G.I. Joe photo call, Sienna Miller claims there’s no one to marry

Sienna Miller, Channing Tatus, Marlon Wayans and Rachel Nichols have just begun the press tour for G.I. Joe in Australia. As you can imagine, Sienna is getting most of the press from the photo call and press conference. Maybe I’m just inured to Sienna now, but I found her quotes and her outfit very blah. She wore a simple printed dress from Poltock & Walsh with “a pair of suede/leather Chloe ankle boots” that make her legs look like sticks. Sienna has a nice figure, and this outfit doesn’t do anything for her. But she looks comfortable, so perhaps that was the point. I actually like the dress, but it looks like an old 1950s “housedress”.

Channing Tatum is looking great though. He’s such a cutie, and I like the goatee stubble he’s got going. He looks sexy. Mm… he might look better half-naked, but he still can wear the hell out of casual gear. Anyway, during the press conference, Channing was the one who said the interesting stuff. He talked about how he and his new wife Jenna Dewan are postponing their honeymoon until the G.I. Joe press is done. He also talks military families and the war. Meanwhile, Sienna’s only interesting quote is “’No plans to get married, no. No-one to marry!” Uh… that’s because the guy you’re dating is already married, jackass.

In what would have been the most bizarre on set accident yet, actress Sienna Miller revealed she nearly burnt her breasts making new movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Speaking at an event in Sydney, Australia, to promote the film, the 28-year-old star, who plays femme fatal The Baroness in the film, said she nearly suffered the rather undignified occurrence when an explosion got too close for comfort. But thankfully it was just a rather close call.

She said a press conference in Sydney: ‘Luckily it wasn’t my breasts, it was the bit in-between. It got a bit burnt when an explosion got a bit close.’

And she also revealed she wasn’t too impressed with her character’s black leather cat suit: ‘I won’t be wearing one again. Squeezing myself into that with the aid of talcum powder every day for five months was more than enough. I could barely move in it anyway.’

The actress looked informal in a print dress from Brit designers Poltock & Walsh Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, accessorised with a pair of suede/leather Chloe ankle boots.

Sienna who has enjoyed an on/off relationship with father-of-four Balthazar Getty, brushed off questions that she had plans to walk down the aisle.

She said: ‘No plans to get married, no. No-one to marry!’.

But co-star Channing Tatum, 29, was actually on his honeymoon. Channing, 29, who married Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan on July 11, had to delay his honeymoon because he will be promoting the new $170 million movie for two weeks.

He said: ‘I am on honeymoon but not at the moment. We’ll pick that up after the promotion work is done.’

The star, who plays the film’s hero, Duke, said: ‘When I was first approached about the role I thought, ‘Aww man, how are you going to make a movie about G.I. Joe in a time of war? Then I read the script and it was nothing to do with the military at all. ‘I’m a big supporter of the soldiers and the military and I don’t have a view on the war at all, I’m not a political person.’

‘But this is a fantasy film, it is an escape from everything that is going on.’

Also at the event were co stars Marlon Wayans and Rachel Nichols who arrived at Sydney’s historic harbour with Sienna and Channing in a customised speedboat.

[From Daily Mail]

I kind of hate that Marlon Wayans is the also-ran on this press tour… he’s by far the superior actor, and it sucks that Sienna takes up all the oxygen in the room. But since we’re talking Sienna, the poster for her play After Miss Julie is out. Sienna and Jonny Lee Miller draped all over each other… damn. He looks really hot too. God, I really hope Sienna doesn’t stick her claws into him – he’s married with a new baby, Buster. After Miss Julie starts in October. So, what are we thinking? By November, Jonny Lee Miller’s marriage could be over.

Photo credit: WENN.com

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11 Responses to “G.I. Joe photo call, Sienna Miller claims there’s no one to marry”

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  1. barneslr says:

    Well, you know what they say: there are some girls you marry, and some you just…you know the rest.

    I think we know which category Ms. Miller lands in.

  2. Nev says:

    I’m excited about seeing G.I. Joe. I hope it does not turn out to be disappointing.

  3. Wow says:

    LMBO @ Barneslr. Ha!

    So by her way of thinking, this is reason enough to bed the already married ones, right?

  4. Maddie says:

    No she will not marry, because why marry when you cab date married men!!!

  5. j.ann says:

    There’s no way Sienna would hook up with Jonny, or at least it’d be weird if she did. Not ONLY is he married, he’s one of Jude Law’s bfflz! It’s likely she and Jonny are so close because they’ve known each other for so many years, and he seems like too good a guy.

    Bad reputation aside, though, I do contest that Sienna is a brilliant actor, better than Wayans, for sure. If only that talent wasn’t wasted on such a tabloid-magnet.

  6. Pole says:

    She’s just such a waste of time IMO. Could her 15 minutes soon be up please?

  7. the Sarge says:

    Why do you people always accuse her of being such a ho? It takes TWO to tango, Mr. Getty hasn’t been getting nearly as much press as she has been for their affair. While I believe it is wrong to sleep with a married person, she was getting flak before they hooked up; what is wrong with women liking sex?

  8. fern says:

    1) Don’t be surprised that they are paying more attention to SM; out of all of the celebs who starred in this film, her career/image is DEAD. What better way to hype her career/image up, then to put all of the attention on her. It’s a marketing tool and they are trying to trick the public into believing that SM is a the next “IT” girl. She has a play and they need all the support they can get.

    2) No one to marry? Sounds like damage control.Even the prodcuers and directors know that SM is her own worst enemy, hence why there is this massive attempt to make the public think that she is not sleeping with the married man. Once the promotion for GI Joe is over, there will be yet another “reunited” photo-op and story with the married man.

    3) She whines about not having privacy and then she fuels it with a response like this. So the next time she prances around with the married man in public and people remind her of this “no one to marry” comment, she is going to whine yet again about how she is the victim in all of this.

  9. fern says:

    BG has gotten his fair share of criticism. If SM had enough common sense to lay low, shut up, stop tipping off the paps, and playing the victim; she wouldn’t be in so much trouble. The only one standing in SM way is Sienna Miller(and of course her mothers who enables her mistreatment of a mother and her 4 kids. How stupid was it for her to whine about how she was hurt by JL oh so public affair and then show up in public sticking her tongue in the married man’s ear? So public affairs are only hurtful when it is SM who is being cheated on?

    It’s not that she likes sex that is the problem, it’s the fact that SM likes to have sex with men who are already attached to other women or with men whose wives/girlfriends are either pregnant or have had a baby. In the real world people are not usually impressed by a woman who constantly feels the need to hurt or humilate other women just because she wants the men they have kids with.

  10. Jazz says:

    Will someone make this piece of trash go away??

  11. Tied Up says:

    You guys are funny, she’s an actress an the more scandal the more publicity! Except good women with morals and that are at least 35 yrs old have most of the buying power and although men may think she is hot, we don’t want to welcome a woman of such character in our home. Just ask any grown man how he felt when his parents seperated and his father shows up with a new hotter version of your Mom. Were u all like so what Mom you guys are seperated and she is hot. Or did the pain of ur Mother effect you where u would nver leave ur children alone or u hate women bcause that woman broke up ur happy home. That’s why she’s taking flack. And Balthazar is known as DOUCHE BAG, CHEATER, WANNA BE ACTOR N A HOST OF OTHER UNFLATTERING NAMES. I wanted 2 c the movie but I won’t because I want 2 send the message that its not okay, n that goes for the DOUCHES on Capital Hill they won’t b getting my vote in the upcoming election either.