Jeff Bezos is divorcing his wife of 25 years, and he already has a new girlfriend

Vanity Fair’s 2018 Oscars After Party

To me, Jeff Bezos looks like a Bond villain. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that he had been married for 25 years to a girl-next-door type, a woman who always looks smiley and happy in photos. Jeff Bezos has been married to MacKenzie Bezos since the 1990s. She stood by him as Amazon grew to the behemoth it is today, and she saw her husband’s wealth increase to a reported $145 billion. BILLION. And she wasn’t looking for the door either – MacKenzie wasn’t looking to divorce him and cash out. No, Jeff Bezos seems to want an “upgrade,” because he’s been seen “dating” a woman named Lauren Sanchez.

The world’s richest couple is headed for splitsville — but a new power pairing is ­already in the making. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife of 25 years announced in a tweet Wednesday that they are divorcing — as it emerged that the billionaire tech tycoon is now in a relationship with their glamorous neighbor.

Bezos has been dating Lauren Sanchez, a former TV anchor for Fox’s “Good Day LA” and the wife of Hollywood talent mogul Patrick Whitesell, sources tell The Post. The news comes as Bezos revealed his split from wife MacKenzie via Twitter.

“We want to make people aware of a ­development in our lives,” Bezos tweeted just days before his 55th birthday. “As our family and close friends know, after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends.”

But just in September, Bezos and MacKenzie, who have four children, were spotted celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary at LIV nightclub in Miami.

“They were definitely still together,” said a source, adding that they looked happy as they snapped photos in the DJ booth and danced the night away.

By late October, the multibillionaire was seen at the private Casa Tua club with a different woman who looked a lot like Sanchez, sources say. Bezos, 54, and Sanchez, 49 — who is also a helicopter pilot — got to know each other through her husband, an agent to stars including Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Kevin Costner and Hugh Jackman. But sources say Sanchez became closer to Bezos after she and Whitesell separated in the fall.

“Patrick and Lauren have socialized with Jeff Bezos and his wife for a few years, because both [now former] couples have houses in Seattle,” a source said. “Then Lauren was hired to work on one of Bezos’ projects, ‘Blue Origin,’ a space-launch company, as a helicopter pilot. She has been shooting aerial shots for Bezos.”

[From Page Six]

Page Six has more gossip at the link – sources claim that Bezos and his wife had been struggling for months before they quietly split late last year, and that MacKenzie seemed to be in the loop about his relationship with Lauren Sanchez too – that the recent reports would not have come as a surprise to MacKenzie. It sounds to me like two marriages were somewhat rocky last fall, and then Bezos and Lauren Sanchez began to have a somewhat open affair, and then they decided to end their marriages. Like, there was overlap all over the place. Even if Jeff and MacKenzie are still on good terms – who knows? – it will absolutely get messy once the divorce proceedings get rolling.

Here’s his statement from Twitter:

And here’s Lauren Sanchez, who looks like the picture you’d find under Trophy Wife.

Lauren Sanchez

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Bryn says:

    I don’t if I’d call her the picture of a trophy wife…looks like a middle aged woman with too much plastic surgery.

    • My3cents says:

      Yeah, more like a former real housewife.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      More like a Donald Trump Jr. trophy girlfriend

    • a reader says:

      That’s one of the worst rhinoplastys I’ve ever laid eyes on. She’s a very lovely woman otherwise.

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      Exactly my thoughts.

      But the real story, as I heard it on the news this morning, is that they didn’t have a pre-nup…

      • sunshine poolside says:

        He will fight his soon-to-be ex-wife with all he has got. He has probably already prepared for battle. Hence the marriage anniversary party together. that was a smoke screen.

        Sanchez looks like an aging but attractive wannabe-trophy wife. She won’t satisfy Bezos for long and he will go out and look for younger.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Agreed. Just going by photos, the wife he’s divorcing looks like a younger girlfriend, while the new GF looks like an aging trophy wife.

    • MyBlackCats says:

      I’d say wax figure of Catherine Zeta.

      • Kym says:

        So true…after it melted in a hot car for a few days.

      • Anon says:

        hahahahaha @Kym – Thanks, I needed that!
        I’m no raving beauty, but my ex-husband cheated on me with something that looked like the cat drug in. And then threw up on.
        Hey, but she enabled his addiction.

  2. Maya says:

    Lauren looks good for someone who is 49. Would you still call it an upgrade if the age is near each other?

    Mackenzie created and made Amazon the giant it was with him. She deserves half of those billions.

    • ThatBlackGirl says:

      She will get half. Or he will pay her off with a bit less but more property.

      • Aims says:

        My first reaction was this is going to be the most expensive divorce in history. This was a marriage of 25 years. Meaning she was with him from the beginning when he was broke.

    • Swack says:

      Read that there was not a pre-nup!

      • Earthbound Misfit says:

        Given the meteoric rise of his wealth since any pre-nup would’ve been signed in the 90s, any good lawyer would move to have it thrown out.

    • Kitten says:

      I agree. Sure, she’s gotten a decent amount of obvious work done but she’s attractive IMO. Also, refreshing that she’s age-appropriate as well.

    • Mumzy says:

      Perhaps she will happily walk away with her 1/2 of the billions and be delighted to start the next stage of her life free of him!

      Just because she isn’t papped with a Silicone Inflate-a-Pool-Boy on her arm doesn’t mean she’s not pleased to move on — she seems to be going about her life with grace and class. I’m happy for her, honestly!

      I know someone who was dreading a fight about a (long-overdue) divorce so much that she hoped her husband would find a girlfriend and want the divorce himself. Sometimes the only way to be free of someone is for them to find someone else to coddle them.

    • Raina says:

      Maya, I’m not fond of the shaming her looks/age is getting, either. I personally find it an unnecessary thing. And, yes, she helped him the entire way.

      Also, no one should EVER have that kind of money. Or, helping others should be made mandatory and not tax written off.

  3. Natalie S says:

    The wife and the girlfriend look really alike.

    • Amelie says:

      Ugh no they don’t. Apart from being both white with dark hair, they don’t look like each other at all. Lauren looks like a Real Housewife cast member with effed up facial plastic surgery. Mackenzie looks like a normal person I’d like to have a coffee with.

    • me says:

      I think the girlfriend has that horrific plastic surgery filler face and lips. The wife looks similar but is naturally pretty.

      The girlfriend is sexy but my god the fillers in her face and lips are just freaky looking. But thats a normal look in LA.

      • Mumzy says:

        The fillers don’t stop at the face and lips!

        I just can’t understand why so many people find the super plastic look so appealing. I always guess that poor self-esteem on both parts is the driving force.

      • sunshine poolside says:

        Squeeze the girlfriend too hard and you get some stuff coming out to repair your leaking fish tank.

      • Rosie says:

        OMG Sunshine!! That’s tickled me.

      • holly hobby says:

        I couldn’t figure out where I saw that girlfriend before. I googled her and found out she was the original host of So You Think You Can Dance. Yep she got stuff done to her face.

        I read somewhere else that the spouses did not know about the affair until it was outted by Enquirer then Jeff published the announcement.

        Jake Tapper thinks there’s a connection with this and Rump pal punishing Bezos for WaPo. That’s an interesting take on this.

  4. Sayrah says:

    She does look like a trophy wife but I’m shocked she’s 49. I thought Jeff would date a few from DiCaprio’s regular list of 21 year olds but not seemingly have a real girlfriend in his age bracket. Well, I hope Jeff and Mackenzie have a fair divorce. They certainly have enough money to split their assets and the statement seems sincere. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I read yesterday that they both believe had they known in the 90s that they would eventually divorce but have spent 25 great years together they’d still have gotten married. Is this what Jennifer Aniston meant by having successful marriages despite them ending in divorce?

    • Anastasia says:

      I’ve been married for 27 years to my husband. We have often said even if, God forbid, we divorce (which we won’t), we would never regret marrying the other and having the life together that we have.

    • Aren says:

      I’m also shocked that he’s dating a woman who is almost 50. He’s a horrible person but at least he’s not a sick pervert.

  5. Lolly says:

    Lauren just looks like a woman that is attracted to married men. I’m sure she’s with him for all the right reasons too 🙄. Jeff is a horrible person, so I could care less about how this fares.

  6. Megan says:

    Mackenzie is the most eligible woman in the world. I hope her jump off has a glorious head of hair.

  7. im says:

    MacKenzie looks like Caitriona Balfe.

    Add me to the people surprised he’s not Leo di Caprio-ing it with the early 20s set.

  8. Eric says:


    His soon-to-be-exwife is pretty smokin’. I’m a sucker for brunettes though.

    • Mumzy says:

      Well done, Eric! She is a beautiful, real looking woman. As an aside, pardon the personal question and feel free to ignore…. Assuming you’re attracted to women — what’s your thought about the trend of super plasticky looking women? As a woman, I just don’t get the possible appeal.

      • Eric says:

        Not into the plastic look. Regrettable that Ashley Judd did something similar, but that’s just my opinion.

        Don’t crucify me, CBers!

      • Jenn says:

        Not for nothing, but her face initially filled out due to steroid-induced Cushings, which was fortunately mild but still very, very noticeable. That doesn’t explain her recent eye lift, no, and I do think she’s possibly had other work done in an attempt to give her face its former structure. But Cushings is an awful and disfiguring disease in all its forms, and its effects really linger, so my heart goes out to her.

  9. minx says:

    Meh, 25 years is a long time. I wouldn’t call it a failed marriage.

    • Bryn says:

      Definitely not a failed marriage.

    • Jewell says:

      25 years, 4 kids and the most profitable company on the planet?
      I wish I could fail like that

    • Beth says:

      I agree. A 25 year marriage is pretty long these days, add having such a successful business, 4 kids, and billions and billions of dollars, and it seems like they had a great life together, but some marriages don’t always last forever

    • teehee says:

      25 years is more than most, and they did a lot together, and I can get bored after 2 years so good lord, 25 -!? Imagine…. I can just imagine…. how hard that must be.

  10. Veronica S. says:

    His business practices alone tell you what a garbage human being he is. Really shouldn’t be surprised it extends to the way he treats everybody else.

    • Hannah says:

      Couldn’t agree more with your statement! Why aren’t we judging him? Can we all agree that he’s gross inside and out?

      • Karen2 says:

        …lol…console yourself with the Redstone story…how powerful he used to be & what he is now…thats whats waiting …..

  11. Bobbalou says:

    Looks-wise, the girlfriend reminds me of the Kimberly Guilfoyle type – at 49 both had already had a lot of facial work. Hardens the face too often. Prefer MacKenzie’s more natural look. Good luck to her.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, I thought of Guilfoyle, too. Eek.

    • Beth says:

      That’s who I thought of immediately. She’s not what I’d consider a trophy, she looks like a woman who took the plastic surgery way, way too far

      • Nichole says:

        I’ve been getting small amounts of botox (20-25 units) in the “anger lines” between my brows since my early 30s. Nowhere else – it’s just that they legitimately made me look angry when I wasn’t, and I wanted my outside to be more reflective of what I was actually feeling. I have no intention of touching up crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles or anything else. I hope I’m not at risk for looking like that as I age. I do worry about the future.

      • Beth says:

        I never got botox, but I use skin stiffening
        /thickening moisturizer around my eyes, especially between my brows every day for years now, and it’s been working well. At 40, I have no wrinkles and the indented spot between my brows is gone by using plenty of the lotions

      • Jag says:

        Beth. would you please share the name of the moisturizer(s) that you use? I’d love to have something that really works for around my eyes.

      • Jenn says:

        May I also recommend Frownies Facial Patches?? Invented in 1889, they are sticky, stiff triangles made from kraft paper that hold the face still and help erase crow’s lines and 11s. I decided to try them as a last resort before taking the botox plunge, and I’m *so glad* I did. I definitely recommend them for lines that are coming in but not yet visibly deep-set (I’m 36, which is “that age”).

        They look silly, so you’re supposed to wear them overnight, but I actually wear Frownies all day at my laptop — ripping them off if the doorbell rings or my husband comes home, hahaha. Not only have my 11s faded down to nothing, they have really improved/prevented laptop-induced tension headaches! I love them.

    • Kitten says:

      YES she does resemble Guilfoyle. Now I cannot unsee O_O

  12. Lindy says:

    The new girlfriend looks… very plastic and overdone. His wife is a thousand times prettier. And she’s obviously incredibly smart and by all accounts a great mom.

    • isabelle says:

      Isn’t that many times the case? The wife is prettier than the mistress. Here is the thing, it is all about how the woman makes a man feel. t is all about his feels. It is a myth women are the feelers, in reality it is the men. If the mistress makes him feel younger/desired/”manly”, that is what matters to the cheating goat

      • Nova says:

        Especially desired. It is so fucking easy too since generally initiating and complimenting etc. are male roles. Guys rarely get any compliments. One measly well placed compliment can make their week and keep them coming back to you. As a bisexual woman, that is one of the biggest differences between male and female partners I have experienced. To a guy just say ‘you look hot in that shirt’ and pat his ass, he will walk around like the most desired man on the planet. It is cute and sad.

      • isabelle says:

        Nova, very true. Honestly it is pretty easy to charm a man if you really want to “lure” them into a feeling state. Compliment them and make them feel like they are amazing, don’t belittle them, etc…. Thing is, many women who do that aren’t being honest many times and are doing it to “get the man”. Bezos has fallen into that stupid category.

      • Nikki says:

        isabelle, you are SO right. Both Ethan Hawke and Arnold Schwarzenegger were married to gorgeous, accomplished wives (Uma Thurman and Maria Shriver), but they cheated on these women with very plain household help. Sometimes it’s nothing to do with looks at all; it’s all about how the man is feeling about himself, and how the woman makes him feel. My 85 year old widowed father started dating a 35 year old druggie who was simultaneously dating another guy in his 80′s, and sleeping with them both. I told him she had a terrible character and was not a nice woman, and I still remember he exclaimed, “But she makes me feel so young again!” This was a guy who had stressed good character all his life, but he was putty in her hands, because she made him feel young! Unfortunately, I have seen versions of this played out in more than a few scenarios.

  13. Amelie says:

    Dude bros on Twitter yesterday were bemoaning the fact Mackenzie is entitled to half of Jeff’s fortune since Washington is a community property state. I don’t know how involved she was with the founding of Amazon itself but involved enough that she supported her husband to quit their secure hedge fund jobs in NYC (which is how they met, he was her superior) and move cross country to Seattle so he could launch his weird idea of selling books on the Internet in 1994.

    She’s a novelist so I hope she writes a book about this someday. I’d be so curious to read it. I hope she squeezes every last cent she can out of him. Also I don’t really believe that they were separated for that long and I’m not so sure she knew about Lauren either. Nobody throws a huge party for their 25th anniversary if they are separated. Given that Bezos owns the Washington Post and most likely has media contacts, he knew this story was going to break so he tried to beat it to the punch by announcing his divorce first. Nobody believes you Jeff!

    (Disclaimer: I worked for a company owned by Amazon for 4 years and only left last year in 2018 so I’m VERY interested to see how this plays out. I am not surprised by this at all honestly. I am kind of sad I no longer work there because the office gossip would be so much fun. Also his idiot behavior means it affects the stocks I have left with Amazon. Obviously they don’t take a hit for long but still Jeff, you so stupid).

    • Mrs. Peel says:

      The Guardian reported yesterday that she will become the world’s richest woman from this divorce – she deserves it!

    • Agenbiter says:

      Until very recently, Bezos has managed to get fawning press even though Amazon’s valuation has been ‘optimistic’ and business practices ‘innovative’. If I were you I’d get out until the dust from this settles.

    • Summer says:

      This could be a case of “conscious uncoupling,” where they’ve kept a marriage on life-support for years for the sake of a child or other life circumstance. The big anniversary party may have even been intended as a swan song before officially parting ways. That, or they had an open marriage of sorts, but now Bezos is getting serious about his current sidepiece and wants to go public with her. Who knows? With all their bezoollions, they may have been living separate lives for years. It will be interesting to see what the divorce proceedings reveal. (Hopefully, that they decided to give me a billion + a beach house just because I’m awesome.)

  14. Lady Keller says:

    At least she is age appropriate and has a lot of life experience. Still sleazy, but I was shocked he wasn’t dating a 22 year old “model”. BTW I’m not sure how much I’d consider this an “upgrade”

  15. Anastasia says:

    The wife he’s leaving is VERY pretty! I read a bit about her, and her bio is impressive, as well. Maybe he’s just such a bad guy, she can’t be with him anymore, LOL.

    • Aren says:

      She should have dumped him after that first Amazon worker who died from exhaustion.

      • Lala11_7 says:

        I would have….no…let me be clear…I’m with you from the BEGINNING…that horrific infrastructure would NOT have been allowed to be bought into fruition…and I WOULD HAVE MADE SURE OF THAT!

      • Veronica S. says:

        Exactly. Is she entitled to half of his assets? Absolutely. Am I happy about it, though? Uh, no. It’s blood money. Built on the backs of their exploited workers and the taxpayers who have been tasked with upholding their industry.

        Jeff Bezos literally has enough money to solve world poverty and still be a billionaire afterwards. Imagine how much of a sociopath you have to be to hoard that sort of wealth for no reason but to have it.

    • isabelle says:

      nah…he gave her a legal reason she needed to leave. Marriage probably hasn’t been well for sometime but him cheating gives her the legal way out with lots of money. He is dumb, dumb, dumb.

  16. Lizzie says:

    jeff bezos is a cliche of a cliche. he was an L7 weenie who got some money and got a trainer and is sticking it to all the people who pushed him into trash cans in elementary school. he’s a douche bag who could literally change the world with good deeds but is more interested in accumulating useless wealth that will take generations upon generations to spend. his ex will get hers and i hope she moves on to a man who isn’t as poisonously greedy.

  17. MCV says:

    I hope she gets money.

    • Pamela says:

      She will. He can afford the absolute best lawyers, but he is worth 137 BILLION. Even if she was given a grossly unfair small portion, with 137 billlion at stake, that would still be SO much money. I doubt she will only get 2 of his 137 billion, but even if that were the case….it would still be 2 BILLION dollars.

    • Amelie says:

      She will get it. And child support. They have four kids and for some reason I thought all the kids were adult age, I had never really researched them before. But the oldest is 18, so she will get it for the three youngest.

  18. smee says:

    Honestly, if you have to get cheated on & divorced, looking fanfreakingtastic, having an established career and becoming the worlds richest woman (some are estimating) is a pretty nice place to land!

    I too am surprised that he went for such an age-appropriate woman, but there’s still time for him to jump into the young models pool. It’s not like they got married.

    And 25 years is a long time to be married. Marriage is hard work sometimes, but ending it with an alleged affair is a shizzy way to go out.

  19. L84Tea says:

    If looks indicate anything, his wife looks like a sweet woman–she’s actually so the spitting image of my son’s kindergarten teacher that I did a double take. I hope she walks away with half of those billions and has an amazing life.

  20. Aimee says:

    Bryn got that right!!!

    I don’t want to make assumptions (yes I do) but this is probably your typical “I’m a billionaire and I can have anyone I want now” syndrome. Ugh. Good luck to his wife. She’ll be stinking rich and can go find someone else!!

  21. Cidy says:

    I mean #teamMackenzie lmao. Shes gorgeous,I hope her next love or trophy husband (whatever comes first) has the most gorgeous head of hair.

  22. Susan says:

    Men are fools – his wife looks far better and more genuine in character to me.

    • me says:

      Maybe SHE was the one not happy in the marriage? It’s just shocking once the divorce is finalized she will be the richest woman in the world. I hope she does good with that money.

  23. Lala11_7 says:

    On the outside…this looks like a messy AF affair that has destroyed two marriages…

    On the inside…I hope MacKinzie makes Jeff SPLIT that 68% Amazon super majority regarding his preferred stock….and I hope that she uses that power to advocate for WORKERS…like Jeff advocates for criminally rich corporations…


    • Esmom says:

      I concur with your assessment, that’s what I read between the lines, too.

      And, wow yeah, how amazing would it be if Mackenzie advocates for workers!

    • Veronica S. says:

      Seriously. If she takes that money and does absolutely nothing productive with it, we’ll know exactly what kind of person she is.

    • Nova says:

      LOL! Keep dreaming. Mackenzie was with him for 25 years. Every unethical and cruel legislation he passed or supported, she was right next to him.

      I am staggered by the delusion of this thread tbh. Is this the so called “women are wonderful” effect? Are we really so impressed by pretty white women that we will pretend they are nicer and more interesting than they probably are?

      Mackenzie was spending her billions while workers were dying of exhaustion. She was hanging on his arm while Jeff was in the events that made criminally rich even richer. Mackenzie does not give shit about workers or poor people. I am not saying Mackenzie is the blame for Jeff’s crimes, I am just saying she sure enjoyed the perks that came with his actions.

      • Lala11_7 says:

        @Nova: First of all…there are NO PARTS OF ME THAT IS DELUSIONAL!

        I’m coming from a “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned” paradigm with my statement….Please DO NOT GET IT TWISTED! I already KNOW what she was on DURING the marriage…I wanna see what she’s gonna be on now that she has been humiliated on the public stage and she has the opportunity to SEIZE POWER…

        Just so…ya…know…

      • Nova says:

        Oh no @LALA I wasn’t specifically talking about you. I am just staggered by the tone of this whole thread in general.

        The idea that Bezos would tell anything to media before sorting themselves out first? Laughable. They are definitely not announcing their seperation to us immediately. The outlines are probably already set. Jeff is a great businessman and Mackenzie has been happy to let him run everything until now, I can’t see her being interested in running the company. I can’t blame her. I wouldn’t be interested either. Why stress yourself with a huge work load when you can enjoy your billions? Mackenzie is not a pretty woman who got caught in Jeff’s web, she is the woman who helped him built that web every step of the way. She enjoyed the blood money. She hosted dinners and gatherings for the blood money. She will not do anything that would risk her income.

        I would be very surprised by a dramatic divorce tbh. Jeff Bezos is not Elon Musk. Jeff keeps his shit tight.

      • Lala11_7 says:

        @NOVA…Thank you for that response ..I TRULY appreciate it! But…a CELEBITCHY CAN DREAM CAN’T I?!?!



      • Natalie S says:

        Maybe she’ll do something, maybe she won’t. It could go either way and it would be amazing if she did. But up to this point, she’s complicit.

  24. Deedee says:

    It’s more like “Jeff Bezos has new girlfriend and is now getting a divorce”.

  25. JRenee says:

    Mackenzie is a beautiful lady, appearing to age naturally. Hope this is a mutant decision.

  26. Lila says:

    When I heard about the divorce, I thought Jeff Bezos had an affair with Alexa. He maybe rich and has built the most successful business in the world, but he probably is impossible person to live with and sounds like a real tool.

  27. maggi says:

    I’m not real familiar with current makeup trends but what is the deal with that white powdery stuff around the bridge of Lauren’s nose? It looks mucky, I’m guessing it didn’t look like that in the mirror.

  28. BANANIE says:

    I heard today on the radio that there are texts that prove he and the new gf were together as of last April and May. Granted, the texts came from The National Enquirer, so not sure how legit they are, but they said things like “I’m in love with you.” So, if they’re real, pretty damning.

  29. Wendy says:

    Y’all… the Bezoses swing. There’s a pretty huge indicator of it in their statement itself, “after a long period of loving exploration”, but it’s been known for a while.

  30. me says:

    Did Bezo get a girlfriend after a separation or while married? I can’t tell.

    Is this a secret affair situation or a couple who separated and began dating other people as they moved towards divorce?

    • Sayrah says:

      Theur statement makes it sound like they were separated for some time but they had a 25th anniversary party this fall?

  31. JoJo says:

    We don’t know when they broke up we only know when they made it public.There have been many couples who separated months or years before announcing divorce.

  32. lucy2 says:

    Of course he has a new girlfriend, most men don’t leave until they do! At least she’s age appropriate.

    Since they have 4 kids, I hope it’s amicable and they are able to co-parent well. 25 years is a long time, hopefully they are both good with this decision and ready to move on.

  33. Nichole says:

    My husband and I were talking about this last night. Yes, on paper it will be the most expensive divorce ever. But even half of his wealth is an amount that will be literally unnoticeable – a drop in the bucket. It’s hard to wrap the mind around, really!

  34. Bey says:

    I wish the wife would take everything he has so he has to survive with the same salary that the Amazon workers earn.

  35. Diana says:

    God… id like for men like this to surprise me one of these days??? So cliche and tired! Oldest story ever told.

  36. adastraperaspera says:

    Like someone said above, MacKenzie was Jeff’s partner in from the beginning. She worked to build the business with him, after his parents loaned him $300K of their retirement money and they moved to Seattle. They’ve always kept their marriage and family out of the news. Whether you like how they run their companies or not, they’re professionals. I find it extremely interesting that this divorce news is being amplified by a rag like the National Enquirer, which is run by none other than Trump’s friend David Pecker. Don’t forget Bezos owns The Washington Post. This is typical Trump, sending his minions out to dig up dirt on someone he considers an enemy.

    • me says:

      This. I believe this is being driven by Trump’s buddies at National Enquirer.

    • therealMrsKC says:

      The thing is that it is not just the Enquirer reporting on this stuff. It is everywhere. Bezos had an affair and is ending his marriage. Even if Trump has had a hand in the Enquirer story, Bezos still made his bed and can now lay in it.

  37. KP says:

    I’m certainly not defending their relationship or calling them good people but I’d hardly call a 49 year old helicopter pilot and news anchor a trophy wife. I thoroughly enjoy this site… except for insisting on constantly referring to women as trophy wife’s. It’s highly derogatory and offensive.

    • Kitten says:

      Thank you. I thought the same thing. She is accomplished in her own right–let’s not diminish that just because we hate Bezos or her choice of plastic surgery.

    • Natalie S says:

      Right? it’s very Taylor Swift “She wears short skirts. I wear t-shirts,” level stuff.

  38. Maggie says:

    Number of items I’ve order off Amazon: 1
    I could give a shot about either of them, and Lauren is one scary looking woman.

  39. Nievie says:

    Maybe she got wise to her husband’s multiple warehouse floor human rights violations and decided to keep her conscience clean?

  40. Kitkattatat says:

    Not that looks are everything, but his wife appears much prettier, healthier and more natural.

    He definitely has a “type” though and they both look more alike than dissimilar.

    I would call this a “downgrade” if anything. Lauren looks her age or older and like she has had way too much work done on her face.

  41. Kebbie says:

    At least she’s age appropriate? It’s possible he and his wife were already separated, but she seemed to still be married. I don’t like that they’re printing texts though. How tf did they get those?

  42. Helen says:

    multi*billionaire*… puke

    the texts are so milquetoast, i would have expected someone like bezos to be more of a freak tbh.

  43. Helen says:

    man, let alone a million, *a billion* dollars is play money to these people.

    meanwhile, i self-medicate and experience crippling anxiety and depression worrying about paying off the last 20,000$ of my student loans. wish my immigrant parents could have given me a $300k loan (in 1994! how much is that today?) to start a business.

    • Imeanreally says:

      According to Bureau of Labor Stats CPI inflation calculator, $300,000 in mid-1994 had the same buying power as approximately $510,000 today.

  44. SJhere says:

    I can not take in the amount of $137Billion. Does Jeff stand next to Sir Paul McCartney, a truly talented musical genius, and offer to buy him lunch because Sir Paul is “only” worth $1.7Billion?
    Sweet weeping days, that amount of money is sick. Why isn’t this dude fixing the world?
    Piss off, Jeff.

  45. Catt Berlin George says:

    I was just looking at old pictures of him with hair. Yuck. Now I can see why he shaved his head bald. Scroll halfway down the page. Be prepared.

    • Snowflake says:

      I think he looks better with hair personally. But a nice old bf of mine had a receding hairline like that so maybe that’s why i feel that way lol.

    • Kitkattatat says:

      He was a really cute kid though.

      Funny how cute kids often grow up to be kind of strange-looking adults.

    • CairinaCat says:

      He looks like a deranged Kevin Spacey when he had hair

  46. Raina says:

    Genuinely curious; I wonder if men spend this much effort criticizing another man’s appearance as women do.
    I don’t get it.
    Honest to God, what’s the payoff?
    We all look like we look.
    This is a helluva earthly realm. I kinda was expecting a different reaction here….something more akin to his business.

    • Starkiller says:

      Maybe not, but they sure as sh!t spend as much or more time criticising women’s appearances.

  47. therealMrsKC says:

    This should be one interesting divorce. We shall see how “civil” they keep it once he becomes in jeopardy of losing half of his billions. That Lauren Sanchez person looks skeevy and gross. Not an upgrade in the least.

  48. LoWilli says:

    You can’t pick and choose when it’s OK to criticize a woman for how she looks. That’s the actual definition of being a hypocrite. You can’t say women should support other women and then say that one looks like the picture next to the definition of trophy wife. If that’s what you do, you definitely can’t say you’re an advocate of women.

  49. Mylene says:

    Wow .. looking at this women … I WILL NEVER trust her. I don’T FEEL HER.

  50. Olivia says:

    Lol Lauren Sanchez is 25 is she f**K

  51. Adrien says:

    Lauren was a former SYTYCD host. No she’s not the judge who excitedly shrieks at each performance. She was like the Ryan Seacrest of season one before Cat Deeley replaced her. Surprised to learn she is only 49. I know this because I used to accompany my roommate who was a contestant that year.

  52. Bobby Stop says:

    Shit son… his wife already has two.