Sandra Bullock on reports she hasn’t aged: This look took two and a half hours

Sandra Bullock is promoting her post apocalyptic horror movie streaming on Netflix, Bird Box. Netflix, for all its internal problems, is really killing it lately. They just announced that their new family-friendly Christmas movie, The Christmas Chronicles starring Kurt Russell as a hot Santa, got 20 million streams in just a week. (I thought it was really cute.) Bird Box is out December 21 and while it probably won’t get that many views, it’s sure to do well. Entertainment Tonight has a press junket interview with Sandra and her costar, Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight). Sandra, 54(!), was asked if she knew what came up when you google her and she said she didn’t want to know, but thought it was breast enhancement. When interviewer Kevin Frazier said it was mostly about how she hasn’t aged she joked that she sleeps in a special chamber, but then got real-ish about it, admitting that it took over two hours to do her hair and makeup. After that she and Trevante joked about getting competitive with their fitness on set and it was so cute. You could tell they’re close and I came away from this wanting to hear more from him. The video is on ET Online and here are some excerpts.

On google results that say she doesn’t age
Sandra: I’m sleeping in a container that is devoid of of outside carcinogens, that helps lift what you don’t have and – come on, please! The only time you see me is when I do press junkets. Do you know how many hours of hair and makeup this took? Two and a half hours!

I’m going to work this look all day today and then I’m going to go home and take a shower and then it’s going to happen again at eight o’clock in the morning. I’m never out in the world where I get photographed unless it’s things like that. I just look my best.

Trevante: Before set every day, she would show up in her workout [gear].

She gushed about Trevante’s workouts and his constant reading
Sandra: There’s a little competition. He gets up at like four and works out for two hours at the gym. Carries around his little jug of water. Constantly hydrating. In between shots, Trey would be up on some rock or some tree just reading. Like reading poetry, philosophy. You just stop and you went ‘that’s real.’ That wasn’t for show because he was tucked away somewhere. He’s constantly looking inward.

[From ET Online]

I get annoyed at how long it takes to get a blowout when I get my hair done once a month. Some people find it relaxing to get pampered like that, but it’s not like you’re getting a massage or a body wrap, you have to sit upright. It must get tiresome to have to sit for two and a half hours of hair and makeup. (Yes most of us would rather do that than our regular job and I know it sounds ridiculous to complain about getting my hair done.) Let me anticipate the comments about Sandra not being honest about getting Botox and fillers – is she supposed to bring that up in this joint interview with her costar and potentially derail the conversation? She knows she’s supposed to keep it light and make jokes so that’s what she did. (Remember how weird it was when hack Megyn Kelly asked Jane Fonda about her plastic surgery during an interview with Robert Redford?)

Sandra’s face isn’t that distracting to me, I found her wonderful and believable in Oceans 8, and she’s only doing what’s expected in her industry. Also more of Trevante please.




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  1. Pandy says:

    Love her answer! Because of course, she’s right!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    her nose looks ‘off’ to me

  3. Anastasia says:

    I’m a little annoyed at the casting of Bird Box. I read the book (which is EXCELLENT, by the way), and the character Bullock is playing is about 23 and pregnant for most of the story.

    I have NOTHING against Sandra Bullock (seriously, I like her), but she’s 54 playing a 23 year old! 31 years older than her character. Why? They couldn’t find someone even close to that age? I know if you get a big name you get more viewers, but it just seems so incredibly off, even with her looking younger than 54.

    Anyway. Just my vent.

    • lucy2 says:

      I haven’t read it, but I’m guessing they decided to change up the main character and have her be older and, I assume, not pregnant?
      Considering it usually goes the other way, young actresses hired to play older, or characters aged down, I’m ok with it going the other way once in a while, unless it’s crucial to the story?

      I appreciate her honesty about how much time and effort to get ready for press events, but…there’s something else there going on too. She does look good though.

      • Anastasia says:

        The pregnancy is extremely crucial to the story. In fact, the plot’s climax involves the pregnancy. And everything that happens after. It is her motivation, too.

  4. Katebush says:

    We watched oceans 8 at the movies and my big takeaway from it was her frozen face and two much makeup I mean it was caked on. I blame the kardashians lol

    • I saw oceans 8 with my husband and I was totally shocked when he said WHAT THE HELL HER FACE, when he saw Sandra Bullock. We live in LA and see some tragic faces and he seemingly NEVER notices and has NEVER commented on ANYONE EVER, but he was really struck by how frozen and hard she looked. It’s such a shame we aren’t allowed to age naturally and all have to try and look 35 all the time. I can tell you that up close IT DOES NOT WORK. I see it all the time here. It’s terrifying up close.

    • Snazzy says:

      Yes, her face really got to me too. It broke my heart

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      I haven’t seen Oceans 8, so I just watched the ET video and you are right! WTH did she do to her face??? She can’t even move most of her face??? It is disgusting!! Why are we expected to stay young for the rest of our lives, but men grow old gracefully? Granted, I am 50+ and I have only had my lips done. But my daughter is 36 and wants Botox, I don’t know why. Actually I do. I grew up wearing sunscreen as soon as I hit my late ‘20’s and I now refuse to go out without sunscreen. My daughter on the other hand, who refuses to listen to me constantly nagging her about sunscreen, she only wears a 15 when she wears makeup. Sunscreen everyone!! No matter the weather and I am using 50 SPf every day!!

  5. meija says:

    Come on lets get REAL I am 57 and take care of myself but I have wrinkles and sagging skin, so to the people who are over 50 and say they have nothing done and have not a wrinkle, um yeah ok. I do botox, lightly and some fillers, I am grateful to Madonna cause when I see my doctor I say DO NOT MAKE ME LOOK LIKE THAT! Leave me some wrinkles, the pillow face or frozen face is as dead giveaway

  6. meh says:

    Holy F, Trevante is gorgeous!!

    • Tiffany says:

      Yes. Yes he is. I will strongly recommend his photos from his Calvin Klein ad during Moonlight. You will enjoy them.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      Those were my thoughts too! Crap, I wish I wasn’t married. He is on my given pass list, have to bump Duncan Shiek down a notch.

  7. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Oh my goodness! That last photo of Trevante, lovely.

  8. Oh my gosh, get hair done once a month? I’m lucky if I get it done 3 times per year. And yes, I work the heck out of those sessions. Even though I bring my boys for their haircuts at the same time I get my hair cut. My hair guru (Hahn) loves them. (I get into my meditative state with cutting, blow out, etc.) And he also does their hair when he’s done with me.

  9. Source says:

    I’m over 50. Not a wrinkle on me. People think I’m at least ten years younger. No sags and bags. Never had a procedure.

    My mom didn’t have a wrinkle on her at 76 years of age.

    Not everyone ages the same way.

    While I agree that most women in Hollywood get stuff done, I do understand it. They are blown up HUMONGOUS on a big, huge screen, where people scrutinize every little pore on your face.

    But I’ve seen people who do it the right way, where they just look “refreshed,” and I’ve seen them do it the “wrong” way by freezing their whole face, huge lip injections, fillers that make them look like clowns.

    Not to bring up Susan Sarandon’s name, but when she first got work done, she just seemed “lifted” a bit as opposed to “OMG, what has she done to her face!” I don’t think that now, but at first she did a good job. There have been a few where I know they had work done because they look better, not freakish.

    I don’t begrudge any of these women (or men) getting procedures done, as their face is their bread and butter.

    Sandra has made a living being America’s Sweetheart. A woman who doesn’t age.

    But she could have gone in for something refreshing rather than freezing up her whole face.

    No matter what, though, I will always love her.