Tom Cruise & David Beckham flirt as Posh fumes & sulks

David and Victoria Beckham recently celebrated their tenth anniversary – a wonderful achievement facilitated by several compromises within their marriage. Posh and Becks have a mutually beneficial relationship, all about celebrity and money and fame. But at the heart of it, I do think they love each other and they obviously adore their sons. Still, after ten years together, I tend to think Posh has to put up with a lot from Becks. She has to put up with Tom Cruise constantly ogling her husband, for one thing. She also has to put up with Becks ogling everything in a skirt. Unfortunately for Posh, those two compromises came to a head on Sunday night, when she, Becks and Tom Cruise went out to a bar after David played a home game in L.A.:

What did David Beckham do after being booed at his first home game with the Los Angeles Galaxy Sunday? He partied with wife Victoria and celeb pal Tom Cruise at L.A.’s swanky hotspot Hyde –and when Posh got snooty, Becks grabbed some booty.


Our spies tell exclusively that Tom and the Beckham’s settled into a cozy table right near the entrance to Hyde after the game. Katie (aka Mrs. Tom Cruise) was nowhere to be seen. Guess she was at home doing mommy duty with Suri.

The ever-so-chic Victoria sat cross-legged on the couch the entire time while Tom and David rekindled their bromance and partied like frat boys. Our spies it was all fun-fun-fun until three girls wearing very skimpy dresses (and apparently feeling no pain) approached the soccer stud and asked to take pictures with him.

Posh looked peeved, but before she could shoo the trampy trio away, David blurted out “sure!” and grabbed two of the ladies and put his buff arms around them. Sources tell us the girls tumbled over Victoria in excitement and she came very, very angry!

Our spies say David was overly flirtatious with the girls, even grabbing the camera and taking photos of them as they pawed at each other for David’s benefit, no doubt. That set Victoria over the edge! She moved to the other side of the couch and gave her hottie husband the cold shoulder.

Our spies say she wouldn’t even look at him! David didn’t seem to notice, or even care. He and Cruise then grabbed a body guard and pushed their way through the packed crowd to get to the bar to get some more cocktails. Our sources say that’s when Becks grabbed a girl’s behind! The girl looked at him in shock, but he kept walking.

Tom and David drank away, while Tom boogied down to Jackson 5 songs. It was definitely a boys’ night out. Victoria must have felt like a third wheel!

[From Radar]

So Posh could handle it when Tom Cruise was all over her husband, but she couldn’t handle it when her husband was all over some random drunk chicks. I can understand that. But do you think Tom was upset that David was ignoring him in favor of flirtations with random drunk girls? And where is Katie Holmes when all of this went down? Oh, right. She’s in Australia filming a movie and taking care of Suri, all on her own. Meanwhile her husband is having a “boys night” with David and Victoria “Not Involved With Boy‘s Night” Beckham. Here’s a question for all the married ladies out there – what would you do if Tom Cruise was all over your husband? Would you just take it as a compliment and ignore it? Or would it bother you?

Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckham, Connor and Isabella Cruise are shown watching David Beckham play for LA Galaxy on 7/19/09. Credit:

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22 Responses to “Tom Cruise & David Beckham flirt as Posh fumes & sulks”

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  1. Dorothy says:


  2. Beth says:

    This is an unbelievable story. I can’t imagine David openly coming onto and grabbing women in front of Victoria. That doesn’t make sense at all. If she wasn’t there, the story would be a lot more believable.

  3. wif says:

    What would I do if TC was all over my husband? Get my husband drunk and hide in the closet with the camera. There’s money to be made!

  4. Ursula says:

    LOL wif, that was hilarious. They are both gorgeous men. Vic should look for other game.

  5. CC says:

    Umm, sure – total bullshit considering TC has openly stated numerous times he doesn’t drink…I don’t know many “frat boys” who don’t drink.

  6. clare says:

    Tom’s face looks so freaky now from the plastic surgery that he and Bruce Jenner could pass for sisters!

  7. courtney says:

    the way the article is written, the language is clearly trying to be salacious and loaded.

    example: “Our spies say David was overly flirtatious with the girls, even grabbing the camera and taking photos of them as they pawed at each other for David’s benefit, no doubt.”

    to me it seems that there were three fans who were fortunate enough to get close to him and yes, they may have been touchy, but pawed? come one, what does that even mean. and saying that david grabbed the camera…it’s nice to know that there is one celeb that is
    willing to take a picture with fans, with enthusiasm.

    i may be chastised for naivety but i truly think this is a simple story blown out of proportion through some clever language.

  8. sickofit says:

    tom cruise really gives me the creeps, he should just admit hes gay. that would be honest.

  9. Ursula says:

    Sickof it, why should he? It is his life. I bet you would love it if he admitted he was gay, became a spokes person and totally lost it because he could not handle coming out. Let people be, it is his life. People like you give gays a bad name.

  10. docalion says:

    I believe this is not true.

  11. Kimble says:

    Look people: David is using TC to get Vicky jealous, she’ll divorce him and then he is free to spend the rest of his life with the REAL LOVE of his life – ME!!!!

  12. Annie says:

    CB, these ads are getting slightly ridiculous. I can’t stick my mouse anywhere without shit popping up. (that’swhatshesaid)

  13. annie says:

    I wouldn’t want Tom Cruise anywhere near my husband, myself or any of my family. The guy is just far too ….glib.

  14. wtf says:

    this is total bunk, there’s no way they would have to fight their way to the bar (with a body guard) I’m sure the waitresses were falling over themselves to wait on them… also they’d be in the VIP section so no skanks would try to hit them up for photos…

  15. RuffianSuz says:

    Best.Headline.Ever. Stop pouting, Vicky, maybe they’ll let you play too.

  16. archiepelago says:

    This reads like Penthouse Forum…. “the girls tumbled over Victoria in excitement and she came very, very angry!”…. she came very angry? Sounds like she was mad at herself for getting excited over the ‘trampy trio’, lol

  17. tasteT says:

    yeah, TC doesn’t drink but he is on something, remember when he jumped on Oprah’s couch??

    maybe he takes anti-depressants..

    I wonder why he is not taking Human Growth hormones, it makes you taller they say..just joking

    I could see Beck’s squeezing someone’s bum in a tight crowd, its not out in the open and Vic hardly has any meat on her body so give him a break!

  18. Laura says:

    Huh?? Where does it say that Tom was ogling David B?

  19. boomchakaboom says:

    What would I do if Tom Cruise flung his tiny self at my husband? I wouldn’t do anything. My husband would pick him up by the scruff of the neck and put him back into his little kennel.

  20. Mary Jane says:

    VB looks like she could knock TC out with one punch… er, I mean slap!

  21. Daniella says:

    If Tom Cruise was all over my husband, it would not bother me in the least. David Beckham is a good looking, rich athlete. Women are always going to be all over him and at some point he will give in to temptation. That doesn’t make it right but he is human.

  22. Tom Cruise freaks me out- he is the weirdest dude in hollywood. Whenever he speaks in public, he tries really hard to sound smart- it’s just not the same without the script, tommyboy.