EW reveals ‘Game of Thrones’ covers, details about the ‘Battle of Winterfell’

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Every year, after the Oscars, I take stock of how glad I am that the awards season is over, and how I’m glad to have my Sunday nights to myself again and that I don’t have to watch a million awards shows. Then it struck me, days later: oh f–k, Game of Thrones is coming back in APRIL. My Sundays are going to be full of dragon drama for an awards-season-long period of time. If anything, Game of Thrones will be bigger than anything we covered during the awards season too. The show is a phenomenon. It’s going to take over the entire pop culture conversation for two months. And we’re only now going to actually find out some sh-t about the final season too.

Entertainment Weekly devoted a dozen covers or so to “GAME OVER” – the final season of GoT, with certain characters getting their own covers. You can read EW’s cover story here. They were on the set for days as the “Battle of Winterfell” was staged and shot. People in the Battle of Winterfell: The Hound, Arya, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Tyrion. Sansa, Brienne, Ser Davos, Jorah and more. They’re all fighting the Night King and his army of the undead. The piece talks around what actually happens in the episode, but it sounds like it was the most physically painful ordeal that all of these actors have ever gone through.

All of this is amazing but are we ever going to get a full-length trailer HUH???

Trumps Host the Annual Governor's Ball at the White House

Trumps Host the Annual Governor's Ball at the White House

Covers courtesy of EW.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Ok, but where are Gendry and A MAN??? (I obviously love all of this, though).

    • isabelle says:

      Gendry was in the last season with the Hound, Tormund, and Jon on their little escape.

    • Incredulous says:

      I’ll guess Gendry is going toe to toe with Euron Greyjoy’s group and the Iron Bank have hired a man to stab up a bunch of people.

  2. Nancy says:

    Be still my ❤. Can’t wait……………..

  3. Lady D says:

    ‘Tis Cersei’s fate that keeps me wondering and watching. Part of me thinks she deserves to die, part of me admires her courage, part of me wants her to sit on the Iron Throne, no enemies, armies or family. Alone on her cold iron throne.

    • Onemoretime says:

      I saw a tweet that I whole heartily agree with! They want Arya Stark to kill Cersi with Jamie’s face. That would be epic!!!

  4. Jenns says:

    So, here’s a few questions for you while we wait for the trailer.

    1. Who are you most excited to see die?
    2. Who are you least excited to see die?
    3. Who should take the throne?

    My answers:

    1. Jon. I don’t know if he’ll die for good, but after what he pulled when he went beyond the wall last season, he deserves to.
    2. Jaime. But I wouldn’t fault anyone on the Starks for pushing him in front of a White Walker after what he did to Bran.
    3. No one. I don’t know how Westeros can move forward with the current political system it has now.

    • isabelle says:

      They are all going to die. Except Hot Pie.

    • LadyMTL says:

      1. Cersei. If anyone should die a horrible death, it’s her. Honestly, if the writers hadn’t already used “being torn apart by dogs” as a means of death, that’s what I would have written for her. Although a close second would be having Jaime finally come to his senses and get rid of his manipulative witch of a twin.

      2. Brienne, Arya, or Sansa. Not that I think they will necessarily die, but I will be really bummed if it happens.

      3. If Dany is pregnant, I’d figure that kid would probably end up taking the throne. Assuming Dany lives to give birth, ofc.

    • Incredulous says:

      1. Gregor Clegane, The Mountain. Cleganebowl, oh yeah, oh baby.
      2. Theon. I care more about Asha, frankly.
      3. Tyrion but he’ll end up in Winterfell as husband to Sansa.

      • Eleonor says:

        Tyron was the best husband Sansa ever had.
        After being engaged to Jeoffrey, married to Ramsay, and the fling with Littlefinger (speaking of awful taste in men) I bet she will marry him again without thinking twice.

    • Lightpurple says:

      1. Cersei – she made Jaime toss Bran out of a tower window, ordered Lady killed, murdered Robert, ordered the capture of Ned that resulted in all the Stark household staff being killed, ordered the execution of Robert’s bastards, wrongfully blamed Tyrion for Joffrey’s death, which resulted in Oberyn’s death, tortured the Septa, murdered Lancelot, Marjorie, Loras, and the other Tyrells and hundreds of others in the sept, drove Tommen to suicide, lied to Jon and Dany.
      2. Brienne, Pod, the Hound, Bronn, Gendry, a Man, Hot Pie, Ghost, Tormund, Lady Lyanna, Arya, Nymeria, Sansa
      3. Jon & Dany’s kid. Sansa is Warden of the North.

      • Agirlandherdog says:

        The only thing problem I have with your reckoning of Cersei’s crimes is the torture of Septa Unella. She deserved it. She tortured all the ladies imprisoned in the Great Sept. And she enjoyed it. She derived great pleasure from it (seriously that woman’s acting skills are scary good). So as far as I’m concerned turnabout is fair play.

    • Nona says:

      1. Cersei. If there’s any justice in the world, she should die. Unfortunately, there’s very little justice …
      2. Any of the remaining dire wolves
      3. Tyrion. I’d say Jon because he’s honorable and just, but he wouldn’t last a day—he’s Ned’s son, even though he’s not, and he would make the same decisions as Ned and come to the same end. Tyrion, on the other hand, is just and politically savvy. I think he’d make a good ruler.

  5. Katashae says:

    Am I the only one who is kind of filled with dread in the way of thinking that after all the years of character and conspiracy development between the characters, we’re going to end up with a lot of them just..dying insignificantly at the hands of bad-cgi-ice-zombies?

    • isabelle says:

      Actually think it is a big possibility the Night King is victorious and no one ends up on the throne.

    • Jenns says:

      I think it will be more complex than that. In no way do I think these characters are going to work together to fight the White Walkers. They’ll just use this battle as another chance to get at each other.

  6. Lady D says:

    If the battle in the North is lost to the night walkers, Cersei will use that green fire under the city to destroy the Night King’s army. She won’t care that she’s killing most of the city, but she will win the battle and the show will end with her sitting on Iron Throne realizing she has lost everything.

  7. Becks1 says:

    I’m dreading whatever happens that makes Sansa give up Winterfell to Dany. I don’t like Dany (never have, lol) and I love Sansa and how her character has grown, so I would love to have seen her maintained control.

    I may be a bad GoT fan though bc I would love for Cersei to take it all. She’s so evil, so manipulative……such a great character. I bet she is a lot of fun to play.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Is there any left after she incinerated the sept?

      • Lady D says:

        I think someone said the Mad King had the King’s Landing ‘sewer system’ riddled with wild fyre. The way it was explained to me made me think the entire town should have blown when the Sept went.

    • Coz' says:

      Sansa has been my favourite character for a few seasons.
      I am ready to stab Jon in the heart myself. He proved again and again how much he sucks.

  8. Lady D says:

    Do you think we will see the lady chained in Cersei’s dungeon for killing Cersei’s daughter again?

    • Lucy says:

      Elaria Sand? I doubt it, but it could happen, technically. Cersei made it clear that under no circumstances would she allow Elaria to die, thus ending her suffering.

  9. DS9 says:

    Dany and Jon can go. Tyrion and Sansa can oversee a regency for D+J’s gross incest baby

    Arya can kill Cersei with Jamie’s face.

    Jamie can form a new Night’s watch or something.

    Joreh better die in the first episode. Davos can live forever. Melisandre can die a horrible death.

  10. Myrtle says:

    I feel like Jamie himself may be capable of ending Cersei, with his own face. Maybe a suicide killing. Can’t live with her…