“Tucker Carlson threw an on-air tantrum about Media Matters last night” links

Tucker Carlson threw a massive tantrum last night on air because apparently it’s “dissent” to be a raging misogynist and racist. [Towleroad]
Should actors be de-aged in films? Hm. [Pajiba]
How William H. Macy avoided arrest. [Dlisted]
Jennifer Lopez isn’t a glowing fiancee in new pap photos. [LaineyGossip]
I kind of hate this dress design, but Gabrielle Union looks gorgeous. [Go Fug Yourself]
I really hope Joe Biden & Beto O’Rourke announce that they’re not running. [Jezebel]
American Idol looks very LGBTQ+ friendly these days. [OMG Blog]
Lisa Rinna’s daughters could get their own reality show? [Reality Tea]
Connor McGregor also got arrested this week. [The Blemish]

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  1. Veronica S. says:

    Whilst traveling back from Atlanta last night from a business trip, a fair number of people were watching Fox News on the plane. Terrifying and eerie to think how many people really only listen to that “different” voice.

    • Snazzy says:

      There was a great article out yesterday or a few days about how it was vital to discredit Fox news in the eyes of its base before the next election. Because you’re right, it’s unbelievable how so many people consider that trash as their only source of information

    • Original T.C. says:

      Went to get an oil change last week at my dealership, only Fox News was playing . Happens at a lot of “public spaces”. It’s viewed as the universal channel. I think it’s because Fox is Infotainment with lots of pretty people. When I was little it used to be CNN but I guess people want an escape from reality these days to easy entertainment.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I really hate the prevalence of TV noise & visuals everywhere, particularly at gas pumps and the bank and the dentist.

      • Betsy says:

        We’d be better off if they just ran reruns of the original Hawaii 5-0.

    • BchyYogi says:

      Anger is addictive. My point in saying this is have you noticed how the pundits like to rage? I was reading about an extricated KKK member, and after he left it was the generalized anger and ranting that was hard to quit.

  2. Swack says:

    Almost lost it with this statement: ““This is what an authoritarian society looks like. It’s a place where the group in charge will tolerate no criticism at all. . . ” Has he listened to Trump over the last 2 year when every time Trump is criticized, Trump goes on a Twitter rage? The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

    • Mel M says:

      Ha! So so rich. And is the group in charge the child brides? Illiterate monkeys? Who is he talking about because none of his comments that people are pissed about have anything to do with anyone “in charge”.

    • Kitten says:

      I haven’t watched it but just reading the quote you posted makes me want to throw things.
      He’s f*cking disgusting. I hope more sponsors jump ship.

      • Swack says:

        It made me want to throw things also. Instead I’m making Buckeye Brownies for my grandkiddos for their after school treat.

      • Megan says:

        It doesn’t matter how many sponsors he looses. Murdoch isn’t going to cancel Trump’s biggest cheerleader.

    • Bella Bella says:

      They always accuse others what is true about themselves. That’s been the M.O. of the current administration since Day 1 and, since Fox is the mouthpiece of the current administration, they are taking a page out of the playbook. What’s amazing is that their followers believe it. And they do.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I like that he thinks people criticizing his shitty comments is “intolerance.” Ain’t nobody stopping you from making those comments. Just people making sure people know you said it, lol.

      • Cindy says:

        I swear to God, if I listen to one more Trumpster talk about freedom of speech I’ll throw my laptop out of the window. You can’t be politically persecuted for supporting the president. That’s not how it works.

  3. Chica71 says:

    New tapes on Twitter making comments about underage sex and pageant contestant. Me Too moment for him

  4. Ann says:

    I have a possibly silly question: Does Media Matters being tax exempt mean they are receiving government funds, or just that they aren’t paying taxes? Because if this is a group that is largely self-funded and simply not paying taxes than I guess I don’t care. But if they are not paying while receiving government money than I have a problem with that. TC gave those interviews publicly so it’s not like he or Fox were trying to hide them, all MM did was make them relevant again. It’s not some secret that TC/Fox are racist a-holes so I don’t like the idea of tax money being spent on an unnecessary reminder.

    • Sadezilla says:

      “Tax-exempt” does not mean they are receiving government funds. It’s the latter, they typically do not pay income tax (depending on how it’s organized).

    • Veronica S. says:

      Tax-exempt just means they aren’t subject to certain federal, state, and local business or income taxes. (The people who work and are paid by the company are still required to pay taxes, though, and they may not be safe from certain sales and product taxes.) It’s a right usually reserved for non-profits or ventures that are viewed as benefiting the public/social good. The requirement is that all funds left over after operational costs are paid must go back into advancement of the business or be donated to charitable organizations.

      Does it get abused by massive corporations that are absolutely using “public services” as a shield to generate huge profits? Absolutely. But for the most part, it’s essential for a lot of smaller charitable and social rights organizations because they couldn’t afford to function otherwise.

  5. Ref7 says:

    Me, watching Tucker Carlson whine: “Liberals are in charge now? Awesome!”

  6. Louisa Wright says:

    What’s with these guys that say offensive sh*t then go crazy and blame everyone for reporting exactly what they said.

    • Incredulous says:

      I can’t quite remember the quote exactly but someone once wrote “[Someone] suddenly experienced the unique terror of having someone listening to what you say and writing it down exactly”.

    • Veronica S. says:

      When you’re using to skating through life on your racial, gender, economic, and/or social privilege, the fact of your behavior having actual consequences can come as quite a shock.

  7. Darla says:

    There is this great short clip from The Sopranos where Livia Soprano says, in the most twisted way possible “oh poor you.” And I love it and I tweet it and fb it a lot, and a couple of weeks ago I texted it to my idiot brother. I wish I could put it here. It is so fitting for this guy.

  8. Sue Denim says:

    I haven’t watched it but it sounds like the Kavanaugh strategy — these men do wrong then rage at how they’re wronged. Disgusting…

  9. Lightpurple says:

    This is a man who, just a few months ago, got into a fight in a country club bar because he & his adult son didn’t like what a guy said to his daughter

    • whatWHAT? says:

      that’s what I think about every time he makes some misogynistic remark.

      “what if someone said that about one of your daughers? what if someone said they’d love to see your underage daughters experiment sexually, like YOU did about some nameless/faceless – to you – young women? what if they said it would be no big deal for a 27 year old to wed YOUR 16 year old daughter? what if they said abusing your daughter or treating her poorly was OK because women are primitive anyway?”

      but they don’t think like that. they never think about how OTHER people in society are treated (by them or anyone else), only how THEY THEMSELVES are treated.

  10. A says:

    “This is what an authoritarian society looks like. It’s a place where the group in charge will tolerate no criticism at all.”

    Great! So when can we expect his defense of the New York Times, Jim Acosta, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Kathy Griffin, and all the other critics of Donald Trump whom Tucker Carlson and his ilk have summarily denounced on Fox because “they don’t respect the president enough.”

    Oh what’s that? It’s only “criticism” and “dissent” and worth defending as free speech if it’s racism and rhetoric that appeals to our lowest, most basic impulses as human beings, you say? It doesn’t count when it’s based on actual facts, just because it’s something you might not like to hear?? Colour me SURPRISEd and SHOCKED that Tucker Carlson and his people only stick up for free speech when it’s their lunch money on the line! Who would have thought that a reprehensible human being and a reprehensible organization like Fox News would have such egregious double standards???

  11. Dorothy says:

    I wouldn’t blame JLo if she never smiled for your sorry azes again! Yeah I saw her unhappiness, yeah she’s been in love more than once but everybody acts like it’s some crime it really feels like a pile on bullying situation let the woman live for one fucking minute my god She supports every gossip blogger alive #haters Everybody else can do what they want but JLos got to just give up on love and be single forever and smile at you fat asses too like she likes it.

  12. hkk says:

    Should have thrown Connor out of the country already. It made me sick the way he played up racism to hype a fight. A ‘Go back where you came’ I can actually get behind. We don’t need any more like you over here, Connor!

  13. Cay says:

    Phucker Carlson has a lot of nerve calling someone else a eunuch.

  14. Chloe says:

    I just F’ing can’t with Tucker Carlson. I just can’t. When does he go down?