Kate Beckinsale’s cat Willow made a poop-perimeter around Kate while she slept

Several weeks back, Kate Beckinsale posted the above Instagram. She thanked The Cat Daddy, who came to her house and acted as some kind of “cat-whisperer” to Kate’s cat Willow. As it turns out, Willow is an inherited kitty – one of Kate’s friends must have left Willow in Kate’s care. Willow loves Kate. So to show her love, Willow poops all the way around Kate when she’s sleeping in her bed. OH MY GOD.

Kate claims that Willow isn’t pooping on her, merely around her while she’s sleeping, like a poop perimeter. First of all, I think Willow is being overfed because a cat shouldn’t have enough poop to actually make a poop outline of an adult woman. Second of all, I’d be interested in knowing how old the cat is, because this doesn’t seem like a younger-cat issue. It feels like an older kitty issue where an older cat just gets too excited and has to poop everywhere to show love.

My mom always has had cats, at every stage of her life, and she always says that she prefers cats to dogs because of the litter pan, because you can show a kitten the litter pan and they figure it out in a day. Then she ended up with an old kitty who liked to poop wherever she wanted. Still, most of the time, most cats are not like this – the overwhelming majority of cats and kittens prefer the litter pan. Also: I once had a dog who, when he was a puppy, liked to poop in a giant X pattern. He would go in a straight line and then he would move over and do the other line.

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    I LOVE her cats. So much floof!
    I am very grateful mine don’t do that.

  2. Emily says:

    That is so disgusting and endearing lol. Animals are weird people.

    Cue Pete Davidson saying the cat is a protective ring around Kate when she has late night guests because he can’t help himself but to TMI.

  3. Uppenyrcraut says:

    Eww the stench would wake me up in no time. This is why my cat sleeps in the laundry, no sleep time disturbances thanks very much!

    • H says:

      Yes, we’ve tried that. However, cat has figured out how to open the door. She jumps up and hangs on the door handle until it opens. I was woken up this morning to cat crying in my face at 2am. I’m going to Home Depot to buy a new door knob.

      • Kebbie says:

        Lol I am so lucky my cat sleeps when I sleep. When I turn off the lights, he curls up (usually on me) and purrs, and then he waits for me to wake up to meow for food.

      • Some chick says:

        Just reinstall it on the vertical.

        I have a friend who had to do that all throughout her house!

  4. Lisa says:

    Disgusting and endearing at the same time.

  5. blinkers says:

    More like there is something wrong with that fluffy kitty’s litter situation or health and she’s trying desperately to get Kate’s attention 🙁

  6. tuille says:

    One of my cats showed her displeasure when I got home from work late, etc., by pooping in the bathtub. She did it only when annoyed with me & I always knew the reason. Fortunately it was easy to clean & disinfect.

  7. BengalCat😻 says:

    I once woke up by rolling over face first into a pile of cat puke. It was awful. Kitty was okay.

    • Some chick says:

      My bengalcat likes to wake me up by playing my drum! Not kidding! I love her, and she’s amazing, but DAMN, CAT!

      Then again it’s my bad for thinking I should keep a drum in my bedroom. LOL.

      • BengalCat😻 says:

        Awww! Mine likes to wake me up by squeaking in my face. She’s the most perfect specimen I’ve ever had to pleasure of loving 😻

  8. SM says:

    Looks like someone is questioning Kate’s decision about whom to bring into her bed.

  9. CharliePenn says:

    Ugh the smell would kill me. Cats poop is nasty!
    My wonderful crazy little cat likes to show his delight at my husband finishing a day’s work and coming down for the evening (husband works from home in his attic office) by running and gobbling some food and then puking it up as fast as he can, as close to my husband as he can. It’s horrible!

  10. Livethelifeaquatic says:

    I have Himalayan’s and my male cat is so obsessed with me that he did a version of this, but kinda a revenge poop. When I was on vacation in Alaska he got really mad and took a giant shit on my husbands side of the bed (he had stayed home). Second time he has done that on my bed (prior it was where my ex boyfriend slept). My husband wasn’t thrilled and quarantined my cat, much to my anguish. Poor thing. He was just pissed off that I was gone.

    • Hunter says:

      Strangely, I once had a golden lab that would do the same. My daughter left for 6 months and the pup was so upset. When she returned, he wouldn’t look at her or let her pet him, and he showed her just how he felt by leaving little logs in her bed for about a week. Finally he got over it and they were friends again. Strange pup.

  11. Lizzie says:

    i love cats. if your cat reliably uses the litter and then stops for some reason – it could be underlying sickness. don’t let it go on very long before mentioning it to the vet. it could be a simple fix

  12. raindrop says:

    Maybe Willow loves Kate but hates Pete? Maybe it’s a protective poop-perimeter. Just an idea.


    Cats are weird and wonderful, though this behavior might be an indication of some kind of illness as others have suggested.

  13. Veronica S. says:

    Generally, if cats are pooping/peeing outside of the litter box, it’s because something is wrong. Either they got scared away from their normal bathroom or they’re sick/developing incontinence. We had a cat who developed Cushings and diabetes toward the end of his life and wound up having severe GI sensitivities to everything but a very specific brand of hard cat food. Otherwise, he would diarrhea all over the place, and it was…it was bad. It wasn’t my cat, either, so you can bet the first time he did it in my room, I threw him out and permanently locked the door when I wasn’t home.

    But ugh…it’s so gross. Cat feces/urine is just so foul smelling in comparison to other animals because of all that ammonia.

  14. BANANIE says:

    I never understood why people say they prefer cats because of litter boxes, because you have to pick up the poop anyway the way you do with dogs on a walk. I get preferring cats if it’s the personality you’re into (I’m not) but I never got that reasoning.

    My husband and I are considering a pet and he really, really wants a cat. This is something he was never clear on, and I don’t think he gets why I’d rather have no pet than a cat. I thought all this time I was holding out for a dog when we had a bigger place with a yard! I’m worried if I give into a cat he’ll say it’s a lot of work and use that as an excuse to never get a dog, even though he grew up with dogs.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      I have 3 cats and the litter is a huge chore and expense! Litter scatters everywhere and it’s a mess. luckily I have a basement for them. The positive is that they really are self training and very independent of you are someone who isn’t home a ton. Dogs are a lot of work too. They need to be walked rain or shine and you still have to pick up poop. I can leave my cats over night with food and water but dogs need someone to let them out.
      Still, if my older cat wasn’t terrified of dogs I would get a dog too. I just love all animals and there are so many waiting at shelters for a home.

    • Kebbie says:

      I was a dog person until I got a cat 🤷🏼‍♀️ I actually got a cat after I lost my golden retriever because I felt like I’d never love a cat that much, so it’d be easier when it passed away. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

      The litter box is easy because you’re not having to think about when the pet needs to go out. You can leave them for 12 hours without thinking about it, you can sleep in or crash early. You scoop it once a day and that’s that (assuming you’ve got one cat.)

      Have you ever had a cat? In my experience, they just kind of grow on you, even if you don’t want them to or think you won’t like them. But it’s not something most people “get” until they own one themselves.

      • JennErinMS says:

        @Kebbie, that was me exactly! I had always considered myself a dog person and felt indifferent towards cats… until a 5 week old sick and starving kitten chose my engine to climb into during a shopping trip last September. My entire worldview has changed since then, it’s like I saw the light and fully embraced my inner crazy cat lady! Our cat had almost as many wrapped presents under our Christmas tree as the kids did. He is such an amazing, infuriating, and funny creature and I can’t believe all the cat amazingness that I missed for the first 35 years of my life!

      • BANANIE says:

        That makes a lot of sense! I didn’t really consider how cats’ needs can be a lot less urgent than dogs’. That’s quite convenient.

    • BeeCee says:

      Cats are great for people that don’t have time/the lifestyle for a dog.
      They are very low maintenance and is not hard work.
      Dogs can be hard work. They require a lot more attention and confining them to a yard isn’t in the best interest for them as they need walks and more socialization. Cats usually love to be alone and sleep pretty much all day (Unless it’s a kitten, then they obviously have more energy, but cat trees and toys are perfect for occupying their attention) 😛

      • Nicole(the Cdn one) says:

        I think the maintenance level depends on the cat and the cat-parent, but I agree that the maintenance level for even a high maintenance kitty is less than for a low maintenance dog.

        We have three and we feed them wet food twice a day, and they are extrememly social and love structure so if we are not home at the regular time, this stresses them. We have cat sitters for when we go out after work and we have a live in sitter when we travel.

        I would not call our cats low maintenance but I don’t begrudge the maintenance at all.

        My husband initially wanted a dog but was not willing to commit to doing 50% of the care. He knew I love cats so eventually suggested we get a cat provided I agree to be primarily responsible for the care. We adopted two from a rescue shelter and a third showed up on our door in the middle of winter and my former cat-indifferent husband is the most loving and devoted cat-parent. When I travel for work he sends me pictures of them snuggled up with him.

        I think cats are like most things in life – you get out of them what you put into them. I couldn’t imagine our life without them, they add so much more than we give them.

      • BeeCee says:

        @Nicole(the Cdn one)

        Agreed! My 13 y/o black long haired domestic is a big ol/ floppy floof. Super chill, loves to sleep, and loves to curl up with his Momma and Dad. He loves his alone time, but definitely misses us when we go away for most of the day. But still gets giant bursts of energy and runs around the condo like a lightening bolt. And also loves to make a mess in his litter box and spread litter around the floor.

        It’s the usual litter maintenance, but that just comes with any pet. If one doesn’t want to do it, then they shouldn’t get a pet/extended family member (IMO)

        My bf works opposite schedule to me, so I get pics of him and our cat (has been my cat since he was 3 months old) during the day, and he gets pics in the evenings hahaha

        Our cat doesn’t really enjoy the company of other animals, but my bf is taking me to spend a day at a cat sanctuary this weekend for my birthday, and it’ll be incredibly difficult to not bring 40 cats home with us!!

      • lucy2 says:

        Definitely depends on the cat – I have 2 siblings, and the girl is more independent. The boy needs constant attention. Constant. I’ve only gone on short vacations since I adopted them, I’m worried about my longer trip this summer!

  15. The_Old_KC says:

    My family has both cats and dogs (who live quite harmoniously together) and when we first adopted our dogs, we were shocked and appalled to find out that dogs LOVE to snack on cat poop. Both my husband and I grew up owning cats, so when we got our dogs, our cats had already been with us and nobody warned us until our dogs kept raiding the litter box. One day I came home and one of our dogs was lying on the couch with a cat turd hanging out of her mouth just like a cigar. I freaked out and talked to my neighbor who is a big dog lover and experienced dog-and-cat family owner, and she assured me that this was completely normal. Her words were, “Oh, yeah – dogs think cat poop is like fine, fine chocolate. It’s a delicacy to them.” We got a gate for the litter box room post-haste, but our dogs will still snack on rabbit, raccoon or cat poop out in the yard or on walks if we don’t realize it’s there in time. We still love our dogs – aside from their disgusting snack habits, they are so lovely – and I love Kate Beckinsale, who shares both my birthday and year 🙂 I just came here to say that if my cat pooped a perimeter around me, our dogs would eat it all up before I awoke.

  16. Ange says:

    For the record cats don’t eliminate inappropriately because they’re ‘mad’ at you or want revenge for some slight, they simply don’t do that. What they are doing is reacting in their own language, probably to the stress of the current situation. By surrounding themselves in their own scent they’re trying to comfort themselves and if they do it outside of the litter box they choose their spot because of scent markers or similar. If it’s not because of any of that it’s because something is wrong with their litter or they’re sick.

    Cats don’t revenge poop, pure and simple. It’s thinking like that that gets the poor guys less medical attention they may need or taken to the shelter because people think they’re conforming to their view of cats being mean and spiteful animals. Learn about your cat, try to speak their language and I promise you it’ll help you head off such incidents in the future.

  17. A Fan says:

    I’ve never heard her speak before…love her voice!