Angelina Jolie took the kids to a CBS’s ‘Survivor’ reunion event, that really happened

Angelina Jolie gets some holiday shopping done at The Grove with her kids

Angelina Jolie has long eschewed the more traditional Hollywood scene. Even though she seems to have made LA her homebase for the past few years – while she and Brad are divorcing – we rarely hear about her going to industry parties or events or even screenings. Like, I can’t even remember any time when Angelina might have taken the kids to a screening of a new film that she wasn’t involved in. If she takes the kids to a movie, they actually go to a movie theater and they buy tickets. Anyway, all of this to say… Angelina went to a party. An industry-type party. The party was for…Survivor? Oh, Angie.

Who knew Angelina Jolie was a Survivor fan? A source tells PEOPLE the actress, 43, and some of her children attended the Survivor live reunion of the show’s 37th season, David vs. Goliath, in Los Angeles on Dec. 19.

“They had a great time,” says the source. “The kids really enjoyed it.”

Jolie’s attendance at the long-running CBS show, which has already aired, might have surprised a few but it stemmed from her friendship with writer, producer and actor Mike White, who was a contestant in the latest season as a member of the Goliath tribe. The two became friends while working on the upcoming Disney film The One and Only Ivan based on the 2012 novel by K. A. Applegate. White wrote the screenplay while Jolie stars in and serves as a producer in the film.

A second source tells PEOPLE White, 48, and a small group of friends headed to Jolie’s home for an impromptu gathering after the reunion was taped.

[From People]

Fun fact: Mike White is a prolific screenwriter and writer of episodic television, and one of his most famous screenplays was… *drumroll*… The Good Girl, which was one of Jennifer Aniston’s indie vehicles back in 2002. Mike White is also an actor, and he appeared in The Good Girl with Aniston, and I remember hearing about how they became friends too. And now he’s friends with Angelina. When will Angie ever stop stealing Jennifer’s men, huh??? Anyway, it makes some kind of sense that Angelina just did this because she’s friendly with Mike White, as opposed to Angelina sitting at home, becoming a major fan of Survivor and pulling strings (???) to get into the reunion party. LMAO. F–k it, maybe that is a better story – alone and desperate, the Villainess Jolie becomes an avid consumer of reality TV. She stans for Survivor, Vanderpump Rules and, of course, the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Angelina Jolie gets some holiday shopping done at The Grove with her kids

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  1. Lex says:

    Lol maybe her kids like the show

  2. Louise177 says:

    Angelina has shown up at events to support friends several times before. A “Survivor” event seems out of left field but not surprising.

  3. crogirl says:

    She’s been travelling less in the last few years but LA has always been her home base, except for a few years when she and Maddox lived in London.
    The kids probably love the show so she took them.
    She also hosted a screening of Alfonso Cuaron film Roma last night.

  4. Hmmm says:

    She just hosted a party for Alfonso cuaron and Netflix last night. She also had a low key Christmas party. Pitt fans were pissed that she let Andy Dick in her house hehe… Didn’t seem like he knew her very well and he was more like a plus one, but that didn’t stop Brange/leaky Pitt fans from attacking her.

    She was also was photographed hanging out with women and babies at some type of shelter. A few of the women posted photos on Instagram but didn’t want to explain what type of place it was. Anyway, all that to say she seems to have found ways to be productive and happy in hollyweird/La.

    • lisanne says:

      I’m sure Angelina did not know this, but Andy Dick is a serial drug addict and sex offender. I can’t imagine who would bring him to a party as a plus one. Ick! Andy’s most recent arrest was in NYC over the summer, where he grabbed a woman’s breast on the street and otherwise fondled her. Again, I don’t think Angelina had any idea who he was; guy is D list at best. If she’s going to host parties in her home, though, then she needs to have a staff person who can vet the guest list and their dates.

      • clarity says:

        Like you said she probably had no idea and he was only there because of his ex girlfriend who he has kids with, they still seem to be around one another but that’s a whole other story. She was there because she has a small establishment in LA and some of the items were served at the party, so no he wasnt actually hanging out His kids, which I think he has like 4 or 5, still seem to be very close to him along with the ex, which I don’t know but I guess it’s there dad so.

      • Zut alors says:

        Yes, Angie needs to invite guests like Quentin Tarantino and proceed to smoke a brick of hashish and drink untold bottles of wine all while caring for the minor children in her house. That’s what a responsible parent does!!!

      • Erinn says:

        “I’m sure Angelina did not know this, but Andy Dick is a serial drug addict and sex offender.”
        COME ON.
        It’s a well known fact. I don’t believe she hasn’t at least heard SOMETHING about the man. He’s repulsive.

      • crogirl says:

        I’ve been reading gossip and entertainment blogs everyday for the last 12-13 years and have literally never heard of him. I just googled him, he’s revolting.

    • Origins says:

      Incidentally, Cuaron wrote Sandra Bullock’s role in Gravity with Jolie in mind. She turned it down for some reason and after the movie did so incredibly well, she fired her manager or something!

      • Zut alors says:

        I remember being so very disappointed when she turned Gravity down. Nikki Finke wrote an article at the time of how the studio backed a Brinks truck to her house (metaphorically speaking of course) and she still said no! I was so mad at her at the time! I wonder if she regrets some of the roles she spurned during the brangelina years. She so diminished herself in service of him. Ughhhh.

      • Origins says:

        I don’t know if it had anything to do with Pitt as she’s always seemed pretty certain about her career choices and taken charge in that respect (directing career for example). I speculate she wanted to move away from action films to more substantial roles. But turns out Gravity really wasn’t your average action film; it was the hyperrealistic reimagination of a zero-gravity existence in the survivalist genre. On paper/script it probably looked like just another SF action film (and not very promising as it was one character on screen much of the time). Who knew it would be so compelling as an end product and a big hit at the BO to boot?!

      • belle says:

        She reportedly turned it down due to scheduling conflicts. She was working on her directorial debut, In The Land of Blood and Honey, among other things.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        @belle, ah yes, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” Funny how she never mentions stealing the title of the movie from photojournalist Ron Haviv’s 2001 book “Blood and Honey.”

      • crogirl says:

        LOL, stealing what? Does he own the right to words blood and honey or Balkan?

    • noway says:

      It was a premiere of Cuaron’s movie Roma, and she attended the premiere and was a host of the party for the cast afterwards. Page Six made it seem like a super exclusive party she threw for him, but Entertainment Tonight made it seem more like a premiere and then a party for the premiere. You guys decide, but not sure she had a lot of say on guest list either way. There were several pictures of her with Cuaron, trying to put them as a couple, which would be interesting, but I doubt it. He won a golden globe for the movie tonight.

  5. Maya says:

    Angelina supports her friends and that’s why she is still a major player in Hollywood.

    Despite people claiming Hollywood hates her and chose Brad, Angelina proved them wrong by doing 3 movies back to back, producing several more.

    As mentioned above, she co hosted with Netflix a networking party for Roma yesterday. 75 senior Academy Award members attended the special screening.

    There is a reason Angelina is good friends with the CEOs of Universal, Disney, Netflix, Amazon & Sony.

    • Carol says:

      Networking is the keyword. Now that she’s the main breadwinner for her kids, she’s out there working for potential projects . She’s supposedly just coming back from an Aspen skiing trip. Looked good nowadays and more relaxed now that the custody was settled.

      • Maya says:

        In all honesty, she has been looking amazing since Samantha came on board.

        And yes, she is the breadwinner and she has always fullfilled her responsibilities.

      • belle says:

        Why do you think she is the main breadwinner for their kids?

      • noway says:

        Angelina’s net worth is estimated at $160 million. Brad’s is estimated at $240 million, and as she has primary custody I’m sure he has to give her child support. I’m sorry neither has to work a day in the rest of their lives if they don’t want to. Bread winner for either is a seriously moot point. I’m guessing both of them work because they want to. Honestly though as far as Hollywood goes both of them align themselves with great projects, not every project but a lot. Lately it has been more behind the scenes for both Brad and Angelina is where their more interesting work has been. They are both very good at stretching the boundaries of traditional movies. I hope they continue.

    • Karen says:

      CEO’s of studios are friendly with anyone who makes money for them. They are not “friendly” with stars unless something in it for them.

      • Hmmm says:

        Oh bu bu but I thought Angelina was over. Brad has had flop after flop but y’all want to say Angelina is over.

        By the way belle, we know Angelina is the breadwinner because she said she’s the breadwinner now.

      • Maya says:

        You are right but Angelina is actually very good friends with Donna from Universal & Bob Iyer from Disney.

        I have seen pictures and Angelina hanging with them years before they become the CEOs.

      • Booie says:

        Karen, I’m sure CEOs like actors or anybody else in the world have friends like a normal person.

        Of course she has business friends such as Iger, she is a big player and makes them money with malificent and now producing for Disney and I’m sure there are other business friends as someone else mentioned she is Hollywood royalty being a second generation actor.

        But I’m also sure there’s a good chance that she’s friends with people simply because they want to be regardless of occupation.

      • belle says:

        @Hmmm: Oh, ok, got it 😉

  6. cee says:

    Just tells me that that the whole Angie hates Jen is a whole Hollywood made up story. I don’t think Angie spends a lot of time thinking about anything other than her family, humanitarian work and her movie projects.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @Cee, me too. Like she’s says so many times. She has someone call her or alert her when something is bad or something she should pay attention to. That’s why Angie’s responses are always late. She gets it late and then she’s prob like I have to respond to this stupidity.

  7. belle says:

    I thought Aniston was great in the Good Girl. Too bad she hasn’t been able to duplicate that in her other more dramatic attempts.

    • Origins says:

      She was good in Cake and Derailed. I’m not a fan of her movies in general but I agree she’s good in dramas. She was also good in Dumplin’.

      • belle says:

        I’m not a big fan either, which is why I was surprised at her performance in The Good Girl. Maybe will check out the others.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        I don’t understand JA fans. They never support her movies but always bash Angie for no reason and Angie has prob made twice the $$ just on Maleficient alone that JA films. Which leads me to believe JA fans are kinda fake and fickle. They don’t really like JA they just need an excuse to bash Angie. That’s cray to me. SMH.

      • Origins says:

        I’m not a fan of either but just pointing out JA’s movies, those awful Adam Sandler-type ones, do do really well. Dumplin’ has done very well. And of course Friends is still generating serious viewing numbers and hence cash for original cast and investors.
        @Belle, Derailed is very watchable and JA is playing out of type plus you have Clive Owen (love that guy), which is a bonus. Cake is kind of serious and heavy and you probably have to be in the mood to watch though.

      • belle says:

        I love Clive Owen. Did you see him in the tv series The Knick? Arg, such a good show, but cancelled after 2 seasons.

      • Origins says:

        Belle, I haven’t seen The Knick but he was great in The International and Children of Men and would have made an interesting Bond!

    • belle says:

      Check out The Knick. Its set in a 1900s NYC hospital and based loosely on historical figures. Clive is a genius surgeon/inventor who helps a European-trained black surgeon come up in a racially charged atmosphere. The first episode is a bit gory but most episodes center on the drama.

  8. minx says:

    See, I would love it if she sat at home watching Survivor with a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn!

  9. lucy2 says:

    Ugh, Survivor to me = Mark Burnett = The Apprentice = millions of Americans being fooled into thinking Dump was a successful businessman instead of a racist crook.

  10. Backstage Bitchy says:

    2 things I’m sirprised no one has mentioned yet- why is a successful screenwriter competing on Survivor!?
    And, does anyone else think this article is hinting that Angelina is dating this guy?
    Survivor certainly seems like a lowbrow interest for a woman who is supposedly too elitist for “basic” things like school for her kids. It seems to me to be implying gently that maybe there’s a reason she would bring her kids to this event and then invite Mike and a group of friends back to her house…

    • Maya says:

      Seriously stop with the subtle insults. Not once has Angelina ever said anything about her children too elitist.

      Her children are all homeschooled and have numerous friends.

      Angelina is known to support her friends and she worked with Mike on Ivan. She co hosted a screening for Roma, is she dating the director as well?

      • AnneC says:

        Mike White, who I think might be gay, wrote and starred in one of my favorites TV series, Enlightened, starring a wonderful Laura Dern. He’s a great writer and the survivor thing is definitely kind of kooky.

      • Lady D says:

        She has spent the last 20 years supporting and advocating education for children, going so far as to build schools, but you want to think she has absolutely no interest in educating her own children? I honestly don’t understand people that scream she doesn’t care about educating their children and scorn the methods they use to educate. (how come no one ever mentions Brad in articles about their education?) That reminds of those who want to insist that she is paying or going to pay for any of their children to attend university. These kids could graduate summa cum laude, and some will still scream fake.

      • Karen says:

        I love Mike White and Laura Dern in Enlightened.

      • Origins says:

        AnneC, so he’s connected to both Laura Dern and Jen Aniston?!

        Lady D, why don’t people mention Brad Pitt in articles about their ed? Because he rarely even talks about the kids in that much detail. 90% of anything out of the parents’ mouths is via Angelina. On education, the only thing I can remember either of them talking about is how she didn’t learn much at school and so indirectly explaining why she chose homeschooling.

    • Esmerelda says:

      The tabloids are never that subtle on Jolie – they would be all “Brad who? Angelina in new hot steaming affair!” with probably more exclamation marks.
      I don’t even like her that much, to be honest, but this is sooo random and normal – she has friends in trashy tv! – and that makes it charming.

    • daisy says:

      Uh Mike White has a partner that’s male so thats not what this. Plus he is also best friends with Jack Black. Black and his wife are good friends with her as well. We don’t know everything about these celebrities and who their friends with and this is one of those cases and nothing more. Regarding him being on the show, White is somewhat of a quirky guy and It’s not his first time doing something like this. He did something similar with his father, he seems to like to compete in these type of things.

      • Hmmm says:

        Daisy exactly. When Brangelina first broke up Angelina was staying at a Hollywood big wigs home. She knew him because he was her dads caa agent at one time when she was a kid.

        No one knew she even had any connection with the man. People forget AJ is hollyweird royalty so has a lot of connections. Pitt is the interloper & wannabe.

      • M.A.F. says:

        He did Amazing Race with his dad. I can’t remember how far they made it but yeah.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        @ Hmmm, you are so correct. This woman knows a lot of people everywhere. She just doesn’t blab on and on about it. Remember when the last cinematographer said she had to step away from production b/c she received a call from a prince. A prince tho. Lol. Also, people were confused b/c when that journalist asked do you have any friends you talk to about her humanitarian work, she said no, I usually talk to Brad. That was true. I have friends but I only have a certain few who will talk w/ me about atrocities going on in Syria, Iraq and/or the fact America is not as exceptional as history has shown us plus at the time she was w/ and in love w/ Brad. She always pumps up the people she loves. Lol. This is her ammo even if it’s not the whole truth about the person. She wants them to feel good about themselves.

        It’s interesting b/c over the holidays, my brother who is a writer, travels a lot and we were talking about the people he knows. He named a lot of influential famous people and I didn’t even know he knew that many. He never talks about it b/c he doesn’t really care about fame like that. He cares about his writing and hopes that will be relatable and touch peoples heart. He said he could go to many places in and outside the country and stay b/c he knows one person from almost all the countries he’s traveled. I believe this is how Angie sees and does it too.

  11. Dee says:

    Shilo is soooo tall! Wow I can’t believe the kids are so grown up!

    • dj says:

      It looks like Knox has the Voight ‘dimple’ in his chin. I never noticed it before in the few photos I have seen of him. He is going to be a handsome adult.

  12. Lizzie says:

    my friends have 8-12 year old kids and they LOVE survivor and all their friends watch it. it is their favorite show – they watch it as a family every week. maybe her kids are really into it and she was like “oh – i know that guy” so she pulled a few strings to get them into a party to meet the cast?

  13. Ctkat says:

    Survivor is pretty popular with school-aged kids. I’d bet at least one of her kids is into the show, she had a connection to the live reunion (which is fun, that’s where they announce the winner) and it was fun for her kid(s).
    If my kid was really into a show like that and I could make one phone call and get tickets to go to a taping of that show, I’d totally do it.
    They weren’t filmed in the audience and you KNOW CBS would have been dying to show her sitting there with her kids (they spend a lot of time emphasizing how it’s a show the whole family watches), so she clearly set some conditions before she came.

  14. Sidewithkids says:

    Lol. It’s so funny to me, Mr. Lameness fans get angry when this woman is happy and living her life w/o him. It’s been almost four years. Get over it. All the lies he has thrown her way doesn’t stop her b/c people know the truth and his attempts at smearing her are just horrible and makes him look bad not her.

    I loved when she said on the BBC series, she can take it on the chin. Lol. Basically calling her haters out. She’s like a basketball player that plays in the opponent’s city and gets booed. The player doesn’t care, they like the boos actually b/c it makes them stronger. They score even more b/c of the hate and eventually the haters face facts, the person they booed is great. That’s Angie.

  15. Sidewithkids says:

    Also, last thing but let me add something I don’t think people understand yet.

    Brad wanted to leave JA and their marriage. JA may have been tired of him too since recently she said her two marriages were successes. Lol. That seems odd but it made me think, JA is still popular (she’s not that great of an actress and only can do commercials for $$ now) b/c of Angie and the society’s label of honest, good natured JA who didn’t deserve to be left and have her man taken away by the dark and villainous Angelina. Lol. Yeah, our society breads that sort of supidity. The whole thing actually played out good for both her and him. When he met Angie, he found his way out. Sure maybe in the beginning he did care but certainly he cared more about his self and his public perception of good looking cool guy.

    Anyway, long story short, Angie has absolutely no problem w/ JA. Look at all the people she works w/ and knows who have connections to JA. He knows it and JA knows it but neither one of these two people will say it. Angie helped further both of their careers w/ this nonsense of her coming btw those two. They were over and done w/ a long time before they told the public. That’s why both hang on to her so much now. They know Angie gets them more clicks, more coverage. They need her. She’s doesn’t need them tho. I believe Angie prob even wanted to talk it over w/ JA over the 12 years she was w/ Brad. He told her no. Had he said yes, then both of his and JA’s careers would have ended sooner than both wanted them to.

    • noway says:

      Okay I was with you till the end. How do you know what Brad told Angie to do? You don’t, plus the part about Brad and Jennifer’s career would be over is just inaccurate. Brad does act some and has a few big movies in the can, but he has produced more movies that are extremely successful, plus critically acclaimed. Look at his IMDB page. Jennifer has been doing these crazy Adam Sandler like comedies for forever probably more to do with her Friends persona. I don’t think the dreaded A/B/J love triangle had anything to do with this success. Angie is the one who has done less projects over the last 5-10 years, probably because of the kids, maybe a bit due to health which she wrote an op-ed about. She also seems to have steered away from the action genre and to either kids type movies (Kungfu Panda, Malieficient) or to more artistic pictures. Which is fine as personally, I think I would get tired of the same genre all the time, and when you don’t need to do it, why do it. Plus some of her directoral and artistic movies are wonderful. I’m actually excited by a lot of the work all of them do, not JA as much as she isn’t my cup of tea, but I’ll admit randomly watching some of her movies as well. Not sure why people have to bring any of them down career wise when all three are extremely successful.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        Not bringing them down career wise. It’s the truth. Angie’s acting has brought in more revenue than JA on the big screen. Angie doing less movies is due to the kids but also b/c he stopped doing what they said they were gonna do, one works while the other looks after the kids. She ended up looking after the kids most b/c he stopped doing it. Plus, other than Friends and the fact she is a socialite in LA, JA hasn’t had a hit movie starring herself, Angie has more. Certainly the Adam Sandler ones b/c it’s Sandler he has a huge following.

        I’m not dissing. Just stating facts. I said what I said.

  16. Helen says:

    mike white wanted to compete on survivor because it’s one of his favorit shows. the latest season, the one he starred in, was pretty fantastic to be honest. super well-edited, stellar cast. fuck mark burnett all the way to hades, though.