Michael Jackson’s ‘secret son’ in front row at his funeral

On Monday JayBird wanted to run the story about Michael Jackson’s supposed “secret son” that ran in last week’s Enquirer. I didn’t think we should cover it, because I read the Enquirer piece and wasn’t convinced at all. Supposedly Omer Bhatti was conceived during a one night stand Jackson had with a Norwegian fan in 1984. Omer, now a 25 year-old aspiring rapper, lived with Jackson in Neverland on and off for years in the late 90s into 2003 and was often photographed with him in lookalike clothing. He bears a resemblance to Michael, but it’s hard to tell due to Michael’s plastic surgery and lightened skin. Omer is said to want a DNA test as he believes that he’ Michael’s son. To me the story seemed like Omer was another adolescent kid that used to hang around Michael like several others, without much evidence that he could have been his son.

UK paper The Sun has a photo that shows that Omer seated in the front row at Jackson’s funeral right next to the family. The Sun reports that there’s a video showing Omer on Christmas day in the late 90s with Jackson’s children, although they do not have the footage online. They also claim to have more information about his family, now living in Oslo, Norway, including the fact that his mother and step father once worked for Jackson.

THE dancer thought to be Michael Jackson’s secret lovechild was given a seat in the FRONT ROW at the King of Pop’s memorial service, The Sun can reveal.

Devastated Omer Bhatti, 25, sat with head bowed and wearing dark glasses alongside the star’s grieving brothers and sisters during the poignant tribute two weeks ago.

It will further fuel suspicion that he is Jacko’s fourth child. And childhood snaps show an uncanny likeness to Prince Michael II, seven – known as Blanket – the youngest of the star’s three “official” children…

After Omer was born, Jacko sent two employees to Oslo to help his mum raise him.

He and Omer are reported to have first met in 1996. Omer, then 12, impressed the dance legend with his own dance moves after waiting for him at a hotel in in Tunisia.

It is thought Omer’s family sold their house in Holmlia, Oslo, and moved to Neverland in 1997.

They have since returned to Norway.

Omer had idolised Jacko since he was a child and has performed as a tribute act across the globe.

From 1996 he began appearing in public with his idol and even performing with him.

The young dancer was by Jacko’s side when he called in a witch doctor to cure him of pain in Aspen, Colorado, in 2004…

[Omer] has remained in LA since the memorial service.

Yesterday The Sun called at his family home in Norway but mum Pia was unwell. Her Pakistani husband Riz confirmed that Omer sat in the front row at Jacko’s service.

He said: “Yeah, yeah, I know because I was watching. I told my wife, ‘Just wait until the press see this. It’s not a small thing’.”

Both Pia and Riz, in their late 40s, worked for Jackson in the US. Riz is believed to have been a driver and Pia a nanny. Both have refused to answer questions about the star.

Yesterday Riz would neither confirm nor deny that Omer is Jacko’s son. He said: “Make what you like. I don’t want to discuss anything.”

[From The Sun]

Is Omer Michael’s biological son or just a young friend that stayed by his side for years? It’s all quite strange, especially since he was given a seat in the front row at the memorial. The detail that seems to provide the best evidence, if true, is that Michael sent employees to Norway to help care for the boy as an infant. It’s hard to imagine why he would have done that unless he has some connection to Omer. There’s a huge amount of money at stake and if Jackson does have another child he’s sure to make a claim on his late father’s estate. Given all the legal issues at hand, it’s not likely that Omer will see a dime in the next decade, even if he can easily prove that he’s Michael’s son.

Here’s a video of Omer dancing and singing. He goes by “O-Bee” and it looks like this video and the introduction was created by someone else, not by Omer:

Header photo credit: WENN.com

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  1. Line says:

    I am from Norway, and I have been the neighbor of Omer Bhatti at Holmlia and believe me, he is not Michael Jacksons secret son

  2. Fiestarter says:

    Okay, so if this is all true, why would Michael have kept him a secret for 25 years? He was desperate to have children and this is supposedly his biological child, so why would he not publicly aknowledge him in all these years? The fact that he and Blanket resembled each other as kids doesn’t hold water, because Blanket is an adopted child of unknown parentage. Also, just because someone can dance, doesn’t automatically make them Michael Jackson’s kid, if that’s the case, I guess I am his kid too.

  3. Ursula says:

    From all the pictures, Blanket looks like a Jackson. I am not sure about this Omar, he is sitting in the front row and that ha sto count for something, unless of course he is one of the nephews. Let us see how this story develops.

  4. justathought says:

    Yes, he would see a dime, like several million dimes if he were MJ’s son. End the mystic and do a DNA test. I see no resemblance physically to MJ other than copying his dance moves. Omer is talented but he should create his very own unique style and step out of the shadow of the master.

  5. Frenchie says:

    I know colour is complicated, but Omer has a staight nose (since a kid) quite a pale complexion, not curly hair. Does the Jacson family have white ancestors that could explain this, and for blancket as well ?
    Please Line, can you tell us more about your comment ?

  6. Tia C says:

    I see no resemblance whatsoever in the pix from the Sun article. Could be that he was just a family friend and the tabs are blowing it out of proportion.

  7. Aleksa says:

    Omer´s mother´s scandinavian, therefore probably blonde…He could be mixed race…there is a ressemblace, and I wouldn´t believe at all if he hadn´t been sitting with the family…

  8. diddy says:

    this is the christmas video the sun was talking about


    omer is the boy wearing the red shirt , and carrying paris in the beinging of the video.

    Also he is in another old jackson family group photo with the whole family, he is standing next to michael and the other kids holding blanket


    and the paps had pictures of him at the weekend going into the jackson family compound, i dont if he is michael son but he seems he is quite close to the whole family

  9. diddy says:

    @Frenchie omer isn’t caucasian , he is mixed race and that can be seen very clearly in this video


  10. ! says:

    If its not his son its certainly someone who has somehow merited very close access to the family.

    A sick sneaking suspicion says its one of those 10-12 little boyfriends that Michael was said to have had over the years.

  11. Sol says:

    I believe that Blanket is truly his biological child and that both Prince Michael and Katherine have been concieved from the heart if you understand what i mean.In all they are all his children and will miss his father.
    As for Omer they gave him an important front seat in between Joe and Katherine.

  12. Ron says:

    Pia Bhatti is not my lover,
    She’s just a girl,
    Who claims that I am the one,
    But the kid is not my son………

  13. Celebitchy says:

    Line’s IP Address checks out and is from Norway so it’s possible he/she has some insider information.

  14. mE says:

    I agree with Tia C.

    As for being of mixed heritage, our brown eyes, dark hair, etc. are dominant genes. It is highly unlikely that all of MJs children defied the odds and didn’t get those physical attributes.

  15. ! says:

    Recommended reading:

    Vanity Fair’s “Neverland’s Lost Boys” by Maureen Orth.

  16. filthy cute says:

    Frenchie, Katherine Jackson’s grandparents were recorded as “mulatto” in historical (ie slave) records. I read that in J. Randy Taraborrelli’s book on MJ, The Magic and the Madness. So ya, they do have white ancestors.

  17. diddy says:

    yes it is know that joe jackson has red indians(or american indians are they are now called) in his ancestors line.

  18. lrm says:

    just to add to the mix;more than one person has mentioned blanket’s resemblance to marlon brando’s son Tiko brandon…[who was MJ’s bodyguard for yearsa,nd marlon supposedly used to visit neverland not long before he died.]he does resemble that part brando,part tahitian look,have to say. sperm donor? dont think we’ll ever know!!!! and we probably shouldn’t,none of our da*n business.ha.

  19. Nan says:

    I agree about Blanket resembling Miko Brando, however there is another possibility. Omer is most likely someone Jackson really admired for being a “mini me” and they grew very close over the years. He is said to be a very loyal friend to Michael. So how about the fact that Omer fathered Blanket by donating sperm for his beloved friend Michael? It’s got to be Miko or Omer who fathered Blanket. That would explain the Jackson’s having Omer in the family photo and at the memorial service.

  20. gg says:

    Nothing completely explains anything in this weird guy’s life, but Omer looks very much like Michael to me. He very much also looks biracial to me. Which, if donation rumors are true, would make Blanket and Prince his own grandchild. Interesting! The plot/blood thickens.

  21. alice g says:

    he does look like him, dont’cha think?
    and i was wondering who that other guy was sitting next to the Jackson 5.
    if he is mj’s secret son, they might have been paid with child-support etc to keep it secret.

  22. paranel says:

    It is not in Michael Jackson’s nature to hide the boy if it was his real son. I doubt that. He would publicly acknowledge his own son for sure. This is just a rumor.

  23. gg says:

    I see the point, but nothing’s in Michael’s “nature” – he did unconventional things all across the board. The time period between Omer and the other kids is a long time, and things change.

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