jan.

    Kate dresses demurely…except when she’s flashing her knickers for the entire world to see. OK that was sort of rude but it’s true.

    I’m not a Kate apologist, nor do I dislike her in any way. I’m ambivalent for the most part. About Kate and Megan. But these stories are just that. Stories. Just the press pitting two women against each other. I’m not here for that level of misogynistic bovine excrement. And yeah, I suppose my first comment may come across as pitting Kate and Megan against each other but I didn’t mean it that way. Megan’s flashed a fair bit of leg too.

    Megan and Kate are just two women who barely know each other who happened to marry brothers. Just because they’re not acting like BFFs in public doesn’t mean they’re cat-fighting behind closed doors.

  26. Flying fish says:

    Boo woo, the notion of ‘The Fab Four’ was a creation by the media and admirers…sorry to disappoint.

  27. Nikki says:

    What’s breeding my contempt is the media, with their racist, anti-Yank fantastical lies targeting a pregnant woman who’s already dealing with the stresses of a new marriage, new country, new job, new pregnancy, AND horrific family betrayals. It’s also sad the media feels these stories are what the public will eat up; there should be more backlash from the public, but what does this say about our society, still? I can only hope her mom, friends, and Harry all give her LOTS of support, and I do wish the RF would put out some kind of statement.

    • Sparkly says:

      Well said. I would like to see the RF rally behind her (unlike her real family) too. It’ll never happen, but I’d love to see the Queen tell the press that they should all be ashamed of themselves.

  28. Div says:

    I suspect a lot of the stories are made up either by the sources or journalists themselves. What is suspicious, as I’ve noted before, is that the firm hasn’t shut this down. You know they are capable of squashing a lot of tabloid stories when they need to do so-not all, but a lot. For example, there have been nearly no stories that Princess Beatrice’s new man very likely left his partner and young infant for Beatrice.

    I really do agree with Kaiser that there’s some sort of campaign against Meghan. i’m not even claiming that Meghan is perfect and it’s possible (but unlikely imo) she’s a diva-but a lot of the language around her is filled with dog whistles and some of it is out right racism which makes any claims of diva behavior more than a bit suspicious. But even if Meghan was awful, and I don’t think she is, not one soul deserves this kind of racist horrible campaign.

  29. Catherine says:

    Im reading this differently and am very disappointed in William and Harry. All the sources say the friction/issues are between the brothers, not the wives. William is transitioning from “equal royal” with Harry, to Harry’s boss. Harry’s clearly NOT enjoying it. He’s throwing tantrums, flexing, he’s mad about tiaras, housing, etc. That’s where the friction lies and the wives are being dragged into it by their husbands. W and H need to get it together, Kate and Meghan are NOT Diana and Fergie. The husbands need to quit using them as cover in the press. The press in inherently sexist. The press wants to see both women “fail”. Megan and Kate “can’t” defy their husbands and present a united front on their own.

    I think the establishment is using the wives and protecting both Princes at any and all costs. W and H need to mend fences with a quickness before their wives are destroyed, consumed by press. Like Diana was.

  30. tmbg says:

    I’ll just say it. The Cambridge’s are like dusty, cobweb-covered antiques (and I’m not talking age here) and the Sussexes are full of life. Meghan’s warmth radiates right through photographs of her, and Harry has always been a character. Will and Kate probably started this because they are so tired and played-out compared to Harry and Meghan.

  31. Magdalin says:

    I honestly think that the press hates Meghan because of Harry’s “leave her alone and stop being racist” letter and because of her family’s trashiness. Remember, this is the same lot that couldn’t believe William married an “upper middle-class” woman, made fun of Carol’s flight attendant background, the Goldsmith mining background, and the fact that the Middleton company is party supply chain.

    So, just imagine how their minds would be blown if a bi-racial American who was a relatively successful actress, with a TERRIBLE side to her family who actually play to the press and give them direct access to sell out the new duchess? To them, this makes Meghan trashy by association. The only way this would have even remotely flown smoothly is if she was more akin to Grace Kelly: White, blonde, gorgeous, top actress of her generation with Academy Awards and was truly giving up one of the most lucrative film careers at the time, rich, successful family, etc. And they STILL made fun of her for her family’s wealth coming from “a bunch of Philadelphia bricklayers.” Snobbery is ingrained, I tell you.

    As it stands, Meghan, for some strange reason (seriously WHY?) is compared more to Wallis Simpson. That was the DM angle on the “moving to Frogmore” story. It was such a stretch that I stopped reading the article.

    Unfortunately, I do not think that this will be fun at all. Next: Samantha will do a book tour called, “I told you so, Meghan is a terrible, diva, cold person.” I think that we’re in for a long, exhausting anti-Meghan “ride” with the British press. If this has all gone to Meghan’s head or she has been misunderstood internally, I hope she can sort that out and move ahead. If someone’s just being mean-spirited and making everything up, I hope the Queen steps in to put a stop to it and that they clean house staff-wise. It’s probably somewhere in-between.

    Ultimately, I hope that she and Harry can escape to Frogmore and enjoy their lives as newlyweds and new parents. Cozy, close and positive. Rebuild before re-entering the lion’s den after her maternity leave.

  32. Case says:

    They’re taking a very normal sister-in-law dynamic and making it into something much more dramatic. Basically, they’re civil but aren’t best buds. I’d say that’s the case for a lot of in-laws, which is fine. Meghan and Kate are in this family because of their husbands, not each other. They don’t need to be besties in order to get along at social functions.

    The American press definitely isn’t great, but I’m continuously stunned at how vile the British press is toward people. They really aim to tear a person down permanently, don’t they?

    • jammypants says:

      Agreed. I’d say the British press in some ways are worse than American ones. In the state’s, everyone likes a good comeback story. But I don’t get the impression from British press. They want to tear people down until they have severe depression, anxiety, and meltdowns then they kick the person while down and say, see! Told you this person is unfit!

  33. JustSayin' says:

    David Cameron defended Kate when hilary mantel called her a ‘ plastic princess’ and  “shop-window mannequin”

    Meghan has been called worse and….crickets. I haven’t seen anyone come to her defence except her husband.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Very true on both accounts. Saying that, most of the public (Daily Fail commenters aside) are on Megs side, they can see the racism from the press for what it is.

    • notasugarhere says:

      If you read the whole of Mantell’s speech, not only is she very sympathetic to the royals in their role as zoo animals? She’s right about Kate.

    • guest3 says:

      The Panda part still cracks me up! Everything she said was spot on.

  34. Snap Happy says:

    The Robbie Williams thing perked my ears up. His daughter was in Eugenie’s wedding. Maybe there is a connection there?

    Anyway, Kate and Meghan should do an event together. Even if in real life they aren’t BFF, this attack on Meghan is disgusting. Will and Kate should be helping to protect her. It was shitty of the press to attack her before she was pregnant, but to do it now is really unconscionable. She doesn’t need the extra stress.

    • guest3 says:

      you know, I’m shocked they are going after her (whoever it is) while she’s pregnant.

    • Elisa says:

      Yes, this Melissa person could be the source of a part of these leaks. Interesting that no-one is pointing to her…

  35. Mich says:

    Didn’t we all know Meghan was going to be punished for her wildly successful Australian tour?

    Kate IS boring. For years, the only thing of interest about her was her hair, eyeliner and clothes. And even those things weren’t all that interesting. I have no doubt she felt threatened by Meghan’s success and that William was likely livid.

    There is no bottom to how low the press will go. The way they used their power to allow her psycho family to bully and gaslight her was a sign of things to come.

    I look at this a bit the way I view what happened to Hillary. The more she was unfairly bullied the more staunchly I stood behind her. This whole disgusting mess of how the media is treating Meghan is going to achieve the same thing.

  36. Mamunia says:

    I had a close friend who moved to London. She was a lot like Meghan – educated, opinionated and very headstrong. Basically, she was American. The reception was brutal. She lived in the U.K. for 15 years and changed her entire personality to fit in. It was either that or suffer being totally socially ostracized. Meghan is in for a rough ride regardless of her status. The things that we Americans think of showing interest in someone by asking them questions about themselves are seen as rude and intrusive in the U.K. Showing too much excitement about anything is not only frowned upon, but looked at with suspicion. Brit’s work hard, but they don’t make a show of it – if anything, they make a show of not trying to work too hard. It’s just a totally different culture and it will be Meghan who will need to adjust. That being said, I love her and wish her loads of luck!

    • Andrea says:

      I’ve experienced this in Canada as well. I am an American living 6 years up here. My eagerness to hang out is shown with coldness, almost like I come off desperate. They always seem to want to suggest whenever their schedule allows. Canadians in big cities seem more self involved than Americans and only have time for you once a month and call it friendship. My work ethic has shown jealousy amongst coworkers for it is viewed as too hard working, too showy. When that’s how everyone holds down a job in the US. If you slack, there are hundreds waiting for your job willing to take a pay cut for it. Being inquiring or loud is pearl clutching. Totally different cultures. I find myself missing my weekly catchups who were ride or die friends. I haven’t met a single one so far who is someone I could truly count on.

      • Chrissy says:

        Andrea I am sorry that you are going through that. I am Canadian and lived in Toronto for years and I found the same thing It was hard to make new friends. Not a welcoming bunch at all. I have also noticed that whenever I am down in the states people are more overtly friendly. But thee same goes for eastern Canada. Ontario is a tricky spot in that way I am afraid

      • Jaded says:

        I’m Canadian and lived most of my adult life in the Toronto area, and when I first moved there from a small town I found it very hard to fit in. It tends to be very “cliquish” and if you haven’t gone to the right uni or been part of the right crowd since childhood you’ll have a tough time fitting in. All that being said, I do have some wonderful, close friends I’ve made through various jobs over the years and we have stuck together for decades. I find east and west coasters much friendlier and more welcoming than Ontarians.

      • Nic919 says:

        I think what you are describing is a Toronto / GTA thing and not an Ontario thing. Small town Ontario is much more like the east coast than the GTA.
        Toronto still has remnants of conservative Anglo culture especially at the more elite levels than compared to Montreal and it’s more British in sensibility.

    • MrsBump says:

      I do think there is a cultural gap between Americans and the British, that Americans dont really anticipate as they tend to assume that since they speak the same language, that integration will be easy.
      Having worked with Americans, i do sometimes find the constant show of enthusiasm a little fake perhaps, as is the need to show to others constantly how busy one is.
      However, being a non Brit, i also found the extreme politeness in the workplace confusing as i was used to a more direct approach.
      Also, Im not sure where it stems from but i find that europeans do tend to look down on Americans, but then again there is no shortage of Americans claiming superiority over others… i suppose that we are all the fool of someone else.

      • Andrea says:

        @Nin919 @Jaded @Chrissy I live in Toronto! Lol You guys guessed correctly. I have been dying to move to British Columbia for the past 2 years now. I visited there and it was such a different vibe entirely.

  37. knowitall says:

    Well…that didn’t take long!

  38. Chrissyms says:

    Honestly I am in the camp that believes that all the people involved in this story are pretty shady people. I don’t believe there is a “Mother Teresa” in the bunch. They probably are all manipulative and fake and all that other fun stuff. They are incredibly privileged people with a world of access. These stories are laughable. None of them realize how the public really see them. The British Public deserves an amount of access to them. They pay the bills!! Harry wanting to get out of the “fishbowl” is such a spoiled brat narrative when he is doing it on the taxpayers dime. I like looking at pictures of them and analyzing fashion, but these people are probably jerks. All of them.

  39. Pinky&lovee says:

    I am curious about this comment. Harry cannot just walk away, and this has nothing to do with privilege. He has grown to understand the responsibility of his position. He is a military man, duty always win. He has the biggest platform to bring about change and make a difference. He and Meghan know they’re in a position that would give them opportunity to make a difference if they work hard. Moving away wI’ll not stop the press abuse, in my opinion, might make it worse without some protection.
    Also, Meghan is not asking for your sympathy, but people who love and support her understand that she did not ask for rascist remarks and abuse. No one deserves to be abuse. While that might mean anything to you, for us woc, it does.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Such a good comment Pinky&lovee

    • Erinn says:

      But moving away wouldn’t really stop them from having a platform, either. There are so many people in love with Harry- he’s spent enough of his life in the public eye that there will always be people watching him. There will always be interest in any project he undertakes. If he leaves and they became private citizens there’s different rules on what can be said about them in the press (I believe) so there could be different forms of protection in place.

      Meghan absolutely does not deserve the racist comments, and it’s disgusting that she’s dealing with it. It’s not something you should ever have to anticipate happening – but sadly we live in a dumpster fire of a world. It’d be one thing if the press was JUST criticizing her for being American, or for being outspoken, or whatever. But they can’t ever seem to rise above racist remarks and implications in every article.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Moving away removes all protections. It would be even more of a free for all, with no safe place on the planet to get away from paps and everyone with a cell phone. The paps will be rabid to get photos of their children because they will be Diana’s multi-racial grandchildren.

    • MrsBump says:

      Im also a WOC, darker than Meghan and African to boot. I was at the airport waiting to board a plane when i read the news of her engagement and spent the entire flight trying to explain the significance and importance of this event to my bemused white boyfriendZ
      However even im a little taken aback not only by the haters (which were expected) but also by the adoration of her fans.
      As long as she’s married to Harry, she got the Duchess job, no amount of bad press can take that away from her, she’ll keep on wearing couture, live in taxpayer renovated mansions (charming called cottages by the royals) , with police protection, her child will go to the best schools, and his/her future is guaranteed, and all she has to do in return is pop up to charity visits, galas and events for 45 minutes at a time. Frankly when i see the perks of this job, i’d take the bad press any day and every day of the week.
      In any case, this furor will die down as the press finds itself another victim

      • Rosie says:

        That’s really interesting. Like you’re boyfriend I didn’t think having a WOC marry Harry was a shocker. I was concerned about her being American/actress/social media type, that really worried me. I think if you don’t have hate/dislike for POC in your heart and believe they are your equal maybe it’s harder to spot the subtle racism. Obviously if you’ve grown up on the receiving end you can spot it a mile off. Or maybe I’m a bit dense 😟. I do agree with you that the hysteria either way is really weird. She’s not the best royal ever or in the wrong place just because she’s black. She’s in the wrong if she’s trying to modernise an organisation that moves with the pace of an oil tanker but tends to run very smoothly. It’s Down to TQ and the POW to modernise not her or Harry. Any talk of her revolutionising is just fan fiction.

  40. Ainsley7 says:

    He could never afford to live the way he does now without royal financial support. It’s unlikely that he ever spends his own money when he doesn’t have to.

  41. Vanessa says:

    I think what the press is doing is straight up bullying I can’t believe some of people on here are actually condone this as well meghan knew what she signed up she didn’t signed up for anything she married the man she loves. The difference between the way the press treated kate verse meghan is completely yes the press made fun of kate background but they stop soon after the wedding and it’s was kate mania for the first couple years. But meghan has never ever got the same treatment for the very beginning she. Meet with hatred and racism for day one too this very day everything she does is wrong even if she does something right like the cookbook or their tour I Don’t understand why some of you would say well this what she wants so its ok she getting this abuse by the press. The press tried to bring meghan down with her father and her half sister they realize that all they were doing were making people sympathy towards her. So they changed tactics with how meghan is a problem for the royal family and she unlike they realized that worked with so now they will continue with narrative whether its true or not. The British press has found a goldmine with meghan because they will continue to attack with fully on racist article once she has the baby it will turn to faux concern about how good of mother she and the press and some people will compared her to kate as mother holding kate as the most regal perfect future queen mother that ever lived and meghan as a horrible mother.

  42. Greta says:

    Not just the British media, also the German tabloids such as and especially Gala. They always paint Kate as perfect with her great taste and work ethic (yes…) and perfect with royal protocole never putting a foot wrong. Meghan is always described as difficult, rufe, dressing too sexy, breaking protocole and not admiring Kate enough.

  43. JustSayin' says:

    It’s sad that it’s mostly women behind all the hatred towards Meghan.
    Sad but not surprising.

    Women are just as capable of being racist, sexist, misogynistic and just plain awful.
    We have seen this all throughout the year. Eyes have definitely been opened.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The majority of this comes from dreamers who wanted Harry for themselves or obsessed Kate fans who know anyone who works would make Kate look bad.

      • C. Remm says:

        Many of these woman are over 50 and quite a few over 60. Many of them are alt-right, they think they are superior to Meghan. Which is a joke. Many of them are unsuccessful actresses. Some are ex hookers, who have even been homeless. Ex junkies. Many are estranged from their children and are mad at Meghan for leaving her family (i.e. father and half-sister). A lot of projection. And of course the Kate fans who fear for their future queen. Quite a few are supporters of the present POTUS. Some are really seriously mentally sick and are on medication. Nearly all of them worry about the tax money funding the Royals and are themselves from Mexico, Indonesia, UAE, Portugal, USA and so on. One was a model with a height of 5.2. 😀

        I suspect but have no proof that many of them are Ex-Obama-Haters and needed a new person.

      • guest3 says:

        “Nearly all of them worry about the tax money funding the Royals and are themselves from Mexico, Indonesia, UAE, Portugal, USA and so on.” Yup. So many tax “dollars” comments from people who aren’t even British let alone from the Commonwealth! Happens all the time on here as well.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Read it again. She’s making those comments about Kate fans, many of whom have proven themselves to be older, racist royal watchers.

      • Olenna says:

        Hardly fantasy. Throw in the self-haters and classicists, and I think C. Remm just about covered the full spectrum of Meghan haters. Believe it or not, these people out themselves all the time, many admitting they’re “middle-aged” or have grown children. In fact, one self-proclaimed middle-aged person who went by numerous nicknames here, changed her own story so much, I think she had more careers than the average person could experience in a lifetime. Another one on Twitter is still hanging on to an abolished nobility title while claiming Meghan is an arriviste of the lowest class.

      • Nic919 says:

        The worst Kate Stan tweet accounts that make the racist remarks against Meghan have tons of MAGA garbage on their accounts. It’s out there for everyone to see.
        Not all Kate fans are racist, but the racists (in the context of the royal fandom) are all Kate stans.

  44. Monique says:

    I think some of this story is true I am a Leo just like Meghan and we seem to have a lot of traits alike I’m just like her my sister in law is a Capricorn just like Kate and from day 1 we have not got along she seems all nice but she’s an opinionated know it all it’s very annoying I tried to ignore her but she’s very pushy so basically to keep peace in the family I stay away from her

  45. Ahoyoy says:

    Bless their hearts, the royals have nothing on Hollywood when it comes to backstabbing, spinning, and PR nightmares. Meghan is just sitting back and letting this all roll past her because it is such an inept and heavy-handed attempt at smearing her from the Cambridge side. I bet they thought they were being so clever rolling these stories out among the Charles leaks, like no one would ever point the finger at them. All she has to do is roll out another project or show up at events throughout her pregnancy, smiling and the goodwill rolls in, making these stories look like sour grapes from lazy palace staff
    Meghan aligned herself with Charles. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. He’s desperate for the good grandpa PR and she needs a strong ally in the family. He will be photographed with that biracial, half-American baby at every chance and Meghan will let him (to her credit). There will also be profiles of how the two of them are so similar as outsiders in their own families, their dedication to controversial cause, etc. etc. etc.
    The Cambridges are super inept at this. It’s actually hilarious. The best they can do is trot Kate out in her expensive clothes or in a Zara dress with all of the kids. Look for a ‘holiday fun!’ “candid” with the fam plus Louis to come out rill soon.

  46. Imeanreally says:

    Tortured birds in gilded cages.

  47. Bottom says:

    Yes,let’s make up a bullshit silly fighting women story so nobody thinks about Brexit.
    Nothing to see here!

    • guest3 says:

      I assure you, Brits aren’t talking about this Royal Drama! Out of the usual Royal watchers, that is. Most people are genuinely indifferent to the Royals.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @guest3, very true, whilst most of us rational folk in the UK are disgusted about this smear campaign against Meghan, we are much more concerned about Brexit in reality. That’s what most people are talking/ worried about.

  48. RedWeatherTiger says:

    I don’t know about you all, but I don’t love my husband’s brother’s wife. We don’t hang out together, do each other’s hair, or share secrets. We tolerate each other when necessary for the sake of family. In most families, are sisters-in-law the best of friends? I know absolutely NO ONE who is close to their husband’s brother’s wife. Not that it couldn’t happen, or that it doesn’t happen, but come on. This narrative is just foolish.

    • Lolamd says:

      I can’t stand my husband’s brother’s girlfriend. We have nothing in common. So whenever we have to all hang out I am civil to her.

  49. Anna says:

    I firmly believe that Kate Middleton has always secretly wished that SHE could have hooked up with and married Harry. I think she has always secretly wished that Harry had been the one to show up at her University. After all, she clearly has no interest in being queen, Harry is WAY better looking that William, and being with Harry means you get to be a “royal” without so many of the pesky, tiresome responsibilities that go with being Queen (Consort).

    • Killjoy says:

      Bar none, this is the wildest take.

    • Skipper says:

      Agreed she lost her support person and partner in crime when Meghan came along. And this is not an uncommon scenario . I know a few women who are secretly in love with their brothers in law. Since Harry has gone she’s stuck with William with no buffer between them

    • notasugarhere says:

      She always wanted the heir not the spare, the men themselves didn’t matter as much as their positions to the throne. William treats her badly in public, Harry treats her (and most everyone) fairly well. No wonder she misses having Harry around.

  50. Anna says:

    And I forgot to mention that Kate has ALWAYS seemed to have more chemistry with Harry than with William, with whom she has a relationship that looks as exciting as bread and water

    • Beach Dreams says:

      …lol. Well Kate’s had a tendency to be flirty with other men in general (see Ben Ainslie in particular) so I don’t think there’s any secret crush. She seems to like any positive attention from men and Harry *has* sometimes been a bit more helpful to her than William during public events. Kate fans, don’t lose your minds, it’s true. Some people are more flirtatious than others, and it’s obvious Kate is one of them.

    • Skipper says:

      Yes she always looked like she had fun with Harry . I’m sure she was very put out by the arrival of Meghan . Can’t say I blame her being ,married to William can’t be much fun. I actually feel sorry for her.

    • Princessk says:

      ‘A relationship as exciting as bread and water’…..that is so funny 😂

  51. Aerohead21 says:

    What they seem to be forgetting and have yet to spin, is that Kate is future Queen, William is future King. Harry and Meg are further and further away from that possibility. So…let them do it their way. Let Will and Kate be boring and appear to do no work while Harry and Meg bust ass with the things they feel passionate about. They have two different agendas because the paths their lives will take are drastically different.

  52. Killjoy says:

    Whatever is going on, the press — particularly the British press — is showing its rabid contempt for women with these stories. I’m gonna do my part and not so much as ever make a comment about Kate’s buttons, or whatnot again. Meghan and Kate are super lovely women who have varying levels of success at different times doing their job of cutting ribbons and whatever. The monarchy can burn for all I care, but those women, they are simply GREAT and beautiful, and I’m sure they get along fantastically, but if they don’t, who the eff cares.

    • HP says:

      LOVE THIS.

    • notasugarhere says:

      varying levels of success? Kate promised to hit the ground running over 7 years ago and still does less than the bare minimum. Meghan really has hit the ground running.

      • Killjoy says:

        But who cares? Who does it hurt? If the British taxpayers really cared about wasted money on this nonsense, they’d dissolve the monarchy. Instead, they (and the commenters on this site) act like they get their value when Kate does x more appearances a month, or when she finally cuts an inch or two off her hair. Like the millions spent on this would be worth it if she just acted in accordance to Joe Schmoe’s idea of how many appearances she should do, and how broadly she needs to smile, blah blah blah. I think people – especially us gossip lovers – are just looking for excuses to tear someone down and feel superior (“if I were a royal, I’d surely x, y, z! The nerve!”). It’s like we feel like we’ve gotten a free pass to police these women in ways we don’t typically do to other women in 2018, and justify it based on “this is what they signed up for.” It doesn’t make what we’re doing right. If the monarchy shouldn’t exist, it shouldn’t exist. But let’s not act like a leg slit is going to be the downfall of the free world.

        I am here, because as shallow as it is, it’s fun to gossip about hair and clothes. That fun kind of is lost when the press starts viciously attacking a newly-married pregnant woman who is clearly trying to do a good job.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @killjoy, us Brits will moan about many things but never do much about it, that’s why the Brexit result was a shock to many!
        There is a growing republican movement in the UK but I doubt the royals will be kicked out as the moaning is usually just noise. I don’t care for the royals or what they stand for (admittedly I don’t mind Harry, and have a little soft spot for the queen as she looks like my mum, grumpy face and all but a shade or 2 lighter), I don’t like my tax money going to them so with all this Brexit nonsense and keeping these people in luxury, I’m leaving and moving to France at least they did the right thing many moons ago.

      • notasugarhere says:

        All of these people are government employees, so yes, being concerned about them taking all the pay without doing the work is valid. Membership in the anti monarchy group went up after Bill and Kate’s marriage. Enough people bit and moan about them, which plenty are doing? 600 million a year wasted on these folks. With Andrew’s scandal adding in to the bunch? Once HM dies, all bets are off.

      • MrsBump says:


        Love you comment, you’ve expressed precisely my views in the BRF.
        Ive lived many years in the UK, and never once had a conversation about the royals, ive heard plenty of people in Investment Banking talk about the idiots that populate the Celebrity Big Brother house though. I feel like the Royals are just part of the furniture, people complain about the cost of their benefits, but doing something about it is more hassle than its worth.
        Apart from us gossip mongers, no one really cares how engagements they do, or how many charities they patronise with tax payer money. Ultimately its all a big PR exercise where they bask in the reflected glory of their numerous charities which are run and operated by others far more competent but who never get their share of the spotlight. The charity work is designed to fool the public into thinking that they do necessary and important work, so they can carry on enjoying their unjustified perks

    • Chrissy says:

      Why are we surprised. Look how they treated Diana and fergie. I believe the press protected Andrew and went after Fergie. She got a really raw deal. Diana literally died speeding away from the press.

  53. Jaded says:

    “[Kate] dresses demurely and hardly utters a word, apparently desperate never to put a foot wrong.”

    WTF??? She’s had more Marilyn moments than Marilyn! Skin tight jeggings, flimsy dresses blowing up in the wind? She’s put many feet wrong IMHO and the fact that she hardly utters a word is because she isn’t the brightest bulb in the box.

    Page Six prints such utter bullsh*t.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Don’t forget some of the thigh-high slits in her outfits over the years. It’s been fascinating to watch the media do an about-face on her in the past few months. It wasn’t so long ago that she and Will were being criticized for treating their South Asian tour like a vacation and being workshy.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Yeah, that part caught my eye too. Plus, the follow-up, “Many people admire her for it” — um, NO. Almost no modern woman “admires” Kate for hardly uttering a word in case she puts a foot wrong.

      What’s the opposite of admire? It’s not despise, that’s too strong a word and I certainly don’t despise her. Pity? Reproach?

    • Ahoyoy says:

      Every time they trot out that ‘never put a foot wrong’ nonsense, I’m like, you’re never going to erase from the public consciousness the multiple times we’ve seen her bare butt. Stop trying. Nor am I impressed that she buys fast fashion to seem like a ‘real girl’.

  54. Fluffy Princess says:

    Ok, jeez we get it British tabs, WE. GET. IT. — You hate Meghan. You hate every.single.thing. about her. WE. GET. IT. Damn.

  55. girl_ninja says:

    It’s interesting ho none of these “Meghan is so demanding” stories only came about of late. Nothing like this when she was working on Suits in Toronto. Interesting.

  56. Nat says:

    Unpopular opinion, but I think it is probably mighty hard to remain level-headed when you suddenly gain so much authority. Just think about your own managers. How often they begin acting absolutely atrociously when they get the power. I often find that the least they deserved/earned the power, the worse they act. And by definition, getting the power by marriage and love is “undeserved” and “unearned” – before you jump all over me, I’m not saying Meghan doesn’t deserve to marry a prince! If anything, I have doubts whether he deserves to marry her, as I don’t share everyone’s infatuation with him, find him dim, and probably entitled and spoiled. I’m just saying love isn’t about merit, for better or for worse, but about chemistry.
    So, ascending so quickly to such a position of power and privilege could go to the head of most people, IMO. If anything, I think Meghan is more likely to eventually find her balance, because she has seen quite a bit of success before and as this becomes less new, it will be alright. But is it really so unfathomable that she could be believing her own hype just a little bit right now?
    While at it, I have a REALLY hard time believing that either Will or Harry aren’t absolutely awful spoiled brats. It’d take a lot of work to raise self-aware, well-rooted individuals in spite of such wealth and – literally – entitlement, and I haven’t seen any indication that Charles or Diana did that work. Given their backgrounds, the thought probably didn’t even cross their minds: why wouldn’t the heirs to the throne feel entitled?

    • Skipper says:

      Yes they probably are spoilt and entitled it would be hard not to be but I have a friend who works for the invictus games and she says that he is very kind , thoughtful and a lovely person to everyone.

  57. Melania says:

    Recently I read a biography of Grace Kelly and the palace’s staff was rude to her, even the servants because “she was an actress” and therefore not worthy of the Prince. This happened in the 50s so I suppose things have not changed at all.
    Besides this, Meghan must face racism. It’s all really disgusting

  58. secretary says:

    If you boss bombards you with emails at 5 in the morning and expects an answer then your boss lacks organizational skills.
    Royal family business is slow and organized a long time ahead.

    • notasugarhere says:

      If you read carefully, there is no proof she did that. The two things were conflated as explained elsewhere. 1) she gets up at 5 in the morning and 2) she sends multiple texts to staff with new ideas. Not that she does the things at the same time, *if* any of this were true.

  59. spidee!!! says:

    Of course, Meghan and Harry may well want to move away from Nottingham Cottage to be further away from the racist Princess Michael, and nothing to do with the Cambridges.

  60. Noor says:

    This site is the biggest promoter of the kate vs meghan narrative. How is the articles written here any diff than dailyfail?

    All rhe previous articles have been about the Cambrdiges throwing Meghan and Harry under the bus.

  61. Sara Martin says:

    Samantha, go home.

  62. Really says:

    It all started from Andrew and the tiara.

  63. Tourmaline says:

    Carole has done what’s been trumpeted as her first interview with the Daily Telegraph’s lifestyle section. A tour around her Party Pieces empire and how she’s really quite normal and just so down to earth! snicker

    • notasugarhere says:

      Where are all the anti-Meghan types who screamed about the (proven false) rumor of Doria giving an interview? Double standards everywhere.

      • Nic919 says:

        Oh I am waiting for those same people to post their outrage. Might be dead before it happens though.

        Also… the telegraph. Interesting connection.

      • Vanessa says:

        It’s completely double standard when its comes to Meghan verses kate people were flipping out over the rumors that doria was going to do a sit down interview with Oprah. They use that rumors to drag doria for no reason even when doria shown up for meghan first event people lose their minds saying how unprecedented unprofessional it was for doria to be there. It’s ok for carol Middleton to be interviewed you won’t hear a peep out of the kate stans because it ok for kate mother to do a interview but god forbid doria ever does a interviews they will come out in fully force to condemn any thing doria does but it’s ok for the future queen mother to do a interview with a magazine.

      • Bluthfan says:

        Yep that shows that the Cambridges/Middleton were behind these attacks on Meghan. Interestingly, the Palace is starting to push back on these stories.

  64. Mari says:

    “Forceful, opinionated and go-getting” are compliments. To the extent they’re meant to disparage Meghan, the writers (or rumor mongers) are sexist because those terms would never be considered insulting to a man. This whole feud schtick is getting tiresome.

  65. name withheld says:

    I married into a *super* gossipy family. Sometimes I get along really well with my sister-in-law, sometimes not, and I’m pretty sure my MIL reports to the rest of the family when I don’t. :/

    It sounds like Ms Markle escaped ONE malignantly narcissistic family, only to marry into another narcissistic family—ugh, my heart goes out to her. (At least MY family drama isn’t tabloid fodder, argh)

  66. A says:

    This is entirely ridiculous. We’ve had no inkling of any of these issues until very very recently. Don’t you think that, if Meghan and Kate really had this much trouble getting along, we’d all have known by now? Heck, it wasn’t very long ago that we had a story about how Kate was showing Meghan the ropes, and how they would meet each other periodically for tea, and how Meghan has found a lot of comfort in talking to Kate who is a pro at this royal stuff by now.

    The give away is in the title itself. They lack familiarity with each other. They always have. Their one commonality is that the people they married are brothers. But we’ve known for more than a year that Kate and Meghan may not be the closest of friends, but they’re certainly not awful to each other. They’re polite and cordial, and that’s perfectly fine. You don’t need to get along swimmingly with your SIL, you just need to be respectful and kind. But whoever is leaking these stories is exploiting issues that are perfectly ordinary and neutral, and stringing words together to imply as if they’re anything but. Any one of those adjectives about Meghan being a determined go-getter would be excellent things, but the way they’re used here, they’re being made to paint a picture that’s less than flattering, and it’s very purposeful and calculated, what’s happening right now.

    Someone should check Tommy Lascelles or the Queen Mother’s graves and make sure they haven’t been resurrected from the dead, lmao.

  67. Sara says:

    It would be a crying shame if these four can’t get along. They could really do great things together. Their mother would want them to come together and do good things. Megan and Kate should both try very hard to get on with one another.

  68. Natters5 says:

    Every time I tell my English friends I want to live in London, they tell me as a New Yorker I will get over my infatuation once I see people very much enforce the status quo there. My English friends say they much prefer living in American because here you can do what you want and be ambitious without people trying to smack you down. However I also think in the end the tabloids are making a lot of money enforcing the Evil Meghan Markle narrative. It makes people take the clickbait to make her look like Wallis Simpson 2.0. I must admit that Meghan is a sitting duck with her crazy family and a very extravagant wardrobe. She should do what Queen Letizia of Spain did. People wanted her to fail when she first married into Spain royalty but she played it smart and did her charity work, raised her children well and doesn’t go crazy with the couture (she mixes high and low quite well). Now she is much loved and admired. It wasn’t overnight but it can happen.

  69. Karen says:

    Nice to think it’s all made up, I hope so, because that’s a delicate set up and the slightest of slights could really upset people, they are people after all…
    Yes, lets look on the bright side, it’s all fiction and everyone is happy.