‘Black Panther’ won Best Ensemble at the SAGs: will it win the Best Picture Oscar?

The 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room

The SAG Awards solidified many Oscar races, especially for Best Actor and Best Actress. But the Best Ensemble Award – generally thought of as some kind of precursor to Best Picture – was still up in the air. No one had any idea about which film would win. So it’s amazing that Black Panther got it!! Considering all of the dumb movies that have historically been nominated and even won Best Ensemble at the SAGs, I love that the actors union decided to recognize a sprawling cast made up almost entirely of black actors. Plus, the fact that the SAG voters were like “yes, a superhero movie can be a showcase for excellent acting too.” It was awesome. I don’t know if this means that Black Panther is a major contender for the Best Picture Oscar, but this was a great moment.

The fashion from the Black Panther cast at the SAG Awards was another story though. I get it – the women were mostly saving their better looks for the BAFTAs or Oscars or whatever. But I’m SO disappointed in Lupita Nyong’o’s Vera Wang look, which is just terrible at every level. Angela Bassett’s Georges Chakra gown should not have been a mullet dress – it would have been cuter as a gown with a normal hemline. Danai Gurira’s Ralph & Russo look was my favorite! She looked stunning. As for the men… Chadwick looked crazy-thin, right? Maybe it was the turtleneck. And Michael B.Jordan followed Timothee Chalamet’s lead by wearing a fashion harness. MBJ’s look was Louis Vuitton and this harness isn’t the best.

SAG Awards 2019 Press Room

The 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room

SAG Awards 2019 Press Room

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  1. S says:

    I never hate what Lupita is wearing but, yikes, I hate what Lupita is wearing. Michael B’s Grandma’s-couch-fabric harness isn’t doing him any favors either.

    Danai Gurira’s puffy fluff wouldn’t work on everyone, but she is pulling it off really well and it’s got that Old Hollywood glam. Also, what a stunning bracelet and perfect way to accessorize for a group that’s always doing the Wakanda Forever salute. Bracelets for all at the Oscars!

    • ByTheSea says:

      What is up with the harnesses? ? Make it stop.

      And whoever told Lupita that was a good look needs to be fired.

      • S says:

        I know, right? Burn the male harness trend with fire. On Adam Rippon it was cheeky fun. Timothee Chalamet, OK, fine, thanks for taking a risk. But enough already. I get that men seem to think there aren’t a lot of options for them to stand out when going black tie, but I’d much rather see guys like Chadwick, even if I don’t always love his looks, or Henry Golding, who just go in a totally different direction with color or fabric than a tacky, tacked on accessory over basic black.

      • Jana says:

        Yes, no more fashion harnesses! They remind me of jock straps.

  2. Div says:

    I loved Black Panther and I absolutely believe it had the strongest overall cast of all the choices and deserved this SAG award. But I honestly don’t think it deserves best picture at the Oscars over Roma or even The Favourite—while the film was fantastic, the ending was very formulaic in the typical Marvel way. A different ending, and I might be for it winning best picture.

    That said, Black Panther is so much better than Green Book, Vice, and Bohemian Rhapsody. I sincerely do not understand the Vice love at all—all of the actors were in “different” tones, like some of them were doing broad comedy and others were treating it like a drama and yet others were being camp. Barry Jenkins and Steve McQueen deserved that Best Director nod over Adam McKay, and I say this as someone who thought Widows had a pacing issue. Hell, even Bradley Cooper deserved a nod more than McKay imo.

    • S says:

      Agree about Barry Jenkins. If Beale Street Could Talk was absolutely one of the best films of the year, and it and Can You Ever Forgive Me not getting more attention is just baffling, especially with Green Book, Rhapsody and Vice all up in the awards for inexplicable reasons. (Yet another White Savior movie–gross–one imitation and a parody? What is up with the Academy?!)

      Ryan Coogler was also robbed of an Oscar nom. Again. Heck, he should have won one already for Fruitvale.

    • IlsaLund says:

      I agree. Of the movies nominated for the SAG Best Ensemble award, Black Panther definitely was the best movie and rightfully won the award. The Oscars’ however is a stretch….the nomination itself is the award. I do think BP should contend at the Oscars’ for the costume and production design awards.

    • Ellaus says:

      Thank you Div! I have seen BP twice and although I think it was a great and entertaining movie, and I recognize the cultural importance, but this movie doesn’t deserve an oscar, neither did Wonder woman, nor The Dark Knight, nor La la land…. They are good movies, but not what an Oscar should be….

  3. Ash says:

    I feel confident that BP won’t win best picture, I just get the sense from the academy that the nomination was the win. The Dark Knight crawled,so Wonder Woman could walk,so Black Panther could jog, so that [Insert Superhero movie] could sprint and win!

  4. Erinn says:

    I loved this movie so much. And I only watched it once a lot of the hype died down – just around US Thanksgiving I think. But it was just so visually stunning, the costuming was gorgeous, and everyone really killed it.

  5. Lucy2 says:

    That is a ridiculously good looking cast! Not loving the fashion choices, but oh well. I don’t think the movie will win best picture, but I’m glad they got this award for it.

  6. grabbyhands says:

    It pains me to say that Lupita and Angela did not have great looks, but they didn’t. They usually have such great taste but these were both misses. But Danai was luminous.

    And Michael B Jordan – the whole fashion harness thing needs to end now. Timothy Chalamet’s looked bad enough and his blended with the color of his suit. MBJ looks like he parachuted in and forgot to take all his gear off.

    • Esmom says:

      Lol abut MBJ. He always looks so good but the harness is just ridiculous.

      Lupita’s dress is terrible but Angela’s isn’t so bad, imo. As Kaiser said if the skirt had a normal hemline it would be quite lovely. I’m not lying Danai’s, either. Maybe if it were a color other than white. All their hair and makeup is lovely to me, though.

    • lucy2 says:

      That harness thing is really bad. Men can’t go wrong with a classic tuxedo (lucky) so I don’t know why there’s a need to try to mess with that, especially with these stupid harnesses.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      Can anyone explain what the harness is all about? I get wanting to expand the catalogue of male accessories… but a harness? Is that supposed to symbolize something? Or did it morph out of another trend? Did a designer just pull this random item out of his a$$? I just really want to understand how this thing developed and why two A-list actors would actually wear it on a red carpet.

    • Aoife says:

      I truly love Danai, am a huge the Walking Dead fan, but I am just not feeling this dress, although it is the best of the group, unbelievably. It looks like it belongs on someone much older – and on a cruise.

  7. Elaine says:

    MBJ looks ridiculous. Looks like he borrowed a little girl’s backpack and then ripped it off but the straps remained

  8. Xyz says:

    Borhap was such a badly made movie, I can’t believe the acclaim it’s getting

  9. Lucy says:

    Yay!! It always makes me happy whenever this movie wins something. Also, MBJ-related, went to see Creed II on saturday. All the fighting scenes had me at the edge of my seat!!

  10. Mia4s says:

    It’s not more or less likely it wins the Oscar at this point to be honest. Best Ensemble at SAG and Best picture at the Oscars has apparently matched up less than half the time. This might be their big moment….I just wish it was on an awards show with better ratings. 😬

    No MBJ…just…no. And Lupita? Ummm…love the hair and….oops look at the time I have to go.

    • minx says:

      Yes, I don’t know why people think the SAG cast award and Best Picture are pretty much the same—they’re not.

  11. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Fashion harness? I honest to goodness thought some fans had thrown their bras & underwear at Michael B Jordan & he had left one oddly shaped flowered bra dangling around his neck. WTF? And yeah, I do need my eyes checked, but really, WTF? He ruined that gorgeous suit.

  12. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    And please don’t yell at me, but I really gotta see BP. I haven’t been to a movie theatre in almost 3 years! I’m so behind. And I love film & television, but it’s a long story involving incurable illnesses, being bedridden & that poor vision I mentioned in the last post, yadda yadda. One positive – my husband got me a gorgeous tv for our bedroom & you can find nearly anything & everything.
    I love the cast of BP – my fav thus far being Danai Gurira – so, yay something to look foreword to! I kinda wanted to see ASIB because BC sounded like a good singer from the trailer, but it sounds so depressing. I’ll you tube the performances, yadda yadda. Okay, thank you for allowing me to drone on like someone’s stadebaba. 😘

  13. Carmen says:

    I guess there’s a first time for everything, and that’s the first time Lupita N’yongo bombed on the red carpet. I pray it’s the last.

  14. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Fashion harness. Bahahahahahahaha. Like best oxymoron like…ever. They’re all gorgeous whatever they wear.

  15. adastraperaspera says:

    I would love to see Black Panther win. After seeing several of the contenders, I think it was the most creative, exciting and memorable. It will stand the test of time. Rami Malek brought Bohemian Rhapsody alive–without his performance, it would look pretty much like any made-for-tv biopic.

  16. livealot says:

    Hate Lupitas hair and Angela’s should have been pants, then I would have appreciated both fashion risks.

    Danai is divine and LOL at Michael B.Jordan. It doesn’t help that he’s been compared to Timothee as far as “the actor of his generation”, but then to follow his lead only to fall flat? No.

  17. Grant says:

    I just … didn’t think BP was that great? It was an enjoyable comic book movie, and I appreciate that it achieved massive success with an all-black cast, but I don’t think it was any better than CA: Winter Soldier, Infinity War, or Wonder Woman. I felt the same way about Crazy Rich Asians too, which reminded me of an episode of The OC with an Asian/Eurasian cast.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Captain America: Winter Soldier was a great film, mostly due to Redford and Jackson treating the material like a 70s espionage thriller and not a comic book movie. Black Panther was fun and enthralling with good production values. It will pick up some technical awards but not Best Picture.

    • Xi Tang says:

      Omg how does ww even rate as high as infinity war and the winter soldier? Blasphemy😑

      Danai is so regal. My God she is gorgeous. I don’t even care what she’s wearing.

      • Grant says:

        Because Wonder Woman is a great movie! The No Man’s Land scene alone is one of the greatest moments in any comic book movie, in my opinion.

    • MoxRox says:

      Same here. I was so excited for both Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians. I love the cast. The movies were fine, but nothing that exciting.

  18. Mina says:

    There’s no way Black Panther will win Best Picture. This was the most they could hope for.

  19. lobbit says:

    That harness looked silly on Timothee Chalamet but his stylist had him wear it over a dress shirt – like you would wear a vest. But MBJ put that thing on over his dinner jacket – and who wears a vest over a dinner jacket?!

  20. mika says:

    I don’t understand why people think that BP deserves to win an Oscar. It is a generic superhero movie. Yes it was entertaining but no its by far not the best picture of the year. It’s a joke it got so many nominations. I personally think it’s racist to give movie an award just because the movie features black cast. Don’t get me wrong I like the fact that this movie promotes diversity and I think it already got its acclaim by having rave reviews and grossing 700 mil $. I am asian myself and I would be mortified if for example crazy rich asians were nominated for Oscar’s. Just because the movie features non-white cast doesn’t automatically make it a great movie.