Britney Spears’ co-conservator suddenly quit with no replacement, is this shady?

Britney Spears announces her new Las Vegas residency

In January, Britney Spears postponed her latest Las Vegas residency because her father and conservator Jamie Spears was very ill. He had a spontaneously ruptured colon, and he spent 28 days in the hospital, and it was said at the time that his recovery would be a long and arduous process. I wondered at the time if that meant that Britney would be getting a new conservator. After all these years, Jamie Spears was still her conservator, and he still exercised a great deal of control over her life and finances. We actually spent much of 2018 talking about Kevin Federline’s request for an increase in child support payments. Jamie made a lot of noise about how K-Fed didn’t deserve any more money, but Jamie still caved rather than put a decade of Britney’s finances and the conservatorship as a whole through an exhaustive audit.

My point? I guess my point is the same thing I’ve been saying for years: while I understand that Britney needs a conservatorship and I think being under her father’s careful eye has been largely successful for her, I also think there are tons of shady parts to this conservatorship financially and beyond. So… I’m not sure what to make of this news:

Now Britney Spears’ lawyer is one singing “I Wanna Go”! Andrew Wallet is resigning as the 37-year-old’s co-conservator, leaving her father, Jamie, as her sole conservator. Furthermore, Wallet wants out as soon as possible, according to court documents obtained by Us Weekly. “The conservatorship is engaged in numerous ongoing business activities requiring immediate attention and it therefore is in the best interest of the conservatee that the acceptance of Wallet’s resignation and the issuance of amended letters of conservatorship of the estate occur immediately and without delay,” the papers state.

“Substantial detriment, irreparable harm and immediate danger will result to the conservatee and her estate if the relief requested herein in not granted on an ex parte basis,” the docs added. (The Blast was the first to report the filing.) Wallet started watching over Britney’s finances in 2008, after her erratic behavior and hospitalization made headlines. Now that he is leaving, Jamie will select and monitor all of his daughter’s investments and assets singlehandedly — for now, at least. A source tells Us that “a replacement [for Wallet] is being sought.”

Britney’s bank account should get an influx soon: A source told Us in February that she’s eager to get back on stage. “Britney’s dad is doing much better now,” the source explained. “She has no regrets about postponing her Domination residency to spend time with him, but she is excited to get back to her career and doing what she loves most.”

[From Us Weekly]

Why did he quit so suddenly and without ensuring a replacement was already in the position? Is Jamie entirely healed from his hospitalization? Was Wallet acting solely as Britney’s conservator during Jamie’s hospitalization and recovery? Those questions aside, I think it was probably a good sign that we haven’t heard much about or from Britney in the past three months – she didn’t fall apart without her dad micromanaging her life, she didn’t have a breakdown, and she’s eager to get back to work.

Britney Spears announces her new Las Vegas residency

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42 Responses to “Britney Spears’ co-conservator suddenly quit with no replacement, is this shady?”

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  1. Rapunzel says:

    The wig in those photos…. wherever the money is, it’s not the hair budget. So janky looking.

    • Fallon says:

      Her wigs have almost always been awful, for her entire career. I can’t believe in 20 years, there’s never been someone around her that could get her good wigs!

    • Lala11_7 says:

      Cost of a wig…doesn’t dictate quality….


      Has taught me that…

      Whoever her hairstylists is…they should be given a STERN talking too

      • Lynnie says:

        😂😂😂 your comments always have me cracking up! I agree though, especially with the internet nowadays excellent beauty and hair can be found for reallll cheap

    • Miffy says:

      Has her hair ever looked good though?
      Sorry, I take that back, she’s always looked great with a bob.

      • ChillyWilly says:

        Bobbed Britney is my favorite Britney! She obviously likes bad wigs because she can afford the best.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        She generally looks good with shorter styles. I wonder what the condition of her real hair is like…

      • Alissa says:

        I think before she shaved her head, her hair looked good usually (or at least normal?). Once she had to start wearing wigs because of that, it always looked terrible. I don’t know why her wigs have always looked so awful when most celebrities I can’t tell if they’re wearing wigs or extensions. Hers (both extensions and wigs) have always been super obvious.

    • Beetlejuice says:

      I don’t know any white wiman that wears a wig. A few hair extensions, yes, but us whities just tend to grow our hair then bleach it to look like straw. (Reminder to self book hair appointment)

  2. Gigi La Moore says:

    Why would it be shady? Further, Brittney is still alive and doing reasonably well and you can’t say that for some of the others. Her family actually cares.

    • LadyT says:

      I think there could be a problem strictly on the business end and this fellow Wallet wants no part of it. Separately, in an entirely different loop, Britney seems to be doing well which I’m happy to see.

    • velourazure says:

      Her financial conservator is named Wallet? LOL.

  3. Birdie says:

    So… after 11 years she is still not able to take care of herself? That means she never will, right?

    • Wow says:

      Sometimes I wonder if we greatly underestimate the amount of adults with mental illness who simply can’t function independently, yet lack the support or resources to back up a lifetime of care.

      • Christina says:

        @Wow, I feel the same way. So many people simply don’t function in our society. In a lot of societies. Homelessness is increasing where I live. How we live in the modern world can be tough, and our bodies and minds aren’t built for it. Our ideas about work in the U.S. are unrealistic. Many people work very hard for very little, and even the people who make more money become illl from the stress. We are a wealthy country, and people who have it worse come here for a chance to survive. We don’t live for people anymore. We live for investors and corporations, so many fall through the cracks.

    • MMurphy says:

      She won’t be released from this if she is still generating income. So if they never let her retire-then it will never happen.

    • Erinn says:

      It kind of makes me question how capable she was before the breakdown. It’s a sad story either way.

    • Malificent says:

      I think the continued conservatorship is a recognition that Britney has a chronic mental health condition that may have periodic flare-ups. She may spend 95% of her time able to manage her own personal and financial affairs, but the conservatorship can be ready to step in place for those times when she is not able to manage on her own. If they removed the conservatorship, the next time Britney has mental health issues, they would have to go through all of the legal wrangling all over again.

  4. L84Tea says:

    This is one area where I am just going to speculate that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than we will ever realize. I tend to really think Britney was a lot more mentally unstable than we knew, and what the public saw was pretty horrific. I don’t know, I just think there has to be a reason why her Dad is still in control.

    • smcollins says:

      You’re probably right. Her public meltdown was horrible and heartbreaking, but I’m sure there was (is?) lot more going on. She’s been under this conservatorship for, what, 11/12 years now? Obviously there’s a lot we don’t know, and don’t need to know, about her mental health. She seems to be in a good place now and I’m always rooting for her.

    • Millenial says:

      Yeah, does VH1 still do Behind the Music’s? Because Britney’s would be a mini-series.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Anyone remember the Rolling Stone profile that was done shortly after her breakdown in 07? It was a sobering eye opener and really showed that she didn’t have much support when she needed it. One of the interviewees talked about Britney’s management taking her to clubs and letting her indulge in drinks/drugs fairly early in her career. The idea was to ease the pressure of the spotlight, the work, etc. and get her to have fun.

  5. Lara says:

    Yikes her fingers in the first photo. And yes something sounds fishy here.

  6. mycomment says:

    ‘Andrew Wallet’ … are you kidding me? at least tell me this is an alias.. why in the world would you ever hire a ‘financial conservator’ with that name. is his middle name ‘skimming off the top’.
    this poor girl. she just needs to retire and take care of her children and live comfortably.

    • Lolly says:

      Why should she retire? Just because she may have a mental illness, that she has a handle on? She obviously loves what she does, and it probably keeps her mentally satisfied too.

      • mycomment says:

        the pressures of putting on a las vegas show and filling those seats.. not to mention, las vegas being such a healthy place to live. she could always open a dance studio for kids.

      • kim says:

        I agree with you Lolly.

        Britney doesn’t have any pressure filling seats. She is an icon that people flock to and are eager to see. Open a kid studio? nahh….that’s not even close to reality.

      • Bebe says:

        @mycomment clearly you’ve never been to Vegas or at least outside of the strip. Vegas/Henderson has a huge population that continues to expand quickly. It’s considered a good place to live and raise a family. My sister lives and raises her small children in Vegas and last time I checked they were all very healthy and happy.

      • JinnyBye says:

        I’d be surprised if she could past get the requisite checks to work with children. The last time she was unstable she took her own children hostage and was a serious threat to their lives. She still can’t care for them without help.

    • Meganbot2000 says:

      Wallet is actually a traditional aristocratic English name. It dates back to 1066 (the original Lord Whalley was William the Conqueror’s Standard Bearer in the Battle of Hastings, and Whalley later became Anglicised to Wallet). There’s a Wallet coat of arms and everything.

  7. Michael says:

    I always wondered about her father having so much control over her money but then I wondered what he would do with it? He is not married and does not have some 20 something girlfriend to lavish money on. It is possible is giving money to Britney’s younger sister but other then that what would he need to steal money for? Unless there is some drug or gambling problem we have not heard of.

  8. Lala11_7 says:



    Perhaps once Daddy was indisposed and Wallet (seriously…with that name…SIGH…) got to look at what was REALLY going on…he was like…

    “I’M OUT!!!!”

  9. Other Renee says:

    How many times do you think he’s been asked, “ What’s in your wallet?”

    Seriously though, I agree with Lala11. A very real possibility. If true, that would be very sad.

  10. What's Inside says:

    This is not a mature stable woman who is able to be independent. She has been lucky that her father was able to step up when she most needed saving, but ageing is unforgiving — you lose your youth, your family members, your health.

  11. Pandy says:

    I thought this was one of her better wigs! About the rest of it, I don’t really care.

  12. Bex says:

    The length of the conservatorship has always weirded me out a little. I understand she needed intervention early on–and I’m glad she got the help she needed.

    However, I am also bipolar. When I was 18, I had a pretty spectacular breakdown that, while it wasn’t as public as Britney’s, obviously, it was every bit as horrific as what we saw (I’m sure there was more that we didn’t see).

    I’m Britney’s age, so I’m 37 now. I’ve been married happily for over 15 years. I’ve had a good, stable career for many years, and have been in all other respects a fully functional adult who just happens to need to take meds and regular mental health time.

    I don’t know the specifics of her situation, and I know her prominence and wealth gives her more avenues of risk than the ones that are open to me… but I cannot imagine having no legal input into my own day-to-day. The fact that the conservatorship appears to be open-ended just weirds me out.

    • Ash says:

      There are probably more issues than bipolar disorder. And she is probably on a high spectrum of whatever it is she is afflicted with regardless. Not really our business, but she would not have courts siding with her father if there wasn’t something severe going on. Mental illness is a miserable beast, and just because she looks great on stage for a couple hours doesn’t mean that there is not a lot going on behind the scenes.

      • Other Renee says:

        She would also be prey to all the evil, manipulative Sam Lutfis of the world. And there are plenty of them unfortunately.

    • JinnyBye says:

      She’s more than bipolar. It’s been a long time since her camp let anything leak, but back in the day they said she had several co-morbid personality disorders and mental illnesses.

      She doesn’t function as an adult. She never has. She can’t look after herself. If she didn’t have money, if she’d never become famous, best case is she’d be in care. The conservatorship gives her far more independence than a more normal arrangement would.

  13. raincoaster says:

    Britney Spears is 37 years old. GOD, WE ARE ALL OLD!