Duchess Meghan made avocado toast & truffles for her makeup artist friend

Duchess Of Sussex Visits Mayhew Animal Home, London

I wish it was possible for the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex to both have their own official Instagram accounts. I know that would probably “destroy the mystery,” and lord knows that royals thrive on mystery, but I still think both women would be great at ‘gramming their royal lives in different ways. I imagine Kate posting lots of photos of her kids and Pippa and the dog, Lupo, especially when they’re at Anmer Hall.

As for Meghan, I imagine her being more of a royal food/lifestyle ‘grammer – she’s totally the kind of person who would go to an event and only photograph the food they were serving. Well, we have gotten a glimpse into what would could have been – apparently, Meghan had a friend over, and she whipped up a little spread for them and he ‘grammed it. The friend is Daniel Martin, and he was (and still is, sometimes) her makeup artist. He posted this on Sunday:

Avocado toast, tea and… chocolate truffles? I understand the tea and the toast, but truffles on top of that? Maybe I don’t have the best palate. Truffles don’t go with EVERYTHING, you know. Only French fries go with everything. Anyway, according to Martin’s Instagram Stories, it seems like he spent the whole weekend with Meghan. What a nice trip, and I’m sure she loved seeing one of her old friends. I want to know what else she made. Also: I AM OBSESSED WITH MEGHAN’S TEAPOT AND DISHWARE. The teapot is beautiful.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit Birkenhead

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red.

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  1. dlc says:

    If that’s for 2 people it’s a lot of food! Is tea more of a meal than a snack?

    • minime says:

      lot of food?! Don’t think so…for me is just the right amount 😀

    • SarSte says:

      …Sorry, that’s a lot of food for who, exactly?

      • MJO says:

        For two? I was going to comment “Is that all?” Two lousy slices of avocado toast and two truffles apiece

    • Mego says:

      I was totally confused when people I was talking with online said they were having fish and chips for tea. I was like “do you drink tea? “ and they said we hate tea. Then I figured out that in England tea is what supper/dinner is in North America.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @mego In the North of England they call dinner/supper ‘tea’, but here in the South we call our evening meal dinner or supper and afternoon meal lunch, tea here is a drink. Up north ‘dinner’ is what yhey call their lunch.

    • TheBees says:

      I have questions. First, Really a lot of food? I count four pieces of avocado toast and four truffles. Is that what you see? What is the standard amount of food accepted because I think I’m doing food wrong!

      • Erinn says:

        They’re not even super large pieces of toast. Compared to the truffles, they’re on the smaller side of bread.

    • Amelie says:

      It’s two slices of toast with avocado for each person. And it’s one slice of bread per person, you can clearly tell they’ve been sliced in two. The truffles are dessert, they may not have eaten all four! It’s not that much food.

  2. Junebug says:

    Such teapot envy!

    • Shrute’s Beets says:

      I think it’s from Soho Home. Very affordable.

      • StartupSpouse says:

        Was going to ask for an ID on the teapot and dishware!

      • fifee says:

        I was going to say that it looked like Denby.

      • Erinn says:

        If you go to the US landing page of soho home, they’re right on there. Which is genius marketing on their part. They know what they’re doing.

      • Lithe says:

        I thought of Denby too, @fifee, because from that angle, Meghan’s teapot is similar in style to Denby Azure.

        Thanks for the ID, @Shrute’s Beets. It is a lovely teapot!

      • jan90067 says:

        Wasn’t it put out that H&M registered at SoHo House for their engagement/wedding? I thought I read that.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Stoneware is lovely, but will suck the heat right out of your tea, unless you have preheated it with a pot of hot water.

      • Myrtle says:

        I always “hot the pot” when making tea. Even if it’s just one mug! Warm it up first with boiling water and put a lid on it, or the tea won’t be hot enough (at least not to my liking) after steeping.

      • OriginalLala says:

        I seriously can’t believe I never thought of doing this to my teapots and teacups to keep the tea hot! Thanks for the tip 🙂

      • Lise says:

        You learn something new every day!!

      • Lady D says:

        I put a few drops of water in my mug and nuke it for 10-15 seconds. Heats it right up. I occasionally microwave the teapot for 10-20 seconds. Just be careful, sometimes the handle gets really hot.

      • PrincessK says:

        Warming the tea pot is a trick that has been passed down the generations.

    • Lise says:

      It’s so beautiful. I’ve bookmarked in case hubby asks for birthday gift ideas…


    • Rhys says:

      I love tea sets and nice china. My favorite teapot is by Eva Zaisel (the lady lived to be in her 100’s I think!), the Classic Century Teapot -https://www.evazeiseloriginals.com/product/classic-century-teapot

      • Lithe says:

        Oooh, thanks for the link! Love the teapot and the creamer is lovely too!

      • Ellaus says:

        That is certainly a lovely teapot Rhys! I really love it, and I am even not such a big fan of tea!

        I’m a big fan of avocado toast and truffles, so I volunteer as a tribute to have tea or any snack with Meghan xD

  3. Lucy says:

    Ok, that looks delicious.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    I call BS that chocolate truffles don’t go with everything. Chocolate truffles are always acceptable.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Last week I saw one of our famous chefs (Manu Feildel) make these amazing chocolate truffles encased in chocolate crackles. Each was the size of a tennis ball. When they set, he poured a ladleful of melted chocolate over each one. Death By Chocolate. I’ve tried to find the instructions, but no luck yet. They were easy, just a bit time-considering. However, if one wanted a showstopper dessert, this would be it. As for your avocado, in any of its guises, bleeech. Keep it.

    • Snowflake says:

      There is NEVER a case where chocolate is not appropriate

    • minx says:

      Chocolate truffles are a food group, aren’t they?

  5. Monicack says:

    Lemon tartlettes>chocolate truffles haha.

    Seriously though I suspect this is how Meghan stays grounded, by surrounding herself with genuine people who were there for her before the fame and will not sell her out after.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I love both but yeah, with tea I would have definitely gone with something lemony, or fruit-based. I adore truffles (and chocolate in general) but I don’t see how it fits with the meal…avocado is rich and fatty, and so are the truffles. I’d need something to cut through it, and a zesty lemon tart would hit the spot.

      And now I’m hungry hahaha.

    • Monicack says:

      *pours tea and nods towards Meyer lemon tartlettes*
      Do sit by me!

  6. Carol says:

    Sorry, Kaiser, but you are soooooo wrong. Truffles go with EVERYTHING!!!

  7. Sassy says:

    Wait didn’t she ban tea or did she just ban Harry from drinking it? LOL

    The senior “young” Brit royals should be allowed to have insta accounts I think it would be a good inside look at the charities they are involved with and a little of their lives. The KP accounts are always late and slow on everything.

  8. chocolate princess says:

    I really like Duchess Meghan and I really wish her the well on her pregnancy and success in her and Prince Harry lives.

  9. Erinn says:

    I think it’s really tacky for this to have been instagrammed. But I’m also not putting Meghan at the brunt of that blame – it should sit mainly on Daniel. Now, I’m sure it’s not hurting the “but my employees LOVE me” image she genuinely does need to get going – I can’t even really blame her for that.

    But I think Daniel is clearly looking for attention and status, and I DO think that’s really tacky. Not only is it a “Look at me, I’m with the DUCHESS!” but it’s like “we’ve been tight for AGES.” And I do worry that this will cause more blowback than benefit for her, which really sucks. He couldn’t have just kept it private.

    • Steph says:

      I thought the same. Not a good look on the”friend”

    • LORENA says:

      Agree, he could have posted it and not mentioned her name at least. Makes him look super thirsty

    • Tzu says:

      Agree. I can’t see Meghan giving the ok on something like that. It might be the last avocado toast he gets from her for a long time!

    • Beth says:

      Another example of how people don’t keep anything private, they always have the need to show the world everything on social media

    • Rosie says:

      I agree Erinn it’s tacky. The Beckhams did the same when the York’s hosted a birthday party for Harper and they instagrammed pics. Meghan might not mind but I think Harry will.

    • Melmella says:

      If Meghan did not approve then the post would have been deleted or not uploaded in the first place. This picture was likely posted with Meghan’s full approval. The style looks very similar to the type of pictures Meghan would post on her personal Instagram account with crockery nicely placed on a table for great visuals. Also using Soho house crockery tells me this was carefully planned & approved.

      • tempest prognosticator says:

        I agree. It’s doubtful he secretly took this photo and posted it without her knowledge.

      • Lise says:

        I wonder if this is how she is going to slowly/subtly get back into social media. Have friends post things that really are for/about her so that she’s not the one doing it herself. Could be a smart way of keeping an online presence without having her own Instagram

      • BeanieBean says:

        Agreed. And let’s face it, photos of food are de rigeur on social media.

      • PrincessK says:

        It does look like this is Meghan approved, and she is being criticised for it, and accused of advertising for Soho House or whatever. But I am thinking that maybe this a subtle way of letting people known that Meghan has not banned tea drinking in her household.

    • Lexa says:

      Agree, and I’m surprised more people here don’t have an issue with him posting this—it was clearly approved by Meg, otherwise he wouldn’t have done it. I wonder if she’s trying to prove a point to the powers that be, or something? My guess is she wants her and Harry to have a more relaxed account that also shows them in their day to day lives and makes them seem relateable, and that’s been a big point of contention in KP. But allowing stuff like this only feeds the conspiracy theories that she’s merching for Soho House and other brands.

      • Hikaru says:

        “My guess is she wants her and Harry to have a more relaxed account that also shows them in their day to day lives and makes them seem relateable, and that’s been a big point of contention in KP.”

        The whole idea of royalty is that they have been given the divine right to rule and are above common folk by the virtue of their special blue blood.

        These rules are not KP’s being stuck up, it’s how the royals make sure they keep being allowed to stay.

    • liriel says:

      On on hand I agree but maybe Meghan wants to be seen as having friends from the past and not posh at all. and maybe.. she wants to help his friend in his career? She knows how important it is!

      • Rosie says:

        That tea pot is a rip off of a Denby pattern/colour that has been around for donkeys years. I’m irrationally angry on their behalf.

        Seriously though this post is exactly why the Royals shouldn’t have instagram accounts. I saw Victoria Coren (writer) re-quoted in an article about Instagram. She had said “The problem with Instagram is, why would you want to elicit envy?”

        It’s true for a large part Instagram is used for marketing, an awful lot of showing off or sometimes as an indirect form of communication. The Royals shouldn’t be doing anything to create any more envy, they shouldn’t be marketing and they already have a communications department that should hopefully keep them out of trouble.

      • Tina says:

        My love for Victoria Coren is as infinite as the extent to which I despise her brother. And you, and she, make very good points about the royals and instagram.

    • Shan says:

      I agree, and I’m surprised so many people here think this is a good thing. This Daniel guy has seemed THIRSTY every time I’ve ever heard mention of him. Actually, many of Meghan’s “friends” seem suspect to me (I’m not saying that as a dig to her) – from the get-go there’s been a lot of cashing in and name-dropping, and while I get that it’s a part of life, especially in Hollywood, I think it can and should be done a lot more discretely now that she’s married into the RF.

      • Rhys says:

        I think the thirstiness comes with the territory. None of them, D list actors, make up artists and so on would be anywhere if they weren’t churning the wheel of name dropping.

  10. Eliza says:

    I dislike the teapot with those plates. The colors hurt. Separate they’re fine together it’s muddled and unappetizing.

    If you like the tea pot it’s from SoHo House.

    • Dueberrygal says:

      The Instagram post just looks like an advertisement for Soho House. Meghan has strong connections to Soho house, one of her best friends works for them as a top level director.

  11. Scal says:

    I made the mistake of reading the DM comments about this story (I know I know) and soooooo many people were complaining about how bland avocado toast is and how she should have made something better.

    What kind of toast are these people eating? Avocado with some lemon, cayenne on freshly made toasted bread is amazing and tasty. And yes-truffles DOES go with everything. It boggles my mind how some people will look for anything negative to say.

    • JaneDoesWork says:

      SAME! I like mine with some large kosher salt and red pepper flakes. If I’m making it more of a meal out of it I love to top with radish, arugula, shallots, and smoked salmon on top.

    • LORENA says:

      I like mine with an egg on top and some everything but the bagel season, yum!

    • L84Tea says:

      Whole wheat toast, mashed avocado, slices of hard boiled egg, and a sprinkle of TJ’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning = heaven. Those commenters at the fail have no idea what they are missing.

    • OriginalLala says:

      you guys are making me so damn hungry!

    • paranormalgirl says:

      avocado, shallots, squeeze of lime, everything but the bagel seasoning on perfectly toasted whole wheat. Whoever invented avocado toast deserves my undying devotion.

    • Jaded says:

      I like mine with spicy homemade hummus or cream cheese.

    • Frizzyandfrazzled says:

      Butter!! I love buttered toast with tea as a snack. For breakfast nut butter. I love avocado in guacamole or salads but have never really liked it as a spread on toast. But to each their own. Avocado is healthy and if people find ways to eat it that they like, that’s great!

    • C-Shell says:

      My current favorite breakfast is avocado toast: GF ancient grain bread toasted, a drizzle of EVO over the toast, then each slice “spread” with a half of a small avocado, then a squeeze of lemon over it all, sprinkled with Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Even Fergus (my dog), salivates. That pic of “tea” looked good to me!

  12. Piper says:

    LOL first thing I thought as well was… thought she banned tea. Dumb story.

    Kind of love she set out and prepared a cute dish for friends in town. Hanging it out with true friends is also very sweet. Dish ware is from sohohouse allegedly. And I saw DM stewing in hate with their unorthodox headline about the toast not appropriate for tea lol on what planet. And DM readers seem to be properly filled with rage at the mere mention of Meghan, the concerted effort over there to keep that hate group festering is in full effect. They say you can see Meghan’s face in the reflection of the tea pot and she’s using Daniel to post pics, famewhore lmao and I can’t stop laughing at the idiocy. Meghan and Harry seem to be settling down nicely despite raging trolls.

  13. Beth says:

    I’ll take chocolate truffles with anything and absolutely everything. Yum! I’ll just stick with peanut butter on my toast because avocado is nasty gross, but that was nice of Meghan to make this for her friend

  14. Maddy says:

    The tea set has a very similar style to Denby Pottery. I love it, it has a lovely chunky, solid feel to it and the glazes are gorgeous.

  15. LondonLook says:

    Pretty uncool to brag about their tea on Insta!

  16. Spikey says:

    The woman is pregnant, let her live. She can have as many truffles as she likes. The only thing that I’m interested in is – are they homemade artisanal organic truffles with exotic ingredients???

    (I wholeheartedly support truffle making, just so we’re clear. If Meghan can unwind by tempering chocolate, more power to her!)

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      She didn’t make the truffles though. I saw another article that said where they came from (no shade on her buying them either).

      If you like exotic truffles though, do check out Vosges. I send them to my friends for special occasions, and everyone always raves over them.

      • Olive says:

        the truffles are from the sandringham estate. she served them in the gift box they’re sold in.

  17. East Coast go-getter says:

    I was glad he posted this. Nice to see some normalcy and friendship. It’s not tacky at all unless you assume the worst intentions. Nothing bad here lol Also Kaiser, salt from avacado and sweet from truffle go perfectly together. RuPauls message to Meghan is exactly why Daniel needed to post this. Lol

  18. Deanne says:

    She didn’t make the truffles. They are Fortnum and Mason “Sandringham” coffee truffles and are absolutely delicious. I love that teapot in the photo. It’s really pretty.

  19. Monsy says:

    Makes me laugh every time i see you gringos talking about avocado toast like is a cool trendy new food and here in South America we have had bread with avocado for ages at our grandma’s 😂

    • Beth says:

      My mom has been eating avocado toast here in the US for as long as I can remember. My sister and I called it ‘baby poop toast’ when we were kids, and I didn’t realize it was a cool and trendy food until Meghan made it

    • OriginalLala says:

      and you guys have the best tasting avocados because they are not picked early and trucked thousands of Kms to get to freezing cold Canada – When I first tasted an avocado in South America my little mind was blown, that is not how they taste up in Canada 🙂

      • Lady D says:

        I got to try tree ripened mandarin oranges this year. All the oranges we get in BC are picked and then packaged to ripen on the way here. These ones were allowed to ripen on the tree. They were amazing, incredibly good oranges. We ended up buying 80lbs they were so good. I really hope I can eat them again.

    • Snowflake says:

      I’ve never had it. Is it just mashed up avocado? What do you add to it?

      • Some chick says:

        You can add all kinds of stuff. Lemon juice is always a good place to start because it keeps the avo from getting brown around the edges. A little salt, maybe some chili flakes or a swirl of salsa. Cilantro or parsley if you like. Sprouts, for crunch. So many possibilities with the bread too. And so good for you! Avocados are full of potassium, and the good fats. Yummmmmmm.

      • Yami says:

        It’s also yummy on a flour tortilla with a little salt and lemon. You’ll want to heat the torilla.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Sliced and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Add a juicy sliced tomato and a hunk of bread to sop up the juices, and you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

      • Malificent says:

        So it’s basically lazy guacamole on toast?

      • Some chick says:

        It’s hardly lazy. Lazy guacamole is opening the tub from the grocery store! 😂😂😂

    • Genessee says:

      Funny to me too. It’s also funny when my friends just see me peel and cut open an avocado and eat it in slices. “YOU’RE EATING THAT PLAIN??? NOTHING ELSE?”

      And I’m like, dude….it’s fruit. LOL

    • Becks says:

      I’m Mexican and avocado toast is a basic staple I grew up.on. So funny how people act like it’s a new invention 😂

  20. Zabar says:

    This may make the friend look bad, but I think it does a lot of good for Meg. It’s dispelling the myths of a thousand angry haters. See, she lets people drink tea around her! She is still a home chef! She has good taste in truffles! She’s got cute kitchenware! Someone who worked with her continues to love her! Etc etc.

    • Becks1 says:

      Ditto. I think this post was fully approved by Meghan for these reasons. It’s a way she can fire back without actually “firing back,” kwim?

      • CHATNUH says:

        I definitely think she is perfecting the use of the oblique-angle-attack as a strategy, given that she is no longer a private citizen who can speak in her own defense altho its never a wise strategy to respond directly to your critics.

        Im particularly reminded of how she managed to set the record straight on how she paid for her tertiary education, when she gave that speech about higher education while on tour in October last year. If you recall, she itemized the diff sources of funding that she used to pay for college (and i remember this point in particular when she said: “..including a job i had on campus which was paid directly toward my tuition.”) All of that was to pushback on the skidmarkles’ claim that the narcissist dad paid for her college. Because all of what she said was verifiable.

        Also, when we hear abt her behind the scenes meetings and see her at events, laughing and happy when, according to the sh!trags, she’s should be quivering somewhere in the palace all broken and depressed because of all the sh!t thats been said abt her, to me, thats more of her strategy at work – discombobulating the trolls haters and assorted other low-lifes whose sole existence is dedicated to tearing down the Duchess of Sussex.

      • CHATNUH says:

        BTW becky…..i was mildy shocked when i saw you end with “kwim”. It took me a while to realize you meant: “know what i mean?” and not the homonymous “quim”.

        Youre gonna cringe but…….. look it up.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I’m thinking this is very savvy strategy too. No direct response to the haters but showing she’s living the good life and not weeping and secluded behind palace walls. Enrage them all! Somewhere Samantha is rolling around and gnashing her teeth with rage.

    • Lise says:

      Exactly- her old friend (10 years +) is coming over for tea and a chat. Makes her seem more approachable and debunks the ridiculous stories about how she’s lonely and sad in the Palace.

  21. Peg says:

    Oh well, killing two birds with one stone.
    Meghan does not allow Harry coffee or tea.
    Samantha,”Meghan should eat chocolate” done and done.

  22. Other Renee says:

    I’ll take “Truffles Go With Everything” for $1,000, Alex!

  23. Leyton says:

    Somewhere a Baby Boomer is fuming!!

    That teapot is lovely. I want it!

    I’m glad to see Meghan is hanging out with her friends and still doing relatively normal stuff like having Avocado Toast and Truffles for breakfast.

    Let the tabloids tell it and she sits in a corner crying in her cornflakes every morning as she has no friends outside of her dogs and Harry.

  24. L84Tea says:

    But…I thought she had banned tea??? You mean, the tabloids were MAKING THAT UP??

    • Becks1 says:

      I thought she had banned tea AND things like chocolate because she has “changed Harry” and he only eats vegan now or something.

      Of course, maybe she lets her friend have the tea and chocolate and they sat and ate it and pointed a finger at Harry the whole time saying “NONE FOR YOU!!!!!!”


  25. liriel says:

    I don’t think it’s tacky. Meghan clearly aproved it, it’s good for her image (old friend, not posh/high society) and maybe she wanted also to do help her old friend. It’ll help him career wise and she knows networking is a powerful tool. Maybe it’s a win-win for both?

  26. Kimble says:

    I grew up in London and as children we had breakfast, dinner and tea which morphed into breakfast, lunch and dinner when we became adults.

  27. notasugarhere says:

    @Kaiser, there are some royals who do have official instagram or facebook accounts.

    Princess Madeleine of Sweden (PrincessMadeleineofSweden on facebook), King and Queen of Bhutan, Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway, Beatrice and Eugenie.

  28. Karen2 says:

    …except that the avocado crop is now known to be connected to criminal gangs so maybe not such a clever post after all…

    • Coz' says:

      I didn’t know that. When I see avocados I only see the ecological dissaters they cause. Which kills me because I looooove avocados. Now I feel bad every everytime I indulge 🙁

    • BeanieBean says:

      Ridiculous. There’s no single avocado crop, for one. They’re grown throughout the South Pacific; North, Central, and South America; and possibly elsewhere with similar climates.

      • Genessee says:

        This. I’ve never heard of such inane reasoning.

        What’s next? Milk? Wheat? Oranges? Coffee?

    • Tina says:

      No. Let’s get people away from cocaine, which causes untold misery on all sides, first.

      • CairinaCat says:

        Tons of people I know have avacado trees, myself and family included. In Southern California.
        I have 4 avacado trees that are about 2-3 story’s tall and make avacados ranging in size from soft balls to almost bowling balls.
        One fell on my sisters car and broke the windshield last year :p
        Neighborhoods sell them by the bag full on thier porches, along with lemons, oranges and plums.
        And funny, as far as I know there are no gangs in my backyard

  29. Tiffany says:

    I want that tea set.

    *goes off the waste the workday trying to find something similar to buy*

  30. FredsMother says:

    Avocado Toast? Really? I side-eye all of that. Lol. If I turn up at Royalty’s I best be having some good, good, posh -ish. No hipster toast business. Pull out the things Queen Betty and Charles and Camilla eat and impress me. And for damn sure I want Champagne Bellini. Tea, my ass. I visited royalty annd got treated like a Brooklynite? I can get avocado toast in any random wanna-be Williamsburg Cafe in any hipster city in the world.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Yes, Fredsmother! Give me an extravagant tea with scones with jam and clotted cream, crustless sandwiches, tiered trays of pastry and cake. I can cut up an avocado any old time. Lol

  31. Elaine says:

    Those aren’t chocolate truffles. They are mushroom truffles

  32. SpillDatT says:

    I don’t know her friend, but why is anyone mad he posted the photo? I don’t get it…I mean ok, sure he’s probably showing off he’s with her, but if they are good friends for ages, what’s the harm?

    I’d be happy if my friend suddenly became super famous, but didn’t forget me & treated me the same way & hung out with me. And I’d post it as a sign of that happiness, not necessarily for attention.


  33. Tanya says:

    I just made a cup of Earl Grey, thanks to this picture. I’m trying to cut back on my tea intake and find a lovely tea set in front of me.

    No fair!

  34. Katashae says:

    Thats a great snack and a lovely teapot but lets be honest and stop with the “Meghan whipped up” anything. They have a full spread of staffers and chefs serving them. Which is awesome and I’d take it for sure so no disrespect, but she didn’t whip up that snack herself.

    • Yami says:

      I dunno, she made banana bread for the people in Australia. She may like to be normal.

      • Piper says:

        She definitely made the avacado toast herself. That was the reason for the post. Like old times. Where Meg rolls up here sleeves and serves he friends.

        Biggest thing this post dispels, for 36 years beyond a vengeful ex friend and money hungry skidmarkles, she rarely had a bad word mentioned of her personality or respect for others until she entered KP and in 6mos she’s supposedly became difficult diva. So clearly that was all lies. She’s still nice kind Meg.

    • Tina says:

      I’m not really sure most of the staff in the BP kitchen would quite know what to do with an avocado.

    • girl_ninja says:

      She probably did. She loves to cook and shared that love on her old Instagram, as well with her collab on the Community Cookbook.

  35. girl_ninja says:

    So many uptight ninnies talking about how Daniel is thirsty for attention for this post. Why? He seems to share a lot of what is happening in his life and he has friendship with the Duchess. Let him LIVE.