Heather Mills: karma makes my enemies get cancer

Heather Mills

Heather Mills has the army of justice on her side. She has Honor and Truth and other noble things you must Capitalize. Because she is Heather Mills, and no one is more righteous. Unfortunately she’s been the constant victim of the vicious British press, which forces people to hate Heather. How? Through writing nasty things about her – which have not once ever been even a teeny tiny bit true – and mind control. Flat out. Luckily because Heather is so righteous, she also has karma on her side, and she’s comforted by the fact – yes, pretty much a fact – that those who write bad things about her will get cancer and die.

Heather Mills has warned that karma comes back to haunt journalists who publish “lies” about her personal life.

The former glamour model, who is a long-time critic of the British press, claimed that justice has always been served against her enemies in the media.

Speaking to The Observer, she insisted: “The truth always outs in the end – no-one gets away with those things.

“Certain journalists have written horrible things, and then they’ve got cancer, or they’ve had a tumour, or they’ve died. And it’s terrible for them, but they’ve done really evil things. I truly believe things come back round.”

Mills added that she often relies on the Press Complaints Commission to clear her name when stories upset her.

She commented: “It took me two years. But I’ve won all my cases.”

In April this year, the charity campaigner vowed to continue her battles against the media, explaining: “I plan to clear the internet so my daughter doesn’t read all the lies when she’s 12.”

[From Digital Spy]

Hm, I wonder what kind of person it makes you when you’re wishing cancer, tumors, and death on people? You know what else would make them not write horrible things about you Heather? Not doing horrible things or being a horrible person. That helps a lot, and then you don’t even have to go to the trouble of wishing plagues and boils on them or anything. Saves everyone some time.

One of the great and horrible things about the internet is that once something’s on there, you can never get rid of it completely. There’s always some cached page. So Heather ridding the internet of all the “lies” printed about her is about as useful as trying to ban boobs from the web. It just isn’t gonna happen.

Wonder when karma’s gonna get Heather?

Thanks to Carboangel for the tip!

Here’s Heather leaving the ‘This Morning’ studios after appearing on the show to demonstrate her cooking skills and recipes on July 14th in London. Images thanks to INF Photo.

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  1. Kayleigh says:

    Karma is also probably how she lost her leg. Low blow? I don’t care, she’s hardly human.

  2. Bill Hicks is God says:

    I’ve got my Heather Mills voodoo doll right here and it’s cervical cancer for you, bitch.

  3. BlueSkies says:

    She’s just reacting like this because she feels powerless. She is. We all are. I do have to side with her that the British press is extremely mean and childish. They often print outrageous lies that would get the pants sued off of them in the U.S. I’m glad someone, even if it is Heather, is holding them responsible. Princess Di would agree.

  4. Bill Hicks is God says:

    …or maybe take away your dummy leg and consign you to a hell of a never-ending asskicking contest.

    Decisions, decisions!

  5. princess pee says:

    Aww, I kind of miss Heather. Without the batsh*t crazy things spewing forth from her mouth as regularly as we were getting them during the divorce, well, things just haven’t been the same. Her bile-soaked rants and nonsensical tirades… *sniff* those were good times.

  6. TaylorB says:

    I would really love to spend a week or two with her, it would be a real trip…

    Can you imagine? Her ‘pearls of wisdom’ alone would be worth it. It would be funny as hell listening to her espouse her little ‘Heather doctrine’ and explain how she is so put upon and misunderstood.

    Granted after a week or two of listening to her ‘woes’ I would be inclined to stuff her in a plane and drop her in the middle of Sudan and see if that puts things a bit more in perspective.

  7. Diabot says:

    Mills is a sociopathic, narcissistic, bipolar witch. Good luck trying to censor the internet…just ask the Church o’ Scientology and Crazy Tom Cruise how that’s going for them.

  8. Diana says:

    I love Heather’s … jacket. Not having a desire for Heather’s Karma, I’ll refrain from any further comment =)

  9. wif says:

    Diana, me tooooooooooooo. I LOVE her coat. That’s the nicest thing I’ll ever say about Heather Mills.

  10. kay says:

    magical thinking.

    proves she’s just alittle crazazy.

  11. Green Is Good says:

    How psychotic is this tw@t?

    You all remember when she was on Dancing With the Has-beens? She made SURE the Pappz got her picture while she was carrying around her multiple prosthetic legs under her arm. Not in a bag as usual, but under her arm so everybody could see. Sympathy votes? Check!

    *barf* Whatta phony.

  12. Catherine says:

    What a heartless witch!

  13. Obvious says:

    *spins the wheel of Karmic pending doom* tiuck tick tick….Lose your leg.

    Lol, note it says YOUR leg not your fake leg. Raise your hand if you love Karma!!!!

  14. RuffianSuz says:

    Uh, bitch? Pretty sure that’s not how karma works…enjoy coming back as someone’s pit stain…

  15. daisyfly says:

    Karma is real, alright.


    The uncanny resemblance to each other is proof that it exists. Unfortunately for Heather, she doesn’t quite understand how Karma works.

  16. Kayleigh says:

    Wow daisy those two pics are from todays post are dead the same! It’s like Paris looking into the future, then loosing her leg! *Dream*

  17. tasteT says:

    EVERYTIME Paul breathes–he ought to kick himself in the butt for marrying that crazy little IMP…

    she is mean and horrid and a moneygrubber..

    I know his REAL wife is turning over in her grave, all of the money she left, SMH

    She has enough money to live anywhere in the world, ummm she kinda dogged Sir Paul out and took him through the divorce court mud–they love Paul, what does she expect??

    They would love her MORE over there????
    by now, with all of the money she has/had–she could have started a new life, miserable minded chicken wing!

  18. CeeJay says:

    People you better eat your words. Now you’re on her list. Sad isn’t it?

  19. BiggieShortie says:

    Wonder when karma’s gonna get Heather?

    Well, considering it already took one leg…it must have a special plan in store for her to take her bit by bit. If there REALLY IS karma you’d think she’d get the fuckin’ hint by now.

  20. KRD says:

    She’s the reason I will never be vegan. I don’t want to be anything like her.

  21. DD says:

    deja-vu. The only person I’ve ever heard say something exactly like that was a sociopath, in fact the only one I’ve ever personally known, who has probably progressed to a psychopath by now.
    Only a sociopath would believe that any slight made to them by others would end in terminal illness or harm for them.

  22. KatzeOttawa says:

    Heather Mills and Anne Coulter should have a c*nt-off. I wonder who would win…

  23. Lee says:

    Great write-up Jaybird! I laughed out loud, and Bill, you too. Funny. First genuine laugh of the day. Keep it comin’ Heather…

  24. Madchen says:

    @KatzeOttawa, hilarious! So funny. A c*nt-off. A-ha-ha-ha. Snort.

  25. Ursula says:

    And she wonders why she is so hated. Her own former PR said she was a nasty person. I guess it is Karma that she lost her leg.

  26. Snoopchew says:

    TaylorB: You never cease to amaze me with your laid back comments. Why in the www would you ever want to spend a day or even a week with this impudent hussy??
    She wishes nothing but the worst on everyone. She is the she-devil in waiting. Her physical handicap has gotten her this far and she is running out of excuses.
    A visit to the highest spiritualist in the world would do her no good. This is called lower caste system. What she needs is an evolvement intervention perhaps in her next lifetime.

  27. drm says:

    She forgot to take her anti-psychotic pills again I see…

  28. Ggirl says:

    Can’t someone please take this uber b*tch and tie her to a rocket and launch her in outer space? Ick!!!

  29. judy says:

    If Karma were reallty true she would lose her vocal cords. God what a waste of humanity she is.

  30. SheIsRight says:

    She’s RIGHT !!!!

    People who stalk, bully and do harm to
    others with no provocation SHOULD die of
    cancer or something — because THEY are
    a cancer in the lives of those they hurt.