“Channing Tatum wants to direct himself in the ‘Gambit’ movie” links

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Channing Tatum wants to direct himself in the Gambit movie. [Dlisted]
Regarding the Covington MAGA brats: absolutely believe what you saw with your own eyes. The brats’ parents are spending a lot of money on professional PR to convince you that their MAGA brats are completely innocent. [Jezebel]
Your daily photos of Chris Pine! [LaineyGossip]
Japanese virtual model is more lifelike than Kylie Jenner. [The Blemish]
Love & Hip-Hop Miami star is probably blackfishing. [Starcasm]
Kit Harington should never have a mustache. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Oooh, the Fug Girls point out that Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t been to the last few Dior shows and now I wonder if Dior & J-Law are quitting each other? [GoFugYourself]
I did not recognize Mark-Paul Gosselaar. [Seriously OMG]

Magic Mike Live Press Night

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  1. themummy says:

    I’m embarrassed at myself because that mustache is a giant NO NO NO NO NO (most mustaches are), but I’m all about that on him…for one night anyway. 😉

  2. blinkers says:

    I am here for him to make Gambit movie. If magic mike taught me anything its that this guy can flirt. Imo gambit is 90% flirt and 10% xman, bring on the mutant hotness lol

    • PlaidSheets says:

      I agree, but the accent? I’m scared of what he’s going to do with the accent. As much as it hurts me to say this—Leave Gambit alone.

      • Lady D says:

        Yup. Taylor Kitsch ftw.

      • blinkers says:

        Well he’s not from Lousiana but he is from the south (Alabama)… I guess after hearing so many fake accents I’ll take a real fellow southerner over what hollywood usually serves up

      • sid says:

        A Louisiana Cajun accent is so different from the various accents I’ve heard from Alabamans that I don’t think this is a case where you can switch Southerner for Southerner.

      • blinkers says:

        I’m from the state in the middle so I respectfully disagree with you SID. Being in the area gives you an ear for the true accent vs. the weird ones that seem to pop up in tv/movies (looking at you true blood’s Bill and others)… but if this movie happens hope it lives up!

  3. Sleanne says:

    I used to cut select fingers off black gloves to pretend I was Gambit, back in the days of my Xmen subscription. That character deserves a solo flick… But a good, dark one. I hated what they did to Rogue (so much wasted potential!) and I only hope Gambit is treated much better. I have little faith left when it comes to the Xmen franchise. Channing would have to do a whole lotta work for me to shake my first impression of bad casting choice.

    • Jag says:


      I think that he should direct Taylor Kitsch, though. Taylor can work on the accent. He’s much more the look of Gambit, imo. (Gambit was a fav of mine, too, back in the day.)

  4. Mia4s says:

    Oh that’s so cute. With the Disney-Fox sale imminent Channing still thinks the Gambit movie is happening.

    Arrested Development narrator: “It isn’t”.

    No great loss if Jennifer Lawrence is done with Dior. The looks they have given her have been averaging “meh”, and unlike many actresses she doesn’t need the money. She could benefit from branching out with some exciting new designers.

  5. Mel M says:

    I absolutely believe what I believed before this extended video came out. It changes nothing and doesn’t give those kids any excuse because no context excuses that behavior. I don’t understand the people that suddenly think they see something else. I’m pretty sure I read from the beginning that he said he walked in between the two groups to try and keep the peace so this isn’t some new revelation and the minute I read that boys moms emails to Heavy where she refers to fake news and that his statement came from a P.R. firm I knew it was all for spin.

    • Tiffany says:

      White kids are always given the benefit of the doubt. Always.

      Can literally walk up to you and slap you in the face and excuses will always be in place as to why.

    • Sam the Pink says:

      The “extended version” only proves a few things:

      1.) The Black Israelites were the primary antogonists to START, but they aren’t the ones harassing Mr. Philips in that video.

      2.) Philips was attempting to separate the two groups or at least calm the situation.

      3.) The kids in the video are clearly not intimidated or scared. They’re dancing, chanting. If they are intimidated by Philips or the Israelites, they sure aren’t showing it.

      4.) The young man’s face is not a look of fear, or nervousness. He looks quite calm and collected.

      So in short, I don’t really believe them. I can believe that the Israelites stated messing with them (but that’s their whole shtick). But nothing in the video shows kids who are scared, or nervous, or anything of the sort. They seem pretty confident.

      Also, it’s telling that now some on the right are trying to misdirect with concerns about Philips’ service (he uses the term Vietnam veteran, but his service record indicates that he enlisted during the withdrawal/right after the war). They are using the term Stolen Valor about him – without hard proof. And even if he did tell mistruths about his service, how does that justify harassing him? They are so slimy for all this.

      And of course, Trump has invited them to visit the WH. Because why not?

      • pottymouth pup says:

        in the video shot from the Israelites, you can see some of the kids moving down the steps and closer – the one kid actually jumps down some steps to strip off his shirt and do some sort of dance (reminded me of videos of gorillas in the wild trying to intimidate others to stay away).

        There’s a short clip girls took as they walked away from a group of Covington Boys who were yelling at them (I guess this was right after their anti-choice march).

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Yes, they can’t blame their doing the “tomahawk chop” on the other group of protestors. That’s all on them.

      • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

        Honestly, I’m in tears reading your comments. As I’ve said before, I’m Native and this has been so unreal. Several of my friends have quit social media, because repeated trauma, and the consequent ghosting, and normalizing/excuses are all triggers. When I can read from people who get it and don’t accept the excuses, it helps more than you know. Especially with Today booking interviews etc. Although the invite from #presidentmiller is to be expected, yet still horrible. So @Mel M, Tiffany, Sam the Pink and pottymouth pup lem lemt (thank you). You’re all amazing.

      • PhillyGal says:

        One important question – where the hell are the parent chaperones during the entire episode???

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      There are other video’s showing those kids harassing others, one of them heckling a young woman and her friends as they walk past. There is also a clip of one of them shouting ‘its not rape if you enjoy it’ and then laughing. Those brats totally went there to cause trouble and were encouraged to do so by their ‘chaperones’.

  6. FF says:

    Why not? Let’s end the hideous Fox era of Marvel characters done badly with the dumpster fire it deserves.

    Him getting cast as Gambit is a joke. Kudos to him if he pulls it all off regardless but I’m not sure why this film is happening at all, when this and the also threatened James Franco one had mess written all over them from the beginning.

  7. JadedBrit says:

    Wonderful news re Channing Tara’s directorial debut. He’s the dullest bulb in the box, so the film should make prime comedy viewing. Can’t wait.
    -Re: the Maga kids – sounds very much like the parents are trying to fulfill the Mao claim (tell a lie 100 times and it becomes the truth). Thankfully there’s video evidence that proves to the contrary. Rotten little swine.

  8. Dttimes2 says:

    Omg those parents suck, chris brown is free and that sucks.the young couple in my town scamming people and making their kids knock on doors asking for money for bikes and then selling the bikes and getting stuff with sob stories They suck…this whole frigging world sucks

    Phew sorry its just getting to the point where i cant even with facebook and the news…i feel so freaking fragile…and if i see the phrase triggered leftist again I WILL LOSE IT

  9. greenmonster says:

    Has anyone seen Jamie Lee Curtis’ tweet where she suggested that Trump could invite the boy and Mr. Phillips to the White House to talk things out?