The Queen ‘sees Meghan as a very useful tool’ for securing the future of the monarchy

Royals Xmas Day church

Before the smear campaign, before the Royal Sussex Tour, before all of it collided into shambles, I said that it was notable to see how quickly Meghan Markle was being folded into the royal family. Meghan and Prince Harry’s courtship was fast for royalty, and the Queen seemed especially keen to accept Meghan quickly, and to show her the ropes and do events with her. I said at the time that the Queen was making a point of accepting Meghan and being SEEN accepting Meghan. The Queen is crafty and smart – she knows that there will be hell to pay long-term if the royal family wages a racist and hateful campaign against the first woman of color to marry a blood prince. The Queen also knows that it’s good for the monarchy, long-term, if the family actually starts to look like the racially diverse people who recognize the Queen as THEIR Queen. It sounds obvious. But “royal experts” get paid to say this sh-t on camera.

The Queen sees Meghan Markle as a “very useful tool” for the monarchy, a royal expert has claimed. Her Maj is said to be very fond of the Duchess of Sussex – despite reports of a seething rift between Meghan and sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

But a royal expert says that the Queen also views Meghan, 37, as a “useful tool” for modernising the royal family. And she claims in a new documentary that the former Hollywood actress – who married Prince Harry in May – may have helped secure the House of Windsor for decades.

Imogen Lloyd, Royal Contributor for US station ABC, appears in the new documentary Meghan’s New Life: The Real Princess Diaries. In the programme, Ms Lloyd says: “The Queen is incredibly smart. The Queen sees Meghan as a very useful tool in securing and symbolising the future of the monarchy for decades to come.”

[From The Sun]

I think this is true and also… it’s going to be more difficult than the Queen initially thought. It seems like it’s going to be a more delicate balance than previously believed, with the racist press smearing Meghan at every turn, and Work-Shy Will throwing tantrums and the Keen Defenders wanting to classify Meghan and Harry as “minor royals” now. Oh, well. The Queen did what she could.

Meanwhile, this clip has gone viral – allegedly, William is giving Meghan the cold shoulder here. I don’t doubt that he’s given her the cold shoulder in general, but I don’t think that’s what’s happening in this video.

Royals Xmas Day church

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  1. Abby says:

    ya I don’t see cold shoulder in that photo. I see people trying to get ready to go in a car, while walking down stairs, and he’s fiddling with his scarf.

    I mean, the Queen is not wrong that Meghan could be very helpful. I’m just flabbergasted at the smear campaign. Should not be surprised, but I am. I agree with y’all that it’s probably Will and Harry not getting along, and it’s getting laid on poor pregnant Meghan’s shoulders. Which makes me mad.

    • Nan says:

      Article in the DM about MM having pot at her first wedding. It OBVIOUSLY is not something that MM leaked to the press, yet the comments are about how she is an attention whore who would sell out everyone for attention. WHAT ARE THEY BASING IT OFF OF?!?! How on earth is someone who has private information leaked by others a fame whore? It was like the phone hacks with people saying, “Don’t have nude photos,” as if the problem was using your own property for one’s own needs!

      • Royalwatcher says:

        @Nan – people are basing it on their irrational, racist hatred of Meghan. (Not saying that people can’t have legitimate reasons to hate her, or anyone, but when it’s based on lies…well…)

      • Nina says:

        Please not forget that Prince Harry was baked more than once. And he was in his teens. Meghan was at least an adult.

    • Guest says:

      Oh, the DM knows exactly what they are doing with that pot story. It happened, she was younger, whatever.

      • Yup, Me says:

        Her dumbass father is the one who let that slip.

      • anna says:

        Well, it was in 2011, so she was 30, not 20 nor 17. She gave the drug to her guests. This is bad.

      • PrincessK says:

        When it comes to the RF certain senior members have tasted stuff much harder than pot I believe. Check out stories about ‘deliveries’ to Clarence House when PM lived there. Seems like the couriers who wanted to spill the beans on the story were gagged.

      • jan90067 says:

        And what about Freddy Windsor, ex-heroin addict? I’m sure there have been/and are currently a LOT of RF members “dabbling” in a lot of illegal substances.

      • Mika says:

        Pot is perfectly safe and and many jurisdictions, perfectly legal. I’m from Canada and I’ve never been to a wedding that didn’t have a few joints going around. If I get married, I’m absolutely going to make sure pot is available to my guests, the same way I would ensure there is wine or beer or mocktails or coffee. It would be rude not to.

        And yes, I’m in my 30s.

      • Princessk says:

        @Jan90067… wonder he always has a very washed out look. He also works in investment banking, another clue.

    • Megan says:

      I’m not sure Meghan appreciates being called a tool.

  2. phaedra says:

    Could he possibly touch his scarf more times?

    • Nikki says:

      That’s what I thought!! How perfect does the scarf have to be? 🙂

    • Natalie S says:

      He was really making a meal of it. But he’s not really shifting it, he’s just fluttering his fingers over it again and again. Looks fake to me or like a nervous gesture.

    • Royalwatcher says:

      Right?! Looks to me like he was using it as a device to be able to ignore Meghan – “see, look how busy and distracted I am, I’m not ignoring you, I’m BUSY…I’m COLD…my scarf needs 400 adjustments!”

      Personally, I do think he was giving her the cold shoulder. The original clip I saw was longer than this one and starts before it. Meghan is clearly trying to make eye contact or chat with him as they are leaving the church and he basically ignores her. Seems pretty rude IMO. But, I think William is a pretty rude (selfish, spoiled, insensitive, entitled) guy…so no real surprise.

      • Dee says:

        Oh really? Where did you see that? Because it looks to me like they just spoke to each other and were smiling as this clip starts.

      • Dee says:

        Oops, I just found it, and yes you’re right! My apologies. She speaks to him and he deliberately doesn’t make eye contact with her or respond, and then he glances up at the camera as if caught out, and then fusses with his scarf.

      • Krysha says:

        I see exactly the same thing here.

        He’s doing well making a show of adjusting his scarf, all the while using it as a prop to distract himself from paying attention to Meghan.

        If called out, he can easily retort that he was too preoccupied with it to notice she said anything.

        He’s a well-practiced asshat.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Yeah, I saw that, too, and it really looks like he is intentionally ignoring Meghan. What a prematurely stodgy, insufferable fool he is. Wouldn’t it be lovely if only the crown could bypass him on the basis of laziness, unpleasantness, and a lack of character? Unfortunately, those flaws don’t matter.

      • PrincessK says:

        I wonder what the theme of the service was?…..’Do unto others what you would have them do unto you’….and William knew that it was directed at him, and he came out of the Church totally embarrassed and flustered.

  3. Megan says:

    William is preoccupied with his scarf. Not sure how that counts as the cold shoulder.

    • Sue Denim says:

      Maybe just a cold neck…

    • Emma says:

      William’s scarf adjusting and stiffness is a nervous gesture. People forget how aware the royals are of the cameras on Christmas Day and the other big public events. They know they are being filmed and broadcast all over the world, their every move scrutinized, and I’m willing to bet all that’s going through their mind those minutes is “I hope I don’t trip or that my outfit is too silly”.

      There might very well be some real tension between William and Meghan, but I don’t think we’ll ever see them reveal it on an occasion like this. They are in public role mode, representing the institution, and under great pressure not to act out their private emotions or conflicts in front of cameras.

    • Myrtle says:

      More like the cold throat and neck.

  4. Smalltowngirl says:

    The look he gives her at the beginning, eek. And poor Kate, trying her best to be pleasant and keep the peace when her husband is obviously in a mood.

    • manda says:

      Yes! It looks like the video started filming like right after she maybe said something to him or something, and if he just gave her that look, then that is a cold shoulder. Like, the whole thing looks like it COULD be something, but it also could just be bad timing

  5. Digital Unicorn says:

    It’s obvs TQ likes Meghan, TQ appreciates someone who gets it and Megs does. William will not like these stories esp as today the Fail has stories painting Meghan as a pot dealer and poor Katie Keen as some poor bullied steel marshmallow school girl.

    The Cambridge’s are allowing themselves to b a part of this racist smear campaign and it will seriously damage whatever reputation they have left. The church pap stroll didn’t work and the Cambridge’s need to shut it down for their own sake but they r too arrogant to see that.

    • Linda says:

      What reputation do you speak of because the last time I checked Will and Kate are quite popular. Shrugs.

      • Lorelei says:

        Who are Will & Kate popular with, and how exactly is this popularity measured?

      • Guest says:

        They have never been unpopular here in the UK. Most people really don’t care about WK or MH, it’s more indifference than anything else. People see them at the big events and think “oh, how nice” etc, that’s it. I assure you, nobody (except for the obsessed royal watchers) are counting and tallying their “work” engagements and calling them lazy for it. They do just fine in the polls that count. I think Harry was higher than the Queen this year.

      • Linda says:

        The annual polls.

      • Tina says:

        @Guest: those “work-shy Will” headlines didn’t come out of nowhere. The papers count the engagements every year. Most people don’t care, but the tabloids run stories about it all the time.

      • PrincessK says:

        If you asked institution, charity or exhibition which couple would they like to have as guests of honour, which would they choose?

        If you asked people in a town who which couple would they like a visit from, which would they choose?

        If you asked a foreign country which couple would they like to host, which would they choose?

      • noway says:

        @Lorelei William and Kate are also popular and here’s the measures, how about all the Kate & Will merchandise crap that is sold, how about Q ratings, how about all the press, how about all the people who show up to events they are at, how about all the social media stories, clicks, etc. Now this could also make them infamous too, but hate to tell you the same could be said for Meghan and Harry. Honestly, people who deny the popularity of both couples and the royal family in general are really just seeing things the way they want it to be not reality.

    • Malak says:

      The fact is William is next-in-line to the next-in-line. I read that some people don’t want Charles, and would like the crown to go straight to William, but he (Charles) is it after E II.
      William will have his turn after his father, IF the ‘firm’ still exists.

      I’m part of the group here in Australia that looks forward to a referendum to choose whether to keep having a foreign monarch or have our very own head of state. I would very much like an Australian citizen as head of state. Right now we have a governor general, who is Australian, representing the queen. Quaint, obsolete, ridiculous, imo.

      I do follow some royals (Jordan’s Queen Rania, Spain’s Queen Letizia, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) – I like their clothes.

  6. Lauren says:

    Why is William fussing with his scarf so much? You look fine!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Potentially to avoid interacting with Meghan. It’s a common behaviour when people r in situations they r not comfortable in with people the don’t want to interact with. Have seen it happen too many times and have been guilty of it myself.

  7. Becca says:

    Useful tool? Is that supposed to be a compliment?

    • truthSF says:

      Probably to those stuffy white British jackass Sun/Dailyfail reporters! That term is so insulting!🤬

    • minx says:

      I doubt the Queen is chatting with The Sun, but whatever.

    • noway says:

      Funny that was the main thing I got out of this article too. I doubt the Queen said that as that comment is the most back handed comment I have heard said in a while.

  8. Notanotherpostcard says:

    I still don’t get why this is racist. This same press treated Diana and Fergi even worse, and they were white as snow! The press has also have gone after Keen Kat many times in the past.

    Maybe, just maybe, being rude in this case isn’t about being racist but rather just being an asshole and trying to get a story…

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      It racist when they use negative stereotypes in their coverage I.e. the straight outta Compton headline and now the pot dealer one there pushing today as Evil Papa Smurf blabbed that she gave pot to her guests at her first wedding, with someone leaking emails from her about it.

      • galangal says:

        Harry was judged for his drug use, and if you haven’t noticed he’s very white. It’s not very surprising Meghan would be judged for her drug use.

      • Megan says:

        Harry was smoking pot as a teenager in the UK. Meghan was smoking pot as an adult in Jamaica. If you have ever been to Jamaica, you know that pot is part of the island’s culture and history, making the context entirely different.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Anyone remember Kate’s uncle and casa de bang bang? A house where he stored, sold and used drugs. Where William had partied and stayed several times. And Kate’s uncle admitting plainly on camera to loving drugs, partying with William and actually, physically selling drugs at the residence?

        And was this information publicized like meg’s pot? Nope. It was buried. It came up with fresh info many times and was repeatedly buried.
        So, yea. This treatment is racist as in diana, fergie, and kate were never attacked for something in today’s culture is minor.

    • Gigi La Moore says:

      If you don’t see racism, then it’s doubtful that any of us would be able to explain it to you. Must be nice living in your world.

      • Ader says:

        This is right. Being able to recognize implicit bias racism and casual racism requires genuine compassion / kindness — not to mention self-awareness — and the truth is that many people have spent a lifetime trafficking in performative compassion / kindness, which does nothing to move understanding forward.

      • Royalwatcher says:

        +1 Gigi La Moore and Ader. Yup!

      • MaryC says:

        There is nothing racist about these articles. If Meghan doesn’t want to be called out for the things she does or did in the past then she shouldn’t be doing these things. It is incredibly rude to be texting people at 5am and she got called out for it and rightfully so. If Kate did these things she would absolutely be dragged for it. Kate gets called out for her work ethic and if she doesn’t like it then she should increase her work hours. There are no saints in the BRF, they all have their quirks and character faults and Meghan is no exception. Meghan uses people and it’s obvious by the way she discards her friends and family when she no longer has any use for them. Now its coming back to bite her in the ass and these are the people that are leaking stories about her past. I get that her dad and sister are pieces of work, but they are not the only family/friends she has tossed aside.

        This “smear campaign” isn’t the work of William, he might not like Meghan, but it doesn’t benefit him to lash out at her. Harry could just as easily strike back using his sources. They both know how the game works and they aren’t going to play a game neither of them can win. If she is clashing with courtiers then they are going to leak stories, just like they have with William and Kate. It happens to the most prominent royals and it will continue as long as the BRF exists. The tabloids need stuff to write about, so they are going to dig for any story they can find. They can try and sniff out the leaks, but it won’t change anything, someone is always willing to talk for a price.

      • Olenna says:

        @Gigi and Ader,
        It is obvious some racists, classicists and those riddled with personal envy are still so bitter about the Duchess of Sussex marrying into the BRF that they continue to have trouble discerning fact from fiction, rumor or gossip. I just have to SMH when apparently intelligent people demonstrate they have no self awareness and are willing to allow their unreasonable negative personal feelings about someone they don’t know cloud their better judgement and regurgitate tabloid news as if it were truth and gospel.

    • MargaritasForBreakfast says:

      We know it when we see it. There are thousands of commenters on all social media platforms posting how a mixed race woman is beneath harry and not qualified to join the british royal family. That you cannot see it doesn’t erase the racism. That you don’t want to see it, doesn’t erase it either.

    • Mego says:

      I would argue that Meghan is being treated a lot worse than Diana and Sarah. They hounded Diana for sure but I don’t remember reading smears about her that were like this and so early on in her marriage. Poor Sarah lacked decorum and class tbh and then embarked on truly outrageous behaviour as her marriage fell apart and set herself up for the press making mincemeat of her.

      What has poor Meghan done? She completed a very worthy charity endeavour with the Hub Community kitchen. She had a very beautiful wedding that managed to be racially diverse and very classy. Her gown was about as understated as you could get. She appeared to be gracious and humble at events with the Royal family – not trying to draw attention to herself. She’s been very discreet when dealing with her nightmare family and she had a successful tour with Harry where the crowds showed up in droves to meet her.

      Despite this the media would have us believe that she is basically an outspoken, pushy bitch responsible for poor Kate’s tears. If you can’t see the racicism in that then you need to educate yourself and listen to people of colour when they call it out.

      • Mego says:

        @Nancy – didn’t say they were nice to Sarah yet calling someone fat (I think the “pork” was in reference to her lavish spending habits but the weight was likely an element too) is not an attack on character whereas claims of diva behaviour and making white women cry are. Then implication is that Meghan “isn’t nice” and is “difficult” with no evidence to back it up. Meghan is beautiful and takes care of her body so they can’t attack her via appearance so they are going at it another way.

      • Leslie says:

        I think insulting someone for their weight is worse than insulting someone for “being difficult”. Physical characteristics are much harder, if not impossible, to change than personality characteristics.

      • noway says:

        I think you are forgetting or maybe were too young to remember all the crap they gave Sarah, and originally she did not lack decorum. Plus Andrew was so much worse than Harry. Sarah was a million times upgrade from who he was with before. I’ve always felt bad for Sarah as she has had so many issues and the royals didn’t treat her well. Yes she made mistakes, but honestly Andrew made worse.

      • Whynot says:

        I agree that a lot of the true hate is race based or at the least judging her for being a divorcée with a broken, messy family. We can compare the press to when Kate came on the scene but they were dating for so many years before the marriage and it wasn’t a “fresh meat” type of thing. Kate lived a fairly “normal”, boring life so there wasn’t a lot of tabloid fodder, but they still found ways to take Kate down a notch (Waity Katy and how lazy they are).

        It was a completely different world with no internet or social media during the heyday of Di and Fergie. The press was already harsh on those two but I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been for them in today’s day and age.

    • Himmiefan says:

      It’s both. It’s the usual smear for any woman marrying in to the family, plus there are racists in the media and the people commenting. Like others have said, what has Meghan done to deserve being public enemy number 1? Of course, this is not about facts but about selling papers and getting website clicks.

      • minx says:

        Agree, there’s racism but I also think any woman marrying into that family is going to get raked over the coals, to some degree.

      • Megan says:

        The tabs were pretty mean to Kate before they were married and have gone back and forth about her until Harry and Meghan got married. Now she is some sort of ideal duchess who is the perfect future queen consort. They are using the white woman as the ideal against which the woman of color must be judged.

      • Tina says:

        I think this whole thing is a fascinating study into unconscious bias. The royal reporters are doing what they’ve always done, attacking the new person. But now, the attacks have an element of racism in them, because of who Meghan is and the society we live in. When called on it, the royal reporters are unable to see the racism and are completely incapable of dealing with the criticism. It’s very interesting.

      • Royalwatcher says:

        @Tina – it’s interesting to me as well. It’s such projection too, with them crying about how mean people are twitter were being to them (by calling out their racism) after they had been dragging Meghan for months! And how the royal reporters felt in danger…after caring nothing about the fact that their own headlines/articles contributed to neo-nazis going after the Sussexes or the women of the Hubb Kitchen being put in danger by the terrorist headlines by Camilla T. It was like an exercise in bizarro-projection-land.

      • Nic919 says:

        Tina that’s an excellent point. Royal reporters like Richard Palmer are losing it on twitter for being called out on the racism and his only response is that they are doing to her what they did to other royal married in women. Which is false but also shows the misogyny in the media.

        When Keir Simmons called out the racism for it was, so many of the old guard RRs like Jobson and Palmer were outraged and the sycophants, usually the older white women who follow the royals, supported them, all the whole ignoring their own white privilege and unconscious racial bias in the issue. I mean we see the same comments here by people like Nancy who somehow think that calling someone fat is the same as being racist.

    • MrsBeast says:

      It is not racist. Some coverage, yes, like the Compton thing but people here seem to forget how horribly the British press went after Diana, Fergie, Kate, and literally every single girlfriend of Harry’s before Meghan. The women in this family are raked over the coals. This blog is a microcosm that I don’t think reflects the opinions of most people.

  9. Eleonor says:

    The only thing I saw is how FAST Cate placed herself between William and Meghan, and how fast she smiled at the cameras and started talking to Meghan.

  10. Serphina says:

    The Queen sees all as a useful tool and Megs is sharp and interested in The Firm. So of course QE will take a KEEN interest in her.

    And I am sure Wills is not happy with how much Megs has taken to this like a fish to water. Just makes him look bad. But does he really care? Logic would dictate yes, but who really knows. Actions spwak louder than words.

    • Royalwatcher says:

      Yep (Meghan taking to royal life like a fish to water). Did you see Gert’s CC numbers?

      Even without the tour numbers included, Meghan has loads more than Kate. I know that Kate was on mat leave for 6(?) months, but Meghan also only joined the family midway through the year. Methinks the Cambridge (and Middleton) family doesn’t like such a busy Sussex Duchess and I’m curious to see what happens next year when Meghan announces her patronages and is much busier than her first half-year in the family. Will it inspire the heir and the ‘she’s going to be queen!!’ to be even busier or will it just inspire them to to increase their leaks about Meghan?

      • Linda says:

        You forgot to include Harry’s disgraceful numbers. It’s a shame that the older royals had more engagements than Harry and William.

      • rukidding says:

        William did a lot more than any of the younger ones. I think he’s fine. And before someone comes in and says “sentebale and invictus arent included!!!”, I checked the CC and they are included.

      • Clarisse says:

        And now take a look at the days they actually were out and about last year. Paints another picture…

        Princess Anne: More than 180 separate days worked in 2018

        Prince Edward: 170+ days

        Prince Charles: 160+ days

        Prince Andrew: 140+ days

        Queen: 120+ days

        Prince William: 120+ days

        Prince Harry: 90+ days

        Duchess of Cambridge: 50+ days

        Duchess of Sussex: 40+ days

      • Himmiefan says:

        Meghan’s numbers are good for not being on the job a full year. She and Harry need to team up more because I think they’re both at their best together, plus he looks happier with her.

      • minx says:

        I know Harry is well liked here but those numbers are pitiful.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Royalwatcher – thanks for the link. Do you know of a site that counts vacations by royal? It may be hard to tally as there are private getaways. But I recall Charles taking 12 holidays in one year back he was married to Diana. Comparing vacation to work days may reveal even more.

      • Katie Keen says:

        I thought Kate was on maternity leave for a few months?

      • PrincessK says:

        It is not the quantity of engagements but the quality, and I would put TQ and PC at the top in terms of quality. Anne does hundreds of engagements but what is the real impact? Can she raise money. She went on tour to South America in this last quarter but who knew about it? Sometimes you need a dynamic personality to draw attention to a seemingly boring and obscure subject matter.

      • Vi says:

        “William did a lot more than any of the younger ones. I think he’s fine. ”
        Yes,his numbers are way better than the others’ ones. But apparently he’s lazy ,work shy and jealous of this alleged “hard work” his brother and SIL are doing..

      • Royalwatcher says:

        @rukidding and Vi – William had 213 and Harry 190 (per Gert. I’m not clicking on any DM links)…I don’t see how that’s “way better.” Now, compared to the older generation, yes, the Cambridges and Sussexes ALL need to improve next year but William is hardly the workhorse that some people are trying to make him out to be. And, since he’s the HEIR and Kate is GOING TO BE QUEEN (consort)…shouldn’t their numbers be higher anyway? Why are Kate’s always lower than Harry’s? Of the 4 of them, shouldn’t the numbers consistently be William (most)…Kate…Harry…Meghan (least)?

      • Nic919 says:

        The Daily Mail is using per day and not how many engagements per day. When you do the actual engagement count as noted on Gert’s Royals, then you have Kate at the bottom. Gert is definitely not a Meghan stan if you follow her at all so the numbers speak for themselves.

      • Becks1 says:

        When you look at those numbers and see that Kate only did 99 engagements in 2017, when she wasn’t on maternity leave (I know she took a break for the early part of her pregnancy but even accounting for that, 99 is a pretty low number for a full time royal), it makes her 76 engagements for 2018 actually look almost impressive, lol, since she did take leave. There’s really no way around it. We can compare Will and Harry all day long, and Harry can and should do more (so should William), but Kate’s numbers for the past 4 years are really pathetic.

      • notasugarhere says:

        No, nowhere near all of his work with Sentebale and Invictus were counted. And in case you’ve forgotten, this year he wasn’t allowed to attend most of Invictus. The powers that be sent him and his popular wife on a two week tour in the middle of Invictus. We’ll have to wait until 2020 to see if they count all of his Invictus work, as to date they still haven’t.

    • MargaritasForBreakfast says:

      I have an inkling that it is Meg’s warm relationship with Prince Charles that has William upset.

      • Serphina says:

        I would agree with that. I am sure Megs and Chucky hitting it off is just another reason to dislike her. Kinda ironic how so many commenters (me included) would write and say that if we were given that position (that Kate has) we would do so much good. Here we are with a woman who clearly thinks like that and she is being made out to be Cruella Deville. So sad.

      • PrincessK says:

        Please check out the Trooping of the Colour balcony scene, where Charles is chatting with H&M, and tenderly grabs Harry’s hand. William looked at his father’s hand on Harry’s hand and in his mind said: “He has never touched me like that! These three are getting too chummy for my liking”.

  11. Chocolate Princess says:

    This is why I don’t want to get into gossip about the Royal Family because I am just sick of them, but I will say my two cents and be done with it. I knew this crap is going to happen when Meghan Markle becomes a member of the British Royal Family all because she’s a mixed race woman. ( I do thinks she is more white than black). This smear campaign is ridiculously out of hand and it will not stop until things fall apart. Also, the Queen is smart to ‘use’ her as a tool to keep the monarchy together? I thought Queen Elizabeth was very keen with Prince Harry’s wife. If that’s the case, Meghan Markle is between a rock and a hard place, not until Prince Harry has something to do with it, then it will be say to me that he loves his wife, but what made me so impress that Duchess Meghan took this smear campaign very well and moved right along with her life. I am very proud of her. She and Prince Harry will be fine.

    • Ewe says:

      Saying that someone seems more white than black when they are biracial strikes me as a ridiculous thing to say. I’m assuming you haven’t heard of the one drop rule.

      • Guest says:

        We don’t go by the one drop rule here in the UK. Americans should stop thinking the whole world is like them. Meghan is a light-skinned mixed raced woman, I shudder to think what the comments would be like if Meghan was a fully black woman. They see she has a black mum, and the hate stems from there.

    • Iknow says:

      Normally, I would’ve been all over this comment about Meghan seeming more white than black. Biracial people don’t have to choose one side or the other. They are both. But I’ve had the same thoughts when looking through Meghan’s pictures, before the BRF, that besides her mother, her life generally lacks anyone black. I know she’s friends with Serena. But she’s Serena. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with her. That’s always been my reluctance to labeling her some kind of “black princess” like Black Twitter, because it doesn’t seem like Meghan has leaned into that. I don’t know her mind or what she believes, just going on what she’s allowed us to see.

      • Chocolate Princess says:

        This is not what I am trying to say. You mentioning about the one drop rule tells me you are ridiculous. I have never mentioned anything anything bad about her race. I happened to love Meghan Markle. (BTW I am black) all I said was this smear campaign is going because she is a mixed race woman in the BRF and using her as a publicity ploy is worse enough. That’s all.

      • Ewe says:

        @Iknow: I wouldn’t label her a “black princess” or anything at all. It’s the very fact that you would look at someone of mixed race and pick out one race to represent them based on the company they keep; she has maybe one black friend, ergo: white.

        I’m not trying to start anything, I just find this way of thinking so incredibly odd. If she only had one white friend would you then label her as black? Essentially saying that she, as a person, doesn’t matter; the company she keeps does.

        I’m scratching my head here.

      • Ader says:

        Just because you have white people in your life, as a black person, doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with the whirly-twirly joys of implicit bias, in-group favoritism, and the like. I grew up in a white neighborhood, so my childhood friends were white. My husband also happens to be white. But I am a black-biracial woman who still must deal with the daily ignorance of the majority of white people (when it comes to racial issues). It’s stressful and psychologically damaging in the long run.

      • PrincessK says:

        Trust me, after all what’s been thrown at her over the past two years, Meghan will definitely know that the non white and minority communities have her back, and she will be very grateful for that. Meghan is entitled to have as many white friends as she wants.

      • wisdomheaven says:

        Meghan does have friends of color including one of her best friends, Benita (whose brown daughters were in the wedding party). I swear, people just make up their own stories sometimes.

        What is more, reading Meghan’s writings, exploring her old Instagram and seeing her answers to interview questions, she is very much steeped in various parts of African American culture (taking about her black grandma, the music she grew up with and loved, the cooking she learned from her mom, etc). When asked about people she admires, people always jump to the Paltrow example, but she often talks about other black or biracial/black actresses and leaders.

        This need to minimize her blackness when she herself has called that out is gross. People do it a lot with black biracial people or even black people with two black parents who are apparently not performing their blackness to others liking.

        And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because folks still treat her and other black biracial people like shit no matter how light skinned she or we are.

    • Ewe says:

      @CP You wrote: “( I do thinks she is more white than black).”

      And I’m the ridiculous one!?

      Your race is irrelevant to me; I’m looking at your words.

      Why would you even write *that* if race is not an issue for you? Clearly it is, hence my comment about the one drop rule. Just because *you* think she is more white (smh) doesn’t make her exempt from racism.

      My mind is baffled.

  12. Feebee says:

    That video is not a cold shoulder it’s ‘a what the bloody hell are you doing with your scarf, man?!’ Made him look nervous and shifty. Maybe a guilty conscience being next to her after the behind the back smear campaign. Or maybe he’s just adjusting it.

    On the Queen, I do have admiration for her crafty smarts but honestly after her colossal F-Up in the immediate aftermath of Diana’s death I did wonder. Which I’m doing again now if this is her doing all she can. She’s still Queen as well as mum and grandmother and she can tell Charles and Will to cut it out.

    • PrincessK says:

      Definitely guilty conscience. Kate’s conscience on the other hand appears clear, she was very relaxed and happy to play along with the show of unity game, unlike the two men.

  13. Margobread says:

    Every now & then the media comes up with stories about how this person is going to save the monarchy. They did it with Diana, Kate and now it’s Meghan’s turn! The monarchy has survived for centuries and if it continues to survive it’s because the British people want it to continue. The monarchy is an institution & it is bigger than any one person. It has survived thousands of scandals & controversies, and this latest hoopla won’t even leave a mark in history.

    • Royalwatcher says:

      Well, but that’s only true until the event(s) – or lack of interest in supporting the family – actually does happen. The only real way they stay in business is because the people support it…and in order for people to want to keep them around, the people (overall) have to like the family and want to keep them in palaces. So, in some sense, it does make sense to keep talking up “saviors” and hope that it resonates with some of the public and that translates into continued support.

      Personally, I really don’t think they will around for much longer (maybe until Charles dies) because times are just too different than hundreds of years ago and they are only figureheads now. I think Commonwealth countries will start peeling off after QEII dies and then the role will be much different – if not gone completely – by the time it’s William’s turn.

      IMO, this is where the Cambridges should take a page from the other European royal families and share more regular updates of their children. They should start taking George on age-appropriate outings, like Vik and Dan do with Estelle. If the public isn’t invested in the next generation, that IMO is what poses the most risk to the institution. Not to be crass, but if the public doesn’t get the chance to fall in love with the kids when they are cute little bumkins then it will be too late by the time they are in that post-uni phase of partying and falling out of clubs. No one will have that sentimental attachment to them at that point which will allow for the ability to look past bad behavior because people feel emotionally invested in them.

      • Himmiefan says:

        I agree. I think people are so sentimental for Elizabeth, and the monarchy is so linked with her that when Charles passes, so will the monarchy.

      • Lorelei says:

        RoyalWatcher ITA, and how does the family not see this?

        For example, what on earth would have been the harm in allowing photos of George & Charlotte shopping with Kate the other day to be printed instead of the ones of only Kate? They are adorable, beloved children doing something relatable (Christmas shopping) at Christmastime!

        Why are W&K so ridiculous about everything?

      • Megan says:

        Since William grew up in the public eye, I assume he has informed reasons for why he wants to limit public access to his children. I don’t think he and Kate are being ridiculous for raising their children in what they consider to be a healthy environment.

        As for th monarchy’s future, it has existed with very few interruptions for nearly 1,000 years. No one plays the long game quite like the BRF. I doubt William will be the end of the monarchy.

      • Royalwatcher says:

        Megan – yes, of course William has a trauma history so feels very protective. But, unless the monarchy ends or he pulls his family out of succession, he and George will (someday) be king. So, IMO, in addition to providing a healthy environment for them, he also has a duty to prepare his children for their future roles (and, he should want the public to be engaged enough to care…otherwise, bye bye monarchy).

        I would advocate for little videos like these:

        Stuff like that can be done with full control of the finished product, and are just recorded so they are not trotting the kids out in “public” public. There are ways to provide more access without traumatizing the children. In fact, I’d think it would be more upsetting for the kids to suddenly be expected to be public figures (at some future point) rather than be eased into it and learn a little bit each year as they grow up.

        Estelle learning to collect flowers, shake hands, stand for periods of time, make small talk (saying hello, thank you, etc.) will only serve her in the future as those sorts of interactions are normalized for her. She’ll grow up feeling confident doing those activities instead of resentful or scared. JMO.

      • notasugarhere says:

        W&K have no problem using photos of their kids for PR. Note the times when the kids are photographed in public and no complaints are filed.

    • Sid says:

      The monarchy has survived for centuries, yet with each passing century its power, importance, and influence grows smaller and smaller. Even just looking back as when the Queen’s father was reigning, things are very different. I don’t think anyone sees Meghan as the savior of the family as no one person can do that. What I do see, and I suspect the Queen sees as that Meghan will be excellent at helping move things forward while still maintaining the whole “royalty” thing. And I can tell you that having Meghan in the family is something that will go a long way towards helping keep the citizens of the Commonwealth countries interested in the BRF. Most of the Commonwealth is in Africa, Asia, South Pacific, and the Caribbean. Having a WOC as a senior royal is not insignificant.

      Royalwatcher, ITA to everything you said. I won’t be shocked if there is no throne for little George to inherit.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @Sid Exactly this!

      • Royalwatcher says:

        Thx! ITA with you as well 🙂 And, in fact, many Britons of color have stated that they feel more invested in the BRF just as a result of Meghan entering the family (although, I would have to wonder if she continues to get attacked from within whether that support will continue). So her impact is both in the Commonwealth countries and within the UK.

  14. Gigi La Moore says:

    If that’s true then The Queen needs to get her family and staff in line and stop these smear campaigns.

    • chlo says:

      Gigi, I have been wondering this! If the Queen so strongly approves of Meghan, why can’t she kind of rein (no pun intended) everyone in? I believe the Queen does like Meghan, but how are these people getting away with this? Whoever it is – courtiers, Wills/Kate, Prince Charles (although I believe he genuinely likes her too) – why can’t the Queen get them to lay off?

      • Tina says:

        The charitable explanation (which I do actually believe) is that she doesn’t know who the leaks are coming from and therefore can’t come down too hard on anyone in particular. The uncharitable explanation is that she is letting this go in order to keep the focus off Andrew’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

    • Mego says:

      This isn’t the first time the Queen has been clueless about this sort of thing. I think it comes down to her advisors and their priorities.

    • Jan90067 says:

      I agree with you on this. We’re invested in Wills and Harry BECAUSE we saw them grow up, doing things with Diana, like going on the rides at Disneyland, baby pics/phot ops (Will and Harry playing piano)… all the stages of their lives. That made us care. If you never see the kids, except for two or three staged photos a year, at most, who cares? There’s no EMOTIONAL investment.

      While I don’t think they should live their lives like a reality show with cameras everywhere, like it was posted, Daniel and Vic seem to be doing a great job with Estelle, warming her up to feel comfortable with the cameras, and bring the public “into” their lives (Christmas vids, snowball fights) to make them “part of the family” , to *care* Don’t know if I’m expressing it well, but there you are.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Jan – there were some wonderful videos/pictures of Estelle and Oscar again this Christmas. It seems like Albert is making sure Jacques and Gabriella have pictures/stories shared with People magazine, and some events in Monaco etc as well.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Exactly my point, Sharon 😊. THAT is how the BRF should be doing it!

      • Nic919 says:

        Jan that is exactly right. Harry and William got away with some nonsense during the teen and young adult years precisely because the public felt like they grew up with them. If that feeling isn’t developed, then there will be less sympathy when the kids do dumb things.

    • Myrtle says:

      How about if Kate and Meg actually DO get along, then to stop the smearing they start doing stuff together, appearing together and talking about how well they are getting along as they are showing it? ‘Twould only take a few times to get the message across.

  15. tmbg says:

    I can’t believe how badly Meghan is being treated by the press. What the heck has she done to deserve any of this? She hasn’t said anything and has been gracious at all of the events she’s attended. The Fail and all the others should be ashamed of themselves.

    I think her dad sold her out on the pot story. I read somewhere that he told the media she gave out the bags at the wedding. Big deal. And he wonders why she won’t speak to him anymore. 🙄

    • Sassy says:

      To answer your question she dared to marry their beloved prince that’s what she did.

    • Guest says:

      It’s not just the dailymail but you should check out royaldish. For not caring about meghan the oard that trashes her is the number one board on there. I would have never thought they could hate a woman as much as marry if Denmark but it looks like meghan gets that new honor.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        The RoyalDish is THE worst!
        The stuff that they say about Mary of Denmark is really horrible – like she’s neglecting and abusing her children, that she tricked Frederik into a third pregnancy (the twins), etc. I shudder to think what they write about Meghan if they hate her even more than Mary.

      • Tina says:

        In the UK, we use the spelling, “honour.” My autocorrect defaults to it and everything.

      • Jan90067 says:

        I wandered in there once. Scared the bejesus out of me! Those people are VICIOUS! And they take a LOT of pride and pleasure trying to outdo themselves in their meanness and cutting. *shudder*

      • Nic919 says:

        Props again to wisdomheaven who braves the crazy to post sane remarks. I ignore the Meghan section altogether because it is unreal.

      • Seriously? says:

        wisdomheaven hasn’t been posting there very often anymore 🙁

        I hope they go back soon!

      • rukidding says:

        And the kate section here is one of the most vile things I’ve seen. People saying she gets pregnant to avoid work, slut shaming her, body shaming her, calling her a useless waste of space. Maybe look at your own comments here before complaining about others.

      • tmbg says:

        Ugh, no way am I going there. I’m glad I never heard of it until now. I get having an opinion of someone who splatters their messy life all over the place for public consumption (*cough* Kardashians), but these people keep to themselves. Enough is enough.

      • Olenna says:

        IMO, R Gossip is just as bad. When I first started following WK’s relationship, I thought I’d struck gold finding both of these sites. Didn’t take me long to understand that a lot of the members are dealing with personality and personal problems, and the sites are apparently outlets for their issues. I had to stop dropping in because the hatred on there and at RD is soul-scorching.

  16. Cidy says:

    All I see in the video is a man fiddling with his scarf, Kate and Meghan smiling at each other like “we got this.” And Harry’s growing bald spot. That’s it.

    People really want to make a meal out of this whole thing. I fiddle with my clothes when I’m uncomfortable or my mind is elsewhere. They were all crowded awkwardly trying to go down the stairs in front of a million cameras.

    • LORENA says:

      Lol right! People pick apart everything

    • MaryContrary says:

      This. For goodness sake. This level is scrutiny is ridiculous.

    • Mego says:

      Yet to a degree body language doesn’t lie. Looking back at photo’s of Charles and Diana the acrimony between them was palpable.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Maybe he was thinking about food? I know I do when I go to church, I’ve planned plenty of meals and I start to daydream about doughnuts because there is always doughnuts after mass (at least there was when I was a kid).

    • Original Jenns says:

      Agree. I don’t know what he was doing with his scarf, but I’m sure I’ve done worse with mine or my hats or what have you. And having watched the fuller video, I don’t think Megan was looking back at him or speaking to him. It came across to me that she was looking for Kate.

  17. Mel says:

    So bit of an ignorant question here, apologies in advance but how much approximately does the royal family cost taxpayers each year? I know lots of people complain about it but is it more than what Trump cost us? I know they bring in a lot of tourism but is there a real probability of the royal family being no more? Since all I keep hearing is about people destroying versus doing anything they can to keep the firm going.

    • Anna says:

      The royal family cost each British taxpayer 69 pence last year (up 4 pence compared to last year), with courtiers insisting the royal family is “excellent value for money.”

      • Natalie S says:

        Those aren’t the total numbers. Security is never factored in for one thing.

      • Natalie S says:

        Whoops, double post.

      • Royalwatcher says:

        Not only is security not included, but I believe that 69p figure is for every single person, not just taxpayers. So, it includes babies, children, retired folks, etc. and not solely the people who are currently paying into the economy. So, that figure isn’t really an accurate number.

      • Tina says:

        That 69p figure only makes sense if you only include the amount of the Sovereign Grant that is not attributable to the Buckingham Palace repairs (£40m) in it. So it doesn’t include the cost of the BP repairs (£30m per year), security (£100m+ per year) and the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster (£20m+ per year x2). And no, tourism does not make up for the cost of the royals. Tourists would come to see the palaces whether royals were living in them or not.

        Whether they cost more or less than Trump is a different story. Between charging the secret service a fortune at Trump Tower etc, I’m sure Trump is fleecing the US government for more than the royals. But Trump is (in theory at least) temporary. I’m sure the Obamas cost less than the royals do.

      • Megan says:

        HM visited DC during George W’s presidency and I have never seen such intense security, and that includes at inaugurations. The coast guard was patrolling the river with gun boats, the sky was full of helicopters, there were armored vehicles everywhere you looked, and massive street closures. I think $100 million is a low end estimate for security.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @Gabriella Couldn’t have put it better myself. Thank you!!!

        Posted in the wrong place! Replying to a post down thread.

    • galangal says:

      The general line is that they may cost a lot in taxes, but they bring in a lot in tourism. Much like the cost of the US President, it’s a bit ridiculous to discuss because what’s the alternative?

      One enormous real concern is all the old castles and properties. Duchess Whoever of Whatever buying a fancy frock every now and then gets played up in the press but that money won’t come close to, say, replacing a small amount of old drapery in some room of a castle no one even goes in. Maintenance gets more and more expensive, the buildings certainly aren’t all needed or used often, and most will (obviously) as time goes on need incredibly expensive restoration so as to not collapse. There will be no “getting rid of” the monarchy but at some point there may be a decision – probably one a future monarch like William or George will be King for – that it’s necessary to look at some decision on the big old properties and those aspects. There will still be Kings and Queens and Princes and Princesses, but they will end up being more like Commoners – and are unlikely to really mind much.

      • Tina says:

        The tourism argument is a red herring. The tourists would come whether there were royals living in the palaces or not, as they do in Versailles and Neuschwanstein.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I feel like restoring old castles would pay off in tourism $$, much more so than a living, breathing monarchy. Surely every country in Europe without a monarchy can provide data on tourist dollars spent touring old castles and gothic churches.

        Even in Japan, which technically has a monarchy, tourists want to see ancient temples and elaborate gardens.

      • Tina says:

        @Bettyrose, exactly. The Tower of London gets 2.8m visitors annually, and royals haven’t lived there for centuries. Windsor Castle gets 1.4m (fewer than Westminster Abbey) and Buckingham Palace gets around 500k, which would go up significantly if it were open all year round. (Versailles gets 10m every year, so we have a way to go).

      • minx says:

        I’m American, been to England several times and have never seen any member of the BRF. So they could be dead for all I saw. What I did see were wonderful historical sites. They should up ALL the castles and buildings.

      • Megan says:

        Comparing Versailles to anything anywhere else in Europe is a bit disengenuous. Versailles is the largest royal residence in the world, it is a major player in the French and American revolutions, and it is the place where critical treaties have been signed. It’s ornate decorations and sprawling gardens really have no equal.

        Queen Victoria hired a theatre set designer to remodel Buckingham Palace. We went opening day last summer and were completely underwhelmed. The only reason we bought tickets is because I enjoy royal gossip.

      • wisdomheaven says:

        They could be making even more money if the Queen did sensible things like keep BP open year round.

        I like Harry/Meg and take a general interest in the BRF, but the UK does not need them to generate tourism and it could be argued that them living in many of the residences/restricting seasonal access actually takes away tourism $$$$. Not only that, but all the money that goes toward Charles from the duchy would also be public money too. No democratically elected ceremonial head of state would cost the UK as much as the royal family does.

      • Gabriela says:

        I’m probably speaking to the wrong crowd.

        But the “alternative” is to abolish this archaic and exclusionary personification of classism, racism and xenophobia dragged into modernity.

        To claim to truly desire a society of social equality while still worshipping (or at least tolerating) the pinnacle of British white supremacy and world wide imperialism in the Royal Family is irony at its finest. The BRF is a living breathing insult to the commonwealth countries and the staggering effects of colonization they are still reeling from. What British imperialism under the authority of this family has done to the world can take lifetimes to broach. (Anti-black racism found in almost every country on earth (aka skin whitening and fear of being dark), internalized racism, coups, crippled economies, inter generational poverty, etc etc. are just a fraction of the total).

        And while we’re at it, the BRF existence is even an insult to the British white working class. This “I’m better than you because of birthright” nonsense has embedded generations of classism and class inferiority, economic degradation and contributed to white working class hostility toward non white immigrants.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @Gabriella Couldn’t have put it better myself. Thank you!!!

    • Thirsty Hirsty says:

      The Royal Family costs Canadians almost a dollar (Cdn) a day, give or take.

      • youbemom says:

        I think Gabriella nailed it. I spent a year at a British university and class system is horrid there. As soon as you open your mouth you are in or out of certain professions. And before people chime in about regional accents in the US, an accent hasn’t stopped plenty of (mostly) guys from making it on Wall Street, My father was a scholarship boy to an ivy league college and the son of an Italian immigrant grocer, who died when he was in high school. My father ended up at a white shoe law firm in NYC,…not sure that that would have happened had he lived in London and had a cockney accent.

      • Tina says:

        Without wishing to be too specific, my husband has a (UK) regional accent (not cockney, which doesn’t really exist any more) and is a lawyer at a London law firm. The class system is bad, but things are getting better.

    • notasugarhere says:

      600 million per year, give or take, most of which is hidden in other budgets. The tourism thing is a lie that has been proven by the tourism authority.

  18. Anna says:

    There also a clip where Meghan put her arm around Eugenie or Beatrice. I think William is the only being frosty that day.

  19. LORENA says:

    I find it hard to believe that William knowing this walk in and out of church was going to be highly scrutinized would give his pregnant sister in law a dirty look…

    While I can believe that William isn’t Meghan’s biggest fan and that the feud is prob between him and Harry, this moment is being so overblown its crazy

  20. Enny says:

    Going by his behavior alone, I’d agree this was probably nothing, but if you watch HER face, she’s almost laughing, it looks like all she can do not to roll her eyes, her facial expression just screams “CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS GUY??!!” She’s subtle – she knows she’s being watched – but there’s a definite flicker of “omg dude, get over yourself” on her face.

  21. Thirsty Hirsty says:

    I think he’s ever so busy being a pompous ass. I think he’s taking the opportunity to be rude. I think the fiddling makes him look idiotic….and petty, somehow….

  22. Mego says:

    In that video I see William glaring at the camera people. He simply loathes cameras and The media obsession with them. With Meghan joining the family it has intensified to almost Diana levels of obsession and he doesn’t want that at all. That could be part of his overall resentment toward the Sussexes plus some jealousy over their popularity. I suspect tnat both William and Harry still carry some deep trauma over Diana’s shocking death and the media frenzy triggers them. I mean even Charlotte, at three, has learned from her Father’s dislike of the media when she told the reporters “they weren’t coming” to the gathering after Louis’ baptism. My kid would have invited them all personally and posed for even more pictures lol!

    If William is in any way part of this smear campaign of Meghan he will learn the hard way that it is only making the obsession worse. Tabloids love dirt and will go into an absolute frenzy to get pictures of Meghan to go along with their stories. Stories of feuding, diva behaviour and breaking protocol just stir up even more interest because people love drama. They should be making the utmost effort to quelling this but I’m afraid that horse has long left the barn.

    • LORENA says:

      I never knew Charlotte said that and just googled it, its pretty cute. William looks embarrassed and slightly proud at the same time

      • TeamAwesome says:

        Right after Charlotte says that, Kate answers back “They’re coming.” I think they were referring to the rest of the family.

    • Rosie says:

      Yes, I think you’re right and William is incredibly uncomfortable in front of the cameras and it seems George is the same. I think it’s understandable that after everything W & H went through as children that they aren’t perfect human beings and struggle with certain aspects of being in the public eye. I’d happily pay £50 towards the RF a year to prevent a Thatcher, Blair or Corbyn being the most senior person in the country. Bargain!! I also understand W&K not working their butts off now as the are 2 places off the throne. They don’t really get to retire so they might as well ease in as they could have 50 years of royal work ahead of them.

      • Nic919 says:

        Only the monarch is senior to the PM. Her family are essentially overpaid appendages and have no official role in the government and they do far less than the elected MPs. Even Princess Anne. But they get paid quite well regardless of the work they do or don’t do.

    • PrincessK says:

      @Mego..I agree. There are many reasons for William to dislike Meghan, and one reason is the amount of press attention and scrutiny she attracts to the RF. This must remind him of how it was with his mother. William during his teenage years must have had a hellish time with lurid stories about his parents splashed all over the tabloids, and the presence of Meghan and her enemies is bring it all back. The premium on photos of photogenic Meghan must be much higher than they ever were for Kate.

  23. LORENA says:

    double post sorry

  24. Elisa says:

    Thanks for stating the obvious. The smear campaign has been going on for weeks and seeing the wedding pot story in the DM, is still in full swing. I am aware that TQ hardly ever issues official statements to shut down the media*, but she could definitely do something about leaking courtiers and family members.
    *AFAIK so far only one official statement has been issued denying the Kate-Meghan feud and this denial was by Kensington Palace, not BP.

    Posted in the wrong spot, this was meant in response to Gigi…

    • Mia says:

      back in the day when Princess Diana was scrutinized, the Queen call the press to BP. They were told to leave her alone. I believe she was pregnant at the time.

  25. Piper says:

    When i saw the full clip, I don’t think Meghan is looking at William at all or speaking to him. She’s looking at Kate to her far left… and Kate moves away to the crowd and she’s left w that ignoramous, but I don’t think William was giving her cold shoulder but being a weirdo with his scarf and had nothing to say to fill space. This didn’t stand out to me. What did stand out is there’s only one time when Harry and William interact and it’s by the gate. But the next day they went hunting – hard to hunt with a brother you’re too angry with so I’m taking the fight to be William and Harry only and Meghan’s just an innocent bystander.

    I agree that Meghan didn’t come in with any mission to change or modernize the monarchy and TQ thinks well of her but beyond that who knows. I doubt she’s rushing into anything. Meghan not wearing hose and black polish is not her grand scheme to change anything and all the over dramatization around it is idiotic.

    As for Meghan’s father and sister, I think a few things… 1- I think some of this is going to be in that scammers book and she’s leaking posts to get people drummed up. 2- I think they’re working with Piers to continue their 15 mins bc he hates Meg 3- someone read excerpts from that Meghan bio book that said meg and sam never got along as kids and as adults led very diff lives, estranged and the moment she announced her engagement to Tom, he gave Sam her tel no and asked Meg if she could be her media or person and Meghan of course declined and was horrified, Doria called Tom and cussed him out for it and Tom Sr wanted all the Markles invited to which Meghan declined. So now, ala Toms photo set up pre wedding to “fix his image” and this Piers/Thomas media campaign all set up by Sam, this is her pay back to Meghan and she probably will never stop. 4- the ultimatum Meghan set for Tom, stop talking to the press and stop talking to Sam makes sense now. This isn’t just a poor dad and a sister defending her father, it’s orchestrated campaign to use Meghan for $$ and vengeance and dad has picked one daughter over the other bc he refuses to not be led by Sam.

    • Rosie says:

      Scammy as Meghan’s media person??? Is that what was suggested? Clearly the brains comes from the Ragland side. Agree some of the fail stories are Piers Morgan influenced. Maybe more than we realise, he’s very hurt at being ghosted 😆

      • Piper says:

        Haha clearly Scammy thinks more of herself but her first comment when the wedding was announced was the book. She thought Meghan should hire her for media after being estranged for almost a decade lol. Dad is still estranged from Jr after years until recently. That family is pure dysfunction, but it’s why they try to hold it over Megs head.

  26. Dee says:

    I don’t get it — in the split second before the video starts, M and W clearly spoke and smiled at each other???

    • Elisa says:

      It’s all BS. There is also a video where William and Harry are talking and smiling, so … all BS to create clicks.

      • Vi says:

        I also saw William smiling at Meghan and W and H were interacting too. This level of scrutiny is ridiculous. It’s evident that everyone is projecting their dislike to see what they want to see.

      • PrincessK says:

        I have not seen these videos of William happily interacting with Harry and Meghan…links please!

  27. Snap Happy says:

    I just don’t understand this relationship with the press. Clearly the palace has pull. For example, there are no pictures of the kids when Kate when discount shopping. If they aren’t using that pull to shut down this smear campaign, doesn’t mean that it’s getting greenlit from high-up? Like Charles or even the queen? Are they using this tactic to keep Meghan in her place?

    • Tina says:

      There’s a difference between something concrete and a story based on sources. All the UK press has an agreement not to publish pictures of the children taken casually, and if anyone tried to do that, the palace would approach them and ask them to remove the story. But printing a story about discord within the palace based on sources, the Queen and Charles can’t ask them to remove that. They could officially deny it, but that is rarely done unless it’s something serious (Andrew and Epstein). The general attitude is that it is better to ignore these things.

      • Lorelei says:

        Tina, you’re right, but do think that at this point, it is still the right approach? The Queen is QUICKLY losing my respect for allowing Meghan to be trashed this way week after week.

        Just because they always went the “never complain, never explain” route doesn’t necessarily mean that still works in 2019. Things are different now and they need to adapt.

      • Tina says:

        @Lorelai, it’s a good question. I don’t know, but I don’t think she’s going to change at this late stage.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They allow certain photos of the kids in public places, when W&K want the PR. See photos of Katie Keen out with the kids at the horse trials, Nanny Maria hidden in the approved photos.

    • Sassy says:

      Yes they are using the press to keep her in her place

    • Xo says:

      It’s been rumored that something of a “gentleman’s agreement” is in place between the Palace & the press. Generally, the media will make some effort to keep positive focus on the heir (William) while the spare (Harry) is considered (closer to) fair game. William is protected (white-washed), Harry is not.

  28. Jane says:

    I think that perhaps William is wearing something under the scarf and he wants to make sure it is not noticeable. Bc that is way too many adjustments.

    People are much crazier than they used to be, and that entire crowd is watching way more than they have in the past when they basically walk along chatting – they are all on alert.

    I hope the crazies don’t make them have to be less public.

    • Agenbiter says:

      Hah – this question needs to be crowdsourced:

      What could William have underneath his scarf that he didn’t want anyone to see?

      • TeamAwesome says:

        Not saying that I think this is what it is, but do you think they ever wear body armor?

      • Tina says:

        Harry did of course, in Afghanistan. They wouldn’t in the ordinary course. We don’t have many guns here.

      • Royalwatcher says:

        Plus I’m sure any crowds getting this close to them have been thoroughly vetted, plus there are police there, plus the royals’ RPOs.

  29. aquarius64 says:

    This drug story has too many holes and potential for backfire:

    1) If Meghan had drugs at her wedding. Andrew Morton would have reported in his book.

    2) The Sun article doesn’t name the guest who made the allegation or publish the emails which should say something.

    3) The Sun claimed Meghan’s ex Trevor Engelson bought the drugs through a hotel staffer at the wedding. They are accused of committing a crime. That staffers job is on the line and Trevor can sue.

    4) Evil Papa Smurf can be sued because he made the allegation. Let’s see him answer questions when he is not getting soft ball questions.

    • Natalie S says:

      Thomas Markle’s excuse for not being in the wedding pictures is he told the photographer to take pictures of the younger guests in their bikinis -gross.

      He apparently produced a picture taken moments before he walked Meghan down the aisle yet chose not to have this picture published somewhere.

      And he said he used one of the mini pot bags to protect one of his emmies from the sea air. This guy is just so repulsive and self-serving.

    • PrincessK says:

      It must be her green with envy jealous friend who sold all the school and childhood photos.

    • ex-Mel says:

      From what I’ve seen in the media, they are quoting an EMAIL, which the reporters claimed to have seen. The email clearly wasn’t written to her father, nor is he therefore the likely source of it. It would have been offered by the recipient.
      The email may or may not exist, but having worked in the media, I am willing to bet it does exist, because the allegation is simply too serious (PR-wise) to be made without anything to substantiate it. The RF could sue them.

  30. Rach says:

    Tabloid created family drama, no truth to it. Tabloid frenzy over Meghan will pass. Harry hates the press but uses it just like Princess Di, when it suits him! Will at least is consistent with his dislike of the press.

    Harry seems to have settled down since Australia trip though, doesn’t seem to play to the cameras at least not in these shots. Maybe because it was a church pap walk!

  31. liriel says:

    I think the negative comments will stop when she gives birth for sure!

    • Royalwatcher says:

      Are you being sarcastic? If you’re serious, I’m really curious as to why you think the negative comments will stop at that point? People thought the negative comments would stop when Harry and Meghan officially got engaged…but it didn’t. Then when they got married…nope. Then when Meghan started working…but it actually got worse after the tour. And, her pregnancy hasn’t improved anything either. I don’t see why a baby would make things stop.

      • liriel says:

        Because you really don’t hit at a new mum. Motherhood is kind of sacred and special. Just like people didn’t buy her family’s bullshit. Even her haters.. So here’s hoping. Meghan will get lots of good will after appearing with a cute baby. Hey, we all fell in love with George!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Of course they won’t stop. They’ll just go in on the baby too.

      • Mia says:

        Notassugarhere: I agree, they are going to light into that baby big time. I hope the Duke and Duchess of Sussex don’t release photos or engage when she’s leaving the hospital. If the baby hair is curly, some will come out against that. I remember the hate The Carters got for Blue Ivy’s hair. Now that little girl has a full head of hair.

  32. Tori says:

    Seriously? A mostly unknown actress on a cable series is going’s to secure the monarchy? I had to laugh at that one.

    • Lily says:

      She isn’t a ‘mostly unknown actress on a cable series’ anymore is she? That’s the past. Meghan is now The Duchess of Sussex, one of the most famous women on earth, whether you or anyone else likes it or not. She also happens to be a biracial foreigner who has brought more interest into the British Monarchy than Sophie, Kate and Sarah Ferguson combined. In this global society we live in now, it is obvious to see why the Queen sees the appeal of her being in the royal family.

      • Tori says:

        Actually she’s become tabloid fodder whether you like it or not! She’s famous because she’s married to Harry. Nothing else. She’ll fade into the distance just like the others.

      • Olenna says:

        Well said, Lily. And, yes, the entire BRF is tabloid fodder. No one really cares what they do, day to day, but people who read the rags and follow royals.

      • Christa says:

        That’s fan fiction at its best Lily.

        I really think the Queen doesn’t care much about Meghan to be honest. She has a lot more things to worry about than Harry’s problems.

        The ‘she’s going to change the monarchy’ narrative is so laughable it hurts. She’s not changing an IOTA of the BRF.

      • Olenna says:

        It’s obvious someone has a reading comprehension problem. Lily said nothing about Meghan changing the monarchy or TQ’s personal feelings towards her, and I doubt TQ is worrying about much aside from her and PP’s health.

      • liriel says:

        Sophie Kate and Sarah combined? I mean she is popular but you’re over exaggerating!

    • Mego says:

      Yes it’s true that the future of the monarchy rests on Charles and William which could be stated rather than putting Meghan down who never made the claim about herself btw.

    • passerby says:

      Have a Snickers, Tori.

  33. HeyThere! says:

    I have watched this a few times, each time focusing on a different persons face. I think they all just hate the media attention and know they can’t ‘win’. Kate does a good job of going between Meghan and Will and giving friendly looks. Not too forced, not cold. Seems genuine! Harry is a few steps ahead just walking down the stairs. Will is obsessed with his scarf and comes off cold(pun intended LOL). The look on Meghan’s face the first second after she turns from facing Will is hilarious. A look of ‘umm okay that was weird’ but smiling they it. She’s expressive with her eyes. HAHA

    Like I said, I think they just all are hyper aware of the media and the face that anything they do will be ‘bad’.

    • Sass says:

      Yes! I saw all of your points immediately. Too funny. I love how sassy Meghan is. She’s not afraid to be herself.

  34. Sass says:

    Lol she was totally trying to talk to him and got the brush off. I’ve given that exact look she had after: “fine, be that way, you big baby.” 😂

  35. Mia says:

    looks like Samantha has been put on Scotland Yards, Fixated Persons List.

    • Anna says:

      Yeah, I read that. About bloody time. Hopefully, this way she can’t stalk M&H when they come over to the US.

  36. reg says:

    It all went downhill, when Meghan demanded scent candles for cover the moldy smell
    of the church before her wedding. Being cruel to the servants and trying to hide the skeletons
    in her closet have turned the rest of the family against her already.

    • Meganbot2000 says:

      Is that a joke?

      Kate “demanded” scented candles too.
      There’s zero evidence she ever did a thing to servants.
      She’s still super close to all the family she has ever been close to. The only relative she’s fallen out with is her dad, a known liar and emotional abuser who she’s been estranged from off and on since she was a teenager. (She’s never had a relationship with her half-sister and iirc the half-sister last spoke to Meghan when she was a child, so no “falling out” — you can’t “fall out” with a celebrity you only know from TV and magazines!)

      • Rosie says:

        There are pictures of Meghan at Scammy’s graduation and Meghan is an adult in the pic (not sure exact age). I don’t think they had a close relationship but it’s not accurate to say they haven’t spoken since M was a child. We don’t know the facts about her relationship with her father growing up. It’s all assumptions, we really don’t have the information to judge. What we do know is that since the photo shoot in Mexico he has not done what he was asked and he has sold her out to the press. That’s enough! He could have been the best father growing up but he has now lost any bragging rights and lost any right to an on going relationship.
        Apparently Diana’s mother moaned how stressful the wedding was and Diana blanked her for a long period. She’d have locked Tom up in the Tower.

      • Peg says:

        You’ve to remember when Meghan was born Samantha was sixteen years, Doria left when Meghan was two years old.
        Sam and Jr. came to live with Thomas after he married Doria, in Samantha’s own words, she said she was not babysitting a brat.
        Samantha daughter is three years younger than Meghan. So both Jr. and Samantha left Thomas house shortly after Doria and Meghan.
        Samantha resented Meghan from birth, so yes it is accurate to say they did not have much interaction when Meghan was growing up.
        Samantha’s daughter invited Meghan to Samantha getting her GED certificate ceremony, look at the picture Samantha is leaning a way from Meghan, and that is the last time she saw Meghan in 2008.
        Ask yourself why Samantha has only three pictures with Meghan.

      • Rosie says:

        I would have thought that the fact she bothered going to her graduation was a sign there was some distant relationship. Yes, not a loving sisterly one. From the photo it seems Samantha couldn’t stand her, but Meghan seemed to be trying. People didn’t take half as many pics back then esp of younger half sisters they couldn’t stand. I don’t think you can measure how often they were in the same room by the number of photos. If that’s the case Scammy must be kicking herself now 😆 . I doubt if Meghan cared enough to find the energy to ever ‘fall out ‘ with S more like just didn’t bother with her. I’m not defending S just saying maybe people shouldn’t offer suppositions as facts.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Both Kate and Meghan did the trendy thing of having a scented wedding, and both used the same candle/scent company.

      Meghan isn’t doing anything to the staff, you’re choosing to believe the rumors all of which were shown to be false and denied by the Palace.

      Her father is abusive and has been for years. She gave him chance after chance, hoping this time he’d change, and he never did. She’s smart to cut those abusers out of her life.

      Charles, the Queen, Eugenie and Beatrice, Anne – they all appear to like her just fine.