Kevin Federline & gf to get reality show on VH1 – featuring Britney’s kids

We’ve heard rumors for a while that Kevin Federline is trying to work out some sort of deal for a reality show. He told People Magazine late last year that he was “working on a TV show with a production company” and that, he’s “building my own [children’s fashion] brand, Otzi.” K-Fed receives a base $20k a month in child support plus bonuses for touring with Britney that can double that amount.

I couldn’t find any evidence that K-Fed’s clothing line is in production at all, and with all that money coming in from his ex he doesn’t need to work. The guy makes over a quarter of a million a year just for watching his own kids 1/2 time. Some more cash and fame could be headed well-Fed’s way. According to E! Online his reality show is about to happen, and it will feature his girlfriend, Victoria Prince, along with his two children with Britney, Sean Preston, nearly 4, and Jayden James, nearly 3. Britney is said to be ok with this, and to have made peace with Victoria. The show could be set to air on VH1:

Britney Spears’ wife-beater-loving ex-husband Kevin Federline [is] eyeing a new reality program to show off his latest girlfriend, Victoria Prince, and (gasp) his two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, a source tells E! News.

“Victoria is a big part of the series,” says the source. “They are not engaged, but she lives with him full-time in his place in Encino.”

Lucky for Victoria, Britney seems to have given the “step-in mommy” her seal of approval. “Victoria and Britney first met before Britney’s tour at Kevin’s home,” says our source. “They had a meeting face-to-face, when Victoria was home alone with the kids. It was awkward, but Britney was nice.”

When she isn’t helping out with the kids, our source says that K-Fed’s girlfriend, a former AVP volleyball player, is taking online graduate classes in communication.

“Victoria actually quit her entry-level job at Fox Sports in L.A. after meeting Kevin,” says the source. “She’s considering returning to volleyball, but isn’t sure.”

This isn’t the first time K-Fed has tried to reprise his role as a reality star since Britney & Kevin: Chaotic aired four years ago. In February 2008, he reportedly canceled a possible show after Britney’s infamous breakdown.

A rep for VH1 could not confirm that the couple is working on a show with the network, and Kevin’s rep has not returned E!’s request for comment.

[From E! Online]

What a surprise – Kevin’s girlfriend quit her job after hooking up with him and is now living rent free on Britney’s dime. At least she’s studying in the mean time. This news comes at a good time for Kevin. His child support could be cut back this month as Britney just decided not to bring her sons with her to Russia, where she performs tonight, after receiving death threats. I hope she’s ok, and that her kids are well looked after. For everything you can say about Kevin, at least he’s a caring dad. Maybe the public’s assumptions about the guy, good and bad, will be challenged once we get a well-edited, skewed glimpse into his home life. Is this fair to Britney’s kids though? They already have enough fame as Britney’s kids and don’t need to become reality TV stars on top of that.

K-Fed and his classy girlfriend, Victoria Prince, are shown at the bowling alley in LA on 7/1/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. H says:

    Hey k-fat way to exploit your kids for money. What a loser.

  2. sickofit says:

    reality show with the kids? what an ugl-ew-y idea.

  3. Nev says:

    What chick would want this big loser but she is standing around waiting for crumbs to fall from Britney’s table to. He is using the kids as cash cows. With any luck Shar will get a lot of money so K-fat will care about her kids to.

  4. Iggles says:

    I can’t wait for Brit to get well. I don’t know if she’ll have to pay him child support if she gets joint custody. That will be fun to watch K-Fat scramble to get a job!

  5. Sarah says:

    What is it with ppl?? Why do they always have to drag their poor kids in front of the camera?? How selfish can so be?! Gosh, that makes me so mad. Leave them kids alone!

    As far as K-fat… what ever happened to him? He looks like wearing a fat suit since his head looks considerably small against this bloated body? Weird…

  6. Kimberly says:

    this has Britney and Daddy Spears saying ” OH HELL FUCKIN’ NAw” all over it .

  7. Frenchie says:

    Sure this time the kids are on the highway to be screwed, strange, nuts, wackos, and with ADHD, and possibly will do early sex and drugs

  8. Katharine Jaynes says:

    I don’t see how K-Fed looks like a caring father.

    I see an over-fed, over-indugled, imputent little child who uses his kids and his mentally un-well ex-wife as his own personal cash cow, to support girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, cars, a failing rap career, and god knows what else.

    Yes, it is wrong to put these boys on reality tv after all they have been through with their mom. They are famous enough. More famous than Fed Ex. They do not need any further exploitation by their low-life dirtbag dad.

  9. Laura says:

    Ugh, I grow weary of his hypocrisy. He’s always going on about how his children are his “life and his #1 priority.”

    How come we haven’t seen him with his OTHER children and caring so much about them? Oh that’s right, we forget that he left his pregnant gf to hook up with Brit.

  10. obvious says:

    He is setting a bad example for his children by shacking up. Those poor kids.

  11. tt says:

    to me this dude will always be a LOSER. i dont get why the media is now putting him as such a”good dad” when hes doing what he supposed to be doing, taking care of his kids and getting PAID for it!

  12. DJ Tennessee nYc says:

    I HATE Reality TV!!
    too many talented people going to waste while dimwits get all the media spotlight

    you can tell all KWELLFED does is smoke that high end chronic , eat junk food like a hawg and use that twit for sperm receptacle…

    I can smell the Nacho Cheese Doritos, Grape Blunts , Cola Slurpee & dirty pampers all the way from here..

    Well Done Brit… 2 spawns from this loser..

  13. Winston Churchill says:

    OTZI??? Rhymes with NAZI. No thanks, not buying those clothes.