The Sun: Brad Pitt & Charlize Theron are apparently the hot new couple of 2019

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in their car on the set of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

My gossip predictions for 2019 are already coming through, you guys. I HAVE THE MOJO. I predicted that Brad Pitt “will do another big Girlfriend Rollout in 2019, and hopefully this one will feel more authentic than the Neri Oxman nonsense.” Guess what? Not even one full month into 2019, and Brad apparently has a new girlfriend: none other than Charlize Theron. You know what makes me slightly happy about this? She’s a 43-year-old badass woman with her own mind, not a 20-something who will be in awe of him. That being said, this story seems questionable.

Brad Pitt is dating Charlize Theron after being introduced to the actress by her ex-fiance Sean Penn. The new lovebirds were all over each over at a showbiz function last week. Their relationship, which began over Christmas, is Brad’s first serious romance since he split from Angelina Jolie in 2016.

Oscar winner Charlize, who called off her marriage to Penn in 2015, is understood to have visited Brad at his home in Loz Feliz, LA. She has not met his six children with Jolie. Both Brad, 55, and Charlize, 43, are known for their romances with other high-profile stars.

A source said: “They have been casually seeing each other for nearly a month now. They’ve been friends for some time — ironically through Sean — but things have developed.”

Last weekend the pair were spotted together after separate Saturday-night movie screenings. Brad, 55, went to watch If Beale Street Could Talk — which he is exec producer of — at a private house in the Hollywood Hills. Charlize, 43, was special guest at a showing of Roma in LA’s Chateau Marmont.

The source said: “Brad came over to Chateau afterwards, changed his outfit and joined Charlize in a corner of the bar. She was on a vodka cocktail while he stuck to mineral water. They were ridiculously touchy-feely and his arm was around her back. At one point he winked at her. Brad seemed in a really good place — they both looked really happy.”

[From The Sun]

The reason I don’t believe this is that “Sean Penn introduced them” – Charlize ran screaming from her relationship with Penn, she ghosted him thoroughly and I suspect they’re not on good terms still, to this day. Penn and Pitt ARE friends, so I wouldn’t doubt that Penn has introduced Pitt to various women. I just don’t think Sean would set up Brad and Charlize. Still, Charlize and Brad have both been around Hollywood long enough to already know each other through awards shows, etc. So who knows.

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  1. Melissa says:

    First Penn, now Pitt… Charlize seems attracted to jerks

    • Call_me_al says:

      That’s why I could see this happening, although it doesn’t make me happy. My impression of her is that she’s a very smart woman with a bad picker (takes one to know one, or maybe in projecting, or both).

    • Clare says:

      Well, all rumours point to ‘she’s a jerk’ and her history shows she’s into jerks, so I almost kinda believe this.

      But also, I kind of don’t believe that she would date a man that was an enormous ass to his adopted son? Given she has adopted children? The whole ‘you’re not even my kid’ thing was pretty…toxic. If it’s true.

      • Westie45 says:

        i can’t see Pitt being with a celebrity again. I also don’t see him with another strong, independent woman. So I don’t this as true at all. He will wind up with someone young that he has more control over. Also – someone not famous so their relationship isn’t in the spotlight as much anymore. He seems pretty tired of that and I can’t blame him.

      • Everley says:

        Lol at him being tired of the spotlight. Based on what?
        Did you not see the Dr Oxman debacle?

      • BchyYogi says:

        For some reason I -see- this, not as a “love at 1st sight” thing, but as an arrangement by their prospective “team”. The sort of suit each other, and the PR is mutually beneficial. I don’t -like- it, but I do -see- it.

      • Grey says:

        Was that story taken from the released legal documents, or from the minds of racist commenters?

      • Thirsty Hirsty says:

        wow you think that’s what happened on the plane? that’s conjecture tho’ right? I didn’t think of it before, but when alcohol is in the mix…, that just breaks my heart. Jolie did the right thing if that’s what he calls parenting. It also makes sense why the two oldest boys won’t see him now, if that’s even true, too. But if the story about Pitt and Charleze is true, I will also be sad. It seems like she picks men that she figures need ‘fixing’ and then when they aren’t ‘fixed’ that’s that. A bad picker indeed. I’ve been guilty of the same, so quit picking, figuring if The One saw that in my future They would see to it we met. Not willing to take on a broken person ever again. They need to be well on the road to recovery and responsible for their own damn shit. And @Grey…..racist commentators….WHAATTT??? Where’d you get THAT from, eh? Or, are you a troll? Seems more likely, as you comment is so out of context with the conversation.

    • isabelle says:

      She does have a bad picker.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      Was Stuart Townsend a jerk that this is her taste or was he too nice & vanilla that she started looking for schmucks to spice things up?

      • Snappyfish says:

        She was w/Stuart for 8 years. I remember they went on vacation & came back 8 days early & were broken up. She is beautiful but I think she is a jerk. So she & Sean should have been a match made in heaven. Brad is a jerk as well so have at it. Pretty jerks. Nice to look at fun to watch

    • Beach Dreams says:

      She’s quite likely to be a jerk herself. I don’t trust anyone who’s close with Chelsea Handler.

    • serena says:

      Yep, that’s what I thought too.

  2. Eleonor says:

    I don’t think it either, I don’t think she even speaks to Penn, and as Angelina before her I think Charlize is too smart for him.
    I can see them dating for a while maybe, but I have the feeling Charlize might no want to be sourranded by the bs around Pitt.

    • Mako says:

      Insider gossip; the tipster only mentioned that Charlize was hooking up with one of the costars from her Breitling ad. They didn’t specify who.
      They used legal loopholes to allow the Sun to go to print without the source specifying a name and made the leap to Brad Pitt.
      Plus, bonus points with Pitt’s camp for painting him as the sober dad in healthy new relationship. They weren’t exactly chomping at the bit to shut it down.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      I don’t think the report meant that Penn set them up or even recently introduced them. According to reports I’ve seen, Penn and Chatlize don’t even speak. I think it means that while he and Charluze were dating, he introduced her to Penn in passing and that’s how they know each other. Penn is probably enraged if this is true. Bro-code and all that.

      • Taffy says:

        Adam driver is super married and in a healthy relationship. Doubt it is him.

        Also I thought Charlize was aiming Alfonso Cuarón since she went to his screening and he is single right now. .. as Angelina did too btw.

        I will believe this when they make it public. Right now it is a bit shady.

      • 360Angle says:

        I thought Penn and Theron made up as friends? They had to for their film promotion.

      • Mako says:

        Taffy, he and his wife have been on the outs for a while now, they live in separate buildings. Expect a formal split either after awards season or after Ep IX.

  3. K-Peace says:

    I took it to mean that Penn introduced Charlize & Brad to each other back when Penn & Charlize were in their relationship a few years ago. And so Charlize & Brad have been friendly with each other since then, and now it’s recently turned romantic. That’s how i understood it anyway.

  4. Mia4s says:

    Weak sauce from The Sun. Feels very suspect. I mean…it would be GREAT gossip….but I’m not seeing smoke here, just a desperate journalist with a deadline. Weirdly written too.

    Some of these details and the explanations are trying to sound like a big deal, and they’re not. Reaching for a story.

    “Charlize, 43, was special guest at a showing of Roma in LA’s Chateau Marmont.”

    So was Diego Luna, did he and Brad get cozy too? Now THAT would be a good story! 😂

    “The source said: “Brad came over to Chateau afterwards, changed his outfit and joined Charlize in a corner of the bar. She was on a vodka cocktail while he stuck to mineral water.”

    Convenient that it’s the Chateau where cameras are restricted. Oh and the “source” is someone in Pitt’s camp -note the mention that he wasn’t drinking alcohol. DID YOU NOTE THAT PEOPLE?!? At the bar but no alcohol. SEE???!?! Touchy feeling…but with mineral water.

  5. ffh7 says:

    It’s a sad world we live in where a 55 y.o. gets cookie points for dating a woman who’s 12 instead of 30 years younger than him.

    • Laura says:


    • Tw says:

      I’m in my 40s and 40s and 50s seem pretty much the same stage of life IMO.

      • cbbm says:

        No one’s saying it’s not. That wasn’t my point.

        Also, while mentally there might not be a huge gap at this point in life, this is the age where physically the difference starts to become noticeable, and becomes more pronounced pretty fast if the relationship lasts. You might not feel it at 43&55 but I wouldn’t want to date a 67-year-old at 55.

  6. Fa says:

    Is PR, both are in an ads together for a watch. Media are not reporting enough that the ads, so they’re using this tactic.

    • Hmmm says:

      you know the watch ad was a major bust when most of the comments and even the dating source doesn’t mention the ad. Lmaoooooooo

      Leaky Pitt needs a new Pr team because they should’ve added the fact that they worked together on a campaign for watches. He was in China selling them and claiming he’s has no idea who said his real passion is architecture— newsflash HE was quoted a few years ago claiming his real passion is architecture. Lmao

    • Belle says:

      Fa: I don’t have stats on how Breitling watch sales are going, but I could see this being PR to further boost sales.

      • Fa says:

        Tell that his naïve fans, who believe he’s incapable of plant this, it was PR plant to promote the watch, no one was talking. Pitt always use dating story tactics to promote his image or anything he’s promoting.

  7. Can’tgoogleme says:

    I predict Brad and Amber Heard will be a thing soon.

    • Eliza says:

      I could see that. But he’s so about his image he wouldn’t go from one tmz deemed “villain” to another.

      But i honestly think he will go for more an Aniston-type. Like Jennifer Lawrence – sweetheart who smokes. Perfect. Id say Margot Robbie but she’s married

      • Kendra says:

        Lawrence isn’t the type to date someone for being famous. She is trying to keep low profile these days anyway.

    • Taffy says:

      Hahahhaha this

  8. Esmerelda says:

    Total BS, but points for working out all the “age appropriate, as pretty as Jolie, with some cachet but not too much as to make him look inferior, single, with kids, private enough she might not bother to deny immediately” variables and coming out with a name. Good effort, Pitt’s PR team!

    • Bettyrose says:

      IKR? This looks great for Brad and kinda sketchy for Charlize. Like, unless some truly unexpected love magic happened between them, what would she get out of aligning herself with Brad? It’s not a good look for her and probably not true.

  9. Eliza says:

    How quickly until she goasts him?

  10. crogirl says:

    He needs to distract people from his MIR disaster. I bet he was really upset about that Architectural Digest article about him, they called his houses ugly LOL

    And if true, I bet his kids would be thrilled his dating Handler’s friend.

  11. Kendra says:

    If this is true then Brad Pitt has amazing ability to find famous girlfriends. Most celebrities have only a couple. I assumed now that he is older and doesn’t work as much he would date someone or lower profile. I guess this would make some sense personality wise and both have dated prior but I just can’t feel this is true. But it would be entertaining gossip if it is.

  12. Other Renee says:

    “At one point he winked at her.”

    Ew. Oh the smarm factor. I just gagged a little.

  13. Alexandria says:

    I’m waiting for the gossip of Brad and Kendall. That would be the height if desperation. For both.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I won’t believe it until I see pics, after the whole Neri debacle.

    • Lucy2 says:

      Yes- During the Neri circus, I kept saying “where are the photos?”. Considering what those photos would be worth, and that everyone now has cameras on their phones, there’s not a chance he was hanging around her and didn’t get photographed.
      I guess his team doesn’t care if it seems fake, they just want the stories out there to make him look better.

  15. Cara says:

    She should get back with Alexander Skarsgard, even though they only dated for like a month or something. It seems like he’s the only non-asshole she’s been with since Keanu.

    • Kebbie says:

      Were they ever photographed together? Are we sure they actually dated or even know each other?

      • Cara says:

        They were spotted out together a couple times. There’s also a video of Alex leaving a hotel in a car with Charlize down in the back seat. But like I said it was a pretty short fling, but they’re friends now. She asked Alex to make a cameo in her upcoming movie with Seth Rogen.

    • Maya says:

      Charlize never dated Keanu as far as I know.

  16. Goodpuff says:

    Yes sounds like a PR fauxmance to me. Would be interesting to see if the roll out is like Neri’s – as in all fluff from Brad’s team and no proof. And an awesome denial from Charlize’s team.

  17. Tw says:

    I like this. I’m in the minority on this page in thinking he and Angelina both had parts to play in their dysfunctional relationship. If he’s off the booze, which it seems he is, I like seeing him move on with someone like Charlize. She reminds me of Angelina in ways – very smart, stunning, powerful, a turbulent childhood with deep connection to her mother and a mother herself to adopted children. I think this makes sense.

    • Hmmm says:

      Only one lost custody. Only one was accused of abuse. Only one had to do two years of therapy. Enough with the bothism.

      • Belle says:

        Only one got smacked down by the judge for parental alienation.

      • Sophie says:

        @Belle you should of read the whole file, instead of the part pitt’s team put out to the media. The judge gave a warning to PITT & Jolie, but you only read the part he wanted you to read.

    • 360Angle says:

      I read a few different sites and you’d be in the minority only on several sites. Most people know the two-to-tango thing is true for Pitt and Jolie. They were dysfunctional from the start. Too intense and expanded their family too quickly, and toss in all the travel and media attention…

  18. MICHELLE says:

    Breitling watch PR. No doubt pitt won’t shut this rumor down if it favors him.

  19. Lowrider says:

    Another PR relationship from Brads team..? This one I can see happening. 2019 will be Brads year. He has two big movies debuting this year, he should receive joint custody and finalize his divorce too. He will be all over the awards and festival carpets and I think he will want someone on his arm. Charlize will play with him for a bit and drop him when she’s bored. I bet they show up at the oscars together.

    • Olive says:

      2019 will not be “brad’s year.” that was a while ago – he’s past his prime in his career.

      • Lowrider says:

        Brad is re-branding. When he hooked up with Angelina his brand was father and humanitarian. As we saw over the last 3 years, both images are taking a beating. I bet my house he will never take on a charity like MIR again. Any charity/humanitarian work will be showing up to get his picture taken or donating some money. Two of his kids are keeping him at a distance and he needs a monitor present to see the other four . So the father image has been trashed. Time to change the narrative.

  20. Themummy says:

    My understanding was that Sean Penn had introduced to them years ago, before Sean and Charlize even dated.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    NYTimes ran Neri Oxman and William Ackman’s wedding announcement today. She’s pregnant. No mention of Brad….

  22. Silent Star says:

    I always get a chuckle when there are “official reports” of celebrities dating each other “for about a month now”. Like how many dates can they squeeze in to that time? As a parent with a full time job, I can’t imagine how that can be done! 😄

  23. Lowrider says:

    Page six posted another article on MIR about brad trying to cut and run from the home building disaster he helped create.
    His planted dating story in a British tabloid is definitely from brads team. More people will be interested in this new power couple than the tragic MIR isssue.

  24. Nichole says:

    I wish my Mom was still here so I had somebody to text about this stuff! The little things.

  25. Sophie says:

    She’s CAA and Chelsea handlers group of mean girls. She’s shady, just like her new boyfriend Brad. Her mother killed her Abusive Alcoholic father, she knows how destructive to families it is, so why on earth would she date another? Penn being the first.

    • Jessica says:

      Angelina isn’t known to be super nice but whatever.

      • Maya says:

        Bs everyone who has worked with Angelina calls her nice and kind.

        Media paints her as villain but she is not like that in real life according lots of people who actually worked with her.

      • Jessica says:


        I know you are a super fan but Angelina doesn’t have an immaculate reputation or even a great reputation. She’s known as being arrogant from people who have worked on sets (not the actors) and its not just because she’s opinionated. Some women just are.

        People like Regina King and Forest Whitaker are known as super kind and professional with over 30 years in the business.

      • Maya says:

        And I know you don’t like her but I never claimed she has an immaculate reputation.

        There are literally dozens of people on record saying she is lovely to work with.

        She does have a great professional reputation amongst people who have worked with her.

        She is notoriously known to work with same people for various of projects. If people disliked her, they won’t want to work with her.

        I have also seen lots of tweets from sets of Unbroken, FTKMK, BTS, Maleficent where normal people are calling her down to earth and kind.

      • Jessica says:

        So if you know her reputation isn’t immaculate then what is there to argue about. I’m just saying she isn’t some sweetheart that everyone wants to be around and she’s been called out for it.

        Some people think she’s cool, some people think she’s dismissive and arrogant. I’m not saying everybody dislikes or hates her.

      • Belle says:

        Angie was famously called a “spoiled brat” by someone who knew her well.

        I don’t know if Charlize is any better as I don’t keep up with her.

      • Maya says:

        @Belle: if I were you, I wouldn’t quote the man, who went through 200 assistants in two years and is notoriously known to mistreat people, as you evidence.

        Scott Rudin is so horrible that high level executives refused to work with him.

      • Belle says:

        @Maya: Doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

      • Maya says:

        It also doesn’t mean he is right.

        Try and find another source if you can that is.

      • Jessica says:

        Nick Grimshaw flat out said she was cold and a former People magazine reporter said she came off like she thought she was The Queen of England. There are many others. She’s arrogant and clashes with people.

  26. Jessica says:

    I dislike Charlize but I do not believe this for a second.

    • hunter says:

      I don’t believe it either but if they want to put on a PR showmance I’m here for it. I’d be a little surprised if Charlize agreed to that though.

  27. Hmmm says:

    I predicted his team would go there when they filmed for breitling watches.

    DR. Neri Oxman just got married this weekend, Sienna Miller was spotted making out with someone last week I guess he needs new lie. Plus, page six and architect digest picked up the make it right lawsuit news.

    Why he doesn’t just come out with sat hari Khalsa is anyone’s guess.

  28. brutalethyl says:

    Theron and Pitt. Can we please combine this unholy duo into “ThePitt’s”?

  29. Kebbie says:

    I think they’d be a hot couple. She’s stunning, he’s Brad Pitt. It’d be a fun gossip story too.

  30. Dorothy says:

    Exactly as soon as it said introduced by Penn the side eye started and didn’t end because HOW ?! she hates face. Plus Brad now rightly has got an abusive tag sewn on his face so I’m really not sure how badass strong woman of a move this would be for her at all – she’d be cancelled in my book for sure for looking to to an abusive cheater like Penn for introductions to new men, and endangering her adopted son of color with a man who has a history of being abusive to them. I beleive this is a test and they’re all reading our comments (buzzer) think again! You need someone to “fix” you Brad LOL which we know is impossible so back to school get a degree in child development and architecture and rebuild your life bro there isn’t a sane woman alive who would choose to be with you in your current state. Happens to the best of us bro, just do you.

  31. Dorothy says:

    Also Times Up For Penn- reposrts come to Marin CA and get all the deets on how he abused Robin and cheated with dozens of women in the Bay Area. Yes Sean we all remember and weve allll been waiting for this day . Sayonara sicko

    • Deedee says:

      This is old news. He cheated with all these women (Russian, iirc) when the two of them were staying at a hotel on vacation together. Yet, robin took him back.

      • mtam says:

        Wasn’t there also a story about Brad cheating with Russian hookers at some point? During one of the films he produced. I rarely mentione this cause i’ve looked it up since and I cant find it anymore, but i could have sworn one of his co-stars mentioned/alluded to it in an interview and then an article wrote about it. But still the connection would make more sense now knowing how he’s buddies with Penn.

      • Belle says:

        He and Robin had such a toxic relationship. I feel for their kids.

  32. RedWeatherTiger says:

    “She was on a vodka cocktail…” Made me laugh. Do people say this?

  33. 360Angle says:

    They were in those watch (?) ads together. They could have met that way. I think they’re a good match. He seems to love strong women who take charge.

  34. mtam says:

    Two things that makes this seems super fabricated by his (and maybe her’s too) PR team are, 1- “first serious relationship since Angelina”- it’s like they think we’ll just forget how super serious he was about that Neri Oxfam woman. Like his PR definitely wanted us to believe she was “it” and better than any other woman he had ever been with and that he was going through great efforts to woo her and spend time with her. And then as we all know that went to shit, so now they wanna erase all that narrative from history.

    2nd thing that seems suspect to me is all the details, like the story is so crazy detailed it definitely had to be crafted by some PR person who specifically wanted to make it clear he was being responsible and not drinking.

    This is definitely a roll out, and whether they’re actually dating or just doing it for PR, my opinion is he’s still up to his same old tricks and honestly i had canceled him long ago, and this doesn’t seem redeeming at all, though i think that’s what he and his team are hoping for.

  35. SJknows says:

    I dislike CTheron. She is beautiful, talented, smart, etc. But, I just have never liked her.
    Some actors have a likability or something about them and the roles they choose that I will most likely watch whatever they are in, because of their part.
    You know, back in the day, Newman, Redford, Hackman, McQueen, Burt Reynolds, even Cruise all had the star power (call it whatever) to the point that folks would go see their new movie.
    Never had that reaction to CT or BP.
    As for Brad Pitt…dude, learn to accept the fact that your glory days are Over! Over.
    He’s going to end up being behind the scenes, producer or whatever.

    I’m gonna give CT some advice…Keanu! Honey, you’ve made several movies with Keanu…are ya blind? Or, more likely…CT needs to be the pretty one in her relationships. Certainly would explain why she was with Penn. Penn..that guy, no. No.

    • 360Angle says:

      I sort of like her and it’s probably because women just can’t win if they’re kind of strong. I admit she’s kind of arrogant; she was on David Letterman years back saying she was on a train trip through Europe and people couldn’t believe she, “an Oscar winner” (her words), was taking a train. I think she’s prickly but I still like her sort of in the same way as I “approve” of Katherine Heigel. These women just get demonised for being a little “diva-ish” (such a loaded word) so I’m here to balance things out in the universe, by sending out my “approval.”

  36. Sophie says:

    If this is for PR, just proves even more he doesn’t give a crap about his kids feelings. They all have access to social media, imagine seeing him splashed everywhere wth a new woman, while media relentlessly trash their mother.

    • Dany says:

      Tabloids don’t care about Angelina, or children.

      They exist as vehicles for women to beat up the women they resent. It’s funny this tabloid has Pitt and Charlize hooking up, while another (Intouch) has Aniston and Pitt having a baby girl together (snort). You think the editor of InTouch is thinking of 10yo Vivienne Jolie Pitt seeing these covers? Nah.

      Hilarious. So transparent. All designed to feed voracious Angelina haters, still going after 14yrs.

  37. Linda says:

    They make for an interesting couple. Two attractive major superstars.

  38. Karen says:

    Angie was papped with Pax today

  39. holly says:

    Hooray, I never get tired of that Plastic Brad Thumbnail.

  40. rtms77 says:

    He loves his dominating women. He clings to them, apes them and then tries to force his way of thinking on them. This will end badly.

  41. Megsie says:

    I’m going to file this one under “They deserve each other”

  42. Tara says:

    Is this really happening or is it a pr stunt?

  43. Darla says:

    Can’t say I think Pitt is hot, or that I’m even a fan, but…have to admit he’s an upgrade from a boiled ham.

  44. Pandy says:

    I thought she was with Seth McFarlane??? And I loved that hook up. Don’t believe until I see pix.

  45. Andrea says:

    Brad Pitt, is a Hollywood prostitute

  46. Carol says:

    Typical PR manipulation with plant and denial story. First, a leak to the Sun then denials from People and Us weekly. Pitt tried to deflect negative stories about his ‘cut and run’ from MIR charity. Coward.

  47. Andrea says:


  48. serena says:

    Wasn’t ‘Roma’ the movie Angelina’s director friend directed, and she endorsed in a special opening screening or something? Weird they would mention it in relation to Charlize.

    Also, I hope she’s smarter than this. But seeing her past history..

  49. AD says:

    Theron’s mum is her nanny, he better be in his best behaviour or else history repeat itself! & that will be his end.