Keanu Reeves takes fellow stranded passengers back to LA, plays tour guide


You’re on a quick commuter flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles when something goes wrong with the equipment, forcing an emergency landing in Bakersfield. Since Bakersfield is not a bustling hub of activity, there are few options to get home other than to hang out and wait for your plane to be fixed. While contemplating how many ceiling tiles you can count in the next three hours, a voice behind you says there’s a van waiting to whisk you to your final destination. You jump at the chance. And that’s when you see the offer’s been made by Keanu Reeves.

But because it was Keanu, it didn’t just stop with a free ride to LA. During the two-hour trip (seven hours in traffic), Keanu read facts about the areas they drove through and played samples of local music. Because he’s a goddamn unicorn and we don’t deserve him:

This is so pure Keanu. I mean, the part where he makes sure the airline will *for sure* take care of the his passengers luggage – bless him. I don’t know Keanu (try as I might) but I think this is honestly who he is. I’m not sure he’s out there looking for good deeds to do, but he’s happy to do them when the situation arises. We know he doesn’t do it for the publicity. It’s very likely that the airline arranged the van but Keanu organizing people, assuring them their belongs would be looked after and making fun along the way doesn’t make it any less wonderful.

The only downside I see to this is that now, if anyone sees Keanu anywhere near their flight, they’ll be hucking pens and nail files into the air vents hoping to divert the flight.


Photo credit: Twitter and WENN pHotos

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  1. barbwire says:

    **sigh** that man can do no wrong..just melt into a puddle adorable

    • isabelle says:

      Giving Canadians and nice people a great name.

      He is for real a nice person. My friend who was in the initial Iraq invasion was returning from a tour in Iraq and flew through California. He met Keanu at the airport in Cali, they talked briefly and then Keanu offered a ride if he needed one. Asked my friend what he was really like in person, “tall and soft spoken”. My friend has had a man crush since then lol.

    • AM says:

      I love him. Sigh.

      Can they make this a feature film, Keanu Van Tour,

  2. LaraK says:

    He’s such a genuinely good guy. One of the few people I’d watch in anything, just because it’s him,

    • Esmom says:

      I know, right? I actually remember the first time I saw him on screen, it was on an ABC after school special (!) and I was like “whoa, he is so adorable.”

      • Mel M says:

        He really can’t. I actually rewatched Speed the other day on a whim and UGH, he’s just so freakin hot! I was in seventh grade when that came out and was totally in love. After everything this poor man has been through in his life and he’s still the most kind human, he deserves it all.

  3. Gutterflower says:

    I adore him.

  4. CommentingBunny says:

    He just seems like such a delight. Like somehow it’s not surprising that he took what should have been a miserable situation and made it calm and happy.

  5. TheBees says:

    I’m having inappropriate thoughts about this man! Woooo

  6. Kristen says:

    He’s a beautiful man, inside and out.

  7. AG-UK says:

    LOVE LOVE him.

  8. FHMom says:

    I love him so much. How is it someone can look like that and be so great a human being? Thank you for giving us some Keanu this cold morning.

    • FluffyPrincess says:

      I think it’s because he IS a great human being on the inside — the outside is just as beautiful!

  9. Enny says:

    The only thing that would make this better is if an hour in, he picks up the speed, then nonchalantly leans over to the guy in the passenger seat and (so earnestly!) announces: “Dude! There’s a bomb on the bus!”

  10. Naddie says:

    He doesn’t even seem to be a Hollywood’s star. And he’s aging so well!

  11. tempest prognosticator says:

    Ah yes, a little Keanu to start off my morning.

    • Victoria says:

      🙌🏻🙌🏻 Yay this put me in a good mood. Good job Hecate! More hot men posts please, the day be day gets depressing without eye candy

  12. minx says:

    What a considerate human being.

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Be still my heart.

  14. ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

    But the freeway isn’t finished! J/K what a great guy.

  15. Nev says:


  16. Giddy says:

    On another of this morning’s offerings I watched the Centrum commercial with Tom Hiddleston. And I couldn’t help myself, all I could think about was picturing Keanu in the same role. The result would have been me buying up a year’s supply of Centrum.

    • Tulip says:

      I’d buy the Centrum vitamins for the Tom Hiddleston commercial alone, but I respect your preferences.

  17. TheOriginalMia says:

    Love him!

  18. manda says:

    I have loved him since seeing Bill and Ted in the theater in the 5th grade. He is wonderful. Check out Destination Wedding (him and Winona Ryder)–so cute!

    • Elisa says:

      YES, I really enjoyed this one, also because Winona Ryder was in it. They had great chemistry. And the scene with the mountain lion was hilarious.

  19. Digital Unicorn says:

    I will always adore this man, nothing will ever make me change my mind that he is the most perfect human being alive today. Men of the world, take note. Be like Keanu.

  20. Nikki says:

    He is utterly adorable, but I really want to take some scissors to him a bit and tidy up his beard. The super straggly look doesn’t do it for me, and he is such an attractive man behind those whiskers!

  21. Nanea says:

    *sighs dreamily* Oh, Keanu! *swoons*

    John Wick III. Toy Story IV.
    I do hope he’s contractually obligated to do lots and lots of promos for both, before starting to film B&T Face The Music…

    Keanu after lunch (timezones!) is the best dessert one could hope for!

  22. Caty Page says:

    The panty-dropping power of kindness. ♡

  23. Jerusha says:

    The infinitely, effortlessly cool Keanu. He deserves every bit of success that comes his way. If you haven’t seen him in The Gift, opposite Cate Blanchett please remedy that now! He’s terrific playing a wife abusing, accused murderer redneck. And check out Street Kings with a steller cast including a pre-Marvel Chris Evans.

    • Veronica says:

      The Gift is a really great, quiet little supernatural thriller. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Cate Blanchett can elevate most material, but there’s some great performances there.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Add in Destination Wedding and Swedish D!cks, where he shows off how good he is at comedy. And To The Bone as the sensitive but brutally honest therapist.

    • Pineapple says:

      THE GIFT!!!!!!! One of my absolute favourites. I too have loved Keanu since Bill and Ted. I also really liked Constantine. Oh, and 47 Ronin, this is possibly one of the most beautiful movies visually that I have ever seen. Beautiful.

    • Toast says:

      Loved Keanu since grade school when I first discovered music, movies, and celebrity gossip magazines. My Own Private Idaho, Point Break, and Speed, etc. Keanu was very good and scary in The Gift. Interestingly enough Laura Dern was going to play the Blanchetr role (BBT wrote it for his then fiance) but pulled out when they broke up.
      One of the truly nice people in HW and happy he’s keeping busy with more films for us to catch.

  24. Kelly says:

    Keanu was in Winnipeg doing Hamlet years who. My mother lived in downtown Winnipeg and one day a handsome man rushed past her and held open the door to the bank for her, it was Keanu.

  25. Miss M says:

    Why cant I get stranded with Keanu? Is it too much to ask?

  26. SJR says:

    Keanu Forever. 🙂 Ready for JW3 and even Toy Story 4. Make more movies, take my money.

  27. Jan says:

    I’d ride anywhere, anytime with Keanu!! Just a wonderful human being who has endured a lot in RL.

  28. Dttimes2 says:

    Well he was raised Canadian. Its in our dna to be kind and helpful. Man he is aging like fine wine and i am very very thirsty….yikes is it getting hot in here or just me 🔥

  29. Kitten says:

    Man he’s still so effin hot. And he’s always such a great guy.

  30. lucy2 says:

    Such a good guy. I guess sometimes fame and fortune find the right person, who knows how to use it well.

  31. Jerusha says:

    Fun fact-Keanu has worked with seven female directors, nine if you count the Wachowskis. Offhand, I can’t think of another actor of his stature who has done that.

    • Nanea says:

      Even if he’s not nearly as influential as Keanu, Hiddles has also worked with several female directors on movies and TV – e.g. 3 movies with Joanna Hogg; the Henry V episode of The Hollow Crown; and The Night Manager was directed by Susanne Bier. Plus Josie Rourke at the Donmar for Coriolanus.

  32. Sam says:

    Orwell said, ” At 50, everybody gets the face they deserve.” Who knows, but it works for Keanu. All hail the hot and humble king.

  33. isabelle says:

    As if he couldn’t win my fan heart even more then he had it. What a dude.

  34. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Le sigh…this makes me think of when he finished The Matrix trilogies and he gave millions of his back end profits to the crew who worked on the films. He’s a genuinely good man. And I want to have his babies. That is all.
    Fun fact: back when I was acting I was an extra in the film Hardball (blink and you miss in one scene lol). So I got to see Keanu up close. And OHMYGOD that man is GORGEOUS is person. Like preternaturally beautiful. His skin was luminous. He’s tall…le sigh…

    • Jerusha says:

      Great story. And did you spot pre-adolescent Mchael B. Jordan, also in Hardball?

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Alas I did not! They were doing filming of Keanu only that day and I was only on set for that day.

  35. Veronica says:

    I always remember being very charmed by the fact that he gave away most of his Matrix income to the SFX crew that made those movies so memorable. It wasn’t small amounts, either – a lot of them wound up millionaires afterwards. In an industry that breeds and rewards greed, that was a remarkably kind and just gesture. I know plenty of digital artists who would consider that a lifelong godsend considering how variable the work opportunities are in that industry.

    • Harryg says:

      I love you Keanu!
      (When the first Matrix came out it was really groundbreaking, No other movie has ever made me feel like “wow, this is NEW.”)

  36. Becks says:

    He is so dreamy. #KeanuForever

  37. paddingtonjr says:

    I love this man! He just quietly goes about his business: doesn’t throw a diva tantrum when the plane is grounded in Bakersfield, just gets on the van with other passengers and engages with them. Not in a “I’m Keanu Reeves and I’ll entertain you because that’s what stars do” way, but in a “dude, we’re going on a road trip” way. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to go on a road trip with Keanu?

  38. Jane wilson says:

    I used to live across the street from the school Keanu attended in his teens. We locals all walked our dogs (and picked up!) in the beautiful park and grounds around the school. One day as I was walking closer to the main building I saw two adorable little Japanese girls excitedly taking pictures of everything in iphone range; they gestured me over and indicated they wanted me to take their picture (which I happily did). I asked them what the fuss was and they told me they were on a special tour of Keanu’s Toronto life. Apparently it’s a popular non-commercial insidery thing for hundreds of Japanese Keanu-fans. No other purpose for their visit – just fly over, make the Keanu pilgrimage and fly back. They’ll love this story and dream of the day they might be in a near-plane crash with KEANU REEVES!!!

    • Pineapple says:

      Oh my gosh, Jane!! I hope one day Keanu just shows up at this school. The kids on the tour would absolutely die. I would love, love, love to see that. XO

  39. Sandy Eggo says:

    Oh, I love him so much! I’ve been re-watching Rivers Edge (1987?) on Amazon video lately. I’m about the same age as Keanu and that film really spoke to me during my college years. Now, rewatching it so many years later, I found myself pausing so I could just stare at how beautiful he was. His performance is really good, too. Plus the metal soundtrack is great. It’s really an underrated film, IMHO.

  40. Elisa says:

    Please more Keanu posts! Pics only are ok, too! 🙂

  41. Original T.C. says:

    With so many horrible human beings getting attention these days, it’s alway a nice reminder that there are good people out there. I will watch any movie he is in, even if I hate it!

  42. FluffyPrincess says:

    Keanu – Le Sigh. I will always be a fan. Always.

  43. mar says:

    Keanu is to us what Leo DiCaprio thinks he is to us-
    Down to Earth real dude

  44. Tallia says:

    I hear rumors about him all the time and they are always the nicest rumors. Rumors of him doing things for people and wanting no credit. Random acts of kindness. THIS is the kind of gossip I love.

  45. MsGnomer says:

    I am almost 50, and will never forget watching Keanu as the young love interest in Dangerous Liasons from 1988. I was a snarky teen, so I snickered often at his hammy performance, but finally figured out he was supposed to be awkward AF. Have followed his career forever, and he is a favorite.

  46. Rae says:

    I adore that man. One person Hollywood hasn’t ruined.

  47. SJR says:

    To Sam, the earlier post mentioning “All hail the hot and humble King!” I really think you could make a nice $$ if you trademarked that phrase and a good photo of Keanu…slap that on a t-shirt, sell on Etsy= Big $$. I’d buy it. 🙂

    Why can’t more people be like Keanu? Nice guy, polite, kind. So easy on the eyes too.
    I think I’ve seen most of his movies. I sat thru The Last Time I Committed Suicide, just because Keanu was in it.
    He was very good in The Gift, and I Love You to Death with Kevin Kline…he has a small very funny role and looks not at all like himself.
    If you are having a bad day, take a minute and google Keanu photos, guaranteed to cheer you up. He is stunning as a young man, with great hair and a goofy smile…and he still looks good, good, good. Keanu vs. other male stars of the 90’s…Keanu wins not only for his looks but his regular guy behavior.
    It’s so odd, that Keanu hit it big around the time as Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Val Kilmer, etc.

  48. stormsmama says:


  49. Jerusha says:

    The Keanu posts are great because this is one celebrity we almost always have 100% agreement on-we agree he’s wonderful.

  50. JRenee says:

    Wow!!! How cool!

  51. Kikileith says:

    Parenthood! Love him in that movie.

  52. AMAyson1977 says:

    Point Break Keanu, mmmmmmm. Forever dong. 😂😂

  53. Snowflake says:

    He seems to be a really nice guy but i am not attracted to him at all. Maybe because he has black hair and deepset brown eyes like my Dad and brother…idk. i just feel nothing 🤣😂

    • Toast says:

      Yep, I love him but it’s always been like a brotherly thing, even at his most beautiful in Speed and Point Break. Never been attracted to him like that but love him as a celeb.

  54. Granger says:

    Keanu will always be my first boyfriend. 😉 I still can’t watch The Matrix or Speed without getting totally lost in how freaking beautiful he is. This article reminds me of how beautiful he is on the inside too.

    I stayed at a youth hostel in Paris in the late 90s. There was an autographed photo of Keanu on the wall in the lobby/bar. When I asked the bartender, he said I’d just missed him — apparently he was there only a couple of days before. I wanted to die — I still regret spending two extra days in Venice and missing out on Keanu time. 😀

  55. clairej says:

    I remember Point Break came out and I was too young to go to the movies, but Keanu in that movie is about as hot as you can get. Also Constantine is top Keanu hotness. Love this man and we have the same birthdate.

  56. Amy says:

    I love Keanu and I will always love him. I love hearing these stories about him being an actual good human being… ugh I squealed while watching this, I can’t believe they were in a car with him for 2 HOURS!!! Omg. Fangirling over here.