Mossimo Giannulli, Trump-supporter, believes in ‘people carrying their own weight’

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First of all, I cannot believe how many gossip stories have started with “Tom Arnold did/said something” in the YEAR 2019. Such is the strange way of life these days. So, here’s something that Tom Arnold said last week, as it seemed like all of Hollywood – and all of America – was focused on Operation Varsity Blues and the indictments of Lori Loughlin, her husband Mossimo Giannulli and Felicity Huffman (amongst nearly 50 other indicted peeps). Tom Arnold chimed in with this:

Did anyone think that Tom Arnold was referring to Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy? I’m sure some people thought it could be them, but other outlets looked into Arnold’s claims and guess what, Mossimo Giannulli is the Trump-supporting dumbass.

Sources told Page Six that the “dad” in question was Mossimo Giannulli, the fashion designer husband of “Full House” star Lori Loughlin. We’re told that the argument with Arnold went down at Steve Tisch’s 70th birthday party at the Hollywood Palladium last month.

A spy seconded Arnold’s account, telling Page Six, “Mossimo was talking about how he agrees with Trump, and that people need to carry their own weight. He was saying there’s a lot of ‘takers’ out there and entitled people.”

[From Page Six]

One interesting thing that this whole College Cheating Scandal has done is bring up a larger conversation about affirmative action admissions and what it means to “deserve” admission to an elite college, or any college, really. You can’t tell me that a black, Hispanic or Asian student with straight-As and a million extracurriculars should be shunned – or be considered an “affirmative action admission” – in favor of the Olivia Jade Giannullis of the world, the entitled mediocrities who cheat their way through life and aim to fail up just so their parents have “bragging rights.” That’s one of the things that has bugged me about the story of the Loughlin-Giannulli side of the story – they’re just Trumps without the sphere of influence. They’re mediocre and they think they’re special. They think the rules don’t apply to THEM.

Anyway, yes, it’s funny/dumb/tragic that Mossimo Giannulli is a Trump-supporting a–hole who thinks people should pull themselves up their bootstraps by… illegally bribing college & NCAA officials. We been knew that these parents are the embodiment of hypocrisy and white privilege, but here’s more evidence. The icing on the f–king cake about this though is that Don Trump Jr. was trying to “dunk” on these parents last week, until he was reminded that his father (legally) bribed college officials to get HIM into college too. It’s like a snake eating its tail, this circle of self-owning.

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  1. Kittycat says:

    I need to go through my closet and donate anything from his clothing line.

    • Esmom says:

      So funny you said that. I was doing laundry this weekend and my son has a thermal shirt of his that I vaguely remember buying. I recoiled when I saw it but didn’t pull it from his rotation, lol.

      These people. I saw a clip of Lori and her daughter this weekend, where Lori is playing the “college mom” with such conviction. Gross. And his cheeks look crazy to me.

      • Darla says:

        Yes what is the deal with his cheeks? I wanted to get some filler in the lower half of my face, and the doctor said I need cheek fillers first or it won’t look right. I am supposed to go in a couple of weeks but I don’t want to look like that guy man! I am going to bring a picture of him and let her know, if I look like this at the end of this session you and me are gonna have a problem.

      • SKF says:

        yeah… what is going on with his cheeks?? Fillers? Implants?

      • Esmom says:

        Darla…Eek, I would tread lightly for sure with the fillers. Golf ball cheeks are most definitely not a good look.

        SKF, I read that they are implants. Terrible.

      • Wow says:

        @darla I wouldn’t mess with fillers. I am at a point in my career where I wonder how they got approved by the FDA. Migration, infection, rejection, Asymmetry, disfigurement.

        In my opinion if you do not have a serious Disfigurement and need it as part of a reconstructive procedure you are taking a massive gamble.

        I’m sure you are absolutely beautiful as you are in the skin you are in. We’re our own harshest critics.

      • Kitten says:

        Eh….it’s possible that he had fillers but he’s always had prominent cheekbones. Some of us do, ya know?

        Here’s an old pic of him and to me it just looks like his face/skin have thinned from age, thus giving his cheekbones a more prominent appearance:

      • Darla says:

        HI Wow. Well I had some put around my mouth, to fill in a skin cancer scar, but also a couple of smile
        lines to be honest, in December. I had no problems. But now you’ve scared me. lol. I am going to look into possible side effects now.

      • Bubbalouie says:

        Darla, good luck to you! Please keep us posted.

      • manda says:

        I can’t help but stare at them. He looks deformed

      • Snowflake says:

        @darla, I had fillers at one point. I had to stop because I cant afford to maintain it. But I told a coworker 2 years later that I had done Botox and filler and she had had no idea. I just kept getting compliments on how great my skin looked. That being said, I was 33 at the time so I only had crows feet. She distributed the filler at various points and it just made my square face a tad softer. If you already have many wrinkles and get botox and fillers, obviously your close friends and coworkers might notice how your face looks much better. But it’s not going to look bad unless you overdo it. These rich people have enough to tell the doc to keep going. His doc probably advised against that much filler but guy insisted. Lady who did mine let me know if she thought something would be too much AND I LISTENED and didn’t do it. That’s the difference imo

      • mltpsych says:

        I get fillers in the very upper part of the cheeks which keeps me from needing them in the smile lines around my mouth. It kind of lifts everything a bit. My injector is very conservative as I think most good injectors are. It does them no good to have people walking around looking crazy and it’s their work.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I’m very plased to say I’ve never, ever bought, or otherwise acquired, any item from his company. What a knob he is.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      they look like implants to me. poorly sized/placed ones.

      and F*CK THIS GUY and his whole family.

      a lot of “takers”, you say? a lot of “entitled people”, you say? pot, kettle, etc.

    • minx says:

      I don’t think I ever bought anything of his. What a tool.

    • llvanslyke says:

      Yes. This. I have to say that clothing line being associated with Target now makes me feel put off by Target.

      • Capt Mo says:

        Target phased out the Mossimo brands a couple years ago for some newer brands, totally unrelated but this a**hole has been in decline for a while.

    • BorderMollie says:

      He apparently sold his stake years ago and it’s no longer sold in stores. Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most companies are run by people like this, ie selfish capitalists. None of the major brands care about us or the world, just profits.

  2. xdanix says:

    I saw a brilliant tweet about this… it was something like “oh, look, the father of the fake rower turned out to be a fake weightlifter!”

    • Jan90067 says:

      BEST one was a comment for OJ’s highlighter on Sephora: (to paraphrase). “I thought this would give me that dewey “I just got back from working out with crew” look, without having to work out with crew. it didn’t work”.
      😂😂😂😂😂😂 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Darla says:

    I wonder if he cried when don jr attacked his wife on twitter?

  4. IlsaLund says:

    Such hypocrites. The rules apply to everyone else (especially POC) but not to him and his entitled spawn.

    • Josephine says:

      What I find interesting is that it took celebs being involved for people to take notice. No one took notice when GW Bush got into Harvard Business school with a less-than-mediocre GPA from undergrad? And people are saying that there is no way that Jared Kushner earned his spot (don’t know if that’s true or the details). But anyone who has been paying attention knows that so many of the spots in top schools are basically handed down to the next gen, and no one has a bigger sense of false entitlement in this country than those people.

      • Kitten says:

        I mean, wealthy parents have been paying their kids’ way into college for decades now–it was never a secret. But alumni/charitable donations aren’t illegal, even if morally reprehensible to most of us. The difference is that what happened here is highly illegal and on a fairly wide-ranging scale.

      • perplexed says:

        Everyone knows that you can get in that way (i.e donations) though.

        I had no idea you could fake being a rower or soccer player until this particular scandal happened though. Photoshop? Who knew you could do that??? I understand how you can get away wth someone taking an exam for you because that can be hidden to some degree, but the athletic part of this scandal is fascinating and bizarre to me simply because people can tell from the outside by looking at your physique whether you know how to play a sport or not. Baffling indeed.

      • jan90067 says:

        Thing is, with legacy spots, *usually* a parent makes a “donation” to the school, which will benefit other students as well (buildings, equipment, etc). While still odious, others *do* benefit.

        In the matter of Huffman, Loughlin, et al, they are making these bribes that ONLY benefit THEIR kids, and the coaches/staff that are receiving the bribes.

        And we do all know of the less than stellar politicians who got in on “legacies”, and the ones that “bought buildings”. And we’re definitely looking at the Bushes, Dumps, and Kushners.

      • me says:


        Yes the athletic part of this all baffles me too. Most high school students who want to get an athletic scholarship or get on a university team tend to have scouts come out to see them play. A lot of these young athletes have social media accounts or web pages dedicated to showing off their skills. How did the admissions officer simply look at a f*cking photoshopped pic and be like “yup they are in !”. Are you kidding me?

      • noway says:

        Everyone who was looking noticed the wealth inequity in admission at the “elite” schools. It’s not illegal, but I wish the schools would just say we need X amount of kids pay full price so 30% of our application go to legacy, 10% go to sports etc. This way people can decide if they want to apply. No they have to make it seem like their school is just full of all these exceptionally smart people, which it isn’t.

        I also wish they would change their entrance policy. Granted Olivia Jade isn’t a great example of intelligence, in fact quite the opposite, but some wealthy kids are intelligent and do have the stats to be admitted. A lot of that is because, they get the best tutors to excel on standardized tests and have the best classes available to them. Should they gain admission over the kid who just didn’t have that opportunity, but was lower or middle class person and has the drive and intelligence, but maybe not quite the schedule and scores. I mean admission is based on a few things which can be gamed anyway. It would be harder, but I think they should base a lot on the application, and make it unique so they really get a better feel for the student. They need to look at other things, especially less on the SAT/ACT scores which are so easily gamed. I’m not sure if we want to give blood samples to take the test now, but it might be where we are headed if the SAT/ACT’s are so important. Cause it is apparently not hard to bribe the board to get a good score. I read the story about the fake “Student” test taker and he was busy.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ kitten : these new money (nouveau riche) types just don’t know how to work the system like the old money types do, I guess. Too dumb to creatively throw money at a school or network in the years leading up to the kid’s admission. And it’s not like Lori or her husband could use the legacy trick (getting into a school because your parents are alumni) as I don’t think either went to college. So they had to employ a middleman with hustle.

    • LivePlantsCleanAir says:

      meanwhile, they do their very best to get lovely and brown….but hate brown people….Oh, do the ironies never end?

    • otaku fairy... says:

      That sums up the typical attitude of people who whine about affirmative action.

  5. klutzy_girl says:

    Anyone else find it weird that there’s barely been anything said about Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy but something new comes out about Lori and her family every day?

    • Katherine says:

      I think there’s a sense of blood in the water that they don’t seem sorry. And this is just the tip of the ice berg of their hypocrisy and entitlement. FH and WHM, tho still blatant cheaters don’t get me wrong, at least have the sense to look shocked and exhausted in what we’ve seen so far. So rightly or wrongly this is going to be a sensationalistic scandal. The daughter on the yacht feeds it. FH looking tired at court doesn’t.

      • Yawn says:

        Im not sure I’ve seen anything written about Macy and Huffman since I don’t think their daughters are schilling junk on the internet as social media darlings like Laughlin’s daughter is. Not sure I’ve seen many pictures of the Macy girls at Hollywood events either…From all I’ve read, it doesn’t sound like Huffman and Macy’s kid was complicit in this scandal, and probably didn’t even know it was happening. If that’s the case, that’s sad… she will never shake the stigma that she didn’t earn her way into college because of this.

    • Esmom says:

      I’m thinking that Huffman and Macy have their PR locked down as tightly as possible. Not to mention their daughter isn’t a high profile IG influencer. Whereas Lori and Mossimo have put themselves out there. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before more info comes out about everyone.

      If you’re trying to imply that Huffman and Macy are getting a pass because they’re Democrats, that’s not the case at all. Did you see the Mamet thread dragging him for excusing them, to name one example?

      • jan90067 says:

        Mamet is a VERY close friend to Macy. As I said in the other thread, Mamet and Macy founded one of the four acting studios at NYU: The Atlantic Acting Studio at NYU/Tisch (where my nephew is going). BIG connection there.

    • Mia4s says:

      These two were doomed by their “influencer” daughter. Don’t get me wrong, Huffman and Macy also deserve to be derided and punished (BIG TIME), but they have been MUCH luckier from a PR standpoint. They look pained by this when we see them, troubled, and their daughters have been invisible. If their daughter had been on a university Board member’s yacht, we’d be having a different conversation.

    • NΞΞNΔ ZΞΞ says:

      The Loughlin/Giannulli camp reportedly spent $500k in college admissions while the Huffman/Macy camp spent just $15k… sounds like they were in much deeper. And, it feels like there’s a lot to unpack with them. Haha

    • Veronica S. says:

      These two are messy, and the numbers involved are even messier. $500K is a hell of a lot of money to get your foolish daughter into college, particularly when she’s bragging about just wanting to party on YouTube, AND said daughter was personally involved in the scam by posing for rowing pictures.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      I think I read that the one daughter they bought help for actually qualified for the extra help. What they did went beyond that to moving her to a new location with the fake proctor. Macy was involved in the 2nd daughter’s scheme, which they ultimately decided against. Also, Huffman pled guilty already. She’ll be sentenced probably within the next few months. Their story has no legs. OTH, the Gianullis are ridiculous.

      • Sam Louise says:

        Where did you get the information that Huffman pled guilty? She was only arrested last week. News reports say her next court appearance is March 29 in Boston. Nothing has been completed yet for any of the people charged last week.

      • perplexed says:

        She was only indicted. I don’t think she pled guilty.

      • Sunnee says:

        I don’t think you can have extra help. Even extra time is hard to get. My son with documented disability and gross motor skills delay got no help. He decided not to take the SAT.
        Mossimo’s cheeks are puzzling. Why do that to yourself?

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        Sorry guys! I either heard it or read it. But there’s been so much said I’m not surprised that info was wrong.

    • Arpeggi says:

      They haven’t used the “college experience” to get tons (and I mean thousands of $$$ worth) of free stuff and their daughter is not an “influencer” who stated multiple times that she only wanted to go to college for the parties. They’re laying low and not saying a thing so it’s the reason why they’re getting less coverage

    • lucy2 says:

      The Macy/Huffman kids are private. These people’s daughter was online bragging about how she doesn’t value school but wants to go for the party experience, prior to this coming out, so surely there is going to be a lot more written about them.

    • Lady Keller says:

      From a gossip standpoint Lori and Mossimo are a goldmine. The daughter has put herself so far out there that there is endless dirt for the public to shift through. By comparison the Muffmans are pretty private and boring.

    • noway says:

      A few things I think why. First, I’m pretty sure their daughter isn’t in college now. It’s not like she has taken anyone’s spot yet. Second, both Macy and Huffman looked upset over the whole thing. While Lori at least the court room artist said looked more angry and pissed off than distraught. Funny the drawing almost looked like Melania Trump with her arms crossed Plus Felicity and Macy’s daughters aren’t really in the public eye acting spoiled rich kids, and we are not even sure their daughters knew what was going on. Whereas it’s kind of hard to believe the influencer didn’t know, plus Olivia Jade just comes off as so shallow to most adults at least.

    • perplexed says:

      I wonder if people are more shocked by Aunt Becky being involved in this. She has a wholesome image, and this scandal contradicts that.

      I’m only surprised by Felicity Hoffmann in the sense that she doesn’t look vapid and shallow, but I guess I was wrong. Aunt Becky’s involvement goes directly against image and is really, really shocking to me. I’m dying to know what Uncle Jesse thinks. I suppose Candace Cameron will invite her to church to be saved.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      True, but Olivia Jade has quite a few YouTube videos that have damning material that back-up how little she cared about school.

      • Vintage says:

        I’m sure the various casts are devastated. They’ve known her LL for years, and who would have thought Miss Wholesome would and could be so duplicitous? I had a very close friend cheat on her husband and lied to a whole group, and the feeling of betrayal and having no idea what this person was really like was horrible.

    • anon says:

      That’s not true…

  6. Feebee says:

    Projection is strong right through the Trump ranks it seems. Now I’m wondering if that life coach lady is a Trump supporter. I mean instagramming “don’t cheat” while she’s doing exactly that… Classic Trump move.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      I wonder if anyone pointed out Gianulli’s politics to Mike Huckabee, yet another of Mango Mussolini’s posse who made this into a liberal hollywood scandal (and I’m betting quite a few of those indicted are also big GOP donors)

  7. staceyP. says:

    These people have their heads so far up their hypocritical asses, it’s unbelievable.

  8. Emily says:

    The problem with these people is they will never see themselves as hypocrites. They believe they have earned everything they have, so of course they should use it for their kids. And because their kids (thanks to their money) will never need welfare or food stamps or whatever programs they think these “takers” are using, they don’t think it’s a problem.

  9. Sparkly says:

    I can’t even look at her the same anymore knowing all this. Her smile seems so fake, and it doesn’t reach her eyes.

  10. Diana says:

    Shocker of all shocks these people like Trump! Lol

  11. BlueSky says:

    I have a beach trip planned for June. My plan was to go shopping this weekend for bathing suits and Target was one of the places I was going to look. I will have to make a conscience effort not to buy his brand.

  12. stormsmama says:

    Phony attracts phony

  13. Jumpingthesnark says:

    His cheek implants look insane

  14. Redgrl says:

    Just like all the clips of her on religious TV programming talking about her faith and her family. All the while, she’s about as morally bankrupt as they come. Typical

    • me says:

      The ones that “preach” the most are usually the most corrupt.

      • Christin says:

        That has been my life experience as well. Many who frequently talk it, don’t necessarily walk it themselves.

      • Dee Kay says:

        I really believe this: that the ones who endlessly talk the talk don’t walk the walk. I consider myself to be deeply spiritual but I also don’t talk about my beliefs except in the vaguest terms, I don’t want to impose my views on anyone and really believe there is more than one truth when it comes to spirit and the divine. I’ve always been very suspicious of people who talk and talk and talk about their faith. Like, isn’t your faith enough to sustain you, if you are such a believer? Can’t you just keep to yourself about it? Is it some deep-seated insecurity causing you to promo it all the time? I know some religions tell their people to proselytize but it never fails to rub me the wrong way and almost have the opposite effect than they intend, I become *more* unconvinced about a church the more ppl talk it up.

  15. Veronica S. says:

    No, no, no, you see, rich people EARNED their money! They’re self made! It’s so easy to be rich in America that clearly everybody who isn’t is just lazy and entitled asking for more!

    Pretty sure half these people couldn’t weight lift a five pound dumbbell much less carry themselves without a wheelbarrow of money underneath them.

    • Ali says:

      Apparently the Mossimo self-made story goes like: Mossimo was at USC studying architecture like his dad when he decided to drop out of school and “borrowed” (in quotes because the daughter says he used tuition money and other places say it was a loan) $100,000 to start his beachwear clothing business.

      All these self-made millionaires relying on their own grit and guts. No help from anyone else…

      • Lady Keller says:

        Reminds me of a boss I used to have who liked to go on about how people needed to pull themselves up. If you weren’t successful you just weren’t trying hard enough. He started his business with a million dollar loan from his father’s best friend. Maybe I’d be more successful if I ran in circles where people had millions of spare dollars.

        He was so proud of how hard his daughter worked. Sure she may have got good grades but she went to the best schools, had a private tutor, got a brand new car at 16 and never had to work a crappy service job to get by. She was pretty much guaranteed success. And these people will always blame the poor for their lack of success because they will never know what it is like to be disadvantaged.

      • Snowflake says:

        @lady keller, exactly

  16. mycomment says:

    it’s projection… every criticism directed at democrats/the other is projection.

    damn, look at the cheek implants on him.. lol …or maybe he’s just storing nuts.

    • mycomment says:

      now that I think about it, he might be stashing away gold coins or the implant is made of gold. gotta hide that money somewhere the feds won’t think to search and seize.

  17. TheOriginalMia says:

    DTJr is an idiot. He truly believe he’s successful because he’s rich. He’s rich because his family has cheated their way through life and drug his mediocre ass along with them. Now, this idiot thinks he can win the presidency in 2024.

    • mycomment says:

      one of the trademarks china granted to princess complicit was for voting machines… manufactured in china. along with sausage casings.

    • Veronica S. says:

      People who brag about being wealthy when they inherited their money from parents are literally the funniest to me. It’s like the financial equivalent of boasting that your dad can beat up other dads at the school ground while you stand behind them cheering them on.

  18. adastraperaspera says:

    I wonder what the chances are that Mossimo Giannulli is associated with the mob like Trump? A clothing line would have been a great way to launder money. Just spit-balling here.

  19. Swack says:

    The hypocrisy among Trump supporters is unbelievable. The mental gymnastics is tiring.

  20. Justjj says:

    Rich people are cancelled.

  21. Other Renee says:

    The Macys have been getting some bad press too but not nearly as much as the other clowns. FH had a parenting website (!!), which has been taken down. And old interviews with Macy have been found wherein he states that the best advice he ever had was not to lie. Now that’s just rich!!

    Since this began as a Tom Arnold comment, I have a fun fact to share: Before he married Roseanne and became famous, he came into a printing store I worked at in Van Nuys to have his resume typed up. (That was my job.) He was very nice. Just one of many wannabe actors in Tinseltown. He’s done really well for himself.

    • Christin says:

      Was he has hyper as he now seems? I have assumed that was really how he is, but maybe it’s partly an act (brand).

      • Other Renee says:

        Christin, I was actually going to add that to my original post but decided against it. He was totally hyper but in a low key way. That sounds like a contradiction but it isn’t. At the time I thought it was drugs but now I don’t think so. That’s just who he is.

      • Christin says:

        Thank you for answering. I work with two ladies who excitedly talk so fast I am always a sentence behind them (we are in the southern US, where slower talk rules). Instead of assuming something illicit in his case, I have wondered if he’s just wired that way. Sounds like he may be.

  22. SM says:

    That is not at all surprising. Trump does think he carries his own weight. By assaulting the legal system and bulldozing over any human decency that restrict people from living by the rule: the goal justifies all means.

  23. Louisa says:

    Good- I’m glad he thinks that. Now he can carry the weight of his own cheating and lying actions. and accept them as something he earned. You don’t get to make judgements about others and then cry foul, when they apply to yourself also.

  24. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Don’t you get it? That “carrying your own weight” rule only applies to us “poor people”.

  25. Fanny says:

    Mossimo is a hypocrite and Macy and Huffman are hypocrites in their way as well. Huffman used to tweet about making things fair for the poor and then used her money to get her undeserving daughter ahead by cheating. It’s all about the wealthy protecting their status and wanting the rules to apply to everyone but themselves.

  26. Sarah says:

    Funny/dumb/tragic: The Trump years

  27. Jeanne says:

    Just looked Mossimo up and he’s only 55! He is not wearing his years well.

    And re: Target – his brand has been or is being phased out as part of their whole brand switcheroo – launching new brands like Who What Wear and A New Day and phasing out Mossimo and Merona.

    • Veronica S. says:

      It’s a good change, honestly. A New Day is way more modern and elegant in design. Mossimo never really struck me as well designed. I’m a Target girl and can count on one the stuff I’ve bought from the line.

  28. Valerie says:

    Lmao, this is just too funny.

  29. noway says:

    I think people should not be touting this as a Trump supporter issue, as this case splits almost completely down the line. I think Forbes did an analysis on the personal contributions of all the people who are indicted and it was a bit more Democratic, but only a fraction more than Republican. I saw Bill Maher this weekend stating this was viewed mostly as a liberal issue, and again he’s wrong as the other epicenter of these indictments is Texas, hardly the bastion for liberal views. Honestly, it cuts across the board, and on a bigger scale. I think most people won’t go to this extreme to get their kid into college, but parents are doing some crazy things. I hope they look at the whole process.

    • perplexed says:

      “I think most people won’t go to this extreme to get their kid into college, but parents are doing some crazy things.”

      Most people don’t have this kind of money to do something this stupid. You have to feel untouchable to some degree to believe you could get away with this sort of thing — only rich people could feel this untouchable.

      Still, I am shocked by Aunt Becky. She looks so wholesome I wouldn’t have thought she’d be this shallow, despite the wealth she married.

      • noway says:

        Okay, but $15,000 to have more time on your SAT and have someone correct the answers is actually kind of cheap, and I know a fair amount of people in the middle class arena who could afford that. I know several spending almost as much on tutoring extra classes etc. That’s the figure that struck me the most. It’s only $15k really?

      • perplexed says:

        True. I was thinking of the $500 000 Aunt Becky spent. Maybe even for their crowd that’s not much. But I feel you have to be really deluded to think you can get away with this, and I feel an extremely wealthy person is more likely to be this deluded than someone who is simply wealthy. There are probably exceptions but I feel the wealthy Hollywood crowd are a little dumber in how they lie than the wealthy who earn their extreme money through tech like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Maybe it’s the Real Housewives of Extreme Money that are simultaneously this arrogant and not quite so bright in their thinking.

  30. GogoRoboto says:

    Yeah everyone should carry their own weight except his daughter. What a hypocrite. And in a superficial note, looks like he tried to match Aunt Becky’s cheekbones and overdid it.

  31. FredsMother says:

    I can’t help feeling that this corrupt behaviour of parents and the legacy donoation system/entry of mediocre students like Kushner and Bush is a result of the US’ underfunded education system. An education is not supposed to be an elite aspiration, with a system of limited places and Ivy League institutions hoarding the best teachers. How can any society evolve when the few are given access to quality education. The system defies logic. Economies don’t thrive when human resource is undersupplied.

    And at the same time companies have to resort to importing quality human resources while the idiot politicians have to resorted to fighting them via bigotted immigration policies. Idiocracy at its finest!!!!

    • noway says:

      The Ivies aren’t hoarding the best teachers. Most of the Ivies are small and actually specialize in certain areas, but plenty of good public and other private colleges have amazing programs with the best professors and researchers in their fields. I was kind of hoping this crazy thing would make people realize an “elite” school is not always the best choice, even academically. A lot of the reputation of these schools is just hype by the school and various parents. First if you are going to be paying $50,000-$70,000 a year for college very few fields are worth that. Then a degree at some of the public institutions and lesser known schools could still get you an amazing career. The average person may not like the “elite” schools. USC was nicknamed University of Spoiled Children, and if you are not a spoiled child you may not enjoy the atmosphere there either. To the companies which just recruit employees from the “elite” maybe this scandal will make some of them realize there is a whole set of amazing talent from the lesser known schools.

  32. mazzie says:

    He didn’t pay his way, he used his parents’ money so he’s not self-made at all.

  33. ChillyWilly says:

    Eat The Rich

  34. Kyra WEGMAN says:

    cheek implants.
    is lori loughlin a trumper too?

  35. moo says:

    “They’re mediocre and they think they’re special.”
    No, they’re less than mediocre. From an academic perspective, Olivia is a failure. She didn’t even TRY to be a decent student.

  36. april says:

    He looks like “Dirty John” from the Bravo series. So all I see is a huge creep.

  37. CairinaCat says:

    He looks like a old version of Adam Levine

  38. Deering24 says:

    Agreed–Mossimo was cut too small and the fabric quality was not great.

  39. Sharon Lea says:

    So he is a Republican? So many posters on The Daily Mail were running them down the past few days throwing saying they were ‘those (bad) Hollywood liberals’! ha

  40. Rebecca says:

    So Bill Maher said something about these college exam cheaters are the reasons Republicans hate liberals. I was wondering about that. I think both these two (Becky from Full House and her husband) are Republican and many, not all, of these cheaters are Republicans.

    One more thing – Why does Harvard have a quota on how many Asians are let in?

  41. Holly hobby says:

    Wow the irony of this ahole. So it’s ok for them to do it but others need to earn it? What a dick

  42. Mandy says:

    Well, let’s all hope this f*cker carries his weight all the way into prison.

  43. Sue s says:

    He looks like jiggsaw to me…only jigsaw (Saw.movies) wore it better

  44. Fluffy says:

    Well that’s rich, literally. BTW, those cheek implants on him make him look like a squirrel who needs to attend weight watchers.