Chris Brown releases video apology: “What I did was inexcusable”

It was back in February, a little more than five months ago, when Chris Brown attacked Rihanna as they drove home from a pre-Grammy party. All hell broke loose, and for weeks there was constant speculation as to the exact circumstances of the incident. A photograph of Rihanna’s injuries was leaked from the LAPD just days after the beating that show (in my mind) what happened that night – a young man beat the hell out of his young girlfriend.

Initially, Chris Brown released a lukewarm statement on the incident, saying that “words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired.” Chris said he was seeking counseling, and then went on to point out that “Much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong.” Chris and Rihanna even spent time together after the incident, and it looked like she might forgive him or go back to him for a short while. Thankfully, someone must have talked some sense into her, because after a few weeks, Rihanna began steering clear of Chris.

Meanwhile, in the past few months, Chris’s actions and words seem to show that he wasn’t really sorry or concerned with learning any life lessons from the incident. In May, Chris made a video telling his fans and the world “We ain’t goin nowhere. Everybody that’s haters, they’ve just been haters. All my real fans, I love y’all. I aint a monster.” After Chris pled guilty and received five years probation, he seemed to celebrate by going on vacation and making the rounds on the party circuit with P. Diddy.

Perhaps Chris was concerned that his image may be permanently damaged by everything that’s transpired the past five months. Perhaps Chris really is sorry. In either case, Chris made a new video, this time giving a more soul-searching and in-depth apology. In the two minute video, posted first on TMZ, Chris does seem genuine and honest as he takes full responsibility for the incident that he now claims he’s “ashamed” of. Here’s the transcript of the statement:

“Hi, I’m Chris Brown. Since February my attorney has advised me not to speak out, even though since the incident I wanted to publicly express my deepest regret and accept full responsibility.”

“Although I would do some interviews and answer some questions in the future, I felt it was time you heard directly from me that I am sorry. I have tried to live my life in a way that would make those around me proud of me, and until recently, I think I was doing a pretty good job. I wish I had the chance to live those few moments again, but unfortunately I can’t.”

“I cannot go into what happened, and most importantly, I’m not going to sit here and make any excuses. I take great pride in me being able to exercise self-control and what I did was inexcusable. I am very sad and very ashamed of what I’ve done.”

“My mother and my spiritual teachers have taught me way better than that. I have told Rihanna countless times, and I’m telling you today that I am truly, truly sorry, and I wasn’t able to handle the situation both differently and better. I recognize that I’ve truly been blessed. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family, wonderful friends and fans. God has been generous in giving me the ability which has brought me fame and fortune.”

“I have done a lot of soul-searching, and over the past several months I’ve talked with my minister and my mother, and I spent a lot of time trying to understand what happened and why. I have let a lot of people down, and I realize that.”

“No one is more disappointed than in me than I am. As many of you know, I grew up in a home where there was domestic violence and I saw firsthand what uncontrolled rage could do. I have sought and am continuing to seek help to ensure that what occurred in February can never happen again.”

“As I sit here today I can tell you that I will do everything in my power to make sure that it never happens again, and I promise that. What I did was unacceptable, 100 percent. I can only ask and pray that you forgive me, please. I hope that others learn from my mistakes. I intend to live my life so that I am truly worthy of the term ‘role model.’ Thank you.”

[Transcript via US Weekly]

As I said, I do think the general emotion behind this is genuine. I do hope Chris is sorry, and I hope and pray he learns from his mistakes. I don’t think he’s learned the lesson yet though, for all of this “taking full responsibility” talk. I think Chris has learned from the incident that he can beat the hell out of his girlfriend and she’ll forgive him, many of his fans will forgive him, and he can walk away without going to jail. In child rearing, that’s considered positive reinforcement of negative behavior.

My greatest fear is that everyone will look at this video and say “Oh, okay, he really is sorry, let’s not make a big deal about this anymore.” It is a big deal, whether or not he’s contrite, whether or not that contrition is real or fake or private or public. What I’d like to hear from him is “I will never strike a woman again ever, in my life, so help me God, and if I ever break this promise, send me to jail and throw away the key.”

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  1. flourpot says:

    too little, too late. having cash flow issues, Chris?

  2. Jeane says:

    Bah humbug.

  3. Jazz says:

    Too late and too scripted. Real men don’t hit women.

  4. CHEVY BLUE says:

    What happened betwen Chris and Rhiana is personal. We ar not fit to judge that young man. His voice is why we love him, his dancing makes women desire him and his looks tops the cake. SING CHRIS!!!SING!! DID ANY OF YOU IDIOTS ASK..WHAT DID RHIANN DO? CAN YOU FATHOM YOUNG LOVE IN TE SPT LIGHT AND WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE TABLOIDS TOUCH HOME? HELL NO. I STILL LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU CHRIS. ONE LOVE

  5. lulu says:

    Chev blue, you are clearly an idiot, not matter what she may have said or done, a man hitting a woman is WRONG, there are plenty of young couples in the spotlight who don’t beat each other, it’s idiots like you, who make people think that it’s ok to hit a woman within the right circumstances. I personally don’t think people should listen to him sing and make him rich and famous, he’s a disgraceful role model and doesn’t deserve any of it.

  6. Neelyo says:

    Well judging by that performance he can’t fall back on an acting career. That was as sincere as a Paris Hilton orgasm.

    He should have just said please buy my records and be done with it.

  7. CandyKay says:

    Wow. This guy could find a cure for AIDS, capture Osama bin Laden, and forge a Mideast peace agreement and revive John Lennon from the dead and you still wouldn’t forgive him.

    He screwed up, big time. He realizes he screwed up. We’ve all had a very valuable teachable moment – hitting someone you love is never OK.


  8. ash says:

    lulu – 1, ChevyBlue – 0.

  9. Shelly Shellz says:

    Ive said this in previous threads when this whole incident came into the scene & got alot of backlash for it but, I’ll say it again… CB is young & its still so early in his life for him to recogize what he did & change his ways. Ppl r so ignorant & so damn judgemental when they repeat the same bs patterns in their lives yet think its ok to constantly call someone out on their mistake(s) when theyre clearly tryna btr themselves as a person. His apology looks genuine & sincere. I say kudos to Chris for coming out w this public apology, recognizing his horrible mistake & taking the appropriate measures to ensure that domestic violence isnt a pattern he’d be repeating. Im pulling for u Chris.

  10. BiggieShortie says:

    That was a very nicely done and contrite speech. Someone ELSE wrote it.
    It’s like they got all the right words, but he had ALL THE WRONG ACTIONS. Not only for beating her ass, but immediately following the incident, he was not the LEAST bit remorseful. It was obvious in his fun-filled excursions and lack of even a PRETENSE that he had done something horrible.
    Screw him.

    And yep, I believe it IS a cash flow problem that prompted this.

  11. wtf??? says:

    its a good this point if you dnt buy into it, you never will…i can guarantee you he could have continued and said nothing and still be successful..his fans never left him…

    i am glad he is speaking out because millions of his teenage fans still love him whether you like it or not.. his statement definately shows he is making a stand and am glad he did it whatever other people may think..

    good start chris and i know we will be hearing more from least he is doing something…good start chris and we need more!!!!

  12. Mommy says:

    What are the chances that this was the first and only time he hit a woman? Exactly. How about admitting that he’s been an abuser for YEARS and he’s truly, truly sorry. It makes me wonder all the pictures we saw of Rhianna with a coat over her face in the airport…what did her face look like that time Chris? Or are you truly, truly sorry for that time too?

  13. Lara says:

    If he was truly sorry why did he plead not guilty at first?

  14. Snoopchew says:

    Something in his upbringing had told him that it is okay to beat a woman. It takes more than an empty apology with no serious intentions of curing this behaviour, to regain any respect for him as a decent honorable man.
    No Man ever hits a woman! EVER!!

  15. PrettyEmbalmer says:

    so scripted! i liked him until this rihanna beatdown happened. i no longer support his career. he couldnt pay me enough to buy his new cd or anything with his face on it. one day he’s gonna raise his hand to the wrong woman and she is gonna chop that hand off lol

  16. Whitney says:

    So I’m under the impression that no one here as ever made a big mistake or atleast ever been 19 years old. His behavior was inexcusable, but if he’s taken this up with his spiritual advisors and in the process of paying his debt to society, what more do you want from him? Should the pope appear with him and officialy absolve him? Truthfully, no matter what he said there would’ve been a select few that wouldn’t deem it good enough. And my question to those people is who gave u the dominion over the authentication of sincerety? Honestly, I’ve been 19 and made some cringeworthy decisions, but i’ve had the benefit of not having the whole world watching, which i am assuming others on this thread have had as well. And far be it from me or others to cast stones so hastily, when we are dealing with our own imperfections, lest you all don’t remember those.

  17. PrettyEmbalmer says:

    For some reason though, i have friends who still support him…the same way people still support R. Kelly after allegedly having sex with an underage girl

  18. PrettyEmbalmer says:

    Whitney i get what youre saying but his actions after this incident do not show remorse. search for his new song “oops” and search for pictures of him wearing his new “oops” chain. its like he is making a joke out of the entire situation and thats why i personally cant support him

  19. OXA says:

    He is apologizing because his disgusting bahaviour lost him income and fans. There is never an excuse for his disgusting kind of abuse.

  20. Snoopchew says:

    Whitney, Striking or beating a woman is not an imperfection. IT IS A CRIME!!

  21. Whitney says:

    @prettyemblar I’m not going to make excuses for that. IMO, that was extremely foolish and helped to re-ignite the situation. He might’ve been feeling like yes i f’ed up but will i be punished for it for the rest of my life? which is an understandable sentiment, but entirely inappropriate to voice at this point in time. Bottomline dumb move.

    @Snoopchew Indeed and so is running red lights, littering and downloading music illegally. Get this, he has already been judged and sentenced for his crime by a court of law. I just don’t see how you or me, personally, fit into that equation. The only person who’s judgement has any credence already has all the facts and handed down the punishment necessary. Tell me you have enough faith in our judicial system to believe that if he was truly an ongoing threat to society, he wouldn’t still be on the streets.

  22. KJ says:

    I completely understand what you’re saying, but I have to disagree that this particular situation doesn’t affect any of us. It’s true that IF he is truly sorry for the pain he caused (and not simply sorry because he got caught), and IF it is true that he is seeking help to correct a cycle of violence that he himself has witnessed, then he does deserve to be forgiven. However, I think it would have been extremely important for him to say something about the blame the victim mentality that he, his peers and many of his fans share. Supporters of Chris go around asking what Rihanna did or said to cause him to beat her, as if anything she could do short of going after him with a gun would have warranted that kind of response. Even if he was protecting himself, subduing her in self defense and beating the ever living daylights out of her are two very different things. It’s important for him to say, as a man from a minority group (don’t jump on me, I’m a black woman) in which domestic violence is so prevalent and often times culturally accepted, that it is never ok to beat a woman, no matter what she does or says, and he deserves 100% of the blame for her suffering. He needs to clarify to his fans, boys and girls, that the victim of abuse is never to blame for what happened. Ever. And it may not be our lives, but it DOES affect us. He is a man in the public eye, and a mirror image of a common issue in many communities. A man beats his wife/girlfriend, and everyone turns a blind eye and/or blames her for stepping out of line. If he were truly sorry, and I don’t necessarily doubt that he is, he would find some way to work with domestic violence prevention groups and talk to the young minds he has such a hold over about the situation. As much as we hate it, people look to those in the spotlight for guidance. It’s time for him to lead.

  23. TaylorB says:

    Whitney wrote (regarding the beating of Rihanna being a crime): “Indeed and so is running red lights, littering and downloading music illegally”

    Let me ask you this, in all honesty, are you actually equating beating a loved one (be they a man, woman, or child) with ‘running red lights, littering, and downloading music’? If not and that was simply a very poorly worded arguement then please accept my apology but I would suggest that you choose your words a bit more judiciously in the future; If so then you need to do some serious reflection as that kind of rationalization is puerile at best and dangerous at worst.

    I do not mean to be rude to you or show you any disrespect, but equating violent crime with non-violent crime is a very slippery slope.

  24. Iggles says:

    19 is old enough to know better.

    Do we let a 19 year old keep free money if he steals it from a bank? Do we give a 19 year old a free pass if he harms a child? Do we give a 19 year old a pass if he rapes women? Do we give a 19 year old a pass if they murder someone?

    I thought not.

    C Breezy is a punk and it’s a wrap. It doesn’t matter how many teenage girls love him. Parents in the suburbs ain’t gonna pay for his CDs and let their kids go to his concerts. And yes, just like rappers CB makes most of his money from white suburbanites.

  25. Whitney says:

    @TaylorB I both tastefully and respectfully disagree. I believe you have missed the crux of my argument. We have appointed officials who’s charge it is to investigate the facts, purvey the evidence and interpret the law and consequently appropriate punishment as they see fit. None of those people happen to be you, me, or the administraters of this site. This is how we’ve decided on our judicial system to run. This is what has happened, case closed. I do not see what place anyone has to excise more judgment and punishment against him, when the matter has already been seen to. May he never progress from this? Must he stagnate on this issue for 50-60 yrs or how ever long the rest of his life is? That is merely all im saying.

    Perhaps the other illegal actions were not the best illustration of my point. But let me try another. McNair’s mistress killed him, the ultimate display of violence. I scoured this site to see any show of condolence or remorse for this man’s lost life. I didn’t see any. We don’t know what transpired between those two. Just as we don’t know what transpired between Chris and Rihanna. But I know this woman who killed a man, has not been condemned or talked about to the extent or degree to which Chris has been condemned. Can you believe that striking someone is equivalent or worse than taking another’s life? No one was up in arms over that. I just notice a striking coincidence of where the blame lies and doesn’t lie in both situations.

  26. KJ says:

    About McNair’s mistress, I think that the reason she hasn’t been seen as such a demon in that case is that yes, she is a woman. But at the same time, I think had she not taken her own life, there would be more of a backlash against her. I think the fact that she shot herself afterward is indicative of much more than a “reverse” domestic violence issue (and I hate using the term reverse when it comes to stuff like this, because it implies that it’s backward for a woman to abuse a man, as if there is a correct way to go about it). Her actions and the stories about her make her seem legitimately mentally troubled, not just abusive. We’ll never know, but I honestly think that has less to do with her being a woman, and more to do with her committing suicide after the fact. Not to say it DOESN’T have anything to do with the fact that she is a she. Abuse is abuse, no matter who’s abusing and who’s being abused.

  27. the original kate says:

    i don’t think he should get a pass because he’s 19, either. that is old enough to know right from wrong. but he is young and if he really wants to change i hope he can. his sentence was very light, considering how badly rhianna was beaten, so i don’t really know how he is to learn from it.

    and anyone who equates beating someone to illegally downloading music is a moron.

  28. Whitney says:

    the original kate i think you might be the moron if you comment without reading the whole conversation.

  29. j. ferber says:

    Yeah, this jerk wants to erase even the public censure he’s been getting after the slap on the wrist from the judicial system. Because public censure equals less dollars in his bank account. What can he do now? How about make public service messages against domestic violence, write a song against it, volunteer time/money to a domestic violence program, speak at schools,etc.? If he truly believes that what he did was wrong, he could do something to try to break the cycle of violence. Beating another person is not a “mistake.” It’s a deliberate choice to exert power, control and physical dominion over a person. And Rhianna had told the police the violence had been escalating over the previous months (very common in these situations). So whoever says people have no right to judge him, they’re wrong. We always have the right to form opinions of other people, especially when based on police reports, photographs, a guilty plea in court, etc. In the end, it may only take public censure and a loss of income to set Chris on the right path.

  30. TaylorB says:

    “I believe you have missed the crux of my argument. We have appointed officials who’s charge it is to investigate the facts, purvey the evidence and interpret the law and consequently appropriate punishment as they see fit. None of those people happen to be you, me, or the administraters of this site. This is how we’ve decided on our judicial system to run. This is what has happened, case closed.”

    Well, I think you missed my point as well, it was not about the justice system (that is a different beast) it was that I personally (and this is just my opinion) find it beyond the pale to equate a crime like littering with beating a person, I find that a terribly irresponsible comparison. These two crimes are not on the same page, sorta like, while both shoplifting and murder are crimes in the eyes of the law, they are not and should not be equitable in the slightest. I hope we can agree on that. If you misread my comment as some sort of comment against Chris Brown, it wasn’t, I was simply uncomfortable with the juxtaposition of littering vs. battering. I hope that clears thing up.

  31. michelle says:


    I believe that TaylorB has more ground to stand on here. I am not saying CB cannot grow, but this is the one and only action he has taken thus far to indicate any type of remorse for his actions. If he actually wants to grow than what he needs to do is take action. It is great that he is seeking help from his spiritual advisor, but anyone can say that. His “Oops” charm and prior video indicate that he only cared that he got caught. At this point I do not judge him; I just don’t listen to his music. I would consider it in the future if he follows up on this video with solid actions like supporting domestic violence prevention causes, volunteering, making a PSA, etc. Oh, and running a red light does not come with a five year probation sentence, unless, for example, the driver plows into another and kills them (which is manslaughter) or the driver is drunk or some other offense. So no beating a loved one is not the same, and should not be compared with the other infractions you mentioned.

  32. Whitney says:

    And again, to better re-illustrate my point I used the example of McNair’s murder, which hasn’t received round the clock coverage as this is. Are you not as or more appalled by this case of domestic violence? I just haven’t heard the public outcry on this site. That man is dead no matter what he did/didn’t do deserved/didn’t deserve. In either case violence was not warranted and wildly inappropriate. I just don’t hear any rallying cries for justice for him.

  33. michelle says:


    You don’t hear rallying cries because the person who perpetrated the crime killed herself. How much more do you want?

    The McNair case is unbelievably sad, the assailant was wrong, but what “justice” is to be had? The CB case is a completely different situation. It is like comparing apples to oranges. Chris Brown could perpetuate a crime of the McNair magnitude if he does not realize he has a problem and properly address and treat it. I think with time people will forgive Chris, but quite honestly he has done nothing up until this video to deserve to gain his fans back. Let’s review shall we?

    CB belligerently beat Rhianna to a pulp, he fled the seen, he pled not guilty, made a stupid video claiming no responsibility, wore an Oops chain, was eventually sentenced to five years probation, partied it up, and now, approximately five months after the fact finally released a video saying he was sorry and taking responsibility. I don’t know about you, but I like to see the aforementioned action I previously spoke about to back up actual remorse for such a heinous crime.

  34. Whitney says:

    @ michelle, it seems that you’re arguing that justice has been served in the mcnair case. Well in that same vein, it has also been served in the RIHANNA and brown case. He’s been judged and sentence. I really don’t it’s you he needs to appease. He’s made peace with the victim and is paying his debt to society. So support him or don’t your choice. Either way i’m tired of talking about it.

  35. Shelly Shellz says:

    Team Whitney

  36. michelle says:

    What is justice in the McNair case? I do not think it is possible. Oh and don’t be a bitch about the fact that I misspelled Rihanna, since you cannot spell “administraters” “atleast” “officialy” “sincerety” “cringeworthy” “judgement” “who’s”
    The correct way to spell these words are:
    at least
    cringe worthy

  37. michelle says:

    Oh and it is apparent that you cannot read because I said “The McNair case is unbelievably sad, the assailant was wrong, but what “justice” is to be had?”

  38. Caitlan says:

    I don’t buy his apology/ Actually what bothered me the most, was right after the incident he went to Vegas and then some other high end vacation spot where he was photographed on jet skies having the time of his life. Sure he’s real sorry. . He was lucky that’s all, and now I hope his luck will run out.

  39. Whitney says:

    @michelle thank heavens for the anonymity of the internet huh?
    Who’s is a contraction of who is
    Cringeworthy may be written as one word or two
    And a judgement is a legal term that may be used in substitution of judgment or here I am not above reproach and was typing both passionately and quickly. Further more,I only spelled her name correctly out of habit (because i see it all the time) and consideration. I hate it when people spell mine whintey or whittney.

  40. HashBrowns says:

    @Whitney: The reason why no one talks about the McNair case is twofold. One, he wasn’t that famous. Sports stars are rarely as famous as say, a singer or actor, so they get far less attention in the media for doing things.

    The second is that both people are DEAD. Not just McNair. If the mistress were still alive, there would be people coming for her head all across the country. But there is no one to point the finger at anymore. No one to blame. The person who perpetrated the crime is dead. The story is, therefore, dead. What more can anyone do in that case? It’s closed.

    About Rihanna and Chris Brown…they are both still living. And young. And super famous. Chris Brown more so than Rihanna. They were a mega couple in the R&B/hip hop world. Everyone thought they were just the cutest little hip hop Prince and Princess.

    And then this happens. Something that most people think only happens to low class or poor people.

    The reason why people won’t let this go is because he showed NO remorse directly after it happened. None. If anything he showed complete indifference and then mild indignation at having to apologize for what happened (for what happened, not for actually doing it).

    Then five months later he releases this obviously scripted and fake as all hell video about how he’s sorry. Yea, you’re sorry now. You’re sorry now that you realize that you’ve lost fans and money over this.

    The only part that he was sincere about in this video was at :48 seconds in when he roughly states that he’s tol’ Rihanna and he’s telling us now…blah blah blah. The way in which he chose to say that one bit shows me that he’s angry about it, not sad. And anger begets violence.

  41. pumak says:

    a bastard. never to surface again

  42. michelle says:

    “The only person who’s judgement has any credence already has all the facts and handed down the punishment necessary.”

    If you replace your who’s with who is, it doesn’t make sense, whose does.

    I admit I got a bit snarky, but you capitalized all of Rihanna pointing it out, so I thought you were being rude, so I went there to. My apologies, I try to be better than that but sometimes it is just too damn hard to be!

  43. Exterminator says:

    He is reading from cue cards. Enough said…

  44. Lizzy says:

    From Rhianna’s own lyrics:

    I’m breaking dishes up in here
    All night (Oh-oh)
    I ain’t go stop until I see police lights (Oh-oh)
    I’m a fight a man (tonight)
    I’m a fight a man (tonight)
    I’m a fight a man
    A man, a man, a ma-a-a-an
    A man, a man, a ma-a-a-an

    Now. There is no way that I would EVER condone what Chris Brown did–I’m not saying that if she hit him she deserved it, but…I hope that women will get what I am saying and that is to be SMART. Do not hit men. They may actually hit you back. Men, in spite of what Gloria Steinem would like to tell you, are stronger. Be smart, ladies. Walk away if you can or call the cops.

    I saw this girl in high school pummel her boyfriend for at least five minutes with people laughing and then when he snapped and smacked her back the crowd was all over him–and rightly so.

    People should never hit smaller people be it a among men, men and women, or women and women. But…women need to quit with the “I can do anything I want and nothing’s gonna happen to me” attitude. Or even the “I’m gonna fight a man tonight” attitude. No, lady, you may hit a man tonight, but fight? No, no, no.

    That song of hers was stupid and I hope she has the sense to not sing it in concert again.

    Lastly, women need to learn to appreciate guys who don’t act like ubermensch or thugs. Love the dweebs. Dweebs don’t generally go to jail on battery charges.

  45. Iggles says:

    HashBrown – You are my hero. ;-)

    Whitney – I really hope you never get involved with anyone like CB. It doesn’t matter than you’re defending the douche. No one deserves to go through what Riri went through. Sad to say, but homegirl is once of the lucky ones. That crazy MF could have easily killed her. I’m glad she got out with her life.

  46. TaylorB says:


    I understand what you are getting at, but perhaps another way to approach this is to simply live by the credo ‘do not hit the ones you love’ be they man, woman, or child. Actually it is probably just best not to hit other people regardless if you love them or not. Violence begets violence, there is rarely a positive outcome.

  47. HashBrowns says:

    @Lizzy, while I do understand where you are coming from (and TaylorB said it much more politely than I will), that is a very silly thing to say.

    Blaming the victim because of a song she sings is silly.

    No one should hit anyone, ever, for any reason. That is the truth of the matter.

    However, there is no blame in someone getting beaten except with the abuser. It is ALWAYS the abuser’s fault. It doesn’t matter if the victim hit the abuser first, it doesn’t matter if the victim yelled at the abuser, it doesn’t matter if the victim threw something at them.

    A person who knows they are physically stronger than another and uses that power to exert their will and dominance on the other person (who they supposedly love or care for) has committed a serious act of betrayal and a crime.

    A person who knows they are physically stronger than another should NEVER hit or physically harm the smaller person, no matter what that person is doing (aside from threatening their life, i.e. with a firearm or knife or something).

  48. nelly says:

    The only reason CB is making regreat statements right now, is because he’s not selling more records, signing publicity contracts or appearing in the media (at least in a good way). I bet he’s not sorry at all. He only wants to put back is “sweet american boy rnb singer” image the he had before this incident with Rihanna.
    Good move, Chris. But i personally don’t believe in you and i think is too late for any excuses.

  49. Jag says:

    I didn’t read his script because that’s just what it is – a script that he’s reading for the cameras. How will I forgive him? By his actions. If he changes as a person, changes his daily activities, and changes how he comes across in public, then yes, I’ll believe he has changed. But until then, I call shenannigans. (This being said by a child of an emotional and physical abuser for over 20 years, where the abuser finally did change and is now a good person. So it can happen, but words are just words until the actions change.)

  50. Hieronymus Grex says:

    That’s nice but, your ass should be in jail Chris, just like if it were any of us un-famous people.

  51. Snoopchew says:

    Taylor B: If I could respond to all the rhetoric that transpired since my comment that “striking or beating a woman is a crime”!! I don’t think I could have worded it better than you. Except that you may have been a bit lenient.
    Like how a blogger could reconcile running a red light with a felony beating is equal.
    Like how someone so disingenious in an apology deserves a break.
    And like he does not deserve to be free from a program that compells his rehabilitation (not unlike getting him off the streets).
    These need to be stressed especially to those who are vulnerable.
    Thank you for your expressed concern.

  52. Lala says:

    GOD Chris is such an asshole!!! Rihanna Was WAAAAAAAAAAAY Too good for him!!!How dare he hit her like that!!!im gonna translate that pathatic speech chris just made in one sentence…PLEASE PEOPLE IM BEGGING TO YOU PLEASE BUY MY ALBUMS!!!!chris say goodbye to carrier and hello to the streets!!!!TEAM RIHANNA

  53. daisy says:

    maybe if it was your daughter.. you would feel otherwise whitney…. But if thats the case..what if it was your son, others? ahhhh

  54. TaylorB says:

    Daisy wrote: “what if it was your son, others? ahhhh”

    I can say in all honesty and without hesitation if my son or daughter ever beat their spouse or child I would call the police myself. Maybe that makes me a ‘mean’ person, but frankly that kind of behaviour (spousal or child abuse) is absolutely 100% unacceptable in my opinion, and it is all too often that people come to that very same conclusion while attending the funeral of an abused loved one who got hit one too many times.

  55. j. ferber says:

    TaylorB, You’re a god (or goddess–don’t know your gender). Keep fighting the good fight. You’re so articulate and thoughtful, your posts are a pleasure to read (especially since I find myself agreeing with you so often).

  56. NotBuyingit says:

    That was the fakest “apology” I have ever seen!!!

    It’s just a pathetically desperate PR attempt for damage-control and is “too little, too late” !!!

    This jerk actually refers to his brutal assault of that young girl merely as “the incident” and as “those few moments” and as “what happened” and as “what occured” (as if HIS actions were some ‘cosmic’ incident over which he had no personal control).


    And who cares that he spoke with his “mommy” and his “priest” (or whatever) about what he did or that he ‘grew up in a home where he saw domestic violence’?!

    Oh boo hoo for him.

    Give me a break !!

    What a jerk!!

    He’d better make another video where he begs that other jerk P-Diddy to adopt him!!!

    As far as I’m concerned — this loser’s career is over.

    What a coward, a bully — and a fool (if he thinks anyone believes this “apology” is real).

  57. Snoopchew says:

    He even became angry when referring to her and the incident through his so-called apology.
    I’m surprised his anger didn’t cause damage to the equipment involved in filming this farce.
    He is such a coward and waste.

  58. aareyon says:

    This is a comment to Chevy blue…. now I wonder if he slap n punched u, or your mama, or daughter, or sister around.. Would u want him 2 keep signing still? I hate when females jus say dumb stuff like that… n then yall wonder y women get treated like sex objects, property, and punching bags… it bcus sum females like u can’t stand 2 stop riding sum jerk offs balls long enough 2 look at herself n have some integrity… cum on now ladies let’s get it 2gether!!!!

  59. Bella says:

    If Chris Brown had taken responsibility and expressed his regret and shame from the beginning, instead of pleading “not guilty”, I would be more apt to buy this apology. He was more concerned with following his high-priced lawyer’s advice to keep quiet and protect his “innocence until proven guilty” than owning his actions and now simply hopes to beg understanding from sympathetic fans who feel for him for growing up in a domenstic violence home.

    I pray that he has learned the error of his ways as he is a very young man and will move forward with a new respect for women.

  60. jodie says:

    chris u r forgiven i luv u and u r so awesome ( was a little bit disapointed )i mean no body didn’t even ask wat rihanna did . ever body just jumped to accuse u

  61. Aspie says:

    I truly have a problem with the last sentence of the post: ““I will never strike a woman again ever, in my life, so help me God, and if I ever break this promise, send me to jail and throw away the key.”

    There are far worse crimes being perpetuated in this world and sending someone to jail for the rest of their lives for striking someone is a completing wrong solution. Like Chris said, he grew up in a household where he witnessed domestic abuse so I think that should be taken into consideration.

    No one is saying “he apologized now, so let’s forget all about it” but there is such a thing as forgiveness.

    Our jails are already overcrowded with enough men (and certainly a majority are men of color) and many are there underservedly so.

    Prison is not always the answer. Chris needs time to continuing to get counseling to work on his obvious anger management issues. But simply “throwing him into jail and tossing away the key” is a very blanket answer that essentially is tantamount to saying “you no longer matter in this society, you need to rot in jail now.” Chris is not perfect but then again, neither is anyone else.