Is Forest Whitaker & Keisha Nash’s divorce going to end up being shady?

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Just after Christmas, Forest Whitaker filed for divorce from his wife of 22 YEARS. This was not some flashy Hollywood marriage, and I never heard any gossip about Forest or his wife Keisha Nash Whitaker. After 22 years, their kids are grown (Sonnet Noel is 22 and True is 20) and out of the house. Maybe once they were empty-nesters, they were like “wow, I cannot stand you.” I honestly don’t know what happened, and no one else seems to know either. But does this sound like a shady update?

Forest Whitaker’s wife just filed her response to his divorce petition and although it seems on the surface there may be issues between the two, our sources say the divorce is super amicable.

Keisha Nash, through her lawyer disso queen Laura Wasser, is asking for spousal support once their 22 year marriage is dissolved. In Forest’s legal docs he asked the judge to deny Keisha spousal support.

The spousal support thing seems like it could blow up, but our sources say not the case. We’re told both sides want to work out a formal property settlement agreement that will satisfy them. There’s a lot to divide … he’s an incredibly successful actor and we’ve learned they did not have a prenup.

There are no minor children so child support is a non issue.

[From TMZ]

The prenup conversation is stupid because even if they had a prenup, after 22 years it wouldn’t matter in the state of California, a community property state in which prenups are generally thrown out the window if a couple has been married longer than a decade. I find it very shady that Keisha asked for spousal support and Forest asked that support be denied AND that “sources” are trying to play that like “oh they’re just working on a settlement.” If they were working on a settlement and on the same page, Keisha wouldn’t have had to ask for support and Forest wouldn’t have asked the court to deny it. And after 22 years, she better get spousal support. It’s one of those situations where the number of years should just mean a total 50-50 split in assets.

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  1. BigGirl says:


  2. LaraK says:

    Oh, this definitely comes off as dodgy. Did one of them cheat?
    Generally a divorce after so much time is not going to be all neat and tidy, but this seems like it’s going to get super messy.

  3. LORENA says:

    I know nothing about their marriage but she grew up in my city and she came for an assembly to my highschool 10 years ago, she was super nice and down to earth

  4. Veronica S. says:

    I dunno, after kids are grown…sometimes you just lose the last thread tying you together. I’ve seen it happen with friends’ parents before. As long as its amicable, it is what it is, even if it is a shame to throw in the towel after that long.

  5. Lucy says:

    Sad. Hope everything works out well for everyone involved.

  6. Anners says:

    Super off topic – she is *gorgeous* and doesn’t look anywhere near old enough to have been married 22 years. Hope it works out for them as fairly as possible.

    • Starkiller says:

      I thought the same thing—just looked up her age and apparently she is 46?! How?!

      • molly says:

        Me too! She’s beautiful.
        If my choices for that photo caption were:
        A.) 20-something model girlfriend
        B.) 46 years old and mother of a 22 and 20 year old

        Never in a million years would I have chosen B.

  7. Snowflake says:

    22 years and he wants to fight spousal support? That’s messed up.

  8. Aven Sharp says:

    Is there a difference between spousal support and equitable division of assets? Maybe he is denying the first *because* of the latter?

  9. Miasys says:

    That purple dress is fire! She looks amazing!