Josh Duhamel, 45, wants to find someone ‘young enough to have kids’

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It feels like Josh Duhamel and Fergie split years and years ago, but their split only happened in 2017. Reportedly, their divorce was pretty amicable, and there doesn’t seem to be any drama over custody of their son Axl. Fergie and Josh have joint custody, and to his credit (?), Josh seems like a good dad who prioritizes his son. I think we knew during Josh and Fergie’s marriage that he wanted more kids and she really didn’t. Well, as it turns out, maybe that was a factor in their split, and now his big priority is finding some young, fertile woman to have his babies:

Josh Duhamel is ready to be a dad again after his divorce from Fergie.

“I’m not 30 years old anymore,” he told Dax Sherpard on his “Armchair Expert” podcast on Thursday. “I’m 45. I want to have more kids in the next few years…So it’s more about finding someone young enough to have kids. It’s not as if I’m out there trying to just f–k anything. That’s not who I am. I’m trying to find a girl that I can be with and have a family with.”

Duhamel split from the “Double Duchess” singer, 43, in 2017 after 13 years together. They welcomed their son, Axl Jack, 5, during their eight-year marriage.

The “Transformers” star was most recently linked to Eiza Gonzales, 28, but they broke up in July.

“Fergie and I had a great relationship,” he said on the podcast. “I love that girl and I always will. Unfortunately, we didn’t work. But I will always have her back and she is the mother of my baby.”

[From Page Six]

Is this gross or is it just honest? If a woman said “my priority is finding a young mate who will have babies with me,” wouldn’t we applaud her for knowing her own mind and making her own priorities? But yeah, it comes across as slightly skeevy and gross when it’s a 45-year-old man talking about finding someone “young enough” to have kids with him. What’s also gross is that I bet a lot of women hear that and go “aw, I’ll have your babies!” Ugh.

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  1. LORENA says:

    Hate to break it to you Josh but even young women can have fertility issues…

    • cannibell says:

      And I have a friend who was 39 when she had her first and 43 when she had her second, so there’s that.

      • LORENA says:

        yeah exactly I mean look at Meghan she seems to have gotten pregnant right away, you just never know

      • minx says:

        39 with my first, a week past 47 with my second (she’s the toddler in my pic here).
        No fertility help needed fortunately. Didn’t plan it that way, just happened. You just never know.

      • isabelle says:

        Had a friend, first one at 40 second one at 44. She married someone 15 years younger than her. The DR said it may have been easier for her to get pregnant because her husband was young and sperm quality was better than say a man at 40. Someone needs to tell Josh his sperm quality began declining after he was 28. Very much declines after age 35. Men walk around with this false sense of they can have kids at anytime with anyone they want, that is a complete lie. Men’s hormones and sperm declines and it becomes increasingly harder for them to produce kids.

      • Eyecreamnotneeded says:

        Thanks, Isabelle! Lots of people don’t seem to realise men do experience a similar decline in reproductive capacity from their 20s, though admittedly it’s not existential like menopause is.

    • Loopy says:

      Right he should have said he wants to find a WOMAN who is fertile. Oh maybe he is stressing young because he thinks he won’t be able to along after them.

      • CoffeePot says:

        Loopy—I think that isn’t part of it. Those dudes having kids into their mid 50s cannot be oblivious to the fact that they will be approaching 70 when their kids are reaching adulthood.

        They might consider it a problem, but why do that, when you can make it your younger partner’s deal?

    • Funcakes says:

      Someone who will put up with his crap.
      Someone who is easily manipulated.

      • Sam says:

        Or somebody younger than him who is able to have children with him fast, because he is – not exactly young anymore…himself.
        There is no time to waste.

      • kim says:

        agree, a lot of younger 21-26 havent quite really lived life as adults and are easily swayed. He’s still the guy that cheated on fergie with a stripper…i still remember that bs, then fergie started iv procedures after . . .

        he’s gross.

    • Bailie says:

      Sure they can, but the probability of 30 year old having fertility issues is usually less than someone who is 42 years old.
      It’s just common sense, really.
      Biologically we are designed in such a way.
      He seems to be a loving, hands on father, so if he wants to have more children…good for him.

      • Amy Too says:

        Bailee, if he’s a loving hands on father who just wants to have more kids he can adopt or use an egg donor and surrogate mother. The idea that his number one priority in a relationship is looking for a “girl” who is fertile, is gross. He’s not lookin for a partner, a relationship, someone he can love, trust, and spend his life with…he’s looking for a fertile body. That’s disgusting.

    • Elisa says:

      IMO it’s not only about fertility issues but energy levels. I’m in my late 30s, I have a challenging job and I’m wiped in the evenings. The only thing I’m still able to do is comment on Celebitchy, ha. 😉
      Seriously, in my late 20s, early 30s I held a senior position, working 60 hours a week, and I partied regularly during the week, worked out almost every day, met friends etc. That’s absolutely impossible now. So I get what he is saying…
      Also, he is pretty hot.

  2. SamC says:

    Eh, the honesty doesn’t bother me. What does is when he, and anyone, calls adult women “girls.”

    • Bettyrose says:

      Yep. I was fine till that point.

      • Shaleah says:

        Same, so gross and annoying. I was also offended when he said he’s not out there f*cking “anything” – like women are objects.

    • manda says:

      I agree with this sentiment. However, I know that I still refer to men as “boys” lots of the time. So, I can’t full on be annoyed with him with this statement.

      The thing that kind of gets me is–just fall in love and you can adopt if your love can’t have babies.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Very simple and very true.

      • Jackie says:

        Yes, because adoption is an easy solution to having kids … people who have never had fertility issues really shouldn’t offer such insensitive “advice”.

      • elo320 says:

        Yes it is, especially if you’re a millionaire. What’s so offensive about suggesting that someone, god forbid, adopts a child that needs a loving home instead of producing a new one?

      • Brittney B says:

        There aren’t as many “children who need loving homes” as we all want to believe… the adoption industry revolves around coercion, and very often it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. (For starters, it’s very telling that you say it’s “especially easy” if you’re a millionaire. Should that really be the case?)

      • elo320 says:

        But what’s insensitive about it?

    • a reader says:

      Oh I’m so glad someone else said it.

      Any 45 year old man who still refers to grown women as “girls” has maturity issues.

    • Himmiefan says:

      Yep, totally agree.

      I understand wanting kids, but Josh is kind of treating women like breeding machines.

      • Debby says:

        That is going quite far. I don’t think he’s treating women like breeding machines. He just wants to have kids soon (which is logical given his own age) and he’s being upfront about it so he can find someone who has the same wish and is a little younger than him. Nothing wrong with that. It’s not like he’s saying he wants his future partner to be barefoot and pregnant all the time and she has to stay home to take care of his brood.

    • Wasabi says:

      Yup, sounds gross. Would be equally bothered by a 45 year old woman who would look for a “boy young enough to have kids with”.

      • Gorgonia says:

        I’m with you, it would be gross either. You don’t look for someone young enough to have kids, you look for someone to love and then, maybe, you have kids.

  3. Louise says:

    But how come its ok when a woman says “I dont want to date, I want to settle down and have a family” its ok and is honest? I think its fine he said this.

    • Killjoy says:

      While that was likely his meaning, he could have chosen his words better. He doesn’t want to “fuck anything”? Ok. We’re all humans here, and even those who don’t want kids/are whores. That kinda talk is gross.

  4. Millennial says:

    I find this attitude super obnoxious . It’s a male privilege to be able to have biological children at pretty much any age.

    I really wish women could have biological children whenever. So many social dynamics would be different.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, I agree that he sounds icky when he says that. It comes off as kinda Handmaid’s Tale in that he wants first and foremost someone to bear his kids and that finding a true partner and falling in love is secondary.

      • Pamela says:

        I wonder what the rest of the convo was though. I agree that this sounds kind of gross, but he goes on to say that he isn’t looking for just hook ups, he wants to settle down and have kids. It seems like maybe this was a super awkward way of saying “I am not interested in casual sex, I want something serious.”

        However, the cynic in me side eyes the whole thing and has to wonder if all this “I want someone of child bearing age because I am a nice, family man that just wants to settle down and have babies” is just a cover so people don’t call him out when he starts dating a string of 20 year old starlets. “Naw…he’s not gross, he just wants babies”. Not buying it.

      • elo320 says:

        >“I am not interested in casual sex, I want something serious.”

        Oh yes, I’m sure now that he’s announced publicly he’s looking for a woman falf his age, he will turn down all the 20-year-olds looking for a sponsor who will be throwing themselves at him. Also, going by all the cheating rumors throughout his marriage to Fergie he very much IS interested in casual sex.

    • Another Anna says:

      It’s also male privilege not to worry about the consequences of having later in life children. The quality of the sperm declines as the man gets older. Men who have later-in-life babies are more likely to pass on genetic mutations to their children. That doesn’t necessarily mean that those mutations are harmful, but it is not just the woman’s age that matters.

      Also if he really wants more kids, adoption is an option. His attitude of seemingly wanting more bio kids is just some midlife crisis BS about wanting to prove that he’s still virile. That or wanting to justify dating younger women. He can miss me with his nonsense.

      • BorderMollie says:

        Yep, it’s a hard truth. There’s a reason why men have issues getting it up and on in later years-nature trying to keep the best and most viable sperm in circulation and keep the rest off the market.

  5. Emily says:

    I think he could have phrased it better by not emphasizing age (although a reality), but if it were a woman saying “I’m not messing around anymore. My clock is ticking and am only going to invest time in men who want what I want,” we would be fine with that.

    He is however ignoring the options of having a kid alone or finding a same age partner and adopting.

    • The Rational Consumer says:

      Look, everyone and their sister knows adoption is an option. Maybe he considered it and it isn’t for him. Maybe he truly prefers the husband-wife-biological kids path, and that’s okay too.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree with this – I don’t take issue with him wanting more children, and he should be honest with those in his life, but limiting it to age is not great. As others have said, some women can have children well into their 40s, some young women can’t, there are options like surrogacy or adoption- or maybe he meets someone who already has children and becomes their bonus dad.

      I haven’t listened to it yet, so it may come off differently when I do, but this kind of sounds like he’s looking for a 20 something.

      • JANE says:

        @lucy2 : yes, some women can have have children in their 40’s, even without any fertility treatments, it can happen and it does, but the reality is that younger women may have a better chance at getting pregnant than older women.
        It’s just a reality.
        And I don’t think he is automatically thinking of a wife in her twenties, maybe it’s a 30 year old or a 32 year old.
        Only he truly knows.

  6. Bettyrose says:

    IDK, I guess men really do have less ability to say fukit I’m doing this on my own if the right partner doesn’t come along. But Dude looks way older than 45, imo.

    • Esmom says:

      Funny, I was thinking he looks pretty youthful for 45. Maybe I’ve been around too many shlumpy Little League dad types — balding, paunchy — lately, lol.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I agree with Bettyrose ,but I agree with Esmom too.IDK if he looks older than 45, but he *seems*older,he and Fergie have been around for seemingly ever,so that’s were I get the him again 😕Line of thinking.Like shouldn’t he be about 55…
      And Esmom I too am around enough dads who look older,they are good guys,but they are tired from work,running kids to sports,and look,well schlumpy.So in the purely physical,I think he looks fine at 45.
      I just became 43,and I can’t help but think he does look a lot older than me though,but then again he’d probably think I look about 75 in Hollywood years🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Kitty says:

    He could have phrased it better I think but I don’t see a problem with it. He wants more kids, if it was a woman saying something similar everyone would be all for it.

  8. donut nut says:

    Does he know old sperm can also cause problems with babies?

    Co-sign the issue w/ using “girls.” Everyone does it, and it annoys me so much.

    • Kitty says:

      Anything can happen with babies is the thing. I have a cousin who recently had a baby at 24 years old and the baby didn’t get enough oxygen during birth and has cerebral palsy now. Anything can happen

    • CA Family Code says:

      Agreed to both Donut and Kitty. But, I have to agree that Donut’s point was the first to pop into my mind: “A mother’s age is often considered a genetic risk factor for offspring, but research is now pointing the finger at fathers, too, particularly when it comes to the mental health of their progeny. Males may have the advantage of lifelong fertility, but as they grow older, the rate of genetic mutations passed on via their sperm cells increases significantly—putting their children at increased risk for psychiatric disorders, especially autism and schizophrenia. The greatest risk of mental health disorders, 42 percent, was seen in the children of fathers aged 50 and older, with wives at least 11 years younger than their husbands.”

      IMO – Josh is being ageist and sexist. I realize that sounds harsh, but it’s what my gut tells me. “You womens folk needs ta stop birfin babies in yer twenties.” Whatever, why not focus on raising the healthy kid you have and not act like a caveman.

      • Barcelona says:

        @ CA Family Code :

        I’m sorry, but I really disagree with you about Josh being sexist and ageist.
        I’ve tried to have a child in my very early forties ( 40 and 41 ), unfortunately my pregnancies ended in miscarriages and by all accounts I was healthy, so was my husband, who is only 10 months older than me, all of the doctors sited my age in regards to my miscarriages.
        I had top notch health care, but nobody can turn back the clock.
        It’s a reality that a woman’s age matters when it comes to fertility, it’s also true that even though men can procreate even in their 60’s and 70’s, the child may have health problems as a result of the advanced age and quality of the sperm.
        I don’t see anything wrong with Josh being honest about wanting to have more children with a younger woman, because age can make all the difference, as I very well know myself.

      • CA Family Code says:

        actually my point was simply, his age puts him at risk. a younger woman will not remedy this

  9. Beth says:

    What would he do if he fell head over heels in love with a woman who couldn’t get pregnant? All guys seemed to want babies, and that’s why I gave up for years on finding someone to love

    • me says:

      Yeah because it’s easy for men to have babies. They have 2 minutes of pleasure while the woman gets 9 months of hell plus God knows how many hours of labor, plus all the after-birth sh*t that goes on too. Men have it wayyyy too easy.

      • Ann says:

        @me, if it makes you feel any better vasectomies are no picnic for men. I was happy to learn that. In addition to them having it super easy on the baby making front they also have it relatively easy on the not making babies front. Having my IUD placed was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced so damn right I’m happy to hear men get some pain with their BC too.

      • pinetree13 says:

        Ann I don’t know who told you that but most vasectomies are super easy on men; it is only the odd unlucky man that has a bad experience. Almost all my husband’s coworkers had them done and were back to work the same day no issues. It can even be done as an outpatient procedure and they even have procedures that are so non-invasive they can legally be called “non-surgical” vasectomies. One of his coworkers said he never experienced any pain whatsoever (and we were interested in this since my husband plans to get this).

      • Ann says:

        @pinetree, rats! My brother had it done this year and he took a day off work after because he was in pain. I felt bad cause it’s my brother but also had some schadenfreude because he’s a man. Oh well. I was being petty anyway.

      • elo320 says:

        What? When a couple doesn’t want kids it’s actually generally advised for the guy to get snipped because of how much less invasive the procedure is, compared to a woman’s.

  10. LT says:

    It’s the focus on the age, not the shared values or aspirations, of his future partner that is off-putting. And it just sounds icky.

    I really can’t get too worked up over the injustice that men can procreate long after a woman can. It’s not fair, but it’s biology. It’s not as if the patriarchy invented menopause as a way to oppress women.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Plus it’s less and less an inequality. Women can have babies without partners now with minimal stigma, and women who wait until they’re older/more financially established still have fertility options, along with surrogacy and adoption. Outside of Hollywood, how many 50 year old men will easily find a 30 year old partner for babies?

    • Veronica S. says:

      Well, it’s also an entirely sensible biological operation. Pregnancy and birth can be very hard on the body. Plenty of young women die in childbirth all the time without proper medical care. Evolution cuts off our reproductive status at a certain age for our own protection.

      What’s gross isn’t the idea that he wants children. It’s that he’s defining his female partner by her reproductive capability from the get-go. Adoption and surrogacy are totally viable options in this day and age, especially at his income status. The statements reveals a lot more about him and his prejudices about what are “proper” families than he realizes.

      • Kitty says:

        That’s a pretty big assumption to make about someone after reading like one thing he said. He didn’t say anything about “proper” families or adoption. I would guess that most women his age probably won’t want to have children anyway, so if he wants more kids he should date someone younger. Surrogacy and adoption aren’t for everyone, just like having children isn’t for everyone.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Adoption is an entirely valid form of family creation. By suggesting it’s somehow “isn’t for everyone” implies that biological reproduction is somehow inherently more meaningful or valid. We can dance around the semantics on that, but the reality is that people legitimately believe that and aren’t afraid to state it. Implying you want a younger partner to birth you children is suggesting you don’t view adoption as an option.

        Beyond that, suggesting you want a partner for the purposes of having children is pretty telling about who’s going to be doing most of the work of the child-raising. If we’re going by the assumption that most women his age don’t want children, we have to examine why that is in an era where surrogacy, IVF, and adoption are available. And the reason, presumably, is because child raising is a f*ck ton of work, and the stress of that work isn’t limited to biological parameters the way the actual pregnancy/birth process is. Which means he expects her (or nannies) to do most of the hard work. Sorry if that sounds crass, but that’s my personal experience with men his age who want children. They find the idea compelling exactly because they don’t plan on being the primary support. I live with kids, and raising them is a fun adventure, but it’s not glamorous either, and I’ve run into way too many men in my thirties who conceptualize it exactly because they live in a society where the bulk of the responsibility isn’t put on them

      • Kitty says:

        I’ll say it again, that’s a lot of assumptions to make about a person from a few sentences. He seems to be a good dad, he’s got his kid like half the time.

        I never said adoption wasn’t a valid form of becoming a parent. I’m just saying it’s not for everyone and I think a lot would agree with me.

      • Bettyrose says:

        ITA! His statement is steeped in seeking a receptacle for his sperm because virilty. Otherwise, he could’ve just said he was hoping to have more children. Full stop.

      • eto says:

        @ Veronica 100% I think financial reasons aside, people pushing off adoption as a valid and equal option is so strange to me. Yes, adoption comes with unique challenges but so do all children? I’d be interested in hearing more about this from folks with more experience in this area.

      • Ashby says:

        Adoption is not for everybody and having biological children is also not for everybody.
        My best friend who I grew up with never wanted to get pregnant, but she loves children and wanted two, so she adopted two kids.
        My first cousin also only ever wanted to adopt and she did one child and the paperwork is almost done for the second adoption.
        My colleague that I currently work on a project with only wants biological children and my executive assistant doesn’t believe in having an only child, because she doesn’t think it’s good for them, but she also doesn’t want to go through another pregnancy, so she is in the process of adopting.
        Life is not black and white, the truth is that younger women generally speaking may have less issues with fertility than older women. It doesn’t mean that an older woman can’t get pregnant, but it might be harder or not happen at all even with excellent fertility treatments.

      • LadyT says:

        Good Lord. I agree with Kitty. Adoption isn’t for everyone. And NOT because other forms are more meaningful or valid. What a leap! IMO adoption can be romanticized into this magical thing when in reality there are inherent risks and rewards (above and beyond all child raising) that should be considered with open eyes. It can be an added blessing or no different than a bio child or a challenge some people aren’t up for. A deep personal decision and commitment. Not my business how you make your family.

      • Veronica S. says:

        I’m not romanticizing adoption. Any form of obtaining children, biological or otherwise, comes with inherent risks because there’s no way to guarantee the lifelong health and safety of a child. Which is exactly why I stated reducing his future partner to her biological potential has implications beyond what he thinks. If we want to about accessibility and affordability, that’s a valid issue, but not really one for somebody of his financial worth.

        As for everything else, uh…sorry for my cynicism, but a forty-five year old man with children from a previous marriage with a history of public adultery? Talking about needing to “marry younger” to have more kids? Not really improving my perspective on how he views women. Just admit you want to f*ck younger women, Jesus. Not like anybody in Hollywood will bat an eye at it.

      • Americano says:

        I also agree with Kitty that adoption is not for everyone. I have an adopted nephew whom I adore so I speak from some experience. If the parents are not 100% sure, it is not something they should ever do. It is a huge disservice to the adopted child. You don’t adopt just because you want a baby. There is so much more to it! It has nothing to do with it being lesser or not as valid. It has to do with whether or not the parents are good enough and ready for the child. Honestly, not everyone is emotionally equipped to bond with and raise a baby that is not biologically their own and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not just about financiap accessbilty.

      • LadyT says:

        There IS a LOT more to it and people that casually throw out *just adopt* are romantizing it. We have a number of adoptions in our family and it comes with issues above and beyond child raising that are specific to adoption. Some minor, some very difficult. For example, teens years can be hard, teen years plus adoption issues can be harder. Unknown family histories of addiction tendencies have to be handled. Just do it with your eyes wide open. It is not for everyone.

      • eto says:

        Yeah, I don’t think I’m romanticizing it, I just think that ALL children are a mixed bag. Either that’s your child and you’ll work hard to get through whatever comes up or….not.

      • LadyT says:

        eto- Your response makes me want to cry. So every child doesn’t give a hoot if they were adopted. No effect whatsoever. Equal footing from day one. All kids can have hard times so no difference, right? Just some love, acceptance and hard work will make it all ok? That’s what I call romantizing adoption.

      • eto says:

        @ LadyT not saying that at all, guess we just don’t see eye to eye on this. Thanks for your perspective.

  11. Jus sayin says:

    Maybe the women his age he’s been meeting feel the way I do. I’ve had my babies, and I’m not going back to diapers and then teenagers for love or money!

    • Kitty says:

      Exactly. I’m not quite 31 yet and I am done. We have one kid, tried years for another and it didn’t work out. I said I didn’t want to have any past 30 and I’m sticking to it. I just don’t think I’d have the energy or patience. To each their own.

      • Tiramisu says:

        Regardless, if we like it or not, younger women may have less issues with fertility than older women, especially after the age of 35, the risks are higher.
        Obviously it doesn’t mean that older women can’t get pregnant or that younger woman can’t experience fertility problems, but generally speaking younger = better fertility.
        Adoption is not for everybody, just like having biological children is not for everybody.

      • Kitty says:

        Totally agree

    • isabelle says:

      He has a a lot of money. Rich people don’t have to raise their kids, they can pay other people to do it for them. My Aunt was a nanny for some uber wealthy and prestigious families. She said some parents would see the kids at most a few times a week and never more than a few hours at a time. They had “fun” with them, eat with them sometimes and occasionally put them to bed and then adios. Rich people can have kids late because they don’t have to be the fulltime parent. More like a part-time parent with visitation.

  12. runcmc says:

    You know what, I bet a lot of why they broke up might be that Fergie COULDNT have more kids. And maybe that’s why he’s focused on age- maybe they struggled to conceive because of her fertility, and he’s making decisions based on that.

  13. Nan says:

    Well, that was gross.

  14. Serphina says:

    That headline made me cringe. His swimmers may not be that great at his age as well. But i guess men dont think that way.

  15. Ali says:

    Just confirms what I’ve thought all along. Josh Duhamel is a poor man’s Timothy Olyphant.

  16. JRenee says:

    Maybe it wasn’t worded in the best manner or it’s written for a little shock value, but the essence of what he’s saying didn’t really bother me. He wants to find someone to settle down with and have children.
    I’m thinking he won’t have to wait for long, he put it out there publicly and I’m sure, someone will be happy to oblige.

    On the other hand, if Fergie was unable to have additional children, this would bother me..

  17. Murphy says:

    Congratulations now every woman over 35 hates you.

    • Kitty says:

      Doubt it, just the ones that are offended by everything lol. I doubt if many people even know who he is, let alone every woman over 35

  18. D says:

    Hahaha okay Dad they’re young enough to be your daughter so be happy with your incest like life creepo

  19. Lala11_7 says:

    That whole statement is ignorant AF…

    And he is OFFICIALLY off my “Hawt as a Rawk” list….


    • Veronica S. says:

      Yeah, the amount of people defending him are kind of surprising me. The guy has a known history of adultery in his first marriage. Not exactly prince charming to begin with.

      • NYCTYPE says:

        @ Veronica S. :
        I’m not sure what his adultery a few years ago has to do with him wanting more children with a younger woman.
        He is not saying that he is perfect or better than anybody else.
        I believe that adultery is absolutely awful, but he may have learned from it and grown to become a better person.
        I haven’t heard anything negative about him since the adultery story.
        I don’t see anything wrong with him looking for a younger spouse since he is already 45 years old and the reality is that generally speaking younger women may not experience fertility issues like an older woman could.
        It’s not sexist or ageist, obviously it doesn’t mean that an older woman can’t get pregnant or that a younger woman will be pregnant without any issues, but the probability is higher for an older woman to have fertility problems.
        Also an older man may have a child with health problems due to the age and quality of the sperm.

      • Barce says:

        Who said Prince Charming?
        He didn’t say he is Prince Charming and I don’t see any comment saying that he is Prince Charming.
        He is just being honest, biologically and generally speaking, it’s easier to get pregnant at a younger age, it’s just how it is.
        He is not exactly spring chicken either, which may be a problem when it comes to the health of the child.

    • me says:


      he comes off so douchey and like he’s looking for a mail order bride to bear him children

      his face is always red like a drunk too, just an observation

  20. Ann says:

    He should be concerned about his age , the advanced paternal age is connected with many defects in children, including autism, cancer in adulthood etc. I don’t understand why people act like it’s not an issue. Quite a few older celeb dads have children with issues: deNiro, Doglas, Baldwin …..

    • me says:

      I saw Billy Joel on Access Hollywood yesterday and he was still doing shows but has to use a teleprompter to remember the words to his songs. They brought his three year old daughter out to sing with him. This dude is 69 ! He’s 69 with a 3 year old. That is insane.

  21. me says:

    But isn’t Fergie around the same age as him? So he would have divorced her anyways because she was “too old to have kids”??? I don’t get it.

  22. NJ says:

    “I’m not out there trying to just f*ck anything”

    A. gross.
    B. wasn’t there a lot of stripper drama when he was married to Fergie?

  23. Notyouraveragehousewife says:

    So he wants someone that’s Fertilicious!

  24. stormsmama says:

    hangs head in shame
    I would so love to make more babies
    but I am 42 and my man is 53 and he says we are done at 2
    (plus he had 3 with his previous marriage)
    I love my 2 so much and if i were younger- or hell, if my husband was on board- id go for one more-
    so while his wording may feel off putting for some
    and insensitive to others
    I get it
    Problem is he’s blinded by the “young” thing so he will prob end up with a “young” baby mama who only wants him for his baby and money and fame
    If he were to say “I would love to meet someone who is interested in having children bc I love being a dad” he might find someone who is mature and ready to be a mom

    Still, I would have his baby (again hangs head in shame) he is gorgeous

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Storm mama ,please don’t be too negative or hard on yourself.There is no age,I mean I was on my second pregnancy (our boy)at 29,and due to SEVERE health complications I had a late term abortion,to save my life.I mean this was our WANTED,LOVED,DESIRED,second baby, as well,but no said the world,or,the medical community.
      Please hold your head up high regardless of any reason.You holding your head in shame is too sad and too hard.My online friend ,HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH!
      We have a scary brilliant girl and she will be studying at Harvard this summer at16.We don’t know WHY,but for me I know THAT all will be well,and the pain can subside.
      I validate all of your feelings,and prayers to you and yours.Bless you my friend 💐

  25. Michael Griffin says:

    Let me guess Josh. She has to be smokin’ hot too right? Will he be having them checked at the beginning of the relationship just to make sure they can have his kids? What an arrogant and toolish thing to say, and I am a dude. “Hey baby, I’m Josh. Are you fertile?”

    • april says:

      I agree with you. The subtext would be she has to be “smokin’ hot.” I always thought he was a jerk when he cheated on Fergie during the early years in their marriage. It was while he was away making a movie and it was with a waitress, I think. He probably wanted to discard Fergie because of her age.

  26. Gigi La Moore says:

    Nothing wrong with that. Good luck, dude.

  27. Usedtobe says:

    Back to the idea that women lose their worth as they get older which is why so many celebrity men date much younger women. I seriously hate that I just typed that but that was my very first thought. I don’t hate on him for saying it. He’s being honest. But women don’t get that choice if their first mate didn’t want more kids and their too old to have children.

  28. Justmyopinion says:

    Sorry, but he’s lost his looks.

  29. Pandy says:

    Can’t shit on him really. He knows he wants kids and GASP – we age out. It’s not male privilige either as someone posted – it’s just biology. Nothing wrong with what he said.

    • LoveBug says:

      Exactly, Pandy. It is biology. He wants more kids and he knows that he is not young anymore, so his sperm may not be in the best shape and he also understands that women age out and more issues come up with age when it comes to fertility.

  30. isabelle says:

    He can want what he wants but I pity the woman that he chooses because he is looking for a mom to his kids (very selfish really) . versus actually liking that person. He won’t be choose her out of true respectful love or liking her, he will choose her out of his needs. When a partner chooses out of connivence versus liking the person, it spells disaster for any relationship.

  31. themummy says:

    “Young” enough? Huh. Poor choice of words, I guess. I know of people from 15-53 who have had babies. My best friend just had her first and she’s 44. A colleague of mine who is 53 just had a baby. Seems like he should have said “fertile” (I mean, if he HAD to make this comment at all, that is).

  32. Jenn says:

    I had mine at 40 and 42 ( easily thankfully).
    I was relieved my man already had teenagers and wanted to be with me regardless of if I was still going to be able to have kids. The fact there was no pressure or stipulation in that regard was great.

    But Honestly I think this guy would probably be trying to get with a 30 year old woman regardless of if he wanted more kids or not . Because thats just how men, especially rich white men, do.

    Like if older women suddenly got crazy fertile these men would still be with young hotties and that’s the truth. They don’t like themselves. They want to be young.

  33. Rebecca says:

    When he says young enough to have children does that mean Fergie tried and wasn’t able to have more children? It sounds to me like that’s what he meant. If so, talking about wanting someone young enough to have kids in an interview is pretty insensitive.

  34. Cara says:

    Double standard maybe, but I find his comments highly annoying.
    Didn’t he cheat on Fergie with a stripper……Mr “I’m not a guy who will just sleep with anything” 🙄🙄🙄

  35. Endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    He still wears his hat backwards. All I need to know.

  36. Originaluna says:

    Well this escalated quickly… Let’s pump the breaks guys…
    I want to know where were all the concerned comments about a man’s fertility at 45 when Daniel Craig (much older) and his wife got pregnant?
    I agree it was a poor choice of words but what he said isn’t technically wrong. He said “younger” not “19 years old” so until he starts dating one of those, I don’t see the problem with what he said.

  37. Kayz says:

    I listened to the whole podcast and in context, what he’s saying makes a lot of sense, and it isn’t sexist or ageist at all! It’s a 90 minute interview that this article reduced to a couple of sentences. He talks about his own age and being a dad, and about his youngest sister being born when his mother was in her 40s, so everyone needs to chill and stop getting offended so quickly! He wants more kids, and with someone he’s built a solid foundation with, so she’s going to have to be younger than his 45 years when they get together to make that biologically possible. That’s just how it is.

    I’ve also actually met Josh, and got to know him a little bit. This was back when Fergie was pregnant with Axl, and he couldn’t wait for filming to wrap so he could go home to her. He was one of the only genuinely nice actors I’ve met, and in my profession I meet a lot.

  38. JANAK says:

    Jesus, you’re already one marriage down, focus on finding a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with~then figure out about having kids, there are so many different ways to achieve that now.