Hailey Glassman talks to People Mag about Jon Gosselin: I don’t control him

The more Jon Gosselin is in the press, the more his harpy wife Kate seems like the wronged party in their divorce. Jon and his new girlfriend, college dropout Hailey Glassman, 22, are featured on this week’s cover of People Magazine. The title “Divorce to Dating in 20 Days!” is emblazoned across their chests like a how-to pitch. On Monday People quoted “a source close to Jon Gosselin” claiming that he never cheated on Kate and didn’t start dating Hailey until after he was separated from Kate. The story also made it seem like Jon was blindsided by the separation, despite the fact that he was all over the tabloids for an affair with another young woman at the time, which he denies.

Hailey Glassman is now talking to People Magazine, and she says that she adores Jon and admires him. She’s also focusing on the fact that she gives Jon some freedom in their relationship. When asked why Jon likes her, Hailey answers that she doesn’t control him. Jon’s wife Kate was often shown on their reality show chewing her husband out and telling him what to do. (Link leads to video.)

“If you had told me a few months ago, I wouldn’t have believed you,” Glassman says of dating the 32-year-old newly single dad of eight kids.

Glassman, 22, says she developed feelings for Gosselin – a longtime family friend who recently split from his wife Kate after a decade of marriage – while he was nursing his broken heart at her parents’ New York City home in May. “He was so strong,” Glassman says. “I admired him.”

She refutes rumors that she’s engaged to Gosselin, but admits she’s having a great time with her new beau, who recently rented his own bachelor pad in Manhattan. “We’re always laughing and joking,” gushes Glassman, 22. “We watch movies, play pool and ping pong. We laugh a lot because I beat him at everything.”

She adds, “He’s a great cook. He cooks roasted veggies with special seasoning and sauces, and he grills pineapple with a butter concoction.”

Another perk to dating Gosselin? Her parents approve of the match. “They love him,” says Glassman. “They think of him as part of the family. They think things happen for a reason.” That acceptance is crucial to Glassman. “The most important thing is if someone fits in with my family … This is perfect. It just fits.”

And what does she think Gosselin likes most about her? “I’m a huge believer in not controlling someone,” says Glassman. “I’ll give my opinion but tell him to do what he wants to do. He said, ‘I’m just not used to having an option.’ I told him life is about options.”

[From People]

Jon says in the print edition of People that’s he likes spending time with Hailey because “It’s nice to be with someone who I can confide in and trust and who accepts me for who I am.” Do the two of them have to rub it in everyone’s faces? There are kids involved here who may read their father and his girlfriend’s statements some day. Jon and Hailey are behaving like petty fools. It’s a lot easier to get along with someone when you don’t have any kids to co-parent. I’m not saying that Kate and Jon were meant to stay together by any means, but Jon’s response to the situation is to shirk his responsibilities and brag to the press how happy he is with his new lover. He should have kept it under wraps for the sake of his kids.

Jon Gosselin is shown with Hailey Glassman and Christian Audigier in St. Tropez on 7/11 Credit: ELIOT PRESS/bauergriffinonline.com. They’re also shown out below on 7/12/09. Credit: INFPhoto

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  1. Jessie says:


  2. sarah says:

    Oh, it’s easy not to control a man when it’s a new relationship or you are a mistress. This is the single dumbest reason husbands site for cheating or leaving their families.

  3. anonymous says:

    she sounds like a MORON. I’m so over Jon and Kate.

  4. loves jon and hailey togeather says:

    what else did u expect a 22 year old to say. i think that comment was the best. she was only speaking the truth. with her jon can b himself and doesnt have kate treating him like crap. jon and hailey look cute togeather. jon and kate didnt look right togeather. they dont love each other anymore so why cant jon see someone. also how pathetic is kate to still b wearing her wedding ring. she filed for divorce and kicked him out. stop wearing the ring kate u fricken idiot.

  5. Fiestarter says:

    I never comment on Jon and Kate threads, but I have decided to today: Why does anyone care about this nobody, and the Jon and Kate nobodies? This country is in really bad shape if people like this make news! They are celebs for what? Having a bunch of kids? Big deal, I know people with large families and they sure as hell aren’t famous.

  6. Lauren says:

    Kate married Jon because she knew she could control him. 8 kids and 10 years later he has finally broken free of her controlling rage. Jon isn’t a horrible person, he is just trying to find himself again, and crawl out of his depression. If you watch last season, you will see how broken & sad Jon is, and Kate keeps running her mouth & degrading him. It’s painful to watch. Kate and Jon don’t belong together anymore, there is no love between them.

  7. Just a poster says:

    loves jon and hailey togeather.

    For reals?? that is your name??

    Ohhh… ohhhh.. bwhahahhahaahha*snort*bwhahhahahaha

    niiiiiiiiiice choice for a name.

  8. Tazina says:

    Jon and Kate always seemed like a terrible mis-match. One laid back guy who for 10 years obediently followed every order Kate barked out at him. Anyone would have snapped eventually under the emasculating and disrespect he took and even at that it was Kate who filed for divorce. He is entitled to a new life and of course he will see lots of his kids. Divorce happens every day. His kids will not be out of place in their classrooms as half their school mates are probably in the same boat. But watch out Jon! Not a good idea this soon to get hooked into a serious relationship. You’ll guard your show money if you’re smart.

  9. ! says:

    Someone took a serious dump in that woman’s gene pool. She’s as ugly and dumb looking as can be.

  10. loves jon and hailey togeather says:

    aww “just a poster” ty for your comment. you have a nice name to 🙂

  11. teehee says:

    Hell he could and prolly will fall for any and everybody (I mean, isnt she a real pck anyhow?) because if all he is looking for is something not like Kate, well then there are millions, billion of ‘not like Kates’ out there.
    He neds to be more picky, IMO — I mean duh!! Think about his kids not just his bruised ego… because even if it doesnt mena much to him and he needs his “me time”, his kids are like it or not still a part of his life for the rest of his life and are affected by everythign he says and does….

  12. OXA says:

    Lauren said it all, Kate killed any love Jon had for her and he is finding out who he is after 10 years of being told what to do and how to do it. No man could ever measure up to Kate, she has a need too always be right and superior.

  13. Seany D says:

    Fuck Kate Gosselin, I hope she’s crying herself to sleep over this shit.

    Don’t get me wrong, everyone involved in this clusterfuck is a complete and utter tool, but Kate deserves the worst of whatever happens to all of them by far.

    This is what you get when you’re a huge cunt and a famewhore, you possum-haired idiot.

  14. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Never watched the d*mn show.

    Didn’t care then.

    Don’t care now.

    Go away.

  15. ticia says:

    can you say mid life crisis!

  16. Magen says:

    looks like someones trying to play house. I hope to god that Jon has some brains and doesn’t let this pot smoking loser near his kids!!