Gwyneth Paltrow on the ‘elitist’ label: People won’t take responsibility for themselves

Gwyneth Paltrow signs copies of her new book 'The Clean Plate'

I’ve believed for a long time now that Goop, as a business, is merely targeting Gwyneth Paltrow as a consumer. Goop is what happens when you live inside your own ass, like Gwyneth. It’s not that Gwyneth Paltrow is consciously making the decision to target rich white women with pseudoscience. It’s that Gwyneth genuinely believes in pseudoscience, just like she genuinely believes that she’s NOT selling snake oil and expensive feelings to rich bitches. Gwyneth Paltrow started a business which targets Gwyneth Paltrow as a consumer. Gwyneth sat down with the New York Times for a long-winded interview about Goop and this piece just serves as another reminder that Gwyneth is the worst. She really believes in all of the fake corporate buzzwords. She talks absolute nonsense about feminine versus masculine business energies. And once again, she claims that the tenets of wellness – expensive feelings, whole foods, time and money – are all free. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Her start as an actress: “My first purview of management was on set, because — and I think other female actors would agree with me — part of your role is just to sort of maintain culture. We’re female. So we are kind of channeling the energy for the set and correcting imbalances. If there was ever any discord, especially between men, I felt it was my job to sort of balance the energy a little bit. Also, as in most industries, it’s predominantly male. Sometimes you would be the girl in a male cast, and could bring femininity and temper some of the male stuff.

Learning how to run a business: “When a start-up starts, it’s full of feminine energy, even if it’s an all male start-up. Right? Because it’s collaborative, it’s emotional, it’s passionate, it’s instinctual. Those are all feminine qualities. And then as it scales, you have to put some rules in place. And so that’s where the masculine comes in. And you have compliance and H.R. and all these things that are putting structure to the business, which is super important. So unlearning some of the old kind of feminine ways, trying to apply the right kind of masculinity, and seeing if it’s possible to really still lead from that feminine place, is what I think about.

What Goop is all about: “We want to always be moving culture forward with what we do in the content and in the offerings and also create conversations and forums to help eliminate shame. I think a lot of women experience a lot of shame in their lives. The more we talk about things that are sometimes uncomfortable, that are sometimes unknown, it might resonate with somebody. And then we might help them shed a little bit of that feeling.

She invented gluten-free: “When we talk about something that is incendiary, I always see in six months other people starting to write about it, and 18 months later, businesses popping up around it. It’s always confirmation to me that we’re on the right track. I mean, when I did my gluten-free cookbook in 2015, the press was super negative and there were personal attacks about what I was feeding my children and what kind of mother I am. Now the gluten-free market is huge.

How she views her acting career now: “I was masquerading as an actor.”

Whether Goop is an elitist brand: A lot of people hear, “Hey, you could eat a bit better or exercise a bit more.” But they don’t want to take responsibility for themselves. So it’s easier to be critical of an entity or a person who is suggesting that, than it is to start making small, perhaps uncomfortable shifts in their lives. The true tenets of wellness are all free. Being in nature, meditating, eating whole foods. If you told our grandparents that eating whole, natural foods was elitist, they would have thought you were crazy.

[From The NY Times]

I don’t know what pisses me off more, the fact that she still says that whole foods are FREE or that she thinks Goop, as a brand, helps eliminate shame. The latter is tied to this conversation she THINKS she’s having, which is that women aren’t believed by doctors, and that women need to talk about their medical/psychological issues more in the public sphere. That conversation is very important, but I would argue that Gwyneth and Goop are doing nothing nothing to contribute to that conversation. Instead of promoting real education on sexual and reproductive health, Goop muddies the conversation over and over again by pushing her half-baked fake science, some of which will actually hurt women. Also: she TOTALLY shames women. Fat women, overweight women, women who don’t want to be told by Gwyneth Paltrow “you can eat a bit better.”

Gwyneth Paltrow signs copies of her new book 'The Clean Plate'

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  1. AnnaKist says:

    Jog on, Gwyneth. 🙄

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      But only if it is an artisan curated jog.

      • Lara says:

        She invented jogging too, didn’t you hear?

      • Snowflake says:


      • elsbeth says:

        What a pitiable excuse for a person…so clueless, so egotistical, so elitist, so self righteous, yet apparently of slightly below average intelligence. Reality is lost on her, the reality that the vast majority of people exist in…I think she enjoys “telling the rich” what to do, eat, think, buy—and is quite happy ignoring the rest of the “jealous” unwashed peasants with their unsteamed genitals and their “non-whole” foods and their 10 dollar white T shirts (which only the financially challenged would buy, when one could have a plain white Goop T shirt for 200 dollars.) How impressive that she, Goop, charlatan pioneer , discovered “gluten free” foods!! Oh, they laughed at her then—like all initially misunderstood geniuses are mocked—but NOW, are those other scientists ever ashamed of themselves—now that she, Goop, deserves the Nobel Prize in Science for her courageous, trenchant, early research on the ills of gluten!! ….Ohhhhh…I can’t stand her. And now I can’t stand myself either, having wasted time ranting about her!!

    • Arb says:

      Jog a long jog off a short pier.

  2. Jess says:

    She is trash and I can’t stand that so many of my contemporaries, at least on Facebook, “like” her awful brand.

  3. fishface says:

    Masculine versus feminine business energy?? (Snort)
    Some of the meanest, fiercest, toughest, non-collaborative people I have met in business have been women. They can be super scary.
    Gwynnie is such a yawn.

    • Darla says:

      For me, that was the most offensive thing she said here. Or was it offensive? I don’t know, its so stupid, SO stupid, that it may just be too stupid to be offensive.

      • Megan says:

        Well as a woman with a start up that has matured into a business with HR and compliance I am giving goop a major side eye. Start-ups become more formalized as founders and staff gain knowledge and experience because they have figured out what does and does not generate profits. I believe goop went through pretty much the same thing at one point, I seem to recall he talking about how she invented business.

      • ladytron2000 says:

        I think the reason it’s offensive is because IT’S stupid.

        She can go f–k right off.

      • Carol says:

        I dont find what she said in this interview offensive but more comical. Her comments are so stupid and ridiculous that They make just laugh. Lol! I actually like Goop (especially their clothes and furniture stuff) but find Gwyneth to be utterly stupid.

    • Arpeggi says:

      Yeah, she’s totally pushing gender stereotypes. 2 dudes on the set were mad at each other and you felt it was your duty to fix thing cuz you have a vagina? Yeezus! She’s making it harder for the rest of us in any workplace with such BS. Empathy, compassion, the ability to work in groups, competitiveness? None of these are linked to the number of X and Y chromosomes you have, they are taught to you.

      Also, she has absolutely no notion of what the definition of energy is because it most definitely doesn’t mean what she thinks it means.

    • Kate says:

      I think she’s using pop-psychology lingo. I only recently heard my therapist talking about “masculine” vs “feminine” and it doesn’t have to do with men and women. Feminine is like creative, emotions, intuition, fluid, and masculine is more rules, rigid, analytical, perfectionism. We all have those elements within us and it’s about striking the right balance. I think that’s what she means here – she just doesn’t understand or care that a lot of people are not familiar with these concepts.

      • GirlMonday says:

        I’m with you, Kate (and for the record I can’t stand Goopy Paltrow). I read tarot and study other esoteric, spiritual whatnot, so I understand what she is trying to say about energy, though I don’t think what she said was an improvement on saying nothing at all.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        It’s quite possible to discuss different types of behaviors without linking them to men, women, masculinity, femininity etc. These are stereotypical attributes that hamstring both men and women. You can talk about being aggressive without linking it to men or masculinity, and talk about passivity without linking it to women or femininity. That’s just perpetuating old nonsense. And Paltrow is nothing but a perpetuator of old nonsense.

        Studies of psychological androgyny, where people adopt traits traditionally considered ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ as appropriate to the context or the situation, show higher levels of androgyny to be more emotionally healthy and flexible.

      • Kate says:

        @Who ARE These People – if you google masculine and feminine energy you’ll see explanations that it’s not about masculine being aggressive and feminine being passive. That is gender stereotyping, and this theory is about breaking down those stereotypes that men are x and woman are y. Like I said, for people who study or read about this theory, the focus is on finding a balance of both types of energy within each person – man or woman – which is I think similar to what you are saying re psychological androgyny. I haven’t studied it so I can’t speak more as to why it is even phrased as masculine vs feminine – seems like it could have been identified by different labels to make it less confusing. I just did a quick google search and certain neuroscientists have done studies about levels of testosterone, etc. so maybe that’s how they are drawing parallels. ANYWAY, all that to say that this one particular thing she is saying I don’t find offensive b/c I understand the context of where she’s coming from but I do see how without knowing any of the psych background it sounds like she’s gender stereotyping.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree with WATP. There’s no need to link these traits to gender. It isn’t accurate, and it only perpetuates gendered stereotypes.

        People also use terms like “type A” to describe what Gwen/Kate’s Dr. are attributing to “masculine” energy. There is no need to genderize personality traits.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        I don’t need to google; my academic training is in psychology.

      • Kate says:

        All – I agree that the terms masculine and feminine definitely confuse the subject b/c we all have plenty of societally ingrained ideas of what being masculine or feminine means (and plenty of conditioning that masculine = stronger = better, which I think we all would like to get away from). I’m curious why though, WATP, why you referenced studies of psychological androgyny – which term by definition references masculinity and femininity. If these studies acknowledge that certain behaviors are typically considered masculine or feminine how is that different? Genuinely interested and not trying to be argumentative. Also, apologies for directing you to google when you are an expert!

    • Maum says:

      I was coming on to say that. Nothing like a good dose of gender stereotype.
      She wants to be a feminine feminist. Don’t want to alienate the boys by being too much of a guy..

  4. NotHeidisGirl says:

    She’s getting worse and worse. And she’s totally clueless.

  5. Lary says:

    Just: What????
    WTF is she talking about????

    • L84Tea says:

      That was my reaction. WTF is she even saying? It makes no sense.

    • lucy2 says:

      I know!
      She really doesn’t know much, but love to think that she does, and is given the platform to talk about it publicly. It’s a bad combination.

    • Arpeggi says:

      Seems like she has her own version of the scientology gibberish

      • smcollins says:

        Giving Sarah Palin a run for her money in the word salad department. She sure loves throwing out “fancy” words to make herself sound so intelligent and insightful, but who is she actually trying to convince of that? Us or herself? I, for one, am definitely not buying it.

  6. Craptastic says:

    Take responsibility for themselves? Maybe she should take some of that responsibility for the skier she ran over.

    • My3cents says:

      Yup, my first thought.

    • Arpeggi says:

      She can’t even take the responsibility that she’s selling snake-oil. Even when the government fines her, she still won’t accept/admit it. So sure, let’s blame others for not taking their responsibilities…

  7. tempest prognosticator says:

    I wonder what it’s like in GP’s head. Just for curiosity’s sake, I’d like to spend 5 minutes in there.

  8. BaronSamedi says:

    I love that she is basically admitting that she had no business winning that Oscar :) Masquerading as an actor is right!

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      It’s not like she’s given the money back for stealing it under false pretenses.

  9. Anne says:

    I live in NYC. Bitch, I have to pay tolls to be in nature. 🤣

  10. lower case lila says:

    To me she is a “Snake-Oil saleswoman who plans to continue selling snake oil”. I hope I don’t offend anyone, but she isn’t marketing her expensive snake oil to the women who follow celebitchy. I don’t think we are her target market.

    • Swack says:

      I see what you are saying but while she may not be marketing to women who follow CB, there are women out there taking to heart what she says (no matter their financial status) and will follow her advice, good or bad, expensive or not.

      • Annaloo. says:

        If a woman follows Goop, I can’t feel sorry or pity her. THere’s enough information out there for her to take agency of how she manages her health – and if you choose Goop as the arbiter of your health, here’s the Darwin award for you and God Bless the awful bacterial infection you got down there.

        Someone earlier posted that she is perpetuating old nonsense – true. There is always a market for that sadly. Also, it’s more pity upon Gwyneth who could have done so much more in this life time with the agency she has been beyond blessed to have. If she is only as good as shilling gilded quackery with questionable legitimacy, so will be her legacy.

        She really could have used her celebrity, her power, her everything to have changed or moved things, effected change in a better way than selling nonsense. She was never a great actor, and how she used her celebrity to sell shams is the biggest shame of all.

  11. HK9 says:

    Ok, if people “take responsibility” for themselves, will she take responsibility for her own self righteousness, hop on a gluten free lily pad and leave us alone? Yeah, I thought not….

  12. Eric says:

    Amazing that someone can be so consumed by themselves that they can’t see what a boor they’ve become.

    Gwenyth astonishes me in the very worst way possible.

  13. CharliePenn says:

    Wow her bullshit usually just gives me an eye roll and a chuckle but this one has me MAD. Tell a child growing up in Kensington, Philly or Camden, NJ or parts of Wilmington, DE that whole foods, meditation and nature are free and easily available. Blocks and blocks of desolation, not safe for kids to play, for mothers to walk their children, no trees and drug addicts sleeping rough all around, food desserts and overworked parents trying to make ends meet, kids walking by drug addict encampments on their way to school… tell these people how wellness is just at their fingertips. God DAMN.
    And those are just the cities closest to me where the things she thinks are so available to all are actually extremely scarce. She is absolutely an eletist and it’s gotten to the point where she has no compassion and no understanding of what life can really be like for people.

    • CharliePenn says:

      Edit to say I mean food DESERTS. As in, areas where there’s literally no fresh food sold anywhere nearby. These exist all over! She should do a whole goop article on THAT!

    • lucy2 says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.
      She honestly has no idea what many people’s lives are like, despite many years of people telling her. She has no idea what it’s like to have to really budget for anything, especially food, and that even people with good intentions and desire to eat healthy often can’t due to access.

      It would be fine if she’d just acknowledge that, and that her brand is for the privileged.

      :”I think a lot of women experience a lot of shame in their lives.” Ya think? Wonder why, when there’s idiots like her spouting this nonsense at us 24/7.

  14. Christy J says:

    Time isn’t free so even if families can afford whole foods, a lot of families struggle with the time to make healthy meals. Not an excuse but a reality for many working families. She’s sounds out of touch, but that’s not new.

  15. minx says:

    She’s deeply stupid. And she uses big words that she thinks make her sound intelligent.

    • Jess says:

      Agreed. And she’s lived in such a privileged, adoring bubble her whole life she has no clue. She reminds me of a quote I believe Tex. Gov. Ann Richards said about Dubya being born on third base and after making it to the home base thinking he hit a home run. I’m sure G thinks she could have done all of this even if she’d been born to a poor single mom in an impoverished area somewhere. Ugh.

    • jay says:

      Thank you for saying in 3 words what I wrote and rewrote 5 times in triggered feminist rage.

  16. Sparkly says:

    Whole foods are SO expensive! I try to feed my family mostly whole, healthy foods, but we just can’t afford it for a family of 5. I rely on hamburger helper or frozen pizzas more than I like to admit. I’m a SAHM and have been trying to do a vegetable garden for many years now, and I don’t know if it’s where I live (I had better luck in another state) or if I just really suck, but I pretty much grow rocks and weeds. Last year I got quite a bit of good garlic. One year I got a lot of radishes, which I only planted for the fresh salads that I thought were going to come with it. And that was STILL with months of sweaty, dirty, super hot time invested.

  17. adastraperaspera says:

    If she’d devote just one issue of Goop to educating her wealthy fan girls about the benefits of vaccinations and herd immunity, then I would forgive all. Waiting…

  18. Lisa says:

    Just the worst.

  19. Doodle says:

    I found her feminine energy/masculine energy crap to be pretty sexist.

    Normally I have to shove a jade egg up my lady parts to make my eyes roll this hard. But today all I had to do was read this article. Huh.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yeah, I couldn’t make it past the first paragraph, that irritated me so much. Comments here are a lot more interesting & thoughtful.

    • lucy2 says:

      It’s sexist, dated, and just stupid. She should be embarrassed for putting that out into the world.

    • jay says:

      Thank you, my lovely saints of sanity! That paragraph had me practically crying in anger.

  20. Anabell says:

    OMG. What is she talking about?
    This person is getting more and more arrogant and self-centered!
    What makes me angry is the fact that she things GOOP is the best. Although she had to pay a fine because one product was even dangerous to women. A lot of her products are controversial and should not to be recommended.
    Of course “bio-food” and healthy products are expensive. Also, here in Germany and that is why not many families can afford good food.
    I read an article today and I could not believe what she said. She said psychedelic drugs will be
    the way to treat depression in the future. This woman is so stupid. Who does she think she is? She is not a specialist and not a psychiatrist! I have to take medication because of may mental health and it makes me angry that she is talking about things she has no knowledge about.
    She is gettiing worse and worse the more I read about her. An awful person.

    • JadedBrit says:

      @Annabelle Actually, that’s one of the few points on which GP *isn’t* so off the mark she’d need a compass to find her way back. The use of LSD as a therapeutic tool in the treatment of PTSD, depression etc has been well documented following a number of clinical studies, and further trials are scheduled. See, for example,

      • a reader says:

        Um, a major correction. You mention LSD but the article is about MDMA treatment for PTSD. Those two drugs, and their benefits in therapy, couldn’t be more different.

    • Harryg says:

      I want to add that suggesting using psychedelics to improve mental health is NOT “news” either. And Michael Pollan recently wrote an excellent book about this.
      But I guess Paltrow invented LSD also. She invented Earth, space, the whole universe.

    • KarenG says:

      JadedBrit is right though. LSD, mushrooms, and other psychodelics are showing real promise in research studies for treating mental illness. To my knowledge (I work in mental health research), MDMA has been studied a bit longer for specifically trauma related conditions like PTSD. Ketamine (known on the street as “Special K”) is now the “miracle drug” for treatment-resistant depression…a nasal spray version was just approved by the FDA this week. In a crisis stabilization environment like a psych ER, ketamine has been shown to arrest suicidal ideation within 45 to 90 minutes.

      • Wow, that’s amazing. It’s great they’re making strides in the treatment of mental illness. I’ve been wondering which drug it was they recently approved. The best thing about it is it’s for medication resistant depression, IMO.

  21. launicaangelina says:

    “Being in nature [is free]” pissed me off. That’s not at all possible or free for many disadvantaged communities throughout the country. I write grant applications relating to urban forestry, parks, and active transportation and there are so many disadvantaged neighborhoods within cities lacking access to green space. Other than recreation, green spaces are great for the environment by countering air pollution and conserving electricity. She is so fucking clueless.

    • Canber says:

      There’s actually studies on how the mental health of people in such communities is improved by merely taking an abandoned empty lot, cleaning it up, and greenify it.

      Good for you, you’re doing God’s work.

      • launicaangelina says:

        You’re right! And thank you. I love grant writing and this is my little way to make the world a better place.

  22. Babadook says:

    Honestly shaming women suits her cos then she can shill them her bullshit rosequartz vagina eggs.

  23. Potato face says:

    My only prop to goop is she has a black beauty director and regularly feautres women of color in the fashion and beauty section

    • Annaloo. says:

      Emphasis on “prop” …. And a slowvclap for A black beauty director. Everything else about Gwyneth is WASP brand standard – from her insta to her circle of friends. She had some black friends for a small while there, but where are they now? She was totally brand climbing on Beyonce.

  24. Adrien says:

    She’s harmless. She’s only duping ladies that are moneyed. I can’t be bothered to try her curated stuff since I can’t afford them anyway. Plus, they’re not effective. I mean, look at her.

    • Swack says:

      That’s just it though. How do we know she is only duping those with money (and is that really okay)? She’s dangerous.

    • megs283 says:

      she’s not harmless, because she’s spreading her ignorant beliefs among others, who will say crap like “nature is free” and “why doesn’t that poor family eat WHOLE foods” and “that fat woman just doesn’t take advice, that’s why she’s fat.”

    • jay says:

      She’s stupid, but not harmless. The harm is that it’s not only ladies with money who are exposed to her rhetoric.

    • CheckThatPrivilege says:

      Definitely NOT harmless. Anyone with the power to influence by spreading misinformation as far and widely as Paltrow does is actively causing harm, just as Jenny McCarthy did as she smugly ushered in a new era of needless measles outbreaks. When governments spread misinformation, we call it propaganda — if we’re paying attention — and are appropriately disturbed. Never, ever discount the power of false information delivered confidently and at inflated prices.

      The more that Paltrow opens her gluten-free piehole to deliver her sermons on the mount, the more vapid a vessel she proves herself to be. If I were her mother, I’d be mortified by my daughter’s self-entitled, overconfident disregard for science and responsible, accurate communication. I wonder how her dad would react to her toxic levels of BS if he were alive.

  25. Caty Page says:

    Anyone got some dairy-based, processed ranch for this word salad?

    • Incredulous says:

      tl;dr She is Ivanka Trump if Ivanka wasn’t a Trump.

      • CheckThatPrivilege says:

        Perfect comparison of two clueless, self-entitled, and inexplicably overconfident white women that our culture has repeatedly rewarded for no good reasons

  26. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Starting with you, you shameless, jade -egged tw@t monster.

  27. MarcoPoloBaby says:

    She is truly insufferable. It blows me away how every time she opens her mouth she manages to someone irritate me more than I already do. I feel like I am at peak irritation, and then this dummy starts telling lies. She ABSOLUTELY voted for Trump. She is an insane narcissist. She blatantly lies and makes claims that are verifiable nonsense. My mouth is agape after reading this.

    The real question is: Does she actually believe what she is saying? Does she truly believe these things about herself? She must. She needs actual professional help. She is not a well person. It just blows me away.

  28. Lena says:

    The whole interview was just complete BS. Where to even start? She won an Oscar and I think is a good actress and she just wants to dump on it? Why? And I don’t get how in the world goop has gotten like $50 million or more in investment money. I just don’t get it!

    • lucy2 says:

      She only started dumping on acting once her career fizzled out. Her last few leading roles were big flops, and she fell out of demand. Which happens, and I don’t blame her for moving on to something else, but this new attitude about it is a joke.

  29. Ann says:

    One a scale from 1-10 of how Goopy this interview is I give it a solid 8. HR has masculine energy? WTF are you talking about bitch?

  30. Kaylove says:

    Real rich coming from her.

  31. Annaloo. says:

    She needs to check herself for that whole “not taking responsibility” smugness. She’s only here bc daddy knew Steven Spielberg. Also, it’s been DECADES of her superiority complex. Ages ago, it was the whole macrobiotic thing that she wouldn’t shut up and stop lording with. It’s been easier to ignore Gwyneth today bc her face isn’t everywhere anymore, and just confined to the space of hawking pseudoscience. She’s not making a difference, not making the world better for women (actually worse bc what is this junk she’s talking about?), and she is still so self-congratulatory. There are other actresses who have made better, more effective strides to empower women than this trick and her aura-based health plans

  32. Annaloo. says:

    Lena Dunham or Goop- who would you choose to be stuck in an elevator with?


    • JennyJenny says:

      Probably Goop……
      Because more than likely she will at least keep her clothes on.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I would pry the doors open and jump down the shaft if I was stuck with either of them.

  33. Harryg says:

    I actually self-published a gluten-free cookbook 2013. I just wanted to have my favorite recipes in one place, I did it for myself. Gluten-free was not a new idea even then, it’s been talked about since the seventies.
    But I guess since she invented yoga she invented gluten-free also. Must she be so annoying?

  34. LouLou says:

    I worked in a health food store in the early 90s. We had plenty of gluten and wheat-free products. It wasn’t a mainstream thing you could find in regular grocery stores, but it was already a thing. Also, yoga had already been invented.

    • Leigh says:

      Are you sure about the yoga? I’m pretty sure if was invented in the early aughts by rich, blonde, white women who like to wear black leggings. /s

  35. paranormalgirl says:

    I desperately need for this woman to shut up.

  36. Canber says:

    If there ever was an award for excellency in Twatness, she’d be its perpetual winner.

  37. leela says:

    Goop = Kardashian-Jenners = Drump = Con Artists

  38. Keira says:

    I haven’t yet read this interview but I want to say that I think the CB cohort is missing out by dismissing GP out of hand. Eating whole foods can be free/very low cost if you grow your own, and can be budget-friendly at the store.

    Have you actually listened to her podcast? She introduces the episodes and then Goop chief content officer Elise Loehnen conducts the interviews with folks I appreciate learning about and hearing from. Elise is thoughtful and doesn’t interrupt! :-) Goop herself did a great episode with her mom, actor Blythe Danner, asking a lot of insightful questions. While I don’t agree with everything GP is into–vaginal steaming??–she has some cool stuff to share.

    • Canber says:

      And why would I need that podcast when that stuff is probably already known and tested for decades?

    • anon says:

      It’s not out of hand, she’s been known around here for ages. We can see her, actually we can see through her.

    • jules says:

      I think goop is doing a huge disservice to alternative healing and medicine by making it all hippie and turning things into just a fad. She is not the voice we want. I’ve listened to some of her podcasts and her fake voice drives me crazy, I have to fast forward to the speaker.

      Also, for someone who talks about health and wellness, she looks awful. Her hair and skin are so sun-damaged and unhealthy looking. Bleh.

    • megs283 says:

      and where do I find this farm in which I can grow my own foods? My husband and I have a had a small garden for a few years. Man cannot survive on tomatoes and eggplant alone.

    • lucy2 says:

      A home garden is great if you can do it, but a lot of people live in houses, condos, apartments, or student housing that don’t have land to have a garden. Others who do have some soil may not have the time or physical capability of building and maintaining one.

      There are a number of groups that are doing urban farming and community gardens, which are great things to support, but those aren’t everywhere.

    • Amy Too says:

      But what about the other costs of growing your own food? Time, for instance? Or space? Energy? Labor? Soil? What if you live in an apartment and you don’t have a yard? What if you live in a house but the yard has been paved over? Or the soil is full of lead? Or it’s the wrong pH? Or you dont have sun? Or you don’t have an exterior water hookup? I’m a gardener and it’s hard work, a lot harder and more expensive than most people think it is. Just preparing the soil is so hard: compost, manure, grit if you’re gardening on clay, making raised beds, dealing with pH and drainage. Everything needs a different amount of sun. Many crops can’t be grown just anywhere because not everywhere gets enough sun or has a long enough season. Tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, beans, peas, and lots of other stuff all need structures or support to grow on. Those cost money or lots of time and skill to make out of branches or other stuff you can find. Fruit trees and bushes can take years to establish and even then you might just have a horrible year. Hardly anybody has the amount of space they would need to grow a decent variety of produce so that they could provide themselves with enough different things to constitute a balanced diet. Lots of home gardeners have a hard time dealing with weeds, fungus, insects, and other diseases. Entire veggie plots can be devestated by one quick-spreading disease or bug. Plants and seeds can both be expensive and they might die and need to be replaced regularly. It takes time to shop for these things, time to plant these things, time to tend to these things, and time to harvest these things. It’s not as easy as people imagine it to be, and people who have had no education or experience with gardening (and even those of us who have) can make mistakes, become frustrated, and be discouraged by the amount of time, money, and effort going into something that ends up just not working. It can be devestating. So there’s emotional labor that goes into it, too. It’s easy to say: just grow your own food! Seeds are cheap! Use a patio or even a window sill if you have to! But it’s just not an option for so many people.

  39. Deanne says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow is the walking embodiment of the word smug. She thinks she is so much better than every other living human. The level of c conceit that oozes out of her is staggering. She needs to STFU.

  40. mycomment says:

    holy moly… I couldn’t even get thru the first answer. what a bunch of gobbledygoop.
    damn, she is insufferable.

  41. Kerfuffles says:

    “If you told our grandparents that eating whole, natural foods was elitist, they would have thought you were crazy.”

    My Grandma grew up dirt poor in the early 1900s and often went hungry. So yes, she would have thought “eating whole, natural foods is free!” was an elitist concept.

  42. Layla Beans says:

    Here comes my petty comment. I am happy to see her smoking has caught up to her face. :)

  43. Cay says:

    I try to avoid the details about GP’s life, so I don’t know the specifics of her body and her children’s bodies, but gluten-free diets should be practiced by those who have wheat sensitivities and celiac disease. Studies have shown that those who do not have these problems should continue to eat gluten because it can lower the risk of heart disease. However, it seems that Hollywood people have been promoting gluten-free merely as a way to avoid carbs. All these Hollywood people have eating disorders and they try to promote new or fad ways of eating in order to justify their eating disorders.

  44. Maddie says:

    So goop takes credit for yoga and gluten-free things? Slow clap for. I wonder what’s next?

  45. Leigh says:

    The fact that she seems to think she invented or mainstreamed a gluten-free diet cracks me up. Oh honey, gluten-free was already pretty widely popular in some circles long before 2015.

    Also, she tries far too hard to use “big” words; “purview of management”, girl just speak like a normal human not someone who’s cracking a thesaurus for every tenth word.

  46. Caroline says:

    By 2011 the gluten-free bandwagon was already well underway.

    Does *anyone* ever tell her to her face how fcking ignorant she is?

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      And a gluten-free diet is only needed by people with celiac disease or other forms of gluten intolerance. Both are said by researchers to be under-diagnosed. However, a gluten-free diet is not automatically a healthier diet for people without those conditions. It’s a deficient diet, because gluten free products often lack fortification in B vitamins and iron, plus fiber. People who must eat gluten-free learn to supplement in other ways and use alternate starches that are still rich in those nutrients.

      And I say this as someone who has been gluten intolerant since childhood. In a way, I owe a debt to the gluten-free provisions available on the market now because of the mistaken ‘craze.’ When there’s a medical solution for celiac/non-celiac gluten intolerance, people will take it more seriously, but right now diet is the only management.

      However, I sense restaurant servers are getting tired of people seeking gluten-free modifications without a medical justification, and I’m tired of having to ‘prove’ that I’m the real deal, not, as one of them told me, a “faker.” It’s frustrating to give someone $30-40 and still have them mistrust you and give you something that will make you *very* sick within hours, in a way that lasts for days. (I’m looking at you, a few lying waiters. Thanks for the memories. Made those trips extra special.)

      • Caroline says:

        WORD. And I’m sorry you have to deal with all of that, both the attitude and the condition.

      • Amalia says:

        Totally agree. I have been gluten free since 2008 and definitely benefit from the craze, but it’s frustrating to have to deal with disbelief. My daughter also has celiac, and I am glad she will have all the resources available to her that I did not have as a kid and college student. Hopefully there is not a big backlash from all the people who do it for non-medical reasons.

  47. Glor says:

    Hard to believe it’s even legal to witter on about energy as instrinsically feminine or masculine.
    This ultra-twit thinks she’s going great guns peddling specialised, pasteurised yin/yang woo for dummies, and really can’t see how it’s no better than saying girls’ vests must be pink, because they are sweet girlies. 👊🏼

  48. Who ARE These People? says:

    100% with you. It also smacks of, women start things up with their little cottage enterprises and then men take over for the big bucks and ‘real’ business.

  49. Pandy says:

    “Take responsibility for yourself” and buy a jade egg from my website to shove up your vagina so you can balance that masculine energy. JEEEEEZUS.

  50. Ain’tNoTelling says:

    I actually don’t disagree with everything she’s saying, but we both came of age at the same time, and live in the same areas.

    This stuff is HUGE in LA and Manhattan. The thing with Gwyn is that she’s wealthy, and only a certain segment of the population has access to the stuff she discusses.

    I agree that she peddles pseudoscience, but for anyone here who has lived in LA or other areas of the country that overhypes this stuff, it’s constantly drilled into our heads. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much this stuff is discussed, ESPECIALLY in the recovery community, which I’m very active in.

    Here’s a quick snapshot of Sundays in LA for me. Instead of church, I hit an AA meeting in Pacific Palisades, or Venice Beach. After the meeting, a group of us gals go out for brunch. We always end up in some niche restaurant, where everyone’s diet restrictions are catered to, and for the next few hours, we discuss therapy, Pilates, yoga, the new, amazing juicer we ordered from Amazon, and our new Kombucha recipes. We discuss the arts and politics as well, but this is the way it goes down on Sundays. And Saturdays are usually spent cramming in a massage, facial, and mani-pedi, and a blowout.

    I know this all sounds uber ridiculous, but this is the way it is, and we don’t necessarily think it’s a horrible thing, because we all do it, and we all believe we feel better because we do.

    This is where she comes from. It really isn’t a huge surprise that she believes what she’s selling, because she, like many of us, has lived and participated in this culture for many years.

    I hope I haven’t offended anyone by sharing my perspective. I know not everyone lives like this, or can live like this, or even wants to. I’m just sharing what my experiences are, and even though I don’t agree with lots of stuff she sells, like a freakin’ vagina steamer, I understand the culture of where this originates.

    • Sherpa says:

      I grew up in LA with a macrobiotic mom who collected crystals and did numerology and all that business (I grew up to be a corporate lawyer, go figure). Goop doesn’t seem crazy to me but this is probably because of where I came from. Sometimes G annoys me, but mostly she is just LA.

    • jay says:

      LA sounds quite navel gazing and insular.

    • A says:

      None of those things you listed (pilates, facials, massages, mani-pedis, etc) are necessarily bad things in and of themselves. And no one is out here faulting anyone who can afford those things. We’re pretty aware of the culture she comes from. That’s not the part that’s surprising to the rest of us plebs.

      What people take issue with is her snobbery and elitism, her inability to confront the accessibility issues within the wellness “industry” and the plain and simple fact that a great deal of what she sells through goop are pretty much scams. You can try and explain the culture of LA as much as you like, but the fact is (and I say this as someone who grew up in a very similar hippie-dippie environment), vagina steamers are a scam. Jade eggs are a scam. Most diets are practically useless. And telling people to simply “eat well” when the country doesn’t subsidize fresh produce for its most poverty stricken citizens, when so many of those same people who live in poverty also live in food deserts that limits their access to healthy food, when we don’t take a critical look at how our food is produced, who produces it vs who eats it, then she and the culture she comes from sound incredibly tone deaf and completely ignorant.

      Just because it’s the culture of a particular place and because it feels good to participate in it, doesn’t place it above criticism or complaint. People should criticize the commercialization of wellness as a concept, because the state of it is absolutely appalling. If Gwyneth is going to insist that she’s the face of that industry (which is what she does on multiple occasions, see also her insistence that she “started” gluten-free eating), she needs to field the criticism of it as well.

  51. jules says:

    She’s a fascinating example of celebrity narcissism, someone who lives in her own sheltered bubble of reality, surrounded by people who kiss her ass and tell her how amazing she is.

  52. Kathryn says:

    Reads like a parody – the Onion could publish this as is. She does seem to be adored by her husband and celebrity friends, so I’m hoping in private she’s a kind, sincere person

    • Mrs. Peel says:

      She is revered by her peers – I don’t mind her, but I’m not her target audience. She caters to rich white women, and they’re buying what she’s peddling in droves. I admire her business acumen, but don’t believe there’s a word of truth to her products.

      • justwastingtime says:

        Look she is just always behind the curve (gluten free has been around since 2010 in my world) . She reminds me of those people who have their first child and think they discovered motherhood. I always think Bitch please when she goes off. And, you know what is healthy? Stop with the cancer sticks.

    • jay says:

      Yes I thought this too! It’s ignorant to the point of satire. But comedy requires self awareness so…

  53. Zazu says:

    The fact that she’s perpetuating sexist stereotypes is really annoying. I mean it’s one thing to say that strategies often associated with women in management, like collaboration, risk awareness and long-term planning, are undervalued in sexist corporate culture and that we should recognize them as being equally valuable to male-associated strategies like competitiveness, risk-taking and short-term planning. But just because those strategies are associated with a certain gender should be clearly distinguished from saying that all members of that gender always operate that way. And that those traits aren’t innately male or female but come from how we socialize children and teach them about their gender as they grow up.

    I also find it upsetting that she undermines the value of alternative or complementary medicine by pushing wacky pseudoscience. Studies have shown that acupuncture can help with certain pain conditions (not all!) and nausea for example, or that supplements can help with certain health conditions, like valerian for sleep, turmeric for inflammation or Co Q10 for some heart forms of heart disease, migraine and fibromyalgia. Of course we need to do more research into the effectiveness of supplements, which are often underfunded because they can’t be patented by companies, and require stricter quality standards. And a lot of people claim certain things will cure everything under the sun which is just snake oil pedaling. But as someone who has personally benefited greatly by evidence-based alternative and complementary medicine, I’m definitely an advocate for integrating it into care alongside mainstream medicine. People like Gwyneth devalue the legitimacy of these treatments and set back the possibility of truly Integrative Medicine, which is a shame for the people who could benefit from having better access to some of these treatments.

    • jules says:

      Yes to this–I also find it upsetting that she undermines the value of alternative or complementary medicine by pushing wacky pseudoscience. I commented about this above but you said it so much better than me :) She is not the spokesperson we want or need, and the way she shills her products is gross.

  54. Jenna says:

    To he honest im really suprised her brand is doing as well as it is. Especially her pricey conventions-arent we in a recession lol? I guess alot of women have a good amount of disposable income

    • Herta says:

      I am surprised that anybody who is smart / educated enough to pay for Goop’s stuff would actually buy it.

  55. leskat says:

    If Gwyneth could take a below the poverty line food budget and make it work for “whole foods” for a week, I’d be shocked. Whole foods and organic is nowhere near free. And those types of food rarely come with coupons or are on sale. If she truly challenged herself to eat the way she does but on a very restricted budget she’d learn that she knows literally nothing about how other people live and why her “advice” is such garbage.

    Does she even know how much it costs for her to eat how she does? I bet not.

  56. Amalia says:

    That is HILARIOUS that she thinks she was a gluten-free pioneer. If anything she was very, very late to the gluten free publishing party. Girl, people were upset because you seemed to only feed your kids an unnecessarily restrictive diet and think they will rebel the second you don’t control all their food choices. By 2015, paleo cookbooks had already been published by the dozens (all gluten free), there were several huge bloggers that had already published cookbooks that did really well, gluten free bakeries had already been doing well for years, and the options available to people with celiac and gluten intolerance had already expanded greatly. Citation: me, gluten free since 2008. Eyeroll.

  57. Nan says:

    GP manages to be the personification of spoiled-brat white privilege, ugh. She’s central to all energies wherever she is, to the point where film sets are magically “managed” by her very presence, she’s the inspired creator of the whole zeitgeist (without her, oh world, there would be no gluten-free or yoga – what!?), and people who criticize her are lazy, unhealthy slobs who are just jealous.

  58. RJYM says:

    “..unlearning some of the old kind of feminine ways, trying to apply the right kind of masculinity, and seeing if it’s possible to really still lead from that feminine place..”

    “Sometimes you would be the girl in a male cast.”

    The girl.

    Jesus CHRIST, this one … *facepalm

  59. jay says:

    Instead of holding men accountable for their toxic behaviour in the workplace, she swoops in like the big f*cking blonde stork she is and smooths everything over because that’s a woman’s job?? Way to show your emotionally undeveloped ass Gwyneth.

  60. Catt Berlin George says:

    More than the gluten BS and more than the energy BS what makes me crazy is her inability to look at why people criticize her out of any lens other than the “they do not want to take responsibility for themselves” lens. Some of the criticism, well, MOST of the criticism leveled her way could be constructive to her ‘brand’ if she didn’t tar all it the same ‘you all are just jealous’ brush. It doesn’t occur to her that she can be WRONG and is being criticized because of that.

  61. Susan says:

    Our grandparents and great grandparents spent an enormous percentage of their incomes on food. At the turn of the 20th century, almost 50% of your income was spent on food alone. Wholesome, local food raised on smaller farms costs a lot of money. Food became cheaper only when it became industrialized in its production. So as typical with Paltrow, she is absolutely full of it. I mean we all can see it with our own eyes on the price tags, can’t we.

  62. Malachite says:

    As a disabled woman who is very poor since SSDI checks are a pittance, I am furious that she has such tunnel-vision she can claim that whole foods and nature are free!

    Yes, we used to be a rural country a long-ass time ago and many of outer ancestors were farmers to some degree. That has changed, Gwynnie!

    I am from Vermont and am now living in Denver because a very generous friend opened her home to me after I had to leave my rental in VT due to mold infestation and the breakup of my 8 year relationship. I would LOVE to be back in the nature I adore and I can’t afford to. Living in the city I can no longer grow my own whole foods in my garden, and grocery prices are staggering. These things are not free! I eat as healthily as possible but I have very limited means. So do millions of others in this country. But, yeah, she isn’t elitist, I just don’t WANT to live a healthy lifestyle.

  63. sunshine gold says:

    I cannot believe she thinks she mainstreamed gluten free. Her ego is insane!

  64. Anare says:

    I don’t get the whole “women are living with a lot of shame” thing. And I’m Catholic even! Lol. Ok, I’m not a very good Catholic, I’ll admit that, no shame here though. Life’s too short for that crap.

    What Gwynnie does not mention are the gazillions of people who work 2-3 jobs to keep a roof over their head and don’t often have the time or the money to make a lot of food from scratch with expensive organic ingredients. They aren’t fat lazy loads Gwyn. They are the working poor. Many of them live in areas that are only served by the grocery section of a Dollar Tree store or some such. A socio-economic situation Gwyneth has never had to experience. Lucky her.

    FYI Gwynnie, in 2015 when my son was struggling with a mysterious digestive illness one of the things the doctor suggested was trying a gluten free diet. I know you think you invented it but I’m here to tell you I was grocery shopping for and cooking gluten free foods for my son and never got any recipes or info from Goop. Take a seat love.

    Lastly her description of male and female attributes related to business models is sexist, sophomoric drivel. I’m done. Thanks.

  65. Herta says:

    This woman makes money because too many people believe what she sells.


    OR she doesn’t sell as much as she pretends she does but … then … where does the money come from?

  66. Grant says:

    My friend is a production assistant in LA and she worked on some game show called “Planet of the Apps”–I think that’s the name, I don’t think it was ever picked up… But apparently Gwyneth was on the show. My friend said that she was actually quite delightful and easy to work with, and that she really went to bat for her team. For what it’s worth… Not a Gwyneth stan by any stretch of the imagination myself, I was just very surprised to hear that.

  67. justwastingtime says:

    We still get the Sunday times in print.. Have we discussed the crotch shot.. OMFG