Carson Daly couldn’t make it a full day on J.Lo’s 10-day no-carb/no-sugar challenge

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I think Jennifer Lopez looks amazing. I would love to have her figure, her skin, her vampire-like anti-ageing DNA. I know Jennifer lives a very “clean” life – no smoking, no drinking, lots of sleep and water and very healthy food. But if I was given a choice between “no carbs or sugar and you can look like J.Lo” versus “keep eating carbs and sugar and you’ll look like yourself,” I would still choose carbs and sugar. But J.Lo is trying to convince people that they too can look like ageless vampires if they give up carbs and sugar for 10 days. She and Alex Rodriguez convinced the hosts of the Today Show to give her “10-day challenge” a chance last Friday. Carson Daly couldn’t even make it 12 hours. Who knew that Carson Daly would be MY goal?

Carson Daly is not holding back when it comes to his thoughts on Jennifer Lopez‘s 10-day no carb, no sugar challenge. While sitting in front of the “J. Lo Confessional Cam,” Daly explained that his challenge “never really happened,” as he got off on the wrong foot by the temptation of his sister’s homemade chicken pot pies on Friday.

“Forgive me J.Lo, for I have sinned,” he said before entering the camera booth. “The challenge for me — I accepted it on Friday — never really happened,” Daly admitted. “By the time I got home, I had a text from my sister who doesn’t cook that often and she invited my family over to her family’s house. She made individual chicken pot pies. What am I supposed to do, not eat that? Am I supposed to show up with my own bag of broccoli and [say], ‘Oh, I can’t have any carbs?’ It’s Friday night!”

Things got worse on Saturday night when The Voice host went out to his favorite restaurant, known for their crispy french fries. Though Daly explained he did not order the fries on his own — someone else ordered them for the table — he admitted, “I can’t not have one!”

“I don’t know if I can do it. I really don’t think I can, to be honest with you,” Daly candidly said. “Or maybe just deep, deep, deep down inside I don’t want to.” Defending his decisions, Daly explained the challenge “doesn’t make any sense to me,” as he prefers to “celebrate life” with his wife Siri Pinter Daly and their three children: Jackson James, 9, Etta Jones, 6, and London Rose, 4. “I thought it would be easier because I don’t eat a ton of carbs anyway… there’s just a lot of sugar in everything, it turns out,” he finished. “So when you start making these micro decisions in the day you’re like, ‘This sucks. My life sucks now.’”

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French fries and chicken pot pies? We stan. Carson Daly should give himself a break. I would be a mess if I did this for 48 hours – I actually think I could handle it for 24 hours, but two whole days? Nah. And after 10 days, I would either be dead or I would have killed someone in a carb-free blackout. I like that Carson Daly is like “yeah, it’s not for me.”

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  1. galant says:

    It’s the other white stuff that Carson apparently can’t give up.

  2. Bryn says:

    honestly, even if this diet would give me the body of Jennifer Lopez until I was 80, I’d still choose pasta and sugar lol

    • Ellie says:

      Now if the diet could give me Chris Evans then I might stick with it.

    • kgeo says:

      I just ate 3 kroger bakery chocolate chip cookies. I could put the rest of the tray by the community microwave, but I’m not going to.

  3. me says:

    tried keto, didn’t last 48 hours and I binged on sweets lol

  4. Lightpurple says:

    Broccoli has carbs.

    • Esmom says:

      I thought the same thing, lol. People seem to forget that, which I get. When I think of carbs my first thought is large bowls of pasta and steaming loaves of fresh bread. Mmm…starch.

    • wildflower says:

      Not sure about this particular challenge, but I bet that by carbs they must mean bread, pasta, potatoes. I eat those very minimally just to keep my weight on track (I have Hashimoto’s and have found this is the secret, for me, to not gaining a ton of weight with it).

      • pottymouth pup says:

        if that’s the case, they really need to describe it better than no carbs or sugar. Fruit & vegies have carbs and sugar (fruits have a lot of sugar). Beans and some vegies are also very starchy so are the people mindless following this just eating hunks of meat/fish/eggs or are they just cutting refined carbs & sugar + starchy foods out of their diets

      • Betsy says:

        Out of genuine curiosity, what does “minimal” look like for you? Once a week for each? Whenever they’re around but a tablespoon rather than a half cup serving?

      • wildflower says:

        @Betsy– you probably won’t see this. It means almost never. Maybe once a week I’ll have rice but limit it to 1/3 to 1/2 cup. I do cauliflower rice more often or mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. I really just try to avoid it altogether, honestly because I don’t want to put weight on and it happens way too easy with Hashimoto’s (and me)! I don’t miss it, though to be honest. I also eat very little fruit to limit my sugar intake so I just enjoy it when I do eat it.

        @pottymouth- maybe so, but people who have “gone off carbs” know what it means, but yeah it seems to be causing lots of confusion so they should clarify for sure. Not everyone has had to limit carbs so don’t know.

    • lucy2 says:

      I know, people always mess that up. I kind of LOL’d at his “no carbs, here I am with a bag of broccoli” comment because of that.

  5. BaronSamedi says:

    Funny that Carson Daly thinks his struggle with keeping up with the diet is somehow ‘cute’. If he were a woman in show business he would have no choice but to keep a diet like this…

    • raindrop says:

      My thoughts exactly. It’s cool that he likes to “celebrate life” with his wife and kids, but judging from her appearance alone I’m sure his wife doesn’t get to chow down on carbs every day. Also, we all know that sugar and refined white breads aren’t good for you (they’re delicious, just not good for us …), but I’m getting really tired of hearing about “no carbs” as if plenty of really good-for-you foods don’t contain carbohydrates. As Lightpurple pointed out above, broccoli has carbs.

    • xflare says:

      not really

    • BB says:


      Everything is sexism, hmm?

  6. Esmom says:

    My question is what is the point of a 10 day challenge? It’s not long enough to effect any meaningful changes in your health or weight, is it? And then if you go back to your old diet it will all have been for nothing. Is it supposed to “reboot” you into healthier habits after the 10 days are over? Clearly I don’t really get it.

    • Ellie says:

      10 days is enough to change the way you feel, esp. on an extreme program. If you’re feeling better then you may be inspired to make the change permanent in some fashion. It’s like a 10-day antibiotic course.

      • Esmom says:

        Ah, got it, thanks. I guess I was skeptical that 10 days could make you feel different but thanks for the clarification.

  7. Veronica S. says:

    *rolls eyes* Vegetables and fruits are carbs. It’s processed sugars she likely doesn’t eat. That’s not so hard – you just have to eat a lot to make up the calories.

    I’m trying to fix my diet after IBS wrecked it, but it’s legitimately difficult to get rid of them when it’s the easiest thing to digest. Trust me, I miss things like broccoli and asparagus. U_U

    • Betsy says:

      I’m at least temporarily off an array of pleasurable foods for my gastritis including onions and garlic. It’s an unpleasant way to eat when even the healthy stuff is off limits.

  8. Switch Pretty says:

    I’ve been doing a similar diet like this now for 6 months. No sugars, low card, a restriction on other inflammatory foods (eggs, dairy, nightshades, seeds etc) now for 6 months. It has made a huge difference in my health and I have slowly gone down 3 dress sizes. The first month was hard and now I don’t miss sugars or processed food at all. I cook most of my food at home and have been able to budget it pretty well. Most of all, it’s really helped me with the health issues I was dealing with (MS and thyroid disease).

    • wildflower says:

      Good for you, that’s awesome. I went from vegetarian to vegan and it made such a difference in the way I feel as well (Hashimoto’s). Yes, it is hard at first, but it’s cool how those sugar cravings just go away when you eliminate them for a week or so. It is also crazy how much more I really enjoy food now and I never feel bad after eating anything like I used to. I also managed to lose the thyroid weight I’d gained and feel like my old self again. I also don’t think this challenge is referring to plant based carbs (except probably potatoes, peas and corn). I have to eat all of those, plus grains and beans in moderation or I gain weight, unfortunately, but it is so worth it to feel better. I’m glad your diet is helping you manage your health.

    • Lolamd says:

      just curious so what does your diet consist of mainly? And I didn’t know eggs were considered inflammatory.

      • Switch Pretty says:

        Mostly veggies and proteins (fish, meat). I bake with various vegetable flours (coconut, tiger nut – which is a tuber, not a nut, or cassava- which is a plant not a grain). I have ground cauliflower to replace rice. I use gelatine to replace eggs. I add a little bit of dark maple sugar if I’m baking (I make compliant brownies and apple crisp). I make stirfrys with coconut amino sauce rather than soy sauce (also inflammatory), and use a lot of organic coconut milk (without guar gum which is a preservative). At first it was hard but there are a lot of amazing recipes out there and again, my health got better. I have low mobility (use a walker) and in the past month I’ve been able to go to the gym and get stronger. All my docs have been super supportive of the diet.

  9. Chef Grace says:

    Let this old lady do some ‘splaining..
    fad diets fail. Sure you lose weight but you will gain it back unless you keep on the diet. First place you must learn to eat properly is your brain. Eating properly, exercise, stay off the sodas and caffeine. Lots of water. Treat yourself to a bad food once in awhile. Walk. Walk. Walk. If I can lose a lot of weight and keep it off anyone can. I was obese. But I am still slowly losing weight. RA aside I feel good at 60.

    • Wendy says:

      Counterpoint: assigning moral value to foods and then using the food you’ve assigned negative moral value to as a reward system is a great way to create a disordered eating problem

  10. Renee says:

    It’s great that JLO can do this. Let’s not forget she has assistants to shop, personal chefs to cook, personal trainers, etc. It’s so much harder when you are doing it all.

    • wildflower says:

      It seems hard at first, but it really is very manageable. I mean, I do it and work full time and have kids and am not the most organized, but I used to cook and make meals anyway, now I just make different things. Yeah, a lot of life would be easier if I had all the help that she has, but it is so do-able.

  11. Murphy says:

    Not many people have the discipline to do something like this–and that is ok.
    However, I am only willing to listen to J. Lo. talk about this stuff because we all know she walks the walk and has been doing so consistently for 20+ years.

  12. Michelle says:

    I think it’s about a healthy balance. You don’t have to cut out the treats entirely. I eat healthy all week & have my treats weekend when out with friends. I walk to & from work everyday. Any diet is unrealistic. They don’t work in the long run, just a quick fix. You have to find the right balance that works for you, not these celeb fads.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s what I’ve been doing. I’m trying to keep my blood sugar in check and coming back from some other medical issues, so I’ve cut way back on processed stuff, getting more exercise, drinking more water, but I’m not crazy strict. I had a little brownie at a friend’s house last weekend. If I’m too tough on myself, I’ll snap and eat a bunch of crap.

  13. Bubbalouie says:

    I can see no added sugar for ten days, but no carb? Fuck that!!!!

  14. Sleanne says:

    Off topic but how blue are his eyes!?! Never noticed that before…

  15. Jag says:

    The body and brain need some carbs to live. As for no sugar, sugar addiction is real. It’s something that I deal with, unfortunately.