Brittany Cartwright claims an unruly Delta passenger put gum in her hair

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Normally, I wouldn’t care about a Bravo reality star, but I thought this was sort of an interesting story. Brittany Cartwright is perhaps known to some of you because she’s in Vanderpump Rules. She also recently got engaged to Jax Taylor, another “star” of Vanderpump Rules. She’s been getting more attention over the past year or so, and up until now, I thought she was a country singer or a Bachelorette, but no – she’s a Bravo reality star on the hustle. Anyway, Brittany flies Delta. She flew Delta Atlanta to Miami over the holidays, and it seems that – according to her – another passenger assaulted her and put gum in her hair?

It’s been a banner 2018 for Brittany Cartwright, including her 25-lb. weight loss and engagement to Vanderpump Rules costar Jax Taylor. But one day before the year came to a close, the Kentucky native hit a speed bump when an airline passenger allegedly assaulted her — pushing her and putting gum in her hair. Cartwright opened up about the alleged incident on Twitter in a post on Sunday.

She claimed in her tweet that while flying from Atlanta to Miami on a Delta flight, she was using the first class airplane bathroom when a female passenger “started shaking my door a good 3 to 4 times [even though] I had already told her someone was in there.” After Cartwright stepped out, she allegedly showed the passenger “where it said occupied and vacant.” The passenger then used the restroom, but mocked the reality star when she returned to her seat.

From there, things allegedly got worse. When Cartwright was exiting the jet bridge, the female passenger pushed and pulled her hair, Cartwright claimed. The woman also allegedly put gum in Cartwright’s hair — a photo of which the reality star posted.

“Jax saw it all happen so of course we walk after her and say how dare you touch me, I did nothing but show you a sign,” Cartwright wrote. “This kind of behavior is not acceptable and I will be pressing charges. This incident was a complete assault. I had to cut gum out of my hair. I did absolutely nothing to deserve this and I feel like a mean girl like this needs to be put in [her] place before she acts like this to someone else.”

Cartwright then when on to question Delta, claiming that the airline’s staff and flight attendants did nothing to help. The company’s official Twitter account did respond to Cartwright to say they would look into the incident, and a Delta rep told PEOPLE on Tuesday, “The airline has reached out to learn more.”

“I hope Delta does the right thing,” Cartwright added, in her original tweet. “I have her flight information, seat number, everything. I would NEVER ever disrespect someone this way, no matter how mad they made me so I can’t believe this behavior exists. It makes me sad and I can’t get over it. I will make sure this lady knows she can’t treat people this way. If this is what she will do at an AIRPORT (and get away with it), imagine what she is doing elsewhere?”

[From People]

I get that pushing someone constitutes assault, but the gum-in-the-hair thing? I don’t know. I don’t know about Delta’s liability here too. The assailant sounds like a total douchebag, for sure, but if it happened on the bridge, is Delta liable? And if someone put gum in my hair, that would make me so much angrier than being pushed. But it definitely feels like something is being left out of this story, right? Also: as someone with long hair and someone who likes to chew gum, that photo upsets me.

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  1. Ladyhands says:

    I teach sixth grade, and this honestly sounds like one of the stupid fights my kids expect me to referee instead of teaching. Delta employees aren’t your babysitters. You’re a grown ass woman rudely engaging with the person who yanked on your door when you could have walked away. Seriously, this is a conversation I would have with a 12 year old.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Yes,reading this the whole time I’m thinking about how this is something I would teach my daughter to handle on her own,tell her to walk away,and get over it,they behaved poorly don’t give it too much time or energy it’s over.I don’t know who this immature girl is,but I doubt she handled the situation with tons of class,of course somebody should not put gum in your hair,but Delta doesn’t owe her anything.And could she please tell us all again…um,was it the FIRST CLASS bathroom because I don’t know if she reiterated it enough times.

  2. Kitten says:

    She’s 29 years old?!?!? O_O

    Are they filming her show? Because this incident sounds like some BS drama drummed up for ratings. If not, then it’s just two incredibly juvenile and spiteful individuals acting like unruly children.

  3. Franny Days says:

    Lol kaiser I have NO idea why but I’ve always pictured you with short hair. A little ashamed to say that the hubby and I love Vanderpump Rules. Whoever did this to Brittany can “rut in hyell”.

    • Snowflake says:

      That’s awesome your husband loves it w you! I got my husband into watching 90 day fiance and he loves it as much as I do. Of course, I’m not allowed to tell anyone lol

    • AA says:

      I secretly love Vanderpump Rules too. I want to be Lisa V. when I grow up (I’m on the wrong side of 40 but I can still hope to grow up, right).

  4. minx says:

    “I don’t know her.”
    Thought it was an old picture of Janice Dickinson.

  5. Feedmechips says:

    …all you have to do is rub the gum with a little mayo and it slides right out. No haircut necessary.

    • Swack says:

      Think peanut butter also works – think it’s the oil in the two that help it. Ice also to freeze the gum and it will come out. What I can’t believe is that no one else saw this. If they were on the ramp, first class means they are first out and there are a whole lot of people coming behind them. So, not sure why they don’t try and at least contact those on the plane to see if they saw anything. Not sure why she needed a hair cut any way. From the look of the picture not much hair is involved and cutting it out would not have been a big deal.

  6. Eribra says:

    School nurse here- peanut butter will get gum out of hair as well. Never heard of mayo, going to try as I’m always super nervous about peanut allergies and making sure I’ve washed the hair enough to send them back to class.

  7. Bros says:

    She looks nothing like she used to. Boobs by jax, her face so botoxed that her eyebrows look like they’re trying to make a run for it. And she still somehow looks amazingly cheap like a high school prom girl from 1999. Not good.

  8. ojulia123 says:

    What happened to her face? OMG. She’s unrecognizable.

  9. Raina says:

    I watch some of these bravo shows and my boyfriend tends to sneak in and watch with me pretending he hates it…but only complains during commercials.
    She’s a sweet girl; not exactly the sharpest tool, but sweet.
    I agree that some things Delta shouldn’t necessarily be liable for. And, yes, there probably is more to the story. It seems sort of unfinished with bits missing in the middle.

    I’ll tell you this about gum or saliva flinging, it’s legitimately assault as far as I’m concerned.
    If someone shoved their nasty gum anywhere on my person, that would be the last piece they are ever able to comfortably chew.