Gadgets which are affordable, weird and may make your life easier

I looked up “Amazon gadgets” and sure enough, like every time I do this, I ended up finding multiple things I didn’t know I needed. Isn’t that the point of capitalism, to help you recognize problems in your life you can buy stuff to fix? I wish I was one of those people who didn’t need to have at least three extra toilet paper rolls at all times, but I’m not. I like having all my needs met before they’re there. I enjoy learning about gadgets to make life a little easier.

An add-on bidet for under $35
This easy to install bidet has a 4.4 star rating and over 7,600 reviews! Users say it “will change the way you go to the bathroom,” that it only takes “about 10 minutes to install with no tools or assistance” and that you use so much less toilet paper that “the bidet will pay for itself in no time.” I want it.

A bluetooth speaker with great sound under $30
Bluetooth speakers are the best for bringing music to parties, picnics, working in the garage or when you’re puttering in the kitchen listening to podcasts. This under $30 speaker has a 4.5 star rating and almost 15,000 reviews. The sound is said to be “crisp and full,” the device is “easy to pair” with phones and the volume is so loud you can blast it. People say it’s great for traveling and that it even can help boost the speakers on your laptop or home computer.

Support for achey and sore necks
My mom owns this Real Ease neck support device and I’ve borrowed and returned it (at her insistence) several times. I got whiplash a couple of years ago from being hit on the head with a ceiling fan. My neck was so sore and lying down with this really helped. Users say “it is very comfortable and does feel like you’re floating,” that they “felt relief from the first time” they used it and that it’s “worth every penny.”

A self-drying dish mat that drains water into the sink
This clever kitchen mat sits on the edge of your sink and has channels that drain water away from dirty dishes and glasses. It also solves the issue of condensation building up inside glasses and bowls when you face them down on traditional mats without airflow. It also can be used as a mat for dish soap and sponges or under appliances. Reviewers write that they work great and are also good if you have limited counter space. Here’s another option for small kitchens – a folding dishrack that can fit right over the sink.

Colorful LED lights for the back of your TV
These $15 easy-to-install LED lights come with their own simple remote control to choose a color option (there are 16) or cycle through the colors. People say they add ambience to the room, that they’re long lasting, and that the adhesive tape on the back sticks well. Reviewers rave that “even with my kids constantly trying to pick at them, they’re holding up well” that the strip “disperses on the well really well” and they were “pleasantly surprised” at the value for the cost.

An indoor bug zapper so you don’t have to stress about mosquitos in your house
I’m so buying this! I didn’t realize it even existed. You know that bad nagging feeling you get when you hear a mosquito in your living room or worse, in your bedroom at night? One of these $15 bug zapper light bulbs will take care of the problem for you! This five star reviewed indoor bug zapper “gets the job done” so you “don’t have to worry” about it when mosquitos and other biting insects come into your house. People say it’s a “very good way to get rid of mosquitos” and that it’s “not too noisy.”

An ionic facial steamer with a comedone extractor kit
This iconic facial steamer has 1,800 reviews and a 4.3 star rating. It helps open the pores to extract blackheads and acne or to prepare the face for serums and masks. Buyers write that “my pores look the best they ever have,” that it’s a good height and that it makes your skin shinier, smoother and clearer.

An eyemask with bluetooth speakers built in
Yes this seems like a product you don’t need, but now that I know it exists I am buying it. I regularly do meditations off youtube including talkdowns to help drift off to sleep. This will help me relax and fall asleep without having to take headphones off. This is the highest rated eyemask bluetooth combination that I could find. People say it’s “like sleeping on a cloud with a beautiful serenade,” that it “solves several sleep issues at once” by fully blocking light and having relaxing music at the same time and that it really helps you fall asleep.

A $25 plug in air purifier that eliminates odors
I was thinking “this small thing can’t work for just $25” but users swear by it. One woman says it quickly eliminates smells including cat litter and dog farts (yes dog farts). Other people say it eliminates the need for air fresheners in bathrooms. This works best in smaller spaces, does have some white noise, and users say you can use it without the included scent pack, which is stinky.

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  1. duchess of hazard says:

    Eyemask with bluetooth speakers – yes, please!

  2. LadyMTL says:

    Ooh, that air purifier dealie looks awesome (though I’m afraid to see how much it’d cost in Canadian dollars.) I have a small open-concept kitchen and living room and sometimes the stink from my garbage or compost bins gets so bad! If this really does work, I might buy one for every plug in my condo, hahaha.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Guessing without opening the link – lazy! – that it has a charcoal filter in it. Those work fine. Some cat litter pan lids have space for a charcoal filter.

      You can also get activated charcoal from a good pet shop or aquarium store (I found some in Wal-Mart? in Canada) and put it out in a bowl or just take the lid off the container. It has to be in a secure place tho because if it tilts over, big mess.

      It absorbs a lot of odor.

  3. DS9 says:

    I only came in to tell everyone the bluetooth eye mask is fire!

    I’ve had mine for two months.

    • tback says:

      I have a headband/Bluetooth headphones combo I use for sleeping/meditating and I love it. I don’t like sleeping with My eyes covered but this is definitely going on my Christmas gifting list. Many of my friends/family will love this.

  4. Nikki says:

    I am too horrified that a ceiling fan fell on you to process these right away. Holy %#@)!

    • Nikki says:

      Now I’m back to looking up for AC units in NYC…

    • Celebitchy says:

      It didn’t fall on me! My parents had a great room in their last house which had a walkway overlooking it. I bent over the walkway to talk to my mom below and got hit with the fan.

      Also I own this standalone room air conditioner. I use it in my living room.

      • A says:

        Long time ago in the early nineties I was sitting close to a bid tv. My father was fidgeting with the tv’s antenna on a ladder on the opposite side of the wall. I don’t know what happened, I was a toddler but I remember the tv fell on me and my dad fell of the ladder. Somehow nothing happened to me. My dad had hurt his eye.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I got hit in the head by a ceiling fan when I moved into a new house. I had never had ceiling fans before & as I was unpacking boxes & putting things away, I got up on a stepladder to put some glasses away in the kitchen and bonk! Hit in the head by the ceiling fan (it was on, because I moved in on a hot summer day).

  5. lucy2 says:

    That air purifier is interesting. I have two big Hepa filter ones because I have bad allergies, they really help, but it’d be nice to have a small plug in for other areas.
    I’d definitely skip the fragrance part though – I’m super sensitive to smells, especially fragrance – those cheap supermarket air fresheners seriously make me ill, and most of them are full of yucky chemicals.

    • Giddy says:

      I have horrible allergies and have been looking at the big air purifiers on Amazon. Can you tell me what brand you have and if you really believe that they help? I either need to find some help or move, and that’s not really an option.

      • Rache says:

        Hey Giddy. I have bad allergies and with building a new house and insane amounts of dust, I bought a Coway AP 1512 air purifier and it works so well I bought another!! It has a HEPA filter (and a charcoal filter though I’m not concerned with smells) to catch tiny particles of dust and allergens. I noticed a difference right away!

  6. Christina says:

    Bidets are great. Once you start using them, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

  7. Kaye says:

    These posts are my favorite. Thanks for all the research it must take.

  8. Anastasia says:

    I have the TV lights! I LOVE THEM. I bought two sets, because the TV I have them on is huge. I keep it steady on the darkest blue color, and they come on when you turn on the TV and go off when you turn it off. They just plug in to a USB port on your TV. And I completely set it up, which means it’s SUPER easy. LOL.

    • BeanieBean says:

      That was the one thing I was looking at. Sort of like the modern version of the Siamese cat lamp that used to sit on top of the big ol’ console-style TVs.

  9. Astrid says:

    Just bought the sink drainer mat. Thanks for these posts. Who knew I needed these things LOL

  10. Case says:

    I’m definitely interested in that little air purifier. I have two little kittens and sometimes when they go to the litter box, I can’t believe the smells that come out of them! The bluetooth mask also looks great. I use ASMR religiously to fall asleep, and the mask would be great for that.

  11. Sarah_UK says:

    Just bought a face steamer… and some fancy looking face potions and alcohol wipes… Yep, fell into the Amazon rabbit hole.

  12. april says:

    the neck support would be nice

  13. Harryg says:

    Thanks! I need that drying mat. I need everything!

  14. wildflower says:

    I have that speaker and it is amazing and we use it all the time! Off to check out the plug in air purifier because we have a cat who poops right outside of her litter box and can’t find a medical reason for it, but while we work with her, this would be a help. Sorry about your head, Celebitchy, that sounds scary and painful. Glad you’re ok.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      One of our cats pooped outside the box too often after being startled mid-poop by a visiting relative. She just never got over it. A behavioral cat specialist probably would have helped this, but I guess we were way too tolerant and we kept it in the basement – she went nearby, it’s not like she dropped it in random places around the house. Oh god, the things we put up with for our pets.

  15. Annika says:

    Forget dog farts, does that air purifier work for husband farts???

  16. IMUCU says:

    I have the neck support device and chronic neck problems — works great for helping relax those muscles. My husband has the lights in his office, they look great. My old coworker swears by the mini wall filter too. She even takes it with her while traveling to use in hotel rooms, which is why I’ve thought about getting one.

  17. Sportlady20 says:

    I love these posts, it’s nice to have someone look into products for me & review them. Thanks

  18. bobafelty says:

    The air purifier shown here is specifically designed for eliminating smoke and/or pet odors (rather than purifying the air of allergens/dust like traditional systems). It really works! I had it right next to my rabbit cage for years and it made a huge difference. One giant downside….it is very loud. Compared to my air purifier tower, which hums and makes minor noise, this thing sounds like a fan is running even on the lowest setting. So be mindful of where you plan to use this in your house.

  19. launicaangelina says:

    I want the bidet! I’ve bought a couple of CB recommended items so far.

  20. Stella Alpina says:

    The bug zapper light bulb seems interesting. . . until you read the reviews. All 38 posted reviews give it 5 stars and there isn’t one verified purchaser among them. Reviews that have no verified purchases have little credibility, because then anyone can post a glowing review without ever seeing (much less buying) the product. I’ve read enough of this type on Amazon where the comments use similar phrases over and over – as if the same unverified purchaser wrote multiple reviews (often in strange English) to make an item seem better than it really is (I’m looking at you, China).

    The comments for this zapper are generic (“great”, “the best”) with no details. Credible reviewers tend to get really specific about their experience with a product and they will bring up both pros and cons on an item that they like overall. Even highly rated products will also have reviews with 4 stars and less from verified purchasers.

    Glaringly, 17 of the reviews for this zapper were posted on the same day: March 27, 2019. 15 reviews were dated March 22, 2019 and 6 reviews on March 26, 2019. So everybody posted their review within days of each other, no other months. Really? This is all highly suspicious. Because of these red flags and dishonest reviewers gaming the system on Amazon, that’s a HARD PASS from me.

  21. Paperclip468 says:

    I have the Anker Bluetooth speaker. It’s sooooooo good. I highly recommended it!