Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend hates all the bad press she’s getting

Jon Gosselin’s 22-year-old girlfriend is bitching and moaning about her negative coverage in the press. Hailey Glassman has a Facebook account with over 1000 friends, so it’s not exactly private. She’s posted all sorts of unflattering pictures of herself, including getting her boobs grabbed and a bunch of other semi-unsavory things. Certainly nothing out of the ordinary or even shocking though. But because she’s dating someone lightly famous, the photos have made her infamous. For some reason Hailey apparently thought she could date Jon without any repercussions – and as a result of the negative press she’s so upset she can’t leave her hotel room. I’m sure that’s why.

Jon Gosselin’s new 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman stayed in Monday night while visiting St. Tropez, France, with the 32-year-old father of eight because she was so upset with the bad press she’s been receiving.

“U.S. press is all over stories about her being some slutty party girl with a history of arrests,” a source tells of Glassman, who was arrested in 2005 for marijuana possession (see her mug shot). “She was upset tonight.”

She didn’t seem too upset earlier in the day, as she and Jon shopped at a Gucci boutique and grabbed lunch together. They were also spotted lighting each other’s cigarettes while sightseeing.

The two are expected to return home today.

[From Us Weekly]

To be fair, Hailey strikes me as a normal 22-year-old fresh out of college. But because she’s linked to someone who’s famous for being a dad to a ton of kids, one would hope she’d be a little more wholesome. There are reports on Radar of her engaging in some sort of girl-on-girl sex act and drunkenly hitting on tons of guys. I knew plenty of people who acted that way in college, so I don’t find it all that shocking and wouldn’t bat an eye if she weren’t dating Jon Gosselin. But she is so here you go:

A former co-worker of Glassman’s exclusively tells that it wasn’t too long ago the 22-year-old girlfriend of reality TV dad Jon Gosselin — who he has been squiring around glamorous France — was drunkenly trying to seducing bouncers, or having raunchy sex with other women in the restroom of the bar where she worked while she was in college.

Our source — who worked with Glassman (then a ticket taker) at the Bluebird Night Club in Bloomington, Indiana in the fall of 2006 — said the Indiana University student’s behavior was an ongoing parade of horny, drunken hedonism.

Our source recalled a story she heard from another co-worker in which the woman “walked in on Hailey and another girl in the bathroom doing really sexual things with each other.”

“They were doing more than making out, they were seriously performing sexual acts on each other,” our source said. “Hailey hung out with the lesbian and bi-sexual crowd. She and all her friend also went to a gay bar called Uncle E’s, which is where the hipsters hung out. Her crowd was really sexual and slutty.”

Our source said Glassman’s performance as an employee of the bar was awful, characterized by drunken indifference. Her performance between the sheets — something Jon Gosselin can likely attest to these days — should be a lot better; our source said she’s had plenty of practice, dating back to her bar days.

“One time she was hammered, and went up to the door guys — the bouncers — and said to one, ‘We haven’t hooked up yet, have we?’ and he said ‘No,’ and she said ‘We should [bleep],’ and he told her, ‘No,’ again,” according to our source. “Then she turned to the next bouncer and asked him the same thing. He said ‘No,’ to her too.”

Rolls in the hay might not the only thing Glassman gets off on either, our source told us.

“Hailey was all over the place… she was hammered 90% of the time,” our source said, adding that while she never saw Jon Gosselin’s new gal pal engage in recreational drug use, she knows “friends of hers, and I heard they were always doing ecstasy and coke.”

[From Radar]

Obviously she’s not fit to be a stepmother to eight kids, but that’s clearly not what Jon’s looking for right now. Something tells me Jon is going to date around A LOT in the next few years and do some major oat sowing. I doubt his next five girlfriends will be anymore straight-laced than Hailey. I’m guessing she’s as likely as the next person to grow out of this phase – perhaps she already has. I don’t want to come down overly hard on her: she didn’t date Jon while he was with Kate and so far she’s not involved with the kids at all. I think everyone knew people who acted this way at that age – just as many men as women. But I hope for her sake the relationship is just a passing fling. She strikes me as someone who still needs to get some partying out of her system; along with her 15 minutes.

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman are shown out in Cannes on 7/13/09. They shopped at Gucci and ate lunch. Credit:

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  1. BiggieShortie says:

    She’s all boo-hoo’in’ cuz the world sees what a trashy skank she is? MAYBE she shouldn’t have put so many pics of herself being such a douchetard and it woulda been her little secret.

  2. Fan of None says:

    I agree with BiggieShortie…or at least dump the MySpace page when you start dating a dude whose on TV for what felt like 24 hrs-a-damn-day ay at one point…
    Famous for being a MARRIED DAD OF EIGHT, BTW…
    Keep your coochie INDOORS for a minute while dating BEFORE the bad press starts would also help…
    Idiots. The lot of them.

  3. n says:

    maybe she wants it out there.

    she wants to keep it real.
    cause that’s how she is.

  4. hatsumomogirly says:

    I think the term your looking for is ‘oat- sowing’.

  5. HEB says:

    I don’t know whats worse–the facebook pictures or the pictures from St. Tropez…you can almost see John thinking “why the hell did I come here…I look rediculous…kate is going to fry my balls when I get home”

  6. fizXgirl314 says:

    ohhh suuuuuure…

  7. Tazina says:

    Well that picture with the cigs in their mouths doesn’t look too classy. I don’t think she should be condemned though for antics she carried out in college. That’s where kids, fresh from escaping their parents’ rules, tend to cut loose, smoke dope, drink, and party. It’s not that big a deal and they do eventually join mainstream society like she seemingly has. I doubt she’s dancing on tables now.

  8. Fan of None says:

    She got mad when brother came out blabbing, pointing out his illicit past, but she also has a drug arrest in her past. Quite the family trees coming together here.

    And in all fairness, she’s 22/23, her college life is not that far behind her. Plenty more years of foolishness lies ahead.

    Edit: Does Jon have a baby bump?

  9. lola says:

    “she wants to keep it real cause that’s how she is?”

    Wow. Ok.

  10. CeeJay says:

    So now we all have to watch Jon’s midlife crisis? When a guy says “I’m only 32” it means only one thing…He’s going to screw a lot of women, drink too much booze, and spend too much money. Unfortunately some people take a longer road toward adulthood than others.

  11. Manda says:

    “I think the term your looking for is ‘oat- sowing’.”

    Hatsumomog…I think the word you are looking for is “you’re”.

    This is just going to be all sorts of painful to watch. He is going to jump on the whore train and party like it’s 1999.

    This isn’t even the same chick with the brother who blabbed. Deanna, wasn’t that her name?? At least that girl began her stint of homewrecker with the expectation of relative obscurity. This chick is upset because she started a relationship with a guy who was tabloid fodder and she’s upset that people are paying negative attention to her?

    Enjoy your free trip to St. Tropez honey. He’ll be gone before you can even check Expedia for rates to Tahiti.

  12. grisgris says:

    Uh-oh looks like Jon is knocked up with another 8 babies!

  13. Fan of None says:

    Manda –

    You’re right-this is ANOTHER prize-winner.

    So this one watched the first one get trampled by the media and is now upset that the same is happening to her. Fair enough.

    When I marry Brad Pitt & ooze out some more of his kids I want/expect NO media coverge, mention, attention, investigation, stalking, pictorials, commentary, blogging, and/or speculation. That seems realistic, right?

    I still say he’s preggers.

  14. Bam Bam says:

    Since when is extreme slutting and drinking the norm these days? It happens way too much. Are there any good young adults out there anymore?

  15. fizXgirl314 says:

    lol re: the baby bump… the pudscicle is quite a catch :-p

  16. headband says:

    Let’s face it- this guy has good taste in women.

  17. KelBear says:

    What does she expect?

  18. fizXgirl314 says:

    damn it! i meant pudgescicle :/ … and LOL headband… this thread is making me crack up… I LOVE THOSE TYPES OF THREADS!

  19. crazymary says:

    Uh, don’t act like a slut and the media won’t report that you are a slut. Its pretty simple. Btw – what 22 year old chick really wants to date a dude with 8 kids? The drugs have totally fried that chick’s brain. Good luck with that.

  20. The Old KC says:

    Britney? Is that you?! You already have 2 kids – you don’t need to be hooking up with John Gosselin. : )

  21. Linda says:

    I can only imagine that Katezilla being such a shrew most likely withheld sex from Jon.

    After listening to this crap for 10 years…
    Where is my husband? Oh, he’s absent, as usual.”
    “You’re breathing too loud.”
    “You’re either with me or against me”
    “Jon, stop playing with toys.”
    “Jon, stop scratching.”
    “Jon, please deal with your child. She’s being ugly.”
    “Don’t grab the cereal like a rabid animal.”
    “Don’t ask questions, just do as I say.”
    “Don’t forget your prepositions.”
    “Did you wash your hands??”
    “Are you just going to sit there with your arms crossed, like a ding-dong?”
    “Did you hear what I said? Repeat back to me what I said.”
    “Do you even know your way around a kitchen?”
    “Would you stop interrupting me? Geez, by now you think you’d learn.”
    “Don’t listen to Daddy. He’s mean.”

    And of course, poor Jon forgot to use a coupon: “”I’m gonna shoot him! You’re not buying anything anymore! This is annoying; beyond annoying! Where’s the receipt? What is the rule about receipts? You’re gonna go back to the store this afternoon!”

    Even though Kate is spinning this that she didn’t want the marriage to end, her brother is on record that she told Jon month’s ago that the marriage was over – so, Go Jon Go!!!

  22. just a poster says:



  23. Ron says:

    “I’m only 32” I totally get that. At 32 I quit my very stable high paying job, sold my house, and moved to LA and I am damn glad I did. It sucked at first and was not an easy choice, but things are great now 12 years later. Living a life with regret is a terrible thing.

    On another note, here’s a question..have never viewed the show….WHY would you want to hook up with Jon or Kate? They both seem like giant douchebags.

  24. Kelly says:

    This guy is such a tool. For someone who says he hates the fame from the show (as if he was powerless to stop it), he wouldn’t be shopping at Gucci in St Tropez were it not for…doh…the show.

    She’s nothing more than a suburban princess gone wild. Daddy issues, much?

  25. oh_mr_grey says:

    Of course this pos had to spawn 8 times…and he probably isn’t done yet!

  26. wow says:

    I believe fully that Kate was boinking her boyguard – so I’m all for them divorcing and all for Jon dating again. He needs to pick a better caliber of women than this Haily chick, but then again if he’s just looking to have fun then that is what these type of party girls are for.

    We haven’t seen who Kate spends her days away from the kids with. She could be with the bodyguard again since he’s gone M.I.A.

  27. Ally says:

    I think we can all agree he’s sowed enough oats. He needs to snip-snip perhaps.

  28. Catherine says:

    We should care about these people for what reason???

  29. wizzle says:

    she looks like a skank acts like a skank and i highly doubt she is upset. i’m sure she is loving all the attention. she looks like an attention whore. also i went to college and most of my friends were not slutty skanks. also these dumb ho’s who put up these slutty pix on facebook etc know what they are doing. people’s facebook pix always make it to the internet when they become famous. she seems to think she is a hot sht but she’s not attractive and looks cheap. gross. he is gross too so they are perfect. ugh ed hardy gross.

  30. n. says:


    Love it!! That about sums up the whole show, and I’ve watched it from the beginning!!

  31. Liar Liar says:

    She auditioned for The Bad Girls Club
    The BAD GIRLS Club!
    I don’t think she REALLY cares what she looks like in the media if she auditioned for that crap…

  32. H says:

    I don’t like Kate at all and I was kinda Team Jon but he is acting like a douche. I am only 32, please. Don’t get married at 24-25 and have 8 kids if you don’t want the responsiblity. His children are going to see these pictures and his behavior at some time. When you CHOOSE to have 8 kids you just have to suck it up and stay a grown up. I’d be livid if I had a ex bringing a skank like that around my kids.

  33. Blumbles says:

    aahh… to be 23 and clueless. those were the days.

    Jon is having an early mid-life crisis. classic.

  34. walker says:

    Ok so he has oats to sow. Fine. Just don’t get her pregnant. Oh I cannot even imagine her trying to mother his kids. LOL poor kids.

  35. mockingbird says:

    Bam Bam: Yes, there are lots of good, young adults out there BUT none of them would want Jon

  36. Aspie says:

    What happened to Deanna Hummel?