Julie Bowen got Botox in her upper lip and couldn’t drink or chew afterwards

Julie Bowen was a guest on Busy Tonight about a week before Christmas. It’s new to me so we may as well talk about it. One of the videos was labeled “Julie Bowen explains why dating is terrifying,” which surprised me because I forgot that she broke up with her husband early last year. I’m the one who wrote that story too! Julie said that she isn’t dating because the divorced mom dating scene is a zoo, that’s what she called it and then she used euphemisms to explain that her friends showed her d*ck pics they’d been sent. That’s the worst. It’s only happened to me once but I was so upset by it. She also told a story about getting really high and not being able to function. Busy brought it up! The story I found the most interesting was how she got convinced to get Botox in her upper lip to avoid the lines you get from pursing your lips. Then she demonstrated not being able to drink or chew afterwards. It looked like trying to eat after getting dental anesthesia.

She was crawling on the ground after eating edibles
My therapist told me ‘[Ambien is] addictive, you need pot. It’s legal, get yourself some edibles.’ The directions say ‘eat half the bag.’ I was really conservative and only ate a quarter of the bag. Cut to me going down the hall [crawling and whispering]. [It took] five to eight hours [to wear off].

She had a bad Botox experience
One time somebody convinced me to [get Botox above my lip]. Let me show you what happens when you try and drink afterwards it’s like this *opens mouth wide, can’t suck straw, dribbes* I was like ‘how bad can it be?’ [It was] really bad.

She doesn’t read Instagram comments
The last time I read a comment it was so nasty and mean.

[From Busy Tonight videos]

One of my friends got so paranoid after eating edibles that he had to go to the emergency room. I’ve only smoked a few times because I hate how it makes me think. I end up analyzing my whole life and hating myself. I don’t think I’ll ever try edibles after hearing horror stories like this. As for Botox, I sort of want to try it but I’ve had such good results from all the new skincare we’ve been talking about that I’m going to wait. I’m also worried that I’m going to end up with a frozen face or not being able to smile or chew.

Here’s the video of Julie demonstrating her bad Botox experience:



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  1. The rational consumer says:

    I get Botox to my upper lip in what is called a “lip flip.” Essentially, it prevents purse lines and allows more of your lip to show, thereby getting rid of any gummy smile. Been doing it for years without complication, and I can smile or drink from a straw fine. Julie’s plastic surgeon/injector just used way too much.

    • petee says:

      From what I understand you aren’t supposed to use Botox around the mouth.My Doctor’s won’t do it.

    • Krakken says:

      I did Botox once between my brows and while I noticed the frozen effect it didn’t really do much to alleviate my “eleven” wrinkles. Later I tried it again asking for more above my brows which the doctor did and the freezing caused my brow to droop. Noticeably to me , tho the idiot doctor tried to deny seeing anything. The entire experience was disappointing. Also, that was a couple of weeks before my wedding so I have the pics to remember. I no longer play around with injectables. Seems a waste of ++money and a gamble.

      • Lisbon says:

        There is no way, I would put botox into my body.
        I’m so glad that bangs work for my bone structure so well.

    • Jess says:

      The amount is key. I’ve always had bad frown lines so I finally tried botox about six years ago (late 30s – no other lines at that time) and the doctor ended up freezing my entire forehead – it was awful. About a year later I switched doctors and she was great – just a little between between the eyes and a little in the forehead around there. I don’t like the feeling of botox but my forehead wasn’t frozen and by getting those minimal botox treatments once every 9 months or so for a couple of years it took care of my frown lines. I think some of the docs use a lot because they charge based on the amount of botox they give you – so the more they put in, the more they make.

  2. Honey bear says:

    Edibles and dick pics. I say yes to all! Bring it on boys. Hey, they can openly appreciate the female form, why can’t we?

    • ichsi says:

      I DO appreciate the male form very much, and if a cute guy I like wants to send me a taste- and playful shot of his butt, he’s very much welcome to do so. But I don’t need anatomy lessons on dick veins from strangers or passing online acquaintances.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I don’t think anyone’s complaining about dick pics they consent to, in fairness. The focus is more on men who send them unsolicited. Which a lot of them do. All the time.

  3. Crowhood says:

    Man I lowkey Wish edibles got me like that.

  4. Erinn says:

    Celebitchy, I wonder if it’s the TYPE that you’d smoked. I have never felt paranoid, or over thought, but maybe it’s because I’m someone who over analyzes when stressed out, and that made me calm.

    Edibles are supposed to take longer to kick in, and have a longer effect, I believe. Should be legally sold in Canada by mid-october at the latest. I have chronic pain and sleep issues tied into it, so the idea of taking some in the evening and getting better sleep is appealing. My dr is actually someone who advocates for medical marijuana under at least some circumstances, and made a point of doing an interview for the local paper about the benefits and the difference between medical and recreational use – though he stands by the ‘your brain is developing it should be last resort for anyone under 25’ which is good. He’s the guy they send people to for pain, and is very well respected. I heard so many older people talking positively about it after that article, it was a really nice change. So many people are in pain and could potentially benefit from medical use without the kind of side effects that they would have from the medication they’d otherwise need to take – or it could allow them to take a smaller dose and have less effects. I’m someone who has to take 5+ pills a day, so I love the power of science and pharmaceuticals. But if there’s something that will help in addition to my medicine, I’m all for it.

    • Celebitchy says:

      I have a hard time metabolizing medication, like I get every side effect. I smoked in the mid to late 90s so I don’t know what it was, but I just think pot doesn’t affect me well. I do think it should be legal though across the US and Canada as you mentioned, especially for pain relief! My doctor also recommends CBD oil and such but it’s not legal here yet.

      • Giddy says:

        It’s not legal for me either, and that actually makes me really mad. I have arthritis that is especially bad in the winter. It doesn’t seem right to me that if I lived in California or Colorado I could get relief. When I was in California last year I was amazed at all the internet pot companies offering whole menus of items, and they even deliver. So I tried some edibles, some brownies and some gummy bears. I flat fell in love with the gummy bears! They took away my pain and my anxiety and it was incredible. I’ve honestly thought about going on a road trip and loading up! Except I’m scared of getting caught!

        For those who don’t know, the AARP has come out in full support of legalization of pot. They have so many members who would benefit.

      • JustCrimmles says:

        I thought CBD products were legal nationwide, because they don’t contain THC?

        My dad is currently trying different kinds of CBD salves, and there’s one that’s helping him so much, he’s kind of flying through it. I suggested it to him for years, and he always kind of whatever’d the idea (pot friendly daughter suggests pot derivative, I guess.) My sister brought him a sample recently though, and now he gets it. It’s great though, he’s had about 8 back surgeries and has intractable pain. He could get medical marijuana if he wanted, I kind of wish he would.

        I love edibles. No coughing, no smell, EdiPure gummy boobs and Kiva chocolates are so good. There are some gummies that taste like straight cannabis oil with a tiny bit of flavor. But EdiPure’s stuff tastes good. I’ve never had any weird times with edibles, but I have felt like my body was made of lead after smoking sometimes. The worst is when it makes me feel really, really dark thoughts, but luckily that didn’t happen too often. I’m ready for it to be legal everywhere.

      • Sportlady20 says:

        Cbd oil is the best, I won’t live anywhere I can’t legally take it. I have RA, & muscle issues, it is the best anti inflammatory I’ve found. I can’t take any pain pills as they make me physically ill, so this is so awesome.
        Edibles require a 5 mg start to see where your tolerance is & always wait an hour before taking more. People take to much is why they have these issues.

      • IMUCU says:

        Where is CBD oil not legal in the U.S.? It has no THC, it’s sold all over the internet and locally, even at street fairs here in FL (and we don’t have marijuana yet bc the conservative legislature is fighting implementing the vote from last year). I use CBD oil and capsules, it works sometimes for me (for autoimmune disease symptoms), sometimes not, think it depends on where I get it from. I’ve done a lot of research and have tried 4 manufacturers so far. I don’t think CBD is restricted any where, it’s even in pet supplements. What is often scrutinized is Kratom (bc it’s thought to have potentially addictive properties), which I’ve tried and don’t like. I get the same side effects with Kratom that I get with any pain killer that stimulates the brain’s mu/opoid receptors (nausea/vomiting/sweating, so I don’t like taking typical pain killers either). Definitely recommend trying CBD though if you are in the U.S., it works for a lot of people. Kava can also be useful if you have intermittent sleep/anxiety trouble (but won’t help with pain) — do not take it if you have liver problems.

        CBD oil from marijuana is not legal if you do not have marijuana legal in your state. CBD oil from hemp is legal everywhere. (Googled)

      • MyBlackCats says:

        I have an horrible reaction to all things pot related. It’s hyped as so “necessary” , yet, is it? I don’t take anything for rote pain, maybe just ice and elevate. Pain is there for a reason, the best teacher. Also I do yoga then have a lovely coffee or chai- I do better w a touch of stimulant. I’m already myself, why is that not good enough in our medication obsessed culture??

    • meh says:

      I had insanely horribly (what I think was) TMJ pain in the left side of my jaw right before pot was legalized last year. I went to the doctor and the dentist and got multiple prescriptions for pain killers, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers..nothing worked. The pain was unbearable and I had barely slept in a week. One of my friends mentioned to me that they were ordering edibles off some website and did I want to try anything. I figured I may as well, since I had tried everything else.

      Let me tell you…I took half of a gummy one night and slept like an absolute baby. I was PAIN FREE almost immediately and have been ever since with continued use. My mood has improved, my anxiety has gone down. It’s been an absolute life changer for me.

  5. SamC says:

    She’s one I wish would stop whatever it is she’s doing to her face. Look at her from the start to now on Modern Family and clearly a lot of tweaking, beyond some upper lip Botox.

    • Petra Siva says:

      From what I understand you aren’t supposed to use Botox around the mouth.My Doctor’s won’t do it.

    • Lisbon says:

      @SamC :
      Yes, she seems to have done a lot more than just a one time botox.
      But I guess, the pressure is on women in Hollywood and she is old now, so it’s even worse.

    • smee says:

      I agree – the last few seasons of MF her face was mask-like. She should cut back on whatever she’s doing.

    • Betsy says:

      I gave up watching that show because of her immobilized face. It was too creepy.

  6. launicaangelina says:

    Wasn’t there a rumor floating around that she was seeing Tucker Carlson several months ago?

    • Tiffany says:

      Yep, it was what lead to her separating from her husband. Apparently she and Carlson go all the way back to high school. Both of them come from monied families.

      • launicaangelina says:

        Interesting… I did not realize they went back like that. He’s gross. *shudders*

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Heard/read this too, actually my husband said he read it somewhere but I’ve never given it much more thought.

    • a reader says:

      Tucker Carlson is very much married, and happily so.

  7. Kittyfarts says:

    People should really learn more about thc & edibles before they try it. There’s different strains, etc. I too learned the hard way how much is too much, what I like & what is best for me. Dispensaries are very helpful & informative. At least the ones I’ve been too. If you are trying to relax & veg out…. get some indica or even a hybrid. If you don’t want to be zoned out Sativa is a good option. I’ve taken sativa gummies & no one around me even knew I was high. I could barely tell myself. I was just extremely relaxed.
    Julie clearly doesn’t realize less is more sometimes…. for both Botox & edibles LOL

  8. Spicecake38 says:

    I used to like her,but now she really annoys me.She seems to be the living embodiment of her Clare Dunphy character on modern family.

  9. Anh says:

    From the main photo, I thought it was Christina Applegate! Anyone else?

  10. Sparkles says:

    Her face looks so tight on the show nowadays. She has a very “pulled” look, especially around the eyes. I can’t get over the rumor about her and Tucker Carlson.