If there’s a royal mole hunt happening, look no further than the Cambridges

Remembrance Sunday and the centenary of the Armistice

Royal reporter Jo Macfarlane at the Mail on Sunday has another exclusive royal story to add to the pile of shenanigans this weekend. As I said on Sunday, this makes two weekends in a row where “sources” far and wide are trying to paint the Duchess of Sussex as the worst diva imaginable. There are so many racist dog-whistles in these articles, and obviously, we have a lot of theories about who is pushing what story. This MoS story seems to come from deep within the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s camp – you can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Will & Kate will likely spend this Christmas in Bucklebury: It’s set to be quite a gathering at the Middletons, in fact, with growing speculation that William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will turn down the traditional Royal Christmas at Sandringham and join the party in the Berkshire countryside instead. Yet for all the domestic merriment on offer in Bucklebury – William is known to particularly enjoy the old-fashioned games the Middletons specialise in – his decision to retreat to the in-laws might also signify something less cheery and rather more troubling, according to Royal observers. Indeed, it now seems likely that William and Kate will spend Christmas not only apart from Harry and his pregnant wife Meghan, but many miles away.

The “mole hunt”: With the stream of disclosures threatening to become a torrent, The Mail on Sunday understands courtiers at Kensington Palace have started a ‘mole hunt’ in an attempt to stop leaks to the media that have led to so many unfavourable reports.

The Cambridges & Sussexes have had issues since last Christmas: As early as last Christmas… Meghan was suggesting she didn’t feel entirely welcome with all members of the family. And it was in response that Charles attempted to smooth things over by engineering an invitation to Anmer Hall – William and Kate’s country home near Sandringham. He hoped it might bring the couples together. It didn’t go well. Indeed, one well-placed source says the occasion was marred by a ‘ghastly row’ between the couples – one reason there will be no repeat this Christmas. A senior Royal aide has revealed that the atmosphere at Anmer soured shortly after Harry and his then fiancee had arrived, and Meghan was judged to have been ‘downright rude’.

What went down at Anmer Hall: ‘Kate had a quiet word with Meghan,’ says the aide. ‘It escalated rapidly after Meghan complained to Harry that she had been “told off”. He took her side, while William defended Kate, who was five months pregnant with Louis and certainly didn’t want this sort of confrontation.’ Kate, it is said, already felt put upon in being asked to host Meghan and Harry. Tired and pregnant, she had been hoping for a quiet Christmas. Perhaps the strain showed.

William had his doubts about Meghan: This is by no means an isolated example of Meghan’s supposed high-handedness, according to chatter in Royal circles. This newspaper has learned from one of William’s closest friends that the Prince had doubts about how suitable Meghan might be as his brother’s bride – and that he voiced them. It is understood William’s concerns reached the ears of the Queen and, more pertinently, of Harry himself. One member of William’s circle told the MoS: ‘The problem is that the Cambridges felt things had moved very quickly between Harry and Meghan. Wills particularly was worried and felt close enough to Harry to voice his thoughts.’

Kate is a Steel Marshmallow: It is understood that Kate has had a number of meetings over tea in which she has attempted to explain the rules of The Firm to Meghan – and that her advice didn’t go down well. Kate is said to have told friends she was very sad about what was happening and felt that Harry was ‘changing’. ‘She and Harry have always had a very close relationship, but she said things were different,’ says one. But if William’s wife has become adept at fading into the background, that does not make her soft. On the contrary. ‘Meghan’s a strong character and so is Kate, so it doesn’t surprise me there have been clashes,’ said the source. Indeed, some are calling her a Steel Marshmallow, a phrase first applied to William and Harry’s great-grandmother, the late Queen Mother.

[From The Daily Mail]

As I keep saying, there are so many theories flying around about where all of these anti-Meg leaks are coming from, and I believe it’s a combination of several different courts, from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House and even (of course) Kensington Palace. Can we all agree that this particular piece was formulated at Kensington Palace, deep within the recesses of Camp Cambridge? Because this has William and Kate written all over it. The Cambridges have been trading off Christmases at Sandringham and Bucklebury for years, and this year was always going to be a Bucklebury year. I theorized that Will and Kate would want to make it a Sandringham year because they wouldn’t want Harry and Meg to have too much attention at the all-important church stroll photo-op. But now it’s looking like Will and Kate are using their “feud” with the Sussexes as an excuse to show off their “Bucklebury Royal Court” this Christmas. (That being said, the Daily Mail NOW claims that William and Kate are going to spend Christmas as Sandringham because the Queen ordered them or something.)

As for William “voicing” his concerns and all of this pearl clutching over Harry “changing” and “moving too fast”… yes, William could not believe that Harry wouldn’t make a woman waity for a decade before marrying her. William also can’t believe that Harry would marry a woman who – gasp! – truly hit the ground running, who seems to enjoy royal work, who has a work ethic, who has her own ideas and opinions. This is such a mess.

Royals visit BBC Broadcasting House

William Kate LCFC flowers

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  1. Rhys says:

    I just don’t see Meghan being so stupid as to ruin her relationship with the future sister and brother in law. She is an ambitious person who made her way to the top through creating and maintaining great connections. She of all people would know better.

    • mel says:

      Rhys, exactly what I’ve been saying. William may be less than 20 years away from the throne, depending on how long Charles lives. By then George, Charlotte and Loius would be adults. Does Meghan really really really really want to ruin her relationship with William and Kate? If she’s depending on her friendship with Charles, has she considered that Charles is 70 years old and may not live as long as the Queen? If Charles passes on and William becomes king within 15 to 20 years, will she really want her and harry to be treated the way Charles is treating Andrew and Fergie? There is a solution to every problem and I believe in diplomacy. When the chips are down and when push comes to shove, the palace will protect Harry just like the Queen protected Andrew. Harry won’t give up the perks of royalty for her because by then the honeymoon phase would have worn out. She has so much more to lose if she’s on Williams bad side.

      • Mac says:

        I’m sure the tabs did everything in their power to dig up dirt on Meghan as soon as she started dating Harry and they came up empty save for her jealous relatives. I find it hard to believe that someone who is loved and praised by her friends and coworkers is suddenly a monster diva.

    • Alissa says:

      yeah, I don’t buy any of it. either the royals are somehow absolutely amazing actors and they were all very good at faking, or these are some bullshit stories that people are trying to spread. I don’t imagine that there haven’t been any bumps along the way, but I really find it hard to believe that there’s this much strife.

      • Bella Bella says:

        I don’t believe any of it. It’s just made up nonsense to sell papers and get online hits.

    • Becks1 says:

      Such a simple but great point. Meghan isnt dumb. Whatever her personal feelings may be towards Will and Kate – she’s not going to come in attacking her future brother in law, knowing that in many ways she and Harry “need” him, if not now, in the future.

      • Honey says:

        Perhaps Meghan didn’t like the chutney.

      • Becks1 says:

        I refuse to believe that Kate’s chutney was anything less than sublime. LOL.

        (also, chutney and below I made a reference to roast chicken….its funny bc it sounds like we are making dirty jokes, but we’re not, haha.)

      • Honey says:

        Just read the roast chicken comment. Good one. Harry is getting his chutney and his chicken elsewhere and THAT is the problem. Lol.

    • Mego says:

      Honestly this is where I struggle with this whole thing. I cannot imagine Meghan breaking into diva bitch mode while a guest of the Cambridges. It sounds utterly preposterous. Also if you look at her demeanor and body language especially pre wedding she always looked very nervous and deferential around the RF. I think above all else she wanted to be liked and accepted by Harry’s family and wouldn’t put a wrong foot forward.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Totally agree with you (and posters above). If you look at last year’s Xmas walk/church, there is not a hint of tension of ANY kind. W & K were even seen whispering pointers to a very nervous looking Meghan. They ALL looked pretty happy last year.

        And it COULD just be, W & K are spending this year at Sandringham due to the fact his Gran is 92 and his grandfather is 97; this could be one of the last Christmases they have together. PP is looking more and more frail.

      • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:


      • minx says:

        I’m not buying any of it.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Agree 100%. This is fabricated malarkey.

      • Himmiefan says:

        Look at her body language at Wimbeldon. I really felt for her because she looked nervous (I would too!) and looked like she wanted to hide behind Kate, who was clearly the leader of the two. Harry and Meghan always look the happiest when they’re with each other.

        I wish Camilla would start to have weekly tea with the two duchesses together, sort of a staff meeting to keep things running smoothly.

    • Nikki says:

      I don’t believe one word of this, but it really does make them ALL look terrible. Even so, the press is absolutely vicious toward Meghan, and it’s disgraceful. I know nothing about royal protocol, but it would be great if an official announcement came from the palace saying the many stories of rifts and friction are untrue, and that Harry and Meghan merely hoped to raise their baby in the country! This whole avalanche seemed to begin with their Frogmore announcement.

    • girl_ninja says:

      Not only are they lazy and seemingly jealous, but the Cambridge’s are messy as F*CK.

      • Agenbiter says:

        And apparently not very bright. They could have spread much more subtle and insidious tales than these clichés about Meghan barging in with extreme diva behavior right off the bat.

    • Himmiefan says:

      Nor would she throw hissy fits over priceless tiaras.

  2. Lauren says:

    This is such a ridiculous mess.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      A long standing, ridiculous mess indeed. Meghan Markle, the power-crazy, fire-breathing dragon! The exaggerations are so extreme it’s just hilarious to me now. Just some observations…..

      1) I’ve always suspected that the relationship between Meghan and William would be a weird one. Initially, I felt that there was a fairly high chance that he would be attracted to her – Meghan is pretty, but more importantly, she’s very carefree and can be quite flirtatious and seems rather sexually confident…..and she’s completely off limits because she’s Harry’s.
      Meanwhile, William is a guy who quite enjoys his brothers “things”…..he thought nothing of taking the engagement ring Harry had reserved for himself and proposing to Kate with it. This is of course a completely different kettle of fish entirely and I’m not suggesting that William actually DID anything…..but I wonder if this scenario is at play somewhere in the drama we’re watching play out.

      2) I bet William absolutely hates Meghans family with all the fires of 7 hells……I bet he thinks the association with them lessens the brand. I wonder if he finds it impossible to dissociate her from them.

      3) I bet he thought/thinks Meghan is the kind of girl you quietly shag on the side, not bring home to the family

      4) In M + H’s engagement interview, about ¾ of the way through Harry is asked how William and Charles received Meghan. He suddenly starts fidgeting, scratches his nose, forehead and generally giving off many “lie” signals. (In my eyes anyway). I think this story is true, that William has never accepted Meghan and her success in the role is really rubbing him up the wrong way. Not only did she prove him wrong, he’s even being unfavourably compared to her…..we can’t have that now, can we?!

      5) By the way, the name Steel Marshmallow is an apt one for Kate because although I don’t dislike her at all, she does have all the charisma of a marshmallow.

      • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

        Isn’t it the most likely scenario IF there even was a disagreement, that Meghan wasn’t “downright rude” as much as being a “gauche American” in the eyes of the BRF, Kate decided to take her aside to explain the rules (bc Kate is a rule follower), and Meghan said thanks but no thanks I want to try things my way. I don’t think that Meghan would intentionally be rude to anyone, but I could see her trying to forge an independent path while toeing the line.

      • harla says:

        Interesting points Bella! I’ve always thought that any tension between the 4 would mostly be between Meghan and William and your thought that William might be attracted to her certainly adds a new and different element. I think in many ways Meghan is the type of woman William would have loved to have been with but none wanted to take on the role of future Queen and all that is entails. As I recall during W&K’s 2007 breakup, Kate became more flirtatious, wearing short skirts, flicking her hair, coming on to the cameras, etc in an effort to win him back. Even then she knew that William preferred a more “wild” woman, a woman full of life and confidence.

      • Mac says:

        I suspect William’s issue is that he has spent years devising a royal court to suit himself and Harry upset the apple cart with a whirlwind romance that resulted in marriage to a woman who breaks the royal mold.

      • Olenna says:

        All excellent points. Since this brother feud business came up, I’ve had a feeling William has been dealing with some internal conflict regarding Meghan, and it’s a combination of envy, snobbery, familial protectiveness, and big brother-knows-best with a dose of future king arrogance.

      • grace says:

        Do let your imagination run wild. This is so freaking absurd.

      • emerson says:

        It isn’t absurd at all. Please proceed people and ignore the trolls.

      • Huh says:

        Someone disagreeing and thinking the convo is ridiculous doesn’t make them a troll

      • Angel says:

        Very good points Bella, I wouldn’t doubt William might be finding himself a bit attracted to Meghan and doesn’t know what to do with that. I really can’t see Meghan being rude to anyone.

      • PrincessK says:

        I think Bella makes a lot of good points. William is definitely jealous of his more popular younger brother, and so he probably is also jealous that he has a much more interesting and sexier wife. Meghan has allure, which she exuded so much as an actress and model and then you add that into the mix that she is also very clever and intelligent. William must love Kate as a partner but just as his relationship must be getting a bit stale, along comes Harry with his delectable bundle of excitement. Poor William.

  3. Brunswickstoval says:

    Hopefully they all implode and Australia can get back to trying to be a republic again

  4. Belluga says:

    Get outta here with comparing Kate to the Queen Mother. These new stories trying to paint Kate as a strong behind-the-scenes matriarchal force are hilarious.

    If anyone wants a bit of a giggle check out #MyPalaceSource in twitter. A couple of gems there!

    • Marjorie says:

      Thanks Belluga, that’s awesome!

    • Nichole says:

      Thank you!! I followed a bunch of royal accounts yesterday. Happy for any suggestions of others to watch!
      On a related note, I HAAAAAA ATE when rando people use the #royalfamily hashtag on Insta. Ain’t nobody here to see that!!

    • Mark says:

      That hashtag is everything and it it’s also trending LOL

    • JadedBrit says:

      @Belluga comparing Kate to the QM is NOT a compliment. The old lady was hell on wheels; deeply unpleasant and conniving. It also implies that Kate may play the QM to Meghan’s Wallis – who wasn’t allowed to attend her husband’s funeral, but must watch the cortege pass from a lonely vantage point at an upper window.

      • Mego says:

        I am not a fan either. She was also a raging alcoholic which of course the RF would never dream of admitting publically.

      • Tina says:

        Eh, anyone who Hitler described as “the most dangerous woman in Europe” couldn’t have been all bad.

      • JaneyWithaGun says:

        The Duchess of Windsor absolutely attended her husband’s funeral – there’s are pictures of her with Elizabeth II.

    • launicaangelina says:

      @Beluga, thank you for that! #MyPalaceSource is my favorite hashtag in history.

    • cannibell says:

      Thanks, Belluga – that is hilarious!!!!

    • Snazzy says:

      OMG going through the tweets now … amazing

    • Himmiefan says:

      #MyPalaceSource is brilliant! Knighthood for the creator!

      • himmiefan says:

        #MyPalaceSource tells me Meghan keeps trying to have intelligent conversations with everyone in the palace so she is having a hard time bonding with her new family. LOL!

  5. RBC says:

    Someone in the royal family really does not like Meghan. Who would be nasty enough to leak gossip like this to the press? I am not thinking it would be the usual suspects(Charles or William). If they are looking for a mole maybe they should look at Princess Micheal of Kent or Prince Andrew ….

    • Tibbles says:

      Doesn’t like the colour of her skin, you mean.
      Make no mistake, this is coded language meant to tell Meghan to “stay in her lane”.
      Every story is, I mean.

      • RBC says:

        It is bad now, but can you imagine the “coded language” when Meghan and Harry’s baby is born? The trolls and “palace moles” will be out in force.

      • Algernon says:

        @ RBC

        This is why I keep hoping Meghan will meet Lady Weymouth, the first biracial peeress. Lady W has spoken openly about the challenges she has faced, and what her children have gone through, and I can’t help but think she and Meghan would make one hell of a united front for the future of the British aristocracy.

    • Adee says:

      I’m always suspicious of Princess Michael of Kent and her racial issues.
      she seems old school especially since she has her husbands identity as ‘Princess Michael’. The modern, independent, divorced, older, mixed race duchess probably isn’t her fav at all. Lol

      Also, Meghan is very diplomatic, so I don’t think she would mess with the relationship with those nearest and dearest to her new husband, especially as the new one in their close circle.

      Either way, it’s too much nastiness directed at Meghan, her Markel family was bad enough, no need to pile on from whoever the “royal insider” is.

      • dietcokehead says:

        Princess Michael has no choice but to use the feminine form of her husband’s princely title because he wasn’t made a member of the peerage prior or during her marriage. It isn’t an old-school values statement, it’s simply the same way Meg or Kate would be addressed if their husbands weren’t dukes. Now, having said that, Princess Michael is a sorry piece of work and the world could do with fewer of her type around.

    • cannibell says:

      Has anyone here seen “Victoria and Abdul?” It’s a great movie on its own, but in the context of this discussion it takes on a whole new level of meaning…..


    • Tigerlily says:

      I think Prince Andrew could be a likely suspect. Princess Michael? I’m not so sure. She is on outer fringes of the Royal Family & if I recall correctly she is not very well liked within the RF. So not sure how much dirt she would really be privy to & how much influence she’d have.

    • Bluthfan says:

      I think it was quite clearly the Cambridges. No one else would be taken this seriously by the Royal media. And the Cambridges have shown themselves to be petty and jealous of Harry in the past.

  6. Kittycat says:

    ‘The problem is that the Cambridges felt things had moved very quickly between Harry and Meghan.

    I believe this 100 percent.

    It kind of takes away from the love story of William and Kate. 10 years of ups and downs dont look like the behaviour of traditional kings and queens.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      Traditional Kings and Queens had arranged marriages to preserve blood lines. I always thought it was smart for him not to rush into things. Kate has a long time to see what she was getting herself into.

    • Muffy says:

      Meghan and Harry *did* move quickly. I think some of that speed is tempered by being a certain age and having more confidence in what you want in a partner, but it was still speedy. I can see where an older brother would say something, but I don’t think it blew up the way it’s depicted here (and doesn’t need to be a dig at the Cambridges. There’s a difference meeting and starting a relationship at 20 and and 35).

      • Becks1 says:

        Agree re: difference between 20 and 35, but also, times have changed. I sound so old saying that lol but they really have. Its not the paparazzi anymore that you need to worry about (Well you do still need to worry about them) so I should say in ADDITION to the paparazzi – every one has a smart phone. Everyone has a camera on them at all times. The fact that Harry and Meghan kept their relationship as private as they did for as long as they did is remarkable, but that wasnt going to last forever. If Harry knew he wanted to marry her, even dragging things out for another year before proposing would have just been awful for them.

        (and yes, some people do just know. My husband proposed to me after 6 months of dating, and we have been married over 11 years. My dad proposed to my mom after 3 months of dating, and they just celebrated their 45th anniversary. So yes, sometimes you do just know.)

      • Honey says:

        I think a lot of things moved too fast for the people around Harry and Meghan and not necessarily Meghan and Harry. Moving too fast happened on two fronts:

        I honestly think Meghan and Harry were two people who were kind of lonely and kind of out there by themselves and who were made perhaps a little desperate because of that but who nonetheless somewhat recognized themselves in each other and just clicked. Of course, I’m just speculating but William may not have known to the degree how Harry felt about any of this and to not immediately welcome Meghan (when Harry’s found THE one) or to treat their relationship with suspicion and mistrust was probably deeply hurtful to Harry. My two cents.

        As far as moving too fast, Meghan and Harry literally hit the ground running pre-marriage. They did a mini-tour of Britian, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Meghan was making secret visits to a community that had been hit by a fire and had produced something tangible to prove it (unlike others who reportedly have secret meetings). Who in the F is she to do that? Then she had a launch celebrating the outcome where she was the focal point, and her mother attended too?!? Throw in the recent tour to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Meghan gave prominent, well-received speeches, asked if kids could have the leftover treats and still continued to wear less than dowdy clothing (I’ll-fitting to be sure but not dowdy). Not even one coat dress!!!!

        Add to this the ongoing Markle BS that would have pushed anyone over the edge, throwing a wedding together of that size with the spend of light, tiara-gate, cultural differences in communication styles, and the million other paper cuts of did she didn’t see break protocol (closing her own car door / sitting with her legs crossed instead of both feet on the ground, shoulder baring dresses, etc.) and someone or something was bound to snap. Perhaps Megan and Harry should pump their breaks—just a lil bit—to take stock. Do the required events, concentrate on their sanctioned sphere of influence (the Commonwealth) but plan the move and renovations to Frogmore asap in order to get out of the fishbowl.

        BTW: I think the primary leaks are the Cambridge’s as well as someone or the somebody’s H & M inadvertently pissed off. They simply cannot upstage the Cambridge’s. That’s just the reality of their world.

    • Milla says:

      Dating in your 30s is faster. Yes, it was fast, but also it wasn’t. It all depends on people in a relationship.

      For all we know this may be racism, brexit, meg is a diva, kate and will are jealous, or nothing at all, just gossip. Who knows…

      • Andrea says:

        I’m 37 and can’t imagine marrying someone after a year of dating but I don’t want kids. I also find it takes a good year for the mask to come off and one’s true colors to show (good or bad). I’d have been divorced twice over had I married in the rose colored glasses honeymoon stage. I have never been married though. It is only fast in your 30′s if you want kids. Otherwise, I don’t see the need to rush and I would side eye anyone who does. I have a friend who got pregnant after 2 months of dating at 35, she was desperate for children and he is not only verbally abusive, but physically as well. I think it can be dangerous to not trust your gut or red flags at any age. Just my two cents.

      • Elisa says:

        @Andrea: we are basically twins. ;) I also don’t want kids and I fully agree: after one year I’m no longer head over heels in love and I see the guy for who he is. And whether he is material for a longer relationship – or not.

      • knowitall says:

        ITA, one year is fast. Yes, everyone is different, and having kids does put pressure. But if you’ve been long distance for the first year of the relationship, I would advise a bit more time to settle in before making such a major commitment.

  7. Heather Todd says:

    Besides William wanting what William wants, wouldn’t Kate’s impetus for a Bucklebury Christmas be that Pippa has a new baby and the want to have all the grand babies together for Christmas under the same roof? And if that’s the case… of course one would throw their SIL under the bus. Of course! What’s kind of Family Christmas would it be without dramz?

  8. mel says:

    The only person who looks 100 percent good in this story is Charles the peacemaker. My theory however is that 70 percent of this story came from Clarence House and the remaining 30 percent came from KP.
    Meghan should take the advise of Michelle Obama and Tom Sykes of the Daily Beast. Michelle says Meghan should not do so much so soon. She advises Meghan to take her time and do things gradually. Tom Sykes says his sources within the palace tell him that Meghan considers the services being rendered in Britain as very poor and below par and ‘she hasn’t kept her views and observations about the poor services being rendered to herself ‘, which he believes got Royal courtiers and staff upset with her, hence the leaks. Sykes loves Meghan and has advised her to find a way to balance/manage her work and the feelings her in-laws. He says that like Diana, Meghan wants to be loved by the public, but she has to find a way to maintain her strong work ethic at the same time also manage the relationship between her and the palace. He says she would have to chose which would be more beneficial to her in the long run, the love of the public or the wrath of the royal powers that be (the men in grey).

    • Div says:

      I’m pretty sure Michelle didn’t chide Meghan for doing too much—her advice was just to take it slow and steady when being in the limelight for the first time.

    • Lydia says:

      I hope she chooses the public. Meghan is my favourite royal in part because she is eager to work and change things

      • Mary says:

        Haha @tina, “leave our Queen out of this
        ..” What are you? Eight? This little “tempest in a teapot” is the topic of this article and many of us are expressing our thoughts on the sources of the leaks. Did I hit maybe a little too close? Do some just give the Queen an automatic pass because of her position and age, even if she treats people like shit, or, wittingly allows people in her household to treat her like shit? Well, I won’t. So, you can go bury your head and ignore the evidence on who is leaking (do you even deny leaks from the Cambridge camp??!) but don’t expect other people to do so.

      • Mary says:

        Oh dear, Lydia, I was responding to Tina’s comment below. She seems to have her panties. In a bunch because I think the Queen is behind some of these leaks. Totally agree with what you said!

      • Tina says:

        Mary, there is zero evidence for anything that you have said.

    • Eliza says:

      In the end, she represents the Queen not the people. It’s not an American idea – where officials are representatives of the people. She wants the people to love her, but she has to defer to the Queen for all her good works. She probably didn’t think she’d hit as many walls within the court; where they’d pick apart every charity or cause to make sure there is not conflicts of interest or political involvement. It’s probably a frustrating learning curve for all.

      I agree, she should start on 1 or 2 causes, build up a lot of repeated visits which will generate good press but also show her commitment. She is doing a fantastic job with HUB. Just keep at that and don’t try to do everything at once. Slowly build your portfolio because youre pretty much a patron for life.

      • Mary says:

        But whom or what does the Queen represent and by whom or what is the Queen paid? The Q is a temporary place holder in an institution serving at the whim of the people, as they could dismantle the monarchy. She is neither God nor, IMO, a nice person.

      • Tina says:

        The Queen represents the people, but not in the same direct sense that politicians do. She represents the state. She represents continuity in a way that David Cameron and Theresa May do not. Do I think the Queen is a nice person? I’ve never thought of it before. She may or may not be, I don’t actually care (would you ask that about a king?). Do I think that the Queen is a hard working person with a tremendous sense of duty? Absolutely.

      • Mary says:

        @Tina, LOL!! What a strange comment, of course I would ask the “nice” question of a King! I stated that specific to the Queen in relation to this article. As I have said elsewhere, leaks from the Queen’s household and office are adding to this smear campaign against Meghan. I believe that at least some of it has been sanctioned by the Queen. That to me is not “nice.” Indeed, I find it cruel.

      • Tina says:

        @Mary, we have no idea where the leaks are coming from, and the Queen’s household is very far down the list of potential sources. It is pretty clear that you are not British. The royals do not serve at the pleasure of the people.

      • Mary says:

        @Tina, I said that the Monarch serves at the whim of the people because it is those very people that could dismantle the monarchy. That was the context within which I made that statement. Also, it is clear that Angela Kelly was the leak. Please see my posts on yesterday’s article. She was initially named as the source for the Chester/No Hat story in July. Then the articles changed and it was only stated that Meghan had a row with Angela Kelly (not quoting her directly), they were changed to more recently state only that it comes from a royal Source or close aide to the queen. Further articles indicate that the Tiaragate and Chester stories came from the same person. One of the few people, apart from the queen, who could confirm all the details that the Royal reporters have received from the source regarding the two stories is Angela Kelly. Don’t get me wrong, I think Andrew and Eugenie added fuel to the Tiaragate fire but the source that gave it credence in RR’s eyes is AK. Also, my not being British has nothing to do with my ability to discern whether or not the Queen and her leaky Courtiers are trying to smear Meghan to suit their own warped agendas. It is not a stretch to think that the Queen is capable of being a conniving bitch. As someone indicated above, the queen mother was reputed to be a snobbish, conniving b****. The other prominent women in the Queen’s life are or were all reputed to be bitches. Her sister, her grandmother and her daughter. It is not a stretch to think that the queen is of the same mold.

      • Tina says:

        It is not at all clear that Angela Kelly was the leak. She would have no incentive to do so, for a start. And I don’t get patriotic very often, but I am now. Leave our Queen out of this. She’s 92 years old and is not involved in this pathetic little tempest in a tea pot.

      • Mary says:

        @tina, see my above reply to your pearl clutching regarding my comments about the Queen. As for Angela Kelly, there is ample evidence to show she is one of the leakers. Why? It was probably done at the behest of the Queen. Or, perhaps Meghan did see an emerald tiara and Angela, when she turned around and told her “sorry but you can’t wear the tiara I said you could wear” did not like that Meghan questioned it. Or, perhaps she is racist. We don’t know …but it is fun to speculate.

    • kacy says:

      The fact the Michelle Obama weighed in at all is very significant. She could have called Meghan and talked to her personally. Her speaking in public is strong suggestion of course of action for Meghan as well as a little look here she’s one of us, pipe down with all this ragging on her.

      • Becks1 says:

        What? she was asked about her. She didnt go out of her way to chide Meghan.

      • Honey says:

        I thought her advice was sound. Plus, it lets Meghan and people know that Michelle is an ally and that she sent Meghan a long-distance hug as well as advice but then Michelle wouldn’t necessarily say anything bad.

        Fitting into new situations is hard. It takes time and give and take all around.

      • Bluthfan says:

        Wow did you get Michelle’s words wrong. Trying to twist into something ugly.

      • Famika says:

        Michelle was absolutely positive
        Some who want to see her words in a negative I find laughable

        Meghan has run circles around Kate’s first year as far as work.
        Meghan is a worker bee.
        I think Meghan being a hard worker with follow through on work, is what bothers William , because HE doesn’t really want to work hard.

    • Ellaus says:

      I agree on the fact that the only one that looks good in all this mess is P.Charles, and that the first leaks were there thanks to Jobson and grey men of Clarence House. And it is a very convenient time, with the Epstein case to have this drama to distract the públic opinion from the possibility of having a pedophile Prince Andrew.
      However, i do think that the news in the Daily mail today, -cambridges going to Sandringham this christmas to present an united front- come clearly from KP.
      All these leaks just make everybody look bad, they might have some truth behind them:
      William might have not been welcoming to Meghan.
      Meghan might not abide the rules, might want to change many things very fast, and is possible that feels constrained.
      Harry may be hurt that they didn’t treat her as warmingly as he has treated Kate.
      The Cambridges have to be convinced to host H and Meghan.
      Prince Charles may like Meghan tremendously, but not like her ways or changes he doesn’t set himself. So this is all a way to ‘chastise’ and admonish his children to make them come back to his path.

      But it is clear that even with nuggets of truth behind all this leaking, the rubbish press just needs a whiff of blood to proceed with the carnage. And a great deal of what de have read may just be a drama made to sell newspapers.

  9. Digital Unicorn says:

    My head is dizzy from reading it all but I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying, Andrew started this with the tiara story and the Cambridges/Middletons jumped on it and ran with it. William and Kate were never going to react well to whoever Harry married as it always meant they would lose their fall guy – you know the one they like to chuck under the train to make themselves look good. I think part of this is that Harry is pushing back on that and this is what has Willy and Katie Keen in a snot. Its long been said that William held a lot of influence over Harry and that he liked to wield it but now Harry has a strong wife who will back her husband up and vice versa. William is losing that influence and he’s not a happy brat about it.

    As for Kate, she was always going to have issues with sharing the limelight with someone else – she enjoyed being the center of attention with the Princes. Plus Meghan is everything she is not and its become blatantly obvious.

    Both of them are threatened in their own ways of Meghan’s personality – Harry married someone who shares the same ambition, initiative and drive as he does. When you compare the things the the 2 have done – William has done nothing of note, Harry founded Invictus Games, Sentebale etc.. Even Chuck had setup the Princes Trust before he was 30. William – crickets.

    • Claire Voyant says:

      Please stop with letting Harry borrow Meghan’s ambition and work ethic.she runs circles around them all, including Harry. I give him credit for being smart enough to have chosen her but they are not equals. If he pays attention he can catch up though.

    • Div says:

      I completely agree with this. Right after the wedding, there was a slew of potential bad press for the Yorks. Andrew was making more pro-Saudi comments than usual at a business conference immediately after the Kashoggi murder and Beatrice’s new man has an extremely messy past (left his wife/partner and infant child for her). There’s also been enough chatter over the years, with Andrew going on about ‘blood princesses’ and the rumors about how the York girls initially treated Kate for me to believe that the Yorks look down on non-Aristos and it is also extremely likely there is a nasty streak of racism, too. And I think Meghan, who is not at fault at all for this, inadvertently upstaged the wedding and that just earned her the ire of the Yorks.

      I feel like Will jumped in, and perhaps even Kate, too. Popularity is important, and having the ‘lesser royals’ be more popular would be an issue to them. And this is an unpopular opinion, but I feel like people prop the Queen up on a pedestal a bit too much at times. Prince Phillip is a blatant racist, and he’s never stopped being a blatant racist, and if it bothered her that much you think she would tell him to cut it off and he would likely listen because he does somewhat obey the aristocratic rules….and Andrew is clearly her favorite. I don’t think she’s behind the shit, but I think she’s letting it go because it shields the Yorks. Anyway, I think it’s a combination of racism, sexism, rivalry, and even cultural differences between American directness and very stiff, extremely upper class British ways. The most damning bit is the Firm hasn’t bothered to try and put a stop on these stories.

      And for all those who blame Meg, it’s possible Meg has acted like a diva. But there is a lot of low key dog whistle racism, so that obviously factors in to the ‘dislike’ of Meghan by the media and the sources (whether it’s all made up, partially made up, or true).

      • Tina says:

        The Queen is the authority in public, but make no mistake, Prince Philip has always ruled the roost when it comes to family life. She would not direct him to change his views, however repugnant they may be. And I mean, both HM and Philip are both clearly capable of being kind and gracious, as they got on like a house on fire with the Obamas.

      • Tina says:

        The Queen would absolutely protect Andrew from any kind of embarrassment of that kind. It’s not an either/or – she wouldn’t have commented on the Meghan gossip in any event (denials came from KP, not BP).

    • Bunchita says:

      @digital unicorn: Only that the tiara in question wasn’t Eugenie’s tiara, but apparently the Vladimir tiara, questionable in more ways than one, including its queenly size.

      • Mary says:

        @bunchita, I doubt that it was the Vladimir Tiara. It was probably the one that Eugenie ended up wearing for her wedding. It likely would not have been offered and, in its emerald configuration, is not only not Meghan’s style but really unattractive (I think ugly). Someone leaked that to the DM to deflect away from the Queen’s bad behaviour (offering Meghan 6 tiaras from which to choose and then, after Meghan chooses the emerald, saying she can’t have her first pick – but then letting Eugenie wear it).

      • Becks1 says:

        I have to disagree with you, sorry. The Vladimir Tiara is GORGEOUS. I would love to see one of the young duchesses wear that one again.

        But, I do think it looks very similar to the Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara so that makes me think meghan never even asked for it. Wayyyyy too close to one of Kate’s current tiaras.

      • Starryfish29 says:

        The idea that Meghan, who to knowledge has never even been seen wearing emeralds, was suddenly so obsessed with wearing an emerald tiara at her wedding that she threw a fit always struck me as silly.

      • Olenna says:

        @Mary, I agree with you on the Vlad. I’ve said before this particular tiara would never have worked for Meghan. It’s too heavy and inelegant for her slender face, overly ornate for her gown, and is just ugly with the pendants. I can’t imagine her wanting it or TQ selecting it. Still SMH at all the holes in the tiara story.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      I agree with all your points Digital Unicorn.

  10. Pleaseletgo! says:

    Feel for meghan! What a shame these stories are coming out during her pregmancy time. It supposed to be the best time for her and harry. I do not know what to do with all these comical stories. I dont read anymore these tabloids. Never pre harry meghan was a diva. Always kind with the fans and colleagues. Waouh what a shame on the british press. Kate the great needs to build herself up by working hard instead of contributing to dimish meghan to make herself look good. Disgusting! I am not sure if its kate or william who are leading this smear but they need to set up to make this stop. I am assuming this because they are the first benifiting from this rubbish.

  11. Elisabeth says:

    I don’t know – I thought last week there was some consensus that if the story paints Charles as a savior, it’s coming from his people. And though only one of the times is quoted above, the actual article does it three or four times: first when he “engineers” the Xmas invite for Meghan and Harry, then when he shows up after the “atmosphere had turned quite poisonous” and “jollies everyone along” to be friends again, and again in the section where William “had doubts” – which is contrasted with Charles welcoming Meghan and admiring her work ethic.

    William and Kate come out of this article looking as bad as Meghan and Harry. For me, that seals the deal re: who is behind it.

    • Becks1 says:

      But this article is partly relying on other stories – all the stuff about Charles as the savior here comes from other stories. It may be him, of course, but for this particular story there could have been a leak from somewhere else and the reporter also pulled the other gossip about Charles as peacemaker to flesh out the story.

  12. Eliza says:

    Both Kate and Pippa had babies this year, and it’s her mom’s turn to host, do I think they care about the 10min stroll to the church instead of a quiet Christmas away? I think they want and should get a Middleton Christmas.

    The sources sources are Will and Kate’s friends, so yes their camp. Their friends wouldn’t go to the press without permission.

    Let Meghan enjoy the church walk with other members of the family. They’re her new family and it’s more than just Will and Kate there. The Yorks and Zara will be there too. She’s not alone with the older generation.

    • jan90067 says:

      See, that’s where you KNOW it’s false. William, esp., went to GREAT lengths to choose friends who would NOT leak to the press. He went so far as to feed out *false* stories and then that way, if it went to press, he’d KNOW who leaked.

      And yes, I know they’re not above using friends to get their point out, too. But somehow, this doesn’t feel like it. This feels more (to me) that it’s coming from Pedo Andrew first (there is BIG NEWS with the Epstein case coming this week, incl. his own lawyer admitting to having “massages”, but with “old, old Russian women” (yeah, riiiiight)), and Sweet-Savior Charles, the ONLY one who can calm (and apparently now, walks on water).

      So, yeah… not buying this crap they’re trying to shovel.

  13. Sassy says:

    Too bad Harry didn’t have the balls to leave all that crap behind and not subject her to his judgy glass house family.

    • Famika says:

      Too bad William just doesn’t have the balls to go live with the Middletons and be NORMAL William like he claims!

  14. Piper says:

    A hot wreck.

    I love how DM, Cambridge stories say things fell apart last Christmas when they tried to show Meghan the ropes but poor Kate was 5months pregnant and tired, she went out of her way to be kind – and Meghan was rude…

    I call this irony in logic lol

    Isn’t Meghan now 5months pregnant and Cambridge’s, BP, KP and U.K. have no problem with putting upon Meghan.

    If I were Harry I’d have fired all my staff as well. Clearly there’s a staff problem, nor would I trust any of them around my wife or family. Not trust them not to poison her, set her up or wish her unwell. Vile people. I’d want my new family as far away from these people as possible – even to a delapadated cottage away from people fishing for power.

  15. Becks1 says:

    My “tell” for whether this is a Cambridge story or not is how Kate is portrayed. Anything that mentions the kids, Kate’s role as a mother, pregnancy, etc is clearly Cambridge/Middleton. Here, there is a specific reference to Kate being pregnant (so confrontations when Kate is pregnant – not okay, public smear campaigns when Meghan is pregnant – perfectly fine.)

    But anyway – like I said, I think anything that emphasizes Kate’s role as a mother is from Camp C/M. It goes to her image as a nurturer, as a “hands on mother”, and it also supports the narrative of Meghan being mean, diva-esque – Kate is the pregnant Madonna, and Meghan is making her cry.

    This is def a Cambridge story.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Very true – its okay to jump on the pregnant mixed race American divorcee but not the lily white English lazy middle class girl. The dog whistle racism is not just coming from the British press, its coming from the Cambridges and their leakers are well.

    • Mego says:

      This is what troubles me. H&M had a a very succesful tour and proved popular with the public. Meghan made three speeches and did very well so her star was rising. Kate meanwhile has been called out as lazy, disinterested and can’t give a speech to save her soul. So in no time flat we have a savage media campaign against Meghan where many of the stories build Kate up to be the poor white saint. As far as smear campaigns go it’s very heavy handed and tone deaf to how utterly racist the fools putting this out there sound. If it is the Midds and they are exposed it will damage their reputation.

      • Famika says:

        Yep. Smear campaign.
        A Wildly successful tour, the media said the crowds were way larger than those for Cambridge’s

    • Honey says:

      Don’t forget that Kate is going to heal Broken Britain.

      • Endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

        Be Best Britain!!!

      • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

        LMAO @Honey and @Endoplasmic_ridiculum, so glad I read some commentary today just for your comments.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        LOL right. I wonder why that hasn’t been brought up more in discussing who these leaks are coming from. Because that Broken Britain “announcement” was pretty much a leak in itself and rather clumsily rolled out, especially for a project that’s starting next year. It seemed odd at the time…and then Meghan’s cookbook project was announced a few days later.

      • Nic919 says:

        There has never been an official announcement about this project but only a story in the DM leaked on the Friday before Meghan’s cookbook was launched. We still don’t know exactly what this program is about. Again it shows the cookbook shook up a few people because there is no reason for that leak to have occurred since it still remains very vague in purpose and is not ready to launch.

      • CrazyCatLady says:

        Why would they use “Broken Britain ” in her campaign ? It sounds terrible especially with all the Brexit mess.

      • Olenna says:

        @CrazyCatLady, I agree. “Broken Britain” sounds like something Bridget Jones would make up.

      • Tina says:

        “Broken Britain” is a very common phrase in the UK media. It has the beauty of meaning whatever the speaker wants it to mean.

      • Natalie S says:

        She’ll heal us all in the Golden Age of Kate. That velvet headband is actually a halo.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Exactly, the narrative of Mother Kate throughout is telling. Honey & Endoplasmic have me laughing!

  16. Sassy says:

    The Windsors aren’t any different from the Markles. Instead of doing interviews themselves to throw each other under the bus they have their people leak stories.

    • Adee says:

      If this is true and its coming from inside the Royal family…then wow, just wow.

      A pregnant woman who is new to all this should be very much off limits. She’s now one of their own, its a stupid move to weaken your own family, especially such a powerful family.

  17. Nichole says:

    Someone on here posted old tweets from Dickie Arbiter, the Queen’s former press secretary, and they definitely made me pause. He seemed really invested in the idea that Meg was just a fling and we should all stop talking about her. They made me pause and wonder. He is well known and would be a trusted source, and I can’t help but to wonder if his determination at dismissing her early on was fueled by some low-key racism that isn’t uncommon among his generation.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Did he? I missed that thread. Well Dickie also said on Larry King Live back in the day, during their engagement, that Kate ‘knew what she was signing on for’ and would stick with William, even if he wandered. He doesn’t seem to favor either son.

      • Famika says:

        Dickie has since changed his tune. He now defends Meghan in tweets and calls out the fake stories.
        Even the tiara story was bizarre, because the Queen handles that.

  18. Angie says:

    I used to be neutral to Kate and Will but now i really dislike them. Jealous much? Gross. Meghan is not going to be running around being rude to her new family. That doesn’t even ring remotely true. But what I do believe is that Kate is a snob who looked for the bad in Meghan bc she had claimed Harry as her own and both her and Will don’t like loosing attention. As for her whining about hosting five months preggo, for heavens sakes, she has a staff. I hosted with a newborn and three young children with a staff of me myself and I.

    • Becks1 says:

      Also, the article basically comes out and says that Kate is pissed that Meghan changed the dynamic of her relationship with Harry. That would have likely happened regardless of WHO he married.

      I feel like there are some things that to outsiders seem obvious – of course Harry was going to need his own team when he got married, and of course his relationship with Will and Kate was going to change – but maybe not so obvious to those involved.

      I mean Harry doesnt need to pop over to Kate’s for roast chicken. Meghan can roast a chicken just fine apparently.

  19. agnes says:

    “…Kate has had a number of meetings over tea in which she has attempted to explain the rules of The Firm to Meghan.”
    Kate explaining the rules. Of course. Who else would be competent enough to do so?

  20. Claire Voyant says:

    Does anyone remember Lainey leaking that Kate saw Meghan walking onthe high street and didn’t give her a lift? Meghan must have told Jessica who then told Lainey? What if Meghan never forgave or forgot and William picked up on it?

    • Becks1 says:

      Interesting that you bring that up, because someone here mentioned that a few days ago with the theory that Kate realized when that story leaked that Meghan couldnt be trusted and THATS the source of friction. My take on it would be that Meghan realized at that time that Kate wasnt going to be nice and welcoming and maybe some gloves came off.

      • jan90067 says:

        Wasn’t that BEFORE it came out that Harry was seriously dating her? When she was visiting “under the radar”? I remember reading that it was said that if Kate and she were seen getting out of the same car and shopping together, it would validate suspicions that this was a serious relationship.

      • Claire Voyant says:

        You’re right but what if Meghan viewed Kate through a negative lens since that incident? I’m just throwing it out there but could there be some passive/aggressive behaviors on both sides that spiteful insiders are exploiting to hurt Meghan?

      • Becks1 says:

        I actually dont know when it actually happened lol, I dont follow Lainey, I just heard it about here long after the initial post about it. If we assume that the story is true, AND that Kate’s motives were pure and she wasnt trying to be petty and mean – its entirely possible that Meghan just doesnt buy that re: her motives and was insulted. And honestly, the optics of the white future queen making the black girlfriend walk are pretty bad, regardless of reasoning.

    • Elisabeth says:

      That story was always odd. Lainey’s blind said that they saw each other “at the compound” and Meghan told Kate where she was going, and then set out on foot. When she arrived at the store, Kate was there, having been driven over, and Meghan thought it was rude.

      The two of them together would have attracted tons of attention, so I can see why Kate didn’t invite Meghan to join her. And I can equally see why Meghan thought it was rude. But the fact that Meghan let Jessica M leak that to Lainey? Yuck.

      • Lady D says:

        Maybe Meghan thought her bestie could keep quiet, and that’s why she told her? There might not have been any permission given to leak the story.

      • Mary says:

        At the time, the reason given for Kate not giving Meghan a ride was “security” (am sure M was already living there or staying at nott c frequently, they would have been seriously dating). It was also reported around that time that K did not want M around her kids unless and until M&H were actually engaged and not just dating. Security???!!!

    • Claire Voyant says:

      Exactly everything above. It would have been a public endorsement of the relationship and it was too soon for that. The optics would have been bad not to mention the lies people would have made up about the American, buracial divorcee using royal perks.

    • ....... says:

      This. And it seems the gossip started when megan came around….the stories were all about putting down will and Kate. Not cool.

      I would be super wary of j m and anyone she’s friends with. That includes mm.
      How did she meet harry? Why was she hanging in Britain a lot? Etc…..it seems kinda fishy now looking back.

      I don’t blame William and the brf….I like mm but she’s just an actress whom I’d never heard of, with expensive taste looking at her blog etc….that’s pushing forty and very ambitious. trying to be like Angelina…except for the bro mag sexy hamburger pics. Lol.

      It does seem like she hatched a plan a few years back………hope not. But unfortunately your friends say a lot about you. I don’t blame anyone for being wary for a while … no one wants to see a loved one get hurt or be manipulated.

  21. Josie says:

    Several of the stories sound exactly like leaked staff pieces from the glory days of royal gossip in the 80s/90s. It’s easy to imagine the royal courtiers coming for Meghan — they’re notoriously more conservative, racist, and status obsessed than the royal family itself.

    A couple more stories sound like good bits of gossip picked up by Charles’s latest biographer — and probably NOT shared with Charles’s knowledge or consent. Charles sends warnings to the boys through the press but he wouldn’t have wanted the anti-Meghan stories told.

    Then there are one or two more that sound like loose lips within the Cambridge circle, whether authorized or not. (This is all assuming the quotes attributed to unnamed friends are accurate, and I’m not sure they are. The DM in particular is happy to make up sources, and they’ve done it with friends of the Sussexes as well as the Cambridges.) Although even there, if you break it down, it boils down to the typical personality clashes when someone marries into a tight-knit family who run a family business.

    It’s to Meghan’s credit that, even if these stories are true, she’s been extremely professional in public appearances and not let anything slip.

    Also, all these stories about the women are OLD. My guess? They realized they were never going to be best friends, and have been cordially polite ever since.

    FWIW, Anne was reportedly thoroughly disgusted with Charles in the 1990s (he slagged off their parents repeatedly; she wasn’t fussed about the Diana stuff except that Charles handled the PR part of it so badly) and they get along very well now. My guess is that the Cambridges and the Sussexes get past this long before the fans do.

  22. Josie says:

    Also, the palace PR offices are never, ever going to confirm or deny any of this. The fact that no one has issued a statement means nothing in any direction. They’ll refute the story with actions (joint appearances, jolly comments about each other, etc) but it’s really important to remember that the palaces NEVER officially deny gossip stories, not even when they’re clearly false. They wisely don’t want to go down that path (where a non-denial would be a confirmation).

    • Becks1 says:

      Except that they did deny one of the recent stories (I think the story about Kate telling Meghan to lay off Kate’s staff or something). So that just throws more fuel to all this fire because once they deny one story…….what about the others?

      • Josie says:

        I missed that — do you have a link? (I’ve seen a lot of “unnamed sources deny X happened” but that would be the first official rebuttal of a gossip story in at least a decade. The vitriol this past week may be causing them to lose their minds.)

      • Becks1 says:

        I think it was in one of the stories on here from Friday or Sunday (I use Celebitchy to curate my news lol.)

      • TheOtherSam says:

        There was no official denial from either KP or BP re any of the stories. There were ‘sources’ making statements, to outlets such as Harpers Bazaar and the UK broadsheets. But there is nothing on the official sites.

        Not that they shouldn’t make some kind of statement, because at this point the situation kind of warrants it, imo.

      • Tina says:

        Nah. A KP source denying it is the limit of how far they will go. This is very small potatoes.

  23. JadedBrit says:

    My money is on Princess Michael, Duchess of Kent.
    A) She is a known gossip; as an emphatically non working royal she has been variously compared to a foghorn and Pandora;
    B) She resents money being spent from the Royal List while she has to pay rent (a subject which she has brought up over and over through the years);
    C) she always claimed that she had special “dirt” on Diana and so many others – all gleaned while in the heart of KP, where she still resides;
    D) The infamous “blackamoor” brooch. Princess Pushy, her longterm nickname, claimed huge distress that she had caused the Duchess pain. Yet PMoK is HUGELY well educated, well traveled and, most tellingly, AN HISTORICAL NOVELIST. You think she had no Idea about the significance of the very obvious “good evening, miss uppity” she deployed on her lapel? I’ll bet my 18th century grandfather clock, my favourite possession, that she’s dropping poison in the press’s ear.
    Because, if you consider it, who has most to gain from these intrafamilial squabbles? The Cambridges? Kate has spent nearly two decades being dutiful and has presented three children for the succession. Carole Middleton got what she wanted: two daughters married off into incredible privilege. William, though rather petulant, would hardly want a repeat of the Diana-Fergie wars: he saw how his mother suffered. Additionally, I doubt he would wish to fall out so wholeheartedly with his brother. As for Charles, his public position is a tenuous one and has been ever since Tony Blair so admirably orchestrated the People’s Princess narrative post-Diana’s death.
    Given the very real and horrible prospect of an ultra left wing government under Corbyn and his Marxist factions, the Royal Family needs to prove its worth – its value for money, if you will, since the Left wholeheartedly embrace the destruction of hierarchies – and pull together.
    It therefore appears – to me – that the only plausible explanation is that a very minor royal, with deeply held convictions re what is “fitting” for the Firm, has to be the source. How could so many reporters go on record otherwise? Courtiers can lose their jobs; Princess Pushy has nothing to lose.

    • Becks1 says:

      Actually. That makes sense. I’m not sure I entirely buy it, but I can def see what you are saying and it makes sense. So many of these stories have the ring of “Meghan doesnt know her place” and while many people probably feel that way (since you dont have to be the daughter of a nazi to be a racist) Princess Michael does seem very….uh…..put out…..by Meghan’s arrival into the royal family.

    • jan90067 says:

      JadedBrit, you make the most sense of all of us! Brava!! I can totally se this!

      I still DO think this *recent* brouhaha started with Pedo Andy, but for the other stories, yeah.. I can see PMofK picking up the ball and running with it, stirring the pot while cackling.

      • JadedBrit says:

        @Jan90067 Thank you! Rather than wrestle with my latest novel which is proving nearly impossible to write, I had a wee think about just who believes they have the most to feel not only hard-done-by for, but who is on record – on multiple occasions – for having either been indiscreet or, in the case of that blasted brooch, unforgivably unpleasant, racist and catty.
        -Having had the deep displeasure of having been in the same room as PedoA before – now *he* is the ultimate diva, ordering around those who have come/been dragged to hear him speak like serfs – I’d have little trouble believing him culpable of a multitude of sins. But the question must be asked – who would go so far out of their way to protect him, if it is the case that the Duchess is being thrown to the wolves to cover up the Epstein debacle? It would leave the press covered in a barnyard of egg, if he or his aides were the leakers; moreover, given the brouhaha over Levenson, it would surely be an open invitation for the government to clamp down further on their freedoms?
        Reading the press these days really is like delving into installments of Phillippa Gregory’s “The White Queen”.

    • Maria says:

      Yes. Princess Michael is also friends with Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine. I bet it’s her they want to get away from.

    • Mel says:

      @Jadedbrit. This!!! So much sense in your post. I truly dont understand how people keep saying this is coming from William, Kate or Charles. There’s no way there is. This is coming from upset “lower royals” and disgruntled royal aids.

  24. Kittycat says:


  25. Franny Days says:

    Checkout the tag #mypalacesource on twitter. Hilarious.

  26. Starryfish29 says:

    My personal theory is that it started with the York camp, they were obviously upset that the baby news stepped on the wedding news cycle that they were hoping to milk. Plus, the stories of Diva Meghan screaming about tiaras, and the queen allegedly wanting her to have a gown whose description just so happens to match Eugenie’s came out at the exact same time that Andrew was starting to catch some flack for saying dumb pro-Saudi stuff, in the wake of Kashoggi murder.
    The latest stories are all Cambridge, William has always been resentful of Harry’s popularity and now with Meghan on the scene the two of them have been putting Will & Kate’s work ethic to shame. Both Harry and Meghan seem intent on building meaningful long term projects, can’t have people starting to expect the same kind of dedication from the Cambridge’s; that’s too close to doing real work. Plus the very obvious mutual adoration between the Sussexes is in danger of putting the frigid Cambridge marriage under a microscope. You can only disguise ambivalence as regal for so long.

    • wisdomheaven says:

      IDK, the Cambridge marriage seems very strong and healthy to me. I don’t think they are concerned about how people view their marriage vis a vie the Sussexes. They have nothing to prove whereas the Sussexes have many many people betting against them.

  27. MrsDemarcus says:

    Meg seems fine and this smear campaign against her at any stage, especially during her first pregnancy, is disgusting. That said, as a WOC I’m still failing to see the “dog whistles” in everything. Racism is definitely one piece of most things she and all POC have hurled at them in general, but as a long time royal gossip follower this is the almost the exact same stuff thrown at Fergie (and Wallis, long before), both white women. So yes I think the smearing is gross and I’m always on high alert for dog whistle racism in this day and age especially, I’m just not seeing it as the driving force here. Also, I have wanted to love her since day one and am rooting for her and Harry, but a lot of what was said about Fergie and Wallis through “sources” at the beginning turned out to be true years later…just sayin.

    • Agenbiter says:

      Except Meghan has years of work history where she did not develop a reputation an entitled brat. “A lot of what was said about Fergie (and Wallis, long before)” did not appear out of nowhere like this.

      Plus she would need to be a dumb entitled brat to risk alienating her new in-laws over petty things. No sign that is Meghan’s reputation.

  28. SDuff says:

    Nanny Maria was the excoriated staff.

    • Mary says:

      I am curious, just what is Meghan supposed to have done so soon after her arrival to piss off Kate? Not bring the nanny a present? Mistake Maria for a maid and hand her luggage to her on arrival? Dare to try to speak Spanish with her?

      • SDuff says:

        Dressing her down for Charlotte’s behavior.

      • Tina says:

        Perhaps it is my inner snob coming out, but I have a very hard time believing that Charlotte’s behaviour was considerably worse than that of Ben and Jessica Mulroney’s children. I feel that Nanny Maria would not have stood for it.

      • SDuff says:

        Nanny Maria would not be in a position to directly respond to the dressing down.

      • SDuff says:

        I misunderstood you Tina. It’s not clear that Charlotte’s behavior would warrant dressing down Maria.

      • Mary says:

        Ooohhhh, I just can’t see Meghan dressing someone’s nanny down. However, if Meghan suggested something to Maria I could see her getting pissed (how dare she tell me how to do my job!). E.g., Charlotte throws a fit, Meghan says “hey, I hear lavender sachets help…” I could see Maria taking offense when Meghan might only be trying to be helpful. It is like a “face” issue – some people do not like any possible shortcomings or mistakes brought to the fore. Further, one of their kids may have behavioural issues – remember when it was reported awhile back that the cambridges were searching for a nanny with experience dealing with children that have tantrum issues? In short, it could have been much ado about nothing.

      • ....... says:

        Talked bad about Kate to jm and they put it out there on Lainey. Early on.

        Then she remained bffs w jm. So that doesn’t look good, looks like she started this w Kate.

        Then fast forward to a fitting where jm and her kids prob were as well. I can see mm and jm being special and feeling themselves.

        The moving out of kp kinda seals it…although I’m sure they’ll be back at some point, I think everyone realized mms friends weren’t gonna work out at the palace or around other family. They are too thirsty.

      • SDuff says:

        MM told off Charlotte and berated Maria. Both were upset. It happened in front of several people.

  29. LW says:

    Aren’t courtiers known snobs and strict about “the way things have always been done”. To me this all seems like a way for the courtiers to try to put her in her place. An outsider, an American, a WOC…..there are lots of things for these courtiers to have their nose out of joint about (not legitimate things to criticize, but things they wouldn’t like).

  30. Gigi La Moore says:

    I like the part where “Kate has a quiet word” with her. Lol. Feeding into the black woman with attitude/benevolent white woman stereotype. I’m sure that “regal” Kate can give as good as she gets.

    • Ahoyoy says:

      I’d like to know where Kate gets her nerve. She’s the wife. Another married in, where on earth would she think that instructing Meghan about anything was her place? After all of these articles about knowing her role, you would think she would understand that she’s the consort, mother of the heir and the spare and nothing more. If the queen thinks Meghan needs a talking to, there’s mile long list of people ahead of the likes of Kate, including her recently deceased last corgi, whom she would appoint to do so. That’s assuming this drivel is anything like truth. That sad white girl either needs to put up or shut up.

  31. Andrea says:

    @Elonore – let me guess, you are pro-Brexit?

    Nobody “borrowed” your language (which has many Latin roots by the way). YOUR countrymen came to OUR turf (I am native) and set up shop. Perhaps brush up a bit on history before making your xenophobic and inaccurate observations.

  32. aquarius64 says:

    The Fail just reported the Cambridges will be at Sandringham this year but no mention if they are going to Buckleberry . My theory – the queen had a come to Jesus meeting with Will and Kate and told them they are making an appearance to shut it down . HM probably told them they and the Middletons are under suspicion.

    Imo Will chose Kate to be arm candy not a full consort where she is his partner. Meghan outshone Kate. Harry and Meghan will have to play Game of Thrones to deal with this. How the Cambridges can face Doria after this is beyond me.

    • Lucia says:

      There’s another component that I think people forget: Charles. The one rumor I genuinely believe is that William and Harry in the past have not had a good relationship with Charles. I also believe that since getting engaged, Harry has been making a concerted effort to make amends with his father. I’m only speculating, but I can see that rubbing William the wrong way if both Harry and William were once united in their dislike for their father.

      • ravynrobyn says:

        That makes so much sense…

      • Bluthfan says:

        I think Harry’s relationship with Charles has never been as toxic as William’s. I think it has clearly gotten better since Meghan entered the picture and that likely ruffled William’s feathers.

  33. Deb Seal says:

    Perhaps JM is the leaker. There are rumors of a falling out.

  34. Murphy says:

    Kate explaining the rules of ‘The Firm’ to Meghan? Please. Mia Tindall knows the rules better than Kate does.

  35. CatWomen says:

    I don’t see Kate and William driving Masterminding anything. They have 3 little kids. Their first priority is them and protecting them not Megan or Harry. This makes them look terrible too. I can see Fergie or Andrew behind these leaks with some of their staffs all talking to each other. The other point is, I know you adore Megs but she does need to slow down. This whole campaign is to put her in her place. Unfortunately for her, she actually has a place, behind Kate. If something is good enough for KM then the staff will be who is MM to ask for changes , and overlapping with her being half black subtle racism is part of the blow back raining down now.
    Ultimately I don’t know if it’s worth being part of this family. Imagine being dictated too in your thirties where you’ll spend Christmas…the perks vs the drawbacks seem equivalent so depending on your values you’ll want to be part of it or not at all. So Megan and Kate have more in common then not.

    • Lady D says:

      “she needs to slow down” How about after she puts in the same number of engagements as the queen tell her to slow down. What happens if she doesn’t? What happens if her and Harry go merrily along their way, doing their good deeds and starting new projects to benefit the country, while blowing the doors off the workshy couple’s actions? I honestly do not understand telling anybody to slow down. It would make more sense to tell others to get their crap together and step up it.

  36. Sherry says:

    Is it truly a mess, or is it a way for British publications to draw eyeballs at a slow time of year?

  37. Lucia says:

    Hi everyone! Longtime reader but getting around to posting because I love how everyone here is very common sense and cuts through the BS.

    I’m positive this has already been said around here but there is no way that The British Media (and I suspect The Cambridges) would ever forgive Harry for marrying an American of color with a previous marriage. They will continue to find any trifle and fan the flames from her family feud, to her work ethic to hate her. I genuinely believe that the ultimate goal is to drive her out of the royal family.

    • Mary says:

      Hi, Lucia – I do not doubt what you say, unfortunately. I think that the leaks are coming from more than one royal camp, not just the Cambridges, and include the Queen. As I noted on a post yesterday, I am convinced that Angela Kelly is the source of the No Hat and Tiara stories (with York input) and that means that the Queen is joining in this smear campaign. If I were H&M? I would not be a working royal under the Queen or William. I would forge my own path in life, make my own money and if King Charles wanted me to cut a ribbon I would happily oblige (unless he is in on this campaign against meghan as well).

      • Lucia says:

        Hi Mary! Pleasure to meet you. I think you bring up Charles for good reason and I think that I definitely a secondary reason for the Duchess’ bad press. I actually think Harry and Meghan making nice with Charles is part of it. Meghan encouraged Harry to make amends with Charles. The Queen had iced the Prince of Wales out for years and he’s been forcing his way to start a transition for the last two years.

        For years, there were reports that both William and Harry did not get along with Charles and were primarily raised by Elizabeth and Prince Philip. When Harry got engaged, he started making amends with Charles. For years QEII has been grooming William in ways where Charles has vowed to rebel should he become King. Charles has been asserting herself more and more. If the Queen is apart of it, I believe it is partially to push back on Charleston’ efforts to make the monarchy less conventional.

      • Mary says:

        Lucia, that would not surprise me at all. Related to your thoughts on Charles streamlining the Monarchy, have you noticed how Eugenie has stepped up her efforts in the last year to look like a working royal in all but name (she took on another patronage just the other day)? Is someone other than Andy egging her on?

      • Tina says:

        None of this rubbish is true.

      • Mary says:

        Well then Tina, oh Wise One, please grace us with a morsel or two of your vast knowledge of all things royal and enlighten us.

      • Tina says:

        You have no idea who I am or what I know. But I promise you that the following statements, made above, are absolute rubbish: “the Cambridges would [n]ever forgive Harry for marrying an American of colour with a previous marriage.” “The leaks are coming from…the Queen.” “The Queen has iced the Prince of Wales out for years.” “For years QEII has been grooming William in ways where Charles has vowed to rebel should he become King.” All complete crap.

  38. Vi says:

    Charles was all over this piece as well,and I don’t see how W&K come across very well.
    But some people have decided that the evil Cambridges and Carole Middleton are the ones who are planting all these stories,even the ones that are blatant palace aides’ leaks.because they must be threatened by this alleged hard working the other two are doing.
    There’re three or four stories circulating and the press is revealing or completely fabricating new bits and pieces every week. It’s evident they knew who was Melissa since the beginning,but they just revealed her first name in the first wave of stories.
    This daily mail piece is expanding on the Katie Nicholl’s story about Harry throwing tantrums because his brother didn’t roll up the red carpet,and Charles having to mediate. That red carpet bit in that Vanity Fair piece was also very reminiscent of the “what Meghan wants Meghan gets” line in the Jobson’s biography that was sanctioned by Charles.
    Yesterday someone suggested the the tiara story may come from Angela Kelly,who was also the source for that hat protocol “controversy” that was reported by Jobson. It makes sense.
    I never believed it was totally made up,and I never believed Andrew was behind a story that was just part of a wave of leaks about the wedding coming from palace sources.

  39. Kathryn says:

    Do people actually think this is all true? I always question how much of these royal stories are, but then again “where’s there smoke, there’s fire” always seem applicable in the gossip world. I wonder if Meghan is really causing this much of a rift? And if so, why exactly? (not saying it’s on purpose, they could just be starting trouble where there is none…)

  40. Jaded says:

    There’s an aura of jealousy over this whole situation which is the catalyst for all these fatuous and ugly “leaks”.

    1. Kate is jealous of Meghan because she has received so much attention and accolades for her roll-up-her-sleeves-and-get-to-work ethic.

    2. Meghan is much more charismatic, intelligent and gregarious than Kate who is only lately coming into some maturity and accepting a more public role, although she can’t speak for sh*t.

    3. William is jealous of Harry because Harry is now distancing himself quite successfully from William and Kate’s “so-called” work for children’s mental health issues and has done wonderful work with Invictus and Sentebale.

    4. William is also jealous of the obvious deep love Harry and Meghan have for each other – it is very evident that theirs is a true love match whereas William dragged Waity around for 10 years and multiple infidelities before finally realizing he’d better marry her because no other women wanted to.

    As for who is doing the leaking, my bet is it’s the Cambridge/Middleton camps out of jealousy with some extra push from the racist Yorks. Meghan will sail through this like a trooper because she has the self-confidence, focus, intelligence and drive to make a difference, as well as a very supportive and devoted husband by her side.

    • Mary says:

      Regarding jealousy, it has been reported that Jobson’s book states that William sported a new buzz cut to an engagement for the express purpose of knocking H & M off the front pages during their tour of Wales. If true, W’s jealousy is off the hook (and infantile) and H&M need to not only separate offices but split up their foundation as well, with each couple going their own way.

    • Andrea says:

      William could have had others but lets be honest—he wasn’t much of a charmer like Harry. I think He still pines away for Jecca.

  41. CheckThatPrivilege says:

    Kaiser finds the best pictures to slip into the mix.

  42. Birds eye view says:

    Why don’t they distract us from all this drivel by working??

  43. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    William is the last person to be taken seriously when it comes to advice about choosing a partner. He picked a woman with no aspirations in life other than to be at his beck and call for sex while he went around with other women, and who hung on while being jerked around for a decade. She’s never had a real job and her greatest achievement is getting a ring and popping out babies. A real winner there.

    Harry got a strong, independent, motivated woman who actually lives life and wants to do something with her besides shopping. It has to irk some people that he isn’t just their fall guy to make William look better.

  44. Sorella says:

    I do believe SOME of it may be true. Meghan is American and let’s say, they are not known for being diplomatic lol!! Americans and British people are as different as can be – Americans are outspoken and say what is on their minds. Brits, not much, all about being proper and following rituals. Perhaps Megan is not as respectful of the customs/rituals of being Royal and questioning /fighting over every little thing – maybe Kate did step in to “teach her” the rules, thinking she was helping her and that didn’t go down so well. Say what you will about Kate, but she grew up British, knows what being Royal entails. I like Meghan a lot but again, as an American (and a independent-working girl one at that), maybe she is not taking to all aspects of Royal life that well, perhaps she is crying to Harry about it all (and normal as her new husband that he would side with her) and perhaps there is tension between them. Why I have heard some people in my world (some British I must admit) say about their marriage “it will last 5 years, the glamour will fade for her, she will see being a Royal is all about rules”. Kind of like a square peg in a round hole, it can be squished in, but it never really fit propertly. Only my opinion – who REALLY knows lol!!

  45. Bubble bee says:

    I’m wondering if it is the Cambridges that are the source of the leaks if they don’t realize how incredibly short sighted this tactic would be in the long run. Meghan is the first Black person to marry into the Royal family and as such she’s highly visible. Whether or not their dislike of her is due to her race ( I don’t think that’s it, but maybe a little) but they do NOT want their legacy to be one of racism accusations and bullying of the only black member of their very white family. Especially given the history of England. The BRF needs to be seen as welcoming and tolerant of others if they want to survive. Meghan be accepted into the fold in a meaningful way could be a good way to do that. I really think that whatever differences they have they need to set aside and try to seem welcoming to Meghan. I realize that it’s not necessarily a race thing, but my point is that the optics are bad and potentially damaging to the monarchy as it tries to modernize.

    • lanne says:

      That’s what’s so STUPID about all these leaks. Most of the Commonwealth citizens are POCs! If they push Meghan out, how can they justify that with the Commonwealth? My thought now is that someone had a few gripes with her, but as palace folks have never dealt with POC politics before, they had no idea how quickly the flames would be fanned and the tide would be turned against her. Even if everything they have accused Meghan of is true (and it could be due to simple misunderstandings, not evil behavior. Every accusation is so damn petty. There’re no crimes, cruelty, or impropriety here, and even if every accusation were true, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, Pedo Andy, Sarah Fergusan HAVE ALL DONE WORSE!!!) she has done a great job bringing positive attention to the Royal Family with the tour and the Hubb. It’s terrible optics to be bashing a pregnant woman like this. The Royals look so bad.

      • MrsBump says:

        I really think that Americans overstate the importance of the commonwealth. This is nothing more than a dead horse the British are beating since Brexit, i cannot think of a single instance where the commonwealth had any sort of impact on life.
        I feel sorry for meghan’s very public dressing down and character assassination, but that’s about it. Im a WOC but don’t identify with her any more than i identify with Kate. They are both rich privileged women whose lives are light years away from my own.

      • Bubble bee says:

        I wasn’t talking about the common wealth. I was talking about the United Kingdom and it’s changing demographics and changing view of the monarchy. The monarchy is very popular now, but you don’t want to sow seeds of malcontent among citizens if they think there is a racist plot going on behind the scenes. People of color are also not the only ones who would have concerns if they believed that Meghan’s race had something to do with her treatment. This could go bad very easily in my opinion. All it would take is a divorce between the sussexs and Meghan to go crying to the press with claims of racism and there would be a major scandal on hand. It wouldn’t even be hard to believe with princess Michael already showing her racism. That’s really not a problem that the brf wants on their hands in my opinion. So again. It’s bad optics.

  46. Alyse Leitao says:

    Can we please condense the Royals posts from several a day into just one??

    I love you Celebitchy, but I feel like this has turned into a Royals Blog…

    • PrincessK says:

      No, this is an emergency situation where stories were coming out fast and furious. Well done Kaiser for trying to keep up.

  47. Royalblue says:

    Oh I have no doubt William and his courtiers are behind this and for all the reasons you mention. To add more flavor to it consider this: Prince Louis was probably conceived intentionally around the time it was obvious Harry was fatefully smitten with Meghan with the intention of knocking him down another peg. Another finger pointing to the Cambridges was noted the week that Meghan took her mum along as she launched the Grenfell cookbook Wasn’t it shortly after that a release was sent mentioning that the DoC plans to have a lifelong project to help children in broken Britain? She hadn’t been seen on active duty in months and this release of a personal project was inexplicably made at the same time as the public were warming to Meghan results. Almost as if to take the focus off of Meghan. It’s almost as if no one ought to be portrayed as sweeter, kinder, more charitable, more considerate than the people’s princess. It’s almost as if they are trying to write the narrative that the DoC is that person. Following the successful tour down under she came out smelling like roses with a strong following. I am convinced that this is from both Clarence and Kensington working in tandem to secure the public admiration for the existing line of succession. I think it will backfire. Grandly.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      ” Wasn’t it shortly after that a release was sent mentioning that the DoC plans to have a lifelong project to help children in broken Britain? ”

      It was actually a few days before the cookbook announcement, and it wasn’t really an announcement so much as a poorly conceived leak. I thought Quinn had more savvy than that. It’s quite telling for sure.

    • Polly says:

      Omg 🙄 so clever of them to deliberately conceive a child to knock Harry down a notch. I wish I had your insight.

  48. Kristy says:

    As if it’s anyone except the Cambs. Kate threw her little tantrum at the wedding, refusing to even look at Meghan, and she’s probably gone Waity-whining to Willy, who is another giant baby who can’t bear to play second fiddle to anyone. Meghan is beautiful(and hilariously looks younger than Mate), hard-working and made a great impression on the queen. Kate has failed over and over to do anything meaningful. Of course she’s now kicking up a fuss because she wants to be the best at everything without even trying.

    • lily says:

      None of them looked at Meghan during the wedding. Such sour faces. Eugenie’s wedding was so different, they were all visibly happy.

  49. Themummy says:

    My hope is that all of this awful stuff being said about Megan doesn’t break down they’re very brand new marriage. I cannot imagine how stressful it is for her to be having to deal with this crap, especially when pregnant, newly married to a royal, and settling into public life. It was entirely possible that it could all just become too much. I hope not, though. I’m a fan of Meghan’s. I think she has handled herself with grace and poise. I feel like it’s incredibly obvious that someone is trying to completely destroy her and run her out.

  50. ..... says:

    I like all of them….. but I can totally see everyone being worried about harry getting taken for a ride. Luckily megan seems to be a great match and they seem very happy together……but anyone would be concerned for their little brother being used by a social climber.

    Her bff at the time with the bad lip job, didn’t help her image at all…especially posing for that picture of her @ss on the stairs with the children at the wedding (trying to copy pippa). That was a bit of a red flag for me……as in they have really been doing some homework and planning it out. Kinda creepy. (And you can def see her influence in Megan’s clothing….the tacky ankle buckle shoes, way too sexy choices etc).

    I like megan but would really hate to find out she set her sights on harry years before they even met. That’s a little tooo calculated for me.

    As for her not getting along, I hope that’s not true. William and Kate seem comfortable around her, and they all seem friendly. It’s sad that people have to put down one couple in order to build up the other. It’s so unnecessary.

  51. JANAK says:

    It looks to me like William and Kate do not like sharing all the limelight with the better looking, better personalities, much more down to earth, newlyweds. Then you add their new baby to the mix, and now they are truly pissed off!

  52. Kat Loug says:

    Americans, you are taking these reports far far too seriously. Honestly, it’s like you don’t realise that you are becoming invested in the equivilent of National Enquirer stories.

  53. Hieronymous says:

    It’s interesting how much of the blame falls on the same characters. It’s always Kate/William,/Carole/Charles, and the suggested motivations sound very silly and just not very credible. A lot of it is just “well Kate/Carole/William are obviously leaking something because I like Meghan better and they can’t stand it!” But Kate/William/Carole/Charles aren’t the only people Meghan and Harry know, and if someone is leaking information or fake stories about the Sussexes, it could easily be someone else. Someone suggested Princess Michael as the source of the leaks and that sounds much more plausible and less like projection.

  54. jay says:

    i’m sure that “downright rude” means that meghan wasn’t interested in patronizing criticism from a lazy dud and wasn’t shy about it.

  55. grace 1 says:

    Finding comments hard to follow today – on this post and at least 2 others they are not in order — a comment posted at 11 am is followed by one posted at 9 am,etc.

    • Lady D says:

      It’s a time zone thing, I believe. For example everything I post shows up as being 3 hours later. This post is going to say 1:19am , and it’s actually 10:19 pm where I am in BC.
      If it’s all your posts showing up with different times, I don’t know what the problem is.

  56. Someone says:

    Surprised at the comments here. Joining the royal family is a job. No competent employee at work goes outside hierarchy and established norms and communication. If Meghan and Harry are being rogue. The royal family would be right in kicking them out/downgrading them.

    It’s a job. Don’t argue with your boss. Neither Harry nor Meghan have achieved anything equivalent to the power of the monarchy and should apppraoch with some humility. In always suspicious of people that think they know better than everyone else and should change others?

  57. Kari Kounkel says:

    Cambridge hatred is real and deep.

  58. Sara Martin says:

    None of the stories about BRF catfights are true. They are invented to keep peasants entertained and distracted from real news stories that would actually give cause for alarm.

  59. Digital Unicorn says:

    I think Meghan had been with Trevor for a few years before they got married IIRC.

  60. Lily says:

    That doesn’t warrant leaking stories about your pregnant sister in law.

  61. Kittycat says:

    Meghan knew her exhusband for years beforehand and moved away for work.

    Wouldn’t William be impressed Meghan gave up everything to be with Harry?

  62. Sassy says:

    Like William cares about Harry LOL
    William is for himself only.

  63. Lily says:

    She was with Trevor from 2004, spilt in August 2013. A No-Fault divorce.

  64. Mego says:

    Yes they dated for a few years.

  65. lily says:

    Yes, nearly a decade or something.

  66. JadedBrit says:

    @Lily – the one (of many) things Pa Markle is quoted as saying to Prince Harry when he asked for her hand in marriage is worrying/telling (though, given that he lives in Looking Glass Land, who can tell?) is that he hoped Harry would never “raise a hand to his daughter”. If our lovely Duchess had been the victim of domestic violence the manner in which she left – as so many of us who have suffered through it have – is almost textbook: get out of the house, cut ties completely, and keep schtum because the pain of recounting what had happened to you is unbearable. It took five years for me to open up about what had occurred, night and day. I wonder if the “no fault” was a way of avoiding further trauma.
    Of course, utter conjecture; but it all seems a tad fishy.

  67. jan90067 says:

    Perhaps… but didn’t she “mail” back her rings (which, legally, were hers!), and ONLY take her vita-blender? She didn’t want/take ANYTHING else from that marriage; she just wanted OUT. Also, didn’t her father *supposedly* say something to Harry about “as long as you never raise a hand to my daughter…”?? Could be Meghan was leaving a marriage that became abusive…? We’ll never probably know the truth, but those *are* the facts out there that we know of.

  68. Maria says:

    What? She was the victim of domestic violence? That’s speculation, not truth.

  69. JadedBrit says:

    @Maria Hence my comment “of course, utter conjecture”.

  70. Vanessa says:

    Every thing with Meghan is speculative but people willing believe that she been this horrible monster behind the scenes. I don’t think she ended her marriage because of abuse what ever the reason is only she and her ex knows I thinks it’s ridiculous that people keep bring up her past marriage as way to throw shade or dismiss her and harry union or swear up down they won’t last since when has it become a crime for a woman to leave a unhappy marriage.

  71. JadedBrit says:

    @Vanessa I hope you don’t think I’m throwing shade – I adore the Duchess, think she’s the best thing to have happened to the Royal Family in forever. Just find it an exceptionally peculiar thing for a father to say, had there been no past precedent for him to do so.

  72. Vanessa says:

    No I don’t think you were throwing shade alot of people like to use meghan past marriage as a tool to say things about her like she going to dump harry and their marriage won’t last.To me it takes courage to leave a unhappy situation people in society judge woman way to harshly if they decide to leave a unhappy marriage the level of judgment people are passing on meghan because she divorce is ridiculous.

  73. Bohemian Angel says:

    I’m with you @jadedbrit my ears perked up when I heard her dad say that. I thought it a peculiar thing to say and immediately thought she must have gone through spousal abuse before.

  74. Olenna says:

    @Lily, ITA. This has all been way below-the-belt if coming from family, and that makes them no better than the Markles.

  75. JadedBrit says:

    @Vanessa Glad to hear it. I’ll always be in the Duchess’s corner, not that she needs me to be of course – though given this horrible media witch-hunt of a pregnant woman who has changed country, lifestyle – in fact, everything that grounded her – some public support might be welcome. Who knows.
    I do agree that there’s lots of speculation that because she got out of her marriage *she’s* the one to blame – to which say I: if you haven’t lived an unhappy marriage, shut up. They don’t know just how lonely it can be in a relationship which is toxic: much more so than being alone. I was married briefly to a Jekyll and Hyde guy, and a decade later was in an incredibly abusive relationship (the flipside, of course, is “if it was that bad, why did you stay?”!!) But Meghan must have had an extremely good reason for cutting ties so comprehensively with TE: not to add to the viscious Oooh, she dumps everything in her life Daily Heil rubbish, but because you DON’T walk out after over a decade without good reason.
    I do hope dear Ninaki is pleased with the results of her poisonous revelations. Meghan must be made of pretty strong stuff to have survived such an endless deluge of betrayal and deceit from the very people who were supposed to have her back.

  76. Lady D says:

    I’m not buying this ‘extremely close and protective’ big brother act either. William only has people around him that he can use.
    **This is in reply to comment #41, but it refuses to post on that comment for some reason.

  77. ravynrobyn says:

    True dat!

  78. Beach Dreams says:

    “Nobody is coming out of this well”… and yet on this site AND other sites (especially GFY unsurprisingly), there have been many commenters framing Will as a protective big brother who’s justly wary of the actions of his impulsive younger brother. He and Kate clearly look fabulous to *some* people in these articles, and that is the goal. The stories themselves don’t have to be believed, but the impression that W&K are somehow “better/nicer/whatever” than the Sussexes will stick or be reinforced with some people.

  79. lily says:

    lol and Charles has used people too. Same old same old.