ESPN’s Erin Andrews’ naked hotel videos were probably an inside job

Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews is a 31-year-old ESPN reporter who is known as something of sportscaster babe. She’s been the object of lust and fascination for many sports fans for years. Last week, someone set up some kind of peep-hole camera and photographed Erin in her Hilton Hotel room, then put those images up on the internet. The video quickly became an internet sensation, and became one of the most searched-for images and video over the weekend. Erin was royally pissed, as you could imagine. Through her lawyers, and through various site owners’ sense of propriety, most of the images and video were taken down within days. Her lawyer has been quoted as saying, “Although the perpetrators of this criminal act have not yet been identified, when they are identified, she intends to bring both civil and criminal charges against them and against anyone who has published the material.”

Now there are two more scandals brewing. First, it appears that there may be as many as seven videos of Erin made through the same kind of peep-hole voyeurism. Second, a “source” is telling Radar that it’s looking like the videos are an inside job:

Scandalous nude video footage of sports host Erin Andrews was probably shot by an employee of her home network ESPN, a source tells

Currently, the network is launching a full-scale investigation to find the looky-lou and discipline him accordingly. ESPN is “freaking out, freaking!” the source adds.

ESPN frequently books Hilton hotels for employees traveling on assignment. But, the hotels have not yet been identified according to the source.

The video, which features Andrews fully nude from all angles, was shot without her knowledge, her lawyers insist, “in the privacy of her hotel room.”

Seven separate videos exist, dating back to February of this year, and have been posted to French website

Lad-blog Don Chavez reports that the user uploading these files, named Goblazers1, identifies himself as a 49-year-old male from the United States.

“Andrews has been grievously wronged here, our people and resources are in full support of her as she deals with this abhorrent act,” ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz tells us.

The attorney, Marshall Grossman, says Andrews plans to seek criminal charges and file civil lawsuits against the person who shot the video and anyone who publishes the material.

[From Radar]

I swear this reminds me of that Lifetime movie (based on a true story) called Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story. It’s about how one of Susan Wilson’s neighbors set up all of these cameras in her home and watched her for months and months before she realized what was up. When Wilson found the cameras, she found that her neighbor couldn’t be prosecuted because there were no laws on the books to deal with that kind of invasion. Granted, that’s not the case for Erin Andrews. I really feel for this woman – this whole thing is such a gross violation, and to think that she might actually work with the person who did it, it must be like being violated twice over.

Erin Andrews is shown at the ESPY Awards on 7/15/09. Credit: PRPhotos

Erin Andrews

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15 Responses to “ESPN’s Erin Andrews’ naked hotel videos were probably an inside job”

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  1. bros says:

    As someone who has been videotaped without my knowledge, I can attest to the feelings of disgust, violation, and indignation she must be feeling. thankfully there is enough legal precedent now for her to be able to fully go after this or these persons and punish them for these acts. Im glad she has come out swinging.

  2. Fiestarter says:

    People in this day and age are disgusting pigs! I hope she gets these scum bags where it counts! I too have been a victim of being filmed without my knowledge, and it is a sickening thought that people feel they have the right to not only violate your privacy that way, but that they try to use things like that to try and profit and humiliate the victim.

  3. Embee says:

    Whoa, we’re three for three here on having been videotaped w/o knowledge or consent. What is going on? Simply access to video equipment or is the “adult film” industry having a more insidious effect on society?

    Either way I will never view even a screen shot of any of that footage and I hope Erin destroys th ecriminal who did this, and scares the crap out of would-be perpetrators.

  4. Jazz says:

    This happened in my niece’s workplace, the manager had put hidden cameras in the female staff toilet. He ended up in court over it so I hope they nail this scumbag.

  5. crazymary says:

    I must be jaded but there is a part of me that thinks she knew about this. When would she ever get this kind of publicity from being a sportscaster? I know she was voted sexiest and all that but everyone knows her name now. I’m just sayin’.

    If she really didn’t know then I hope the person that did it rots in a cell.

  6. CeeJay says:

    Yes, privacy invasion is on the rise in this country. My daughter quit her job at a tanning parlor because she learned the owner had small video cameras planted in all of the tanning booths. I notified the local police and the guy was out of business within 6 months. She also worked for a major department store that regularly installs two-way “surveillance” mirrors in their dressing rooms. She was told a “live’ security guard monitored all the mirrors. Ugh.

    Suffice it to say that neither she nor I remove all of our clothing while tanning at salons or trying on clothes at retail stores…just not worth it.

    In this day and age you NEVER know if the original invasion of privacy is going to be heightened by the images ending up on the Internet.

    Sad, sick world.

  7. Gigohead says:

    I don’t think this was staged by her. I think a very nasty coworker did this because she may have rebuffed his advances and wanted revenge. I do hope they expose this person and shame him and hit him with criminal and civil charges. He must do it with other women as well.

  8. crazymary says:

    Gigohead – the more I read about this story the more I agree with you. Whoever did this knew her schedule and was in close proximity on multiple occasions. What a scumbag.

  9. Nudgie says:

    I am sooooo sad….

    This is like being raped.

    However, I am a fellow Gator (2008 Natl Champs!!!!) and I hope she kicks the guy’s ass like Tebow kicks the ass of the Natl Champ #2. I mean #2 as in cr*p ;)

  10. bani says:

  11. Paige says:

    My upstairs neighbor did something similar to me. He was engaged too and when his fiance found the pictures on a “secret” file on their computer she was mad but still married him. And when I called the cops they acted like I should be flattered that some fat hillbilly thought I was pretty and took my picture. Un-be-lievable. I moved out a couple weeks later.

    Poor Erin. When they find out who did this, she should be allowed to stomp on their balls w/ her stilettos.

  12. Torpedo says:

    She is hot , anyways..

  13. tony says:

    Where can I find a website with this video on it? I want to judge for myself if this act was criminal or not.

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