Billy Joel has a new, more age-appropriate girlfriend

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Billy Joel split from his 27-year-old wife Katie Lee just a little over a month ago, and he’s already got himself a new girlfriend. Naturally one might worry that Billy, 60, would make the same mistake and find himself a much younger lady love, but it appears he’s learned his lesson. Billy is dating much more age appropriate actress Alex Donnelley, who used to star on “The Young and The Restless.” And she’s 50! I say that with an exclamation point not because 50 is old, but because it’s such a rational age for Billy to date.

LIFE is good for Billy Joel . Just a month after separating from wife No. 3, Katie Lee Joel, the Piano Man is dating Alex Donnelley, the former star of “The Young and The Restless.” Joel — who continues to break records touring stadiums with Elton John this summer — met Donnelley through friends backstage at his recent Washington, DC, concert. “The two hit it off immediately,” said an insider. The actress has been visiting Joel at his home in Sag Harbor, where they go boating or ride around on Joel’s custom motorcycles.

[From Page Six]

I would hope that if Billy’s learned his lesson about dating someone who’s in the same life stage, he’s also learned not to take things too quickly. I always find it strange that celebrities are jetting off to tropical locals and staying at each other’s vacation homes at the point when most of us are on date eight. They just seem to move at a much quicker pace, which is probably why their relationships also seem to reach their end sooner. And chilling at a mansion in Sag Harbor and boating around is certainly not a bad way to spend a summer.

Hopefully this romance will at least help Billy move on from his last marriage. It’s too early to say, but it could even result in another one.

Here’s Billy Joel performing with Elton John during the ‘Face 2 Face Tour 2009′ at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on May 26th. Images thanks to .

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  1. L says:

    I saw Billy Saturday night with Elton and he seemed in really great spirits. I thought to myself that it sure doesn’t seem like the divorce has gotten him down. Of course, his job as an entertainer is to always appear in good spirits… but even still, it was my third time seeing him and he was more playful and witty with the crowd than ever.

  2. KansasRefugee says:

    I would like to point out that she’s more age-appropriate BUT she’s still 10 years younger. This why it’s so important for women to rely on something other than hooking up with a man to get them through life. Older women are left alone and in poverty when they don’t take care of themselves and we don’t make more efforts to get women more evenly distributed in senior positions of power & money.

  3. Oenix says:

    I hope he’s starting a new trend so that his peers will see they don’t need to prove their “manhood” by being with women woung enuff to be their grandchild!

  4. Cinderella says:

    Hope they have a good time dating. Maybe he’s learned a valuable lesson, but I still see him marrying another trophy down the road. That’s just what he’s used to.

  5. Feebee says:

    I saw Billy and Elton last week and I agree he’s taking the divorce in stride. Made a couple of references and gestures to it, nothing too serious. He strikes me as a young 60 so dating a 50 year seems a pretty good match.

    He must be enjoying himself, his concert rocked!

  6. dirty martini says:

    A little input here on the age difference between 50 and 60….

    I am 50; my (kinda new–3 years) husband is 59. I’m not with him for monetary reasons: he has none, and I am a sr exec with a large company and make incredibly good money. I’m with him because he is wonderful, kind, suportive, and full of integrity. He is the best person I know. He has wisdom.

    I am also with him because — as a woman who was single and was professional very successful throughout her 40s — men my age weren’t available to me for social interaction. THey were either intimidated or put off by my professional success and didn’t want to be with a woman who had surpassed them….and/or they all wanted a woman in her early 30s. Very few men my age wanted to be with a woman their own age.

    THe only way for me to have a successful relationship was to go 5-10 years older (10 was my max) …. or go much younger. Because too dang many men reach a certain age and they all want a younger woman.

    My current husband almost didnt marry me because of our age difference…he doesnt want to saddle me with his care in another 10 or so years. But I’m an old fashioned type, and I wanted to be married. And so we are….you could speculate he wanted a younger sugar mamama….but he wont take a dime, he supports himself, and he keeps worrying about what will happen in 10+years.

    He’s great. But most middle aged men? Not so much when it comes to relationships.

    A lifetime of baggage can get very very heavy

  7. fizXgirl314 says:

    jeez, you just got a divorce… TAKE A BREAK!