Carole Middleton: ‘One of the most important qualities of a good parent is discipline’


I’ve always felt that Carole Middleton is Britain’s answer to Kris Jenner. I’ve said that since the beginning, and eventually the British tabloids picked up on it and started making the comparison as well. I’m not necessarily trying to insult Carole, but I’m just saying… she gives off a very Kris Jenner vibe. Living vicariously through her daughters, the Machiavellian puppet master capable of working the press and manipulating her children and their spouses. Kris Jenner and Carole both started out as flight attendants too, and they both married well, given their humble origin stories. Both Kris and Carole have more hustle than all of their kids combined too. Carole’s hustle is more of the social climbing variety – she wants the best “position.” Kris’s hustle is about money and fame.

Anyway, Carole decided to give an interview. This is her first sit-down interview…ever? She’s given quotes here and there, but like Kris Jenner, her power is behind the curtain. Again, it’s interesting timing, especially given that “sources” keep talking about how Kate’s got a big initiative she’s about to unveil, and given the rash of negative stories about Meghan. Is all of it connected? I don’t know. Some quotes from Carole’s Telegraph exclusive:

Why it has taken her so long to be interviewed: She said that her life is simply “really normal – most of the time….Over the years, it’s proved wise not to say anything.”

She doesn’t have a problem being pulled in all directions. ‘I love it. I’m definitely hands-on. I don’t find it complicated. My biggest fear [as her offspring grew up] was that I’d lose my family, but we’ve stayed close. There are times when they say, “Can you do this, or that?” and I can’t quite. But they like the fact that I work. I have two lovely sons-in-law and,’ she adds (is that a wistful note?), ‘I hope I’ll have a lovely daughter-in-law.’

She was her own wedding planner: ‘Not everyone can afford a party planner,’ Carole says – and she should know. She planned her own wedding. ‘I found the venue, organised the wedding breakfast, the bonfire and chilli con carne in the evening.’

Duchess Kate asked her mom for wedding advice:‘We talked about music… everything. I was involved lots with both Pip’s and Catherine’s weddings. But I think the most important thing, as a parent, is to listen to what your daughter wants. You can have all the ideas in the world, but it has to be about them. And don’t muscle in on the guest list.’

She doesn’t like shopping: ‘I’m bigger round my top half than I was, so that’s why I prefer dresses to trousers and I don’t like anything tight. One of the reasons I don’t like shopping for clothes is that there aren’t enough for women my age. I know what I want, but I can’t find it. There’s a way of dressing that’s what I call “correct”.’

She is a disciplined parent: ‘Although my parents gave me lots of love, there weren’t huge expectations of me. This might surprise you, but I think one of the most important qualities of a good parent is discipline. That doesn’t mean you’re strict, but routine is vital. Maybe structure is a nicer word. You can’t suddenly start teaching them about politeness at 13. You have to do it from the start.’

Carole doesn’t read the stories: Carole prefers not to read any stories about herself online – a rule she has stuck to for more than a year. “Well, I thought it was better to know what people thought. But it doesn’t make any difference. I’m not really sure how I’m perceived now.”

The Middleton kids always helped out at Party Pieces: “They did a lot of modelling. Catherine was on the cover of one of the catalogues, blowing out candles. Later on, she did some styling and set up the First Birthday side of the business. Pippa did the blog. I still value their ideas and opinions.”

Kate texted her mom: “You can see why the Middletons remain such a close family (Catherine texted her on the shoot to wish her luck).”

She’s the hostess: “I do love a good party. I’m definitely a night owl and a real chatterbox. My children look at me sometimes…”

[From The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and Harper’s Bazaar]

I realize that Carole could have given an interview at any time, to any outlet. She’s been quiet publicly all of these years by her choice, and because she thought it would be frowned upon by the royal courtiers. So my question is… why is she no longer worried about the royal courtiers? Why isn’t she worried that someone from the palace will snipe at her in the next week for giving an interview where she really had nothing to promote except herself, and maybe Party Pieces a little bit? Why now? Also: remember how the British tabloids insisted that Doria Ragland gave an interview to Oprah and everyone called Doria “tacky” and whatever, and then it turned out that Doria and Oprah just hung out and there was no interview? I wonder if those same people are mad at Carole.

Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton at Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

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  1. Indiana Joanna says:

    All part of the Cambridge PR assault to move Carole backninto role of a sort of Queen mother.

  2. Belluga says:

    Of course the people who were mad about the Doria/Oprah rumour aren’t mad now. Good luck getting them to tell you why though.

    • Ada says:

      But the Daily Mail IS calling Carole out on it? I mean I can understand that a lot of the tabloids have been pitting Meghan and Kate against each other in appalling xenophobic and racist ways.

      But this site risks making the Middletons the straw man villains bolstered by the entire British press, which seems a stretch…

      I just found it weird that she called Kate Catherine and Pippa Pips

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Yep, the snark in the Fail article is strong esp the last sentence about her keeping quiet.

    • JadedBrit says:

      @Belluga – Ah, but you see, the interview was in the Telegraph. That venerable, hundreds of years old institution beloved by the middle and upper classes. (Because in the UK you’re very much judged by the paper you read – -remember this?!) Oprah, for all her fabulousness, is predominantly television. And in the UK television is restricted to the news, soap operas, people learning how to tango and chat shows of the Jeremy Kyle variety (if you’re not British, think Jerry Springer)…

      • spidee!!! says:

        ……………..And wild life programmes with David Attenborough productions of books such as The Little Drummer Girl, Dickens’ novels, The Night Manager. Vanity Fair. History and geography programmes, satirical panel shows, Line of Duty and other superb crime series!

      • JadedBrit says:

        @Spideiii oh, I agree that there is some decent programming out there, but in terms of ratings the most popular tends to be X reality show vs Y entertainment show. We view David Attenborough as a national hero, but he’s never attracted the same numbers as The X Factor. The majority Bread and Circuses rule. Apart from the obligatory Queen’s Speech (one of the few reasons why, beside the cricket, I own a television these days) there’s a multitude of junk programming. (I don’t know about you, but I’ve never particularly cared whether Denis and Sheila from Northampton find their dream home on the Costa del Crime, for example – !) And as for Oprah – incredibly successful, woman of colour, commands huge audiences, deeply intelligent, personable, relates brilliantly with people, American – gosh, who does that sound like…?

      • PixiePaperdoll says:

        Having had a couple trips to London for work, I found the Law & Order channel and stuck with it!

      • Tina says:

        Yes Minister is still valid in 2018, and so is its assessment of the papers. But television matters just a little bit more than it did in 1974. Sky News and BBC News are, actually, important. And ITV, and dare I say it, Channel 4. We actually do have a fairly robust media environment. It is failing us, but it is failing us because we are locked in hopeless deadlock.

        Hard core right-wingers have joined forces with ultra-left Corbynistas to take us out of the EU. Milquetoast centrist and Blairite lickspittle running dog capitalists would like for us to stay in, if only for such bourgeois reasons as having petrol in gas stations and food in the shops, and medicine supplied to the NHS.

        I am making light because I AM FREAKING OUT. No one is taking this seriously, and we are going to crash out on 29 March without a deal because nothing has changed in 100 years and we are lions led by donkeys, yet again.

    • Famika says:

      If this were Doria, the UK Royal press would be in meltdown.
      The British press are hypocrites and the daily Mail is racist. If this were Doria it would not be just snark, it would be calling for her banishment from the UK and all Royal life. Because it’s white Carole,, the UK press just claps like seals.
      Middleton’s have cashed in on Royal connection for years.

      • lily says:

        Brit press has torn apart the Midds for years.

      • Famika says:

        The British press shoved Kate down the public throats from day one, and even when William dumped her, much of the UK press practically berated him for doing so.

        Oh I guess Calling Kate ,Waity Katey was really harsh, wow.
        And Doors to manuels was what Williams friends called Carole, the press reported what HIS friends did.
        Nothing said about the Midds was ever a vitriolic, hate filled, , concentrated smear campaign like they are doing to Meghan.

  3. Lily says:

    She has given interviews before! In 2008 and in 2010!!
    And don’t get me started on the fact she wore two of Kate’s dresses for the shoot and nobody is saying anything but when Doria drove in the same car as the Sussexes to the cookbook party, the royal reporters on twitter were unimpressed with a private citizen benefiting from taxpayer expenses and when those Oprah rumours came out…they’re not even hiding the racism anymore ugh.
    Also the interview mentions she has a PR person separate from the business called Michelle….*side eye*

  4. Eliza says:

    ‘And don’t muscle in on the guest list.’

    ~wish she spoke to my MIL

    • Erinn says:

      Right? lol. I know Carole is known to be pushy, or to manage her children or whatever… but I give her credit for having at least that kind of sense. And I think there’s a LOT of mothers who have a fear of losing their family when their children grow up so I get that.

  5. Mark says:

    That article/interview is so embarassing LOL

  6. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    That dress.

    And with *wedges*.

  7. Becks1 says:

    This interview just solidifies for me that the bulk of the stories from the past week are from the Cambridges/Middletons.

    • Whatabout says:

      Let’s not forget Fergie. She has had lots of interviews and good press for the past few weeks.

  8. Sassy says:

    Those same people aren’t mad about this very real interview but was breathing fire over the meer thought of Doria doing one because well you know why.

    Love how she describes herself as a hurricane that’s interesting because that little nickname has been very popular this past week. They have to stop being so obvious.

    • Lexa says:

      I get it, but calling oneself or someone a hurricane is a common enough phrase that I’m not sure why people are convinced it’s a smoking gun.

    • Famika says:

      Exactly Sassy and the same people are trying to make excuses for why it’s just fine for Carole to do it.

  9. Vanessa says:

    The people who complains about Doria possibly giving interview to Oprah you won’t heard a peep for them Their hypocrite who preach about protocols and royal ethnic when its meghan. But the moments kate or her mother does something they won’t knowledge it or they flipped it around to well every one jealous of kate close Bond to her parents and its no one fault that meghan is only close to her mother when that not true. It’s the same people who called meghan heartless and callous because she announced her pregnancy three days after the York wedding festival. You ever noticed how they were all leave a pregnant kate alone let her enjoy her pregnancy anyone you dare say anything was accused of bullying a pregnant woman but when it’s come to meghan they have no problem not only believe the lies about her but with such glee attack meghan themselves. This interview is tacky distasteful and unprecedented for a royal future queen mother to be giving interview left and right no one wants to hear about carol empire of party supplies or how she parents her kids. This interview is just suspect considered all the negative attention of this week why do a interview now why do we need to new roll out of the new carol Middleton.

  10. Peg says:

    Doria was getting too much attention.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yup, and too much praise for raising a strong independent woman. Carole wants to make sure every one knows she can raise a strong independent woman too!!!!

      • horseandhound says:

        why do you think all is about competition with meghan?

      • Becks1 says:

        Because the timing makes sense? Carole has had 7 years to give a random interview like this to a newspaper. The fact that she is doing this now… definitely raises the idea of competition with Meghan.

      • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

        Food for thought @Peg and Becks1. I was really touched by the walkabout when a woman told Meghan to tell her mom how much she loved her, there’s definitely a level of charisma that, in turn, attracts the detractors, especially when they are women of color. My wishes are they keep ignoring it, doing their work and have a healthy and happy baby. Harry seems so happy to be married.

  11. Digital Unicorn says:

    She basically comes across as being the pushy stage parent we all know her to be – there is a difference being hands on and controlling and she is def in the latter, those kids never did anything without her involvement.

    If the VF article is true and she is stepping back then this interview is her ‘revenge’ – in her mind she’s kept her gob shut for years and now she doesn’t feel the need to now that she’s been finally pushed out. I think that she was pushed out by Charles via Catherine Quinn who is a Chuck hire. We have seen a change in Kate since she arrived and I think she has been quietly reigning in the control Carole had over everything. Carole would never have given up that access and control willingly.

    Even though its now being reported that the Cambridges have been ordered to spend Christmas at Sandringham am not sure if it will happen – William is in a snit and I think he will act out with another Cambridge shadow court like the one we saw a few years ago. This isn’t over by a long shot – the Cambridges/Mids are rattled about something.

    And yeah Carole is feeling threatened by Doria – Doria is getting the public affection that she thinks she deserves for being future Queen consorts mother. Its too late for the Mids to try and change the narrative around them, that mud has stuck which is why she’s clearly struggling to find someone of her liking to marry Prince Marshmallow.

    • OCE says:

      @D.Unicorn – you are spot on, just like last week you were about these leaks. It is becoming more obvious everyday. I do agree SOMETHING has rattled the Cambridges/Mids. Also agree with Meghan – let karma do its thing, it will be vicious. What you put out in the world you will receive in return.

      • Becks1 says:

        Something has rattled them – but what? the tour? Meghan’s pregnancy? I wonder if there was a fight between Charles/Clarence House and William/KP and now the Cambridges are “acting out” because of it?

      • Olenna says:

        Agree, someone is rattled, and ticked off. Maybe Carol has morphed back into her momager persona and is “advising” the Cams’ PR staff. Maybe she’s feeling a little salty not just about Doria and the well-received Pacific tour, but (Ha!) is a bit PO’d about The Hubb’s cookbook. It definitely sold more copies than Pip’s did with her Celebrate cookbook.

      • Starryfish29 says:

        I suppose when your sole accomplishment is birthing children, someone else getting pregnant might feel like an encroachment on your “territory.” Late has always been said to be highly competitive, though more in the sense of dragging the “competition” down rather than raising your own level; I imagine in her mind there’s a lot to feel competitive about these days.

    • Mac says:

      What public affection is Doria getting? She got dragged for riding in car with Meg and Harry. I think the “right” paper finally asked Carole for an interview and she agreed.

      • Betsy says:

        I’d like to think most people like Doria.

        Of course my sample size is pretty much here, so…. I may be a little pro-Doria.

    • Famika says:

      I totally agree Digital Unicorn. When I opened the computer and saw Carole article headline in the British news, I felt something has rattled her and this seemed like some type of “I’ll SHOW you” or revenge.

      No way Carole would give up control. I believe she has run the Cambridge home for years, with Kate and Williams blessing , but someone with power to do so, has reigned her in and she doesn’t like it.

  12. Flying fish says:

    Why now?
    I am side eyeing this interview given the rash of negative press showered on the Sussex household…

  13. Amelie says:

    I’ve never seen Carole as the evil puppet master people claim her to be. Was Kate very reliant on her mother in the first few years of her marriage to William? Sure. But honestly when was the last time we actually saw Kate and her mom out in public together? I know they were seen together at Prince Louis’s christening which was totally normal. She’s just always come across as wanting the best for her kids.

    The biggest takeaway for me was the revelation that George and Charlotte get their own Christmas trees in their bedrooms when they stay over during Christmas time! She spoils her grandchildren (that part was not covered in the highlights here but it’s in the interview).

    Also as Kate gets older, I now see more of a resemblance between her and Carole. Kate is going to look like Carole as she gets older (not a bad thing).

    • spidee!!! says:

      Some people get it set in their minds what someone, whom they have never met, is like and interpret everything in a way that massages their prejudices.

    • Famika says:

      I see Carole as a somewhat British Kris Kardashian except Caroles kids don’t work or make their own money.

    • lily says:

      But honestly when was the last time we actually saw Kate and her mom out in public together?

      A month ago, they were pictured driving out of KP.

  14. Lexa says:

    Like I said yesterday, I think several PR campaigns collided these last few weeks and then merged: Charles’ 70th push, the aides/staff putting Meghan on blast, and Kate’s rebrand.

    I have three theories about this article:

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this feature had been in the works for a bit as a way to potentially counter any negative Carole stories that might have arisen around Charles’ birthday, along with the Katie Nicholl article about her stepping back. Based on Will’s comments in the documentary, I really do think it bothered them that Carole got painted in such a negative light about her close relationship with the grandkids.

    2. It ALSO wouldn’t surprise me if Carole was like, “I’ve been mostly quietly for a decade and am still called a social climbing mama while Doria gets to roll up to an official engagement like it’s no biggie, so now I’m going to promote my business and pat myself on the back.” Or that Will felt that way.

    3. I think this could be a sign of things to come in terms of the Cambridges revealing and sharing more about themselves, especially Kate. One comment I found interesting in relation to the Jobson book was that one of the courtiers said something to the effect of, “Will must be relaxing a bit” because Charles was allowed to include the image of him holding Prince George. It’s entirely possible to me that Meghan has finally made them realize they’ve withheld too much about Kate as a person, and we’ll start seeing her and her family speak a bit more candidly to “fill in the blanks” so to speak. That would tie into the lead up to whatever initiative she launches next year, along with the Golden Age of Kate and clear positioning of her with the queen mother from aides and friends.

    I think the differences in people’s minds about the Doria interview and this one are: this interview is supposedly centered on Party Pieces, when it was rumored that the Doria interview would have been more centered on Meghan/the wedding; and that Doria’s interview with Oprah was seen as too “celebrity.”

    • Vanessa says:

      People were just acting upset about doria possibly doing a interview with Oprah it had nothing to do with celebrities. I think the daily mail fabrication the Oprah rumor because they were pissed off that doria was praised too highly after the wedding its a complete and totally double standard when it’s comes to kate and Meghan and now doria and carol their was no need for carol to do with interview no cares about her party supplies business if wasn’t for kate no one would want to interview carol. I think this a plan to fix people image of Carol as a stage mother to public I think its ridiculous how for months Doria was dragged for a rumor people were calling Doria all sorts of nasty names using a racial coded narrative to attack her based a on a rumor and not once did Meghan and Harry feel the need to arrange a interview with a magazine to change the narrative of Doria they just let it go. But William and Kate can’t stand the though of the public thinking negative about Carol at all that they have to use their clout to combating the negative attention and fix carol image right away . But when Harry released a statement defending meghan against the racism people were up in arms how dared harry say anything William and Kate would never ever never they don’t entertain the none sense. Its clearly the negative attention to carol is making them upset because they sure are going out their way to repair carol image.

      • Rosie says:

        Vanessa, in my mind it does have everything to do with celebrity. I liked the way Doria came across at the wedding and at then at the book launch. If she did an interview now it would seem like an attention grab. If it was organised by the palace in a couple of years with the BBC or Times/Telegraph/Guardian I’d be interested in what she had to say and I think it would be better received. Carol has had a load of stick for years, probably quite justified, but I think she was entitled to this interview. It wasn’t embarrassing for the RF although I don’t think it made her look that great.

        I don’t know why Doria visited Oprah at home, maybe it was so there would be another person she knew at the wedding, or maybe an interview was planned and the palace stopped it. I’m just glad it didn’t happen. I don’t want to see anyone abused in the press, but Doria certainly didn’t ask for any of this.

    • Mich says:

      There was no Doria “interview”.

    • Famika says:

      IMO Carole doing the interview to PROMOTE Party Pieces is WORST because she’s still capitalizing on Royal Comnection to William.

      I hope one day someone can actually see the Paty Peices accounting books, because it’s odd They had no Money for a 4million dollar home until AFTER William and Kate married.

      The Middleton home that The family lived in for years was bought a fixer upper home in Berkshire for around $400,000 with a mortgage and still had a mortgage when William and Kate were dating.
      The apartment flat in London was paid cash said to be borrowed from GG.
      Kate rode the bus during early University, then had a old fixer upper car, until William got her a Audi lease connection. .
      Her clothes were mostly freebies from Issa.
      The vacations were borrowed homes, UncleG, JigSaw friend, others.
      The flights were Easy Jet.

      And Michael’s inheritance was split w other family and ended up less than $30,000 hardly a fortune.
      Also the numbers in the article For a Party Pieces items being sold do not add up to a multi million dollar profit.

      Something has always been fishy about the super wealth claims. IMO

    • TheOtherSam says:

      @Lexa I like your theories, #3 seems to ring truest, to me. Only I don’t believe its only William relaxing a bit, it’s Charles.

      I think interviews like this, and other changes a foot are pointing to the ongoing consolidation of power over at Clarence House. The Queen is aging quickly, and as that inevitable process proceeds, Charles gains more control over everything including media coverage and pr. I don’t believe an interview like this, by Carole, was even possible even a few years ago.

      Both William and Charles are moving up the ladder, influence- and power-wise, and strictures for certain things and people are being relaxed.

  15. FH says:

    in her defense she gave the interview to celebrate the 30th anniversary of party pieces.

    • Nic919 says:

      Which was started in 1987. So they are a year late on the 30 th anniversary. I am pulling this information from their own website.

      • Famika says:

        She’s still using her Royal connections to promote the business.
        How many editors would care about Party Peices if not for the William marriage connection.

  16. Jules says:

    One big difference between Middleton and Jenner—we know how Kris Jenner made her money. I’ve only recently become interested in the royal family (since Meghan joined) and I read that the Middletons made millions from their tiny online party supply company. You don’t become a millionaire by selling paper gift bags filled with stickers and cheap plastic toys. Something doesn’t add up.

    • jiminy says:

      Do you actually know anything about the company that entitles you to make that allegation?

      • Jules says:

        I know that their closest competitor only makes profit in the six figures and it’s a much bigger company. I also know their most expensive item was only £49.99. They have a partnership instead of a corporation (or the British equivalent of one, not sure what it’s called) which allows them to keep company information a secret. I also know Carole has a shady younger brother who also made millions and no one seems to know exactly how. So I know a little bit, yes. You can find all this online from reputable publications.

      • jan90067 says:

        Uncle Gary founded and sold a tech company for multi-millions. It has been no secret that he’s helped. Also, Michael’s family had money, which paid for the kids’ education and then some. No secret there.

      • Famika says:

        You do realize Michaels so called inheritience ended up being around 30,000 US dollars. It was around One hundred thousand dollars, split between three relatives, one being Michael Middleton.

        The great huge inheritience is a fallacy that keeps getting repeated, but it wasn’t huge.

      • Tina says:

        Just look up the trust fund, which could only be spent on schooling and property. Party Pieces couldn’t have funded Marlborough, or flats in Chelsea.

    • Jadedone says:

      You honestly think the British press hasnt already looked into that? The British press are rabid to bring down the royals and anyone associated to them. Im sure if there was smoke the press would find the fire.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Actually the media DID start to question the logistics during the engagement but the Palace stopped the inquiries.

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s not a public company so they can’t access their financial records. And Uncle Gary’s shenanigans have been covered, with some help from Gary himself on occasion.

      • Jadedone says:

        Even private companies have to file taxes and declare things. In a world were money laundering is a huge concern every company has to account for every dollar over $10k.

      • Nic919 says:

        Privacy laws are strict in the UK and the media can’t just randomly get a copy of tax returns for a non publicly traded company without consent from the company itself or a court order. Neither of which they are going to get here.

      • Jadedone says:

        So you think the government and the banks holding these accounts just willfully ignored wrongdoing bc its Kates Mom? Why did they ignore the illegal business for the 20 years before Kate met Will??

      • Nic919 says:

        I don’t think anyone is suggesting criminal activity just that the Middletons are lying about how much money Party Pieces actually makes. It’s not illegal to do that. Uncle Gary is another story though.

    • Cathy says:

      Please let’s discuss more about this rather than going on and on about the same narrative regarding the animosity between Kate and Meghan and blah blah… I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that a company, which sells paper plates and stuff, has managed to get so successful in less than 30 years to fund the family’s three kids’ private education and luxurious vacations; not to mention that huge manor they live in! There’s a reason Kate and Pippa both married so well – they hung out with the wealthiest of the wealthy! Those ski trips, touring the Mediterranean with yachts and etc… If she had not been able to marry William, Kate still would have married into a very wealthy family, just like her sister did. So I’m really curious about this party pieces business which has supposedly become so successful in twenty years that it was able to fund that kind of a life style for not only one but THREE Middleton kids.

      • Jules says:

        Don’t forget the vacations in Mustique and the apartment in Chelsea for Kate, paid in cash.

      • Cathy says:

        @Jules, yeah exactly! I think there is definitely something fishy there but it’s impossible to find out now. Did the press investigate this during Kate’s girlfriend days? I mean it’s really strange if they didn’t. How could a small paper plate business have earned so much money in such a short time? Usually it takes at least two generations of a family to grow a family business but in Middletons’ case it didn’t even need one!

      • historybuff says:

        From what I remember Uncle Gary, who made millions with a tech company, has been very generous. William helped them buy the mansion they currently live in, and the Middleton family trust paid for all that private education. Kate and family were also pretty thrifty by getting endorsements, renting hats, sponging off of friends (particularly once Kate started dating William), and other perfectly legal strategies.

      • Cathy says:

        @historybuff, wow I didn’t know that William helped them to buy the current mansion. Come to think of it, this must be true. Because Carole’s interview mentioned another house they lived in prior to moving to the current one which was where William notoriously landed with his helicopter once. So if they lived in another house when Kate met William and bought this current mansion during their relationship, then you must be right; William must have definitely helped them to buy the current mansion.
        I wish we could have learned more about Uncle Gary’s contribution to the ‘family’ business.

      • Nic919 says:

        There were also security upgrades made to the home paid for by the taxpayer.

      • Cathy says:

        By the way, while doing some online digging about the Middletons’ financial backgrounds, I came across a hilarious article. It’s supposed to be about the emergence of a new social class in the UK: the Upper Middletons lol. It was written in 2015 but I think it’s still valid today more than ever. You should definitely read it.

      • lily says:

        “Did the press investigate this during Kate’s girlfriend days? I mean it’s really strange if they didn’t.”

        Yesss they did. You can guess what happened. I remember reporters/journalists started digging around; articles were published discussing the alleged Middleton fortune, but after a short while, they were wiped. If you look up Middleton wealth or something along the lines of that from yearsss ago you might still be able to find a few articles.

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        @Cathy It all got whitewashed along with photos of Kate stumbling drunk into and out of cabs and bars.

      • Cathy says:

        The old articles regarding their wealth mention a trust, which eventually evolved into several “trusts”, in Leeds from Micheal’s ancestors. A solicitor in Leeds is said to be in charge of the trust. Apparently the ancestor put it in his will that the trust was to be used for the education of the descendants and that how was they paid for Kate’s and her siblings’ private education. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Could it be true? How could that trust have been able to fund the education of generations of grandkids? I mean surely there were other Middleton grandkids other than Kate and her siblings! Kate’s alma mater Marlborough College, which Pippa and James also attended, is rumored to have very high fees. Kate must have enrolled in that school in mid-1990s so it surely cannot be with the money from Party Pieces. Maybe Carole and Micheal did everything they could in their power, like getting loans and stuff, to make sure their kids had access to these kinds of schools so that they could mingle with the kids of the upper class. It seems their efforts surely have paid off lol

    • Famika says:

      Jules I agree, something doesn’t add up.
      i stated in above comment.
      I don’t believe their wealth stories from Party Pieces.

      The 4+million home didn’t happen until after Kate and William marriage.
      There is are several things that have not added up

      • Famika says:

        it’s odd They had no Money for a 4million dollar home until AFTER William and Kate married.

        The Middleton home that The family lived in for years was bought a fixer upper home in Berkshire for around $400,000 with a mortgage and still had a mortgage when William and Kate were dating.
        The apartment flat in London was paid cash said to be borrowed from GG.
        Kate rode the bus during early University, then had a old fixer upper car, until William got her a Audi lease connection. .
        Her clothes were mostly freebies from Issa, during dating years.
        The vacations were mostly borrowed homes, UncleG, JigSaw friend, others, even Mustique was a borrow for years, when dating.
        The flights were Easy Jet.

        And Michael’s inheritance was split w other family and ended up less than $30,000 hardly a fortune.
        Also the numbers in the article For a Party Pieces items being sold do not add up to a multi million dollar profit.

        Something has always been fishy about the super wealth claims. IMO

      • Famika says:

        Until it’s not just PR puff pieces fed to the press on wealth. I’m not buying it!

  17. hieronymus says:

    It’s not like Carole didnt know that Harry would one day marry a woman who also has family members and a mother who the press and public would take interest in. I’m sure shes had time to prepare and can handle it without steam coming out of her ears.

    This is very purely conjecture but I wonder if Doria declined to give any interviews so as not to kick the hornets nest that is Thomas and the Markles. He probably would have responded and having your ex husband and his kids gripe at you on tv sounds exhausting.

  18. Catherine says:

    I think she did the interview because it’s the 30 anniversary of Party Pieces?

    • Jessica says:

      No one would care about the 30th anniversary of Party Pieces without the royal connection. It’s also during a wave of negative articles about the Sussexes with a lot coming from Telegraph.

      It’s no coincidence.

    • Jadedone says:

      Imagine a woman with a business doing an interview on the anniversary, lets make it controversial

      • Vanessa says:

        It’s hypocritical that what it is doria was attacked for a rumors that she would be doing a interview with Oprah but here is carol Middleton doing fully spread interview with questions about grandkids and you don’t heard a peep for the people who attack doria and with faux concern accused her of using her daughter for publicly. And bring the royal family down with doing a tacky interview with Oprah but carol Middleton can literally use her connect to her daughter and her grandkids to promote her party business and it’s ok for some people.

      • Jadedone says:

        @vanessa i see what you are saying but this entire thread is about criticizing Carole for doing an interview.

      • Nic919 says:

        Well it’s odd for the 31st anniversary since the company was created in 1987. Which is stated on their own website.

      • lily says:

        haha @jadeddone, that made me laugh. touché

    • Beach Dreams says:

      And yet the interview itself was poorly done and didn’t have much substance concerning the subject at hand. Even the interviewer implied that interviewing Carole about it was an awkward and difficult task.

    • Jules says:

      No one would care about a mail order party knickknack store if it weren’t owned by Prince William’s mother in law.

  19. Cee says:

    My opinion on all this matches Kaiser’s. This is a rebranding. Kate never worked a day in her life during her relationship with William yet now she was the one behind one of PP’s business units? If this were so, the press would have reported on it especially when the “what does she do all day” comment by TQ was made public. Kate was always credited as the “photographer”.

    If this was also about PP turning 30, Michael Middleton would have been a part of the interview.

    I also found it interesting the way she refers to Pippa as Pips and Kate as CATHERINE lol

    • Nic919 says:

      Yes something not mentioned is the complete lack of Michael Middleton in an ostensible interview for the Party Pieces anniversary. But then maybe he doesn’t think the 31 st anniversary is worth taking about.

      In any case the timing of this interview is quite bad as it shows up after a week of constant bashing of Meghan while poor Kate was made to cry and or reprimand her. Even if Carole has nothing to do with the leaks, this unusual interview certainly doesn’t help to dispel the speculation that she may be behind some of the leaked information.

      • jan90067 says:

        Michael IS mentioned. Perhaps you should read the entire article.

      • Cathy says:

        He is mentioned indeed. Several times, in fact. But Carole insists that it was her idea and she was the one to start the business. Her husband quit his own job and joined her in 1988. So maybe it’s why she’s supposedly celebrating the 30th anniversary this year rather than the last. But like I said, if you read the whole interview, you’ll see that Carole is rather adamant about it being her own idea and her business in the first place.

      • Nic919 says:

        He didn’t actually take part in the interview. So what is incorrect in my statement.

    • Famika says:

      Is this something celebrities usually do just before a divorce or separation announcement?
      Not that it would happen, but it has a feel of a preemptive move of other news coming down the road.

    • Royalblue says:

      Yes Cee. A couple months ago a magazine came out with an article that the DoC was independently wealthy before she married Prince William. They made sure to point out that she was even wealthier than The DoS was pre marriage. I was shocked to read this as I understood the good lady could hardly generate that type of wealth on a Jigsaw salary. Then I searched other articles and one mentioned that it was through the value in her parents business. So she did not actually hold those assets in her name just if her parents died it would be her inherited value. Such a disingenuous article. The continuous elevation of the queen consort must be perpetuated somehow.

      • Cee says:

        LOL. Her parents’ business might be worth XX million pounds, that doesn’t mean they have that amount of money in their bank. It also doesn’t mean it’s debt-free or that it will sell at that price.

        Kate has no money of her own, this is a fact and the reason behind there being no prenup between them. She has no assets to protect and his money is already protected.

  20. Jadedone says:

    Ughhhh this is getting old real fast. Its not enough to pit Meghan and Kate against each other now you pitting their mothers against each other. This is exhausting

  21. Kristy says:

    Our future queen consort is going to look like that. Thank God she won’t be on any stamps haha

    • Mego says:

      No she won’t. Botox, fillers and plastic surgery touch ups will ensure that doesn’t happen.

      • Kristy says:

        She can’t do anything anything about those beady eyes or thin lips though…

      • Tourmaline says:

        I think Kate is naturally prettier than Carole, she takes more after Michael face wise. Carole has always looked a bit hard.

      • lily says:

        Thin lips can be easily sorted nowadays and every Royal consort has had work done – barring Maxima, looks like she’s aging gracefully, naturally.

    • Berries says:

      Sweet Jesus, and you call yourselves “feminists” here?? 🙄

      • Christine Stephens says:

        Just what I was thinking. Those comments are gross How dare a women not alter her appearance or how are she age!!

      • Mego says:

        Nope just stating the facts with no judgement. Kate has had serious plastic surgery and that’s a fact. She has touch ups and that is also a fact. Her face has been engineered to be beautiful – she was not born with that face. Neither are many women, particularly famous women and I could care less either way. I will speculate and say Carole is naturally aging.

  22. Janet says:

    I think she is a great mother. Her kids obviously love her and even though one daughter is royalty the family has not turned on each other which is amazing. Because fame and money bring out the worst in people. But this family has done well. Kate and Will’s children are lucky to have her. Christmas at her place sounds amazing no wonder the family wants to be there

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      Having a severely unhealthy codependent relationship with one’s children doesn’t make one a good mother. None of their kids have any real accomplishments of their own. No real jobs. Carole stage managed her two daughters into the aristocracy and just has to marry James up to complete the hat trick.

  23. Tourmaline says:

    One thing that stuck out to me in the interview is that the reporter asks her about being a working mother when her kids were young. She clearly does not want to be classed as a working mother and says something like, Well, my children didn’t FEEL like I was a working mother, because I was around so much.

    Interesting to me because I think this attitude percolated down to Kate and explains why Kate isn’t keen to work too much. Maybe she learned from Carole that the term working mother is some kind of slur.

    • lily says:

      I was sorta surprised hearing about her work ethic. She clearly struggled and worked to get ahead but she didn’t teach her kids the value of a career as a personal accomplishment.

      • Yami says:

        The British class system doesn’t really value hard work as a virtue in the way American’s do. British gentlemen had private income and family money. Working was for poors or the merchant class who weren’t really respected. Class meant success, not hard work not really even money. Tho some Brits were smart enough to take the money in exchange for class sometimes. I think there must still be a measure of this idea in the British consciousness. They value the brilliant amateur not the hardworking scrapper. If you make an effort, its better not to be seen as doing it. The Middleton’s wanted their kids to have leisure as a marker of success because that’s really what the top notch English bright young things do, as they are still funded by family money.

      • Tina says:

        @Yami, which is really funny, because even the mouldiest aristos are getting with the times now and realising the value of making money. See Melissa Percy, the Duke of Westminster’s daughter (and you don’t get more aristo than that), who has gone out to the USA post-divorce and reinvented herself as, well, I don’t know, something to make money anyway.

    • Natalie S says:

      Kate doesn’t want to work. Carole being portrayed as a working mother who still managed to raise happy kids means the staying away from work to be a hands on mom thing wouldn’t work for Kate.

      BTW, notice that little bit about Carole treated the working mothers on her staff -about how if she needed them there…

      • Chrome says:

        Also the bit about insinuating how Carole surely deserved a title. And she definitely wants that, arguing that her discretion deserves a gong. She’s a hard woman trying to appear gentle. Yeah, I picked up the bit about how she treats working mothers too. I reckon she’s a ‘my way or the highway’ type. And that’s why she is on her own. The answer to your next question lies in the picture of them walking to church.

  24. Themummy says:

    I always thought she was a thirsty social climber who is just really tacky, but I think I have come to realize that she is just a mom. If it were anybody else other than Kate, her mom’s behavior and presence in her life would be completely normal. I know when I had my kids (twin boys), my mom helped me a lot when they were little and was around a lot. I wanted her to be around a lot. It helped me immensely! And it was important to her to be part of their lives. After all this time, I actually see very little difference with her.

    • Famika says:

      there are three in Kate’s relationship, always has been from the Courtship, Kate William and Carole.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      None of her kids have ever held a real job. She engineered her daughter’s life to nab a prince. She’s built a completely codependent troupe of children and managed their lives so they would marry up into the ranks of the aristocracy. She’s yet to achieve that with James but just wait. Nothing about her says “good mother.” She IS a tacky social climber who used her kids as the hand and footholds.

  25. Bliss51 says:

    Maybe she wants a title, thus the interview.

    • Tina says:

      That rumour has been circulating for a long time. I don’t think Mike cares, FWIW. But Carole definitely does.

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        Mike is my favorite Middleton. He keeps away from the press and doesn’t say shit. I think he lowkey kind of resents all this.

  26. Chatty Cath says:

    Party Pieces made their money selling lists of customers and potential customers to other mail order companies. It’s a lucrative way to make money and covers the cost of catalogues, printed matter is very expensive now. I don’t know any details but the rumour was that it was energetically pursued by Mike and Carole hence all the loot