Cardi B deleted her Instagram after all of the post-Grammys drama & shade

61st Annual Grammy Awards

Cardi B should be on top of the world, but I feel like she’s constantly being dragged over sh-t that’s not even under her control. Cardi dealt with her split from and reunion with Offset with as little drama as possible – all the drama came from him, and from all of his shenanigans. Cardi turns in a super-professional performance at the Grammys and ends up winning the Best Rap Album Grammy, and it meant the world to her. It was a historic moment for Cardi to be the first solo female artist to win in that category. And shenanigans followed. Shenanigans like… Ariana Grande pulling a Kanye, and shenanigans like this:

The EE British Academy Film Awards winners

That was from BET’s official account! Which is a big yikes. After that, Nicki Minaj pulled out of a planned appearance at a BET event, and the separate fandoms of Minaj and Cardi were at war with each other yet again. So, long story short, Cardi is tired of the drama. After she posted a video where she cussed out everything and everyone, she deleted her Instagram. Cardi was mad about the BET tweet, the fandom wars, the Ariana thing and more. Here’s the video she posted before deleting her account, this is NSFW for language.

You know what struck me? Taylor Swift would never do this, because Taylor would never NEED to do this, to defend herself, to defend her work as a musical artist, to defend the fact that she’s winning big awards. We just treat white artists so differently than non-white artists. Cardi’s mad about the comments that she’s undeserving… as she should be. Cardi works really hard. Cardi is one of the best hustlers I’ve ever seen. Give her that respect.

61st Annual GRAMMY Awards

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  1. MattyLove says:

    I agree on most of this but Taylor actually HAS had to defend herself for winning big awards. I mean, that Kanye moment where he got on stage during her acceptance speech and talked about how she shouldn’t have won? She’s gotten lots of shade over the years regarding her “talent,” “deservingness,” And how her “rich daddy bought her a career.” That said, SHOULD Taylor have won over Beyoncé? Nah…probably not. It’s terrible that what should be an unadulterated, huge moment for Cardi was overshadowed by a lot of other garbage that she’s not responsible for.

    • KG says:

      uh yeah THIS exactly

    • Lightpurple says:

      And the whole bit about Taylor attacking Kanye in her Grammy speech was Taylor defending her own work.

      Also, Ariana didn’t pull a Kanye. Pulling a Kanye is to jump up on stage, grab a microphone from someone as if you own it, insult the person, and go off on a drunken rant. Ariana didn’t do that.

      • Jen says:

        Exactly this. There is no comparison between what Kanye did and what Ariana did, and Taylor Swift gets dragged constantly.

      • otaku fairy says:

        It wasn’t as rude, but Ariana really just needs to stop and remember that not all negative thoughts or expressions of anger need to be shared on social media. I KNOW she wasn’t trashing or shaming Cardi B, but the timing and the way she addressed that issue were completely wrong and took away from her win. It was unnecessary. Her being upset for the Millers is understandable, and she seems like an emotional person, but she just should have kept that private.
        I’m happy for Cardi B’s win. Too bad it had to be surrounded by all this.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      That’s one drunk narcissistic dude. And people rallied around her after that. And still do to this day. Nobody was talking about how she didn’t deserve her award except for Kanye. She didnt have people on her social media pages calling her out of her name and telling her she is talentless and doesn’t deserve her award or career. Because that’s what Cardi was dealing with and why she deleted her account. So yeah…not the same thing.

      • MattyLove says:

        But they really do. There is TONS of shade against Taylor. And I’m not even a Taylor fan-just a country music fan. I think what I’m trying to say here is Cardi is not the only artist to be singled out. Every artist who wins will have fans of the other nominees talking about how that artist shouldn’t have won. Could Cardi be facing next-level shade? Probably. But Ariana’s comments were probably from a place of expectation that Mac Miller would posthumously win and anger that his parents were brought into the show for an award producers knew he didn’t win. I think it’s more about the perceived cruelty to his parents than that she felt Cardi wasn’t deserving.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @MattyLove you’re completely missing the point. I am not talking about people who generally dislike Taylor. That’s not what we are discussing here. And btw – that dislike is based on a LOT of factors: from her faux feminism, her cultural appropriation and other things. No one is going on Taylor Swift’s IG account and calling her a s*ut and a w*ore or stating that her entire career is undeserved. That’s simply not happening. Are there people who think she is overrated? Yes. I happen to be one of them. But I’m not questioning her entire career or whether she works hard or that she is undeserving of any accolades – which is what people are saying about Cardi. So again – not the same thing.

      • Nanny to the rescue says:

        Who’s going after Cardi B the most, tho? Fans of other artists who they find are more deserving.
        That’s literally the situation with every competitive award ever.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Ehh…I agree that it’s not to the same degree as Cardi is treated, but I’ve been a fair share of comments (and used to be guilty of it myself) accusing her of lying about who writes the lyrics to her music. That’s not an accusation we see typically aimed at men, so yeah, I think there’s a touch of misogyny to it. The world is always looking to strip women of the value of their accomplishments, but I absolutely agree Cardi B gets it far worse because she’s got racial considerations on top of it.

      • Lightpurple says:

        In the week prior to Taylor’s Grammy speech that Kanye decided was an attack on him even though she didn’t name anyone, several industry publications printed articles claiming men had written all her work. When she used her Grammy speech to protest, Kanye decided she had to be talking about him. I can’t stand the woman but people have been piling on her for ages.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        @Cine nowhere in my comment did I say he “made” her career. I said it was one of the best things to happen her career. And it was. Don’t put words in my mouth to make your argument.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Ariana tweeted “trash”. I don’t buy her explanation that she wasn’t referring to Cardi.

      • entine says:

        oh yea, people calling Taylor talentless, etc. of course. A lot of the haterare against TS comes from her not being “deserving” of all she got. Card B. won, let her enjoy. I am tired of life turning into a reality show, and the participants, as talented as they are. Many of them feed this new “reality”.

    • Dee says:

      Agreed, Matty. It’s insane and verifiably false to say that Taylor hasn’t had to defend herself for winning awards. My god, what Kanye did to her was top-level horrible.
      I totally think this is about far more than race. Gender? yes. Power and class? yes. But race? Not convinced.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        What I stated was not “insane”. It’s a fact. What Kanye did WAS horrible. It was also one of the best things to ever happen to Taylor’s career. That stunt was ten years ago. And people are STILL talking about it. And still painting Taylor as that young girl on that stage despite the fact that she is nearly 30 years old now.

      • Cine says:

        @valiant — you believe that Kanya ‘made’ Taylor with his drunken antics? Remember, she was on that stage for an award, and there is every reason to believe that she earned it and THAT began a rapid rise in her popularity. Kanye called out Beck and the grammys — so where is Beck’s popularity and career?

    • Case says:

      Agreed. Taylor Swift has also faced sexist backlash in the past questioning if she wrote her own songs like she said she did, etc. She has been questioned at every turn if she deserves her success, and has been defending herself from day one.

      • otaku fairy says:

        It’s not that Taylor Swift hasn’t faced any sexism. She definitely has. But she hasn’t faced nearly the same level of abuse and nastiness as Cardi B has in this short period of time, as a woc, as a former sex worker, and as a woman who doesn’t conform to respectability politics. Taylor Swift has benefited not only because of race, but because of the fact that she’s perceived as a ‘Good Girl’ among ‘Bad Girls’. It’s one of the problematic things that has earned her the love of many reichwing misogynists. She and her fanbase have definitely played that up different times over the years, using her as a slut-shaming and victim-blaming tool against other women in the entertainment industry. I can’t remember the last time she was called trash; Cardi B gets called trash every time people get a chance.

      • Nanny to the rescue says:

        @otaku fairy. Sh!t Cardi has to deal with comes from the way the world works: Her past and her angry outbursts give her haters ammunition. But on the other hand, her choice of music style and her attitude are enabling her career too. No ex-stripper would be allowed to climb the ladder of country music. If Taylor had a past like Cardi, due to the very different demands of the target audience, she’d never make it. So it’s a very complicated issue with pros and cons.

      • Case says:

        @otaku fairy I’m not saying that Taylor has faced the same issues as a woman of color in the music industry. However, this post claims that Taylor has never needed “to defend her work as a musical artist,” which I feel is deeply incorrect.

    • Jadedone says:


    • Tiffany :) says:

      I am incredibly disappointed that this has turned into a conversation about Taylor Swift. WTF? FFS! Her haters love to turn the conversation back to her even when it has nothing to do with her. This has NOTHING to do with her!

      Can we talk about female rappers now? How it is long over due for there to be a female artist that wins best rap album? Can we talk about how low it was of BET to pit Nicki and Cardi against each other? That the industry supports so few female rappers that only 1 can be hugely successful at a time? Can we blow up the bubble, expand the circle, and welcome more female rap artists into the mainstream?

      • entine says:

        I agree so much with you. Why How is this about TS ?they have been both attacked, well, now back to Cardi, I don’t even like rap nowadays, I hate twerking songs with all my might (the lyrics), but I like people, women like Cardi, nonconformists, outspoken, imperfect but hard workers. Go Cardi!

    • Shannon Malcom says:

      I just came to say that. I mean, I love Cardi B. and hate that she has to deal with this sh!t. And I’m not denying white artists are treated differently. But Taylor’s probably a bad example because she has actually dealt with exactly this.

  2. Valiantly Varnished says:

    This makes me angry. That her win was tainted by people like Ariana (who is brat – I said what I said) and by Nicki stans. This was a big deal for her and people are ALWAYS diminishing WOC’s accomplishments. You are right – Taylor Swift would never have to deal with something like this.

    • Mia says:

      I’ve seen photos showing her as a stripper and then another photo holding her Grammys. I don’t listen to her music but I’m happy for her come up. Some people never let women of color forget were they came from. It’s always a doubled standard. This should be a great moment for her yet people are clowning. BTW I assume BET is now looking for a new social media person.

      • Veronica S. says:

        The whole thing is – she shouldn’t be ashamed of where she came from, either. A stripper is a legitimate career. It’s legal and makes decent money. The only reason juxtaposing those images is degrading is because of sexism and racism. Cardi B is punished for being a woman who utilized her sexuality for profit rather than acting the part of an object. Cardi B is punished for being black because she has the audacity to be unapologetic about her upraising, culture, and manner of speech.

      • Natalia says:

        “Cardi B is punished for being a woman who utilized her sexuality for profit rather than acting the part of an object.”

        @VeronicaS: Bingo. Thank you. The plight of women everywhere – ALL women.

    • Clare says:

      Valiantly – I agree with you.

      Ariana has been outrageously out of order, and people keep giving her passes. Sure she has been to hell and back recently, but that is NO excuse to shit on other people like this. She has totally been a brat with minimal bacl lash.

      Imagine if she had done this to a pretty little white girl. The world would not be doing gymnastics to try and explain/justify what she ‘meant’. She knew exactly what she was doing.

    • Megan says:

      I cannot believe the way Cardi is being treated. She made a great album and then worked her butt off to make sure we all heard it. She deserved the Grammy. End of story.

  3. Lala11_7 says:

    I’ve been watching Cardi’s come up since she was on LAHHNY…she has…”IT”!!!! Just like Jocelyn from LAHHATL had “IT”…the difference is Jocelyn’s demons run her into the ground…Cardi uses her demons to do what she needs to do…to get what she wants to get….and she puts in the WORK….and she aligned herself with folks that elevated the HELL out of her…hence her devotion to her…ahem….Husband…

    She’ll be alright…she’s smart and got a mouth that is OFF THE CHAIN…which I can respect…she just gotta ride this out….

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      “Your career is over!” Omg, that is one bad- ass burn. I don’t know her music, but her anger seems justifiable to me. Agree about riding it out.

      I laughed so hard when she was complaining about her pregnancy stuffy nose, because I remember that all too well. Walking around with one of those menthol sticks up your nose, bc that’s all you can safely use. lol.

  4. CES says:

    Why even bring up Taylor Swift who has absolutely nothing to do with this argument at all?

  5. Nanny to the rescue says:

    Taylor got some bad press every time too. Just the mob is different. Cardi even addresses this (kind of), in her video. Last album she didn’t win people (her fans) argued she was snubbed. Now she won and her fans are happy but a whole new set of people are complaining. That’s what happens with every win. Women, men, white, POC, you name it. Angry jerks are everywhere. Best thing is to ignore them, her reactions is soul food for them.

    But BET isn’t a bunch of random Twitter trolls, so this is different. They should not have written what they did. It was nasty to Minaj AND to Cardi, two artists I would think they’re supporting. Sigh. I feel bad for Cardi.

    On an unrelated, superficial level: I absolutely LOVE her dress!

  6. Maggie says:

    I don’t like Taylor, but she would never send her goons to beat up strippers who slept with her husband. They both do have something in common though, crappy “music.”

    • Lala11_7 says:

      And your point is? Cause we talking about the Grammy’s…

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      We are talking about the Grammy’s so what exactly is the point of your comment? Besides the obvious coded language?

      • Lala11_7 says:

        Taylor and Cardi have BOTH pushed the boundaries of “Alls fair in love and war…” and they can BOTH take stop using those tactics…and I think they both will…at least I hope…

  7. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Social media has fullfilled its experiment many times over and bottom line? It’s basically psych 101. Whichever way subject matter leans, multitudes run the other way. It’s interesting to watch, but I feel for any innocent caught in the sinking sand. Do you look for someone to hand you a branch, do you look yourself, do you struggle and flail or simply give in and go down. Being famous is a curse imo lol.

  8. Ellie says:

    She looks so pretty and young without that makeup!

    Yes, I know it is her face not mine. I just wish more women could break free of this extreme contouring and heavy makeup that is so popular. Of the nominees, Cardi deserved to win this year, but MC Lyte should have won decades ago for her album, Act Like You Know.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Comments like this are so tiring. If you dont like contour then don’t contour. Simple as that.

      • Cine says:

        @valiant — this is a gossip site. if all we did was support each and every action taken by a celebrity, not a whole lot would get said. “if you don’t like her dress, then don’t wear it.” “if you don’t like her makeup, don’t use it.”

        i agree with @Ellie. less is more. i was really hoping Alicia Keys’ no-make-up vow would catch on.

    • Fluffy Princess says:

      Cardi looks amazing with and without makeup. Personally, I LOVE her make-up and hair/wigs. I think her make-up is on point, and I think it’s part of Cardi B’s whole glam package of how she presents herself.

    • WhyDidIDeleteMahCookeez? says:

      Ahh, but Cardi is free from feeling like she has to wear all that make up or she’d have a full face on in the video. She chooses when she wants it. Isn’t that the ideal situation?

  9. Ref7 says:

    I’m not convinced this is a race issue. I think it’s more a question of what we are calling award-worthy.

  10. Kaiser says:

    I don’t understand the Snake Fam rallying to Taylor’s defense in these comments? I wasn’t saying anything insulting towards Taylor, I was pointing out how the fandoms and media conversations AROUND different artists are so wildly different.

  11. BlueSky says:

    That BET sh@t was tacky AF and they ended up apologizing.
    With Cardi, I think the issue (if you wanna call it that) is she regularly engages her fans and responds to negative comments, whether by posting videos or directly responding to a commenter. I think by doing that some feel embolden to say whatever they want to get a response out of her.

    I know she won’t do this because she clearly gets something out of it too, but she really needs to stop engaging with these people.

    I don’t think Beyonce or Taylor Swift so this. Doesn’t Taylor have her comment section turned off too on IG?

  12. adastraperaspera says:

    I see BET issued an apology statement last night. It’s posted on their twitter today. This is a serious issue, and BET staff need to be fired. It’s so offensive on many levels, not least that Cardi B is, indeed, a young mother who fought hard so hard to work on her career that she becomes the first woman to win a grammy for RAP Album! This is a huge accomplishment! On the same night where we see Diana Ross and Dolly Parton honored–two women who also had to fight in a man’s world to get where they are–what a travesty that Cardi B is publicly insulted. Make no mistake, these kinds of attacks are absolutely intended to weaken and discourage women artists so they won’t stay in the game and compete with men.

  13. Dal says:

    She didn’t deserve the Grammy .. there were much better artists then her ..yea working day & night on an album makes u a hustler .. doesn’t mean u r talented. Some talented rappers can put a song together in 10 minutes .. nothing about her being a woman! Plenty of actually talented women rappers in the past have received 0 recognition ..She’s just about money. Y R none of the powerful pro women artists raging on drake.. now he’s the hero with his speech yet no outrage over pushing on teenage girls at his concerts?

    • don't ask says:

      She’s not bright enough to understand this. Hard work is expected of most people. Some spend days in the studio, others…a few hours. The latter isn’t any less deserving b/c they’re more gifted. She’s not gifted, she’s lucky & had great timing w/her entry into the industry.

    • Rice says:

      So true. There are/were lots of extremely talented women MCs: MC Lyte, Salt N Pepa (Dear Don Jr., This time the “N” means “and”), Queen Latifah, hell Da Brat and Missy E. They worked 2x as hard just to get heard. Then comes Nicki and Cardi with their monotone weak a$$ lyrics and suddenly folks are saying that they deserve all the accolades? Being a hustler with little to no talent doesn’t make you great.

  14. DS9 says:

    Regardless of what Taylor deserves or doesn’t or how horribly mean the scary black man was to Aryan Princess Barbie, there is no doubt that people do not defend Cardi B the way people flock to protect and defend Taylor Swift.

    To compare the two is to have people equating the smack talk about Kate’s buttons with the actual rabid and bigoted, sexist attacks on Meghan Markle.

    Beckys don’t defend Cardi. They join the noise right next to the hoteps, the chads, the MAGAs, and the slut shamers.

    Tell me what would happen if a producer put his hands up Cardi’s skirt and then tell me it’s totes the same.

    • detritus says:

      “there is no doubt that people don’t flock to defend Cardi the way they flock to protect and defend Taylor”

      That’s the crux of it. They both face gross blame and sexist narratives, but people defend Taylor, in her white innocence, her compliance to traditional norms, WAY more than they do Cardi with her loud mouth
      and rough edges and dancing past. And Tay needs it less.

      This posts comments even focus on Tays victimhood, which despite the somewhat odd framing, was about Cardi. Even here she doesn’t get to hold everyone’s attention, and she deserves it.

      To add, Tay rarely makes a public move that isn’t calculated and hinging on increasing her bottom line. She is selling a product. This is helped by the absolute privilege she comes from, wealth insulates and produces support through therapy, friends, hangers on etc.

      Cardi is still selling herself, and she’s only recently into money. it hurts more to be attacked when it’s you, not the product. It hurts more when your family and everyone depends on the success of that product.

      She needs a better team, and time. Cardi is a voice we don’t hear often, she’s honest and raw and driven and tries to be a good person. I hope people see the value in that.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Yes, that’s a good way of articulating it. Both suffer sexism, but Cardi B suffers from her blackness on top of it, particularly in this climate. She can’t hide behind the politics of neutrality the way Taylor does because her entire existence (background, race, sexuality, profession, culture) is inherently politicized.

    • Keaton says:

      ” there is no doubt that people do not defend Cardi B the way people flock to protect and defend Taylor Swift.”

    • entine says:

      Taylor had/still has a much bigger fan base because she appeals to very different age ranges, and her music is pop, it is more popular and goes across in radio stations around the world and her videos are more “viewable”. I am in a different country with different native language and TS was a big thing among teens, while rap is more of a side thing, they dance to. Cardi is in a whole different range. Frankly, I have never heard a complete song of hers and others because I can’t stand those type of videos, like anaconda and such. Of course the rallying around her is going to be different. Good for her, tho. Good that women are wining.
      I read someone up there complaining that other women in past years hadn’t won and that they were more talented, well, see happens in film, sometimes the ultimately iconic films are the ones not given awards to, hell Roger Deakins got a cinematography oscar in his 14th nomination ffs. Cannot complain about Cardi , tho, I may not like her music particularly, but I can appreciate the fact that she won and she should be celebrated, not demeaned.

  15. Veronica S. says:

    I want to know who’s responsible for that tweet at BET because, uh, f*ck off. I literally cannot imagine any existence more exhausting than being a black woman in America.

  16. DS9 says:

    I just browsed the comments section of an article on another site attempting to drag Cardi as an untalented, ignorant skank who doesn’t deserve a career she’s worked hard for because she speaks in slang, mispells words, was a stripper, and doesn’t know who Tom Petty was or that he was dead.

    Trashy little randos who think their culture is superior because it’s mainstream but mostly white. They know exactly as much about hip hop and rap as Cardi knows about rock but she needs to get an education while they can feel free to misuse there/their/they’re.

    But tell me again Snake Fam how poor TayTay has it just as bad.

    White feminism at it’s finest

  17. Justjj says:

    I don’t understand how people are saying this isn’t a race issue. Ariana is and has always been a privileged white girl from a wealthy family. She is blackfishing hard in her latest videos/this album. She appropriates black culture like crazy and then tells a black artist she doesn’t deserve to win-which is what she was doing by saying Mac deserved it more. It was just another prime example of her managing to make his death about her, steal the praise from a black artist who deserves it, and get attention. The song ‘ghostin’ says everything-it’s about her and her feelings and how she and her relationships are impacted, not the tragedy of a life that was lost. She really rubs me the wrong way lately, I’m sorry, but she needs to get ahold of the cultural appropriation, the bratty oversharing, and the exploitation of her ex’s suicide. I want to like her. I like her some of her music but she is so wrong here and everything about this was gross. Not that rich white girls can’t feel real trauma, obviously, her pain is real but if you’re using that pain to silence women of color or grab attention, I no longer like you. Cardi is above it anyway.

    • Kittycat says:

      Cardi b is in the thick of things.

      This is the same Cardi that called dark skinned black women cockroaches.

      She us just as bad as Ariana.

      • Justjj says:

        Colorism and Cardi’s tweet back then is a different conversation. And no, she was not ‘just as bad’ as Ariana in this instance. Taylor is white Kanye is black-same thing happening here.

    • Holly says:

      I’m just here to say that Ariana wasn’t MAD that Mac didn’t win.

      She was MAD that the Grammys took advantage of his emotionally vulnerable parents by inviting them to the ceremony, there by giving them false hope he would win.

      Also – she is entitled to have emotions about the final album of her deceased ex (and long time friend). It was never actually about Cardi. We can debate about how it came across (as Kaiser does in the article) but this just repeating a known falsehood.

      • Justjj says:

        It’s not her place to publicly comment on that or project her emotions about his parents being there onto them. He was their son. She needs to have a seat. She is entitled. That’s exactly how she acts. The kind of entitlement required to write the song ‘ghostin’ is what I’m talking about. She needs to back up and let him Rest In Peace and should not have commented on Cardi’s win. Period. Just like every other white girl who thinks her feelings are more important and valid than anyone else’s.

      • Diane says:

        Well put, JUSTJJ. Ariana is acting like she is Mac’s widow, and that is far from the case. I get she is in her feelings, but she is doing entirely too much. Mac had a great album but his dying doesn’t mean it’s a given he should have won. There would have been outrage if his parents/family had not been invited to honor his nomination. Now it’s that they were invited and he didn’t win. Ariana needs to have several seats.

      • Justjj says:

        Exactly. They dated on and off for just a couple years. She dumped him for someone else, who she was very quickly engaged to, she has said their relationship was toxic… Come on. Just leave him and his family alone.

      • Justjj says:

        (Not to mention the whole appropriating left and right, stealing from black women, and then speaking over a black woman during her moment of success, side of things) Lena Dunham with a spray tan.

      • otaku fairy says:

        That’s true about the Grammy situation, but not at all about the song Ghostin’. That song is about being comforted by one person while mourning another person (and feeling guilty about it). Just in general, I think singers, writers. etc. should be able to share complicated experiences like that without being demonized for it.
        For Ariana’s situation specifically, I don’t think she’s using Mac Miller’s death for more attention. She’s definitely had no shortage of attention this past year. But she’s kind of been put in a strange position. She got unwanted attention through being blamed for his overdose and accused of not caring enough about him, to the point where even people close to Mac stepped in to shut that down and say that she really tried to help him through is addiction. So on the one hand she’s dealing with the emotional and mental toll of that loss and not wanting it to be like she doesn’t care, but on the other hand she also has to avoid being seen as thirsty in the way that she processes the grief. That’s got to be a hard line to walk and not an easy thing to handle perfectly.

      • Justjj says:

        As someone who has been in a similar situation as her, I find the song offensive, disregarding of the circumstances of his death, and very self-indulgent, considering. It’s something that needs to be healed and processed privately in mutual support with the immediate family and friends of an addict. Not something to latch onto, publicize, and glorify. The song is immature at the very best. At worst it’s a humble brag pity party that completely diminishes the loss of a man’s life because it happens to make her relationship harder to navigate. As someone with a lot of experience with addiction and mental illness, she needs to have all the seats with that song and her narrative.

  18. Aang says:

    Can’t stand Cardi’s music but will always root for the underdog. Sex workers are so vulnerable and considered trash by so many. Protection of and respect for sex workers needs to be part of our routine conversation around social justice.

  19. Mizlady says:

    People are mad because cardi b doesnt write
    Her own music…and her flow sounds stupid…
    She’s a stripper who got lucky….

    I see people drag the Kadarshians and kanye all the time on here….saying kim doesnt deserve to be famous….because of a sex tape..

    Why should cardi b gets a pass for basically rapping about the same thing offset…

  20. Misty says:

    Interesting that you phrased it that her hustling should be respected (as opposed to her talent). The Kardashians hustle like mad, don’t see any comments about respecting them.

  21. whybother says:

    Ariana the instigator. She probably didnt mean it (??) but the timing, the deleting only make it easier for antis jump on that train. Ari has been in the industry for so long, so dont use that she is young argument. She knows how it works.