Pippa Middleton wears bikini in St. Barts, reveals her postpartum bounce-back

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews go for a dip in St Barts

One of the big reasons why James Matthews was seen as a good match for Pippa Middleton is because of his wealth, of course, but also because his family owns one of the biggest and best resorts in St. Bart’s, the Eden Rock. Terribly Moderately Wealthy James doesn’t have that much to do with the operation of the resort, as he works full-time at his family’s hedge fund, Eden Rock Capital Management.

Anyway, TMW James was a good match because he’s rich and he and Pippa can go on holiday whenever they want in St. Bart’s. After Christmas, that’s just what they did. These photos are from this week, where Pippa and TMW James were seen taking a dip in the ocean. They didn’t bring baby Arthur Michael William Matthews, who was only born about eleven weeks ago. I can totally believe Pippa looks this great, only 11 weeks postpartum – she’s always been incredibly athletic, and during her pregnancy, she talked a lot about how she was striving to stay very fit. Look at her stomach muscles!! My fried chicken gut just grumbled and demanded some chocolate.

Pippa’s father-in-law David Matthews was around too – there were photos of him kissing his grandson, while Pippa held the baby. I haven’t heard any updates on those rape accusations and charges, by the way. This vacation seemed to mostly involve the Matthews family – TMW James’ brother Spencer was around, with his wife Vogue Williams. But Pippa got to invite her brother too, and look who has a new girlfriend!! James Middleton was seen canoodling quite openly with a blonde in a red bikini. I would say that it looked like they were performing for the cameras, but I don’t even know. Maybe he just has a new girlfriend and he doesn’t care who knows. I wonder if Prince William and Kate will find some time to slip down to Mustique for a few weeks this month or next.

James Middleton shares the PDA with a new girl in Saint Barts

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews go for a dip in St Barts

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. L84Tea says:

    Wow, the Pips looks amazing.

    • annan says:

      Yes.. wow, my baby is 20 weeks… and I don’t look like that – but I only have time for 2 workouts per week… And I’m sooooooo tired…

      • Nikki says:

        annan, congrats on your baby, and focus on getting some rest now! Wishing you a lot of joy this new year as you regain your strength!

      • broodytrudy says:

        Ha, mine is 3, Annan, and i don’t even get two workouts in a week (mostly because i don’t want to, though, lol) You’re crushing it!

      • minx says:

        Mine are 27 and 19 (years) and I don’t look like that.

      • Ashley says:

        Congrats on your new baby! My new little one is 16 weeks, and yeah . . . I don’t have Pippa-like abs for sure. Mine isn’t sleeping through the night yet, so what little energy I have goes to taking care of my three kids and keeping the house from being condemnable. Lol

      • BrickyardUte says:

        Congrats on the little one and finding a little time each week for yourself!! Mine are 7 and 3. Took 13 months to get back into shape are my 1st and my second has been slooooooow going despite my 6+ days a week running. Those little body ruiners are worth every wobble!
        I have recently had some success with Orangetheory. It’s expensive but I am feeling muscles underneath my fluff and it’s a great full body workout in an hour that is fun and can take any fitness level. Just do whatever makes you feel good, be kind and patient with yourself (you created that baby you superhuman!) and good luck with your precious babe!

    • AMAyson1977 says:

      I scrolled down and said, “DAMN!!” I’m six years post-partum and fluffy like a marshmallow. She looks fantastic.

      • LoveBug says:

        Sure Pippa looks great, but it takes a lot of work.
        My girlfriend lost 29 pounds by jumping rope for 45 minutes every morning.

      • NYCTYPE says:

        It doesn’t take much to get into great shape, just excellent eating habits and being a bit active.
        I lost my baby weight by jumping on the trampoline for 30 minutes and skipping rope for 30 minutes everyday.

      • TQB says:

        Bitter laughter at the suggestions above that feature postpartum moms jumping for 30-45 minutes without peeing themselves constantly…

      • Roux says:

        Or just having a spare 30-45 mins to use a jump rope.

      • BrickyardUte says:

        Reminder your experience is not everyone’s. I workout like a fiend and run 4-6 miles pretty much every day and eat well (I have used meal delivery to keep me on my target calories) but my body has decided it’s a new shape after my second babe. You may be skinnier than me, but I am one fit and chunky mama!
        Also remember all babies are different and some parents have babies that have difficulties and caring for them does not leave much time for self care. Let’s be kind to one another, especially during this tender time.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Lol, of course she does. Rich people have babies and hand them off to nannies. Makes a world of difference in getting back into shape when you can clear out your schedule to exercise two hours a day or pick up a tummy tuck/liposuction where nature lags behind you.

      • Barcelona says:

        Sorry Veronica S. , but I beg to differ, I’m certainly not rich and have nobody to hand off my two little kids to, because my mom passed away when I was 6 years old and my husband’s mom died over 8 years ago.
        I go for a run Monday to Saturday while my husband takes care of the kids for about an hour.
        I cook healthy meals for our family on a strict budget.
        Most people are not wealthy in this world and they do the best they can with limited resources.
        Being a healthy weight requires effort and a bit of time, but it doesn’t require great wealth.

      • Veronica says:

        That Pippa Middleton is not working with “limited resources” is the entire point of my comment. It is insane to compare the average woman, whose financial, work, and family demands are significantly greater than somebody in an upper class position, to a woman of her resources and social class. It is ridiculous to think that the average woman could achieve a body like that in such a short time without assistance. If genetics are on your side and you have the proper resources, you might get lucky, but the vast majority of bodies do not bounce back that easily. Pregnancy and birth can be physically traumatic, and it takes time to heal. It is not the norm by any means, and that’s fine. Women shouldn’t feel pressured to torture themselves into thinness if they’re body isn’t naturally embracing it so quickly.

        Although, I am going to be perfectly blunt here: having a husband to whom you can trust to watch your children so that you can have time to exercise, and having resources for healthy food, however budgeted, is absolutely a level of privilege not everybody has. I’m not saying that you’re living in the lap of luxury here, but after spending ten years working in a low income hospital, I can tell you that it is unimaginable to realize just how easy it is to take basic middle and even working class privileges for granted.

      • Barcelona says:

        So, now having a husband that takes care of our kids for about an hour a day while I go for a run in my area is a ” privilege “???
        It’s his job as much as it is mine.
        I mean I’m certainly grateful that I have a loving and responsible husband (caring father to our kids), but I’m not the only one that is responsible for our children, we both are.
        We work full time and live a simple middle class life with a very nice small house and one Honda car we own, we cook all our meals, mostly me, because we can’t afford to eat out.
        The idea that someone has to be wealthy to be healthy and have trainers and help is very strange to me.
        Yes, it requires a significant effort for me to go for a run after a full day of work in a very demanding and stressful job, but actually running helps me with stress, it clears my head.
        My husband runs for the same reason, it helps him with stress.
        It does take time, but an hour a day for me to run and an hour a day for him to go for a run is good for our whole family, because we are less stressed at home and at work.
        This is what works for us and costs us no big money or help.

      • Veronica says:

        …Yes? Having a partner that you can rely on is absolutely a privilege. (Or that you’re even married – since historically, some of us couldn’t do that legally until very recently.) Being in the middle class in a privilege. Owning a car is a privilege. Not having both parents working multiple jobs or having a deadbeat ex who won’t pay child support is a privilege. Having an hour you can dedicate to exercise, clean up, and relaxation is a privilege. Having access to good, affordable food is a privilege. This shouldn’t be a controversial statement, much less something to be taken as anti-feminist. Your partner should support you equally, but my point is that there are plenty of families who don’t have any of that readily available.

        I am a woman without children, who makes very comfortable middle class income with a car, comparatively low school loans, and no mortgage. I would consider myself very privileged economically compared to most people because I have significantly lesser strain on my resources than most. I don’t consider it an insult to say that about myself, just an acknowledgement that I am very fortunate.

        My point isn’t some affront to your integrity or the suggestion that you and your partner don’t work hard for what you have or that your weight loss was a fluke. I’m glad that you have the resources that you do. It’s the fact that what you and I have is still incomparable to what Pippa Middleton has. If we are privileged in comparison to the impoverished in our culture, then just imagine the incredible amount of resources this woman has at her disposal. Some women may not need personal trainers or extensive income to look like Pippa Middleton does three months after a baby, but a guarantee you a hell of a lot more of them could if they could afford it. That’s what I mean by it being unfair for the average woman to compare herself to Pippa Middleton. She just simply has it easier in a number of ways.

      • Sarah says:

        Let’s not confuse privilege with decent decision making, either…not sure having a decent spouse is a privilege- more like mature choices with a little luck sprinkled in.

      • BrickyardUte says:

        Veronica- I also work with low-income and you are correct. I’m grateful I had the education and resources afforded to me to grow up in a safe environment where I could make the informed decision of when to start a family with a partner who is present and supportive. Building bridges out of poverty is a great resource to better understand how something like growing up with two parents puts you at 3rd base compared with other people’s experience.

        You have every right to be proud of your relationship, family and success. Just know that others had the deck stacked against them in ways you cannot even fathom, because they were never your or your communities reality.

      • Meganbot2000 says:

        Barcelona, it feels like you’re projecting. Being able to swan off on an exotic tropical vacation without your baby only a few weeks after birth is an extremely unusual and privileged thing unheard of outside of the super wealthy. Most mums of newborns couldn’t imagine leaving them even for one night, much less for days or weeks at a time!

        Pippa is obviously happy to hand her newborn over to nannies/grandparents so she can go on vacation, so being able to hand the baby over for an hour to exercise is hardly going to be a problem.

      • Rachel says:

        Meganbot2000, ‘Pippa is happy to hand over her newborn over to nannies/grandparents so she can go on vacation’ they didn’t leave the baby to go on vacation, they just didn’t bring the baby to the beach! There are photos of the grandfather kissing the baby on the island. Though obviously someone was looking after him while they went for a swim. Totally agree on the can’t imagine leaving them for one night – mine is 15 months and I dread the thought!!

    • London says:

      Yes, Pippa looks really great. A lot of sweating and a strict diet went into getting that ripped body of hers. Not easy to get, unless she is willing to work out very hard.

  2. Becks1 says:

    Pippa looks great. She didn’t seem to gain that much during the pregnancy, so of course getting back to her pre-baby body is going to be easier, but even without gaining weight her stomach was still stretched obviously, and it looks like there is a 6 pack there again, lol. She’s obviously thin but very athletic – look at her calf muscles!

    Must be nice to have a FIL who owns a fancy resort in St Barts, minus all those rape charges….

    • Bailie says:

      Pippa looks wonderful after her pregnancy, because she most likely eats very healthy and was working out before her pregnancy and also after childbirth.
      My colleague lost 52 pounds after having twins by stretching 15 minutes and jumping rope for 30 minutes before her shower in the morning and at night.
      She also eats very healthy, her biggest meal is breakfast and the smallest is her dinner, which is a very large salad full of greens and two big avocados and she stopped eating dairy completely 6 years ago and has wild sockeye salmon twice a week, she eats nearly vegan.

      • BabyJane says:

        Sounds boring, I’d rather be jiggly.

      • Sam says:

        @ BabyJane, yes, jiggly is a very hot look. Who doesn’t dream of having that?
        But I would rather make a bit of an effort to be healthy and look nice, but to each his own.

      • BabyJane says:

        One can be “healthy” and “jiggly”… and sexy, I assure you!

      • CairinaCat says:

        I totally agree BabyJane!!!

      • Meganbot2000 says:

        Working out for 90 minute every day immediately after giving birth to twins doesn’t strike me as the absolute healthiest thing in the world…

    • Lulu says:

      Pippa looks truly great, but she was really fit before she became pregnant. I think that is very important to acknowledge. I didn’t have a difficult time to regain my pre-pregnancy slim figure and I only walked for an hour everyday, no other exercise.
      Although I always eat healthy or I will get sick to my stomach.

  3. Chrissy says:

    The DM had a photo of Carole with Pippa on Tuesday. Did you think either of the Midd sisters would go anywhere with out Mummy?

    • Seraphina says:

      I think Ma Middleton is still nursing her grown children.

      • Smalltowngirl says:

        My mother frequently vacations with us, she also lives 4 door down and regularly watches my children. This is the norm in my social circle, close relationships to parents and leaning on them for help with childcare. I don’t get this attitude that being an adult means no longer being close to your parents or that it is bad to bring your parents into your new family unit.

    • Megan says:

      We often invite my mother to join us on vacation. We enjoy spending time with her.

      • Seraphina says:

        Megan, we go as well but it seems the Middletons do EVERYTHING together.

      • Angie says:

        Sure i love my mom too and I hear your point, but they seem to always have their mom. You have to have time for your own family too. I know lots of couples so seem to be scared to be alone together in a vacation or alone with their kids- that seems like a problem to me. You have to build memories for your own marriage/family, although obviously their child is a baby. Which brings up another point- I can’t imagine leaving an 11 month old baby to go on vacation. I just drove with my 7 month old 11 hours to a funeral of a close family member because i could not handle leaving him behind. Too young to leave behind

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Where was Mike – they often love to portray themselves as a tight knit family but Mike was absent. Carole and the rest of them were def mugging for the paps – wonder if they will cover Prince Marshmallow’s young lady friend.

      • molly says:

        Doesn’t he still work? Carole said in the interview that she still works full time as well, but I suspect her schedule is fairly flexible, what with being an owner of the company and all.

      • Megan says:

        Perhaps Mike was watching the baby while Carole went to the beach. Just because he is not pictured doesn’t mean their tight knit family is a lie.

      • Nic919 says:

        There are a lot of close pictures of Carole, pip, MWJ, James M, the Matthews parents and siblings and yet none of Mike. So Mike is not there. As for mike being at work, well I thought Carole said herself she does most of the work for PP so what exactly is Mike working on that needed to be done around New Year’s?

      • BeanieBean says:

        Mike was there. I saw him at the edges of some crowded photos. I just don’t think the paps are that interested in him.
        And Pippa’s fitness regime is impressive. She & her husband will likely replicate the healthy outdoorsy lifestyle she had when growing up.

      • minx says:

        Mike was in pictures.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        I respect Mike the most of all the Mids,he really does not seem thirsty.I don’t think he cares about being seen at all.

    • Nikki says:

      I think it’s lovely both women have a close bond with their mother. To be close friends does not mean you are dependent.

      • Kitty says:

        Right? My mom and I are great friends, Plus it’s nice to have someone to stay with the baby so mom and dad can have some alone time. Who best than the grandmother?

      • minx says:

        My 19 year old daughter and I are close. She has plenty of friends and is quite independent, but I treasure it when she asks for advice or wants to do things with me.

      • CheckThatPrivilege says:

        Agreed. I would have loved to have had that kind of bond with my mother, but she was a Mommie Dearest type. It’s really sweet to see affection and closeness between family members. And Pippa looks fantastic in that red bikini.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Check: the woman in the red bikini is the marshmallow king’s girlfriend, not Pippa.

    • Abby says:

      We invite my MIL on any family trips in which we can afford to bring her. if my mom was still alive, we’d do the same. Our kids are little and they love having their grandparents around. No shade for grandma Middleton here.

  4. Becca says:

    Vogue Williams!!!!

  5. Tw says:

    I’m not surprised at all that she looks so fit. She’s a great runner and all around athlete. What did surprise me about these photos is that she looks so pretty without makeup. I think she looks much better just natural like this. The Middleton women IMO do tacky makeup and don’t have great style in general. But I think they are all naturally pretty.

    • minx says:

      Agree, she looks wonderful.

    • LoveBug says:

      @ Tw :

      This, I notice this quite often, a lot of women look so much better with minimal make up and simple, high quality, classic wardrobe.
      If women eat well, are active and sleep enough, the skin and hair look healthy, so less is needed
      to improve someone’s look.
      I think Pippa looks much better without make up.
      I wish Kate would give up the black eye pencil look, it’s very, very aging.

  6. Diana says:

    So jealous! Body looks awesome!

  7. Mego says:

    Pippa looks very fit.

  8. Chaine says:

    She is incredibly fit but I don’t like that bikini. The color and style look too much like undies. The one James’ lady friend is wearing, OTOH, fabulous!

  9. LadyLaw says:

    How on earth does James keep getting girlfriends? He’s such a loser.

  10. AprilMay says:

    The pictures of James and his gf kissing are so weird. James doesn’t look into it at all. They’re also very aware of the cameras being there too. Lots of pics of them all lookinf straight into the camera. Weird that Caroles been spotted but no sign of Michael in any of them.

  11. Jamie says:

    “My fried chicken gut just grumbled and demanded some chocolate.”

    Hahahahaha! I know the feeling.

    • JANE says:

      Nothing wrong with some dark chocolate here and there.
      It’s about quality and quantity.
      I love my 80% dark chocolate sweetened by Coconut sugar from Zazubean.
      They have Nudie bars, but also small bags of bite size chocolates…so yummy.

  12. Lisbon says:

    My sister had a washboard stomach and excellent body before both her pregnancies.
    So her body went right back to that great shape she was in before her pregnancies and it only took a month…I guess it’s muscle memory.
    She eats very clean, healthy food, close to mother nature and always does yoga and pilates 6 times a week at 5 am.
    I’m thin myself, I eat very healthy, but I’m not into exercise, so I worry that I will be overweight when I decide to have children in the next few years.

    • Ashby says:

      I have a coworker that had twin boys and she lost all of the baby weight within a month and a half, because she was in fantastic shape before her pregnancy.
      But she ALWAYS watches TV while biking on her stationery bike and eats very healthy.
      Smart woman!

    • Kitten says:

      I mean…you don’t have to be into exercise. I think diet is probably 80% more important than exercise in terms of losing weight—and I say that as a self-described workout fanatic and runner.

      That being said, everyone should exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Even if you’re just pushing the stroller around the block a few times or doing a 20 min youtube workout or whatever–it’s an important part of health. But if you are a healthy eater who doesn’t overeat then you I’d expect you to do fine post-pregnancy.

      • Lisbon says:

        @ Thank you, Kitten.
        I’m active, but I don’t work out, I just take my puppy for a walk everyday for half an hour.
        I eat a very healthy vegan diet, so I don’t gain weight, but pregnancy is a different thing.
        I’m going to have to look into yoga and pilates before my 29th birthday.
        They did great things for my sisters body and she had two very difficult pregnancies, a full time demanding job and a household to take care of.
        At least these workouts are not hard on her body, so that’s good news for me, because I’m more of a bookworm than a workout person, that’s for sure.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Lost all the baby weight in 3 weeks. I ate healthy and exercised before pregnancy,had a physically demanding job during pregnancy,gained 25 pounds and baby was over 8 pounds.She was a great baby so I was able to sleep at night and I could cook healthy food and I was elated vs the horrible PPD so many suffer,I can usually gain or lose rapidly either way.Best advice,just go easy on your self either way.

  13. Tourmaline says:

    Daily Fail has an identification on the new GF of James–a 29 year old French financial expert, they say. Maybe she can help sort out the Boomf marshmallow accounts…

  14. arsesds73 says:

    I’m probably going to get a lot of criticism for this comment – but am I the only one who thinks this entire vacation is a photo op, or at least arranged somehow?

    • sequinedheart says:

      +1. I agree.

      Also, I am happy for Pippa and her healthy child. She looks great but please ladies who are pregnant on here or hoping to be soon, don’t compare yourselves to a woman who DOESN’T WORK! and has 24-7 access to the best gym in Chelsea & dieticians from Harley Street on speed dial..
      Of course she looks great, but that is not normal!

  15. Other Renee says:

    I had my kid 20+ years ago and I’m still working on getting my pre-baby body back. 😉 It’s going slower than I had anticipated.

  16. Elisa says:

    She looks healthy and fit and I love her bikini. Both my sister and my best friend bounced back within 1-2 months after their pregnancies and both are very sporty, so that makes a huge difference.

  17. Annie says:

    She looks good, but then again, working out is how she spends most of her time. It’s not like she’s ever had a career. And she can afford personal trainers, access to the best gyms and super healthy, delicious food. I’m willing to bet she has a personal chef, or at least prepared meals delivered.

    I’m more impressed by women who have careers, talent or are doing something really worthwhile for the society around them.

    • LoveMusic says:

      I want a personal trainer and chef, but with my finances, will have to take a book out of the library on eating healthy instead. 🙂

    • Barce says:

      Pippa looks wonderful, very nice without make up. I don’t think one needs a trainer to get into great shape. I stay fit by running with my friend Monday to Friday. Luckily I love to cook and I’m not into eating out much, so that helps a lot.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I think she has a personal trainer but IIRC she cooks, she did some nutritionists course a few years ago and it was reported she made Kate smoothies etc.. after George was born.All 3 Mid children are athletic and into sports/exercise.

      • Lady D says:

        I read a story about Pippa several years ago where it was mentioned that she had spent her gap year in Italy in a gourmet cooking school. The article also mentioned the course she took was $30 thousand and it was a graduation gift from her parents.

  18. ZigZags says:

    What’s with the bot talking about fitness, jump roping, trampolines, vegan diets, salmon, and how easy it is to stay healthy and fit?

    • Veronica S. says:

      I know, seriously. Apparently those of us who have never looked like that just haven’t been putting the effort in or something.

    • Snowflake says:

      That’s what works for me. I love Jillian Michael’s workouts. I just bought “extreme shed and shred” and omg, it’s the hardest one I’ve done yet. Except for maybe the 45 minute workout (banish fat and boost metabolism ). The time goes by quickly to me because you’re moving from exercise to exercise. I used to jog a bit but the time/distance seemed to go by a lot slower even w music. I would be in great shape if it wasn’t for my diet. Haha. Diet is the hardest part for me, i don’t mind working out.

  19. AA says:

    James has a very long torso, just like Kate and “the Pip”. Not a criticism, just an observation! I know Pip is in great shape and I’m sure eats well too. She looks great.

  20. Abby says:

    I don’t know why I clicked on this article. I’m currently on the cliche day 3 of trying to get my body back. This is the first year in 6 years that I’m not pregnant, breastfeeding or pregnant AND breastfeeding, (while working a ton) and it’s time for me to get in shape. My kids are 5 and 3 and I’m so self conscious about my waist. Used to look like Pippa! Not anymore. Thanks pregnancy. Worth it for the babies though. I don’t know if I’ll ever look this way again but I am ready to look like myself somewhat, and feel better!

    • Nikki says:

      I don’t think I looked like Pippa even BEFORE I had kids, but I had to wish you well after reading your post! Creating or nurturing another human for 6 years straight is quite astonishing!! Please give yourself credit for that amazing feat, and whatever you do to” try to get your body back”, I hope it is with the fierce pride of a lioness, and patience to get strong and fit after all your body has been through!

  21. Kirsten says:

    30yo, no children, workout 4-5x a week and I don’t look like that! 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Nikki says:

      Years ago I went to the gym and asked the trainer for the most effective post partum exercises he knew. He beamed, “How old is the baby?” and I responded, “12”!

  22. HeyThere! says:

    99% of the earth population never looked like this BEFORE kids. She’s not skinny, she’s ripped. Good for her.

    Also, I hate the bounce back game shit people love to play. It makes me roll my eyes every damn time. You do you but nobody is better than anyone because of what you look like after a baby. Genetics and life circumstances play massive part.

  23. Helen says:

    that lady in the red bikini… wowza! i wish i wish i wish *clicks heels*

  24. FredsMother says:

    Gave birth 6 years ago. Am still 5 months pregnant all these years later 🤰Pippa’s belly is nice and flat but when I compare her to me I’d say she has old lady face and lizard skin. Women…we can’t have it all. Don’t let Pippa and her ironing board body get you down. 😉

  25. Patty says:

    Is that a tatoo on her leg? If so, it’s awful.

  26. holisticthinker says:

    Both Middleton girls are obsessed with exercise to an extreme. If I had to guess, I’d say she works out 2 or 3 hours a day. I saw another photo of her on this trip and she looked ROUGH. I don’t actually think she’s that healthy, and I don’t think it’s normal to lose the baby weight that fast. Sorry.

  27. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Okay, I thought the woman in the red bikini was a Middleton eo

  28. Rosie says:

    Comparing your body post partum to Pips is like comparing your morning jog to that of an Olympic athlete. Don’t do it!!

    Anyone who has had children (and importantly raised them) deserves respect. I’ve never done it and am always in awe of how much women cope with. If you have a new born and you are managing to get dressed that’s a plus. If you’ve got your babies into the school system and out the other side without losing your sanity that’s a huge achievement. Some children are much easier than others, some husbands and family members are more helpful. If you found it a breeze you are very very lucky. As has been already been said be kind to yourself and aim for strength and health. Our outer layer is forever changing and is not the most important thing. If I knew at 25 what I now know at 50 I’d have approached life a lot differently and wouldn’t have been as hung up about how I looked.