Kaley Cuoco has a diva rescue rabbit which she carries around in a backpack

This is Kaley Cuoco and her bunny, Simon. Kaley loves animals and has a bunch of them but Simon is a special rescue bunny. And like most special someones, Kaley saw his potential and gave him his own Instagram, takes him to Hollywood meetings and gives him everything a bunny could want. But, as happens in Hollywood, Simon is now a diva bunny, and he has a tricked out bunny backpack ride to prove it:

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A-list travel bunny ✈️

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Look at that face, that face says the flight attendant is late with his wheat grass juice! But Kaley said he isn’t just showy, his diva exterior has bled into his personality and now, if Simon is left home when Simon wants to go out, Kaley hears about it (at the 6:42 mark):

What makes (Simon) so silly?
This rabbit has such a personality, you would not believe. I usually bring him with me during the day, carry him in a backpack. He has a rabbit backpack. When I went in to the room this morning, ‘cuz he has his own room, I went in there to feed him and he came up to me like, “we’re going.” And I said, “we can’t”, and he started grunting at me. (grunts three times) That’s what my rabbit did this morning, because I wouldn’t take him with me. Who is this guy? Diva. So now it’s Simon the diva rabbit. He’s used to going with me. I bring him with me everywhere, he’s like my travel bunny.

As the host said, because Kaley lives in LA, no one thinks twice about someone caring a bunny in a backpack. Pets pop out of everything here: purses, suitcases, backpacks, packs of gum… As Kaley pointed out, though, this is a proper bunny backpack, made for bunnies so Simon is truly riding in the class and comfort he deserves. And don’t forget, he has a viewing window and will be judging your outfit as you walk behind him. Please note, I have no problem with any of this. I mean, I adopted my last foster pup because my other dog wanted her to stay, I indulge fur divas just as much as Kaley does. And my little fur princess is under doctors’ orders to stay home after her spaying this past weekend. So every time anyone leaves the house without her, I hear about it, too. (By the way, both Simon and my pups have been placed on the crew team at USC #proudcollegemoms!)

Kaley was on Access Live promoting her new YouTube series with Shell, The Great Travel Hack. It’s a competition show that challenges to teams who can get from LA to New York using the least amount of emissions, which is actually a very cool concept. She’s optioned her first book, The Flight Attendant, to be produced by her new production company, Yes, Norman (named after her dog). All of this, of course, is to keep her busy once her show, The Big Bang Theory, completes its final season. Kaley said the show ending is freaking her out but she ran into Jennifer Aniston who gave her a pep talk about how her life would change in a positive way, which was nice. Kaley and her husband might be a little thirsty but at the end of the day, she puts more energy into animals and now the environment than she does her thirst so I’m good with that. Plus, mama needs to hustle to keep Simon in the lifestyle to which he’s become accustomed.

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When @sanctionedjohnnygalecki rocks you to sleep

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16 Responses to “Kaley Cuoco has a diva rescue rabbit which she carries around in a backpack”

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  1. Lex says:

    Has that show ended yet? I wonder if she will work beyond it…

    • runcmc says:

      Well, she worked steadily before it. I think she’ll find another network ensemble show. I haaaate BBT but I actually find Kaley Cuoco pretty likable on-screen.

      Also she’s calmed down a lot since she got married. I hope this one sticks because she seems to have found her match.

      • It’sjustblanche says:

        She seems pretty decent and I have a soft spot for that show regardless of its issues. I like how you always knew her character was smarter in many ways that the brainiacs.

  2. Emily says:

    I love that she is bringing attention to the fact rabbits have personalities, just like cats and dogs. Too many people lump them in with hamsters and guineapigs. I hope her backpack had air conditioning – L.A. can be hot for a bunny.

    • Kebbie says:

      I grew up with rabbits. No one could believe they cuddled, ran around the house, and used litter boxes. I have a cat now, but bunnies will always have a soft spot in my heart. I still donate to the rescue we adopted ours from all those years ago, they do awesome work!

    • SK says:

      I had an evil rabbit as a kid. She was possessed! A very evil, very beautiful white angora rabbit. She was mean to everyone, almost scratched my eye out (I had gouges down my face) and ate her babies – twice. Not a nice rabbit. She died at full stretch making her really hard to bury too 😂. My sister, on the other hand, had a very sweet, shy rabbit.

    • Danny says:

      Excuse you I have guinea pigs and I have had hamsters and rabbits and they all have personalities, aint nothing wrong with “lumping” them in with hammys and piggies and its that sort of attitude which leads a lot of people to view guinea pigs and hamsters as nothing more than fluffy toys for their kids which they abandon when they get bored.

      There is a lady called saskia who runs a massive guinea pig rescue in LA she has a youtube, really breaks my heart to see the conditions these piggies are brought to her in but so glad shes there to look after them.

  3. gingersnaps says:

    “By the way, both Simon and my pups have been placed on the crew team at USC #proudcollegemoms!” This is too funny!!!
    All bunnies/pets should be spoiled as they should be. Lord knows, how much I loved and pampered my bunny when he was still alive.

  4. Michael says:

    I always thought Kaley was a little crazy but in a very likable way. She has good comedy chops so I am betting she will do some movie comedy stuff ( or try too anyway)

  5. Meganbot2000 says:

    That’s awful, poor rabbit being shoved in a backpack! He should be running around in a safely fenced off garden or in a large hutch with an attached covered run. (And he really should have some companions, it’s cruel to keep rabbits solo.)

  6. Esmom says:

    What a cute bunny. And I’m jealous of the backpack. They make similar ones for cats and I would love one but everyone else in my family says under no circumstances am I allowed to get one, lol. I wouldn’t take my kitty out on errands or anything — I’d take her on hikes. She’s an indoor kitty and I think she’d really enjoy seeing nature up close but still safely contained.

    • Kebbie says:

      Lol I’m tempted to get one of those cat strollers so I can take mine out for walks. I don’t let him outside except for our screened in back patio and I feel like I’m depriving him of adventure (while also keeping him safe.)

    • Lady D says:

      I live on a corner with 4 cats, one of whom is an escape artist extraordinaire, and so as a result I go outside with them 3-4 times a day. It keeps them from being run over or attacked and it keeps the bird population pretty safe. My pack has killed 2 birds in eight years, combined.