2019 Oscar nominations: who got rewarded & who got snubbed?

Clara Lionel Foundations Diamond Ball

Every single part of this awards season has felt crazy-early, and it’s only going to get worse next year, when they move the Academy Awards up by three weeks (are they still doing that? They need to not do that). So this feels hella early, but Academy voters have already voted on this year’s Oscar nominations. There are some surprises, like always, but what remains the same is how quickly various “consensus” nominees there are. Also consistent: Academy voters are pretty dumb and racist. I’m devoting this post to the “big nominations” (sorry costume designers) and you can see the full list of 2019 Oscar nominations here.

Black Panther
Bohemian Rhapsody
The Favourite
Green Book
A Star Is Born

Adam McKay, Vice
Alfonso Cuarón, Roma
Yorgos Lanthimos, The Favourite
Spike Lee, BlacKkKlansman
Pawel Pawlikowski, Cold War

Christian Bale, Vice
Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born
Willem Dafoe, At Eternity’s Gate
Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody
Viggo Mortensen, Green Book

Yalitza Aparicio, Roma
Glenn Close, The Wife
Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born
Olivia Colman, The Favourite
Melissa McCarthy, Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Mahershala Ali, Green Book
Adam Driver, BlacKkKlansman
Sam Elliott, A Star Is Born
Richard E. Grant, Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Sam Rockwell, Vice

Amy Adams, Vice
Marina de Tavira, Roma
Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk
Emma Stone, The Favourite
Rachel Weisz, The Favourite

“All the Stars,” Black Panther
“I’ll Fight,” RBG
“The Place Where Lost Things Go,” Mary Poppins
“Shallow,” A Star is Born
“When A Cowboy Trades His Spurs For Wings,” The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

I’m crying about Timothée Chalamet not getting a nomination for Beautiful Boy. I haven’t seen it – because it looks mega-depressing – but he’s reportedly brilliant in it and it would have been lovely to see the best actor of his generation get back-to-back Oscar nominations. I’m very happy for Richard E. Grant, who has been having THE BEST time this awards season. I think Regina King is the favorite in the Supporting Actress category, but Weisz, Stone and Adams have been nominated for everything. It’s nice to see Marina de Tavira get a surprise nomination – I don’t think many prognosticators saw that coming.

Notable snubs… um, no Bradley Cooper for Best Director, which is so funny to me. He got nominated for Actor and Best Song though, so whatever. No John David Washington for BlacKkKlansman, because as I said at the beginning, people need to remember that Academy voters are racist as hell and they’d rather reward Viggo Mortensen for Green Book rather than John David. No Peter Farrelly for director though? Good. Green Book blows. No Barry Jenkins for anything other than adapted screenplay. Pleasantly surprised to see BlacKkKlansman/Spike Lee nominated for Best Picture and Director.

Not a ton of love for Mary Poppins Returns in the big noms (although it swept up in the technical noms) – no Emily Blunt nomination, and no nom for Best Picture. The most “out of nowhere” nomination is probably for Pawel Pawlikowski for Cold War – the film is getting a lot of attention, for sure, but most people thought it would just get a nod in Best Picture MAYBE.

Clara Lionel Foundations Diamond Ball

Clara Lionel Foundations Diamond Ball

Clara Lionel Foundations Diamond Ball

Film stills courtesy of IMDB.

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  1. Vexa says:

    It’s so harsh but I fully laughed out loud when I saw Bradley Cooper didn’t get a Best Director nom, just because he’s been so thirsty for it.

    • Léna says:

      Same! I don’t know why I feel satisfied by the snub haha.

      • lucy2 says:

        I do too. I guess because I feel like he expected it? It’s his first directing job though, and a remake of a remake of a remake.

      • jan90067 says:

        Kind of gave me a schooch of satisfaction, I know it’s mean. Not enough water in world to quench that thirst he had for it.

        One of my favs of the season, “The Hate U Give” wasn’t nominated for anything, which really surprised me. If you haven’t seen it, I *highly* recommend it. I think it was superb, the acting, script, directing, everything.

      • ParlerBleu says:

        There are billboards on multiple major streets in LA with a shot from “A Star is Born” with a quote from some publication proclaiming “Bradley Cooper is a genius.”

        Utterly ridiculous. That’s why his snub is so satisfying. Because the emperor really has a thong on.

    • Bryn says:

      I would have liked to see his smug face when wasn’t nominated. I don’t understand how blank panther could be nominated for best movie, but not nominated for the director or any of the actors.

      • Melanie says:

        Bradley still has 3 other chances to win one though. Although Best Actor and Adapted Screenplay wins don’t seem likely to me.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Because all the voters in the technical categories get to vote for Best Picture too.

      • S says:

        This. Would have loved to see Michael B Jordan get nominated as supporting, as I think he had the best chance, since he has an Oscar track record and had the most juicy part. But, for real, Ryan Coogler FOR SURE should have got the nod for directing. He made that movie what it is. Best Picture is awesome, but also seems like a bit of a sop. Would be cool if, since everyone gets to vote for Best Picture, the proletariat upended the apple cart and gave it the big prize. I mean, I don’t think it will happen, but would be so cool if it did.

      • MissM says:

        Black Panther isnt a real Best Picture contender. It is a token nomination to attract more viewers and to generate some goodwill for the Academy. It’s like Heath ledger’s Best Supporting Actor win, was it deserved? Absolutely. Did he only win because of his death and because of the public support behind his campaign? Most likely. Superhero movies never get nominated because they are considered “unsophisticated”.

      • Anna says:

        As far as movies go, I agree with Black Panther. It was a stunning, brilliantly conceived and executed work of art. And I think Best Picture is fitting, not any individual awards for actors, but Ruth Carter better win Costume Design because it was truly beyond.

    • BaronSamedi says:

      Same!! Especially because on the hand he is so thirsty for it and then on the other hand his campaign was basically a slap in the face? Like, the Academy does not give awards for aloofness. You better show up and kiss some butts or no director nomination for you!

      • Lightpurple says:

        Only members of the Directors branch vote choose the nominees in that category and they’re a notoriously closed group. You’re not welcome Bradley.

    • Tw says:

      The film was too uneven.

      • jan90067 says:

        YES!! Some scenes were so choppy; the editing was atrocious! I know I’m in a huge minority, but I just didn’t care for the film at all.

    • Alissa says:

      I also laughed, I couldn’t help it.

    • Marianne says:

      I laughed out loud too

    • Riley says:

      So weird! I think he wants Best Director more than actor, although I don’t think he has much of a shot for BA

    • reg says:

      Bradley Cooper is no director and Lady Gaga is no Actress, but remember Madonna and Courtney Love were nominated for oscars as well

      • AnotherDirtyMartini says:

        @Reg – no, Madonna & Courtney Love were never nominated for Academy Awards/Oscars. I bet you’re thinking of Golden Globes. And Razzies…lol. Madonna has a lot of those.

    • becoo says:

      Given that Spike Lee had to wait 30 years since his first feature for a directing nom, I would have been more than a little peeved (but not surprised) had Cooper received one on his first try.

      However, it seems Cuaron (who happens to be my favorite director) is a lock on that category. I can deal with that!

    • CairinaCat says:

      Ha I laughed and felt satisfied when I saw he didn’t get a nom 😂

    • A says:

      I feel you! I just don’t think that Bradley Cooper deserves it tbh. I don’t know what it is about him, but it makes me especially happy that he didn’t get a nomination, but Spike Lee did (finally!)

  2. Adrien says:

    No Beale St. 😪

    • bobslaw says:

      Of anything I’ve seen in the run up to the award shows, I think Beale St. has stayed with me the most. Brian Tyree Henry was phenomenal. I held my breath from the beginning to the end of his monologue.

      • ravynrobyn says:

        Going to see Beale Street as soon as I get over this bug!

      • jan90067 says:

        Beale St. was great, albeit a little “slow”. I really liked it a lot. I really don’t “get” the love for “Roma”. While it was beautifully shot for the most part (don’t get the “lingering” on the dog poop parts, it was *beyond* slow (I actually thought the opening credits were the end credits were rolled out sooooo prolonged! I thought I hit the wrong button on the remote!).

      • AnneC says:

        Lol on the lingering shots of dog poop. I liked the movie, but I was concerned for that dog and how much attention it got. Usually means a tragic end. Happy he survived.

    • Slowsnow says:

      Exactly. That film tore me apart like Roma failed to. I agree with the poster above re: Tyree Henry. What a performance. Brian Jenkins is an artist – the way the viewer has to work through the story is incredible. Not a minute goes by without us feeling and understanding something that is just put there for our consideration in the most beautiful and simple way possible.
      Roma, on the other hand was super condescending toward the “indigenous” character, an angelic person who we never get to really hear, The white woman speaks for her all the time and verbalises the love that the film-maker wanted us to feel in Cleo’s character.

      • bobslaw says:

        This is an interesting take. I’m slightly ashamed to say I hadn’t considered that Cleo was so effectively silenced yet we were meant to be a part of her interior world.

      • Kebbie says:

        Barry Jenkins

      • Slowsnow says:

        Thank you @Kebbie, Barry Jenkins, duh.
        @bobslaw My experience in Roma was different from other people hereas far as I see and also from the friend I saw it with. I was enraged when I left. Cleo is supposed to be Cuarón’s own maid, to whom he dedicates the film which is so heavily fraught with fellinian clichés (on purpose, that is why it is called Roma, in hommage to Fellini) that Cleo never really exists. I think he sees her as any rich white boy from my childhood see their maids: they are relentless wells of love where they get their emotional fill from, never questioning why these women project their love onto them. Never seeing them as desiring, contradictory, mostly freedomless because very poor and uneducated people who live vicariously through their lady bosses. I was really appalled by the film and the fact that people loved such empty characters.
        I am all for the Yalitza love, but there is never a moment in the film where she is more than statuesque. I only loved the birth scene which, weirdly, is the only one which cannot be a memory.
        With If Beale Street… the characters are unusual and good, but also reflect their own time and clichés – the young woman cooks and the men sit at the table; Fonny reaally wants to use his fists when he is provoked, doesn’t want a woman to defend him etc.

  3. minx says:

    Cooper’s directorial snub is probably the biggest surprise.

  4. Gabriella says:

    So much love for Roma, I’m so happy to see that!

    • DiegoInSF says:

      Yes! So glad Yalitza got nominated!

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Roma blew me away.. so brilliant, personal and epic at the same time… I haven’t seen a movie that affected me so much since moonlight.

      • Diplomanatee says:

        YES!!! Yalitza getting nominated is HUGE!!!!! I sincerely ope this translates into a great career for her and more content like this gets created.

  5. Mia4s says:

    Yawn…Well I’d like to congratulate Green Book (sarcastically) and Alfonso Cuarón (sincerely) on winning Best picture and Best director this year. If anyone needs me the night of the ceremony I’ll be cleaning out my closet.

    Bohemian Rhapsody? Gross. All sorts of choices and they went with the alleged rapist’s movie. In that case I’d also like to congratulate Woody Allen on his 2020 Oscar nomination too once his new movie is released. 🙄

  6. Becks1 says:

    I feel like a lot of the predictions from last week were pretty accurate, no?

    I’m not the most up to date on movies and such but this list seems a little predictable. I hope there are some surprises when it comes to the winners.

  7. Darla says:

    BlacKkKlansman was one of my favorite films last year and Washington was great in it, as was Driver.

  8. GL says:

    No Won’t You Be My Neighbor in Documentary. I am stunned/crushed.

  9. Hmmm says:

    Poor Bradley cooper.

  10. Hmmm says:

    Timothy chalamet didn’t deserve it.he’s Overrated and the movie is not good. yay for Adam driver.

    • Nikki says:

      Gosh….well, to each their own, but I actually saw A Beautiful Boy, and I thought it was beautifully heartbreaking. Timothée did an amazing job in it, and I really thought he would at least get a nomination.

      • Kebbie says:

        I agree with you, fantastic film and performance by Timothee.

      • Alissa says:

        I thought both him and Steve Carrell did a great job, but I could only watch half the movie because I was sobbing too much. Reminded me too much of my stepdaughter.

      • ravynrobyn says:

        ITA! TC reminded me of Timothy Hutton in “Ordinary People” way back in 1980. It was eerie; both ripped open their souls and showed us on screen a truly broken human.
        Timothy Hutton in OP is my singular best performance EVER. TC is the very first person whom I could even compare!

        Kinda OT, and pretty out there…my heart breaks for Steve Carell. Two amazing performances this year (not including “Vice” of course!). I would have loved to see him take Bradley Cooper’s place in Best Actor for Beautiful Boy. “Marwen” was my type of movie, and he was astonishing in it. I knew there was NO WAY IN HELL he’d be nominated for that. Le sigh.

        So glad that Melissa was nominated, though I hope that this is FINALLY Glenn Close’s year. She was sublime. As much as I want Glenn to win, my heart would explode in JOY if Melissa won over Gaga…can you even imagine Gaga’s face?
        I know, I’m mean…but Gaga’s thirst and sense of entitlement piss me off.

      • Marianne says:

        I really liked Beautiful Boy as well. Not only was Timothee deserving, but so was Steve Carell and Maura Tierney. But considering their absences during awards season , I was only surprised by the lack of Timothee.

      • jan90067 says:

        Timothee was, hands down (IMO) the best of the bunch. His performance was riveting and heartbreaking.

    • Jerusha says:

      Different strokes, I guess. Timothee Chalamet has been remarkable In every film I’ve seen him in. And on talk shows he’s funny and self effacing. But, whatever. He’ll be around a long time.

    • Jkl says:

      Agreed. He is incredibly mannered in the film. Bordering on bad, really. Also, he’s been in like three movies, give it a second before he’s the best of anything.

      • Jerusha says:

        Thirteen in the last four years, with six more upcoming. Plus numerous tv shows between 2008-2014.

      • Momo says:

        Well, I don’t agree. I think he portrayed the physicality of a drug addict pretty well.

        I’m kinda surprised by the hate I’m seeing lately — the guy has shown he has talent, he seems to be sweet and charming and hasn’t said anything stupid or problematic (yet). I don’t get it.

        Anyway, this is one of the worst Oscar races I can remember. I can’t believe A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody are considered best picture material.

      • jan90067 says:

        Jkl: Tatum O’Neal, 10 yrs. old, first movie, Oscar for “Paper Moon”. Your point?

    • me says:

      Wow are you kidding me? I mean I respect your opinion but that young man is a huge TALENT. He’s the best young actor out there right now.

      • Catt Berlin George says:

        I agree with some of the comments here about TC in Beautiful Boy. He was fine but not mind-blowingly great. I did not feel he portrayed an addicts physicality and mannerisms/manner that well at all. Lots of cliches firmly in place. I also agree that it is way too early to call him the best actor of his generation. Like someone else in these comments wisely said, give it a minute. Seems like he gets lots of projections from people and they get really offended if he is criticized in any way.

  11. Lizzie says:

    how cool is it that melissa mccarthy is a now a two time oscar nominee?

    • Lucy says:

      Super cool! Very much deserved.

    • tempest prognosticator says:

      Yes! I love it.

    • Jess says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Sookie has two Oscar noms! Mad the director of her movie didn’t get a nom. Ditto for Barry Jenkins. Also mad that Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody are getting any love. Gross. But I’m glad Farrally didn’t get a director nom.

    • DiegoInSF says:

      She’s so great in Can You Ever Forgive Me? So deserved!

    • lucy2 says:

      I was so happy to see that! I still haven’t gotten to see that film, I know a bunch of people who wanted to and it never opened near me. It’d be nice if it got another short run with the nominations.
      I really like the director too, I hope this award recognition gives her some more opportunities.

    • Dizzy says:

      Yes … so glad Melissa and Richard E Grant got nominated. Their scenes together were so funny and sad at the same time. I’ve loved him since Withnail and I.

  12. Lucy says:

    Mad about Timmy getting snubbed but pleasantly surprised about Adam Driver’s nom!! We all know Timmy will have plenty of other chances, of course, but still.

  13. Lightpurple says:

    Hurray for the women of Roma!
    Also happy for Pawel Pawlikowski. Cold War is a beautiful film

  14. Lila says:

    LOL @ Cooper. He would’ve definitely traded Best Actor for Best Director in a heart beat. Green Book is trash, it doesn’t deserve the Academy love but y’know how these white savior/best black friend stories go with Hollywood.

    I’m just glad Roma has received so much love. I wonder how extra Gaga will be when Shallow wins best song…… UGH

    • Mia4s says:

      Ironically the snub probably improves his chances for Best Actor. The sympathy vote. But if Bale takes the SAG award that could be the end of that.

      Personally I’d love Willem Dafoe to pull off the surprise win!

      • Melanie says:

        I don’t see how Christian Bale is NOT winning the SAG and the Oscar.

      • Mia4s says:

        Yeah Bale is looking very strong. He’s admired too, which is very valuable in awards season. I think a lot of people would like to see him have a Best Actor Oscar to go with his Best Supporting one. However since Dafoe hasn’t won one yet I can’t help but root for him! 😁

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Willem Dafoe was amazing.

      • SallyTomato says:

        As would I! I’m still bitter about him losing last year…

  15. Jenns says:

    There are some good nominations here, but overall it’s another boring and predictable year.

    Vice? Green Book? Bohemian Rhapsody? I can think of at least 10 other films that would be better suited for those nominations.

    • GL says:

      Vice and its many nominations is just bizarre. It is not a good movie. It’s barely in the green on RT and has done nothing at the box office.

      • Cherie says:

        Agreed. Bale gets the nod for transformation which the academy loves but it isn’t a particularly good performance in a pretty bad movie.

      • Lady Luna says:

        I don’t understand it either, although I LOVE Sam Rockwell not sure why he was nominated since he was hardly in it. It makes no sense.

    • minx says:

      I don’t mind the Bohemian Rhapsody nomination, it won’t win anything. although Rami may win. $800 million gross…the movie made a lot of Queen lovers happy.

      • Jenns says:

        It also made the gay community very unhappy with how they handled Freddie Mercury’s sexuality.

      • SallyS says:

        It also made a lot of music fans unhappy cause they gave to direct the movie about Freddie to Singer- rapist and pedo.

      • minx says:

        Yes. Glad Singer didn’t get a nom.

      • geekychick says:

        I’m a great, great fan of Queen. Or better said, after I read Psjiba’s review of the movie, I WAS a big fan of the Queen. Now I’m just a big fan of Freddie. What they did with “subtle” homophobia in this movie, it’s incredibly disrespectful to Freddie’s memory and his life and I can’t believe Brian May is so egocentric and petty.

      • pru says:

        Brian May has really shown his ass – thanking Bryan Singer and whining about BAFTA noms.

      • BorderMollie says:

        It’s tainted money if any of it’s going to Singer though.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        ” Glad Singer didn’t get a nom.”

        He kind of did, though. When you make a film a Best Picture nominee, they are celebrating your work all the same.

  16. grabbyhands says:

    I haven’t seen anything, so my only contribution is a complaint that the new format for the announcement sucks. You could only see it online and it seemed a bit too canned, even thought it was live. We get it, it’s early and you’re tired. Just read the nominations.

    I preferred them in an auditorium with a press and live commentary before and after about what they thought would get a nom vs what did. But god forbid E! interrupts the kabillionth airing of the Kardashians.

    End rant.

  17. Kittycat says:

    Is it amy Adam’s year to win?

    • Mia4s says:

      Maybe. Regina King has momentum and her SAG award snub was apparently more about screeners not getting out to voting members than any dislike of her. Remember these awards are about campaigning and narratives, not the actual merit of the performances. But Vice has a lot more nominations than Beale Street. Amy could have a groundswell of support.

    • Jerusha says:

      Probably not. Most likely Regina King’s and that’s fine.

    • Mia says:

      @Kittycat, I’m rooting for either Amy or Regina for the win. A tie would be brilliant.

    • lucy2 says:

      Probably not. She is so overdue for a win, but I think it’s Regina’s year. Regina is the one person who could make me root against Amy Adams!

  18. EJW says:

    To be fair a sufficient number of Academy voters gave Black Panther, BlacKkKlansman and Roma enough votes to get nominated for BP.

  19. Jegede says:

    Vice? Green Book? No Emily Blunt for even A Quiet Place?

    Showing more and more how off they are, I can’t wait for when Oscar ratings crater to below 20 million.🤤🤤🤤

    • Kebbie says:

      Drooling emoji is an odd choice there lol I’m guessing it’s a different one on your end

    • Cdoggy says:

      A Quiet Place! This film sat with me long after I left the theater. Heartbreaking and lovey all at once with some spectacular acting all the way around. Best film I saw this year.

    • Isabelle says:

      Toni Colette, Hereditary. Best Acting of the year IMO and not nominated for anything. Dirty shame.

      • tw says:

        She was great. But films like that rarely get recognition.

      • Isabelle says:

        Which is wrong IMO. Sure its horror, sure it is a dark film but if you are seriously talking about original great films, Hereditary is on that list. Oscars in the end is about “pretty”, nice, accessible, not upsetting the status quo…. not about quality & actual good filmmaking.

  20. Spikey says:

    ” they’d rather reward Viggo Mortensen for Green Book rather than John David”
    To be fair, I watched both movies and although Green Book was boring and tonally misguided, in a direct comparison John David didn’t do a better job than Viggo. Viggo’s performance was a bit stereotypical in my opinion, not his best by far, but Ron Stallworth lived and breathed because John David is so damn charismatic. John David didn’t have the material to really show what he can do. That said, I’m very happy that Spike Lee got a nom. That was some stellar work on Blackkklansman.

  21. ShazBot says:

    Cooper didn’t deserve it, so I’m glad that was at least recognized. The direction of ASIB was so obvious, therefore, not good.

    I’m worried that Coleman and Close will split the vote for Actress and Gaga will slip through.

  22. Tiffany says:

    Well, the upside we might see a performance from SZA and Kendrick Lemar. Here’s hoping.

  23. Lennn says:

    If Lady Gaga wins I am not prepared for the drama/tearfest that will be her speech.

    • Tiffany says:

      They are already gonna have Olivia’s name lasered on it.

      • Tina says:

        From your fingers to God’s ears. I’d be happy with Glenn Close too, but I thought Lady Gaga gave a good performance for a singer, but nowhere near one of the best performances of the year.

      • Elkie says:

        I am generally ambivalent about the back-slapping awards shows, but if Olivia “Sophie from Peep Show” Colman wins I will be very happy.

    • Kebbie says:

      I’ll turn off my tv if that happens. She was unbearable when she won the Golden Globe for Best Song, I cannot even imagine her if she won an Oscar.

      At the GG’s it’s like she wanted to take up as much time as possible getting up and getting to the microphone so all eyes would be on her for the longest time possible. She was sitting at the very front and was the last one to make it to the stage. Mark Ronson didn’t get the memo, so he started talking while she “gathered herself” or whatever she was doing and he ended up speaking 90% of the time lol she would have dragged out that speech FOREVER if she could have.

    • Darya says:

      I want her to win just to see the public outcry the next day.

  24. manta says:

    At least one of my fave, First Reformed actually scored a nom . Go Paul Schrader (I know he won’t win).
    And the spot wasted for Bradley Cooper should have gone to Ethan Hawke.
    And even if I understand the love fest for Roma, Amandla Sternberg (The hate U give)> Aparicio (again , knew there was no chance for that happening).

  25. Anna says:

    This is going to sound really bad but I just let a big boo when I saw Lady Gaga got nominated. It isn’t just Bradley Cooper who is thirsty for ASIB to win big but my god, Lady Gaga is even Thirstier.

  26. Penguin says:

    The mere thought of Emily blunt getting a nom for any movie this yr is laughable. The quiet place just wasn’t good and hyped because “married couple in real life is married in the movie too” GASP. And from what I heard about Poppins was it was a disaster and didn’t need a remake. I said what I said. However props are in order for Roma

    • Mia4s says:

      “ I heard about Poppins was it was a disaster and didn’t need a remake”

      Not a disaster (also, it’s not a remake) but definitely not the masterpiece it was hyped as. It was cute and very gentle, fine but not great.

      What made me laugh though was thinking how upset the Oscar show producers are this morning seeing which song was nominated from Poppins. It’s the right choice (and to be honest the best of a pretty mediocre bunch), but two of the other possibles were big production numbers that would have involved Lin Manuel and Emily and dancers and effects. Great TV. This one is a lullaby just Emily sings to the children. Very quiet. Not great TV. I could almost hear the producers yelling “dammit!”. 😂

    • deadnotsleeping says:

      Mary Poppins Returns was delightful and charming. I saw it with a wide range of ages and everyone loved it. It reminded me a lot of Paddington in that it was both well made and *sweet*. I really expected it to get more Oscar love.

    • lucy2 says:

      I thought she was great in A Quiet Place.
      I haven’t seen Mary Poppins, though most who I know who did enjoyed it, but it doesn’t seem like an “Oscar role” to me.

      • Blair Warner says:

        Maybe not in this new movie – but Julie Andrews won Best Actress in 1965 for Mary Poppins!

  27. Ann says:

    Long shot but I would love if Sam Rockwell wins. I’m happy to see he’s nominated, at least. I haven’t seen anyone do a better GWB. I thought Vice was kind of meh but Sam Rockwell bringing it with the Dubya-isms was fantastic.

    • Jenns says:

      Didn’t he win last year for another crappy film? I like Sam Rockwell, but these roles are just a no for me. I mean, a Bush impression isn’t that hard.

      I wish Hugh Grant was there for a really nice move like Paddington 2, instead of a movie about Dick Cheney and George Bush.

      • Ann says:

        Lots of people can do a Bush impression but it’s almost always at his expense and is meant to be humorous. I feel like Sam Rockwell did a really good job of playing Bush without getting too far into a caricature, which is really easy to do with someone like Dubya.

        I’m very political and not a movie person so a film like Vice is ideal for me, even though I didn’t think it was that good. A movie like Paddington sounds like a nightmare to me but to each their own lol I do like Hugh Grant quite a bit 🙂

  28. Tallia says:

    I am here for ROMA.

    Bohemian Rhapsody? Just no. Not Best Picture. Over Beale Street? No.
    I do not understand the love for Bohemian Rhapsody, at all.
    John David Washington. What a snub. He was brilliant.

    What a boring Oscars lineup.

    • Amelie says:

      I thought John David Washington was phenomenal and so charismatic! He had great chemistry with Adam Driver! I wish John David would’ve gotten a nom alongside Adam :'(

  29. SparkP says:

    Gillian Welch/Dave Rawlings nom!!

  30. anon says:

    Bradley Cooper in best director and Timothee in supporting actor were major snubs… Cooper didn’t deserve it but Timothee did and Sam Elliott took his place lol anyway he’s going to be around for a long time so it’s ok

    • Lightpurple says:

      Sam Elliott was the most sure nomination oin any category.

      • anon says:

        oh yes you’re right! Sam Rockwell took his place, he’s not even nominated for a SAG

      • lallyvee says:

        Sam Elliot is the person I would most like to see win an Oscar. He is not picked to win at this point but he has been around a long time. Maybe he can drum up some votes.

  31. IlsaLund says:

    Very Happy that Black Panther and Blackkklansman received noms and Spike Lee earned that Best Director nom. Bradley Cooper, just no, he did not earn/deserve a Best Director nom. It will be interesting to see if Roma actually wins any awards, given the Academy’s distaste for Netflix.

  32. Cee says:

    I don’t understand the love for Black Panther as a BP nom. Can someone explain the importance of this film compared to other Marvel/comic films? I am sincerely asking!

    • FF says:

      Try google. It’s your friend. There are tons of articles about why it’s important as a film, let alone as a Marvel feature.

      You can also check out Box Office Mojo for it’s box office – in terms of bald industrial contribution.

      It’s also weird that you phrase your point as not understanding the love for BP. First, explain anyone’s love for anything. Second, why reference love at all as a point unless you have an issue with it receiving such. In which case what’s you’re issue with it might really be a question to ask.

      If Crazy Rich Asians got a nom would the question be what’s so great about it over any other rom com?

      • Cee says:

        Calm down. I say “love” because that’s the term used when a film or TV show gets so much attention. I know Google is my friend; however, as a non-american, most of the terms and explanations used go over my head as they’re not part of my culture nor domestic issues at present.

        Moreover, comic and superhero films have been SNUBBED for decades. So why is it that right now Black Panther, a Marvel/super hero film is getting the coveted BEST PICTURE nomination? That was my question. No need to be so angry and righteous about it!

      • Case says:

        I feel like cultural relevance doesn’t automatically equal an Oscar nomination, though, so I understand the OP’s question. I say this having deeply appreciated the importance of BP and Crazy Rich Asians and having seen both opening weekend to support them. I also say this as someone with a disability — it would mean the world to me to see myself represented in films, so I wholeheartedly believe in the power of these films. They’re both hugely culturally important but no, I do not think either is Oscar-worthy. This feels like a make-good on all the nonsensical whitewashing the Academy has done in the past.

      • FF says:

        @ Cee

        “Calm down”? You seem to be projecting.

        I see you didn’t really want an answer you just wanted people who were like-minded to jump in and agree with you. Maybe next time just say what you really mean instead of hiding behind “I don’t get it”.

        @ Case

        I don’t see that Green Card merits Best Picture either or any of the white saviour narratives that routinely get blown up by the Academy. And then there are always films that get awards that everyone forgets less than a year later because they were hype over substance.

        Maybe the way I referenced CRA made it seem like I only saw BP’s merits on culture. That’s not the case and as I said there are plenty of articles explaining it’s importance on that subject and otherwise.

        Black Panther getting a nom really isn’t that amazing in consideration of other films nominated by the Academy and I do think Black Panther deserves it’s nom. It was a beautifully made film that happened to be a comic book adaption. What I do find too much is all of these bridge too far type comments when last year a beautifully shot fairytale about a woman sleeping with fishman won big time. (Guess it’s just as well it wasn’t adapted from an Aquaman comic and/or had the right amount of pretension.)

        I happen to thing ‘Oscar worthy’ is more often than not a gimmick that frequently means low key films (because those pass as more serious fare) featuring white people – that most of the population haven’t watched – with the correct type of prestige marketing and hype. This isn’t the case for every film but I’m kind of over that, in general, and want other kind of films considered – and it seems to be starting to happen.

      • Cee says:

        FF, you’re exhausting. I’m so sorry that the way I express myself is not up to your standards.

      • Isabelle says:

        It wasn’t a good enough film to be nominated best picture. It was nominated to be the “black token” . It was a great superhero movie with a really good cast but it shouldn’t be a best pic nom.

    • deezee says:

      Black Panther was an enjoyable movie and had one of the better villains in the MCU. Taking away the cultural importance to Americans, its just good but not even the best MCU movie of the year. That was Avengers: Infinity Wars.

      Seeing a predominantly black cast in a big budget mainstream movie meant to appeal to the masses is unheard of. Usually movies with a predominantly black cast are either gang related or period pieces (Civil War or Slavery era) for the masses OR geared towards a black audience.

      • Case says:


      • Cee says:

        Thank you, deezee, for answering my question without subtle insults thrown my way LOL. Your explanation makes sense.

      • IlsaLund says:

        I disagree. I think Black Panther was a better movie than Infinity Wars. Black Panther had great direction, storytelling/writing, the most complex Marvel villain ever, outstanding costume and production design and great music. It was world building and was not like your typical superhero movie. BP earned and deserves those nominations and not because of prior Academy whitewashing. If a Star is Born, a story that has been told 4 times already, can earn Oscar noms, then why not BP.

      • CK says:

        Take away the fact that 17 other films did all the heavy lifting and IW is kind of just a hollow shell of CGI fights and underdeveloped characters. Thanos is pretty much the only one that gets to be 3d while everyone else is just a blank state. Heck, there was barely any resolution to the conflicts raised in other films that segmented the heroes. It’s almost like Captain American: Civil War didn’t exist in the universe of this film.

    • minime says:

      hmm…i’m not American and I did love Black Panter for a) super entertaining b) amazing actors and actresses c) a Marvel film that is a bit different from the the rest that is out there and usually very similar d) complexity of the characters (in my opinion there was no clear only bad/only good side and the discussion was very actual and important) e) I just loved it. I think is Oscar worthy and I hope it wins!

    • lucy2 says:

      It’s actually the only one of the BP nominees I’ve seen so far! I’m not a big Marvel fan, but I thought it was a great and entertaining film. I don’t think it will win, but I’m glad it got recognized.

  33. FF says:

    Agree with the John David Washington not getting a nom is a snub but Adam Driver? Really?

    I always have to side-eye when awards every time white cast members get nominations in films centered on black narratives. Not saying Driver isn’t talented just saying it gets a side-eye from me.

    On the plus side: Yassss! Into The Spiderverse got that well-deserved nom. Suck it Film School Rejects!

  34. little bird says:

    i’m SO sad for emily blunt. so, so very sad. she wasn’t going to win, but she deserved a nom.

  35. Mira says:

    Disappointed by the nominations.

    Bohemian Rhapsody nominated for Best Picture? Seriously ? I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but… UGH !

    A Star is Born shoud not have gotten ANY nominations (except for Supporting Actor because Sam Elliott was phenomenal.) The film was okay… Even good at times, but not THAT good. Besides, it had some serious issues with consent. And don’t even get me started on Gaga’s “acting”

    No John David Washington ? That makes me so mad. Smfh.

    Emma Stone shoud not have gotten that nomination. There are other more deserving actresses.

    I haven’t seen If Beale Street Could Talk yet, so I shouldn’t comment but… the trailer alone made me cry. It was so moving and beautiful. I’m certain that it was more deserving of a nomination than A Star is Born.

    • Case says:

      I love Emma Stone, but I think Hollywood wants her to be a better actress than she is. She is a good actress, but she has limited range in terms of the types of roles she plays. I don’t really get the award show love for her.

      • FF says:

        I don’t see the nom for Stone either, Weisz and Coleman acted her off the screen. Come on, Hollywood.

      • lucy2 says:

        I like her too, but tend to agree with you. I haven’t seen the Favorite yet though.

      • hogtowngooner says:

        Exactly. I have nothing against her and she’s been fine in everything I’ve seen her in, but I do not get the hype at all.

    • Isabelle says:

      There are several films this year that are’t BP quality. Disappointing list all tother and have a feeling one of the undeserving films will win.

  36. Scarlett says:

    I think Regina Hall/Mahershala Ali have this in the bag, love love love them both!

    Don’t come for me but I truly hope Rami Malek wins, I love Rami, I love Freddie and I love Rami as Freddie..voters sure love Christian Bale though, will be interesting to see where it goes…..hopefully Glenn Close too, she was just phenomenal in that role.

    Spike for Best Director should round it off nicely.

    • Tiffany says:

      I think it is going to be down to Defoe and Bale. The only way I can see Malek even coming close is if the vote is split between the former and later. But if Bale wins the SAG, I think he is a lock.

    • MrsJonSnow says:

      I agree with you Scarlett about Rami Malek. I adored him in Bohemian Rhapsody. His performance was sublime!

      I’m not a fan of Willem Dafoe. All those disturbing Lars von Trier movies he was in, has put me off him. And I’m on the fence about Christian Bale.

      But a big tick for Regina Hall and Mahershala Ali 😉

      I think Glenn Close has it in the bag for Best Actress but I secretly hope Olivia Colman nabs it instead 😉

  37. Scal says:

    I’m happiest for Richard E. Grant. Long time fan and he was the best part in Can you ever forgive me (that movie took a while to get going), and from the interviews he’s done promoting the film he’s charming and lovely. He’s going to be so stoked just to be nominated.

    • H says:

      He’s wonderful in Jack & Sarah, a little known rom-com. So happy for Richard.

      But also what about Sam Elliott? My mother’s all time favorite actor. Lovely man.

    • Dizzy says:

      Me too …love Jack and Sarah and pretty much anything Richard is in.

    • Esmerelda says:

      Withnail! I’m rooting for Blackkkklansman to win everything (even Adam Driver contributed, so he deserves the nom, imho) – but it’ll be great to see Richard win too…

  38. Floofy says:

    Yay for Yali!!! I’ll be heartbroken if she doesn’t win for Best Actress. This is a chance for the world to see that talent happens everywhere in the world, not just backlots in Hollywood.

    I read that even if she wins, she’s thinking of going back to teaching or maybe into community organizing!

  39. Amelie says:

    They’re moving up the ceremony next year? Just as well! I don’t really enjoy awards season anymore apart from the fashion. Actors gunning for Oscar campaign recount the same stories in nearly every interview (Lady Gaga probably being the worst offender this time around). I remember when the Oscars used to be around my birthday in late March, then they moved it to end of February. It doesn’t make sense to have it so far behind all the other award ceremonies anyways. Cluster them all together over the span of a few weeks and please get them over with!

  40. Lili says:

    So happy for bohemian Rhapsody!!!!! Yayyuuu

  41. line goya says:

    I am sure that the winners will be:

    best picture : green book (because they are racist holes)
    best director: Spike lee (because you have to show that they are not racist )
    best supporting actor: Mahershala Ali, Green Book for the same reason as Spice Lee
    best actor: Christian Bale or Viggo Mortensen
    best actress: Olivia Colman (because the academy loves British dramas) or Glenn Close (an Oscar for all the times she was snubbed by the academy)

    best actress: I would not be surprised if emma stone win again

  42. Digital Unicorn says:

    Gaga has no chance for best actress, same for Cooper – that movie is blatant Oscar bait. Best actress with either go to Close or Coleman, Best Actor will be between Bale and Defoe and Best Movie will be between Vice and Black Panther (i’d love to see a comic book movie win).

  43. Marty says:

    Let’s get something straight, Timothée is not the the best actor of his generation. He’s a very talented actor who has been afforded opportunities many of his peers have not, care to guess why?

    Also, cannot believe they nominated that guy from Green Book after his old tweets came to light. I know he was nominated with the other writers, but it’s still a slap in the face.

  44. OG Cleo says:

    Disappointed to see no Spider-Verse for Best Picture and getting relegated to Animated BP. About half the movies nominated didn’t show any innovation or ambition, would have been nice to honor a film that really changed the game.

  45. FF says:

    Sad Sorry To Bother You didn’t get a screenplay nom.

    • Case says:

      Agreed. Perhaps my favorite film of 2018, and certainly the most original film I’ve seen…possibly ever, lol.

  46. Karen2 says:

    I think I might watch Green Book just for Ali. If the public are still going for crap like the Upside then Imma gonna see the reverse side & make my mind up for myself. Also Ali will be everywhere soon. He looks so lovely too.

    Cant understand the love for The Favorite tho.

  47. minime says:

    I hope Regina King and Olivia Colman get an Oscar! They are such awesome, underrated actresses…They deserve it!
    Bit sick of the usual Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper nominations…Emma Stone is a nice actress but not everything she does is that great…and let’s not talk about that horrible La la Land…
    Didn’t watch Roma yet but it’s definitely on my list!

  48. Marianne says:

    Uggggh No love for Timmy, No love for A Quiet Place (I know it got 1 sound award…but no love anywhere else), not a lot of love for First Man. Im not that surprised because of how it did box office wise…but that film was so good and should have at least got a nomination for score. The lack of Toni Collette too (again, not a huge surprise since shes been absent all awards season long – but I was hoping). A lot of surprises…a lot of them WTF to me…but…..whatever.

  49. Zeddy says:

    I’m unapologetically biased towards space movies, so First Man easily should have had way more attention. That movie was so so good.

    • Millennial says:

      I haven’t seen it but it did seem poised for Oscar nominations. Seeing some of the crap that did get nominated, I’m surprised First Man didn’t get more attention

  50. Helen says:

    i only became familiar with john david from watching ballers and the whole time i couldn’t stop thinking… “i didn’t realize voices could be inherited.” like gdmn, he looks like his mama, but that is denzel’s voice right there!!

  51. Helen says:

    michael b. jordan should have been nominated for best supporting actor.

  52. Darya says:

    Emma Stone and Viola Davis have the same amount of Oscar wins and nominations.
    Something to think about.

    • Sam says:

      What’s worse is that Viola has never won Best Actress.

      I want Defoe, Mahershala ALi, Glenn Close and Regina King to win.

      If Bradley Cooper or Lady Gaga win, just scrap the Oscars.

  53. hogtowngooner says:

    If Lady Gaga wins I’m officially done with the Oscars. She’s insufferable.

    • Amelie says:

      I think it will go to Olivia Colman or the actress from Roma. If she wins, I’ll be just as annoyed as when Anne Hathaway won for Les Mis when she was literally on screen for 10 minutes and sang one sad song. Very well and it was haunting but no, it did not deserve an Oscar. I liked A Star is Born and liked Lady Gaga in it, it’s always fun to watch her sing. And while I thought she was pretty solid in it, I don’t think she deserves an Oscar for her performance.

      • TAM says:

        I agree. I liked ASIB and thought Lady Gaga was solid in it for a first timer, but it was not exactly an Oscar worthy performance. I have a feeling she is a shoe-in for Best Song though. I am kind of excited to see her and Bradley perform “Shallow” live.

    • Anna says:

      Word. After she recorded with R.Kelly (see Dream Hampton’s recent documentary Surviving R Kelly) after information had been out about his horrific and continuing abuse of Black women and girls for years, she still went ahead and recorded, filmed with him. She pretends to stand up for rights and be a spokesperson for “born this way” and her “monsters” but anyone who supports a pedophile abuser is a monster of the worst kind. I simply cannot with her. And say anything in other forms about this and her supporters come out whining about how she’s always getting shit. Is she, though? So tired of white celebrities who claim this line about love and freedom but it never applies to Black girls or women. #weareallwegot

  54. mosi says:

    well, I would love for Pawlikowski to win! That would be a surprise, but the movie is such a gem. It’s like a missing link in a cinematography o eastern Europe, with great acting and breathtaking photos.

  55. may says:

    Timothée Chalamet is brilliant in Beautiful Boy, so sad he was snubbed. Sam Rockwell, hammy in Vice, and Sam Elliott, forgettable in ASIB, didn’t deserve a nom over him. His time will come though cause he’s a great talent.

  56. Amelie says:

    Regardless of the problems surrounding Green Book, I’m peeved Mahershala Ali only got a Best Supporting Actor. He got just as much screen time as Viggo did and was even more integral to the plot than Viggo’s character IMO. Just another example of the Oscars whitewashing. Meh.

    • Anna says:

      I had the same question. In a movie about Black history, how is the white character the one who gets Best Actor and the Black actor gets Supporting? smdh

  57. Pip says:

    I genuinely can’t believe that Leave No Trace hasn’t been nominated for ANYTHING. I was so astonished that I actually checked that it hadn’t somehow been released too long ago for this year’s nominations. But nope – just ignored. I really am stunned by that – it was my film of the year by miles (although I loved BlacKKKlansman too) & several UK film critics thought the same.

    Really puzzled by that omission.

    • SummerSky says:

      I agree. Leave No Trace stayed with me for days. A lovely, poignant film and superb acting. And I too loved BlacKKKlansman.

  58. Yes Doubtful says:

    I haven’t seen or heard of most of these movies. I’m so out of the loop! I used to watch all the nominees, but the Oscars have turned me off in recent years with being so out of touch and white washing. I will be rooting for Spike Lee, Melissa, Adam Driver and Regina though. I’m one of the few who is a fan of Cooper and I’d be happy if he got one because he’s been chasing it for years. IMO he deserved one for Silver Linings.

  59. Mrs. Peel says:

    Ethan Hawke was robbed – his beautifully nuanced performance in First Reformed should have yielded a best actor nomination.

  60. reg says:

    Timothee Chalamet was robbed, Lady Gaga is no actress and Bradley Cooper is no director I could only watch half of Star Is Born, there is no snub, just a lot of pressure to nominate talentless Gaga
    I believe Olivia Colman will win for the Favorite, and Emma Stone for best Supporting, Roma will be best film, although I am rooting for the Favorite it strangely poetic
    Ethan Hawke was robbed, he should have been nominated for First Reformed

  61. CK says:

    Avengers: Infinity War may have been the best MCU movie of the year, but Black Panther is still a better film. IW was basically a bunch of CGI fights and Thanos reading his manifesto in pieces bolstered by the fact that 17 movies did the actual groundwork that a film has to do. Black Panther was a drama that set out and created a series 3 dimensional characters in a new setting w/ a cohesive story. IW was disjointed (there’s a great chunk of the movie that you can just move around and it would make no narrative difference), the location of the climax was established by Black Panther, and only earned the emotional weight of it’s ending because of 17 other films, not because IW did anything to make you care about the characters being turned to dust. Cloud Atlas, a film that spans 7+ time periods, was actually edited in such a way that whatever Doona Bae was doing in the future, was mirrored and affected the scene taking place in the past. After Iron Man and Thor get on the spaceships that carry them to different planets, you can just jumble most of the scenes and throw Thor/Thanos into Wakanda.

    Rant over.

    As for the other nominations, Regina King is basically my only mortal lock. She could lose, but I’m not rooting for anyone else in the category. I think BA is between Close and Colman. I adore both of them (and Gaga), but Colman probably has the British acting branch behind her and The Favorite has been seen by more people than “The Wife”. Close has had an iconic career which may blunt that. ASIB has been seen more, but idk how serious folks are taking Gaga and I’d argue she and Close split votes while I don’t see the british branch abandoning Colman, a legend in her own right, BP/BD is between Roma/Blackkklansman w/ a split to award Spike and Roma. BSActor is probably where the Green Book lovers will coalesce around Ali. I think the directing snub might work in Cooper’s favor, but there was a lot of love for Vice so who knows. Dafoe and Malek are wild cards there. I don’t see Dafoe winning, but I do see him spoiling.

    • A says:

      I’d like for Gaga to win an Oscar, but not for this movie and not this year. She has the chops, but she has got to pick a film that isn’t quite so Oscar-baity the next time.

  62. chloe says:

    Not surprised, what I would like to see is Close, Dafoe, Elliot and King wind the acting awards, Roma for Best Picture and Spike Lee for Director. And I did get a chuckle when Cooper didn’t get the Director nomination and please Lord don’t let Gaga win, I like her music, but she has become insufferable.

  63. liriel says:

    Surprised that Roma got nominated in the acting categories. I wish J. Kulig from Cold War was nominated as well..

  64. becoo says:

    What does Coogler have to do get nominated as a director if Black Panther didn’t do it? (Other than be white).

    • Anna says:


    • TheOtherSam says:

      I also think Coogler should have been nominated in that category. It was however a strong year for film and the nominations are spread around pretty well. Director is pretty competitive, there are only five slots. I was disappointed not to see any female directors get a slot.

      Coogler’s time is definitely coming, he’s young but has a really strong body of work behind him. It should be short course before we see him nominated – like, hopefully his next film.

    • A says:

      Coogler was, sadly, a long shot in that category. Black Panther was phenomenal, but the Oscars was never going to give a Best Director nom to a superhero movie. Plus, there were better directors than Coogler this year who didn’t get a nomination either (Barry Jenkins, for example), so if they didn’t stand a chance, then he didn’t either, sadly.

  65. TheOtherSam says:

    I think chances are high that Spike will take Best Director, he’s waited 30 years for just a nomination and even with the Lifetime award a few years ago he’s due. It will be more of an overall body-of-work award – by rights this should probably go to Cuaron this year but he’s already won and won very recently. I don’t see Lanthimos, McKay or Pawel taking this.

    Best Pic is a real tossup, won’t even analyze this 🙂 I think Glenn is all set for Best Actress which may help The Favourite for Best Picture, since Colman is a close second here imo and neither Weisz or Stone is winning BSA. It could be the surprise winner, Fox Searchlight knows how to run Oscar campaigns.

    Bale or Malek will take Best Actor with Cooper as spoiler, if the Academy feels that the latter wasn’t nommed for Director and they don’t vote en masse for ASIB for Picture. Kind of an ‘Argo’ situation, only in the Best Actor category….might (small might) help ASIB in Best Picture as well, by same theory.

  66. A says:

    I’m…irrationally angry that Adam Driver got a nomination for Best Supporting Actor, while John David Washington, the LEAD IN THE FILM THAT WAS ABOUT A BLACK MAN FIGHTING WHITE SUPREMACY, failed to pick up a nom. It’s beyond reprehensible that Viggo Mortensen got the Best Actor nom for Green Book as well. Between him and Adam Driver, it’s patently obvious that the Academy is, once again, failing to empathize with the black leads in the film and nominating the white men they feel like they can most relate to.

    If Beale Street Could Talk not getting nominated for Best Picture and Best Director is straight up highway robbery. Bradley Cooper has no room to complain about being snubbed if you ask me, because this is far more egregious. Same with Marielle Heller not getting a nomination for Best Director. The Academy continues to be ignorant and dismissive of black and women filmmakers, and that’s just tragic. How many times do people have to talk about this before someone finally gets it?

    The only highlight, for me, is Yalitza Aparicio and her co-star getting Oscar noms each. Neither one of them stand much of a chance, I feel, because I think Glenn Close will get hers this year, and Regina King will win Best Supporting Actress (I’m dutifully going to tune out all chatter about how they it’s about time Amy Adams wins an award; she’s been snubbed before, but she is not the winner this year, sorry).

    I think Alfonso Cuaron will be picking up the Best Director award, but I’d really like for Spike Lee to win. I think A Star Is Born will get Best Picture to make up for Bradley Cooper not getting nominated for Best Director, or winning for Best Actor. There is also little chance of the Academy giving the Best Picture to a streaming platform like Netflix either. I think the one competitor for ASIB is Black Panther–I can totally see them winning Best Picture as well.

  67. Karen2 says:

    Just like to say that to date I havent seen any of the oscar nominated pics. But amazingly I have watched 2 of the razzies. & yes that is who I am. Anyway Holmes & Watson wasnt that bad ie fairly amusing apart from a couple of tasteless scenes. & the Happytime Murders also wasnt too bad apart from the fact that audience sympathy was all with the bad guy/girl.

    also. Aquaman should have been nominated for SFX for all that underwater hair which was absolutely gorge.