Madonna suddenly has a Khloe Kardashian-esque Pinocchio Butt

Madonna wasn’t in her newish home of Portugal for New Year’s Eve: she was in New York, attending an event at the Stonewall Inn. The Stonewall Inn is the Greenwich Village bar where, in 1969, cops raided the undercover-gay establishment and a riot broke out. That riot is widely considered to be the biggest start of the gay-rights movement, at least in America. Days before NYE, Stonewall had announced that they were naming Madonna as their ambassador for the 50th anniversary celebrations. Madonna came by on NYE and made a speech and everyone was happy.

The thing is, Madonna is getting all kinds of headlines because she suddenly appears to have a Khloe Kardashian-esque Pinocchio Butt. People debate the whole “butt lift” versus “butt implants” versus “padded butt shapewear” thing and I’m no expert – I can only tell when someone’s butt looks suddenly different. Like, one day Khloe Kardashian just grew an absolutely circus-like ass. Obviously butt implants, right? Taylor Swift also had a moment where she suddenly appeared to have more of a bubble-butt than ever before, but I still think that might have been padding. Anyway, I think Madonna got the same thing as Khloe. Madge has always had a smallish dancer’s butt, so the Instagram photo (above) is startling because now it looks like her butt is coming to us from all angles.

2018 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

Photos courtesy of WENN, Instagram.

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  1. Seraphina says:

    I grew up with The Material Girl. ❤️ Her early music and some if the later material. Lost interest in her a while back. No pun intended. Will always adore her because she is Madonna, but she looks very very foolish.

    • SM says:

      I agree. It is possible to admire Madonna from decades ago and yet be able to loose any remaing ounce of respect for this rediculous woman in these pics, right?

      • Jess says:

        Completely agree, she has the perfect opportunity and platform to show younger women that it’s possible to age gracefully and still be badass. Show us that it doesn’t matter what you look like but it’s more about who you are inside and your talent, but all she does is plastic surgery and attention grabbing bs. It makes me sad for her, she was such a rule breaker! The best part is she still looks her age! That’s what these women who go overboard with plastics don’t realize….they very rarely look younger, they look the same age but desperate.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        I lost respect for her a long time ago. Ironically right around the time she and Guy Ritchie split up. She sealed the deal when she casually used the n-word like it was no big deal. She has become a caricature and her own insecurities and desperation are obvious. I’ve come to really dislike her

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        There ya go, exactly how I feel. Madonna has made herself a clown.

      • MyBlackCats says:

        In the 80sShe was the original culture vulture, tho as a middle school kid I thought her -look- was so cool but all agreed her music “sucked”. Now this butt makes her pathetic.

    • Darkladi says:

      Stop it, Madge.

    • L84Tea says:

      Agreed. She was very cool and amazing for a lot of years, but she’s just being ridiculous now. It’s sort of sad to watch.

    • Jenns says:


      And look, getting older sucks for women. This world doesn’t appreciate what a women has to say over a certain age. But I always though Madonna’s best work came after she turned 40 and I would have hoped that she would still express herself through reinvention, but instead she just became obsessed with plastic surgery and desperately clinging to what worked for her in her 20s.

      • Kitten says:

        Yes to this comment and all of the above. If you had told me 30 years ago that Madonna would become a youth-obsessed, plastic-y caricature of her old self, I wouldn’t have believed it. I honestly thought she would be going into her 60s the way Debbie Harry did: like a badass. Icon no more I guess…
        Sad, really.

    • Char says:

      It looks like Photoshop, cause I saw videos and her ass didn’t looked that Khloesque.

      • JenJamtX says:

        I saw video too and her butt looked EXACTLY like the above picture. Enormous and weird. Pathetic.

    • Some chick says:

      If you liked early Madonna, you might really enjoy seeing the video from her appearance at the Stonewall. (Link is on Billboard.)

      It’s actually quite sweet. She gives a really touching speech. Her son David Banda plays guitar for her, and they harmonize. And she busted out the giant hairbow and old school look!

      As to the butt, I think it’s padding. She’s at a drag bar… she’s doing Madonna drag.

      • Amanda says:

        It is definitely not padding. There’s another video of Her wearing a short dress and singing with Ariana Grande (I think). The dress has attached underwear that is more like a thong and you can see her actual butt cheeks and they look just like the pictures here. Huge and deformed.

  2. Bunchita says:

    What have I just seen??

    • Ravensduaghter says:

      ….and once you see it, you can’t unsee it…

    • jj says:

      I’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing!!! I know that probably sounds bad to say because it is so sad to see someone like Madonna do that but compared to all the Trump news it gave me a good laugh. Hopefully it is padding.

      • eto says:

        Same!! I’m just looking at those jeans and I know they had to be custom tailored….I’m really wondering what the tailor was thinking as he did his work LOL

  3. Louise177 says:

    I think it’s the pants or she added padding for fun. The purpose of plastic surgery is to be maybe questionable not obvious. I just can’t image Madonna thinking it’s a good idea to go from nothing to gigantic.

    • Megan says:

      I think it is padding because butt implants aren’t that round.

      • Charlie says:

        “Obviously butt implants, right?”

        I saw someone, last week, whose backside looked the same. And I thought “what kind of doctor puts breast implants in a person’s bum?”

        And I still think this. She’s got boobs on her butt. It’s their shape, as well as their size that’s all wrong – making her butt look the most toned thing you see. Which just starts most people looking for other flaws. Sadly, this seems like body dysmorphia to me.

    • Eliza says:

      I agree with padding, she probably sat and they shifted and look crazy.

      Or she knows how to get a headline and picked the biggest size. Now there will definitely be a follow up headline to confirm if the butt stayed large.

      Or maybe the Kardashian “squats” without works in 1 out of 1,000,000 who all happen to be rich celebrities.

    • Wilady says:

      I mean, extreme plastic surgery and constant reinvention is kind of her thing… So it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.

    • Chaine says:

      No it’s real. Someone in the forum of D Listed linked a video of Madonna twerking with Ariana Grande in a short short skirt and you can see clearly that it’s her real backside.

  4. Honey bear says:

    Implants? Girl no.

  5. virginfangirl says:

    She looks ridicules.

  6. Babs says:

    There was a video a while ago with ariana grande that showed Madonna’s pinocchio butt in the early stages. Sad.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Yup, sorry to see her going full Kardashian like this.

    • LadyT says:

      There is no need for debate. It is real, it is embarrassing and it is hideous. I’m sad for a person that would choose this.

    • Pinetree13 says:

      Oh. My. Lord.

      Also I hate this butt enlargement craze. First women were told to pump silicone into thir breasts (screw the health effects) and now you’re supposed to get fat sucked and pumped into your backside

      G-d can women just live? In their bodies? Their natural perfectly sexy as they are bodies? Why must we be told we are inadequate

  7. Embee says:

    That is awful and embarrassing. She looks as though she stuffed a sweatshirt into her trousers.

  8. Gaby says:

    Madonna will never stop trying to turn back the clock and stay youthful. She had bad plastic done for years and now she just can’t undo it and it actually makes her look older instead.

  9. Tw says:

    I’m embarrassed for her. Cringing. But she’s probably loving the attention.

  10. Rosie says:

    Someone on the Instagram post suggested it was her Depends bunching up.

  11. Chef Grace says:

    Coming from a 60 year old woman, Madge darling, learn to age gracefully and embrace your inner goddess as she is. We earn our right to be older and wiser. No shame in that.

  12. onerous says:

    Weird! She always had a dancer booty – tiny but round. Hm.

    She looks like she’s gained a little weight – maybe she’s self conscious about it and decided to lean in!? Who knows. But that booty she showed up with us carefully crafted of lies!

    • Cal says:

      Yeah….she’s allowed herself to soften and gain a little weight now; go Madge!
      But anyone’s arse would be a problem with that decision, even hers, so it seems to me she’s keeping it hoiked up high using
      whacking great injections of hyaluronic acid, like she’s been doing with her tits for years. Not implants, more sort of liquid ‘support’
      I like her newly forgiving silhouette (um…in general..)….little tummy, plump arms. Certainly matches her face now, so there’s that, too!

  13. Other Renee says:

    This poor ridiculous woman will do anything for attention.

  14. Boxy Lady says:

    Someone on the internet said it was a battery pack and that her son had one as well. I’ll wait until I see additional pictures before I judge.

    • Hollz says:

      The video posted a couple of comments up makes it very clear that it is NOT padding.

      • greyate says:

        omg. I wish I could unsee that video. omg. what a tragedy. It looks…awful. What do her kids think? Vanity, what some people do for fashion/beauty.

        The real tragedy is Madge looks BETTER now, that she is not so thin. She looks softer, more real. But then, to go and get that butt? omg. Take it OUT!!

  15. Cyn says:

    She is not aging gracefully at all.

    • MyBlackCats says:

      Padding would be the equivalent of making fun of a big butt? Wouldn’t that be worse- kind of minstrel and mocking? I’m all shades of confused, like when you see someone pass out, at 1st the mind justifies “just a quick nap here”?

  16. Christina says:

    Her face looks better than it did before, but what did she do to her body?

  17. Wellsie says:

    She doesn’t look as bonkers in the face. Kinda nice until you see the caboose.

  18. Jerusha says:

    Why is she wearing Johnny Depp’s clothes?

  19. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    I uttered an involuntary, “Ewww.”

  20. Kittyfarts says:

    I’ve seen 2 separate videos on this new booty & its not padding. One was in a short dress & she was wearing tights. Her bare cheeks were visible. It did not look pretty! Madonna has always been very lean & fit. She’s never had wide hips! This fake booty makes her hips look wide & butt look droopy.
    Sigh I’m ready for this booty phase to end. 🙁 it’s terrible. If you have one great! If you don’t, that’s ok too. Why do we have to change & alter are bodies to this extreme.

  21. bread says:

    She looks like a centaur.

  22. jwoolman says:

    Maybe she fell and it’s swollen? Or protected? Or just a joke for attention? It seems rather unlike Madonna to actually have it permanently inflated.

  23. Becca says:

    Omg! Why do people do this to themselves?!

  24. Originaltessa says:

    Madonna was a beautiful woman and had all the makings of a beautiful older woman. She could have just found a simple chic style that worked for her and let herself age. Instead, we get… this. It’s embarassing.

  25. DenG says:

    Norma Desmond, ready for her close-up. ” I’m going to be better than peanut butter!”

  26. Ms. says:

    How does anyone look in a mirror and think this looks good? It looks like she stuffed a couple pillows in the seat of her pants.

  27. Lala11_7 says:

    I’m an 80s Baby…I’ve been caping for Madonna…FOR DECADES….

    That being said…with ALL the antics Madonna has done over the years…

    This is the VERY first time…that I truly…

    Pity her…

  28. Veronica S. says:

    I have a thousand questions, but they all seem to conglomerate under a general sense of WHY GOD.

  29. A says:

    It’s not the fact that she’s having surgery that’s the problem, it’s that the surgery isn’t well done. Which is strange when some other celebs have great work. I think the cheek implants were the biggest mistake.

    If she was actually did nothing at all she would be criticized for looking old – women can’t win.

    • Lala11_7 says:

      Women CAN win…we can choose not alter our faces and bodies due to insecurities and fears…we can try not to act 20 when we’re 60….we can take that power BACK from the stagnant sexist trope and just…BE FREE!

      Now that we CAN do! If we choose….

    • Susan says:

      After a certain age, your skin and flesh doesn’t have the same elasticity. So putting fillers or fat transplants is always a risk to turn out lumpy and bumpy.

  30. Michel says:

    It’s very easy to come down on Madonna for “not aging gracefully” (as many, many of you have written). To paraphrase her song Human Nature, however, “she’s not your b—h / don’t hang your sh*t on her.” xos.

    • Lobbit says:

      I’m coming down on Madonna because she’s pathologically desperate for relevance and makes an absolute idiot of herself over it, time and time again.

      • Michel says:

        And now to quote Ronald Reagan, “there you go again.”

      • lobbit says:

        Alrighty. I’m home sick today, so If you ever want to talk about the embarrassing and exploitative lengths Madonna has gone to in order to remain culturally relevant in the last decade or so — like the time she used images of dead civil rights leaders to promo her album or that other time when she sexually assaulted a fellow artist on stage at Coachella — I’m totally here for you.

    • Jaded says:

      She is fake from the knees up. Take it from me….I’m 66 and look a hell of a lot younger WITHOUT injections, botox, fake cheeks, fake butt, fake hair colour, fake everything. THAT is NOT growing old gracefully or willingly. Her music career is fading so she has to resort to aping all the latest Kardashian-esque media tricks to draw attention to herself.

      She is utterly pathetic and you’ve been drawn in by nothing more than her self-aggrandizing.

  31. minx says:

    WTH, Madge?

  32. Valerie says:

    I don’t come down on Madonna for ageing or failing to ‘age gracefully,’ whatever the frig that means. That’s a loaded term. What Madonna has always failed to do is to *act* gracefully. When I say she has the face she deserves, it’s because she’s she’s always proved herself to be a shitty person. Fans will defend it as ‘just being Madonna!’ but there’s is a reason other than misogyny that people dislike her, even people in the industry. She’s racist, exploitive, and rude.

  33. Bellagio says:

    Oh Madge, you can do whatever you want to your body. It is yours to do as you see fit.
    I never would have pegged her for a Kardashian body type (read maximum corrective surgery), and yet it looks hideous. I think she should sue her plastic surgeon, since all work that she has done has been “back of the alley” quality. Considering her money and access to best doctors in the world, and this is just awful. She looks like someone that could be cast in a horror movie at this point without any makeup needed to be done.
    She is giving me weird Johnny Depp vibes with her wardrobe. Too much, too late, too desperate.

    • Harryg says:

      It’s horrific. It makes me sad. This artificial “platform butt” makes me sad.

    • Tessy says:

      For some reason she hired Priscilla Presley’s plastic person… I hesitate to say doctor because any doctor who does work like that should be drummed out of business.

  34. kristen says:

    Aging is difficult for most women.
    I can’t imagine how hard it must be for a woman in the public eye, like Madonna.

  35. G. Mitchell says:

    Tee Hee, Jess said “badass”, that’s appropriate in this case. By the way, you didn’t need to insert a close-up of that butt. You could see it from across the street…..

  36. S. says:

    She’d look amazing in Dietrichs style now. Sigh.

  37. Harryg says:

    Is this a prank? Is she messing with us?
    A couple of weeks ago the LA Times gave Sociopath Trashian three pages to promote her natural-looking unnatural-looking beige-brown makeup crap. Three pages. Three pages that could have been used to give attention to new interesting designers, or artisans, or anything. But they gave those three giant pages to Kim Trashian who does not need more attention.
    I was so enraged I wanted to cancel our subscription, it was disgusting and ridiculous. How much beige-brown makeup does the world need?
    Those artificial butts are stupid.

  38. Mrs. Peel says:

    I can’t decide what’s more distracting – the camel toe or the bubble butt.

  39. Susan says:

    There’s a video of her on twitter where she is wearing a short skirt and no stockings and shaking her ass at the audience as she dances with someone on stage. The Pinocchio butt is real not padding (she only had a pair of panties on under her skirt) and awful and deformed.

    • Echo says:

      Definitely implants! You can see it on YT as well. Just search for Madonna + butt implants. Half her implants are hanging out of her black panties! She is utterly pathetic! Sad to see this but she’s always been a nth-degree narcissist. I remember her In Bed With Madonna / Truth or Dare documentary (of her tour) and she was dating Warren Beatty and he was hiding from the camera saying she didn’t want to live off camera. Also Richard E Grant wrote a “film and HW” diary sort of book back in the day and his section on Madonna (he had the biggest crush on her but was quite perceptive) was telling about her narcissism. He also gossiped about how she was super bitchy to her former back-up dancer and undermining her confidence just as the back-up dancer was about to go on stage to launch a new album or song.

      And actually it looks like she’s had them for 2+ years. The horrific dancing video, with Ariana Grande, was filmed at Art Basel Miami in December 2016.

  40. holly hobby says:

    I actually came across her early 80s cds at a Barnes & Noble over the holiday (yeah this sentence sounds like a relic). All for $5. Bought it and enjoyed the early 80s tunes for what they were. She looks so much different in the face (not talking about aging but the bad plastic surgery).

    All that money and she can’t find a good dr? Also it’s so true that whatever you do to your face, the hands tell the truth. Her hands reveal her age in that pic.

    • Olive says:

      i was surprised to see her bare hands – those gloves have been ubiquitous for a while now.

      • Cal says:

        I think this is just a battery case for her mic feeds here.
        She has done summat to her ass indeed though, but she looks pretty great, (good healthy curves, not science fiction ) and not deformed (I refer to others separate shots)
        Scuse scrawl…..only got one eye open

    • jwoolman says:

      Cal – why would someone put a battery case inside their pants instead of outside their clothes, on a belt or harness?

  41. HeyThere! says:

    I do not get this?! They can’t think this actually looks good???? Please stop. I’m embarrassed for you.

  42. Velvet Elvis says:

    How old is Madonna anyway?? It’s probably her adult diaper.

  43. Disco Diva says:

    I really hope she’s doing this ironically or it’s a doctored image ? I really don’t understand this.

    • Echo says:

      They’re implants, not padding. She just posted this on IG: “Desperately Seeking No Ones Approval………………😂. And Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else!! Thank you 2019 🎉🎉🎉! Its Going to Be an amazing Year!!”

  44. Littlefishmom says:

    For the love of all that is good and Holy please make this woman GO AWAAAAYYYY!!!

  45. FredsMother says:

    Lol. I love Madge. No facks to give. Ridiculous and brave. Her terms. Laughing stock as she is. I want to have all that courage and no facks to give. 🥂🥂🥂 So much insecurity on display but with an immense amount of bravado. God bless her. 👏👏👏 Wonder what her daughters think of her…

  46. Jaded says:

    I honestly think she’s losing whatever marbles she has left after all the botox she’s had – maybe it’s given her permanent brain freeze. Her histrionic personality disorder has certainly gone over the top and she’s become a circus sideshow instead of a legit musician. She needs psychiatric help STAT.

  47. She doesn’t care about relavance or anything except getting old and no longer being the hot boy toy she used to call herself. Guy Ritchie said that one of the top reasons he left her is because before bed she drenched herself in anti-aging potions and creams then wrapped it all in saran wrap and he couldn’t get any sleep.