Did Cameron Diaz ditch Jude Law for Leonardo DiCaprio?

Leonardo DiCaprio
Yesterday, we talked about those hot rumors coming out of London that Cameron Diaz might get her hands on the long arm of the (Jude) Law. It seems Cameron truly believes in that old saying we had in college: “If it happens in another country, it doesn’t count.” Now it seems Cameron has temporarily ditched Jude to spend some serious alone time with Leonardo DiCaprio! Oh my God, yet another uncool Bermuda Triangle! This time involving Leo, Jude and Cameron. Lucky girl.

CAMERON DIAZ is at the centre of a fascinating A-list love triangle – with LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and JUDE LAW.

Leo and Jude have shared the screen with Cam over the years. But now the two Hollywood heart-throbs are trying their best to share a bed with her too.

Over the last week both actors have been on secret dates with Miss Diaz, vying for her attention. Last week Leo took his old Gangs Of New York co-star on a series of secret dates around London.

A source said: “Leo is back on the pull after he split from his long term girlfriend BAR RAFAELI.”

Cameron has been showing a lot of interest while he is in London filming. She was back at his rented apartment in Knightsbridge, west London, a couple of times last week after a series of secret dates. They were joking with friends that they played chess together.

“Jude and Cameron have been good friends since they filmed The Holiday together a few years ago. Now they are both single, things are a bit different between them. Jude has been flirting with her and she has been playing along.”

From what I hear, Jude was pulling out the full charm offensive at Boujis specially for Cameron’s benefit.

[From The Sun]

The Daily Mirror has a similar story, only their version of the romantic timeline is different. They’re saying Cameron and Leo have been secretly hanging out for a week or so, and that when Cameron went out without Leo on Sunday night, that’s when she ran into Jude. It sounds like Leo is the real love connection, where Jude is, at best, just a fling or flirtation:

Leonardo and his Gangs of New York co-star Cameron were seen getting cosy at hip London club Maddox after earlier having dinner, on Saturday night. Leo recently split with Israeli model Bar Rafaeli after two years, while Cameron has just ended a year-long relationship with Essex model Paul Sculfor, 38.

Leo, 34 – who is in the capital filming his latest movie Inception – sat next to Cameron at Maddox nightclub as she planted kisses on his cheek. At one point he was seen whispering into her ear. And while his friends hit the dance floor, he and Cameron sat together in a private corner of the club, deep in conversation.

One fellow clubber tells us: “They were laughing a lot and very touchy-feely and they ignored everyone else. They seemed very close and comfortable with each other’s company. Leo was pouring her glasses of champagne.”

Earlier they had dined with pals at Shoreditch House member’s club, before heading to the rooftop bar for drinks. Wearing a white top and jeans, Cameron pulled on a baseball cap as she left to try and hide her identity.

From there they headed to Maddox at 12.30 before the whole party left to go back to Leo’s Knightsbridge apartment at 3am. Our spy says: “Everyone was having such a great time they didn’t want the party to end. So Leo got all his pals, including Cameron, to go back to his pad to continue drinking.”

Then Cameron, 36, was out partying again on Sunday, while Leonardo stayed in to learn his lines.

She went clubbing at Royal hangout Boujis where she bumped into Jude Law – her co-star in The Holiday – in the VIP area. They were seen chatting before they left via separate exits.

Our source adds: “Leo wanted to go out but had a lot of work to do. He hopes to meet up with Cameron again soon. They got on very well.”

[From Daily Mirror]

It sounds like Leonardo really enjoys Cameron’s company while she and Jude are just buddies. Still, if I had my choice, I think I might choose Jude over Leo. I don’t dislike Leo – I actually think he’s grown into a good actor, and every interview I see with him or read with him, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. But I always wonder how Leo is with his girlfriends. It seems like he could be a little douchey… and he’s definitely a modelizer. Jude seems more passionate and romantic, the kind of guy who follows his heart. Tough choices, Cameron.

Cameron Diaz is shown on 6/24/09. Leonardo DiCaprio is shown on 4/25/09. Credit: PRPhotos

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18 Responses to “Did Cameron Diaz ditch Jude Law for Leonardo DiCaprio?”

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  1. sheryl says:

    Seriously, the whole thing is conjured up bullcrap. They are all just friends. Cameron got to London on Saturday, was at a club with Leo on Saturday night, saw Jude’s play on Sunday, then was at a club with Jude on Sunday night. Nobody is ditching anybody for anybody else. Come on. This mess of a story has run amuck.

  2. Bill Hicks is God says:

    This should be titled “In Receding Hairline News…”

  3. Snoopchew says:

    Cameron graduated from my old alma mater, Long Beach Polytechnic High School. That school put out some of the greatest atheletes but the cheerleaders (which we both were) were also one of a kind.
    Cameron deserves all the happiness she seeks. May she find it and keep it forever.
    Leo or Jude?? You go girl!

  4. Jen says:

    Heh, the very idea that Leo DiCaprio would date a woman who is *older* than him is hilarious.

  5. Beth says:

    Let me get this straight. Jude publically cheated on his wife and girlfriend yet you think Leo is the douche? There have been rumors that Leo flirts but never anything concrete (pictures) and I don’t recall that he’s been accused of cheating. I don’t think any exes had anything bad to say except no marriage proposal. Any I seriously doubt there’s a triangle. I think Cameron is just friends with her former co-stars.

  6. giggly says:

    Why should she choose? Keep them both. Go to clubs with Leo and have romantic dinners with Jude. I’m with you Diaz, string them along and make both fall in love.

  7. Jazz says:

    This is a lot of bs. Jude and Cam are friends. I doube that there are anything more. Anyway, Jude has been dating a brunette since March who he is keeping very low on the radar but he has been seen with him at least 3 times now in pictures.

  8. sickofit says:

    i always thought cameron and leo would be a good match, because both are green in a positive way.
    but leo seems to be scared of getting serious in a relationship.

  9. Charm says:

    Forget Leo and Jude I say: Cameron please do not become a HOLLYWOOD SLUT…
    Don’t be double dipping – pick one and move on, don’t make a bad name for yourself…..for you are beautiful and a great actress….

  10. Obvious says:

    she already is a hollywood slut. and IF (although it is highly doubtful) this story is true, i am envious. Jude is yummy and Leo makes me melt.

  11. Tania says:

    Jude never publically cheated on his wife. He did cheat on Sienna Miller. He apologized. Seeing what a freewheeling ho she’s turned out to be, who can say they blame him all that much.

  12. Ursula says:

    Id take Leo any day. He seems deeper and more grounded. He just doesn’t have chemistry with Bar Rafaeli, she uses him for publicity and to further her career like Gisele did. I guess he is fine with it.

    Can’t stand Jude Law, he looks cheap and low rent.

  13. docalion says:

    I like the three of them individually. But I don’t like seeing Cameron with any of these guys, I mean, why another Hollywood star? Cameron needs someone who’s gonna take her to the altar already. She’s not getting any younger. Girl, you need a stable and sure-win relationship! Leave these actors, and find more deserving guy! Leo and Jude seem not to be serious about you!

  14. julia says:

    but i thought leo was dating some model??any way..if i were cam i would diffently go with jud.cause everyone knows that leo is a womanizer!!!but thank god for this new triangle..im so sick of brad and mangelina crap!!!

  15. Lala says:

    Ummm…julia you should read the post before commenting!! leo just broke up with long term girlfriend BAR RAFAELI..GOD Cameron you just started dating jude!!why switch to leo soo fast??? such a whore!!!

  16. sheryl says:

    HEY EVERYBODY….THEY ARE ALL FRIENDS! NOBODY KNOWS IF THEY GOT ROMANTIC, THE TABS AND BLOGGERS ARE STRETCHING THE STORY TO THE POINT THAT EVERYONE IS MAKING BASELESS ASSUMPTIONS AND NOW GETTING DEROGATORY ABOUT CAMERON BEING A SLUT, WHEN NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THEY DID! My gosh, can’t friends go to dinner and have a good time together without romantic speculation? Jeez, no wonder tabs make so much money with all the weak minds that feed on them. And personally, Leo has had his share of women and playboy models, and nobody knows if he’s ever “cheated” on anybody or not. Leo is no better a person than Jude, and vice versa.

  17. ferdis says:

    I call BS. Cam is not his type. Or Irmelin, his mother, type. I think she would never accept her. And what she says is gospel to leo.

  18. Patti says:

    Hahahaha, so Leo’s mommy picks out his women for him? No wonder, he’s such a baby face. What does she think of Lukas?