Brad Pitt has ‘accepted’ that he’ll never repair his relationship with Maddox & Pax

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Us Weekly apparently has a lengthy story about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s custody arrangement. A few weeks ago, Brad and Angelina allegedly signed a permanent custody agreement which would give them joint custody – Team Brad claimed that he “got what he wanted,” but The Blast noted that Brad apparently gets less than 50% custody. We also know that Maddox isn’t included in the custody arrangement, because A) he’s old enough to make his own decisions and B) he had no interest in seeing Brad and no one was going to force it. I’ve been assuming that Pax is in a similar situation – Pax is 15 years old, and he follows Maddox’s lead on a lot of things, and reportedly Pax isn’t super-interested in spending time with Brad either. So, about this Us Weekly story… both Brad and Angelina look bad here.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s tumultuous custody battle has caused problems with their children. Pitt, 54, is not on good terms with sons Maddox, 17, and Pax, 15, but “has accepted that he’ll likely never be able to repair their relationship,” a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. The actress is alleged to have told their 15-year-old son Pax that his father ‘never wanted to adopt him,’ according to an Us Weekly source. The 43-year-old also allegedly told the boy during the fallout that Brad ‘was angry’ she had proceeded with the adoption.

‘It’s harmed his and Brad’s relationship, though Brad denied having said that specifically,’ the insider claimed. The source claimed that Brad was instead concerned about adopting a three-year-old who didn’t speak English less than a year after they welcomed Shiloh, in what was a ‘very difficult time for the couple’. Angelina allegedly told him at the time: ‘Pax needs me more than Shiloh.’

‘They almost ended the relationship, but Brad stayed,’ the source added.

Brad’s relationship with eldest Maddox was already strained, but now the actor ‘has accepted that he’ll likely never be able to repair their relationship. He’s always been headstrong and protective of his mother,’ the source said, adding Maddox was his mom’s ‘closest confidant’ during the fallout. Shiloh has ‘seemed the most eager and willing [of the four eldest] to work on things with Brad,’ the insider claimed. Zahara now has an ‘improved’ relationship with her dad, they added. Twins Knox and Vivienne meanwhile ‘have been sheltered from a lot of the issues’, the source said.

The source said that while Brad made huge strides ‘addressing his anger and psychological issues’, one social worker ‘felt he had trouble accepting personal responsibility and often blames others for his actions.’

Angelina meanwhile was allegedly chastised ‘for indulging the kids all the time and creating an unstable living environment.’ One case worker reportedly believed she was was currying favor with kids, and that it hurt Brad’s relationship with his kids; ‘but the worker didn’t think Angie was trying to actively sabotage the relationship.’

The insider also claimed that Brad and Angelina will never see eye to eye. It’s also unlikely that the Inglorious Bastards star will have a positive relationship with Jolie, 43, in the near future, but by her own choice.

“Angelina hasn’t offered any concessions about her actions that have contributed to the situation,” the insider adds. ‘Angelina has a lot of emotional baggage from her own unstable childhood,’ the source concluded, describing her as ‘extremely complex.’

[From The Daily Mail & Us Weekly]

I can see how the criticism of Angelina is probably true – she has a lot of baggage, she leans on her kids for support too much, she’s not making any concessions about her sh-t. But… that doesn’t change the fact that Angelina only left Brad when he physically abused Maddox, for the love of God. This isn’t “both sides are to blame.” It’s about Brad not owning his sh-t and smearing his estranged wife so he can stay the “Golden Boy” of Hollywood. As for Angelina telling Pax that Brad didn’t want to adopt him… I remember that period of time in the Jolie-Pitt relationship, and I thought – back then – that they were struggling. I think Angelina wanted to adopt Pax and Brad wasn’t into it, especially with Shiloh so young. That was also around the time when Angelina’s mother passed. It was just a really rough time for them. Angelina shouldn’t have told Pax about all of Brad’s sh-t, because that’s too much to dump on a teenage kid.

Angelina Jolie gets some holiday shopping done at The Grove with her kids

Angelina Jolie gets some holiday shopping done at The Grove with her kids

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  1. minx says:

    Sure, that “source” has no agenda 🙄.

    • Alissa says:

      I dunno, the source had negative things to say about both of them (more so Angelina, but still). If I’m Brad and I’m leaking stuff, I wouldn’t be talking about how I don’t accept responsibility for things and blame others for my actions. Not a great look.

    • Carmen says:

      I don’t believe Angie told Pax anything of the sort. It would be unbelievably cruel and I don’t think she is a cruel person. Brad is going to keep smearing Angie every way he can until until the twins are grown and probably beyond.

      • Go Figure! says:

        I don’t believe any of the Angie quotes for a moment. I do believe she and Brad will never have a cordial relationship, and I don’t blame her. He has smeared her to no end. I also believe he’s not really concerned that he has no “relationship” with Pax and Maddox, and did not do everything in his power to fix the relationship. That said, he and his sources need to STFU and STFD. The ruling has been made. He should work on the relationship he has with the remaining children. He can’t do that cause he’s still too mad at their mother, who has definitely moved on with his life. He should too!

      • Sparkly says:

        I have trouble believing that she could be so cruel to one of her children as well.

    • Kebbie says:

      Lol unless it was Shiloh because both adults look terrible

    • AD says:

      Don’t forget they are all in therapy I guess something must have come up that she has no choice but to tell the truth which I find nothing wrong if she did. Sometimes telling the truth is a part of healing process, whatever the truth is maybe now Pax understands his so called father’s relationship/ treatment towards him. One of the photos during their wedding was Pax & Knox embracing Angelina & Brad’s face looking at them appears as if he was not amazed to see Pax embracing his mother. Brad always talked about wanting a big family & he did but towards the end he was unable to fulfill the responsibilities of a father of a big family. He was too busy with his acting career & his businesses, partying, he prioritised making wealth before his family. In fact both of them they had projects & other commitments everywhere.. I wonder how they sustained their relatioship, what quality is their family dynamics. The children are drag around everywhere. Yes it is ok for the kids to travel around but there is a time for it. I hope that they will turn out to be ok, it may not show the after effects of their upbringing now not until they are in their 30’s upwards.
      So Angelina should not be condemned for telling the truth to her son she told him for a reason, as she said the truth will always come out! Her policy “Honesty is the best policy” Her truth is all out she has nothing to hide & people hate her for speaking the truth, why? Only her knows why! Mind you with the hate that he gets I admire her resilience, her strong personality, standing firm whatever nastiness is thrown at her she hasn’t faltered, she hasn’t made any nasty attack on anyone, bless her.

  2. Everley says:

    Team Pitt strikes again. Trying to justify why they aren’t close even though he already confessed to being physically and emotionally unavailable to them in GQ magazine.

    • Maya says:

      His is getting sued for MIR and as usual, he is using his ex wife and children to divert the attention.

      He is such a horrible horrible human being that I actually wish that his true monster face will be exposed to the world. So much so that even the white male dominated media can’t save his reputation.

      • Alissa says:

        @Maya Do you know these people or something? You seem to have very strong opinions about how both Brad and Angie would act, more so than someone who reads the same gossip articles I’m reading.

      • Pamela says:

        @Alissa Bingo. There’s a lot of nasty judging going on here. None of us are acquainted with the Pitt-Jolie family, other than what we see on screen or read in gossip rags. I find some of the really virulent opinions here. People really need to keep it real.

      • Tashiro says:

        I agree

    • Sherry says:

      Whenever I read these articles about Brad, Jennifer Aniston’s quote about him “missing a sensitivity chip” always pops in my mind. I don’t think he’s the golden boy he wants all of us to believe.

      • Jag says:

        Exactly! Jennifer isn’t the only one who has remarked about how cold Brad can be. I don’t believe that Angelina said those things, and I do believe that Brad is happy that he doesn’t have a relationship with some of his children.

      • mrsodie says:

        Nailed it! The quote from the article, “one social worker ‘felt he had trouble accepting personal responsibility and often blames others for his actions.’” made me think of a narcissist.

        Angelina was his mistress. What a man wants from a mistress is constant sex. When a woman gets past the constant sex phase of a relationship, something a mistress is not allowed to get past, the man tends to feel incredibly betrayed. That’s why you shouldn’t marry the guy who sees you as the cure for all the sex he isn’t having with his wife. Eventually, you don’t want to have constant sex, and it turns out that’s why he picked you, so…

    • JadedBrit says:

      @Everley Never has the clichéd phrase “won’t someone think of the children?” been more pertinent. This is just so terribly, terribly sad. If my father had ever behaved in such a way towards my mother – well, he’d be dead to me. I couldn’t in all conscience ever speak to him again.

  3. drea says:

    If it’s true, Angelina sounds like a vindictive jerk for saying that about Brad not wanting to adopt.

    • Maya says:

      I am willing to bet this is fake news and smearing coming from Brad’s camp.

      Angelina would never ever do something like this and the bond with her children is the evidence.

    • Kristen820 says:

      @Drea – What’s interesting to me is the wording. Taking it at face value, if “Brad denies having said that specifically”, that strongly implies that he said *something* of that nature.

      That said, fault almost never lies 100% with one party or the other in situations like this. Say, just as an example, she picked a fight with him on the plane that quickly escalated. She’d bear some responsibility for that part of the situation, but ultimately it’s HIS actions that destroyed the family. Shared responsibility doesn’t necessarily mean *equal* responsibility.

      • Lady D says:

        Yes, it’s the word specifically that stands out in that statement. Oh so carefully worded, Brad. Not fooling anyone.

      • LadyT says:

        I would assume that adopting a child is thoroughly discussed between a couple before actually doing so. Rightly so. To bring up aspects of that discussion, after the adoption, to the child, is sick behavior and forever damaging.

      • Fanny says:

        Say, just as an example, she picked a fight with him on the plane that quickly escalated. She’d bear some responsibility for that part of the situation,

        Nope. Not even a tiny bit. This is a classic justification for abusers – the abused spouse “picked a fight” and therefore is partially to blame. Disagreement and fighting are a necessary part of marriage. The blame is 100% on the person who can’t fight without being physically and verbally abusive. The person in an out-of-control drunken rage is the *only* person responsible for that.

        I remember Richard Belzer talking about how his mother was physically abused by his father for years. When he was a kid, the police came one night after his mother had been beaten up and told her “it takes two to fight” and asked her what she’d done to provoke her husband. Nope, nope, nope.

      • Pineapple says:

        Oh Kristen820 … I love this. Shared responsibility doesn’t mean equal responsibility. Just given the length of time that this has gone on? Those poor kids. I don’t believe Angelina has been acting solely in the children’s best interests. I’m sorry, I think she’s angry and having a really hard time accepting this. I don’t blame her but I do think it’s one reason this is taking so long. Is it Brad’s responsibility? Heck yah! But I do think she has played a role.
        I do wish Brad would read that part … he seems to have trouble taking responsibility for his actions. I find when someone honestly takes responsibility for what they’ve done wrong, it’s classy and rings true and forgiveness is much, much easier. It’s such a huge part of growing up. Huge.

      • Meg says:

        Angie did adopt Maddox while married to billy bob thorton yet he wasn’t involved. Maddox’s middle name is billy bob’s though. I wonder if she did that on her own knowing their relationship was over and just the legal separation had yet to be completed but if that was the case why name Maddox after billy bob?
        I know married women can adopt faster than single women so maybe she thought it would be best to do that prior to getting divorced yet she adopted pax while not married so maybe not in her case with connections, attention, and money?

      • Kristen820 says:

        Thanks, Pineapple – I’m glad you understood the point I was trying to make.
        And, yes. Those poor kids!

      • lucy2 says:

        Well said, Kristen.
        It sounds to me like a relationship breaking down over time, all exacerbated by his substance abuse and other issues. It’s sad it got to the point it did. I would hope if Brad really works on himself, maybe the relationship with the older kids can be repaired, but that won’t happen if he’s still trying to blame others.

        I’m no big fan of either, but I really doubt she told the kid that his dad didn’t want him. They did add a lot of children to their family quickly, so I can see it being a stressful time and part of some tough discussions, but I can’t see her telling a child that.

      • Olive says:

        @Meg “Maddox’s middle name is billy bob’s though.”

        that’s not true – billy bob’s middle name is robert, not chivan.

      • sage says:

        During the plane incident, he never denied hitin g his child only that he didn’t hit him in the face.

      • Christina says:

        @kristen820 and @kaiser, I’m with you 100%. What Jolie told the older kids was wrong, but all of the what-aboutism doesn’t change that Pitt did and continues to do most of the damage. The agreement says it all. These situations are contentious and emotional and people make mistakes even when they are in the right. If parents don’t accept blame, whether they did it or not, their kids don’t feel heard and the relationship can’t be repaired. Jolie and Pitt can accept blame for how they spoke to their kids, but he has a higher hill of forgiveness to climb, and the pros on their case don’t think he accepts responsibility.

      • A says:

        Omg, this! This is right up there with the whole, “I didn’t punch my son in the face!” So where did you try and punch your son then???

        Brad Pitt & his team try SO HARD to carefully say the things they want to say, because splitting hairs is what affords them plausible deniability.

      • JadedBrit says:

        @Fanny +1000. My abusive ex used to say “you *make* me lose my temper. If you’d just do what you’re told, I wouldn’t end up hitting you.” Abusers always, always shift the blame onto the abused. Violence against one’s other half is never acceptable unless you’re trying to protect a vulnerable child or adult from being hurt.
        I wonder if Pitt will ever run out of excuses. He’s so well named.

      • mrsodie says:

        I think it’s reasonable for a father to question the wisdom in adopting a young child with a traumatic past when you already have an infant. I remember Angelina saying at the time that Shiloh was so privileged from birth, it made it harder to “feel for her” like she did with her adopted children. These additional details track with what was said back then by Angelina herself. Maybe she had trouble bonding with her biological baby, and she found it easier to bond with children she felt “needed her” more. Maybe she has deep insecurities and looks outside herself for proof that she’s “needed.”

    • Thaisajs says:

      If she did say that, that really changes my opinion of her. You don’t say that to a kid. You don’t make teenage kids your confident in the middle of a messy divorce. That’s not your child’s role and it is unfair to him and to the other parent. I don’t care how mad you are, that is not okay.

      I’m not Team Brad because he’s also behaved in a terrible way. Both of them, frankly, disgust me now. If you’re this immature, you shouldn’t have kids.

      • Some chick says:

        *If* she said it. My parents split up while I was just a baby, and when I got old enough to ask them about it, they both said negative things about the other (“he/she didn’t want to have you, but *I* talked him/her into it”) and etc. I was a teenager, I had asked, and I was smart enough to see they were both trying to manipulate me. I’m absolutely positive they both had doubts about having me. And I don’t blame either one of them for that! They were young! It makes total sense.

        But… I could also see who was kind to me, and who threw up every roadblock possible to make it harder for the other’s parents (my grandparents, like it or not) from getting to see and have a relationship with me. Which is what I resent the most. The kids know the truth.

        I’m just glad I didn’t have to go through it in the public eye. I find these stories really unfortunate. Way more than most gossip. Also feel for the Garner/Affleck kids. It’s hard enough to be a kid without all the additional BS. Also, the “sources” here are the Daily Failboat, and the ever-reliable Us Weekly. So, yeah. They pay people to make s**t up. Time to reach for the salt shaker.

      • jwoolman says:

        If she did say it, possibly he had heard it from other sources and he came to her for confirmation or denial. In that case, I can see why she would decide to be truthful. I doubt that she would have just told him out of the blue to deliberately hurt his relationship with his father. (It also makes no sense for Brad to be the one to leak this… I think we should just stop believing any leaks in this case and just assume someone other than the parents and their lawyers are behind them for other reasons and they can easily be completely false.)

        But I also can see why Brad might have questioned the wisdom of the adoption at that particular time, it’s not an unusual concern when children come into the family in any way close together. It would have been irresponsible not to bring it up if he were worried about it. That doesn’t mean he didn’t love Pax when he did arrive. Angelina strikes me as someone who is rather tenacious and would assume love can conquer all, even when circumstances are difficult. She was just already strongly bonded to Pax while Brad may not have been at that time. I think Angelina bonds strongly and easily (as if pregnant with her to-be-adopted child) while fathers often bond after the child actually arrives. This is true for genetic children and I’’m sure it can also be true for adopted children as well. It is not unusual for adoption to be driven especially by one parent. In their case, money was no problem so this scenario was especially likely.

        I always thought Brad would need to wait until Maddox is an independent adult before having any chance to repair the relationship. If they were living together in a normal size house and weren’t so damn rich, they would have to come to some resolution. I doubt that whatever happened on the plane would have had the same impact if it happened on the ground in a normal family living in more crowded circumstances. (And on the ground rather than in a private plane, they would have both had better escape routes for cooling off.) Stuff happens, parents make serious mistakes, and fathers do sometimes hit or shove their teenage sons in the heat of the moment, and life goes on for the rest of us. But they’re very rich and don’t need to do this. They have the resources to avoid each other. Plus Angelina does not feel the same pressure to keep it all together as most mothers simply because she is hugely financially independent. Makes a big difference. The endless therapy also strikes me as a rich people option that can get in the way sometimes.

        Pax is close to Maddox and so it’s not surprising that he acts more in sync with his older brother.

        In a normal crowded family, the fact that the father did take steps to deal with his drinking (as Brad apparently has done) would have been important in healing breaks like this because the child would be right there to judge whether the attempt was real or not. But this family doesn’t really have the same dynamic because the money allows them to stay apart. We don’t really know much about the true situation, but just this difference in dynamic from how most of the rest of us live makes it really difficult to know how to interpret any of it.

    • bluhare says:

      I agree. If Kelly Rutherford had said something like that to one of her children, the parental alienation comments would be off the charts.

    • Bubble bee says:

      Exactly. I really hope this isn’t true. You should never tell children things like that. What would even be the point? That would only hurt him. He’s not the first child who’sparents had doubts about before he entered their family. Even for bio children it happens that your parents might not have felt it was the right time. For brad though I’m especially disappointed. He accepts that his relationship with two of his sons will never be repaired? They’re teens. There is so much life left for them to live to give up so early in their lives seems wrong. Especially since a lot of teens go through the “I hate my father” phase. I don’t know what he did to them or what their relationship was like beforehand, but it seems that with time and rebuilt trust the relationship would be fine.

      • Meg says:

        This is exactly what I was thinking too- what parent would give up hope or stop trying? someone who really didn’t want to be a parent to begin with IMO. angie said she was concerned about having biological children for fear she wouldn’t feel the same connection to the adopted children-which I thought was a very honest thing to admit but I would think fairly quickly you’d feel the bond and the connection as they’re all being raised together right? But it seems brad didn’t? that’s how I’m reading this, lack of bond with the adopted kids.

      • A says:

        There’s a difference between doubting your capacity to bond with your child before they get here, and then actually demonstrating that through your actions that are clearly stemming from some external, unresolved third issue that your child shouldn’t get the blame for.

        If Pax were feeling the difference between how Brad treated him vs how Brad treated any of his other kids, that has a huge impact on a kid’s development and sense of self and how they internalize blame and criticism. They go through their whole life thinking that they are somehow to blame for their parents treatment of them when they aren’t. If this is true, then it’s not Pax’s fault that Brad Pitt is the way he is. It’s Brad Pitt’s fault for not knowing how to deal with his emotions in a healthy way. Letting Pax know that truth, that it’s not his fault, it’s only his father’s fault, is not cruel. It sets you free.

  4. roses says:

    Wait so how did this information about the what the social workers said get in the hands of US Weekly? This should have been sealed info, right? Just messy. I doubt she told that child that. Remember when the split first happened, US Weekly also claimed she said Maddox never saw Pitt as his father which was a lie.

    I also wonder if his anger & psychological issues are why he’s had supervised visits for so long? Anyways, this should not be splattered across some tabloid.

    • Everley says:

      I think this is directly from Team Pitt or made up by US.

      • Erinn says:

        I don’t see why he’d also make a negative statement about his inability to ever accept responsibility if it was from him, though. I tend to think these were actual things that got leaked by SOMEONE working on the case at either the social work level, or the court level. I think it’s a combination of small leaks and US making crap up that’s just vague enough to not be fought over.

    • Meg says:

      As for Mad not seeing brad as his dad, didn’t they famously say mad referred to brad as dad while hanging out and they saw that as a sign that they should be a family or mad thought of him as that already so this is a sign he’s cool with this and feels the family bond?

      • Miss M says:

        @Meg: I remember that too.
        If what she said to Pax is true,
        It is a clear example of parental alienation.

    • Carmen says:

      I was a clinical social worker for decades before I retired and it would have been totally unprofessional for me to leak any of my clients’ business to the media. I could have lost my license if I did so. I think this story is for the most part a total fabrication.

    • Meg says:

      honestly, this could be BS or leaked somehow to avoid the social worker getting caught because of the money they’d be paid by the tabloid-but as I read this a lot of it rang true in my gut. again, don’t know these people obviously, but man it sounds true. he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions? yep. she has baggage? yep

  5. Ai says:

    What mother would inflict this kind of pain on a child? Angelina doesn’t strike me as this kind of mother to hurt Pax. If this is Brad’s PR team – how irresponsible and ugly to drop Pax’s name and single him out like this. He’s been cancelled for a long time but now it’s really sickening that he isn’t doing more to protec his children and their privacy. Same if it is a leak by social workers too.

    • Lady D says:

      First Maddox, and now Pax. I wonder if he’s going to work his way through all of them as they hit their late teens?

    • Person3514 says:

      I’ll tell you from experience, if Angelina did say this to Pax she wasn’t saying it to hurt him. She was saying it to get at Brad and hurt him by further damaging his already rocky relationship with their son. My parents divorced when I was very young, but even well into my teenage years they would insult the other one and say horrible things to me about the other. They were trying to hurt each other and I was stuck in the crossfire. My feelings weren’t considered, though my mom does constantly apologize for it now.

      I know we keep Angelina on a high pedestal around here, but I can see her doing this soon after the split. She’s only human and we say and do stupid things when we’re hurt. Even the best of us can slip like this. I’m sure she was feeling a flurry of hurt, sadness and anger, especially anger. Anger with what Brad did, who he became throughout their relationship and anger for destroying what they had. He ruined everything with that plane incident and I fully believe that if it hadn’t happened they would still be together trying to work through his issues together as a family. I know if I was in her position I would be extremely bitter, angry, sad and just all around hurt. I would want to hurt him the way he hurt me and I’d have to really check myself around my kids with what I would say. I honestly can’t imagine all the loss she must have felt after it happened.

      • jwoolman says:

        I think her hand was also forced by whomever reported the plane incident. It was widely assumed at the time that she would be at risk of losing the kids to the foster care system if she did not separate from him during the investigation. If it had happened in private and authorities were not contacted, I think you’re right – they might still be together, trying to work out their problems privately (whether successfully is a different matter).

    • Miss M says:

      A mother who has “baggage” and her own issues with her father figure…

    • Miss M says:

      If she was trying to hurt the father of her children by saying bad things about him to their children is a type of parental alienation…

    • AD says:

      In my opinion Even if she did there is nothing wrong, there is nothing unkind, cruel about it I am sure she told him to answer a lot of unanswered questions from her son, she must have told him gently, kindly in such a way not to hurt him & for her son to understand without hating his dad , don’t forget she advocates for children so she knows how to deal with matters like their case. I cannot see the reason for the uproar /condemning her. In therapy sometimes therapists encourages their clients to tell the truth as it helps to heal. For Pax finding the truth will help him to understand his father’s attitude better, that’s what therapy is all about, talk, ventilate your feelings, release your negative emotions to feel better. I also think that US weekly twisted the story in order to attract people’s attention to sell their crappy mags.
      I also think that Pitt is slowly leaking that he is moving on without renewed relationship with his boys. He finds it hard to repair the damaged he’s caused, I don’t think he really cared much of those boys apart from his bios.
      Mind you no matter how bad /nasty some tabloids make up story about Angelina the children seems to stand by her no matter what, it just shows how they are devoted to each other ; no fights, no story of fighting to leave their mother & go with their dad instead. Her bond with her children is strong , not even BP can deny it no matter how hard he smears their mother they are staying put with their mom!

  6. Adorable says:

    This confirms what I’ve always thought,I’ve just never seen any “connection”between Pax and Brad.Even when photographed together there was always(to me atleast)something weird and strained there.I just find it weird that Brad has accepted it though,I mean how can you “accept”that your kid doesn’t want you in their life,especially at they’re age..

  7. Adorable says:

    P.s this doesn’t tell us about the plane incident(The final straw)Brads drunken state & his physical behavior toward Pax.

  8. Gurl says:

    I don’t know if Brad released it as it reveals that Brad has a problem with accountability and shifts the blame onto others.

    Why would Brad release that? How does he gain from that?

    • Booie says:

      It doesn’t matter that it has one tiny negative thing about brad. Because no one cares about that. It 100% is intended to focus on making Jolie seem like the villain. And it’s working.

      That’s what he gains from it.

      • Kebbie says:

        It doesn’t fit his pattern of leaking. It’s not how he has ever leaked stories in the last two years. I can’t see him ever approving the part about him having anger and psychological issues.

        I also don’t think he’d want to include that Angelina was never intentionally sabotaging his relationship with the kids.

      • entine says:

        I see it as presenting them BOTH as flawed, which they most probably are.
        It rings me true that he had felt like that. I hesitated into adopting my baby until the very day before we had her. I went with it, but my husband and I had some issues, and other things that made me a sea of doubts i back then.
        I also struggled with bonding, due to my job hours, I could not ask for a maternity leave, my country is terrible with new parents rights,and adoptive seem non existent, I cried for months until it seemed that my baby recognized me as her mom.
        We can only speculate about how Brad and Angelina managed it, but I believe how she would be partial as to dedicate herself to the wellbeing of their children , to the point of forget she was a woman in a relationship too. She had too much in her plate with the death of her mom and she dived into motherhood, like many of us have used as therapy, getting busy to forget.
        Saying that about doubts to a child without context can be hurtful and yes,some very angry people could use it to hurt his/her partner and damage whatever relationship could be. While terrible, it still does not make either the worst villain ever, just a sad, hurt person.
        I think Brad and Angelina really need to accept and heal whatever hurt they have in their hearts, to me, all the trouble come from their childhoods, AJ had to live becoming the provider and a confidant for her mother who became a friend, not a mother , Brad strikes me as a man who suffers under whatever discipline or routine they had in their family, he did not well, even if they seemed as a stable, happy christian family. I think they thought that they were too good for therapy. AJ, I think did not take that route, and it might be good for her to own whatever mistakes or bad decisions she could have made, as for Brad, of course he has lots.
        I recall how years ago, Brad was interviewed and mentioned how -still young- Pax was doing discipline-wise in the family, and it strikes me as if they were struggling to adapt, I recall how he unwittingly said that Pax had peed on his time-out chair, and that the was the disciplinarian, so he was probably viewed as kind of bad guy, then he became absent , more and more, when they needed to be more of a team. It is sad all around. I blame them both, they possibly liked their high status, their way of life,and it takes a LOT of money to maintain that lifestyle, no matter in how many other things they are saving.

    • Sash says:

      It might be something that’ll eventually come out and he’s trying to get ahead of it. Brad and his PR team are scum.

    • lucy2 says:

      Maybe Team Pitt sent in some of the info, and then that part was added by US Weekly? Possibly to make it less obvious that it was his team?
      His side seems to be the only one leaking right now.

  9. Maya says:

    I never imagined Brad would turn out to be this vicious and malicious towards the mother of his children and his children.

    He is trying to punish his children because they are scared of him and don’t want anything to do with him.

    This is just smearing from Brad to justify he didn’t get 50/50 and to make it look like it’s parental alienation.

    If those notes are true then the therapists can see Brad is the problem. They are admitting Angelina is NOT coming between the children & Brad.

    • Louise says:

      I don’t understand how you never imagined that Brad would act this way. He did the same thing to Jennifer. Stories in the press about her were nasty and made many people truly hate her. Who do you think that came from? When a man treats one woman that way they will treat all women that way whether it’s the mother of their children or not. In this case neither of them are angels. It’s just a matter of who is the most “evil” angel. Both are messed up.

      • Maya says:

        Sorry but what he did to Jennifer is nothing compared to what he is doing to those children and Angelina.

        Not putting down the horrible things he did to Jennifer but this is on another level of viciousness.

    • Belle says:

      You have imagined this in many of your posts.

  10. Mia4s says:

    “ one social worker ‘felt he had trouble accepting personal responsibility and often blames others for his actions.’“

    In other news: social worker has excellent eyes and ears.

    What a mess these two are. Agreement or not I think this drama is going to drag on for years.

    • Maya says:

      Sorry but Angelina is the only true parent here. After few weeks after the plane incident, she completely stopped using the media for anything.

      Brad is the mess and needs to stop damaging his children more.

      • Mia4s says:

        I wasn’t making any comparisons. THEY as a they are a mess. Whether they like it or not, they are still a THEY as long as there are six children in the picture and the public watching. If THEY cannot stand to be near each other, that is a massive mess waiting to happen. Brad’s been appalling to date but regardless of who is to blame, as a THEY, they are a mess. There’s more trouble to come, I can feel it.

      • entine says:

        Maya, I like you, and I have been a big supporter, forum to forum, participating here and there, always defending them, but anyone can be flawed. Not saying that this is how it happened, and not saying that AJ is not suffering nor denying how responsible and a good mom she is, not that Brad has most of the blame, but in this mess the only innocent are the children. They started out well, but their relationship became a mess and it ultimately affected everyone in that family.

  11. Rapunzel says:

    Yeah, not buying this from Us Weekly. My theory has always been that Brad (on that plane, while drunk and in Mad’s face) said something to Maddox about him not really being his son. Jolie and Mad would find that unforgivable.
    Perhaps this is why Jolie told Pax about Brad not wanting to have adopted him? Possibly Pax asked about it and Jolie would feel obligated to tell him the truth? Brad would be really upset about that. But that’s IF this story is true, which it probably isn’t. I think it’s more likely that Brad, while drunk, said something to the kids about wishing he hadn’t adopted them. This would explain Angelina’s immediate exit and freeze out. Brad may be aware that the facts are about to come to light so he’s getting ahead of the story by blaming Jolie .

    • Maya says:

      “Brad may be aware that the facts are about to come to light so he’s getting ahead of the story by blaming Jolie .” Just like Trump.

      Lying and smearing the opposition so much that once the truth about them comes out, people believe would believe the lies about the opposition more.

      • Booie says:

        How is the truth going to come out? Jolie would’ve never said anything. She may not that he is smearing her to an extreme level while dragging P through it, but unless someone else stole the files and he knew they were planning on releasing them, I cannot see why he would feel the truth is coming out and need to lie before hand.

      • Rosie says:

        Maddox is old enough to have his own voice. Maybe Brad is getting ready for him to tell his side.

    • K-Peace says:

      There are many possibilities here. Suppose Brad himself always made it clear through his actions, to Pax, that it was obvious he hadn’t wanted to adopt him. Perhaps Brad was never loving towards, and always just distant with, Pax–making it obvious he didn’t love him. Perhaps Brad himself came right out and said to Pax: “I never even wanted to adopt you!”. And so then Pax broached the subject with his mother who may have just been honest with him and told him, “Well, you see, to be honest with you, Daddy thought that adopting another child just a few months after I gave birth to Shiloh, just wasn’t a good idea.” In that instance, this article would be telling the truth, but Angelina would have done nothing wrong & wouldn’t have been insensitive towards Pax, or towards Pax’s relationship with Brad, at all. Bottom line is, I just can’t see Angelina being unkind to her own child or intentionally hurting him. Brad is such a piece of sh*t.

    • Lokigal says:

      I’m thinking more along the lines of brad and Angelina fighting, he or she mentioned something triggering about their kids, bio or adopted, and the nugget about him not wanting the adoption came out from jolie as a clap back. Obviously it made things worse but the specificity of the wording is suspect. Like the line about brad did not punch him in the face.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @rap, Yes. Agreed.

    • Ad says:

      @Rapunzel 100% agree, that ‘why he fought hard not to have a court trial so that his shitty attitude towards the adoptive children won’t be exposed!

    • Ad says:

      @Rapunzel 100% agree, that ‘why he fought hard not to have a court trial so that his shitty attitude towards the adoptive children won’t be exposed!

  12. S says:

    A parent who will “accepts” they’ll never repair their relationship with their own kids…Is showing EXACTLY the reason the kids don’t want to have a relationship with them in the first place, and why those kids are almost certainly making the right choice for their own well being and peace of mind.

    • Ai says:

      Very good point.

    • Wilma says:

      Yes, exactly this! As a teacher I see a lot of kids of divorced parents testing the unconditionality of their parents love and often one of the parents fails. If your kids are distancing themselves or difficult to deal with then that’s the time to show them you are really there for them.

      • LT says:

        Wilma – that is such a great point!

        My kids are adopted AND I’m divorced, so I’ve absolutely seen them test the limits of my love (spoiler alert: there isn’t a limit). My younger son had a really difficult time adjusting to the adoption and it was really hard for a while. I saw him (probably unconsciously) push me as far as he could and then respond really positively when I didn’t just pick up and leave. He needed to see how far I was willing to go for him.

        Your comment was a great reminder for me in dealing with my future step daughter. Thank you for that!

      • Sidewithkids says:

        @wilma, So True.

    • Lady D says:

      If he really said that, he truly is foul. Abandon the child, then blame said child.

    • C says:

      I respectfully disagree. My own sibling is estranged from our dad, and he has tried everything he can think of to at least have a conversation, meet, anything at all, and my sib is having none of it. My dad had to accept that his attempts to talk were actually causing my sib significant distress, so he stopped. He sends periodic things like birthday cards so sib knows that he still wants to talk, but my dad has had to accept that my sib will likely never want a relationship. It is incredibly painful. And even though I know you don’t mean anything by it, blanket statements about all parents who “accept” estrangement can be really hurtful and, quite frankly, encourage people like my dad to go to unhealthy lengths to reconnect that wind up hurting both parent and child.

      • Toocan-Anj says:

        Thank you for sharing this painful story. I, too, am estranged from my parents and they have been unwilling to accept my decision and it took years for them to quit pursuing me for a more intimate relationship. It would be helpful all the way around if our culture would accept that sometimes kids are not interested in a relationship with their parents.

      • Jamie says:

        I agree with you. It reminds me of Nicole Kidman and how she had to accept that her oldest children were not going to want contact with her due to their Scientology beliefs. I’m sure it’s heartbreaking but there wasn’t anything she could do but accept it and hope that they come around some day.

      • lucy2 says:

        Upon reading it in the post, it bothered me, but you’re right, there are some situations where there’s nothing else the parent can do.

        In this case, it seems a bit early and the kids are too young, but it may end up that way.

      • Olive says:

        i agree with you – i’ve been estranged from my dad since i was a teen, it’s been 16 years now and i believe he accepts it, or at least i hope he does! at some point you have to move on or your efforts run the risk of further alienation.

        i know we all wish duchess meghan’s dad would accept her decision to break contact!

      • A says:

        Your father hasn’t accepted the estrangement though. If your sibling picked up the phone tomorrow and wanted to reconcile, you know your father would be there for them. He’s accepted how your sibling chooses to feel about him and their relationship at the moment. But he’s made it very clear that he still cares for them, and it’s because he cares for them that he’s giving them space and distance.

        That’s not what Brad Pitt is doing here. He’s written his kids off forever, publicly. He didn’t say, “I know they’re angry with me, and that is their right, but I love them and will be there for them if they ever choose to reconcile.” He said, “I will probably never have a relationship with them, so whatever.” He’s writing himself a self-fulfilling prophecy for the future. That’s hugely different from what any respectful, decent parent who cares about their kids would do.

      • S says:

        Yep. What “A” said.

        Oh, and, I am both a mom and someone estranged from a parent. The estrangement was a very, very long time coming, with good (private) reasons that involve some of the same issues of selfishness, abandonment, cruelty and endangerment that were probably at play in the Pitt estrangement, all of which were exacerbated by addiction. I’ve tried on many occasions to attempt to begin to repair the relationship, and might even try again in the future, but none of the issues that caused it have been resolved, so my efforts have so far been in vain.

        I’m willing to forgive, but not forget, and definitely not to return to old patterns of abusive behavior, nor subject my children to the same.

        My parent has accepted zero responsibility for their past and continuing actions, something I, as a parent myself, would never do. I can’t imagine I would ever do anything that would cause my children to feel unsafe having me around, but if I did, I sure as hell would own up to it, beg forgiveness and do whatever else I needed to repair my relationship with those I love most in the world.

        And I would always, ALWAYS, be waiting for them with open arms if they wanted to allow me back into their life.

        I could never “accept” losing my child, and the longer I’m a mom, the less sympathy for my own parent’s actions I actually feel.

    • BorderMollie says:

      And it will affect his relationship with the younger children, especially considering how close all six of the kids are to each other. If these leaks are coming from his camp, then they should stop because it’s all making him look foolish and cold and Angelina look a flawed but otherwise caring parent who treats her children equally.

  13. MaryContrary says:

    Ugh-I don’t get how anyone feels like this portrays either one of these people in a positive light.

  14. ariel says:

    I’ll cop to being pro-Angelina, but I have a hard time believing she would say that to Pax. Brad was a drunk fuck up who hit a kid. But however fatally flawed, I do think he loves them. And telling a kid their parent didn’t want them has lifelong repercussions for that kid. And, I think and hope she loves her kids too much to burden them with that kind of information that leads them to crappy feelings about themselves.

    Also Brad Pitt is garbage.

  15. BJ says:

    I don’t believe anything from US Weekly.

  16. Lizzie says:

    remember when jennifer anniston said brad was missing a sensitivity chip? the more this divorce drags out – the more that is looking like a dead read of how he copes with not getting his way.

    and why should **any** mother make concessions to a man who knocked her child around? if he did it to one child, he is capable of doing it to another – end of story. frankly – these stories make it seem like he was also totally emotionally abusive to his angie during their relationship. i don’t think she’s perfect and i think some of this makes her seem messy but still human. he is just coming off as a monster.

  17. Pas says:

    The question is, did she really said that to Pax? And why did the source not include the “specific” thing he said probably on the plane? Sure jan. I assume people here who said that brad said to mad or pax “I’m not even your father!” Were in fact true.

    And btw why is he mad that angie is siding with the kids? Is this the reason why his 1.3M support was just that?

  18. CA Family Code says:

    This family will never get over this. Pitt and Jolie will never recover their credibility IMO. It seems like their entire relationship was a mess. Six kids don’t belong in that relationship. Pitt seems to have been an absentee father. The worst thing of all.

  19. Amide says:

    Sad all round. 😞😡😩
    I can’t even begin to understand how ****** the long term repercussions on all parties will be.😶

  20. Caitrin says:

    Let none of this distract you from the ongoing litigation with Make It Right.

    • Kebbie says:

      I know people who don’t like him like to bring up MIR, but by and large I don’t think people have paid much attention to it. I don’t think it’s a story that really gains traction with you unless you’re a diehard Brad fan or you really don’t like him because it’s not gossipy. I’m not saying it’s right or justified that the story is mostly ignored, just that it is.

  21. Jess says:

    We have to stop treating anything from US weekly likes it’s credible. It used to be decent but now it’s owned by Trump’s favorite Pecker and has a serious agenda and a credibility issue. So this should all be taken with a grain of salt. Or many grains.

  22. sage says:

    Exactly what I always believed is Brad does not want all those kids. I believe he wants 50/50 on paper and that’s it. As long as he receives joint custody he will be okay with Jolie being the primary parent.
    Brad is done with Maddox and now Pax and he walked away from both by blaming Jolie.

  23. Mogul says:

    I believe everything in this story.

    Brad is being accepting about deterioration of his relationship with the older boys, because they’re not his biologically otherwise he would be so accepting about it if they’ were. He doesn’t want to be responsible for the children he didn’t want, he only wants a relationship with his biological children.

    They’re doing what I always thought they would’ve done. They treating their children differently, the adoptive ones are getting scarred. I know what I’m what talking I grew up in a prominently white community if saw kids of different race, they were adopted and most of them are scarred by their upbringing. The fact that their parents would always bring up the fact they were adopted — even introducing them to strangers as their adoptive kids – and telling strangers the story of how they saved this child from poverty and sickness. And explaining every wayward characteristics by comparing their behaviour with other natural children’s behaviour, who the parents understand better because they inherited their traits. Those adoptive kids went on to befriend kids that looked like them and hung with their families, and distanced themselves from their adoptives families. Others suffered from a lot of mental illnesses, in the shape of anorexia or bulimia, suicidal thoughts and attempts,…

    • sage says:

      Yep, he’s accepting the estrangement because he never wanted them. He even has to work on improving his relationship with Zahara!?!?! Geezus! His relationship with Shiloh is decent and the twins were sheltered so he’s in the clear with them.

    • AD says:

      @Mogul, you are very right, it’s sad for those kids who already had a bad start in life! I can imagine the mistreatment he gave them. A lot of people predicted that he was only pretending to fight for his image.

  24. Amelie says:

    Ugh those poor kids. I had to go back and look it up but Brad and Angelina adopted/had a bunch of kids very close together. I think they were together less than 6 months before Angelina decided to adopt Zahara and then Shiloh was born the following year. And then Shiloh was still a baby when they adopted Pax the following year. It’s possible Brad really did have legitimate concerns about adopting Pax not even a year after Shiloh’s birth, it’s valid. For awhile back then those two did seem to be a bit like Mia Farrow collecting kids left and right… I mean in interviews they both used to say “we want 10-12 kids!”

    • lucy2 says:

      I got curious and looked up the timeline:

      March 2002 Maddox adopted
      Early 2005 B&A together
      July 2005 Zahara adopted
      May 2006 Shiloh born
      March 2007 Pax adopted
      July 2008 twins born

      That is a lot of family changes/kids in a short amount of time. I bet it was stressful, but those were decisions they made together. Whatever the situation, that never should be passed on to the kids.

    • Genessee says:

      Agreed. I think maybe Brad said something along the lines of “maybe we shouldn’t be adopting another child right now” and Angie understood that as “I never wanted Pax.” There IS a difference. Plus, there were strong rumors they were having problems in their relationship at the time. Who knows. But I wouldn’t put it past either one of them. They BOTH have issues (Angie with her parental/history issues and Brad with his substance abuse issues) and frankly, am surprised they were allowed to adopt non-sibling children so close together. Or at all.

  25. anp says:

    He is rotten to the core. The public should really be paying attention to the articles about the homeowners in NOLA suing his MIR Foundation.

  26. ShazBot says:

    I totally believe that Angelina totally indulges the kids and tries to make everything awesome with her – because even before they broke up, that was always “insider” criticism of their parenting. They let the kids do whatever they want, and trash hotel rooms, etc. They’ve always been super indulgent, so I can see why the social worker said they didn’t think she was intentionally trying to alienate Brad by being so indulgent.

    I can’t imagine giving up on your kids – imagine if Nicole Kidman ever said that? She always says she respects her children and their choices, and they know that she is always ready to welcome them when they choose.

    • Alissa says:

      Isn’t that Nicole Kidman accepting that she is not close with her children, though? I think people are assuming that accepting something is the same as being okay with something, and that’s not always the case.

    • Carmen says:

      That trashing hotel rooms story was a total fabrication. Some tabloid writer asked Brad what the kids were doing while they were all overseas on a trip. Brad said “They’re back at the hotel throwing spaghetti at the walls.” The tabloids picked it up and ran with it.

  27. anp says:

    If he really cares about his children privacy why does he Not come out with a statement to bash the tabloids articles?

  28. DS9 says:

    You can’t really hide things from teenagers. Maybe Angelina told him out of no where but it’s far more likely Brad has always behaved some sort of way and Pax overheard arguments and/or conversations or asked

  29. MICHELLE says:

    Are people forgetting who owns us weekly now? American Media inc. The same company that owns In Touch, Star, The Globe & Enquirer. When it was sold Us weekly lost their writers & editor, so now Us weekly have these magazines writers work for the current magazine. There is zero credibility to anything these tabloids write. There is absolutely No Way Angelina would ever tell her son he was never wanted. Doesn’t matter if you like her or not, her actions as a mother have been extremely protective of those kids. Just sad that people are believing this story.

  30. Dulce says:

    WOW!! This leak from team Brad, really accomplished his mission; because nobody really knows that its true or not, BUT they are crucifying Angelina anyway!! 🙄 People are so unfair to her, no wonder Brad’s PR team, leak stories like this; becase people always believe the worst of her, without having any evidence!!

    • Lady D says:

      One day Mr. Pitt the chickens will come home to roost.
      So, can you see him having any more children with his next ‘most intellectual, beautiful, incredible special unicorn ever’ of a girlfriend or wife? Will he say no when the next one wants to lock down child support, or will he will he go full steam ahead creating more? How clueless is he?

    • LadyT says:

      Dulce—That same thing could be said concerning team Jolie leaks. Brad is a raging alcoholic and violent child abuser per many posters in this site.
      And before someone jumps down my throat for defending Brad’s innocence, I am not. He is without a doubt guilty. I’m merely suggesting there is a whole realm of possibilities between innocent and monster.

    • Alex says:

      @Dulce It’s what people on this site do though, it’s like they just wait for any little thing real or imagined to pounce on Angelina without stopping to consider the source of the story, the agenda of said source and the veracity. I agree that this is ugly and no one looks good here, but that’s kinda the point and it has the added bonus of deflecting from that scathing damning response from the plaintiffs in the MIR lawsuit. The timing is no accident if one pays enough attention to when and what Pitt leaks, there’s an obvious pattern. It’s Us weekly yes- that bastion of truth, but his publicist has extensive ties to AMI, so I for one won’t immediately dismiss this as a fabrication from them though it’s possible, this is what he does lie, spin and deflect, but but but evil Angelina. And why would professional social workers who have been on this case for more than 2 years suddenly leak to a tabloid, risking their livelihoods?

      And for those wondering why Pitt would leak stuff with bits in there that make him look bad, because he knows everyone will be too busy focusing on evil Angelina and not on him, he always gets the benefit of the doubt from too many people while Angelina never does, rich white famous men stay winning. Or even better, the narrative will shift from how he clearly didn’t get shared custody and why that is, to how awful both of them look (which they do- yay bothisims). That’s what he wants, either he gets to look like the good guy and a victim, and failing that then Angelina must forever be the villain.

      I find such stories a lot more gross than the usual Pitt v Jolie stories, because by singling out certain children, an ugly distinction is made between the kids and it’s calculated and just gross & plays very well into certain gross internet theories . He really is missing a sensitivity chip & an evil jerk IMO. I also find it interesting that while certain people on here are talking about the many ways in which Angelina is awful (she may be I don’t know her, though I doubt it- long time stan) yet they never acknowledge how Pitts obvious smears and attacks are likley a very big factor in why he doesn’t have a relationship with some of his children who are old enough to get it, and whatever he did on that plane, but but but Angelina.

  31. xdanix says:

    Jesus, what HAPPENED on that plane? I guess maybe I’m coming at this from a… complicated perspective, because I have a fairly complicated family myself. There’s been a lot of drama, let’s just say. But I confess no matter what’s happened I just can’t imagine not ever wanting a relationship with either of my parents. And there’s no way in hell either of them would ever have let me decide that for us as a teenager either.

  32. Booie says:

    Can we look at the timing of all this? Last time we had a major hit on Jolie was page 6 saying she was a fake saint. And coincidentally, his charity company was officially served shorty after. Now, a new filing for the organization calls Brad out on creating the charity for image and the many legal errors committed by Brad personally and his team, then this drops. He knew his charity would be in the news too as they reached out to him for comment.

    So should we ask if this is actually true? When this same magazine has been having sources tell them about how Brad is doing better and becoming better and overcoming his demons while Angie keeps making life hard for him, always convienently forgetting what started this mess. Not to mention the constant lies about how he’s been seeing the kids regularly for years, later proved to be a lie, and recently that he won custody, but now this?

    Looking around at reactions, no one is giving any care to the part where it supposedly makes him look bad. It’s all about her. So really, this entire article served its purpose. Once again, sympathy for brad through his difficult time; he’s the one suffering the most, not the kids he was violent in front of on a plane.

    And if this is true, didn’t the legal documents that were released years ago say that when Maddox and Pax refused him, he went straight to the younger kids instead and wanted the time dedicated to those boys be given to the others? He didn’t “specifically” say he did not want to adopt. But actions speak louder than words.

  33. AD says:

    I don,t think it is seriously damaging to Pax , if it is true, for some obvious reason maybe Angelina felt obliged to tell the truth to her son before Pax hears it from outsiders & I am sure she must have explained to him with minimized emotional damage., no wonder both of them had been seen together a lot for the last 2 years. It is better to tell the truth because the truth will always come out. Or maybe Angelina was preparing Pax for the court trial if the trial went ahead. If the professionals leaked it to the media they should be sacked! If team Pitt leaked it he is just plain nasty, horrible vicious mean man! No respect for his children not even himself!.

  34. Patty says:

    Well it makes both look bad, so I think he leak is coming from someone involved with the case who doesn’t particularly care for either of them. Also, if all the things that have come out about their divorce and custody stuff – this makes the most sense.

    Sadly, it is not uncommon for women to rely on the eldest son (or only son) for emotional support during divorces. It’s dumb and it usually screws the boys / men up for life but it happens all of the time. A child who has not reached the age of majority should never be a parents confident or emotional support but again I see it all the time. Men do it with their daughters and women do it with their sons. It’s so unhealthy.

    Also I don’t know Brad or Angie so I’m not going to say that I know for sure what they are or aren’t capable of. I’m saying this stuff doesn’t surprise me and I wouldn’t be shocked if it were true because it happens all the time and makes more sense than some of the other theories being bandied around.

    • Erinn says:

      It’s parentification of a child. And it’s sadly pretty common – and happens the way it could possibly be happening here. And you’re right … mothers will lean on the oldest boy, fathers will lean on the oldest girl. Not always, but it seems to be a large trend. It’s like some subconscious attempt to make up for what is lacking in the household to some degree.

      I ended up being more of a confidant and peacekeeper for my parents growing up than a kid should be. And it’s definitely caused some long term effects on my own relationships.

    • Hmmm says:

      Everything is sealed and confidential so if any of it is true hopefully Angelina’s lawyers gets them in court.

  35. Veronica S. says:

    I’m hoping that it’s only alleged because that is a ridiculously cruel thing to say to a child. My parents has an acrimonious split, and my mother said something along those lines about how my father hadn’t really wanted either of my siblings once he realized kids were responsibilities after me. In retrospect, I get that she was as angry at herself as with him for having three children to a man who refused to take responsibility after the divorce, and she was trying to protect me emotionally from his negligence and my abusive stepmother, but it was the wrong thing to say. It took me years to forgive her, and I have never forgotten it. Not once.

    This being said, Brad’s team is garbage for leaking this. Like his children really need to see all of this playing out in the press. Somehow, I don’t think Angelina is as responsible for that breakup as he likes to think.

    • AppleTartin says:

      @Veronica I used to work for an accountant who worked on matrimonial cases with a well known lawyer in NY. You have no idea how bad it was seeing so many cases when neither parent wanted custody of the children. The money yes, kids no. It turned me off to marriage and kids for years how horrible people are to each other. At least your mom took custody of you. She might not have been the best Mom but she did the best she could.

  36. KLO says:

    I think they are both pathological narcissists who parentify their children. Saint Angie isnt any better than Brad. I see nothing wrong with Brad not wanting to adopt another child. He has a right to say it if he disagrees with that kind of thing. I do see wrong with Angie telling the child this. Smells like straight up emotional abuse. Brad losing his shit was just one incident in a string of abusive shit that went on all through the years from both sides. This is my personal insight into this. I grew up with 2 abusive parents who enabled each other and so much of what was described in the article rings true to me. Both parents are abusers: children suffer

    • Booie says:

      Thank you for sharing. If it’s not too personal, how is your relationship with them now? What would a kid have to do if parents cause them harm?

      • KLO says:

        Our relationship is fine as long as we dont talk about family history or I don`t expect either of them to act like a parent. Emotionally, I am basically at 33 the parent of two mentally ill children in their 60s.
        But I have felt like the only mentally stable person in my household since I was 8 years old, so i am used to that.
        The bottom line is, it is my job to be responsible for every interaction as if I were a parent of a toddler. When I can manage that, everything is peachy.
        I don´t hate my parents because I know that their own parents were WAY worse than they ever were. Compassion and limited time together is the key.

        The silver lining is that they are both well-off financially. I am eternally grateful for that, at least.

    • Hmmm says:

      Then he should’ve left instead of damaging a child. Angelina wasn’t going to choose him over adopting the kid.

      • Rosie says:

        Why. If she loved him and already had 3 children the normal thing would be to reach an agreement. You’d discuss your concerns and compromise.

    • Genessee says:


  37. Halle says:

    All she did was hurt her own son. So sad.

  38. Hmmm says:

    He and his team are hitting an all time low with this article and the make it right b.s.

    You’d know that he doesn’t care about his sons if you read his lawyers emails. He basically didn’t care if those kids didn’t want to see him and instead asked for more time with the other ones. He did not want therapy to repair what he did to them on that plane but he was forced by court orders. Still after two years it didn’t work.

    It’s getting to the point that I feel Angelina needs to come out swinging but of course she won’t and he knows it. Hopefully he gets taken down for being a fraud and a liar by the make it right foundation.

  39. Hmmm says:

    Also disgusting how he’s thrown ALL of the adopted kids under the bus. He claims Shiloh was the one who wanted to visit the most- lmao then how come she didn’t visit him during the summer? It was only Vivienne and zahara- gasp- the two who are attached to Angelina the most but she’s alienating them.

    I believe Angelina definitely let her kids decide what they wanted to do. People forget she advocates for children and women’s rights.. No way is she going to force her kids to do what they don’t want to do that includes visit their abusive deadbeat dad.

  40. Boxy Lady says:

    When this divorce first started and the stuff about Maddox being angry at Brad first came out, I wondered if perhaps Brad said something anti-Asian to Maddox on that plane. If that is in fact what happened, it would explain a lot. Even Brad saying something anti-adoption on that plane would explain a lot too.

  41. anp says:

    @Hmmm Thank you for speaking the truth about this Evil so called man!

  42. Belle says:

    Is anyone else bothered by the scarily OTT comments about Brad on here? He is “evil”, a “monster”, “rotten to the core”, “garbage”, a “terrible terrible human being”, emotionally abusive, knocks kids around, doesn’t love or want his adopted kids, or any of his kids, has “thrown ALL his adopted kids under the bus”. Ugh, its awful.

    • Hmmm says:

      No, ask yourself what type of so called parent loses custody of his children for more than 2 years. that’s not normal. All of the leaks that prove he needed therapy -didn’t want to do it even tho his kids did not want to see him and when he finally realized it was all court ordered he started shopping for therapists- he also needed an evaluator to decide how much time he gets with his kids which according to his bible THE BLAST he did not get 50/50 in the state of California. We know he did not care about his two adopted kids because of his lawyers email.

      Plus, what he’s done to the victims of hurricane Katrina. Hopefully they lay the smack down on him and he is forced to pay the 20 + million it might cost to rebuild those trash unlivable homes.

      • Belle says:

        Based on what little information is actually known to the public, I ask myself why anybody would feel that they actually know the truth of what has occurred.

      • Booie says:

        Belle: there were nasty things said about maddox, people calling him vile, racist names and how dare he talk back at his father on that plane. No comment was made by Brad. You could argue that he isn’t bothered by tabs and it’s not worth his time. But the minute rumors about him and his dating life and accusations are made against him, he responds to clear everything.
        Maddox is now of age and was let to decide if he wants to see Brad or not, per the leaked court documents. Not making anything up, this is fact straight from the court. Pax is now of age when he can choose too per California standard. Per more court documents, pax was also closed off to him. These aren’t bold accusations, these are timely observations that you are free to make your own inferences on.

        There are plenty of facts out there regarding this situation. I know many get their feelings involved here and it’s hard to distinguish, but there are facts available. And brad isn’t exactly the wronged, innocent man he claims to be. Just look at court documents about how he handled (with all the evidence you need) his charity foundation.

      • Hmm says:

        Belle, everything I’ve said are facts from leaks from Brad himself. The lawyer stuff is from before they “sealed” their case. As we now know Brad only wanted it sealed so he could make up lies through the tabs.

      • Belle says:

        Your argument fell apart at “facts from leaks”.

      • Hmm says:

        How so ? Maybe you haven’t been paying attention. fact from COURT Leaks. Not tabloids that Brad fans run and attack Angelina and her kids with. The actually lawyers emails are out there for you to read and leaks from someome Angelinas lawyers called a “deplorable” person. Are you lost belle?

        I can’t stand when people who don’t know the facts come out and wonder how we know so much. it’s out there google it.

      • Hmm says:

        Booie, I see she didn’t reply to you. She replied to me because I mistakingly didn’t add court document leaks and I did not mean tabloid leaks such as the one this thread is based on, oops.

  43. DS9 says:

    I cannot be the only person who knows scores of men who went along with decisions in their marriage only to come back after thought split and blather on about how horrible those decisions were like they weren’t there.

    And nine times out of ten, the wife/mom “won” the dispute because they were the one who would be putting in the work.

    I find this especially true with children fathers claim are “indulged”. Dad doesn’t want to discipline, distract, engage, or otherwise step up to help with the parenting but they have a million suggestions for their spouse. And their spouse ignores them because why shouldn’t the person doing the work go about it the way they wish?

    • A says:

      There are so many things in Brad’s behaviour that are just emblematic of how men choose to behave in relationships with women that then fall apart. I wonder how many women have shouldered the blame unfairly because men would rather avoid accountability, to the point where even the rational decisions a woman could make for the sake of her children and herself are cast in a negative light.

    • Rosie says:

      Very true.

  44. CairinaCat says:

    What if it’s Pax or Mad leaking to the press?
    They obviously read the internet and see everything. They are old enough to do something

  45. sage says:

    Brad is a disturbed individual.

  46. abbi says:

    This is gross all-around. I’ve always loved and defended Angelina but I fear there is truth in this article. I think that both sides have dirt on the other, and there has been a constant leveraging of who is going to leak what. The kids are old enough to read what’s out there, and whether it’s true or not, it’s out there. Personal stuff, all very sad. Goes to show you once again that money and wealth does not buy happiness.

    • Hmm says:

      Hmm. Angelina has more custody and if you believe us weekly her 4 older kids asked her to go for sole custody. 🤔

  47. Sidewithkids says:

    LOL. It’s funny b/c Angie may be laughing at this article. I know I am. It really says nothing bad about Angie. Same stuff over again. Other than the thing said to Pax. I mean we know she’s close to the kids but she hasn’t alienated them from Brad. She prob buys them stuff b/c she wants them to be happy, especially now, but not b/c she resents Brad.

    What’s more interesting to me is how Brad keeps lying tho. First, he’s gonna get half custody – didn’t happen. Then he’s gonna have a meeting w/ Angie at her house and demand it – didn’t happen. Then he said he was happy b/c he received what he wanted in the custody – didn’t happen. He received less than 50%. Now this article about him and his two boys he will never see again. We knew this but now we can kinda confirm dude isn’t even trying. I love how they said he takes no responsiblity for his actions and blames others, now that’s true and something we figured out as well.

    I’m more sure now, Brad said something racist towards Mad. We know this too. Yes, a lot of people don’t want to admit it but this is what he did. That’s why this is happening. Certainly, he pushed the boy but Brad said something awful to Mad and maybe even Pax to start all of this. Both boys seem super sweet so why all of a sudden wouldn’t they want to be w/ Brad. Also, Angie doesn’t even talk to him anymore. Come on. Can’t just be a fight, that would’ve been something they would get over. I mean it has been over two years. Something they couldn’t get over, Angie included, is Brad calling those boys out of their names.

    When this first went down, if y’all remember, they were all in therapy together. This is prob where Angie may have said what she said to Pax but Pax may have asked. We have to remember the boys are old enough to decipher and ask questions now about their background/heritage. If thats the case, I don’t think she said it in a malicious way but she just said the truth. Like for instance, she prob told Mad, Brad wasn’t her first choice to be his father, Billy Bob was but BB didn’t want him so she moved on/divorced him b/c of this and the different directions their lives were going.

    I believe Angie tells her kids the truth especially the older four. So they know everything, even the bad stuff about her, the stuff she overcame, the drugs, the reckless living and I betcha she told them about JA and that situation too. She told them b/c they asked. Now is it right or wrong for her to do this, well that’s not for us to judge, those are her kids. Does she lean on them, prob, but parents lean on their kids a lot especially when parents see their kids as friends and when they’re super close as she is w/ them. I don’t know why people throw that in Angie’s face. You should want to be close to your children. Lol. Angie loves the heck out of her kids tho and would fight tooth and nail for them. I just think Angie is honest and a lot of people can’t take her honesty. They would rather live in a bubble rather than reality. Does she carry a lot of baggage, yes, we all do? Lol. Ours just isn’t played out in public like hers.

    • Kebbie says:

      I really hope she didn’t say any of that to Pax or Maddox. It would be incredibly cruel and I don’t see her as a cruel person.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        How is this cruel? It’s the truth. I’m pretty sure she said it delicately to them. But I see no problem w/ her telling her kids how they came to her (to be her kids). The adopted kids are old enough to start asking questions. She’s gonna tell them. Lol. Especially if Brad came home at night drunk and saying awful things, she prob had to let them know the real deal. These kids are at an age where they’re gonna ask more questions, especially the adopted ones.

        Angie is very sweet and kind and she has taught all of her kids this. They seem respectful and kind as well. I don’t see a problem w/ the way she’s raising them. Especially if she’s telling them she loves them but also the harsh realities of life.

      • A says:

        Is it more cruel than to leave a kid uncertain of their place in a given family? People would like to think that all parents love their children unconditionally no matter what, and that they don’t have favorites. But that’s not true. Parents are people. They are shaped by their experiences, and their attitudes towards their children are no different. We can either admit the truth about that and learn to figure out how to do better for kids, or we can just refuse to confront it and raise children who become adults w/ trust issues.

    • Hmm says:

      You know, I think you’re on to something. If and that’s a big if she said any of that it was probably in therapy sessions. Or perhaps Maddox said something as he was old enough to remember pax coming into their lives and how both parents felt about the situation and AJ may or may not have confirmed.

      One thing is for sure if Maddox did say that to pax and Brad is blaming Angelina she’s not going to come out and say ” I didn’t say it. My oldest son said it.” Brad and team are disgusting and still abusing his family.

  48. Sidewithkids says:

    If Brad had something on Angie tho, why wouldn’t he use it. He clearly smears so why not use that also to help his case to get more custody. I’m not saying Angie is perfect, she’s clearly headstrong, may not listen when she should and she’s strange (in a funny cute goth girl kinda way). But I just don’t think she did anything wrong. I don’t believe she has to give concessions. She didn’t do anything wrong as far as the plane incident. That was all Brad.

    Now, Angie may have been doing some other stuff while married which could have lead to the divorce. I remembered there were rumors of them having an open marriage and if that’s the case, Angie may have been w/ another man or woman. (If she’s still into women). But other than that, it seems to me Angie was at home taking care of her kids.

    • A says:

      I’m speculating out my wazoo today, but it could just be that Brad already felt strained and neglected after the birth of Shiloh, and didn’t think Angelina should be adopting another child when she just gave birth to one and is dealing with so many close deaths. But a grown up deals with these issues appropriately. They get help, they talk to their spouse etc. If instead, Brad has been taking it out on Pax, who will feel the discrepancy in treatment acutely, that’s wrong af and not okay for him to do.

      • Hmm says:

        I think he felt some kind of way after her surgeries and not because of what people are speculating. Angelina once said she would only have as many kids as she could handle. She was done having kids. Was Brad okay with that? We now he doesn’t like teens and maybe wanted more babies he could strut for the paparazzi with. We shall see in his next relationship with sat hari.

      • A says:

        He could be someone who uses children for the publicity. But I also think he had certain expectations from Angie and their relationship, and having three kids in three years really put a strain on the amount of attention she could conceivably give him. He seems like someone who constantly needs to be the center of someone’s world, and maybe he expected that Angie would treat the kids as props just like him and leave the details of their rearing to someone else.

        I dunno. There’s a lot going on emotionally. All I can say is that Angelina really hitched her cart to this guy, and I don’t think she expected he would wind up behaving this way at the end.

      • Hmm says:

        A, I think you’re right about that, he expected the nannies to take on full responsibilities and Angelina wasn’t about that. You can see in photos over the years how the bodyguards did the dads job. Actually one of her British bodygaurd said just that. That he played the dad role. He’s on some military style reality show and gave that interview not long ago.

  49. Lithe says:

    Hey, Celebitchy—I clicked on this story because it amuses me greatly that you keep using this picture of Brad! 🙂

    But now that I’m here, I have to say that even though I don’t doubt that Angie is somewhat troubled, I do not buy for one second that she would hurt Pax by telling him that Brad initially baulked at adopting him. Besides, I’m sure she had enough ammunition against Brad without making her son collateral damage.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      Not if the boy asked. If a situation arose where Pax was confused about something Brad was saying in a drunken state or if they were in therapy and something was said about Pax’s adoption. It’s not bad for Angie to try to clear up things for Pax. I don’t think Angie just blurted out but, if said, she prob said it very delicately. I don’t think it’s what led to Pax not seeing his father. Think most of the kids didn’t want to see him after the plane incident.

    • elle says:

      @Lithe. same for me. It is so hilariously unflattering. It’s like the love child of John Fogerty and a wax mannequin.

  50. FF says:

    Even if Angelina did tell Pax that we wouldn’t know why. Some kids will blame themselves for a parents distance and it can eat away at them and their self esteem, as they are processing it as it’s because there’s something wrong with *them*, not that the parent might have issues.

    If it was that type of situational pathology then I could see her telling Pax that just to stop him internalising Brad’s behavior.

    • A says:

      This! And some parents do take their feelings out on their children and use the as a stand-in for whatever issue they’re dealing with. They’ll never admit to it, but the difference lies in their treatment, and children pick up on these things with a lot more clarity than parents ever realize.

  51. Sidewithkids says:

    I wonder if Angie gonna come out w/ a statement or if she’s just gonna remain silent like usual. I give her a lot of credit for being a person who doesn’t respond. They be wanting her to tho. But Angie plays it cute and says nothing. That’s the thing about Angie I find quite compelling. We know a lot about her yet we know nothing at all. She seems like an open book but the book as been redacted in several places.

  52. A says:

    This is a super carefully worded statement, and it’s incredibly manipulative. I know there are still people who are committed to seeing “both sides” of this situation, but there is no balance and two sides to this stuff at all.

    For starters, the whole allegation that she “told Pax that [Brad] never wanted him.” i’m not saying that I don’t side-eye celebrities adopting children from the third world, because we’ve already seen that that type of thing leads to incredibly fraught family dynamics. I do think it’s questionable that Angie wanted to adopt another child so soon after the birth of Shiloh.

    However, it’s very obvious to me that Brad Pitt feels incredibly resentful of the things that happened then, and I would not doubt the fact that he made that fact very obvious to Pax. It wouldn’t be the first time a parent in this world has resented the presence of their child because of their unresolved issues with their spouse. And I would definitely not put it beyond Brad Pitt to demonstrate that sentiment towards Pax, who is the visible consequence of their issues at the time.

    It’s very likely that what actually happened was that Pax asked Angelina at some point why his father chooses to treat him this way when he likely doesn’t behave that way towards Shiloh. And Angelina was probably as honest as she could be in that situation, which is what she owes Pax. Brad Pitt probably got wind of this and immediately spun it the way he has in this article.

    I’m not surprised that Shiloh is more amenable towards maintaining a relationship with her father. There are a lot of families where one sibling is treated better than the others for whatever reason, and they therefore feel more comfortable with their parents. It happens. Shiloh’s relationship with her dad is her own, and I think it says something that we really haven’t gotten reports of any of these siblings fighting with each other or being fractured in any way. You know that everyone would be screaming up and down the street if word got out that even their children were fighting with each other as a result of their differing relationships with their father too.

    Also, as far as Maddox and Pax are concerned–Brad should just focus on himself. Improve your own life. Show your kids that you’ve changed. And instead of giving up hope on them, give them their space, but also make it apparent that if they ever feel like they’re in a place to patch things up, you’ll be there, without judgement. No parent has anything to gain from pre-preemptively writing their children off this way, and he’s doing more harm than good by putting this in a public headline.

  53. sage says:

    It’s obvious he doesn’t want to parent the adopted kids. The rumours that he never adopted them may be true after all.
    He had no problem hitting Maddox, being drunk while Zahara was choking on an ice cube and now admits to resenting Pax’s adoption. He told story about how he punished Pax by making him sit in a corner and would not let him leave even though he had to use the bathroom… so he relieved himself and Brad thought it was so funny. Poor kid. Brad doesn’t talk about his bio kids like that…

    • Hmm says:

      The one thing that stands out to me is Angie does what Angie wants to do. If Brad wanted to leave bye bye- she adopted kids when she wanted to and I gaurantee her surgeries will be the next weapon he and his team uses against her. She did it even if he didn’t want her to. He was
      Not gonna leave her she had to leave his sorry a– for abusing her kids but I still think she would’ve eventually been the one to leave that relationship regardless of how.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        Again, I don’t think this thing is a big deal but everything Angie does seems to be a big deal to people. Which is actually a bigger deal.

        That’s the thing, these tabloids/Brad and his team constantly want to make Angie seem like the bad parent when Mr. Lameness is clearly the worst parent alive. But what kind of real man doesn’t stand up for his kids. Even if he likes the three youngest, he still doesn’t treat them right. People talk about Shiloh horribly and he never shuts that down. That’s white male privilege do you tho, it keeps protecting jerks. Even in this article, they talk about how Brad stayed like he had so many options out there. Mr Lameness is a mess and I do believe he doesn’t care about his adopted kids like the ones he had w/ Angie. That’s why he told Angie to get pregnant. Remember they had the twins after adopting Pax so he didn’t have a problem adding them. Dude is sick. Plus, he still trying to hold on to her. If he is so great, why tie up custody, give the woman the divorce and move on.

        The other issue is the $$, he prob doesn’t want to support the adopted kids and if that’s the case, this guy is the biggest a— on the planet but I do think this is what’s happening overall.

      • Hmm says:

        Girl, sidewithkids he’s apparently worse than Charlie sheen. The same lawyer got Charlie 50/50.

        You know what got them using the alienation thing? His lawyer was also Kelly rutherfords lawyer. Everyone was saying alienation when she was going through it. Well Brad’s lawyer lost her the case and years later she still has to visit her kids in Europe.. She just about a month ago was complaining about all the stamps on her passport. Good job speigal. And to think his fans on jj were trashing Laura Weser and Samantha bey. They call Samantha Sammy as a show of how much they hate and disrespect her.

        The money issue comes from make it right foundation.

        You tell me why he sold their Nola home and ditched Nola? Tell me why the foundation can’t afford to fix the homes? People his celebrity friends (hopefully)soon to ex wife donated millions to the cause. They had galas to raise money. Where is that money that they couldn’t fix those homes?

  54. R says:

    Here’s the thing. Everyone is starting where Brad punched his eldest son. What was happening before that? Who do you think Brad was fighting with first? Which drunken abuser do you know started being abusive with their children? They start with their partner; irrespective of gender.
    That boy got in between a fight, that’s why Brad didn’t connect with his son’s face, think about it.
    Well, that’s how I’ve always known it to be.

  55. Rebecca says:

    I wonder if one of the problems with their marriage was that Brad Pitt did not form a close bond with any of the adopted children. Maybe he favored the biological children over the adopted children? Perhaps the conversation with Angelina came up because her adopted children already knew he favored the biological children and he never treated Pax like he was his father.

    • entine says:

      He bonded with Maddox first, and then Zahara. Along came Shiloh and I think that they went too quick for Pax, whatever the reason. I recall reading that they adopted Pax more for Maddox, to help him see an Asian face similar to his, to “balance” things.
      Since Zahara doesn’t have a brother-sister that looks like her, I am assuming that with Shiloh being born in Namibia, and Brad’s sister who adopted two boys from Ethiopia, they probably felt that Zahara was “covered”. I am willing to guess they wanted to show the adopted kids that they mattered the same, but in my opinion, they went too fast.
      None side is great, since AJ’s family health history, she became a young mother to all her children, but then when she got pregnant again, they were twins! they kept working,especially Brad, to maintain their jet setting lifestyle, of course. I think they really needed to stop , really stop working hours or countries away and take the time to bond with each of their children. They had the resources to do it. Apparently they tried to, outing with a few of them at a time, etc. It looks like it was not enough. AJ kept trying to prove herself, writing, directing, Brad, working here and there.
      When we adopted, I stopped working as much as I could (we had to pay debt, we still are), I work in 3 places, I left 2 for a while, then one, to spend time with my kid and I still felt my baby and I were not bonding enough, I felt it in my hearth. It took months for me to finally felt alright about it.
      Imagine having all these things to worry about, different backgrounds and close in ages, Pax coming as an older toddler with so many things to integrate into family dynamics, moving here and there, and sometime not seeing mom or dady for days or weeks, not having a steady group of friends for at least a year. I like the opportunities their lifestyle offered their children, but with so many things going on, maybe they could have been a bit less nomadic, and I am referring to the parents, too, to Brad and his multiple job commitments. One thing is to travel for fun, other for work with the family. Not bad either way, but they had a lot on their plate, and maybe took too many things for granted, didn’t talk things trough before making important decisions.

  56. Lea says:

    Honestly, they are both horrible, narcissistic people. Him for being abusive to his children. Her for alienating the kids even more by telling them horrible stuff. There is nothing worse than telling a child that he was unwanted, whether it’s a biological child or an adopted child.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      He was unwanted by Brad. Not by her. Plus, who says they are done w/ trying to be w/ their kids. That’s so cruel to say and it shows Brad doesn’t care about them. She does tho. Plus, again, if true, we don’t know the context of what was said and how it was actually said.

      • entine says:

        Oh, come on, sidewithkids, I am going to be honest here: I hesitated into adopting my daughter, I really had doubts and it was not because I did not “want” to do it, but was because I felt it was not the right time, and we were not the best people at the time, my husband and I had some issues, but it was an opportunity that we took anyway. I am very happy, but then a year ago, in an ugly fight my husband and I had, he told me “you did not even want her” I really almost divorced his ass right then and there. I am not really healed about my hesitations being used as a weapon to me. It is really unfair and one of the reasonsI doubted to adopt, that in disagreement between us as a couple he would turn into a person who says hurtful things before thinking. We are still working on things, he really saw how it was messed up thing to say.
        My family is not perfect, but really??? about a stranger like Brad it is a horrible thing to say, and it is not even in the original article. it mentions that he doubted it was the right time. What happened later, is a different story, maybe they did not bond, maybe Brad could have done a better job, maybe they could have been in therapy, maybe Angelina and him disagreed in child rearing and made things worse before and after the break up. They needed to be a team for the children, together or separated, and it does not have to be as you said in your comment.

      • MrsBeast says:

        Sidewithkids, your one sided over the top blind adoration of Angelina is silly.

      • Carmen says:

        @MrsBeast: What is silly about telling the truth? Saying publicly that you give up on having a relationship with your children is tantamount to kicking your kids to the curb. What kind of parent does that?

        (Caveat: that’s *IF* he really said that. The whole article reeks of fabricated bullshit. I think Brad has probably written the two oldest boys off, but I don’t believe he actually said it. He’s super-careful about promoting his image and he doesn’t want to look like the bad guy.)

      • Belle says:

        @entine Thank you for sharing your story. For me, it expresses the expectation that our intensely private discussions with our partners around these issues will be held by them in trust, regardless of what happens in the future.

  57. otaku fairy says:

    I’m going to have to disagree a little bit with the people who are saying it’s always cruel to tell a teen something like that about adoption or abortion. There are definitely ways to say it and contexts where it’s unquestionably cruel- either out of anger (“I could have/should have gotten an abortion!” “We didn’t have to adopt you! Maybe we shouldn’t have”), or out of a desire to manipulate and wrongly convince the child that the other parent doesn’t love them (“Your father wanted me to abort you. I’m the one who’s been by your side since before you were born,” or “Your father never wanted you. It was my decision to adopt you.”)

    But then there’s just opening up to a teen about how the family came to be and sharing a struggle, in a way that’s not malicious or manipulative at all. A parent might tell their son or daughter that when he or she was conceived, one or both parents freaked out and one or both of them did contemplate abortion because they worried they weren’t ready, or one parent wasn’t sure if they were ready to adopt. We don’t really know for sure which context Angelina said it in or if that’s even what she said. I think that if she did say it, it was in the latter way. But that won’t matter to people determined to see her as a crazy, narcissistic cartoon villainess anyway.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @OT, that’s the thing in America, we must have a villain and they want to make her the villain when she nobody’s villain, far from it. Plus, when Angie loves someone she protects and cares for that person (people). That’s another thing I could say she did wrong, building Mr. Lameness up so he didn’t look lame. Lol. She should have dumped him a long time ago.

      • Carol says:

        When Jolie loved she loved whole heartly and fiercely. First with BB and now BP. They both felt insecure/inadequate when they were with her. Pitt was worse of the two cause he had always wanted to be the good guy with his public image after being burned by his ex Goop. He didn’t want any tarnish on his image no matter what. He let his exes be blamed for the failures of both marriages. Aniston for not willing to get pregnant, that she cared more about her career than family. Jolie for not standing by him during the investigation and thereafter for not doing more to help bridge the relationship between him and the children. Even now, he let the adopted children be blamed for the reasons he didn’t see them. That they didn’t want him so he had to accept that nothing could be done for the relationship. Both women are better off without him. Jolie got it worse cause she got out too late.

      • Hmm says:

        How dare you leave out Jonny Lee. She once said she hoped they could be together again one day when older. They broke up because they were “simply too young” …

        That’s just who she is. Even tho she may say she’s not looking or ready to date and she’s only focused on her kids when she finds the next one it will be the same but hopefully without marriage.

    • Kebbie says:

      In that case, it would be when the child was told that would be important. If she told him prior to their splitting up vs telling him after they split up when she was fighting for full custody. I’m not convinced this story is even true though. I can’t see her telling him that his father didn’t want him, especially if Brad wasn’t involved in the conversation.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @ ET, the dude said in the article he knows his relationship w/ Mad and Pax is irreparable. Who says this? As a real parent, I would never say this even if I’m fighting w/ my child. I would say, I gonna try to figure it out, find ways to build a better relationship w/ my kid(s). He doesn’t say that. He says he’s done trying. What good parent says this.

      Also, you can have doubts about having kids anyway you choose to have them. I’m not saying the dude can’t have doubts. I’m saying he shouldn’t still have doubts after 12 years living w/ his three adopted kids. Lol. That’s cray and sad if you still don’t see them as your kid(s) especially after you give them your last name. You mean to tell me Angie forced him to do this. No, this is a grown man. Why people want to give him a pass is beyond me. Plus, we don’t know what this dude was saying to the kids in his drunken states. Anything could have came flying out his mouth. Come on, now.

    • AD says:

      @gaux, why not? I’ve seen millionaires dressing like tramps & one won’t be able to tell that they are millionaires. Apparently she teaches her children to be humble, she reminds them of under priviledged children, she allows her children to express themselves + maybe the children wants to dress like the way they dress themselves, they appear decent, not flashy & like any normal kids, they appear comfortable in their own chosen clothes. She allows them to choose & for the children to be able to have a choice. Empowerment please.

    • AD says:

      @otaku. 100% agree. Not forgetting that they are all in therapy, my guess is maybe it was a reply to a question made by her son, if it’s true she did it for a reason & not for cruelty, nastiness nor spite as commented by some. Again telling the truth is part of healing process, she said she wants the family to heal. Only them family knows the truth, no one else. Angie should not be condemned at all by anyone, she knows her truth.

  58. Jane says:

    I’d have no problem believing Jolie overshares and relies on her children for emotional support. Her mother did that with her, and the way Jolie has spoken about that is mostly very positive, because it made them very close.

    I think it was always obvious they fought over Pax’s adoption. Jolie went over without Pitt to adopt him, the People spread about it was focused on ‘her’ new son with only a mention that Pitt would adopt him sometime later. It read super-weird, like Jolie was a single woman with a casual boyfriend somewhere in the background who wasn’t really relevant. If adopting him was a joint decision you’d think they’d have just gone to the courthouse, got married, and done it together. Much easier that way, and it’s not like they weren’t already fully committed.

    • Hmm says:

      Well, Pitt should’ve said goodbye just as Angelina was willing to do if he didn’t want to adopt. He didn’t he stayed because of Angelina. He always loved and wanted Angelina more than he wanted their kids.

      Whenever she would go on humanitarian trips Brad would dip on the kids and be seen somewhere else. He would show up with the kids when she did.

    • entine says:

      they adopted Zahara the same way. I think she even adopted Maddox he same way,by herself, even if she was married at the time.
      Remember they were not going to get married, and I think that with international adoptions the process is easier if it’s a married coupler if the adopting woman is single instead than in a partnership.
      They probably left him out since some paperwork was being finalized, just like with Zahara, they were already together, but it was not openly known until a few moths later when her first pregnancy was announced.
      I think many of his issues come from his childhood/youth. How sad as he could ho so much better, still, the terrible demise of the marriage became because of both of them. Angelina or him could have separated before it ended in that state, they allowed it t deteriorate too much instead of making arrangements and being heather for their children.

      • Carmen says:

        She started the process of adopting Z before she met Pitt. He went with her to Ethiopia to bring Z home. I am wondering how his relationship with Z deteriorated because when she was a baby and a toddler, she was his little princess. I remember him talking about her on Larry King one night and saying she was an “absolute delight”. He adored that child. Maybe as the children move into late childhood and adolescence, he becomes less interested in parenting them.

    • crogirl says:

      Jane said:
      “I’d have no problem believing Jolie overshares and relies on her children for emotional support. Her mother did that with her, and the way Jolie has spoken about that is mostly very positive”

      I actually have no idea where all that crap “Angie leans on her kids is coming from”.
      She said in an interview while promoting By the Sea that she always makes sure her kids know she’s ok and doesn’t want them to ever feel like they have to take care of her, because while she was growing up she always felt she had to take care of her mother and didn’t want that burden for her children. Even after the separation she said she had to be strong for them and cry alone in the shower. I remember some people here critisized her for not showing the children how much pain she was in.

    • AD says:

      @crogirl. I think Jolie is always candid in sharing everything with her children especially now that they are coming to an age of understanding what goes around them. She said we do it together as a family & always reminded Brad to do things together as a family but Brad was always busy creating his wealth & partying. No wonder why Angelina bonded strongly with her kids because she was always there for them so now it’s paying off her hard work in nurturing her kids. I agree nothing wrong in sharing anything with her children especially with her status she is to be careful who she trust & she seems to trust her children no one else, can’t blame her

  59. Belle says:

    I hope these discussions at the very least illuminate that, if you choose to have children, your mission is to raise them to be independent, mature, critically thinking and emotionally healthy adults. We all fall short to some degree. However, regardless of the state of your marriage or your opinion of your significant other, it is a grave disservice to treat your children as confidants, weapons, best friends, show ponies, paychecks or shoulders to lean on. There is no exception to this.

    • sage says:

      It is a grave disservice to a drunk, neglectful, abusive parent. This will not help their personal growth either.

  60. Carol says:

    So this is his response after her lawyer released the statement about the custody agreement last month, lol. And that’s why he didn’t get 50/50. Is this an out for him not to pay child support for the adopted kids in the next step? Probably. Looks at what he’s trying to do to get out of his charity mess. At least, he’s consistent with his M.O in that it’s not his fault but everyone’s. When a father was willing to trade in the time of visiting with some of his kids for the others, you know right then there is something fundamentally wrong with the person. Never mind that those kids are the ones that he’d allegedly had alterations with to begin with. He is blaming the mother for parental alienation, the long custody battle for his estrangement with all the children, and the child services system for not allowing him to be with his kids when they needed him the most blah blah. Everyone but himself. Oh wait, he did admitted that he was drinking a bit much, that he was working too long and not present for the children and he gotta do better. That’s it but the rest is not his fault. The fact that the family is destroyed and they were all in therapy for the last two years and more to come is not his fault at all. I think decades if using drugs and heavy drinking had fried his brain or he is really a psychopath who can’t relate to real emotions.

  61. Jellybean says:

    This has a ring of truth to me. There seems to be plenty of blame to go around, but hopefully things will settle down now they are based in one place, and the children can feel secure .

  62. Rosie says:

    I don’t think Angelina has been a brilliant parent. Adopting a child who needed nurturing, stability and so much time when you already have 3 very young children and a busy career was to my mind selfish. The kids haven’t had strong parenting, mother love yes, but parenting is another facet. She probably is still not the perfect ‘parent’ but by god she will protect them. Brad just doesn’t seem to score on any level. I used to like him until he did the dirty in Jen. He was sneaky and totally self indulgent and if Jen had any fertility issues or they disagreed over having a baby that ‘family’ pic with Angelina was spiteful not insensitive.

    • entine says:

      yeah, they probably had the best in mind but i was too much for them as a couple to take on, more so that they already had their own issues. She was dealing with her mother’s agony,she died in January, and they finalized the adoption in March of the same year. I have lost my parents who I was very close to,and it is such difficult time. I think she tried hard, and raised the children as a way of healing, but they were doing everything so fast it was unhealthy for all of them at the end. Remember how she became too thin? I have never ever bashed her weight, but she was either breastfeeding or she was dealing with grief and trying balancing things and it showed on her health. I was around the Wanted-Salt- The Changeling period. I can’t remember well.
      To top that, they ended up pregnant with twins at the end of the same year (2007). They did not know they’d be twins, and it became a media circus with Pax there. In retrospective, they could have managed better and tried to keep a lower profile, but they were in a high for a good part of their relationship, which surely was not the best way to raise a complex family, and it took its toll on he same very people who should’ve known better.

    • Lady D says:

      It was probably Brad who pushed for the photoshoot. He has more than proved he enjoys being a dick to women, especially if she is the mother of the children he said he wanted. He’s the one doing the dirty to all women who don’t play his game. I can’t believe I was ever fooled by him.

  63. GeauxGirl says:

    Why do her kids always look like they’re in hand me down shit looking poor? I’m poor, so I’m not judging poor. I’m just wondering how the heck a multimillionaire dresses her children in such tattered wares.

    Knox’ shirt is wayyyy to small. If you look closely you’ll spot the thumb holes on the cuffs. Those are supposed to go over the thumbs, but the shirt is too small for him to do that. And his pants are super faded. So is Shiloh’s sweatshirt. But Queen Angelina is in brand new garments all the time. Just seems weird. Makes sense to see children in a poor or struggling family in such attire, but not a wealthy family.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @geaux, They kids boo. Lol. I remember I use to wear these sweatpants all the time when I was younger. My Mom would tell me to stop wearing them since I have so many clothes. I never did tho. I kept wearing them.

      Also, those clothes aren’t cheap. Betcha those outfits are about $200-$300, each. Angie let’s her kids pick out their clothes. They just kids so they pick out the same ones. All kids do this.

    • CA Family Code says:

      I agree Geauxgirl. There’s something amiss

    • entine says:

      They have been seen in good looking clothes,Zahara, for example, and the jackets, too, I think Maddox does look well dressed. it is the pants and t-shirts of the younger kids that look this way and are actual hand-me downs from the older boys. Who knows, maybe the clothes have history and they covet them. I loved sleeping in my t-shits and did not care for frills at all for a long time, until I got to college.

    • Trillian says:

      If you saw the way my kids dress you’d think we are homeless. My teenager lives in sweatpants and has such similar looking hoodies that I have to look closely to make sure he’s not wearing the same one for a week. My toddler is extremely stubborn and will insist on picking her own clothes, and I choose my battles by only interfering if she will be cold in whatever she picks. As a result, she often looks like a crazy homeless princess. So what.

    • Carmen says:

      Since I retired I live in t-shirts and holey jeans.

  64. AD says:

    If this article is true, it is not cruel to tell her son. AJ policy ” Honesty is the best policy “. There must be a good reason why she has to tell him after all these years, I don’t think for one moment that she told him to hurt him or for a spite towards BP. Don’t forget that the family are going through a lot of therapy, talking therapy overhauling their family dynamics. I guess something was brought up that AJ has no choice but to tell the truth. Sometimes people feels better after knowing the truth, they accept it & helps them to have a better understanding of matters, issues & make adjustments themselves how to resolve or deal with issues.
    BP at the same time took the opportunity to misinterpret it in a negative way. If he had a loving father & son relationship with his sons there is no way AJ can break it no way, the boys will turn their back on her if she tried or tries to destroy their relationship. The problem with BP is that he did not create a loving bonding relationship with his boys when they were under the same roof that’s the reason why he is struggling to built a relationship now with his boys, too late, the boys are old enough to understand the family dynamics & what went through when they were all together. They could feel who love & nurtured them. It appears that the children are sticking with their mother through thick & thin no matter what nothing seems to break their relationship so AJ must have done a good job in nurturing her children she doesn’t need to bribe them unlike BP, spending on high tech gadget, building millions of play area in his back garden to win them now at their age! AJ only give them her love not material stuff.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @AD, I agree. But they always twist what Angie says and does. Just like from the Vanity Fair article, on how she picked the kids for the last film she directed. They turn her words and the context against her. It’s like people really want to bring her down. It’s so sad they’re like that w/ her. She’s done some great things and unfortunately no one wants to talk about that. That’s American Society for you.

    • Belle says:

      LOL its really hard to twist something like this (if true) into the loving, selfless, healing act of a great parent.

  65. Wowwowwow says:

    Add kissing LOL.

  66. AD says:

    TELLING the truth/ talking about issues in life often releases the internal pain/ emotions & subsequently cures the pain. Telling the truth answers many doubtful questions, feelings & observations. People accepts the truth differently either positively or negatively. Telling the truth resolve issues & can be a good thing so it is good to tell the truth. IT should NOT be seen as negative attitude. It is the way how it is said & how the affected person takes or sees it. I don’t see any Cruelty in it at all in fact in therapy often depending on the situation people are encouraged to tell the truth as it will be clouding their minds if they don’t.
    BP did say on his GQ interview that when he is working he is not hearing. He also said children’s hands needs to be hold & children needs to be listen to. I bet that’s what Angelina must have told him all the time when they were together but he never listened, now they are all gone. I also read an interview of AJ where she said children needs protection.
    Whatever the truth, the Jolie-Pitt family needs a lot of sorting for a long time, shame, maybe their work, status, wealth, has taken over their family/ love relationship that they did not have time to nurture their relationship as a family. Very sad indeed but where there is despair there is hope.

  67. Truth hurts says:

    What I find surprising is we have heard for months damaging evidence filtering through gossip mags is EVERYTHING Angie could have possibly done to hurt the kids and Pitt yet she still has temporariy full custody.
    That is evidence to me that it is BS. Smear is the correct word. Even the talk shows who engaged in this have began to look away. I think they are even tired because we can all see what has happened.

  68. JadedBrit says:

    Brit here, so could someone Stateside please clarify something for me: how can social and case worker reports and comments be freely available to the media? Are their reports made open in court and is that reportage then legally free to be disseminated via the media? And, if not, and they’ve leaked to whatever source, will they not face disciplinary action? On this side of the Atlantic such claims would result in tribunals, job termination and possible criminal proceedings.

    • Carmen says:

      You notice the tabloids say “a source” told them this and “a source” told them that. That’s code for “we are fabricating this bullshit story out of thin air.”

      I am American and I am a retired clinical social worker. If I had leaked any information at all about any of my clients to the media, I would have faced suspension or loss of my license to practice. I don’t believe any social worker or caseworker told them anything.

  69. Svea says:

    Never say never. Time does often heal.

  70. Ms says:

    Don’t make your kid your therapist. Don’t make your kid your therapist. Dont make your kid your therapist.

    • JadedBrit says:

      @MS you’re so right – and astute. Children aren’t stupid. They hear adults talking, they see and observe, they sense atmospheres. But at the same time – they’re so tiny and vulnerable. The world is so huge to them, so unknown. They need peace, routine, for others to be strong for them while they learn what strength is.
      They should never be treated as confidants. That’s what parents are for – to be the equivalent of lamplight and rain drumming on the roof, warm beds and drowsy security, against life outside. Not to be the child – to be hectic, vituperative, vengeful. So wrong. So very wrong.

  71. Sidewithkids says:

    Angie needs to come out w/ a statement to clear this up. Where’s that brilliant lawyer of hers. I would sue. I’m that type of bi—. Lol. I hope she’s thinking of ways to sue and also go ahead and get your kids. Let it go to trial. Angie is tooooooo nice. She shouldn’t be anymore. I don’t see anything wrong but the context in which they wrote it makes her looks bad. They do this to get a rise out of her. It’s sick and sad.

  72. Sidewithkids says:

    For all the people who believe Angie is not doing a good job. Where’s your evidence? Proof? Oh, that’s right you have none. Lol. Are any on drugs? Are any in jail? Are any on social media acting a fool? Lol. They don’t even have tattoos (yet). No, people want to say she’s not a good mother but she has not put anything in the press. HE HAS THO. All this woman did is divorce this man and got her kids. For all of these lies being put out there by Brad and his team, the woman still got what she wanted and he got less than 50%. NOT HER, HIM. He just wants people to believe she is talking to them, keeping them away from him. This is not true. He just isn’t a good parent. If he was it would not have taken over 2 years and he still doesn’t have 50%. This is evidence. This is proof. Angie lives in reality while he and his stans live in la la land. Lol.

    This new article is his way of saying I don’t have to have my oldest boys. I’m alright w/ not having them. That’s what’s sick and sad. He wants people to look over that and focus on Angie and what she may not have said her her son. Y’all are lame. Just like y’all follower, Mr. Lameness.

    People just be mad and jealous this woman is living her life, beautifully I might add.

  73. Cayyuutee says:

    This makes me think that the fight on the plane was probably about adoption. Maybe Brad said something that really hurt Maddox during the altercation.

    And also, this is why situations like this should be kept private. What if Brad really didn’t want to adopt Pax, and this is the first time Pax is hearing it in the news? This would be so hurtful to him.

    The smear campaign needs to stop.

    • Carrottop says:

      I have no idea what went down on that plane but she had signed a rental contract weeks before. They were done and dusted and over before then and she was just finding the right time to leave. The plane incident was clearly the last straw for her.

  74. Fidget says:

    I think that Brad has a right to say “I don’t want another kid right now” and not have it eternally tarnish the relationship with the child that follows. Telling a child that he was “never wanted” by his father is disgusting and an obvious skewing of facts.

    I also think that Angelina has a right to tell him to go to hell, and the right to do anything in her abilities to dissuade her children from having a relationship with a man who assaulted (but “never hit”) his child, after presumably verbally assaulting his wife, then drunkenly tried to steal a f***ing fuel truck at an airport. HE IS COMPLETELY IN THE WRONG HERE. Until she abuses or hurts her child, I don’t give a toss what she says or does to or about her ex.

  75. Carrottop says:

    The world totally wanted a HW golden couple with a humanitarian spin! These two were there! A lot of people – even people who didn’t initially like Angelina (Pitt was always more mainstream than she was) – fell in love with them! Then they fell in love with the image. Having that many kids that quickly is insane. Wished they’d all – that’s including the kids – could have made it as a happy family but the image is often very different from cold, hard reality esp if you live in the HW circus.

  76. Sidewithkids says:

    Angie in LA now, w/ some folks looking unbothered. Lol. Her fans prob get more upset than she does. Plus, someone posted that she’s wearing jeans (again). A big yes to that. Angie leaving Mr. Lameness was the best thing to do. She finding her groove again and it’s great to see.

  77. anp says:

    How evil is it for him and his team using the tabloids to deflect off him the incident on the plane, his not being around to nurture the two older sons. Why is some of the public buying this nonsense?

    I would like to see Angelina come out to dispute this allegation.

  78. Luna Lovegood says:

    Maybe she didn’t want him anymore because of his nude pics all over the internet with Paltrow. She could live with the skinny wiener, for a while, but the mangina pic finally disallowed her from being able to fantasize about a BD

  79. Sidewithkids says:

    I really don’t think having all of those kids are a big problem for Angie. I think they’re a problem for him. She seem to know how to deal whereas he doesn’t. Now, I’m sure it’s prob stressful but having kids period is stressful. But the way Angie is w/ those kids is beautiful imo.

    It’s funny people talking about Brad not wanting the adopted kids. I think Angie didn’t want to have kids by birth. I remember one time she said Shiloh told her she did more for the adopted kids rather the ones she birthed. I’m sure she loves them all, Him, not so certain, I think he loves himself more which is sad and he’s trying to cover that up so no one will find that out.

  80. anp says:

    Why does Not the public pay Attention to this Idiot’s Actions instead of what he says?

    • Sidewithkids says:

      He’ll get his. Justice always comes around, takes some time but he’ll get exposed. The dude is miserable now. He tries to look happy but you can tell something’s not right w/ him. He lost the most valuable thing in the world, Family. He didn’t get what he wanted and he never will. He wants people to believe that’s b/c of her when it’s not, it’s b/c of him and his actions. His naive stans and people who are jealous of her know it too yet they feign like they don’t. They need a reason to hate her and there aren’t any really. The difference btw Angie fans and them are Angie’s fans read books while they read the Daily Mail. LOL.

      Her not responding to this one kinda surprises me but then again she never really responds and I start thinking she got what she wanted, her kids. No need to respond. That part’s over. I’m pretty sure now she won’t have anything to say (about all this) until she has a movie or something to promote from here on out. She’s good. She won. She got custody of her kids. Plus, they really love her.

  81. AD says:

    Of course it’s irreparable because he knows the truth,the damage he’s caused & he is guilty! I don’t think it is only about the plane incidents. He knows the treatment he gave those boys for years nothing can replace a loving, caring, kind relationship with any children, not wealth, status, nothing. To be a disciplinarian there is a way to do it. Bullying & any FORM of abuse is a No No No full stop. Adults are there to provide guidance, support, loving, kind, safe & healthy environment & not to take advantage because they are kids dependent to adults.

  82. Reeta Skeeter says:

    Wow, Knox and Vivienne are absolutely stunning children!