Peter Andre upset that Katie Price revealed private details of her miscarriage

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Peter Andre, the soon-to-be ex-husband of Katie Price, used to be the subject of a lot of mockery. But now that he’s divorcing the glamour model and she’s constantly photographed out partying, Peter is getting a great deal of sympathy in the British press. Last week Katie talked about suffering a miscarriage last year, violating a pact she and Peter had made to keep the tragedy private. Peter is expectedly livid.

Peter Andre has hit back at his estranged wife Katie Price following her tell-all interview about their break-up. The devoted father criticised the glamour model for revealing she had suffered a miscarriage, saying they had agreed to keep their loss private. In a carefully worded weekly column for New! magazine, Andre wrote: ‘By revealing all about the baby we lost, Kate went against everything we said we’d never do.’

The 36-year-old made his comments before coming face to face with his estranged wife yesterday, as he collected their three children. Katie is believed to have been paid £100,000 for the interview, which aired on ITV on Saturday night. But Andre said she should not have talked about their lost child. ‘The miscarriage was a devastating time for us both, but I strongly believe it should have remained private,’ he wrote. ‘Unfortunately, what Kate says is out of my control. I can’t control what other people do. I can only control what comes out of my mouth.’

Andre said he had not intended to watch Price’s first major interview since the separation as ‘I don’t care what she says’. But he ended up watching it with his mother and brother, Mike, as he wanted to know what she was going to say about their family. Andre also vowed to remain celibate for a few months. He said: ‘I’m determined to see it out. I think it’s the most honourable thing to do while going through a break-up.’ He denied rumours that Chantelle Houghton of Celebrity Big Brother fame was his new girlfriend, saying: ‘Absolutely not. I’m still hurting over what has happened in the last few months.’

In the interview, a sobbing Katie, 32, revealed she was ten weeks pregnant with her fourth child – her third to Andre – when she returned to London from their three-month stint in Los Angeles. A doctor then told her he was unable to find the foetus’s heartbeat and she was forced to have a termination just days before running the London Marathon. Andre announced his plans for divorce just weeks later.

She said: ‘Emotionally for any woman, whether you’re in the media or not, to have a baby died, run the marathon, which is also a big thing on your body, and then your husband wants a divorce. That’s a lot for someone to take in.’ But she plans to waste no time moving on and later declared: ‘I’m back on the market, boys!’

[From the Daily Mail]

I can understand why Peter would be upset that Katie shared something so private that they’d decided not to talk about publicly. And while we often think of a miscarriage as something that just happens to the woman, a man can obviously be deeply affected by it as well. It sounds like Peter found the process grief-inducing – as did Katie – and he was genuinely shocked that she’d talk about it. That said, hearing Katie talk about it, my heart goes out to her as well. Not necessarily for sharing it, but for having to go through it. And while she did share something private within their marriage, she didn’t share something private or negative about Peter. It would have been decent of her to do him the courtesy of letting him know she was going to talk about it – it seems like a big part of Peter’s feelings of violation are because of the shock he felt.

Peter says he’s not writing a tell-all book and while he’s doing some interviews as well, claims he’s not “spilling the beans” about their marriage. That’s probably why he’s generally getting the more sympathetic press coverage.

Here’s Peter doing the exchange of the kids with Katie Price in Brighton, England yesterday. Images thanks to .

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  1. The Old KC says:

    It seems to me that she told the world about this loss in a thinly veiled attempt at garnering sympathy. I don’t disagree that she suffered, and I feed sad for her loss, but the way she says it in that last sentence just rubs me the wrong way. “I suffered a loss, I ran a marathon just a few days later, then I went through a divorce that was my husband’s doing” – that’s kind of how her wording comes across to me. BTW I know everyone’s body is different but I went through the same thing she did – loss of fetal heartbeat followed by surgical removal – except my baby only made it to 7 weeks – and there is NO WAY I could have run a marathon until at least a month afterwards. It was so hard on my body physically. I anticipated the emotional pain, but had no idea the physical side would be as bad as it was – I was in intense pain for 10 days as opposed to 2-3 days. Not saying she’s lying or anything, but to run a marathon just days after going through that is really remarkable. Maybe she is really a tough cookie – but if you have to tell everyone you’re a tough cookie then you’re kind of not.

  2. LuLu says:

    The Old KC: I am sorry for your personal loss.

    Katie Price/Jordan is a famewhore who just did the interview for the 100,000. I hope Peter finds some peace!

  3. DD says:

    Katie is British version of Anna Nicole. Katie is vulgar, shameless ho just like Anna Nicole.

  4. Embee says:

    The Old KC: I am very sorry for your loss, and grateful for what you shared. It is helpful to have this information should I or a loved one ever find ourselves in the same spot.

    Katie makes me sad. 🙁

    That little boy is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. grisgris says:

    You can tell those kids just adore him and he them. I appreciate his trying to stay above the fray with the divorce and be mindful of the children. Clearly his ex is not so considerate.

  6. OXA says:

    He is a decent man who took on her and has always been a great dad to her handicapped son. When she drinks she behaves like a disgusting skank, she is obssesed with plastic surgery and can not stand that most Brits are taking Pete’s side.

  7. Celine Pips says:

    Bloody hell. What a kafuffle!

    Terrible body language, bull***t answers, fake tears… Katie lies as well as good as she can sing! …Yet she’s a blooming genius!

    And that Morgan guy ooooooh slimey-nasty … I’m your friend… esssssh – WTF.

    I agree with this guy 😉

    Expect a Peter interview shortly – ding ding. Round…

    Come early to mid 2010, expect a kiss and make up, where they renew their vows on public TV (probably live) and launch in to their new reality show called Peter and Katie, together forever and Morgan gets a little kick back for his a$$itance

    And K&P will become a pillar of society as couples on the brink of the divorce around the world will turn to each other and say, “Well my dearest, if Peter and Katie can pull through, so can we!” and divorce rate will be at a new time low.

    These guys rock n’ roll!

    Awesomely bad! It’s so bad it’s Awesome!

  8. Gloaming says:

    I don’t see them ever getting back together Celine.
    She demeaned him at every available opportunity. He’s well rid of her. It’s really sad for the kids though, he seemed to be a great dad, well, if you discount the selling out your kids’ privacy to make a few quid part.

    I saw parts of the interview and she came across as cold and false. When she discussed her miscarriage, the emotion she showed seemed fake, it did seem like she was acting and she didn’t come across as likeable at any point.

    Obviously it was a calculated attempt to win over the british public but it failed miserably.
    A miscarriage is a terrible thing for any couple to go through and i do feel for them both. But if she used as a way to get sympathy, like some commentators are saying, it’s really disgusting.

  9. Tara says:

    contact , inshalah xx Tara
    Respect Tara xxxxxx